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JProjectTimer - A project time planer using Gantt-diagrams written in Java.
jpg2pdf - Converts your JPEGs into a PDF album.
jDES - Java DES library
JThread - A simple object-oriented thread wrapper classes for different platforms.
JNFSD - A complete cross-platform nfs service.
Java Native Digital Signal Processing - C++ DSP Library as a Java JNI library.
Java checkstyle Tool - a program that checks Java source code for adherence to a set of rules.
Jude - Jude is a RAD tool for data management applications.
Jh2n - A name server administration tool.
JAWmail - A fully featured PHP webmail client.
Java WebSuck - Creates a list of data files found on a Web page.
Java Penrose Empires Package - Computes the empires of arbitrary Penrose tiles.
JeruKey - Lets you bind keyboard keys to actions.
JFtp - A graphical network browser supporting FTP, SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP, and local I/O.
Jogdial Patch - A patch for ImWheel which adds Jogdial support.
JpGraph - An OO graph drawing class library for PHP.
JMC License Library - A library for generating and querying license keys.
JET Code Generator - A JDBC/XML/XSLT-based database code generator.
Jawa Open Eyes - A visual network monitoring tool using SNMP v1/2/2c in Java.
JDollars - JDollars is a Java class libary for credit card transaction processing
jpCache - A caching system for PHP which uses content-encoding and ETag-headers.
Joint Middleware Server - A competent middleware server written in Java.
Janszoon - A simple Palm client for SiRF-based GPS units.
JamochaMUD - A MUD/MUCK client written in Java.
JMC Process Checker - A monitoring tool for Linux services.
Jlint - A static Java program checker.
Japana - An HTTP proxy translating Japanese characters (Kana/Kanji) to ASCII (Romaji).
JMirror - A Java application to investigate a given class.
JabberFoX - A Jabber client for Mac OS X.
Jail Chroot Project - A chrooted shell environment.
Job Manager - Perfect for updating and maintaining the job postings section on your website.
JFetch - A message fetching and filtering system.
jWave - Microsoft .wav file processing in Java.
Java for SDL - Java bindings for the SDL.
Java Packet Capture Interface - A Java packet sniffer.
Javafreedom Bugtracker - A servlet based bug and issue tracking system
Java gnu.rex - A Java regular expression library.
JDBC Benchmark - Benchmarking for JDBC drivers.
jAugment - A software infrastructure for wearable computers.
JanosVM - A multi-processing, resource-aware virtual machine for Java bytecode.
JPublish - An Open Source Web application framework.
jdba - A frontend editor and admin tool for Oracle databases.
jlirc - A Java client API for LIRC and WINLirc.
jclasslib bytecode viewer - A Java bytecode viewer and class modification library.
JTv_finder - A Java-based TV program designed for German TV.
Jam - A powerful, multi-platform make replacement.
java_syn.pl - An advanced Java to HTML syntax highlighter.
Jinais Is Not An IRC Server - An IRC server written from scratch.
JarBreaker - A command line Java app for keeping track of the contents of jar files.
JMBase - An independent implementation of the CDDB server protocol in pure Java.
JGloss - Add reading and translation annotations to words in a Japanese text.
jOggPlayer - A GUI-enhanced Java Ogg Vorbis player.
jGnash - A personal finance application written in Java.
jzbd - A Java version of the Zebedee secure tunnel.
Jess - The programmer's rule engine for the Java platform.
JFCUnit - Enables you to write unit tests for your Swing-based applications.
jpg2html - A JPEG Thumbnail/HTML generating program.
Java Swing Test - Graceful browser detection of Java Swing.
JacksOrBetter - A video poker simulator.
JDBF - A Java library for reading and writing DBF files.
JCricket - A cricket management simulation written in Java.
JPEG Recovery - Recover JPEG files from a corrupted disk image.
Juta - A set of command line tools to process Usenet postings.
JWhich - which(1) for Java classes.
Java Shell - A Java application launcher shell.
Joseph - A netfilter configuration tool which parses English-like config files.
Jeb Perl Ping Stats - A script which extracts statistics from the output of the 'ping' command.
Jabber Web Steward - Web-based account creation for Jabber.
jEdit Syntax Package - The jEdit Syntax Package is a syntax highlighting text editor JavaBean.
JaCoB Comment Board - A simple Java-based discussion/small community system.
JCast-X - A streaming server based on the "source-bus-consumer" pattern.
jfor - A Java XSL:FO to RTF converter.
jLouiss java tracer - Java method call tracer.
jaxen - A universal Java XPath engine.
jMax - A graphical programming environment for interactive realtime audio applications.
jettalk - A console-based blackboard communication program.
JSLib - Libraries of common JavaScript routines for use in Mozilla-based applications.
Javassist - Load-time reflective system for Java.
JXTA P2P - Open, generalized peer-to-peer protocols and reference implementations.
Judge Scrabble Adjudication System - An adjudication system for Scrabble tournaments.
jo! - A small, smart Java Web server and servlet engine.
Jamit - Java Access Modifiers Inference Tool.
Jabber Test Suite - A suite of tools and scripts to test the performance and reliability of Jabber.
Jericho - A Java GUI and library to interface with the Blogger and Manila XML-RPC API.
Java Diagram Component - A fast, flexible Java diagram component.
JET Proxy - A type 3 JDBC driver/server.
Jitac - An image to ASCII converter.
JMP - A runtime profiler of the JVM, with object and method statistics.
javamountains - A Java fractal landscape generator.
jcq2k - The experimental ICQ library utilizing the TCP-based ICQ2000 OSCAR protocol.
JReceiver - A servlet-based host for digital audio receivers.
j0urnal - A LiveJournal client for the *nix console.
Jatha - Lisp-like macros for Java. Programs that write programs.
JabXPCOM - A Jabber XPCOM component.
JUDO - A Java IDE for Children and Beginning Programmers.
jModbus Project - Java Modbus library.
jOpenRPG - Java implementation of an OpenRPG client.
Java SQL Admin Tool - Allows you to manage a RDBMS via Java and JDBC.
jot (BSD) - Print sequential or random data
Java Word Games - A few word games written in Java.
jtr - A transliterate (tr) library for Java.
JedABC - An integrated environment for creating music in ABC.
JRuby - A Ruby interpreter written in Java.
jspShop - A JSP-based eCommerce platform.
JTEG - A Java client/server for the TEG game (a pseudo "Risk" clone).
Jakarta Commons HTTP Client - An Open Source Java library implementing the client side of the HTTP protocol.
JEnable Java Source Processor - Selectively enable or disable compile options for Java source code.
Jtrix - An open source platform for developing scalable and adaptive applications.
jamail - A QT-based mail reader.
JDiff - JDiff - HTML report of API differences
JRoar - A streaming server for Ogg in pure Java.
Java Reliable Multicast Service - A set of libraries and services for building multicast applications in Java.
Jikes RVM - A virtual machine and runtime environment for Java.
Java Web Application Architecture - An XML-based environment for building Web-based data-centric applications.
JOpenChart - A Java library and toolkit for generating and embedding charts into applications
Java Molecular Viewer - A Java3D-based molecule viewer.
JWall - A Java-based firewall management client for Linux/iptables-based firewalls.
JTTui - A text mode user interface for Ruby.
JasperReports - A Java reporting library.
Jind - An interpreter for a toy programming language.
Jakarta Slide - A WebDAV centric content management system.
jtcFrost - Allows file searching etc. over Freenet.
jove - A compact, powerful editor.
jRRD - Reads Round Robin Database files using Java.
JaBEx - JavaScript banner-exchange.
JDigraph - A Java library for representing and working with directed graphs.
Java SETI Monitor - A monitor for [email protected] work units.
Java Proxy - A Java program to access computers behind a firewall.
JabberTools - A set of tools that makes it easier to use and convert to Jabber.
JBook - Retrieve, read, and bookmark electronic texts.
Java Preferences Library - Extensions to the java.util.prefs package (jdk1.4).
JadeTex - A LaTeX-based formatter for Jade output.
JACOL - Allows Java and Common Lisp to interoperate.
JGenea - A pure Java genealogy application.
JIDEAL - A layer providing a common API for IDE modules.
James Bond Log - A daemon log watcher written in C using the PCRE library.
JaxMe - Java/XML binding tool based on SAX2
Jife - A spell checking IRC robot.
jmark - A digital watermarking tool for Java class files.
jLogo - A Java-based multimedia LOGO interpreter.
Java Aspect Components - A Java framework for distributed aspect oriented programming.
Jcrontab - A scheduler system written in Java.
jMSN - An MSN client for the console written in Perl.
JLicense - A Java utility library for creating and validating a software license.
JMS Distributed Object Framework - Scalable distributed objects using JMS.
JBossDruid - A EJB CMP mapper for the JBoss EJB container.
Javel - A C++ Java class file disassembler.
jregex - A regex library for Java.
JSpell - A spell checker for Java, HTML forms, CGI, JSP, ASP, etc.
Jutil - A high-quality library of general Java code.
JayRay - A raycast engine implemented in Java.
JavaTemplates - A JSP-based template mechanism for Java.
jproxy - A logging port forwarder.
JTreeProfiler - A JVMPI-based Java Profiler with TreeMap viewer.
jpegextractor - A tool to extract embedded JPEG streams from arbitrary files.
JBossMX - A JBoss implementation of the Java Management Extensions (JMX) technology.
Jester/BMD - A system for sharing bookmark collections over the Internet.
Jobjar - A utility to manage a list of jobs.
JHBCI - A cryptographic service provider for HBCI v2.2.
JDictP - A Leitner system flashcard trainer.
Jazzy - Java spell checker API - A Java spell checker.
Java Search Engine - A text search engine program for Web sites.
JFreeChart - A chart library for the Java platform.
Java XMail - A Java API for sending email.
joeq virtual machine - A language-independent Java virtual machine implemented in Java.
JHDL - Java-based Hardware Description Language.
Jabberwocky - A Lisp IDE containing a Lisp-aware editor, a project browser, and a debugger.
Java 3D Chess Applet - A Java applet that allows you to play chess.
JDistro - A Java desktop, shared runtime, and software distribution system.
JAdvisor - A college class scheduler and course planner.
JCmd - A pure Java command shell.
Just For Fun Network Management System - A PHP-based network management system.
Jahshaka - An audio and video editing and effects system.
Java Music Player - A Java music player that support MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AU, WAV, and AIFF.
jConfigXML - A configuration manager for Java applications.
JProfiler - An all-purpose Java profiling suite.
JSupermind - A Java Super Mind clone.
Java VM Bridge for Functional Languages - A bridge from functional languages to the Java VM.
jCharts - A Java-based charting package.
jpgind - A command-line Web gallery tool.
JA-SIG uPortal - A general portal framework.
Jackpp - Counter-Strike statistical generator
jpg2swf - A script which converts JPEGs to Macromedia Flash (.swf) format on the fly.
JavaLayer - An MP3 decoder/player/converter library.
jGRASP IDE - A multi-language IDE with Control Structure Diagrams and source code folding.
JDebugTool - A graphical Java debugger.
Java Modbus Library - A Modbus protocol implementation in Java.
JORAM - An Open Source JMS provider.
JGraph - A Java Swing diagramming component.
JFreeReport - A Java class library for generating reports from tables.
JGraphpad - A rapid application development system for JGraph.
JLense - Eclipse plugins for developing Swing applications.
JavaScript Assertion Unit Framework - A unit interactive testing tool for JavaScript developers.
Java Topology Suite - A Java API of 2D spatial predicates and functions.
JBIG-KIT - A portable C implementation of the JBIG1 standard.
jcinc - An emulator for a CARDIAC computer.
Java Development Environment for Emacs - A complete Java development environment for Emacs.
JBeam - Entry-level two-dimensional dynamic and structural analysis.
Java JVMDI Coverage Analyzer - A shared library for test run analysis.
JEmailFetch - A mailfetcher for POP3 accounts.
JXFire - A Multi-User Dungeon game.
Javuh - An organized set of PHP classes with shared debugging and design.
JamDB - A fast PHP-based music database.
JavaGuard - A general purpose Java bytecode obfuscator.
Java Image Gallery System - Utilities to generate Web page galleries from images.
jonpy - An object-oriented Web templating system for Python.
Java Seti Manager - A Java [email protected] monitoring application.
Jbot - An IRC library and bot.
JRobot - Complete tool to manipulate the Mitsubishi RVM1 robot.
jChatBox - A JSP servlet chat application.
JTMOS - A multitasking x86 operating system
JavaLayerME - An MP3 decoder written in J2ME-oriented Java.
Jaim - A Java library that implements the AOL TOC IM protocol.
Jaune - An ahead of time Java-like compiler for small systems.
JCalc - An expression calculator.
j-chkmail - A Sendmail filter.
jpegpixi - A program to interpolate pixels in JFIF image files.
Jin - Jin is a Java client for various chess servers.
Jamm - A Web application to manage virtual email account information.
JGAP - A Java genetic algorithms package.
Janino - An embedded Java compiler.
JSmbGet - A tool to browse/download files from remote SMB networks.
JOELib/JOELib2 - A Java-based chemoinformatics library.
JMail - A mail client written in Java.
JUMP - A Java-based high-precision math package.
Java Brainfuck Compiler - An optimising Brainfuck to Java bytecode compiler.
JSpamFilter - A DNSBL-checking proxy for SMTP mail servers.
JarSpy - Java Archive Spying Utility - A Java archive spying utility.
J-Bird - A bird observation record keeping system in Java.
Java Gui Builder - Decouple your GUI building code from the rest of your application using XML.
Jpgtn - A JPEG thumbnail generator.
Java Thread Contention Profiler - Profiles thread contention points in a multi-threaded Java program.
J/CoMM - OS-independent RS232 remote control.
JavadoXML - A Javadoc Doclet that generates XML.
JukeX - A multi-user Web jukebox application.
jKiska - A set of helpful Java utility classes.
JWIG - A Java-based development system for making advanced Web services.
Jacksum - A checksum/CRC/hash utility written entirely in Java.
jCVSCodigo - CVS over SSH.
JS-Menu - A JavaScript menu for Web pages.
JSP Blog - A Weblog written in JSP.
jmame - A Java-based frontend to XMAME.
JTag - A Java ID3 tagger
JavaScript Widgets - Browser-independent JavaScript widgets.
jQuizShow - A game based on the "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" TV game show.
