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MiscTools - Various small UNIX utilities.
MCS MyRoute - Server-based network diagnostics with route discovery and performance analysis.
MayaVi - A scientific data visualizer.
Monaural Jerk - A weblog, diary, and journal publication system.
mod_auth_pam - Pluggable authentication module (PAM) for Apache.
Mars Simulation Project - A simulation of a human settlement on Mars.
MailmanWrapper - Makes GNU mailman obey email commands without passwords.
mpg321 - A fully free clone of mpg123, a command-line mp3 player.
mp3isofs - A patch to mkisofs to write MP3 files in the correct order for MP3 CD players.
MagicDraw UML - A UML modeling and CASE tool with teamwork support.
mailsync - A tool to synchronize mail between mailboxes of various formats.
Mysql Data Manager - Advanced client for Mysql over TCP/IP.
MPEG4IP - A package for MPEG-4 audio and video encoding, streaming, and playback.
mtail - A very lightweight colorizing tail workalike.
Magnetic Poetry for Perl/Tk - A networked magnetic poetry toy for your desktop.
MID - Allows for easy machine inventory and configuration management.
MyLUA - A language to write procedures in MySQL.
mp3clean - Cleans up MP3 filenames and ID3 tags.
Montage FR-1 slide printer driver - A printer filter to expose slides with a Montage FR-1.
Mr. Voice - A Perl/Tk front-end for an MP3 database.
MyBaD - MySQL-enabled MP3 player.
MPSIDL - A CORBA-like (but not CORBA) remote method call system.
MatDCD - Matlab package for reading/writing DCD molecular dynamics trajectory files.
Mindy - A minimal molecular dynamics program.
Mol_Volume - A program to calculate macromolecular volume.
MyPhPim - Groupware/Multi-user personal information manager.
mod_trigger - Provides internal triggers and events to Apache based on actions/URIs/args/etc.
mplib - A library for handling ID3 tags.
mod_plsql - Allows you to create Web applications using Oracle stored procedures.
MailList - A Web-based address book, email list, member list, etc.
MiniMTA - A small Java-based SMTP mail transport agent.
mod_tsunami - An Apache module that limits the number of simultaneous requests per vhost.
MaxDB - A database backend for SAP applications.
Menu Workshop - HTML menu building wizard.
MIME Email message class - A PHP mailer class for composing and sending MIME messages.
mozCalc - A XUL desktop calculator.
mod_dns - Allows busy Web servers to resolve hostnames in realtime.
MP3Cattle - A Java MP3 manager tool.
mp3mover.pl - Renames MP3s to conform to a user-specified naming scheme.
MDVI - A DVI library and previewer
Matrix Expression Templates - C++ matrix class library
mpgtx - A command line MPEG audio/video toolbox.
Multiple Database Factory Class - Factory class for multiple databases in php
mysqltcl - A Tcl interface to MySQL.
Mozilla Media Player - An audio and video player.
mailmgr - Sendmail analysis report generator
Minimum Profit - A programmer's text editor.
MOSST - Modular online software for self-paced tutorials.
mp3format.pl - Renames MP3s to a format defined by the user.
mod_bf - An Apache module that interprets brainf*ck code.
Multi SETI Monitor - Multi [email protected] monitor for multiple computers over a network.
MAMPA - Facilitates user and group administration via mod_auth_mysql and PHP.
MIDI::Music - Perl interface to /dev/music
mp32ogg - An MP3 to Ogg Vorbis converter.
Mp3 Database - An Apache/PHP/MySQL MP3/OGG DB/Jukebox.
mod_index_rss - On-the-fly RSS output of directories.
Makrokosmos - An ncurses-based multiplayer space conquest game
mod_mp3 - An extension to the Apache Web server which streams audio to MP3 clients.
mterm - A dockable launcher applet.
maki - An XML and Python-based Web-serving framework.
MP3 to CD - From MP3 files to CD-audio disk with GTK interface. Written in perl.
Mini Book - A small, simple, and smart address book.
Mp3Kult - Organizes your collection of MP3s.
Mobile POP Relay Control - Dynamic control relaying through a given mail server.
Mod_Survey - A tool for conducting advanced surveys through Web questionnaires
mpterm - A multi-page terminal for GNOME.
Mosquito Window Manager - A C++ window manager that is easy to use and nice to look at.
MavEtJu's DHCP utils - Small utilities for managing DHCP servers
mod_pointer - Apache module for mapping domains to homepages with an SQL database.
makefiles - A set of structured, reusable, and portable makefiles.
MpFot - A program which translates JPEG or GIF images to MetaPost.
MPy3 - Python-powered MP3 management for mobile applications.
MinML2 - A small Java XML parser which supports namespaces.
Mad.Thought - A Web based journal/diary progam based on PHP.
Mambo - A full-featured content management system (CMS).
MRML for KDE - Content-based image retrieval within Konqueror/KDE.
Module::Reloadable - Reloads Perl modules in a permanent environment.
mGTK - SML bindings for GTK+.
MagNum - A tool to test numbers for hints to bugs or problems.
Mysql based Exim/QPopper Webadmin - PHP webadmin for Mysql based Exim/QPopper servers
Mininux - A full rescue floppy with reiserfs and many ether cards.
Mrtgconfig - MRTG Configuration File Generator.
myputsms - Command line SMS sending tool.
Mirro - Mirro 1.0 beta
My Make Program - Yet another "make" replacement, with a few features not found in most makes.
muwed - mp3 database with web frontend and irmp3 integration
My_cgi simple CGI functions - A set of simple functions to facilitate CGI development.
MRTG Total Traffic Generator - Sum up total traffic using MRTG and PHP.
Maildrop Spam Filter - An unwanted-mail filter for maildrop.
