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3Delight - A very fast RenderMan-compliant renderer.
3dfile - An OpenGL-based file browser.
3D Pong - A simple Xlib vector-based ping-pong game.
3M Touch Systems USB TouchScreen Driver - Kernel module for TouchScreen made by 3M Touch Systems.
3dom - A general purpose 3d object modeler.
3DM - A 3-way merging and differencing tool for XML.
3DPlanetary - A program to display the solar system in real-time.
3Dsia Prototype - A virtual reality shell.
3dDesktop - An OpenGL virtual desktop switching program.
3dfx TV Out Tool - A GTK 2 program to control your TV Out.
3dterm - A 3D terminal-emulator which uses GLF and GLUT.
3DSutils - Linux/MS-DOS programs to view 3D Studio files.
3D Lissajous Figures - A program that displays 3D Lissajous figures.
3D Stacked Horizontal Bar Graph - Software for developing Web-based dynamic bar graphs.
3DScheme-Anim - A 3D modeler with some animation support.
3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons Character Generator - A character generator for Dungeons and Dragons, version 3.5.
304 card game - A software version of 304, a popular game in Sri Lanka.
3D Vertical Bar Graph - Client and server software for incorporating bar graphs into Web pages.
3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph - Both a client and server solution for adding bar graphs to Web pages.
3dFB - A 3D file manager and browser.
3D depth sort - A 3D depth sort implementation.
3D Python OpenGL Chess Game - A 3D chess game in Python with OpenGL.
389 Directory Server - An LDAPv3-compliant server.
3D Sierpinski fractal generator - A 3D Sierpinski fractal generator.
3Doku - A 3-dimensional Sudoku game.
3gp converter - A GUI that allows you convert video files in the 3gp format.
3d-Rotation-Menu - A flash menu with 3D panel items.
3D-XplorMath-J - A mathematical visualization application.
301 - A redirector that allows you to create short links for long Web addresses.
3DMLW - A 3D markup language for the Web.
3D Memory Game - A 3D memory game.
3q - A utility to execute gawk code embedded in HTML files.
3DJ - A 3D engine for Python with Pygame.
3GMobile SMS + Contacts Backup - A tool for backing up and restoring SMS and contacts on Windows Mobile.
3D Business Icons - A collection of 3D business icons.
365Video - A video blogging platform.
360-FAAR Firewall Analysis Audit and Repair - Firewall Analysis, Audit, and Repair.
3Depict - Valued point cloud visualization.

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