JasPer - RI for JPEG-2000 Part 1 Standard.
JIS n' View - A Java image management system.
Jpedal - A pure Java library for rasterizing PDF.
Jostraca - A Template Engine for Generative Programming.
JTransliterator - A tool that transliteratates Arabic script to English text.
JStateMachine - A Web-based project to control UI behavior through a UML statechart.
JettyJonas - Integration of the Jonas EJB container and Jetty HTTP container.
jabbaIRC - A Java/Swing IRC client.
Javacelot - A Java-based home automation utility for the Adicon Ocelot.
JAMlib - A JAMmbp subroutine library.
JCE taglib for JSP - An open source JCE (strong encryption) JSP taglib.
JBCcm - JBuilder Telelogic/Continuus Integration OpenTool.
jnettop - An online network traffic visualizer.
Java iCal Group Scheduler - Group Scheduling for Linux desktops and servers.
Jukebox - A server-side middleware framework.
junkie - A GTK 2 FTP client with many features.
jlGuiApplet - An MP3 player applet that can use WinAmp skins.
jFlashCard - A compact vocabulary flashcard program.
Java Conduit Manager - A program to (un)register Java conduits to the Hotsync Manager.
J-Alice - An advanced AI bot, with IRC and HTTP support.
jPortScanner - A Java port scanning utility.
jTDS - A JDBC driver for MS SQL Server and Sybase.
Jakarta Cactus - A framework for unit testing server-side Java code.
JNIWrapper - A bridge between Java and native code.
JImage Mosaic - Creates photomosaics (large image made from small images).
jui - A Java GUI Builder.
JCal - A fast and simple PHP/MySQL driven calendar application.
Java DIME Library - A Java library for DIME.
JavaCA - A text interface tool to run a X.509 Certificate Authority.
Jetrix - A fast, scalable, and extensible TetriNET server in Java.
Jaxor - An object/relational code generation tool.
Java Dice-Rolling Package - A tool to parse and compute dice-rolling expressions.
Jakarta Commons CLI - A command line option parser.
JSch - A pure Java implementation of SSH2.
JavaRG - A geometric library for Java.
JCom SDK - A network package for the Java language.
Jconsole - A management console for JBoss.
Jacamerops - A Webcam watcher.
Java Webserver - A Java Web server.
Java XML View - An object-XML mapper.
judge - A program that estimates the quality of JPEG images.
Javadoc Search - A search tool for JavaDoc.
JUnitDoclet - Generating and maintaining skeletons of JUnit TestCases and TestSuites
JCSC - Java Coding Standard Checker.
JACK Rack - A LADSPA effects rack for JACK.
jMailComposer - A Java/J2EE component for sending email messages with attachments.
jTans - A Java Tangram puzzle game.
JBind - A Java-XML data binding framework.
Jakelib2 - A cross platform C++ class library with Java-like API.
J'upload - A Java upload applet for all browsers.
JTAG Tools - Tools for working with JTAG-aware hardware devices.
JMS4Spread - A messaging system that partially implements JMS.
jsSnow - A port of XSnow for Web pages.
Java Log analyzer - An HTTP log analyzer written in Java.
Java Digital Album Infrastructure - A Java-based digital photo album.
JSPTemplates - A Java JSP Template engine that is not limited to HTTP.
Java XiangQi - A Java Chinese chess program.
JCTerm - An SSH2 terminal emulator in written pure Java.
jRevProxy - A reverse proxy server.
Jay's Iptables Firewall - An iptables firewall script with NAT, port forwarding, spyware blocking, etc.
Jaxup - A Java XML Update engine.
Java+ Preprocessor - A Java preprocessor.
JMRI - Model railroad software.
JXplorer - A comprehensive, extensible Java LDAP browser with security and schema support.
JBooks - A Java-based personal finance application.
JPicTools - Microchip PIC development tools.
jBNC - A Bayesian Network Classifier toolbox in Java.
JMap Port Scanner - A threaded port scanner for individual hosts or network subnets.
JagoClient - A viewer for the board game Go.
Jesktop - A platform-independant Java-based desktop system.
Java Client for Dict - A client for Dict servers written in Java.
Jakarta commons configuration - A pure Java implementation for parsing configuration files.
jSyncManager - A Java Palm handheld synchronization toolkit.
JSVN - A Java graphical front-end to the Subversion revision control system.
Java-Chess - A standalone Java chess program.
jGal - An XHTML image gallery generator.
jpilot-syncmal - An MAL plugin for J-Pilot (Palm Pilot desktop).
JCard2 - A simple-to-use, multi-user, cross-platform contact management app.
JEOS/DEVS - Environmental systems DEVS modeling and simulation environment in Java.
jnetmaze - A clone of netmaze written in Java.
jzip.org - A WinZip-like zip tool written in Java.
J2SSH - A fully-featured Java SSH version 2 API implementation.
JYUSECS - A unit test tool for SECS.
JAAD - A Java API for TIBCO/ActiveDatabase.
JRxToolkit - A GUI for testing and writing regular POSIX expressions.
javatempt - A RIST Template engine for Java.
JaxMeJS - A JaxMe JavaSource generation framework.
Javasynth - A Java-based modular synthesis system.
JavaBDD - A Java library for manipulating binary decision diagrams.
Java Units of Measure - Java classes for units of measure.
jpilot-backup - An enhanced backup plugin for J-Pilot.
Jaffer - A Java implementation of an Appletalk File Server over TCP.
JDiskReport - A graphical disk report utility.
Jack Audio Connection Kit - A low-latency audio server.
Java Picture Organizer - A tool for organizing pictures and generating Web pages.
Jamon - A typesafe text template engine for Java.
JASA - High-performance auction simulation software in Java.
JCola - A Java Swing tail application.
java Universal Data Objects - A database development tool.
Java String Analyzer - A string expression analyzer for Java.
jpop - Replacement winpopup using Java.
JXTA Instant Messenger - A server-free instant messenger for JXTA/Java.
JMovieBot - An IRC bot that uses MySQL to create lists of movies.
Java Code Generator - An Eclipse plugin for creating JavaBeans.
Java Email Server - An SMTP POP3 email server.
JiveAudio - A multimedia plugin for Mozilla/Netscape.
JDDM - A browser-independent and highly-configurable drop down menu Java applet.
JXHTMLEDIT - A cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML/XHTML content authoring tool.
JSAP - A commandline parser that returns Objects rather than String tokens.
JProftpd - A simple graphic frontend for proftpd.
JNapHunter - Retrieves the (Open)Nap server list from a public URL of Napigator.
jRSVP - A Rapid Serial Visual Presentation tool.
j phone info - Shows the characteristics of a J2ME-enabled mobile phone.
JCards - An easy to use database.
JVerify - A system binary verifier.
JMyra - A Java monitoring plaform with support for multiple logging APIs.
jpegtoavi - A utility that converts JPEG/JFIF files to an AVI (MJPEG).
JXMLPad - A Java XML editor component.
JOTM - A Java transaction manager.
JamVM - A compact Java Virtual Machine.
JADC - Both a digital clock and a time counter (countdown or countup display).
J2ME VNC - A VNC client for J2ME devices.
Jscroll - A swing component for Java that provides a virtual desktop pane.
Jrnull - A time tracking utility.
jpegoptim - A tool for optimizing JPEG files.
JRioUtil - A GUI utility that interfaces with Sonicblue's line of MP3 players.
Jeff's Digital Notary - A Web-based digital notary service.
Jaxe - A Java XML editor.
japach - A lightweight webserver, supporting subset of RFC2616, CGI scripts, vhosts, etc.
jMoule - A Java frontend for mlDonkey.
Java Coverage Analyzer - A coverage analyzer for Java using a source code instrumentation technique.
J/CarnacGIS - A map visualization and query component.
JinSitu - An interactive introspection environment for Java and Jython.
JFormula - A Java library for evaluating mathematical expressions.
Java Calculator Suite - A Java equation calculator.
j4RCS - A simple graphic front end for RCS.
JSyntaxColor - A library for coloring user text in real time.
jpegrdf - Manipulate RDF metadata stored in JPEG images.
jvider - A Java Swing GUI builder.
Jimm - An ICQ clone for J2ME.
JKFlow.pm - An XML configurable report module for FlowScan.
JMemProf - A Java memory profiler suitable for deployment in Web containers.
Java AIM Bot - A modular architecture for providing services through an AIM client.
Java Supplements - A library of Java utility classes to alleviate repetitive development tasks.
jigl - Generates static HTML photo galleries from GIF/JPG/PNG images.
JSGraphics - A 2D graphics library for JavaScript.
jget - A utility for downloading data from any URL (HTTP/FTP).
JRat - A Java runtime profiling toolkit.
Jools - A graphical puzzle game.
JDBC SQL Profiler - A Swing-based GUI tool to recommend database index creation.
JaneBUILDER - A visual editor for PHP.
JPatch - An amazing 3D Modeling/Animation tool.
joscar AIM library - An extensible interface to AOL Instant Messenger's OSCAR protocol.
JavaBot for AIM - A plugin-based dynamic chatbot framework.
Jaimbizzle - A simple, extensible AOL Instant Messenger TOC bot architecture.
Jumpi - A message passing interface written in Java.
joap-perl - An implementation of JOAP (the Jabber Object Access Protocol) in Perl.
JChassis - A lightweight Java component framework.
jsPro - A set of Javascript libraries.
JUnitConv - A universal units of measure converter built as a Java applet.
JTetrisPlugin - A Tetris Plugin for the Eclipse IDE.
JaBaCATs - Java Certificate Authority Tools.
jrMan - A Renderman renderer in Java.
Jacob Oberon-2 Compiler - An Oberon-2 compiler.
Joone - A neural network Java framework with an easy-to-use graphical interface.
jweather - A Java library for parsing raw weather data (e.g. METAR, TAF).
jSimpleX - A visual XSL transformation tool.
JTicTacToe - A version of the popular boardgame "Tic Tac Toe".
JaxMeXS - An easy to use, extensible parser for XML Schema.
JFaceDbc - A JDBC client.
JOgone - A Java interface to Ogone.
JXP - A fast Java API for XPath 1.0.
Java Web Crawler - A Web crawling utility.
JRobin - An RRDTool implementation for the Java world.
JCSI Kerberos - A pure Java implementation of the Kerberos protocol.
Jena - A Java toolkit for developing semantic Web applications.
Joseki - A server for publishing RDF models on the Web.
JACK Meterbridge - A software meterbridge for the JACK audio system.
JavaDBF - A Java library for reading and writing Xbase files.
JavaWizardComponent - A Java Swing component for creating wizards.
Java Desktop Rolemaster Character Generator - A character generator for the Rolemaster FRP roleplaying game.
Jameleon - An automated testing tool used for testing many different types of applications.
JSecureTunneling - A Java SSH client for tunnels management.
jLyrics - A tool for storing song lyrics.
JEXT - A source code editor.
Java Desktop for X Window - A Java desktop environment for X.
JLine - A Java command-line editing library.
JewelDate - A library for Julian and Gregorian date conversion in PHP.
jclassinfo - An information extractor for Java bytecode.
Just4Log - A Java library to enhance logging systems' performance (Log4j, JDK1.4, and more)
jlo - A logging framework for Java.
Java::SJ - A highly configurable Java program startup system.
Java TimeTracker - Desktop time tracking software.
Jaffa - An enterprise-focused Java framework for rapid application development.
Japha - An implementation of the Java API in PHP 5.
Java Implementation of Speex - A Java port of the Speex speech codec.
Java Business Process Mgmt - A complete workflow management system.
JS Console - A JavaScript coding utility for developers.
JiBX - An XML data binding framework for Java.
JOGL - Java bindings for the OpenGL API.
J.A.D.E. - A Java library for scientific and real-time applications.
JPim - A Java email client and contact management tool.
JGraphT - A Java graph library (for graph theory).
Java Service Wrapper - A tool that allows Java applications to be run as Unix daemon processes.
JunFa - A bitboard-based Chinese Chess engine.
JEditorCombo - An RTF and plain-text editor and emailer.
JBother - A Jabber client written in Java.
JHexDump - A Java hex dump program.
Java File Manager - Your unique file manager.
Jinzora - A Web-based MP3 jukebox.
JSON for Ruby - An implementation of JSON for the Ruby programming language.
JSON for Objective Caml - An implementation of JSON under Objective Caml.
JNumeric - A port of Numerical Python to Jython (Java Python).
Jar Browser - A Swing app for searching across a collection of jars.
jSai - An alternate servlet authentication implementation.
JOGI - A Java API to access OpenGroupware.org's XML-RPC interface.
Java ACPI - Enables the user to view the battery percentage and AC status.
jDip - A mapper and adjudicator for Diplomacy-type games.
JarBuilder - A tool for easily creating jar files.
js2mouse - An events converter to use your joystick as a pointer instead of the mouse.
JTLT - A templating system for Java.
J2DA! - An abstraction Layer for creating 2D Java games.
JAR Class Finder - A WSAD/Eclipse plug-in utility.
Jikes Bytecode Toolkit - A Java class library.
jose - A graphical chess tool.
Jim diGriz's QoS Script - A Linux QoS Script
Java Image Studio - An enhanced painting program.
JSkat - A Skat game in Java.
Jucas - A Pull-MVC component orientated GUI Web framework.
Jeff's Mailing List Manager - An easy to use mailing list package.
JFTP2 - A secured graphical FTP client.
Java Vision Toolkit - An advanced imaging toolkit.
jscl-meditor - A Java symbolic computing library and mathematical editor.
JCap - Java photo captioning software.
Java Binary Enhancement Tool - A Java assembler, dissassembler, and binary editor.
Java Object Cache - A library which provides basic Object caching.
Jump n Bump - A cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies.
Jabber WindowGram Client - A Zephyr-like Jabber client.
JWTM - A professional tree Web menu Java applet.
JSynoptic - A graphical sheet editor.
Java log viewer for GNOME - A tool to browse XML-formatted Java logs.
JAG - A J2EE Java application generator.
JackBot IRC Bot - An IRC bot.
JWChat - A Web-based Jabber client.
JASPlogging - A Python module to log to Jabber and/or Spread messages.
JCalendar - Calendar ComboBox and Panel widgets for Java.
Jex - A WYSIWYG mathematical equation editor for OpenOffice.org.
jabberxmlrpclib - A Python module for making XMLRPC calls over Jabber.