Mincom Base - Mincom Base was written for Mincom's MineSt*r project
mksysdisp - A utility that converts text to SYSLinux messages.
MySQL Backup - A Perl script to safely backup MySQL databases and tables.
mbsyslog - An alternative syslogd implementation.
myleague - A console tool for maintaining soccer league data.
Monkey HTTP Daemon - A small, powerful, and really fast Web server for Linux.
Mint - A minimal X toolbar designed to switch network configurations.
MyPHP Stats - A very robust PHP and MySQL-based statistical engine for Web servers.
Medoosa - Creates UML class diagrams from C++ sources.
MySQLMan - A web-based tool to manage mysql databases and tables.
MyHeadlines - A PHP and MySQL-based content sydication engine.
Modular Controller Architecture - A versatile, network-transparent, realtime-capable periphery control framework i
mod_SQLInclude for Apache 1.x - A MySQL-powered include module for Apache.
My Site - A template-based script to run an entire Web site.
My Classifieds SQL - A simple Perl/CGI Web-based classifieds application with administration panel.
My Survey MySQL - A CGI script to record and nicely display responses to a survey.
ML Kit with Regions - An SML compiler.
Mguesser - A tool to guess a text's character set and language.
mkmed - Generates build scripts from simpler dependency files.
MyXiris - A wizard application for building J2EE components from existing databases.
mpkg - A ports collection, similar to those found in BSD Unix.
mod_text2html - An Apache module for text to HTML conversion on the fly.
mod_sed - An embedded sed for Apache.
mail_body - A small SMS email forwarder, written in PHP4.
MMUSBAUDIO - A Linux device driver for the Roland UA-5, UA-100, and UM-1.
Maehan - A light-weight, offline HTML templating system.
MML - An HTML templating preprocessor.
Mash - A software implementation of the pencil & paper game called mash.
Maverick - A Java MVC framework for Web publishing.
menushki - A menu converter and editor for various Window Managers.
Metalog - A simple and flexible replacement for syslogd and klogd.
make_uninstall - A program that creates records of make install for later easy removal.
Micro fitter - A code generator to approximate a data set.
mini_sendmail - A sendmail-like command that feeds its stdin to SMTP relays.
My Calendar - My Calendar is a lightweight, easy-to-use Web calendar.
MuPO - A powerful PIM application for desktop and PDA systems.
MultiSlice RTP Environment - A radiation threapy treatment planning system.
modefix.pl - A Unix permission and ownership changer.
Moosic - A powerful music queue manager.
Mail-Me - Messenger software that includes a server & client to store and view messages.
MPI Ruby - An MPI binding for Ruby.
mvManager - plugin manager
mooircd - Aims to be a clone of Exchange Chat Service (MS IRCX) for Unix.
MIDAS DAQ - A data acquisition system for particle experiments in physics.
mod_erl - An Erlang Apache module.
Mail::Verify - A Perl module to verify an email address.
mp3asm - An MP3 frame level editor.
mod_mylog - A complex logging module for Apache.
muZCat - A portable and minimalistic Flate uncompression filter.
Muehle - Nine men's morris for PalmOS
Merlinz AD&D Spell Organizer - A GTK+/Glade/Perl program to organize spells for the AD&D game.
Mailer - A mail tool for sending personalized newsletters.
Mesh Viewer - An application for displaying three dimensional models.
maplebot - A multilingual IRC bot with a GNOME frontend.
MozStreamer - A GStreamer multimedia plugin for Mozilla.
Manauton - Records sound to disk in manual or autonomous mode.
MailScanner - An email virus scanner, vulnerability protector, and spam handler.
Multicast Netnews Transfer Protocol - A protocol for sending NetNews articles over Multicast to save bandwidth.
msearch - A tool for searching through mail folders.
MavBiff - X-based new-mail-alerter.
myNetWatchman Perl Agent - A client to upload firewall events to a central analysis server.
MZiq - A Perl frontend to mpg123.
mcalc - A mortgage calculator.
Modular Access Control System - An authentication and access control system.
MapGenerator - A program for creating client-side image maps in HTML files.
Mono Project - An implementation of .NET for Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows.
myperl - Embeds Perl into MySQL (allows you to store/execute Perl code inside of MySQL).
more.groupware - Web groupware based on PHP4.
mailgraph - A mail statistics grapher for Postfix.
mailfront - Mail server frontends.
MakeMan Perl - Parses an SGML man page into valid roff source.
mediadbs - A digital media database system.
mod_auth_pgsql - A PostgreSQL authentication module for Apache.
MyAdvogato - A wrapper for Advogato.
microCODE PHP encoder - Encodes your PHP script to protect your source.
multi_isamchk - A multi-threaded of the myisamchk utility for MySQL.
mixplayd - An MP3 mixing player daemon.
Multi Gnome Terminal - An enhanced Gnome Terminal
MyNetPad - Nodes - An open link directory.
MyNewsGroups :) - A Web-based USENET newsgroup client.
Makescan - A simple makefile generator for C/C++ projects.
mod_auth_cache - An authentication caching module for Apache webservers.
Melon - A mailbox flag for X.
mailidx - A simple mail indexer.
Mariux::Template - A Perl module for manipulating templates
Math::Calc::Units - A unit-aware command-line calculator with human-readable output.
merchantCGI.com Shopping Cart System - A PERL Shopping Cart System.
Magicfilter - An extensible and customizable automatic printer filter.
MyCD-DB - A web based archive for audio CD collections.
Manderlbot - Erlang written IRC bot, and possibly client.
MetaRuby - Miscellaneous libraries (useful now) for a future Ruby-in-Ruby interpreter.
MySQLDataManagement - A MySQL Data Manager.