JDemo - A framework for demonstrating code.
Journal for the Web - A Web-based journal to keep a record of your thoughts.
jsp File Browser - A Web-based file access and manipulation system.
Jcluster - A message-passing environment.
J-Adhoc - An AODV protocol handler in Java.
Jeff's News Aggregator - A tool to download news and comics and place them in a custom page.
jabberokayrpclib - A Python module for making !okay/rpc calls over Jabber.
JpUnit - A port of JUnit for the Japha library.
Jam--Nuclear Physics Data Acquisition - Java-based nuclear physics data acquisition.
JavaThrottle - A pipe bandwidth limiter.
jsSplitter - A toolbox for Javascript preprocessing.
J2SSH Maverick - A professional version of the J2SSH Java SSH API.
Java Performance Test Client - A tool for testing the performance of Java code.
Jarnal - A notetaking application for tablet and desktop PCs.
jsXe - A simple XML editor witha a tree-like view.
java.sql.ResultSet DOM Wrapper - A Java DOM wrapper for java.sql.ResultSet.
jXmas - An online Christmas gift list.
JScript Logic - A set of core routines for logic derivations.
JGachine - A Java game machine/engine/browser.
Jagzilla - A Java-based set of components for Bugzilla.
Junk Mail Buffering Agent - A tool to queue email messages until the sender is verified.
Java Template - A Java text template engine.
JILetters - An alphabet learning assistant.
jmon - A system monitor.
jEDISON - Java port of the EDISON mean shift based image segmenter.
Jal - A partial Java port of the C++ STL.
JabRef - A graphical Java application for managing bibtex (.bib) databases.
Jolt JVM Daemon - A Java virtual machine daemon.
Java FSP Library - FSP protocol support for Java.
JDraw - A pixel oriented image editor written in Java (JDK 1.3 or 1.4).
JRelaxTimer - A Java applet timer that open Web pages at specific time intervals.
JabberWookie - A Java Jabber library.
jGossip - A forum implemented on the J2EE platform using Struts.
Jailkit - A set of utilities to limit user accounts
Java Application Monitor API - An easy-to-use performance tuning and scalability measuring API.
JURPE - A Java API to support the development of new RPGs.
Java 2 Micro Edition Game Library - An MIDP 1.0-compliant, highly customizable game library.
jab:ITS - Provides a browser-based means of tracking customer support/help issues.
Joxa - A Web services development and deployment tool.
JEdit PHP Completion - A PHP completion plugin for JEdit.
Joyce and Anne - Emulators for Amstrad PCW computers (including the PcW16).
Java Psion Link - A Java implementation of the Psion Link Protocol.
jStock - A tool for technical analysis of stocks.
jMileage - A tool which tracks the gas mileage of your vehicles.
JForum - Complete, powerful, and multi-threaded forum software.
JAutoCombo - A reusable auto-complete combo box for JFC/Swing.
Java Tris - A simple game likeTetris.
Jicarilla - A platform for developing a wide range of Java applications.
JAMin - A JACK Audio Mastering interface.
Java Signals - A library which provides support for catching 'signals.'
Java BEEP Core - A P2P application protocol framework (RFC3080 and RFC3081).
jZonic-Cache - A caching system.
JNews - An NNTP newsreader.
JmDNS - A Java implementation of multi-cast DNS (Apple Rendezvous).
JBarcodeBean - A barcode JavaBeans component.
jipsi - A Java Print Service API for CUPS.
jwapmail - A WAP-based email client.
JabberNET - A library that allows you to access a Jabber network.
jPDFWriter - A tool to generate PDF documents directly from Java programs.
JMTF - An application and a set of classes which read MTF backup files (BKF files).
jspMyAdmin - A clone of the very popular phpMyAdmin written in JSP.
Java Tiny Gfx Library - A UI/gfx/game library for development on multiple devices, APIs, and platforms.
Jogger Publishing Assistant - A tool that simplifies publishing weblog entries on Jogger.
JWacom - A Java library for Wacom tablets.
Jorge - A bibliography manager.
JAlbum - A Web photo album generator.
JavaDesktopEngine - A multi-process Java engine with an XML-RPC interface.
JLipSync - A tool for creating lip sync timesheets.
Jericho HTML Parser - An HTML parser and manipulator library for Java.
jFlash System - A multi-lingual, Web-based flashcard system.
Java PriDE - A thin Java O/R mapping toolkit.
Jumper - A program to map an Ethernet network.
JInstallTool - An IDE that uses drag and drop gestures to create executable installs.
jIRCii - A fully scriptable IRC client with a console-like interface and a solid GUI.
Java Image Browser Sorter - A tool for slide shows, image sorting, and manipulation.
JasperAssistant - A visual report designer for JasperReports.
Java Ultra-Lite Persistence - An RDBMS-independent object-relational library.
Java Fiscal Device API - An API to communicate with Hasar and Epson fiscal printers.
jTranslit - A transliterator from English to Russian and Hebrew.
jTime - A Web-based time tracking package.
Java RAM Interpreter - A Random Access Machine simulator.
Java Gadu Gadu - A Java Gadu Gadu client.
JavaScript Japanese Input Module - A JavaScript module for inputting Japanese.
Java Graphical Process Designer - A graphical business process model design tool.
JavECom - A platform for creating and managing an online store.
Javascript Browser Sniffer - A browser identifier written in JavaScript.
JavaXM - A cross-platform XMPCR control program.
JRex - A Java Web browser component based on Mozilla Gecko.
jBinClock - A binary clock.
JVending - A P2P (JXTA) based mobile content provisioning system.
jactionscript - A Java library for processing ActionScript bytecode.
Jajouka - A GUI for GiantDisc music systems.
jailctl - A FreeBSD Jail management script.
Jestr - A Java framework for converting objects into strings for display and logging.
JWebPresenter - A bitmap-image based Web presenting system.
jsMovie - A script that generates a Javascript animation from a set of still images.
JLAN Server - A Java-based SMB/CIFS, NFS, and FTP file server.
Juggle Master - A juggling siteswap animator.
JDebugger - A lightweight debugging toolkit.
jIRleeCh - A Java IRC client aimed at ease of XDCC leeching.
Jajuk - An advanced jukebox.
JooTemplates - A Java library to generate OpenOffice.org documents from templates.
JSSindex - A full-text search engine for HTML/PS/PDF/DjVu documents.
JackMix - A mixer application for Jack.
jCV - A J2EE Web application designed for the creation and administration of resumes.
JStubGen - A generator of empty Java implementations based on reflection.
jgram - A simple markov-chain library for building n-gram models of sequences of POJOs.
JSON-RPC-Java - A JavaScript to Java AJAX communications library.
jab:Phone - A Web-based system for keeping track of employee/personnel information
JODConverter - Java OpenDocument converter.
JHttpTunnel - An implementation of the GNU httptunnel protocol in Java.
JBouncer IRC Proxy - A multi-user IRC proxy.
jabber interface - A Jabber interface to services.
jset - An implementation of the Set board game.
Java SQLite Wrapper - A Java wrapper for SQLite.
Java cvprof - A Java code-coverage profiler.
Javadoc Builder - An Eclipse plugin to integrate XDoclet-style functionality.
Jreepad - Personal freeform database software similar to "Treepad Lite".
James Project - A framework which enhances collaborative groups by making use of the Web.
JINI_JNDI - A JNDI Context for JINI.
jAscom - Provides the functionality of the ASCOM Telescope API in Java.
JDrawing - A Java Swing component for displaying vector graphics and animation.
j - A programmer's editor written in Java.
JExpress - A Java installer builder and auto-updater.
JEgg - A message-based communication framework for Java objects.
J-INTERCAL - INTERCAL compiler and runtime for Java.
J/CarnacPro-Java - A Java graphics toolkit for application development.
J/Top - A desktop remote 'top' monitor.
jbum - An application that generates HTML from a directory of images.
J/View3DPro-Java - A Java 3D graphics toolkit for application development.
jZonic - A Web application framework.
J2EE for Linux - Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
J2J - Java to JavaScript integration
JNetHack - A Japanese localization of NetHack.
jailed - A tool for implementing a nonprivileged jailroot.
jac - Command line CD Player
Jacal - Linux and NT automated installer
jack - A console cd-ripper written in python
J2MESafe - A tool to store encrypted information on Java phones.
JPivot - A JSP tag library for OLAP tables and charts.
Jack's FormMail.php - A PHP version of the popular FormMail.pl.
JACL Adventure Creation Language - An interpreted language for creating interactive fiction and turn-based Web games.
Jacomma - A network-aware reactive information agents platform/framework.
JacORB - Object request broker written in Java
Jacquard - A Java language Web-database integration toolkit.
jados - A script for fast searching among heaps of javadocs.
jaga - A Java genetic algorithm package.
Jags - A Gtk+ GUI frontend to samba-client and smbmount.
jail - Just Another ICMP Logger
JAILBAIT - A Linux distribution for network-enabled devices with 16MB hard drive space.
jake - Facilitates management of and linking between eresources for librarians.
JAMES - A Java mail server.
Jeta - A browser-based SSH client.
Jargon File - Description of common hacker words and phrases
jFM - A JSP file manager.
Jasmin - An IETF DISMAN Script MIB implementation and utilities.
jlife - An emulator for Conway's Game of Life in some finite universes.
JCGrid - A set of easy-to-use tools for real-world grid-computing.
Java Anon Proxy - A tool for privacy and anonymity on the Internet.
Java Applet Parallel Processing Server - Distributed processing server written in Java.
Java Assistant - Java Class/Package Browser + front end to mocha and any decompiler
Java Bomberman - A multiplayer game for Java.
Java Financial Library - A financial application and library for Java.
Java FTP Proxy Server - FTP proxy for use through firewalls
Java HTML Generator - Small flexible HTML generator package
Java LDAP Server - An LDAP directory server developed in Java.
JailUtils - A collection of utilities for managing FreeBSD jails.
Java Napster - Java GUI clone of the Napster client for downloading MP3s.
Java PictDraw - A QuickDraw display Java applet.
Java Roundtrip Engineering - Roundtrip engineering with UML and Java.
jsCSSEditor - A WYSIWYG/Context CSS Editor for Mozilla.
Java SOS - A Java servlets office suite.
Java Telnet Daemon - An embeddable telnet daemon written in Java.
Java weather - Access realtime, local weather information from Java code.
JExcelApi - A Java API for Excel.
Java-GNOME - Java bindings for GTK and GNOME.
JayBird - A JCA/JDBC driver suite for connecting to Firebird databases.
jzForum - A forum system.
Java-IrDA socket API - Allow Java apps to access the Linux-IrDA stack.
Java/GTK - Java bindings for the GTK+ GUI Toolkit.
JavaCC - A Java parser generator.
Javachat - Small chatserver written in Java 1.1.x
JaXLib - A library of efficient data structures and I/O streams.
julitecCONTACT - An innovative contact and address management system.
JavaCore - A core dump facility for 100% Java applications.
JavaGroups - A reliable group communication toolkit.
Java Swing Date & Time Selector - A date and time selector component for Java Swing.
jMock - A library for testing Java code using mock objects.
Javac Compiler Helper - A wrapper for the javac standard compiler.
JavaReadline - Java JNI-wrapper to GNU Readline
JavaScour - Java application for sharing files using the scour exchange system.
JavaScript - The core JavaScript engine.
JavaScript-Debugger - A tool for debugging JavaScript applications.
javashout - A shoutcast shouter written in java
jaxml - Python module for generating XML documents.
Jazilla - A port of Mozilla into Java
JBattleship - A network-aware battleship game.
jBASE multi dimensional database system - Application Development and Database Independent Management System
JBidwatcher - A powerful eBay tool for bidding, tracking, sniping, and auction management.
JBinHex - A Java library and command-line tool to decode BinHex 4.0.
JDIC - A system for integrating Java applications with the native desktop.
Julius MV1 - A general and extensible framework for the medical processing pipeline.
jbofihe - Parses Lojban text and provides rough English translation
JBoss - An Enterprise JavaBeans application server.
JRel - A Java relations manager library.
jbpe - Java back-propagation neural network editor
JBuilder - A pure Java visual development environment.
JCad - A smart 2D CAD system written in Java.
JCapture - Automatic WebCam manipulation software.
jCarnegie class scheduler - A Java class timetable scheduler.
JsDecoder - A tool for decoding obfuscated JavaScript code.
JCheckLinks - HTML hyperlink validator, java, multithreaded
JChemPaint - A 2D molecular structure editor.
Java Embedded Python - Embeds CPython in Java.
JChessBoard - A Java-based chess board and PGN viewer/editor.
jsfirewall - An iptables firewall for desktop PCs.
jCIFS - A client implementation of CIFS/SMB and MS-RPC in Java.
jconflib - A Java configuration library.
Jinamp Is Not An Mp3 Player - A command line daemon for music shuffling.
jCVS - Java implementation of client-server CVS (version control for team projects)
JDAY - A conversion tool betweenastronomical Julian date and calendar date.
Java Remote File Access - A set of remote file access classes.
jdb - A package of commands for manipulating flat-ASCII databases from shell scripts.
JavaZoneWriter - A MySQL to BIND 9 DNS multi-threaded update daemon.
JDHCP - API for writing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) applications in Java
JDirt - Static directory stack routines.
jcom - A library for calling COM objects from Java.
JDxpc - dxpc, written in pure Java.
jed - Powerful editor, terminal and X11 interface
jEdit - A powerful text editor.
jedstate - An add-on for the jed text editor.
jegl - An Eiffel interface to SDL.
JEL - A compiler for one-line expressions into Java bytecode.
Jellybean - A Perl Object Web server.
JD-CVS - A script that automates CVS module downloading and compiling.
Jackbeat - A JACK audio sequencer.
JsTetris - A Tetris game.
JERED - Very easy-to-use but greatly configurable console text editor.
Jeremi - Software for distributed realtime telecooperation.
JergoBlatz! - Play-by-email game mailing list server
Jerry's Music Review System - Generates HTML information pages from a database file.
Jerry's Survey System - A simple embeddable survey system CGI script.
JEsd - A re-implementation of EsounD in pure Java.
JOR - A lightweight Java O/R mapping tool that is very simple to use.
Jetmon - Client/Server NOC Monitoring tool in Java
Jetty - An HTTP/1.1 server and J2EE servlet container.
jetcat - A throughput meter and throttle.
JFlash - Java Flash Card Program
JFlex - A flex-like scanner generator for Java.
JFreshmeat-NNTP - Java NNTP-based Freshmeat announcement retriever
JFS for Linux - The IBM JFS source code.
jftpgw - A highly configurable FTP application level proxy/gateway.
jRoller - A rollercoaster simulator.
JFwadmin - Java high level GUI for ipchains.
Jhead - A command line driven Exif header parser and manipulator.
jiffy - Fast Java RMI-compiler written in C++
JIGS - GNUstep Java Interface.
JCT - A tool dealing with thematic maps.
JCCad - A 2D/3D CAD program.
Jigsaw - W3C's leading-edge Web server platform
JPOX - A system for heterogenous Java persistence.
Jikes - Java compiler that translates Java source into bytecoded instruction sets
jMetar - A program for receiving METARs.
Jikes Debugger - multi-paneled graphical debugger for remotely executing Java programs
JImageView - Java image viewing application.
jinit - An advanced, failsafe need(8)-based init.
jint - An experimental scripting language for Java-based systems.
JIPSY - IPv6 for Java.
JIRC - Simple Perl IRC Bot skeleton.
JAWS Project - A framework and content management system for building dynamic Web sites.
Jiten - Perl DICT Server
JabSync - A Jabber roster synchronizer.
Jive Forums - Server-side forum/BBS/community software.
jivesyslog - A silly version of syslog.
jjvm - A Java virtual machine written in Java.
JLearner - A Japanese character learning tool.
JLex - A lexical analyzer generator, written for Java, in Java.
jlip - Multi-line SLIP driver for FreeBSD with IP-over-TCP tunnelling and encryption
JLJ - A text-only LiveJournal.com client.
JLogAn - A Java Quake3 log analyzer.
JMap - Creates HTML image map source
jmk-x11-fonts - Jim's character-cell fonts for the X Window System
Jmol - A (bio)molecular viewer applet and application.
J80 - A complete Z80/CPM/Spectrum emulator.
Jomic - A viewer for comic book archives.
JMud - An experimental MUD server written in Java.
Jodd - A general-purpose Java library.
jMusic - A music composition and audio library for Java.
jnap - A pure Java clone of the Napster client.
jMimeMagic - A Java library for determining the MIME or content type of files or streams.
Java RFC2217 Terminal Server - An RFC2217 terminal server.
jnerve - A Java implementation of a Napster server.
JumpLink - A Mozilla/Firefox extension that lets you jump through redirection links directl
jammod - A tool that loads kernel modules without module support.
Jode - A Java package containing a decompiler and an obfuscator.
joe - A Free ASCII-Text Screen Editor for UNIX
John the Ripper - A password cracker to detect weak Unix (and other) passwords.
joinpic - Attaches split images together.
Java SMTP Mail Component - An SMTP component allowing emailing from a Java application.
Jonah - RSS Headline parser
jonama - SSL proxy
JOnAS - An Open Source implementation of the J2EE specification.
Jooky - MP3 controller with a foreground curses client, or background client/server.
JORA - Java Object-Relational Adapter.
JOrbis - A pure Java Ogg Vorbis decoder.
Jori's Voice over IP Library - An object-oriented C++ voice-over-IP library.
journal-mode - An Emacs mode to easily maintain a journal.
J51 - An 8051 simulator/debugger.
journyx Timesheet - Timesheet software via the web
Joy2Key - Translate joystick movements into keyboard events (X and console)
joyd - Execute programs via joystick.
JDBC Tester - Software to prove JDBC connections and SQL statements.
JPass - A simple but effective JavaScript password generator.
jPhoto - Digital Camera access from Java, with support for PTP/USB.
jpig - A text-mode color JPEG image viewer/browser.
J-Pilot - Palm pilot desktop software for Linux
JPlus - An SQLPlus wrapper.
jPOS - 100% java ISO-8583/ANSI X9.2 implementation
JUCE - A complete class library for developing graphical/audio applications.
JPythonJB - An OpenTool which integrates JPython in JBuilder.
jQKat - Java QueCat Decoder
JRainWords - A utility which aids in teaching children how to use a computer keyboard.
JReferences - A reference manager for BibTeXML References.
JReporter - Component Based Java Reporting Library
JRTPLIB - An RTP library written in C++.
JRun - JSP Engine
JS/CORBA Adapter - Transparent interaction between distributed JavaScript objects.
JScour - A console Scour.net search and download client.
J2ME OGC WMS Client - A J2ME client for accessing OGC Web map services.
jScraper - An HTML parsing library for Java.
jsd - Joystick daemon/mp3 player/image viewer
JFDraw - A vector graphics application and library package.
JShell - A sh-like command shell written in Java.
jShopz Onlineshop - A Java-based e-commerce shopping system.
JNS Website Navigation Tree Applet - A site navigation applet.
jslice - A JPEG-to-HTML table slicer.
JSolitaire - A collection of 14 solitaire applets.
JavaDICTD - A server for the DICT protocol (a protocol for dictionary searches).
JSpringies - A mass and spring simulation system in pure Java.
JStart - Allows Java class files or Java applets to be started with a double click.
JStdio - A Java implementation of C's stdio.
JTreeCombo - A Swing combo box with JTree pull-down style.
JSwat Java Debugger - A graphical Java debugger.
Java Serialization to XML - A simple library for serializing Java objects to XML.
JSynthLib - Universal Synthesizer Librarian and Patch Editor
JTetris - Java version of Tetris
job-scheduler - A program that schedules programs to be run at specified times.
JTOpen - Java class libraries used to easily access an iSeries or AS/400 server.
jUDDI - A Java toolkit and registry implementation of UDDI.
JBuzzer - A tool that maps a computer keyboard to audio samples.
Juggle - A multithreaded file transfer program for Java 2.
JUiC++ - A library for Java-like utilities in C++.
JavaMatch - A match engine for Java data structures.
juice - User friendly dialog-based frontend for mpg123 and other players.
jukebox-control - Complete automation for Sony A/V components featuring S-Link (CD, DVD, MD, etc).
juked - A jukebox daemon.
Jumpgate - A TCP connection forwarder.
Jungle Monkey - A distributed file-sharing program.
jCAM - A validator and mapper for XML and XSD structures.
JUnit - Java testing framework (XP)
JXosd - A set of Java bindings for XOSD.
Jake2 - A Java port of the Quake2 game engine.
JUnitX - A module for JUnit providing access to private/protected Java code for testing.
JunkEx - A content-filtering HTTP proxy.
junkfilter - A procmail-based spam filter system.
JChart2D - A Swing widget for precise runtime visualization of data in form of an x-y plot.
JUSB - Java USB for Linux.
JDBCImporter - A tool for importing, exporting, and generating data.
JOSSO - A J2EE-based single sign-on solution.
jwhois - An Internet Whois client with support for Whois, Rwhois, and HTTP.
jwma - Webmail implementation in Java based on the JSP Model 2 architecture.
JTVD - A graphical tool that grabs and encodes videos for burning to DVD.
JX - C++ application framework and GUI widget library for X
Judy - A C library for creating and accessing dynamic arrays.
jxml2sql - A Java application for converting XML documents to SQL and HTML.
Jython - A Java implementation of the Python language.
Jukebox Sound Visualization - An audio playback program with power spectrum visualization.
Jzip - Infocom z-code adventure game interpreter
JZlib - zlib rewritten in Java.
Java Fortune Teller - A Java version of the fortune game from BSD.
JAgents - A Game theoretic Evolutionary Network Traffic Simulator.
Java Tree Builder - A syntax tree builder.
JGui - Java GUI components and utilities.
JDock - A Java Swing docking framework.
Jfilerunner - A file manager for Unix.
J-EAI - An XMPP-based Enterprise Application Integration platform.
JKhepera - A Java class library for Khepera mini robots.
JSystem - A framework for writing and running automated tests, based on JUnit.
JFSOM - A Java framework for self organising maps.
Jakarta Commons Logging - An ultra-thin bridge between different logging libraries.
jv4linfo - A Java API for video4linux.
jEDF - A cross-platform EDF files viewer.
JExec - A mini-commandline driven by regular expressions.
JPEG Disk Optimizer - A JPEG optimizer / compressor.
Jeti - A Java Jabber client.
jModuleLoader - A set of classes designed to make runtime code loading easier.
Java Sockets - A nonblocking network I/O class library.
jsgal - A Javascript-based Web gallery.
JICE - An XML-based application construction tool for Java.
jWebUnit - A Java framework that facilitates creation of acceptance tests for Web applicati
JFunc - An extension to the JUnit testing framework.
Jakarta Jelly - A tool for turning XML into executable code.
JavaFind - A file searching library.
JDuplicate - A multiplayer word game suite supporting Scrabble and Duplicate.
Java Ticker Applet - A ticker applet that can show both RSS news and stock quotes.
JSoko - A Java program that implements the Sokoban game.
Jarin - An interoperability framework between Java and other environments.
JavaFBP - A Java implementation of Flow-Based Programming concepts.
Juni-tour - An ANT/Maven plugin which adds "incomplete" states to unit tests.
Javascript Units Converter - A quick units converter written in Javascript.
Java Asterisk AGI API - Java FastAGI framework for Asterisk applications
JAdminUsers - This application is intended to manage the users and groups in a LDAP domain
JAFS - An FTP server.
JInto - A plugin for Eclipse for editing resource bundles.
JRegexpTester - A regexp testing tool and also a simple tool for CSV files.
JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model - A multi-platform flight dynamics model.
Job Costing Software - Job costing software for project management.
JetNuke - A Java version of PHPNuke.
JChassis Rule-Based Command Line Parser - A simple, rule-based command line parsing utility.
JChassis Dependency API - An API for representing resources and the dependencies between them.
Jazz - An application server and client for business application developers.
JoSQL - A library that provides SQL capabilities for Java objects.
JTrade Tradelist Explorer - A manager for bootleg tradelists.
JunkyCook - A recipe manager.
Jentchina - The client library part of The Birds Lake.
Juno Webmail Access - POP and SMTP interfaces to Juno Webmail.
JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller - A pure Java ANSI terminal controller.
jNetTool - A tool that includes whois, nslookup (dig), ping, traceroute, and portscan.
JGameLaunch - A Java game launcher.
jmanagerdns - A manager for the BIND DNS server from the command line.
JChassis Terminal UI Toolkit - A Java API for GUIs on character terminals.
Java Unifom Data Access - A Java persistence class library.
Jamper - A visual XSLT generator application.
JSch for J2ME - Pure Java SSH2 implementations for J2ME/CDC and J2ME/CLDC/MIDP2.0.
JAVA LZMA SDK - A kit that provides developers source code for LZMA compression.
Jaikoz - An MP3, MP4, and Ogg Vorbis tagger with advanced automation features.
Joystick control - A simple tool to control media applications with a joystick.
JLMview - An image viewer with JLM support and retroactive exposure control.
JSPP - A Java-like scripting language.
JavaEye Reporting Tool - A lightweight Web-based database reporting tool.
JINI Distributed Lock Manager - A fault-tolerant, distributed mutual exclusion service for JINI.
Javascript DB - A small database engine.
Journaled Files LIBrary - A library to perform transactions (commit/rollback) on system files.
JVoiceXML - A VoiceXML interpreter, supporting Java APIs such as JSAPI and JTA.
JavaGen Ant Modules - Java/J2EE Ant Build Framework
Java xcripted page - A script processor/template engine.
jIsoEngine - An isometric 2D engine.
JTux - A software package that integrates Java with BEA's Tuxedo TP platform.
JBDiff - A Java port of the C-based bsdiff utility by Colin Percival.
JMXDump - Software for CLI access to JBoss statistics.
jTokeniser - A Java library for splitting strings into a list of tokens.
jMemorize - A Leitner flashcards learning tool.
JRainbow - A tool that converts Java source code to HTML.
JGraph Layout Pro - Professional layouts for JGraph.
JCrypt - A text editor for cryptography.
JoyWM - A multimedia GUI written in Python and Pygame.
Jazmyn - A 32-bit, protected mode, multitasking, monolithic, single user OS.
JACK Meter - A console-based digital peak meter for JACK.
JFlag - An RTS-like game with multiple play modes.
jMList - A media list generator.
Jblog - An interface to publish a blog or Wiki.
jelio - A C stdio replacement library targeted at efficient static linking.
JCraft - An isometric, tile-based, real-time strategy game engine.
Jsmtpd - A modular SMTP server.
jUploadr - A cross-platform Flickr uploader.
jsVal - A JavaScript form validation framework.
jdPhoto - An easy to install, easy to configure, and attractive website image gallery.
jperfmeter - A simple performance statistics monitor.
Jackcess - A pure Java library for reading and writing MS Access databases.
jRouter - A Web-based Linux router management system.
JFormDesigner - An advanced GUI designer for Java Swing user interfaces.
jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin - A syntax-aware Ruby and Rails programmer's text editor.
Jabberd - A Jabber/XMPP instant messaging server.
jCAE - A Java environment for computer-aided engineering.
Jorillas - A Java implementation of the QBasic game Gorillas.
jhc - A compiler for the Haskell language.
JHylaFAX - A platform-independent Java client for HylaFAX.
JHighlight - A small, embeddable Java library for syntax highlighting.
Java PathFinder - A software model checker for Java bytecode.
JukQuiz - A music quiz game.
Java Image Manipulation Program - An applet for manipulating images.
JGComp - A Java framework to compute global functions repeatedly with load balancing.
jsesh - A text processor for ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Jagacy 3270 - A Java 3270 screen scraping library.
JsoStructure - A jEdit plugin for outlining JavaScript modules, classes, and methods.
JavaOp - A Binary Bot for Battle.net.
JSEclipse - A JavaScript editor plugin for Eclipse.
Jalali Event Calendar - A jalali event calendar.
jVLT - A vocabulary learning tool.
jMediaCat - A simple audio file catloging/database program.
jNetStream - A network protocol decoder, sniffer, a library and a complete SDK.
JavaInetLocator - A Java library to lookup country code and language from an IP address.
JBup - A versioned backup tool.
JFCML - A complete XUL and embedded scripting solution for Java.
Jiplet Container - A development and runtime environment for server-side SIP applications.
Jishyo - An English to Japanese dictionary.