Mike's Jukebox Distro - Turns a NIC into an MP3 jukebox.
Mod_xslt2 - An Apache 1.3.xx module for embedded XML with XSL transformation.
Mutt Address Book - An address book script for the mutt MUA.
Mice - A server for a home network where one machine has an internet connection.
Minorfish - A lightweight, feature-complete mailing list manager.
MacPerl - Perl for Mac OS (Classic).
mp3quicktag.pl - A small Perl script for displaying or modifying mp3 tags (id3v1.1).
MARST - An Algol-to-C translator.
MRTG-eth-probe - A MRTG-probe for non-SNMP network devices.
Memo - A simple memo/alarm clock.
mod_antihak - Apache Module to filter out and block Nimda and CodeRed infected machines
Mama Mua - An IMAP mail client.
Microbrew MicroSieve - A USENET spam filter.
Make-Debian-X11 - A gBootRoot add-on.
Matrix Orbital LCD control - Commandline control for Matrix Orbital Serial LCDs.
Medusa Server - A high-performance, extensible Internet server framework.
Manta - A native Java compiler.
MP3 Jukebox System - A console MP3 Jukebox System for use in public spaces.
Make And Render Table Analysis - Generates a visual class model in HTML from C++ headers.
myBeasties - A generalised evolutionary programming module in object oriented Perl.
MPGEDIT - An MP3 editor for CBR/VBR encoded files.
Mail::Cclient - A Perl module for mailbox access via the c-client library API.
MR1 - A PHP/Postgres document control system.
Mailany - Email management made easy.
Margana - A general purpose anagrammer with pattern-anchored matching.
Multi-User Environment Server (MUES) - A multi-threaded, event-driven Internet game environment server.
Mad Dummy - A puzzle based on multi-colored crossing circles.
mnsetup - A script to set up mail and news on your system.
mFlip - flipbook
Mac OS X MIDI Testing Tools - MIDI testing tools.
MWavelan - A WaveLAN/IEEE driver.
MAPI - An API for wireless cards.
MP1E - An MPEG1 encoder.
mod_ldap_userdir - LDAP UserDir lookups for the Apache Web server.
mod_log_sql - An Apache module to send httpd access logs to an SQL database.
MAHC Advanced HTML Chat - A complex web-based multiple room chat with games.
Multicast BOOTP Java server and C/Linux client - Implements the BOOTP/DHCP protocol through multicast.
mii-diag - MII link status reporting and diagnostics.
MP3do - A powerful bash script for decoding MP3s.
MUltihost SSH Wrapper - Broadcasts commands over SSH to multiple hosts.
Minidisc Toc Editor - A Qt application that titles mindiscs by sending IR signals with lirc.
ML Tk Editor - A syntax highlighting and procedure listing TCL/Tk text editor.
mysqlwdb - Manages MySQL database tables via a Web interface.
mailagent - automatic mail processing tool - Mail filtering, filing, and forwarding.
McStas - A general tool for simulating neutron scattering instruments.
mjbWorld - A 3D editor.
MP3-CD-Sleeve - Creates printable directory index sleeves for (MP3) CDs.
Moodle - A course management system for distance education.
mapscsi - A utility that creates consistent mappings to Linux SCSI devices.
Metacosm - A Java framework for building more realistic MUDs.
Midid - A MIDI interface library.
MzScheme Digest Extension - MD5 Message Digest signatures for the MzScheme interpreter.
mtop - A 'top' program for monitoring MySQL databases.
Mondo - An lm_sensors-based health monitor daemon
MIFAYN - An online Web site builder written in PHP3.
Moxy - A flexible, transparent mail proxy.
miniIDE - A make frontend/build automation tool.
mp_doccer - A C source code documentation tool.
mktemp - A simple utility to safely create temporary files.
Mbrowser - An SNMP MIB browser.
mod_accounting - An Apache module that records traffic statistics.
Mowitz - A collection of widgets for X applications.
mail2chart - Generate various charts from mail messages.
mail2thread - Finds and outputs threads in mail messages.
mail2clf - Generates a CLF file from mail messages.
Monolingual - Removes unwanted language resources from OS X.
macwatch - A small daemon that counts in and outbytes from a MAC-address for use with MRTG.
MySQL Cocoa project - An Objective-C Cocoa API for MySQL.
Monkey Cricket - A small game of cricket.
ModPlugLine - A module player based on ModPlug that runs on the console.
mcGuestbook - An easy to use guestbook.
mod_auth_useragent - Apache authentication by User-Agent.
mp3ai - Display information and total playtime of given MP3 files.
multi-rsync - Transfer files from one master machine to many machines simultaneously.
MUCKmangle - A small script to make HTML from MUCK logs.
mhWaveEdit - A GTK+ sound file editor.
MyAM - An alert manager for watch tools.
mserver - A complete Web-based streaming MP3 solution.
MKDoc - A Web content management system.
Monica - A monitor calibration tool for X.
mapSoN - A small and effective anti-spam system.
mrtg-irc-stats - An MRTG plugin to grab IRC statistics.
mysqlBind - An enterprise quality, multiple Web interface DNS/BIND 9 name server manager.
MrProjext - A MrProject database extractor and converter.
myphplib - A PHP functions module.
metacheck - A Solaris DiskSuite mirror device monitor.
Mp3cdBrowser - A tool to organize large music collections.
MRTGFE - A frontend, totals generator, and dynamic indexmaker for MRTG.
MakeNG: The Superior Build System - A build system based on GNU Make.
mpdist - Generates pretty printouts.
mp3dup - A utility that finds identical files based on content, partial contents, or ID3-
Moto - A server-side programming language for Apache.
ML Kit - A Standard ML compiler.
MultiTerm - A free, native MacOS X terminal.