JGraph User Manual and Examples - JGraph User Manual and example applications.
Jaggregate - A Smalltalk-ish generics-aware collections library for Java.
Java Security Component Framework - A pluggable security component system with a JDBC-like interface.
JNex - A powerful Java MVC framework for Swing, servlets, and ULC rich clients.
JBioAPI - A Java library for accessing BioAPI-compliant biometric service providers.
JMus - A Mus card game.
JSPWiki - A JSP-based WikiWiki clone.
JMaPacman - A multiplayer Pacman game.
JavaScript Debug Console - A debugging aid for JavaScript.
JCodFisc - A simple midlet to calculate fiscal codes for Italian citizens.
Jabberlang - An Erlang XMPP library.
JBlooming - A framework for building views of Web applications.
JSTUN - A STUN implementation.
javaSVNUpdater - A Java library that allows an application to update itself automatically.
JWepGen - A WEP key generator.
JPanorama - Very light Java applets for slideshows and panoramas.
Jubler - A movie subtitle creator, editor, and correction tool.
Jerimoth - A job search and resume posting Web service.
jRate - A real-time Java compiler and support libraries.
JAP - A system to browse the Web anonymously and unobservably.
JDiveLog - A logbook for scuba diving.
jToolkit - A Python-based Web toolkit.
JSwiff - A Java framework for Flash file manipulation.
JPdfUnit - A testing framework.
Jhai PC Linux - The Linux distribution for the Jhai Foundation's pedal-powered PC.
Jargon Informatique - A French dictionary of computer science jargon.
Jacman - A GUI frontend to ArchLinux's "pacman" package management system.
jXLS - A library for exporting data to the Excel format using XLS templates.
JavaScript Texas Hold 'em - A Web-based Texas Hold 'em game.
Juxy - A simple unit testing library for XSLT.
JMiddleMan - A Web application security tool based on HTTP/HTTPS flow analysis.
JCMS PluginManager & Plugins - A plugin manager for Jalios JCMS 5.0.x
JGraphpad Pro - A rapid application development system for JGraph.
Juxtapose - A GUI client for XMMS2.
JOpt Simple - A simple command line parser for Java.
jBrout - A photo manager.
JourneySat - A JavaScript library to add notes and photos to Google Maps satellite images.
JGUP - A code generator for Web applications.
JayOS - A distribution for a more secure mobile environment.
Java Toaster - A Java class to manage user notification in a platform independent way.
Jarmor - Java stream filters for ASCII armoring.
Jeceira - An implementation of JCR (JSR 170).
JWRL - A request logger for Java Web applications.
JOOReports - A Java/OpenOffice document and report generator.
jClientUpload - An applet for uploading over HTTP(S) and FTP(S).
jShuffle - A Java application to manage your iPod Shuffle.
Jmplayer - A simple mplayer GUI.
jdwglib - A Java library for accessing DWG files.
jGnucashLib - A Java library and taglib and tools for reading and writing GnuCash files.
Japano - A servlet-based Web application framework for developing in Java.
jgnuplot - A Java library for interfacing with the gnuplot plotting package.
jgraphpaper - Simple graphpaper generator
Jeff's Java Scanf Library - scanf/fscanf/sscanf for Java.
JavaScript::Squish - Methods to compact Javascript code to minimal length.
Java Web Images Gallery - A Web image gallery with simple upload and customization features.
Joomla! - A content management system.
Job Scheduler - Automates executable files, shell scripts, and database procedures.
Jarida - Blogging software with Swahili language support.
JDumpViewer - A Java thread dump analysis tool.
Java FTP API - A full featured FTP library.
JSCPP - A tool that generates C code traces and instrument code.
Jockey - A library for recording and replaying the execution of programs.
j2Bin - An application that helps you create Linux executables from .jar files.
JFlash Player - A pure Java library for playing Macromedia Flash animations.
JBossWiki - A self contained Wiki portlet based on JSPWiki.
JBoss Portal Forums - A port of phpBB to a JSR-168 portlet.
JAFER - An easy to use visual toolkit built on Z39.50.
Jebi - A program to record AM/FM radio and publish it to a podcast feed.
jpartialdownloader - A Java HTTP[S]/FTP/BitTorrent partial downloader.
jZeno - A Web development environment.
JCalendar for Swing - A Swing date picker component.
JavaCov - MC/DC and BC coverage-testing Eclipse plugin and Ant tasks.
jHomenet - Home automation software.
java-diff - A Java implementation of the longest common subsequences algorithm.
JobSite - An employment directory script.
JBooleanExpression - A Java API to evaluate Boolean expressions from Strings.
Java VideoLan Client Bindings - Java bindings for the VideoLan client.
Java for C++ - A program for creating C++ wrapper classes to access Java classes from C++ code.
Jimsim Network Simulator - A program that allows you to simulate three virtual routers.
Java Lemonade Stand - Lemonade stand simulation.
JCR - A Web application for managing formal code reviews (especially Java).
JAUUS - A software patching program.
JASmine - A print accouting system for CUPS.
JyConsole - An advanced Java console for Jython.
JSummer - A tool to compute and check message digests.
JGlade - A reimplementation of libglade in pure Java.
j.eng kernel patchset - A patchset for the Linux kernel.
JackMiniMix - A simple JACK Mixer with OSC control.
javaLogic - A Java library for application logic.
jLibrary - A desktop based document management system for personal or enterprise use.
jcrossclient - A client for Crossfire.
j2Wallet - A program that lets you keep an eye on your expenses.
jFileCrypt - A fast Java encryption tool.
jRivet - A framework to create Web based software with XML.
JUnit PDF Report - A tool that generates PDF test reports from your JUnit unit tests.
Java Interactive Profiler - A code profiler for Java.
JAPI - An extension API for Java.
Jep - A Java library for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions.
Jabbin - A instant messaging and VoIP program.
JMd5Sum - An MD5/SHA1 sum generator.
Java2Excel - A writer of Java Collections to Excel files.
jGetFile - A scriptable command-line mass-file downloader.
jrawio - A camera Raw plugin for Java Image I/O.
Jitterbit - A tool to integrate/transform between XML, Web services, database, text, etc.
Jujunie-Integration - A system that integrates third party tools, applications, and protocols.
jGCS - A generic service for group communication.
JClaim - An instant message (IM) client, tools, and framework.
JavaAmp - A clone of the well known multimedia player WinAmp.
Japt-Proxy - A caching proxy for Debian's APT system.
Jumplet - An online bookmark management system.
jsKana - A browser based JavaScript application for writing kana characters.
JPPF - A grid computing solution.
jFin - A pure Java implementation of financial date arithmetic.
JCons - A project that changes Java console text colors.
JTourney - Software for managing game tournaments for non-standard games.
JTAG-O-MAT - An automatic JTAG tool.
Java Neural Network Trainer - A neural network testing and training application.
JSignal - A JavaScript signaling library that is a port of GTK's GSignal library.
Joshua - A stepper moto robot to play chess with using a photosensitive LED board.
JPasswords - A cryptographic password database.
Java Image Album - An application that generates HTML photo albums.
JOpt.SDK - A route optimization library for vrptw problems.
JD Bible Bot - A chat bot client for reading the Bible.
JobPal - A tool to aid in online job searching.
jDTAUS - A Java implementation of the German DTAUS file format as specified by ZKA.
JNetStart - A Java Swing server.
JasperServer - A Web business intelligence environment based on JasperReports.
jMimetypeLib - A Java library for determining the MIME type of files and streams.
jbilling - An enterprise billing system.
Jafe - A secure, portable strongbox for your data.
Jtalk - A Jabber client similar to the Unix Talk system.
jMovie - A movie collection manager.
Java CoG Kit - Simple access to Grid workflows and middleware through Java.
jnettop-gui - A GUI for jnettop.
JColorGrid - A 2D data visualization application.
JTrac - A generic Web-based issue tracker.
Joel Dare's Dynamo - A PHP library that executes MySQL queries and automatically generates HTML code.
JDBStudio - A Java SQL database administration application.
Java Unified Expression Language - An implementation of the Unified Expression Language (JSP 2.1 EL).
Jupe - A UML plugin for Eclipse.
jBixbe - A high level object-oriented Java debugger.
jguigen - Generates screens to do CRUD (create, review, update, delete) on databases.
jbig2enc - A JBIG2 image encoder.
JExifViewer - A program for comparing JPEG EXIF tags.
jftpd - An FTP server implemented in Java.
Jlog - An easy-to-use weblog software.
Java Network Stack - A Java library for research oriented network programming.
jSettings - A Java framework for working with external settings files.
jPDFProcess - A Java library that can read, modify, and save or print PDF files.
jirsa - An interactive roleplaying system application.
jBCrypt - Blowfish password hashing for Java.
Java Preferences Tool - A tool for viewing and editing stored Java preferences.
jyenc - A yEnc decoder in Java.
jp2a - Software that converts JPEG to ASCII.
JooTemplateFiller - A tool that creates reports from an OpenOffice.Org 2.0 writer template.
JSCAPE Secure FTP Server - A platform-independent secure FTP server.
JaRog - A roguelike game in Java.
Json-lib - A library for exporting Java types to JSON and back.
JsTester - A system for validation of JavaScript code inside Java.
JRemoteforMyth - A Java desktop application for MythTV remote control.
J2ME ChartComponent - A simple charting component for J2ME MIDP 2.0.
Java Bullseye - A dealer/store locator.
JEvaluator - A Java class for easy expression parsing and evaluation.
JSP Prize Tags - A powerful JSP tag library for generating tree controls, tabbed panes, and more.
JNutrix - A program that shows nutrients of food on the Canadian market place.
jPDFText - A Java library to extract text from PDF documents.
jE6-B - An emulator of some of the functionality of the E6B Flight Computer.
jVSTwRapper - A Java SDK for the Steinberg VST interface.
jPDFViewer - A Java library to display PDF documents.
jPDFPrint - A Java library to print PDF documents.
JaSFtp - An SFTP client designed to automate and schedule various tasks.
jsWordsearch - A word search puzzle generator.
Java-Sudoku - The popular Sudoku puzzle game with a clean and easy-to-use interface.
JSPTabControl - A taglib for managing tabs in your JSP.
Jeta - Horde - A Horde SSH module.
JLdapAB - A Web application to manage Mozilla based LDAP address books.
Just Journal - Blog software to publish your own journal.
Jada - A small library to daemonize JVMs.
JPokerTM - A poker tournament manager application.
JSON File Upload - A class for listing, accessing, and manipulating files and folders.
JBootCat - A tool for generating corpora from the Internet.
JComet - A set of reloadable and dynamic Java objects.
JOPE Application Server - An implementation of the SOPE server and concepts in Java 1.5.
JDBCPersistence - A high performance ORM framework.
JiaId3 - An audio tag editor.
Josh's Website Framework - A CMS framework for PHP Web developers.
Java Print Dialog Framework - A comprehensive printing solution for Java applications.
JGame - A high-level Java 2D game engine for JRE, J2ME, and Android.
jwx! - A Java binding to the wxWidgets GUI framework.
jUPS - A Java class to handle MetaSystem's UPSes.
JewelCLI - A command line option parser.
JNFA - A netflow analyzer and traffic accounting system.
JOLIE - A Java orchestration language interpreter engine.
J7Z - An alternative 7-Zip GUI.
jSPF - A pure Java SPF implementation.
JLink Game - A multiplayer hacking game similar to Uplink from Introversion.
jsaes - A compact JavaScript implementation of the AES block cipher.
JAMWiki - A Java-based Wiki which implements many Mediawiki features.
Java2PHP - A converter for moving Java classes to PHP.
Julius Speech Recognition Engine - A two-pass large vocabulary continuous speech recognition engine.
Jagacy VT - A VT100/VT220 emulator and screen-scraping library written entirely in Java.
JuxtaPhoto - A photo album that lets you share and organize images on your Web site.
JChav - An Ant task to produce charts showing application performance from JMeter output
JDatabaseImport - A tool capable of transferring data between databases.
Java BinClock - A binary clock.
jssha256 - A JavaScript implementation of SHA256 and HMAC-SHA256.
jCSP - A toolkit for building PKIX CAs.
jGameBase - A retro-gaming emulator frontend and game database utility.
Jawflow - A workflow manager that is WfMc compliant.
JDOX - A Vim plugin that generates comments for C++ functions.
jnget - A binary grabber for Usenet.
js-search - A client-side JavaScript library for building and searching an inverted index.
Jaduka API Class - A class wrapping the Jaduka API.
JavaLog Analyser - A log file utility with text and color filters.
Jewelbox - An addicting game of falling colored pieces.
JCite - Cites snippets of Java source code into HTML documents.
jHamachi - A Linux GUI for the Hamachi VPN client.
Java ReStructuredText - A ReStructuredText parser and converter.
JaC64 - A Java-based C64 emulator.
JustLooking - An image viewing replacement for Preview.
JImage-Analyst - A Java-based library for extracting meta information from various image formats.
jsTest - A JavaScript unit testing tool.
Joker.com PHP client - A PHP client for accessing Joker.com's domain management functionality.
JeromeDL - A digital library engine for the Semantic Web.
jsTest Eclipse - A Javascript continuous unit testing plugin for Eclipse.
JIRA Client - A desktop front-end for the JIRA issue tracker.
JPasswordGenerator - Java tool for creating safe and strong passwords.
JetPAG - A high-performance recursive-descent parser and lexical analyzer generator.
JLoom - A template language for text generation.
J7Zip - Software that handles 7-zip archives.
JViews - A suite of graphics tools and components for building applications in Java.
JRequisite - An agile requirement management tool.
JavaSolitaire - A Klondike solitaire game.
Jam2 - A Drupal module for independent musicians.
Jar Ajar - A JAR-based packager and self-extractor for zip files.
jIncron - A graphical interface for incron.
jPicEdt - A picture editor for LaTeX and PSTricks.
Jet Set Willy X - A game for the ZX Spectrum heavily inspired by Jet Set Willy.
jdbfviewer - A component for viewing dbf files in a JTable view.
Java Properties - A fast, flexible alternative to Java bean properties.
JsHttpRequest - AJAX data loading with file uploading support.
Java Units Generator and Converter - A tool for generating a Java library for measuring units conversion.
JIMaths - A program that produces maths problems to be used by teachers.
jsTemplate - A JavaScript templating system for browsers.