Music Library - A music library for phpGroupware.
MP3 Database II - A tool for cataloging large MP3 collections.
mailto.php - Mailto.php reclaims HTML mailto: links from the clutches of address harvesters.
Moron - A specialized image classification tool.
Minimal-router - A small Linux-based Internet router.
MX4J - An Open Source version of the JMX technology.
Mechapoint - A presentation program using Evas and an XML file format.
miniboot - A minimalistic bootloader for embedded systems.
Minivoki - A vocabulary learning aid.
MultiVideo - Display several image sequences simultaneously in multiple synchronized views.
muCommander - A cross-platform file manager.
MMPTP - A kernel module and commandline program for accessing PTP USB cameras.
mfg - A template-based makefile generator.
mboxSecretary - Generates misc. statistics based on an mbox file.
MyMiggy - A KDE-based Amiga Emulator UI.
Milonic DHTML Website Menu - A very fast and feature rich DHTML/JavaScript Web site navigation system.
mrtg-rrd - A tool to dynamically generate graphs from MRTG data.
Milter-Virus - A sendmail wrapper for virus scanners.
MS CHM library - A library for reading Microsoft .CHM files.
MURIX Linux - A distribution based on LFS for building bootable CDROMs.
mysqlconf - A MySQL configuration module for Linuxconf.
makethumbs.sh - Script for creating static web image galleries
Makejail - Helps create chroot jails.
Matchbox - An environment for X11 running on non-desktop platforms.
MyoPyx - Tiny PYX document parsers for Ruby and Java.
More for C++ - A garbage collection library (and more) for C++.
md5bfcpf - A brute-force MD5 cracker.
MaVerick - MultiValue Database Management System - A MultiValue database management system.
Multivalent Browser - A browser for scanned paper, PDF, DVI, and HTML, with annotations.
mail2nntp - Process email and post it on a specified newsgroup server.
Mceitor - A small tool for calculating matrix functions.
MangaDB - A Web-based application for cataloging "manga" (Japanese comics).
mcNews - News Publishing
Mica - A networked and persistent Object-Oriented programming language.
MuPPEtO - A programming environment for Octave.
Mutella - A console and Web-based Gnutella client
Matrix Orbital bitmap utilities - Image utilities for MO serial graphic displays.
mcLinksCounter - A click tracking script.
MplayerXP - mplayer with extra performance.
MLCD - A kernel driver for M50530-driven LCDs.
MaGnuX Mp3 Control Server - A server to control MP3 playing, featuring playlist management.
mooix - A MOO built on top of the Unix system.
mp3riot - Creates HTML index, playlists, and databases from a directory tree.
Musicqueue - A CGI music jukebox using external tools to play the files.
MX Query Builder - A visual query generator.
MyPHP for MySQL - Use PHP to write functions in MySQL.
Mikrop - A virus scanner for mail servers.
Maven - A Java project management and project comprehension tool.
miniLogger - A very small, easy to use and embed Java logger.
Multipipe splitter - A pipe splitter.
Mozilla Kiosk - A kiosk-style Web browser.
Menstruation calendar - Use your computer for superb timing of all your activities.
malloc_checker - Yet another heap debugging utility.
MAWK - An interpreter for the AWK Programming Language.
MathMap Cocoa - MathMap for MacOS X.
M.E.S.H. - An error measurement tool for discrete triangulated surfaces.
MIJava - Multiple Inheritance for Java.
MRTNK - Tools to create RRD databases, graphics, and HTML pages.
mod_log_sqlite - An Apache logging module for sqlite.
mod_auth_imap - IMAP mail server authentication for Apache.
Maudio - A virtual audio driver like a data pipe to capture your sounds.
MegaMek - Networked BattleTech using Java.
Mx3bot - A Tcl/MySQL-based IRC robot.
MathLib - A PalmOS library for IEEE-754 double-precision math functions.
MiddleMan - A filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server.
myWebDNS - A Web-based package to manage a DNS server.
Maple - Mathematics software.
Mathematica - Mathematics software.
Matlab - Mathematics for engineers and scientists.
Metis - Web spider and information collection tool.
myJournal - Weblog/journal software.
Matrix Operations - A C++ library for matrix operations.
mp3rlburn - writes mp3 to audio CD´s with cdrdao and CDTEXT support
Mnemisis - A tool/tutor for learning a phoneme-based mnemonic.
Middle of Nowhere mudlib - An LP mud system.
morpyon - A game to align 5 pieces on a board.
Microbrew Message Center - A massively scalable mail system.
multixterm - A utility that lets you send input to multiple xterms simultaneously.
MyProxy - A privacy-enhancing HTTP proxy.
mod_trace_output - An Apache module for capturing content sent to browsers.
mcplay - A simple and powerful ncurses-based frontend for various audio players.
Musicus - A command-line music player utilizing xmms plug-ins.
MySQL_CBN - Check a MySQL server to be sure there is no error in any DB/Tables.
Mwvlan - A driver for the WaveLAN/IEEE wireless network card.
mini-pub - A WebPublisher that does not access any kind of database.
make_audio - A graphical tool to create audio CDs from MP3 and wav files.
Multistat - A flexible multi-game stats generator.
mdadm - A tool to create, maintain, and monitor Linux Software RAID.
MST - An application for calculating minimum spanning trees.
MockDoclet - An active code generator for Java mock objects.
mjhservers - Event-driven servers for FTP, TACACS+, and others.
Maui Scheduler - A job scheduler for clusters and supercomputers.
mail2sh - A program that makes it possible to carry out shell commands by email.
MacEyesX - Two big floating eyes that follow your mouse.
mod_injection - An Apache 2.0.x filter module for injecting text in the output stream.
mod_ratio for ProFTPD - A file/byte ratio module for ProFTPD.
Minkowsky - A calender, address book, and task managment application.
MonAlbum - A PHP and MySQL based photo album.
Metacity-Setup - A tool to configure the Metacity window manager.
MonitorIT! - A multi-purpose monitoring tool.
Montessori Bells - A program that teaches children to discriminate musical sounds.
mp3cd-mysql - An MP3 CD index program which uses MySQL, Perl, and PHP.
Multi-body Gravity Simulator - A tool for creating simulations based on a fixed time slice.
mimetypes - A utility for extracting MIME type information from KDE and GNOME.
Mnemo - The Horde notes/memos application.
MythTV - A homebrew PVR project.
Monesa - A script for monitoring hosts.
MyCTS - A software project timekeeping management system.
mcGallery - A photo gallery management script.
mock market - A Web-based stock brokerage simulation game.
Mysql_db - A group of PHP classes to access and control data from MySQL.
mod_ifenv - Provides environment variable conditionals to Apache configs.
Makin' Bakon Typing Tutor - Makin' Bakon Teaches Typing....
My Media System - A simple media system.
MetriK Conversion Utility - Converts common English and Metric units back and forth.
Metacity - A light-weight window manager for GNOME.
mairix - An index and search tool for Maildir, MH, or mbox format email folders.
maildirpop3d - A Qmail extension supporting multiple POP mailboxes for a single shell account.
mFTP-Index - A shell script to generate an HTML index from a directory.
mharc - A Web-based mail archiving system.
McData - A tiny blog that uses PHP and MySQL.
my_string - An easy to use, fast string manipulation library.
Mayan Epigraphic Database - Tools and datasets for Mayanists.
MyDNS - A native SQL-based DNS server.
My Ericsson - An administration tool for the Ericsson T39m.
MP3 Album Organicer - Add your album to a database by the name of the folder.
MySQL-Formmaker - Creates MySQL database, admin, and output files on the fly.
Micron - A lightweight, secure cron daemon.
Meld - A graphical diff, merge, and source control tool.
MyNukeGenealogy - A PHP-Nuke module for genealogy.
Mixmaster - An anonymous remailer.
Mail::Freshmeat - A Perl module which parses the daily newsletters from freshmeat.net.
MT2 Thumbnailer - An HTML thumbnail page generator with extensive picture commenting features.
mbox2mysql - Archives email messages in a MySQL database.
myDVDs - A way to keep an inventory of your DVD collection.
Mandrixx Java Slideshow - A Java slideshow applet.
MWallAdmin - A Web-frontend for the messagewall.
mailspy - A sendmail mail monitoring program.
Modbus Plus Kernel Driver - A Linux kernel driver for the Modbus Plus.
ms-sys - A Linux program for writing Microsoft compatible boot records.
mpiocli - A user space application for the MPIO DMB+ MP3 player.
mimd - A multicast server for MP3 and MPEG content.
mon modules - PostgreSQL, SAP R/3, and TCP-over-SOCKS modules for mon.
mmix - A small OSS audio mixer with different configurations for all found devices.
Microcosms in Squeak - A simulation framework for studying emergence and complex systems.
MemCheck Deluxe - A memory usage tracker and leak finder.
Music Control Center - A frontend for ripping, playing, and organizing tools.
MailWebForm - An HTML-based, spam-protected mail sending application.
Mantis Help Desk - A Help Desk application designed to be easy to use.
mod_savi - A Sophos virus scanning module for Apache.
Menu Buddy - A set of scripts for creating GNOME panel menus for controlling XMMS.
mod_blosxom - An Apache Weblog module.
McPics - A small, simple image gallery.
Mergeant - A frontend to manage data of any database.
Mplinuxman - File management software for the MPMan F-60 portable USB MP3 player.
Multiprotocol IM Architecture - A multi-protocol instant messenger architecture.
Memory Allocation Checker - Memory Allocation Checker
mp3cd-tools - A tool for efficiently packing directories of MP3 onto CD-Rs.
mod_haydn - An Apache module which embeds mono (C#, CLR, .NET environment) into Apache.
MajorTeach - A mnemonics practicing tool with documentation.
myrss - An RSS feed gatherer and item printer.
MLAutosearch - A tool that uses mldonkey to search multiple p2p networks for rare files.
Mondrian - A Java-based OLAP server.
mkprereqinst - Creates a Perl script that checks and upgrades Perl modules.
MetalServe - A standalone IRC DCC file server.
Motodo - A todo manager written in Moto.
MiniXML - An XML generator and parser.
Matrix Public Net - A news broadcasting system with P2P.
MidiToy - A MIDI keyboard and soundcard player with sequencer.
mod-witch - An Apache module that logs to syslogd.
MoviX - A small but powerful Linux console distro aimed at multimedia playback.
Mnet - A universal file space.
msnlib - A Python MSN Messenger library and text mode client.
mailthread.py - A class that threads Unix mailbox messages.
Modular - An Apache Web development framework module.
Mecanica - Simulation software for classical mechanics.
Mozilla Exporter - A utility that converts Mozilla profiles from Linux to Windows format.
MPIO Project - A project that provides support for MPIO MP3 players.
Mozilla Firefox - A Mozilla-based browser.
Meunity Community System - An object-oriented, templatable, PHP-based community sytem.
Milton - An MPEG Layer 2 audio encoder.
Mobilemail WAR - A servlet for checking email from a mobile phone.
Msn4Lin - A Microsoft network messenger client for X.
Mimir - An overkill, threaded, antiflood plugin for X-Chat 2.0.x.
My CD Catalog - A tool that dumps CDROM information to a database.
mladmin - A Mailman administrator helper.
MaildirSync - An online Maildir folder synchronizer.
mtftpd - An FTP server.