J2ME Mini Applications - A series of mini applications in J2ME.
jEnkryptor - Java Swing based, multi-threaded cross-platform encryption application.
JavaCommerce - A modular e-commerce engine.
JumpBox for vTiger - A virtual appliance for the vTiger CRM system.
Japanese Vocabulary - A Japanese vocabulary trainer.
JSokoban - A port of the classic Macintosh puzzle game.
jslibs - General-purpose native libraries for the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.
jChecs - A simple Java chess program.
Java Mozilla Html Parser - A Java HTML parser based on Mozilla's parser.
jhfCAPTCHA - A PHP script that creates CAPTCHA images.
Jato - An open source implementation of the JVM.
jQuery - A lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes extensibility and ease of use.
Java Subnet Calculator - A subnet calculator.
jsongateway - An AJAX JSON RPC gateway for backend Java service.
jBoom - A system- and browser-independent remote bookmark manager.
Java Games - A collection of puzzle and board games playable in a browser.
jToDoList - A sophisticated ToDo list.
jHepWork - An environment for scientific computation, data analysis, and data visualization.
jodviewer - A Java viewer component and standalone viewer for OpenDocument presentations.
JSmooth - A Java EXE wrapper.
jPdfCalendar - A tool to create a printable calendar from the user's images.
JBI Mock Framework - A mock framework for unit testing JBI components.
JavaNativeCompiler - A Java to native (also called AOT) compiler.
jSVR - A program to perform single view 3D scene reconstruction.
jack_oscrolloscope - A realtime waveform viewer for JACK.
JFolder - A Web-based application development and management tool.
JumpBox for the MediaWiki Wiki System - A JumpBox virtual appliance of MediaWiki.
JumpBox for Wordpress Blogging System - A virtual appliance for Wordpress.
JumpBox for PunBB - A virtual appliance for PunBB.
jSlovo - A database management system for free dictionaries.
J2EEMAIL - A Java 2 Enterprise Edition add-on (J2EE) for sending electronic mail.
JSON::DWIW - A Perl module for converting data to and from JSON.
JavaGear - A Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator.
Jar Explorer - A simple, easy-to-use application to browse the contents of jar files.
JSON::XS - A correct and fast implementation of JSON for Perl.
jdec - A Java decompiler with robust UI support.
JMathLib - A Matlab clone.
Jabber::Bot - Software to easily create regex-powered Jabber bots.
JRecord - A library for reading and writing legacy, fixed width, and delimited flat files.
JackMixDesk - An OSC-based mixer for the Jack Audio Connection Kit.
jctld - A job control system for clusters of machines.
JVanish - An emerging 3D AJAX API.
jPOPc - A simple, threaded, multipart, UTF-8 compliant POP3 email client.
jcpp - A full implementation of the C preprocessor in Java.
JIIC - A streaming-based Java implementation of ISO 9660 for creating CD-ROM FS images.
Janjiku - An application for storing information about appointments.
JPEG Fit - A PHP class that optimizes images to fit in a given file size limit.
JDave - A behavior-driven development framework for Java.
JdbcTool - Command line tools for working with JDBC databases.
Joyevmouse - A joystick to mouse input conversion utility.
JavaDoc Taglets Collection - A utility suite for the JavaDoc tool.
JCameo - A model-driven Swing framework
jDBSync - ANT tasks for synchronization of two or more databases.
JComponentBreadboard - A minimalist framework for Java/Swing forms.
Java + information flow - The Java language extended with secure information flow
JumpBox for the SugarCRM CRM System - A virtual appliance for SugarCRM.
JumpBox for Joomla! - A virtual appliance for Joomla! CMS.
JSCoverage - A tool that measures code coverage for JavaScript.
Jal v2 - A high-level language for a number of microcontrollers.
jPatchLib - A Java library that implements the GNU patch algorithm.
Javascript VirtualKeyboard - A highly customizable Web-based virtual keyboard.
Java Inherited Annotations - A library that helps Java developers solve annotation inheritance tasks.
JSMS - A tool to tend text messages to any Irish mobile phone quickly.
JustAjax Table - An AJAX/PHP grid library for Web applications.
JumpBox for DokuWiki Wiki System - A virtual appliance of the DokuWiki collaboration tool.
JumpBox for Drupal 5.x - A self-contained virtual appliance for Drupal CMS.
JPublish4 - A Java Web publishing framework.
Java GForge SOAP Interface - An approach to access the GForge platform via Java.
Jtrana - A Java based NS-2 trace analyzer.
jSpellCorrect - A simple statistical spelling corrector.
JWhoisServer - A small, fast, and highly configurable whois server.
jost - An audio host application for making music.
JRicochet - A puzzle game in which you find blocks by bouncing probes in a grid.
JideBuilder - A Groovy builder for the JIDE Common Layer components.
Java Classic RPG - A Java framework and engine for creating classic role playing games.
JCTerm Plug-in for Eclipse - An SSH2 terminal emulator for Eclipse.
Javascript Templating Language - A lightweight, fast Javascript-based templating engine for Java applications.
jWebApp - A Java-based minimalistic model-view-controller (MVC) Web application framework.
jPersist - An extremely powerful object-relational database persistence API with automatic mapping (A-O/RM).
JSBlend - A Web-based diff/merge tool.
jdbclogger - A logger for JDBC drivers.
Jagger - A JMX cluster aggregator demon and text mode console.
jresolver - A Java DNS resolver library.
Jumble - A Java mutation tool for measuring JUnit coverage.
Java Stencil Report - A tool to write school reports.
Joconda - A simple and small desktop database.
Jagacy TN3270 Emulator - A TN3270 emulator written in Java.
Jagacy VT100/VT220 Emulator - A VT100/VT220 emulator.
JSizer - A tool to measure Java classes.
jFlvTool - A pure Java FLV metadata injector.
jsircbot - An IRC robot written in JavaScript.
jNetPcap - A Libpcap/WinPcap Java wrapper.
John The Ripper MPI - John The Ripper with MPI cluster support.
jsmaps - A Javascript client for OGS WMS servers.
jaxed - A quick and dirty blogging system.
jumpstart - Software to run an application with shared libraries already loaded.
JumpBox for Enterprise Wiki System - A virtual appliance for the project formerly known as Twiki.
JDing - A clone of the Unix translation tool "Ding".
JLaunchPad - A way of launching Java programs.
jewelERP - A jewellery ERP system.
J-Ben - Software for studying Japanese.
Javascript plug-in modules - A set of object-oriented pluggable modules.
jcfind - A utility to find Java classes, packages, and files in jar, ear, or war files.
Java Machine Learning Library - A machine learning library for Java.
JBit - A 6502 framework for feature phones, PCs, and browsers.
JasperETL - A data integration platform.
Jopen - A utility similar to "Open with" features from Nautilus, Konqueror, etc.
justniffer - A TCP flow sniffer and performance tracker.
Java Refreshable Objects - Declarative caching of Java object properties with no stale data.
jrMandel - Rendering of fractals using parallel processing.
JSMin Ant Task - An Ant task for the automated minification of Javascript files.
JSqsh - A non-graphical cross-platform database query tool.
JS RSS reader - A Javascript reader to display RSS feeds on an HTML page.
JSurveyLib - An embeddable Java survey/questionnaire engine.
JS/UML - An Eclipse plugin to create UML from JavaScript.
JFire - A trading platform including ERP, CRM, accounting and cross-organisation trading
JavaScript Crypto Library - A JavaScript library of cryptographic primitives.
Java Fathom - A Java library that measures the readability of English text.
jabber-notify - A command line jabber notification program that uses jabberoo.
J2ME Webcam - A Webcam monitoring application for J2ME devices.
jGallery - A Web-based photo gallery.
JeguePanel - A panel to provide easy management of GNU/Linux servers.
JSculpt - A script-based 3D constructive solid geometry modeling system.
JumboMem - A system that enables programs to page to remote RAM instead of to local disk.
jbootstrap - A tool that bootstraps your Java application without complex CLASSPATH settings.
jpalm - An API for manipulating PalmDB and MobileDB files in Java.
juint - Provides unsigned and signed 8,16, and 32-bit integers in Java.
JFunctionViewer - A simple and fast function plotter.
JPen - A Java pen tablet access library.
jWorkSheet - A personal time tracker for your projects.
JavaFE - A Java 1.4 lexer and parser used in several research static checkers.
Java2SD - Dynamic generation of sequence diagrams from Java programs.
J4ME - A library to build professional J2ME applications.
JavaPlot - A pure Java wrapper for the gnuplot application.
JOrtho - A Java spell checker for JTextComponent Elements.
JumpBox for Alfresco CMS - A JumpBox virtual appliance for the Alfresco content management system.
JumpBox for OTRS - A virtual appliance for the OTRS trouble ticket system.
JumpBox for Mantis - A self-contained virtual appliance for the Mantis bug tracking system.
JumpBox for Bugzilla - A virtual appliance for the Bugzilla bug tracking system.
JCarder - A dynamic deadlock finder for Java.
jobqueue - A program that executes jobs in parallel to speed up computation.
JAMF - A framework to visually build models of human attention and run them in C.
jSeamless - A UI abstraction layer to develop your UI once and deploy anywhere.
JLifeGen - A two player version of Conway's Game of Life.
JackMaster - A master console for the Jack audio connection kit.
JDbConverter - A program to convert a database from one DBMS to another.
Java Wikipedia API - A Java Wikipedia API.
jttslite - A desktop time tracking system.
JerkLib - An event driven IRC library for Java.
JOpt.ASP - A vehicle routing component whose services are exposed through HTTP/SOAP.
Jukebox Power Pack - An audio player bundle.
JXBStreamer - A Java program to stream content to an XBox.
Jensor - A J2EE Java profiler that is light-weight and has low overhead.
Javeau - A cross-platform encrypted storage tool.
JaPCrypt - JavaScript and PHP encryption.
JumpBox for PMwiki - A self-contained virtual appliance for PMwiki.
JumpBox for Cacti - A self-contained virtual appliance for Cacti
jReform - A Java HTML form validation framework
Jackal - A JavaScript debugger.
JPrefCtl - A simple command line Java preferences editor.
JumpBox for ProjectPier - A virtual appliance for Project Pier.
JumpBox for TikiWiki - A self-contained virtual appliance for TikiWiki.
jPint - Libraries for building iPhone-like Web-based applications.
JLanguageLearn - A generic language course.
jsSHA - A JavaScript implementation of the complete SHA family of hashes as well as HMAC.
jf-unittest - An unbloated C++ unittest framework.
JOTWiki - A full featured wiki engine.
Java FAQ Generator - A FAQ page generator for Java.
Java Text Table Formatter - A simple set of Java classes to help print text in tabulated form.
JPerf - A perfect hash function generator for Java.
JRemoteControl - A simple Bluetooth remote control.
Java GetOpt Generator - A program that generates a command-line argument parser from an XML file.
JavaScript Server Pages - A system that generates Web pages with JavaScript on Java Web servers.
jungletest - A system for automated testing of OpenOffice.org against many documents.
Joomla Updater Script - A bash script for automating Joomla! updates.
js-treemap - A treemap control for visualizing hierarchic values.
jmemcached - A network available caching daemon.
JGoogleAnalytics - Google Analytics for Java applications.
JalistoPlus - A Java object database.
jpoker - An online poker client.
jGnash2QIF - A program that converts a jGnash XML file into a QIF file.
JumpBox for MoinMoin - A virtual appliance for the MoinMoin wiki system.
Javacrond - A cron-like scheduler for Java with plug-in support.
JRel Library - A dynamic SQL query generator for Java.
jOpenDocument - A pure Java library for manipulation of OASIS Open Document files.
JGeocoder - A geocoder loosely modeled after Geo::Coder::US.
Jelix - A PHP5 framework.
JumpBox for phpBB - A virtual appliance for phpBB.
JumpBox for Redmine - A virtual machine with a pre-installed Redmine instance.
jfSnip - A tool to manage and edit your collection of text clippings.
Java syslogd - A simple Java syslog daemon.
JavaStats77 - A tool for source code reports in HTML format and converting .java to .html.
JumpBox for Moodle Course Management System - A virtual appliance for Moodle.
JumpBox for Joomla - A virtual appliance for Joomla.
Java Clazz Utils - A Java class manipulation utility.
Jailer - A database subsetting tool that exports relational data into various formats.
JCatapult - A lightweight application development platform written in Java
judyhash - A collection of C++ STL-style maps/sets based on (int -> pointer) maps.
JubJub - A daemon for server-side logging of XMPP packets.
JavaScript UUID - A class to create UUID compatible IDs in JavaScript.
JPEd - An XPDL 1 process editor.
Java Remote Desktop - Software for viewing and/or controlling a remote PC.
Jack4j - A Java library for JACK.
Jboss Commonj Service - An mbean to run WorkManager and Timer under JBoss.
JSEXT - A Server-side JavaScript framework.
JumpBox for Drupal 6.x - A virtual appliance for the Drupal 6 CMS.
JumpBox for the Movable Type Blogging System - A virtual appliance for Movable Type.
JumpBox for SugarCRM 5.x - A virtual appliance for SugarCRM 5.x.
jpwgen - A Java-based password generator.
JSDAI - A toolkit for the development and implementation of EXPRESS data models.
jurpopage - A dynamic Web site scripting project.
Jabir - A POS application.
JRuntime - A Java library that provides easier access to the API of a compiler.
Jspresso - A Java RIA framework.
jobBuddy - A job search application
JumpBox for Ruby on Rails Deployment - A virtual appliance for Ruby on Rails deployment
JumpBox for Silverstripe - A virtual appliance for the Silverstripe CMS.
JImageViewer - An image viewer with no extra features.
JImageExplore - An image viewer which can navigate directories and archive files.
j-Interop - Non-Native Java - COM Bridge
JavaMod - A Java Mod file player.
JShot - A screen capture and uploader utility with drawing functionalities.
Joaquim International Checkers Game - A Java implementation of an international and Brazilian checkers game.
JavaGit - An API to access git repositories from Java programs.
JAWStats Web Statistics & Analytics - A smart AJAX front-end for AWStats.
jig - A simple console Jabber client.
JEXIT - A regular expression testing tool.
jsapigen - A glue code generator for SpiderMonkey.
jqSajax - A class to call PHP functions/methods from Javascript.
JMRTD - A Java implementation of ePassports.