MOOzilla - A MOO/MU* client that supports HTML rendering.
Moonlight - A modeling and animation tool for 3-dimensional art.
Muddleftpd - A flexible, secure FTP daemon.
Minibar Drink Guide - A bartending application for PalmOS.
Matchball - A little puzzle game.
Mp3CatgBuilder - A script that creates Web pages for audio files.
MailWorks Professional - An online mailing list and newsletter management tool.
MyPhpMoney - A PHP tool written to manage bank accounts.
MVideo - A manager for film collections.
Mozilla Bookmarks 2 Web Tools - Tools to publish your Mozilla bookmarks.
MTasker - A simple cooperative C++ multitasking library.
Memory Pool System - A very general memory management framework
mod_gb - An Apache module providing ASP and VBScript support.
mw - Look up word on M-W dictionary
Marko - A program that makes markov chain dbs and computes the chance of new text matchi
MagpieRSS - An XML-based RSS parser in PHP.
Mail Master - A Linux email management system.
MoviX2 - A small but powerful Linux distro aimed at multimedia playback.
MegamekNET - A team-based multiplayer online campaign game.
MonkeyChat - A peer-to-peer chatting program written in Java.
MySQL-XML - An XML API for MySQL written in PHP as a set of classes.
Math And EDucation - A simple math program with educational character.
MetaL meta-programming language - An XML based meta-programming language compiler engine.
MultiSync - A calendar synchronization program.
mmixer - A Perl-based audio mixer.
mysql_auth - A basic authenticator for Squid proxy.
mother - A modular generic compiler.
MyEasyMarket - A small but powerful PHP/MySQL e-shop solution for small or large e-business.
Mezzanine - A software package an dproduct management toolkit.
mutant storm - A 3D arcade game featuring over 89 levels crowded with nasty beasties.
Multi-Genome Navigator - An annotated sequence data and analysis results exploration tool.
Managing Gigabytes for Java - A full-text indexing system for large document collections.
music on console - A console audio player (MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA, other) with ncurses interface.
MP3 Streaming DownSampler for PHP - Stream downsampled versions of MP3 files dynamically from a Web server.
mod_ocaml - An Apache module for the use of OCAML as a Web scripting language.
madlibs engine - A MadLibs clone.
Moj Dnevnik - A simple diary with a GUI in Serbian.
MrPostman - An interface between your POP mail client and Webmail services.
mamant - Ant extensions for J2EE and application server development.
MyNOS - An OS based on a microkernel arch and on the OCAML virtual machine.
Munin - A system that gathers information from your network and graphs it using rrdtool.
MailMapper - A simple Web-based mail client.
Microsoft Word 2002 Unmunger - Removes HTML cruft from documents created by Microsoft Word 2002.
MessageConfirmed - A form mail script with confirmation numbers.
Moonbeam - An XML socket server written in Java.
Mobile IMAP Reader - A WAP fronted for reading email from an IMAP account.
moobot - A very modular IRC bot, similar to Blootbot and Infobot.
Ming-Sharp - A library to create SWF format movies.
ModSecurity - An intrusion detection and prevention module for the Apache Web server.
Multi-router looking glass for PHP - A Web interface for Quagga/Cisco IOS routers.
mod-quota-ldap - A ProFTPD module that imposes quotas based on LDAP user accounts.
Motiontrack - A set of tools that detects motion between two images.
Millstone - A Web user-interface component library for Java programmers.
MasarLabs NoArp - A Linux kernel module that drops unwanted ARP requests.
makelabels - A tool for printing mailing labels.
memfetch - A tool for generating memory dumps on demand.
myphpnuke - A secure, stable portal.
Metastorage - A PHP data access object class generator.
ME45sync - Software to manage a Siemens ME45/S45/*45 telephone.
mftrace - A program to trace a TeX bitmap font into a PFA or PFB font.
McAfee Virus Update Server - A virus update server for McAfee products.
monfarm - An alarm-enabled monitoring system for server farms.
MaPiVi - A cross-platform picture manager/organizer.
Mamory - A ROM management library for emulator-related projects.
maitretarot - A French Tarot game.
mailtrace - Visualizes the route that mail takes.
myrescue - A hard-disk rescue tool that skips bad areas.
multi-aterm - A multi-tab X terminal emulator based on aterm.
MyPFXAdmin - Allows for easy user administration of Postfix
MailDooHicky - A GTK2-based toolbar.
Magnus Project - A fully functional, secure desktop framework.
Meteorologist - A tool to provide weather information in the main menu or dock.
Mac File Encoding OSAX - MacBinary/MacBinHex native Applescript additions.
mvnForum - An easy to use bulletin board.
makediary - A tool to generate printable year diaries.
Multicast DNS Service Discovery for Python - Zeroconf DNS-SD (Rendezvous) for Python.
memgrep - A tool to search/replace/dump memory from running applications and core files.
Marathon - A tool that records and executes Java GUI-driven acceptance tests.
MidiKeys - Play MIDI notes using the computer keyboard or mouse.
mlmmj - A mailing list manager.
mod_bandwidth - A bandwidth management module for the Apache Web server.
Mr Commander - A file manager that behaves like Total Commander on MS Windows.
MyClient - A MySQL Web client interface.
MM3WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser - Pro - A proxy which archives all visited pages to be used online and offline.
MailStripper Pro - An MTA-independent spam and virus scanner.
mod_psldap - Apache module to perform LDAP authentication and authorization & manage records.
mod_lisp - An Apache module to easily write Web applications in Lisp.
MSYS - A Unix-like terminal, environment, and tools for Windows.
Modeling Framework - An object-relational bridge for Python.
MakeModules - A module system for make to simplify automation of common tasks.
mach - Makes a chroot in which you can do stuff like package, run services, etc.
mod_variety - An Apache module to serve a random file from a requested directory.
masmz80 - A very lightweight Z80 assembler.
MiaouIRC - A simple Java IRC client with many features.
MozPos - A Mozilla Framework-based Point of Sale system.
mod_spam_die - An Apache 2 module for trapping spam crawlers.
mp3Rip - An almost automatic MP3 ripper/organizer.
MilliKeys - A soft keyboard to replace or augment the graffiti area.
Makecheque - Print bank cheques, possibly adding MICR codes.
MP3Gain - An MP3 volume normalizer based on Replay Gain.
MessageForge - A messaging framework for the TIBCO/Rendezvous, XML, SOAP, and JMS protocols.
Mrwtoppm - A tool that interprets Minolta RAW images from DiMAGE 5/7 cameras.
mailpopup - New mail notification over SMB.
Mail Exit Guard - A tool for guarding against random exit values in mail delivery scripts.
mfw - Manages multiple ipfw firewall configurations on Mac OS X via the commandline.
msn2mail - A gateway from MSN to email.
mod_mono - A module that interfaces Apache with Mono.
MagCon - A Magellan track synchronizer for Palm OS.
mboxstats - Creates top-10 lists of the messages in a mailbox.
myObjectiveTcl - A pure Tcl/Tk object-oriented framework.
MightyCal - Easily create cutom calendars.
Mod10 and Type Validator - A credit card number mod10 validator and type checker.
My Signup Sheet - A Web-based signup sheet.
MRX PPP - Simple configuration for pppd.
MozPlugger - A modified version of the Plugger plugin for Mozilla.
mirmon - A program that monitors the state of mirrors.
MusicBrainz client library - A library for accessing the MusicBrainz metadata server.
MartokBot IRC Framework - A modular IRC bot.
MobileRPC - An RPC tool for J2ME applications.
metalib - A Python library for reading meta information from files.
Moneydance - A personal financial management application.
MRX Ramdisk - A ramdisk creation tool.
MumabAs - A GUI for configuring which mailboxes mutt should watch.
Multiplication Puzzle - A simple math puzzle game.
ms2my - An MSSQL to MySQL converter.
my-swatch - A log monitor based on Perl with MySQL and Psql features.
mioReaderLite - A Japanese-capable text reader with integrated dictionary for the Sharp Zaurus.
Makepasswd - Generates random passwords.
myPod - A platform-independent program to manage MP3 files and transfer them to an iPod.
Moho - A 2D cartoon animation system.
Morphix - A modular LiveCD distribution.
Mcafee Virus Update Notify - Notifies you when new Mcafee virus updates are available.
madman - A digital music manager.
mod_clamav - Virus scanning for Apache.
MyServer - A Free Web server available for Unix-like systems and Windows.
MOdelchecking Programs for Security - A program that checks temporal safety properties in C code.
MacMP3Gain - A tool that analyzes and adjusts MP3 files to have the same volume.
mailinsms - An e-mail to SMS formatter and SMS sender.
mousikos - A portable audio player manager.
MenuGen - Generates hierarchical Web site menus as static HTML pages.
Mindless - A mastermind-like game.
Metadot Portal Server - Point-and-click Web portal software.
Mock Objects for C++ - A test framework for developing mock objects.
MidCOM - An MVC framework for the Midgard storage platform.
MaXPI - A plug-in for Maven that adds some goals for Mozdev development.
MPEGinsu - An AppleScript front-end for mpgtx.
mpg2ppm - A GOP-based mpeg decoder.
mod_auth_aix - An Apache authentication module using AIX Loadable Authentication Modules.
MP3 STATION - A LIRC-aware, plain-text tool set for managing MP3 playback in a car.
MPC8XX Debugging Library - A library to use parallel port MPC8XX BDM debuggers.
Media player Video CD plugins - A navigation-capable (S)VCD input plugin.
MMBase - An Open Source Java/JSP-based content management system.
mod_authn_dbi - An Apache auth module using libdbi.
MagicHat - A programmer's research and reference tool.
miniDB - A small isam/btree library.
Menu Builder - Can be used for buttons or to display an image at any size
mod_epp - Apache 2.0 module for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP).
MW Speaker - The worst speech synthesis software ever.
Mulimidix - A mini Linux multimedia/VDR distribution.
Multi-Protocol Remote Login - Middleware allowing SSH, telnet, and local logins from the login: prompt.
mg.applanix - Management of accomodation establishments.
MultiTail - Lets you view several files at once in a window, with colors.
man2web - A program that converts man (manual) pages to HTML.
Multi-Simulation Interface - A tool to connect simulations by synchronizing clocks and data.
monotone - A distributed version control system.
MyXML UDF - XML extensions for MySQL.
m3s - An iTunes volume playlist file creator for removable media.
MakeDocJ/MakeDocGUI/ReadDocJ - Tools for creating PilotDoc files with bookmarks.
MarquePage - A system for managing and sharing your book reading experience online.
MySQL DBXpress Driver - A MySQL driver for the Borland DBXpress architecture.
Merchant of Venice - A technical analysis and portfolio management system for stock market traders.
m0n0wall - An all-in-one embedded firewall software package with a Web interface.
MMS Diary - A mobile phone weblog/diary using MMS for upload.
MishiGame - A tetris-like game.
Morphine - A medical calculator for the Zaurus.
MegaPov - MegaPOV is a custom and unofficial patched version of POV-Ray.
magicSquare - A little time-consuming game.
Midnight Commander MP - An advanced Midnight Commander clone.
mod_ometer - A Web page hit counter Apache module.
make_cd_label - A tool for generating CD label stickers for glabels.