Java Nagios Remote Plugin Executor - A replacement for the NRPE Server for Nagios.
jsLit - A JavaScript literal parser which does not use eval.
j-XChange - A pure Java implementation of the entire MS Collaboration Data Objects (v1.21).
jsmud - A MUD kernel that lets you implement a MUD in JavaScript.
JSXGraph - A cross-browser library for plotting and interactive geometry.
JagPDF - A library for generating PDF documents in C/C++, Python, and Java.
JaMailer - A simple, small Java email server.
JFileHelpers - A Java flat files library.
JotScale - A massively scalable Web backend for demanding applications.
JaMailist - A cross-platform mailing list software.
Java File Copy Library - A Java library for file copying operations.
JELAN - An embedded language analyzer for Java.
JMeld - A visual diff and merge tool.
JBrownie - A Java background compiler.
jojsticken - A program that maps joystick events to keyboard events.
jigden - A generator for login names that comply with different rules.
JPexeso - A memory training game.
JavaFX Script Mode for GNU Emacs - A GNU Emacs major mode for editing JavaFX Script files.
Java Image Manager - A powerful image managing tool.
jallib - Generic jal libraries for the jalv2 compiler.
JavaRebel - A JVM plugin that reloads changes to Java code on-the-fly.
jar2sh - A Java application wrapper and launcher for Unix.
jTimer - A timer and report tool.
J!Research - A Joomla extension for management of research-related work.
Junoplay Table - An application database toolkit.
jcblock - A program to block calls received via a modem by filtering their caller IDs.
JAVE - A Java library for transcoding audio and video.
Java Base64 - A pure Java base64 encoder and decoder.
JUnique - Prevents multiple instances of the same Java application for a single user.
JGrit - A cross-platform frontend for the grit Game Boy Advance image converter.
jQuery Timecloud - A pure JavaScript visualization of tagclouds over time.
JAME - An application for creating fractals and other graphics artifacts.
jQuery-PHP - A package to develop AJAX applications with the JQuery library.
Javahelp2Web - A program to transform JavaHelp pages into Web pages.
Javascript Gettext - A JavaScript implementation of the GNU Gettext i18n API.
JS/CC - A parser and lexer generator for ECMAScript, written in ECMAScript.
jquery.strftime - A strftime() implementation for JQuery.
Jupidator - A multi-platform application self-update framework.
java2tcl - A tool that converts Java source into Tcl (XOTcl) source.
JavaScript SHA-256 - SHA-256 for JavaScript
jcouchdb - Java5 couchdb driver
JMule - A P2P file sharing client.
JFXtras - Utilities and add-ons for the JavaFX script programming language.
JW FLV Player - An online player for FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.
jabbot - A universal Jabber bot framework in C.
JumpBox for Gallery Photo Management - A virtual appliance for the Gallery photo management system.
JumpBox for Nagios - A virtual appliance for Nagios.
Java Tools - A Lightweight Java IDE.
JSend NSCA - A Java API for sending passive checks to the Nagios NSCA daemon.
JW Player for Silverlight - A Silverlight application designed to play Windows Media files.
JW Desktop Player - An AIR application to play FLV, MP3, and MP4 files on a PC.
jnitodo - A todo list manager for the console.
JSMSTrade - A small and portable SMS-proxy client.
Jumper - An enterprise bookmarking engine.
javascriptRRD - A JavaScript implementation of a client side RRD tool.
JotBug - A Web-based project management and issue/bug tracking solution.
Java Constraint Programming solver - An intuitive and easy to use constraint solver.
JTAG (Boundary scan) Test - An IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Boundary scan tester.
JTelIRC2 - An advanced IRC framework in Java.
Jenes - An optimized Java library for genetic algorithms and metaheuristics.
Java Cave Maps - A project for helping spelunkers with the mapping of caves.
jsUnity - A lightweight universal JavaScript unit testing framework.
jschedule - A schedule planner for schools.
jmxsh - A scriptable command-line JMX client based on Tcl.
JSGalBuilder - An application for creating JSGal Web galleries.
Java Batch Job Framework - An XML-driven batch job framework.
JS Calls PHP - A library that exposes PHP classes in Javascript.
JPL News - A full-featured content management system.
Jasymca - A Java-based computer algebra system that runs in either matlab-clone-mode or GNU-Maxima-mode.
JScriptTouch - An SDK to quickly create iPhone applications using Javascript..
JLearnIt - A multilingual dictionary sorted by categories to learn vocabulary progressively.
Japplis Toolbox - A compilation of text utilities.
Japplis Website Optimizer - An optimization tool for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
JLearnItME - A multilingual dictionary for mobile phones.
jitertools - A Java clone of Python's itertools package.
JBuddy Messenger - A multi-protocol, cross-platform instant messaging client that speaks business IM.
Jat - A Java framework for developing Web and standalone applications.
JessyInk - A script that turns an Inkscape SVG image into a presentation.
jQuery-JSONP - A full-fledged jQuery plugin for JSONP.
J9P - A development framework for 9P servers.
jblas - A linear algebra library for Java.
Juicer - A GUI for appleJuice file sharing.
jsCheck - A PHP-class to check if JavaScript is activated or not.
jjax - A Web 2.0 application development toolkit.
jredis - A multi-threaded Java library for writing clients for redis.
jiggyMPD - A Web-based client for the Music Player Daemon and a companion tray icon.
JRedis - A Java client and connector for Redis.
Jari OS - A microkernel-based muiltiservice RTOS.
Java Clipboard Viewer - A tool to keep track of volatile clipboard content.
jmx4perl - JMX access via Perl
JumpBox for Tracks - A virtual appliance for the Tracks GTD application
Japplis Website Optimizer Lite - A program to optimize Web pages, often compressing HTML by more than half.
jPDFNotes - A PDF markup, annotator, and form fill component.
Java Algebra System - An object-oriented, type safe, multi-threaded approach to computer algebra.
J4SC - An API for submitting audio and retrieving converted text from the SpinVox Create service.
Jaiwls - A component oriented framework with bundled servlet Web server and HTML widget library.
jdisasm.py - A Java class disassembler with item offset display.
Javeline Platform - A development framework for Web applications that look and feel like desktop applications.
JFileUpload - An FTP and HTTP upload applet.
JDrummer - A drum machine applet.
JAMP - A PHP framework for producing Web applications.
JStock - Free Stock Market Software - A stock market application.
jsFlow - A Java library for sFlow.
JHostMonitor - A TCP/IP host status monitor.
jQuery Tools - A UI library especially for the Web.
JSXP - A Web application framework for Java.
Jamulus - Internet jam session software.
jared - Just another registry editor.
JarExplorer - A cross platform application for viewing contents of Java Jar files
JavaStubs - A unit testing supplement/framework.
jFramework - A PHP framework based on simplicity and scalability.
JCmdLineProgess - A library that adds Java progress spinners and reporting to the command line.
jsVortex - A Javascript BEEP implementation.
Jafilia.com - An affiliate program creator and affiliate network manager for Joomla! and Virtuemart.
jee5unit - A test framework for out of container testing of EJBs and JPA entities.
Java CIGI Packet Stuffer - A CIGI packet stuffer for use in Java programs.
JS Auto Form Validator - A script that lets you handle form validation without writing JavaScript code.
JavaTemplar - A Java template engine.
JCols - A Java-based text processing utility that can be used in place of AWK in some cases.
Jijawi - A PHP Web installer.
jSmaTeP - A smart text processor for Java.
JSeance - A structured code generator based on XML, Java, and JavaScript.
jbookshelf - An electronic book collection organizer and reader.
jCore - The Webmaster's multi-site CMS.
Jahia - Web content integration software.
Java Simple Plugin Framework - A framework to create and use Java plugins without XML.
JumpBox for the Foswiki Wiki System - Deploy Foswiki on any OS in minutes with no setup scripts.
Jledger - A Java Business Accounting API.
Java API for KML - Provides Java interfaces for easy access to KML (Keyhole Markup Language) data.
Jenner - A powerful in-browser page template engine.
JLeak - A Java memory leak tracker.
JRainbow Tool - A program that generates Rainbow tables.
JWt - A library for developing accessible and interactive Web applications.
JS Wars - A classic shoot 'em up for modern Web browsers.
Java MPlayer - A graphical interface for MPlayer.
jniThreadCPUUsage - A library to get the user and system CPU time used in a Java thread.
junixsocket - A JNI library that allows the use of Unix domain (AF_UNIX) sockets from Java.
jurlmap - RESTful URLs for Java.
JSiCal - A JavaScript agenda application based on the iCalendar standard.
JFLVLib - A Java library that allows writing of Flash videos (FLV format).
jsHub Core - An application for development of the jsHub JavaScript library.
JClientPages - A tool to script in Java in your HTML pages.
JphpEdit - A pragmatic, easy to use, multiplatform PHP editor with an included FTP "Site Manager".
JavaFileUpload - A Java applet for uploading files.
JCrocus - A GUI for the design of microwave filters.
jPunch - A Java library for UDP hole punching.
jpeginfo - A command that prints information about and tests the integrity of JPEG/JFIF files.
JScroller - A JavaScript widget that scrolls text or images.
JEFF - An explanation facility framework for Java-based rule engines.
JSONRPC - A Java library for low-level JSON communication.
jniexec - Native fork/exec and I/O redirection for Java.
JIRA Client Lite - A desktop front-end for Atlassian JIRA.
JPCX - A Java package for PCX encoding and decoding.
JNbd - An NBD server.
JumpBox for LAMP Deployment - A JumpBox to quickly deploy PHP, Python, and Perl applications with a self-contained LAMP environment.
jOpenTTDLib - A library for polling OpenTTD servers from Java applications.
JumpBox for LAPP Deployment - A JumpBox to quickly deploy PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Python.
JumpBox for Tomcat Java Web Application Deployment - A JumpBox to quickly deploy Java-based Web applications on Apache Tomcat.
jOpenRay - A thin client server.
Java USB Library - A complete cross-browser Java USB library.
JumpBox for the MySQL Relational Database - A virtual appliance with MySQL 5 and PHPmyadmin.
JumpBox for the PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System - A virtual appliance for PostgreSQL.
Java Vector Cut and Paste Library - A vector drawing library with facilities for copying vector graphics on the clipboard.
jack-tuner - A musical instrument tuner that uses JACK.
jmixin - Scala-like stackable traits/mixins for Java.
Jingle Nodes - A relay auto-discovery service.
JoomlaWatch - A component and set of modules for Joomla that allow you to watch your website visitors and bots in real-time from the administration menu.
JWebEngine - A pure Java WYISWYG HTML editor.
jQuery Woopra plugin - A plugin for incorporating Woopra analytics in jQuery projects.
JOMS - A CMS for objects in JSON.
jalamap - A Java layer for the Mappy API.
JSingleton - A simple library for creating instance-controled classes.
JReloader - A simple Java class reloader for running applications.
JShrink - A PHP class that minimizes JavaScript code.
JLinBar - A program for barcode scanning with a Webcam.
juntaDados - A GNU/Linux multimedia distribution that is targeted at audio, video, and graphics producers.
Java Debugging with Statement Aspects - A way to debug and test Java applications by using statement level aspects.
Jolomea - A component to facilitate the localization process of a Web site made with Joomla.
JuMiLDAP - A simple Web-based LDAP address book viewer.
JBuddy SDK - Developer APIs, frameworks, and tools for creating, testing, and deploying instant messaging solutions.
JavaMelody - A program for monitoring JavaEE applications.
jug - A Python parallel code library.
jsoup - A Java library for working with real-world HTML.
jZebra - An applet that supports raw printing through a Web page.
Java Apple Computer Emulator - A Java-based Apple //e emulator.
Joomla! Show Twitpic Module - A simple Joomla! module to display pictures posted by Twitter users on Twitpic.
Joomla! Show Twitgoo Module - Show Twitgoo is a simple Joomla! module to display pictures posted by Twitter users on Twitgoo.
JiBX/OTA - JiBX support for Open Travel Alliance schemas and messages.
JCGO - A Java source to C code translator.
Joomla! Stack Overflow Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Stack Overflow.
Joomla! Meta Stack Overflow Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Meta Stack Overflow (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Super User Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Super User.
Joomla! Server Fault Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Server Fault (Stack Exchange).
jsonwidget - Dynamic terminal window form creation for JSON data structures from JSON schema files.
JMiniX - A simple, embeddable, restful JMX console.
Java Cobol Lexer - A library that parses a Cobol source program into lexical tokens.
Jacket by AccelerEyes - GPU computing software for MATLAB.
JShorter - A program for getting and extracting FINRA's daily short data.
Javascript Preprocessor - A preprocessor thataAdds "#include", "#if", and macros to JavaScript.
JuMiCycling - A cycling stats repository.
json-rpc - A library that provides a Web server with JSON-RPC capabilities.
jmdb - A Java library for parsing IMDb data.
Java Swing CheckBoxList - A list component where items are checkboxes.
jwim - A JavaScript window manager for independent modules.
JaQLib - A Java query library.
JSONBOT - A remote event-driven framework for building bots that talk JSON to each other over XMPP.
JmsCategory - A Groovy extension for the JMS API.
Jisko - A microblogging platform.
jQuery.Syntax - An extremely fast and lightweight syntax highlighter.
JomLink - A Joomla! component for integrating with the Aweber email service.
JAXX - An XML user interface generator for Swing.
Jenny - A packet generator, injector, editor, and browser for network and penetration testing.
JLokalize - A translation editor for Java.
JExecDaemon - A small TCP/IP daemon that is used to safely execute programs on remote servers.
JTLmage - Synchronization between Magento and JTL-Wawi.
jacksampler - A simple sampler using JACK.
Jax Remote Control and Deskshot Tool - A tool to execute commands on a remote host, or take a screenshot and upload it via FTP or SSH.
JHeatChart - A simple Java library for generating heat map charts.
JADIF - A Java framework for distributed grid/volunteer computing.
JSchnizzle - A UML tool.
Joker the IRC bot - A PHP class that forms a base for building an IRC bot.
Jxt4NoteJ - A text editing tool to help you with your work.
Jxt4DatabaseJ - A small application for easily executing DDL and DML queries on a MySQL database.
Java XML XPath - Eclipse Templates - Automate working with XML (DOM and XPath) in Java using Eclipse
jobhuntin - A recruitment portal engine.
Job Search Rapid Response - Quickly respond to and track job postings on Craigslist and other sources.
Jygments - A programming language syntax highlighter.
JuniCoder - A bridge between Unicode and formats that invented workarounds for Unicode.
JW Player for HTML5 - A fully skinable and configurable player based upon the new <video> tag found in HTML5.
JW Image Rotator - A Web component that lets you display photos in sequence with fluid transitions.
jPastebin - A Java API for Pastebin.com.
Java Engine for Testing - A system for running distributed automated tests.
jTimeSched - A simple and lightweight time tracking tool.
JOOTS - An intelligent tutoring system for learning Java OOP.
jregexanalyser - A regular expression tool.
JCR Shell - A shell interface for managing JCR 1.0 repositories.
Jedi Set - A pattern matching terminal card game.
Jaspersoft Studio - A report designer for JasperReports.
JavaScript Recurring Dates Generator - A JavaScript library to generate recurring dates.
j661 - Provides a generic CDS (or ARINC 661 Server) conforming to the ARINC 661 standard.
JavaScript Page Animation Object - A JavaScript object to animate HTML Web page elements.
jslaughter - A top-down shooter.
JWordtrainer - A generic Web application that helps you memorize words.
javaXUL - A simple to use XUL implementation.
JSMPPGW - A JMS to SMPP gateway.
jQsimple-class - A small JavaScript class declaration library.
jEditor - A simple text editor with syntax highlighting, designed to be used as a library in Java applications.
JavaScript Visual HTML Template Editor - A visual browser-based editor for HTML templates.
JMCE - A multiple computer emulator.
JavaScript Auto Complete - An object for providing auto-complete for Web form text.
jf_to_scrt.pl - A utility that converts JellyfiSSH bookmarks to SecureCRT session files.
JBackpack - A personal backup program.
Joomla! Gaming Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays user badges from Gaming (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Programmers Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Programmers (Stack Exchange).
Jolokia - A JMX remoting alternative to JSR-160 connectors.
Joomla! TwitPic Widget Module - A simple Joomla! module for displaying the official Twitpic widget for showing off your Twitter photos.
Joomla! TwitrPix Widget Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays the official TwitrPix widget for showing off your Twitter photos.
jin-template - A pure HTML template engine for Java and PHP.
jin-plugin - A simple plugin framework for Java and PHP.
Joomla! Show TwitrPix Module - A module which fetches RSS feeds from TwitrPix to display Twitter pictures.
JetBrains WebStorm - A smart JavaScript, CSS, and HTML editor for Web development.
Joomla! Game Development Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Game Development (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Stack Apps Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Stack Apps (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Area 51 Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Area 51 (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Web Applications Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Web Applications (Stack Exchange).
javavp8decoder - An implementation of the VP8 image/video codec in pure Java.
Joomla! Ask Ubuntu Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Ask Ubuntu (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Pro Webmasters Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Pro Webmasters (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Seasoned Advice Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Seasoned Advice (Stack Exchange).
Joomla Photography Flair Module - A Joomla! module to display your user badge from Photography (Stack Exchange).
JTcl - A Tcl language interpreter.
Jameter - A Lua-based development tool for creating games.
JSimLife - A simple genetic life simulation.
jWebAnnotation - Annotations for Java Web application.
J2DGF - A Java 2D game framework.
Jackcess Encrypt - Encryption support for the Jackcess project.
jEdit Markdown Plugin - A plugin for jEdit that can render Markdown text to various targets.
Joopita IBS - An integrated business suite.
Joomla! Mathematics Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module for displaying your user badge from Mathematics (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! TeX - LaTeX Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from TeX - LaTeX (Stack Exchange).
Janus Multiagent Platform - A general purpose multi-agent platform.
jmxtrans - A connector between JMX and any logging or graphing package.
Job-Machine - A job queue handling system.
JSCache - Memory caching for JavaScript.
JavaCrontab - A network analysis program.
Jacques - A Java object deconstructor.
Java File Splitter And Joiner - A GUI for splitting and joining files.
jblite - Scripts to parse Japanese dictionary files into SQLite databases.
JavApi - A collection of .NET classes in the form of the Java API.
JunkBox - A file download analytics system.
JE - A pure Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine.
jsGET - An imitation of PHP's $_GET variable for JavaScript.
JFBChat - A simple Facebook chat application for your desktop.
Jdbc Helper - A set of classes to help develop JDBC applications.
Java Message Translator - A Web based application for editing Java i18n property files.
jminix - A simple embeddable restful JMX console.
Jaksta for Mac - An easy way to download video, audio, and MP3s from thousands of sites.
Java Gearman Service - An application framework that farms work out to machines better suited to do the work.
jOOQ - Java-based object oriented querying.
Js2Scheme - A JavaScript-to-Scheme compiler.
jGoogleCalSync - Google/GMail calendar synchronization via ICS.
jHS - A JavaScript debugging/hacking tool for the Firefox browser.
Jease - A Java-based CMS.
JunkieTheSniffer - A programmable packet sniffer.
JOOT - A JavaScript library that simplifies the creation of object-oriented code.
JGame Flash - A Flash/ActionScript 3 port of the JGame engine.
Jangle - A Java graphical SNMP browser.
jRapidRPC - A fast, small, and simple RPC library for Java.
Jesper - An ESP (extra sensory perception) tester.
JavaScript MD5 Library - A JavaScript implementation of the MD5 digest algorithm
jbzip2 - A Java bzip2 compression/decompression library.
JavaChimp Engine - A powerful base for games.
Jipes - A Java library to efficiently compute audio features.
jsGameSoup - A cross-browser library to make games with JavaScript and HTML5.
JSModem - A device emulation for Bellard's JSLinux PC emulator.
jj - A simple FIFO and filesystem based Jabber/XMPP client.
Jitsi - Secure video calls and chat with XMPP/Jingle and SIP.
jOOX - Java object-oriented XML.
JsonMe++ - A convenience C++ wrapper library for JSON-Glib, providing friendly syntactic sugar for parsing JSON.
JAML - A library for easier development of Java applications.
jSQLsh - An SQLite Shell in Jim TCL.
JavaAutotoolsExample - An example of a Java program that uses a standard GNU Autotools build system.
jCores - A Java library that feels like jQuery, with many shortcuts and transparent parallelism.
JChartLib - A Java Chart library.
JAB Workbench Freeware Libraries - A JavaScript library with a full set of examples.
JABM - A Java agent-based modeling toolkit.
jpropel-light - A language-integrated query library for Java.
jmx4py - A Jolokia JMX Agent client for Python.
jWordConvert - A Java library that prints and renders Word documents to PDF or images.
jValidator - A data quality firewall.
jplot2d - A high-performance multi-threaded 2D plot library.
jdone - A 'job done' diary.
JActor - High-performance Java Actors.
jQuery-PhotoWall - A jQuery plugin that shows a wall of pictures.
jPDFAssemble - A Java library to assemble PDF files.
jPDFFields - A Java library to work with interactive PDF forms (Acroform & XFA).
jPDFImages - A Java library to import images to PDF and export images from PDFs.
jPDFSecure - A Java library which can digitally sign PDF documents and change security settings.
jPDFImagesCLI - A command line tool that converts PDFs to images.
jPDFPrintCLI - A command-line tool for printing PDF documents.
jCombo - A JavaScript + PHP hybrid framework.
jQuery.AJAX - Security for XMLHttpRequests.
JWPL - An application programming interface for Wikipedia.
jWeb1T - A Java API for text n-gram frequency data in Web1T format.
JIM - Invoicing software for small-to-medium-sized businesses.
Joomla! Science Fiction & Fantasy Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Science Fiction & Fantasy (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Academia Flair Module - Academia Flair is a simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Academia (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Follow Me On Pinterest Module - A Joomla! module that displays the follow me button from Pinterest.
Joomla! Healthcare IT Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Healthcare IT (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! OnStartups Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from OnStartups (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Show Lockerz Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays pictures posted by Facebook and Twitter users on Lockerz (formerly Plixi/TweetPhoto).
Joomla! English Language & Usage Flair Module - A module to display your user badge from English Language & Usage (Stack Exchange).
Joomla Quantitative Finance Flair Module - A module to display your user badge from Quantitative Finance (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Project Management Flair Module - A module to display your user badge from Project Management (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Bitcoin Flair Module - A module to display your user badge from Bitcoin (Stack Exchange).
Joomla Movies & TV Flair Module - A module to display your user badge from Movies & TV (Stack Exchange).
Joomla! Literature Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Literature (Stack Exchange).
json.c - A path-autovivifying JSON C library.
JavaScript Smooth Progress Bar - A JavaScript-based progress bar that updates its size smoothly.
Joomla Musical Flair Module - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Musical Practice & Performance (Stack Exchange).
Joomla Graphic Design Flair - A simple Joomla! module that displays your user badge from Graphic Design (Stack Exchange).
JID - An incremental deserialization and reserialization system.
jCardSim - An implementation of the Java Card API.
JERL - A system for running Perl natively within the JVM.
JFile - File persistence and durable transaction processing.
jnostromo - E-Sport Drivers for the Razer Nostromo.
jquery.serialize-hash - A small jQuery plugin which returns a hash from serialization of a form.
Joget Workflow - A platform to easily build enterprise Web apps.
jQuery.pidCrypt - An RSA public keyring and transparent form encryption.
jQuery.handleStorage - HTML5 auto-form storage.
JIB - A collection of Windows applications ready for easy deployment on Linux.
Jaksta Music Miner for Mac - Capture and tagging of MP3s from popular audio and video sites.
Jaksta Video Converter for Mac - A fast video converter.
JFeatureLib - A library which provides implementations for several kinds of image features.
jkaptive - A simple captive portal.
jUri.js - A JavaScript library for AJAX, URL changes, and browser information functions.
JSONassert - A JSON unit testing tool.
j2objc - A Java to Objective-C translator for iOS.
Jaro Mail - A console terminal email agent for power users.
jquery.earth-3d.js - A 3D spinning earth plugin for jQuery.
jMathLab - A multiplaform computational platform.
jwordsplitter - Decomposition of German compound words.
Jaksta Music Converter for Mac - An easy-to-use iPad/iPhone-friendly music converter.
Journey - A Web-based application to store and integrate business information.
Java-Objective-C Bridge - A two-way bridge to allow Java to access Objective-C frameworks on Mac OS X.
jcimd - A Java Computer Interface to Message Distribution API.
JASocket - A lock-free, scalable, and robust server framework based on mobile agents.
jobSeeker - A class that searches for jobs on a range of job sites.
JCabi - A collection of small, useful Java components.
JPyBall - An Arkanoid clone.
JS Slideshow Content - A slideshow of HTML content.
Ja2BU - A Stackoverflow clone script.
JsonRpcPhp - A JSON RPC protocol 2.0 client and server.
JasperStarter - JasperReports from the commandline.
JHyenae - A low-level network packet generator.
JAConfig - Manages a JASocket cluster.
jTransfo - Software to convert between transfer and domain objects.
Journal - A Java framework for publishing online journals.
Jx9 Scripting Engine - An embeddable scripting language based on JSON with an API similar to LUA.
jvmBasic - A BASIC compiler which produces JVM Bytecode.
JMapper-Framework - A Java Beans Mapper.
JTreeMap - A directory type data structure.
jui_alert - A jQuery notification plugin.
jui_theme_switch - A jQuery UI themes switcher.
jui_dropdown - A simple dropdown button jQuery plugin.
jui_pagination - A jQuery pagination plugin.
jui_filter_rules - A jquery plugin to create filter rules.
jui_datagrid - A jquery datagrid plugin.
jMonkeyEngine - A modern game development suite.
Joomla contact form builder extension - A complicated tool for making submission forms for your Joomla website.
Joomla video player extension - Video embedding for Joomla sites.
JamDeck - An organic music production studio.
jQuery Grayscale - A simple jQuery grayscale extension.
Joomla vertical drop down menu - A Joomla! vertical drop down menu.
jsBind - A simple and intuitive toolkit for applying data bindings to HTML5 applications and Web pages.
Jquery Slider Shock - A slider extension for WordPress- and jQuery-powered websites.
jEncrypt - A commandline file encryption archiver.
JobRunner - A tool designed to "run a job" for lightweight queueing systems.
Job Monarch - A batch job systems monitoring and archiving plugin for Ganglia.
JChordBox - A MIDI accompaniement software generator.
JMeter Plugins - A set of addons for JMeter.
jDependency - An API and application for analyzing Java package dependencies.
jQuery XPath - A jQuery XPath plugin.
jWatchdog - A simple watchdog to actively monitor your infrastructure and send you notifications.
JDAL (Java Database Application Library) - A Java Database Application Library.
jQuery Calx - A jQuery plugin for creating Web based calculation forms.
JRichTextEditor - A rich text component for Java Swing.
jobdealer - Tools to manage tasks on a remote server from a single point.
jquery-simple-slideshow - A simple, low-config, jQuery-based slideshow.
joyexec - A joystick execution daemon.
Jumblar - A tool that converts map coordinates into passwords.
JSiteMap - A Java site map generator.
junit-quickcheck - A QuickCheck-style parameter supplier for JUnit theories.
Jirafeau - Simple Web uploading of files with unique links.
JS Measurer - A JavaScript package to measure dimensions on a webpage.
JS Date Range Picker - Lets the user pick a range between two dates.
jPort - A portable Java desktop menu to lauch applications.
JBDoc - A simple markup language for feature phones.
JavaScript Chart Standard - A full-featured HTML5 chart component.
jsonv - A JSON Validator for Go.
JuliaMenge - A program that draws Julia fractals.
JobimText - A software solution for automatic text expansion using contextualized distributional similarity.
JWKTL - A Java-based Wiktionary library.
JOWKL - A Java OmegaWiki library.
JS Diff Viewer - Find and view the difference between two text strings
javacx - Java compilation with preprocessor support.
JavaScript UI Language - A configuration and instantiation module for the JavaScript frameworks.
Json-11 - Yet another C++ class implementing the JSON data interchange format.
JavaScript Scrollbar to Top - A JavaScript object that adds a scrollbar at the top and bottom of a wide element.
jupp - A programmer’s editor.
JMT - An MP3 tagger.
jTracer - A visualization tool for libcsdbg.
jackass-botchx - An X11 unmanaged window application framework.
Java Regex Test GUI - Testing of regexes against sample text.
John The Sorcerer - An adventure game based on the Simon the Sorcerer series.

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