Marote - A Ham Radio Elecraft K2 rig control program.
Modeleasy+ - A powerful, advanced econometric modeling package.
MrGrid - An MR file analyser.
MoneyDance Developers' Kit - An API Kit for extending MoneyDance.
m3udo - A tool which applies a command to each file referenced in an m3u file.
MIDAS NMS - A monitoring, intrusion detection, and administration server.
Mandelbrot Explorer - A program that computes and explores Mandelbrot sets on the X Window System.
MillTime - Project-oriented time and attendence registration.
msulogin - A single-user mode login program for multiple root accounts.
MKVToolNix - Create and work with Matroska media files.
MyForm - A form generation PHP class.
MøB - A tool for live video processing and interactive installations.
Moscow ML - An implementation of Standard ML.
mp3cd - A tool for normalizing and burning MP3, OGG, and WAV files to audio CDs.
mod_header_modify - An Apache module to modify incoming HTTP headers.
Molecule Man - A 3D isometric maze game.
mozilla-bonobo - A browser plugin that uses bonobo controls to display content.
mapleBlog - A simple MVC Struts/Hibernate Web log.
MIB Smithy - A visual SNMP MIB/COPS PIB development environment.
MACCC - Creates nicely formatted, printable CD covers (inserts) for MP3 CD cases.
Mass - A game without bitmaps where you control a plastic mass.
MailCorral - An email virus/spam filter for use with sendmail.
MIB Smithy SDK - Tcl extension for SNMPv1/v2c/v3 management and custom MIB compiler development.
mutt_vc_query - A vCard query utility for mutt.
MCS PGA 64 Filter Amp Controller - A Qt-based UI to program the MCS PGA-64 filter amp.
Mp4web - A Web GUI for MPEG4IP.
Mytables - A daemon that updates netfilter tables.
MyPPP - A PPP dialer for Red Hat Linux with a monthly usage logger.
Music Player Daemon - A jukebox server that controls music playback.
Mapagi - A pagination utility that prints your images/comics in 'in folio' format.
mGSTEP - An implementation of the OPENSTEP/Cocoa API.
msnp.py - A Python implementation of the MSN Messenger protocol.
mp3cat utility - A tool that filters MP3 data from standard input to standard output.
maxcpu - A tool that executes command lines on as many available CPUs as possible.
minido - A simple, generic, multi-user, database-free todo list manager written in GTK2.
MakeProcessor - Produces useful information from the output of GNU make.
Mini-XML - An extremely small XML parsing library for C.
MyCSV - A PHP library providing fast and simple text databases.
Matrox Millennium II Xv extension - An XFree86 Xv extension driver for Millennium II.
Midirecord - A command-line ALSA MIDI recording application for MIDI keyboards.
Marlin - A sample editor.
MysticIRCd - A powerful IRCd with several essential features.
MailBounce - A tool to enhance Mozilla and other mail clients with a bounce feature.
MC4J - A management console for the JMX standard.
Max_links - A simple link directory for Web sites.
Magic Cube 4D - A four-dimensional Rubik's Cube.
MusicControl - An advanced music player.
mmxmpcr - A Linux program for playing the XM Radio PCR satellite radio.
mimic - A server that mimics ftpd and telnetd servers.
mod_authenticache - A generic credential caching module for Apache.
Minimalist Queue Services - A minimalist queueing system for asynchronous messaging.
mailman autoreject - automatically reject mailman posts from non-subscribers
Money Share - A tool for expense management among several people.
MIcroscopic Window Manager - A minimalist window manager with virtual workspaces.
mailbox_reader - A tool to extract individual messages from Unix mailboxes.
MemAid - An effective memorization tool.
mpscan - A parallel network scanner.
myJCQ - A simple ICQ client written in Java.
MacXM - A control program for the XMPCR satellite radio.
MNC - Source code for powerful error correction methods.
MSNre - A powerful console-based MSN Instant Messenger clone.
Music daemon - An audio player which runs as an independent daemon.
MailSleuth Email Management Package - MailSleuth Email Content Management System
mod_auth_bsd - HTTP basic authentication via BSD authentication.
mailbox_date_trimmer - A tool that corrects messages' date headers in a mailbox archive.
MorphForm - A flexible, configurable form processing PHP class.
mp3 CUE cutter - Cuts MP3 files according to a .cue file.
MilterQuota - Implementing quotas for user inboxes using the libmilter-API.
MP-MPICH - A Multi-platform MPI implementation.
mod_musicindex - Browse, stream, download, and search through MP3/Ogg/FLAC/MP4 files.
msn-bot - An MSN Messenger bot.
Myth2 - An interactive story script in PHP/MySQL.
Mibble - An SNMP MIB parser library for Java.
mcron - A pure Guile Vixie cron replacement.
Musicextras - A program to automatically retrieve extra information for songs.
macstl - The Macintosh and SIMD C++ template library.
m3u2toc - A script which creates a TOC file from an XMMS MP3 playlist.
Media Library - Management software for a CD catalog and media library.
mbot - An IRC bot able to run multiple bots in the same process and more.
m23 - A software deployment and software management system for Debian Linux.
macam - A driver that provides USB Webcam support for Mac OS X.
mpc - A command-line tool for interfacing Music Player Daemon (MPD).
Matrix GL Screensaver - A 3D screensaver based on "The Matrix Reloaded".
Maintain - A powerful DHCP and DNS network management system.
MarsDict - A GTK dictionary frontend for every data source (plugins).
MolScript - A program for displaying molecular 3D structures such as proteins.
msmtp - An SMTP client.
MicroLogger - A small and simple Java logger.
MZKey3 - A simple file encryption tool.
MailManager - Software which helps teams deal with large volumes of email.
mosquitotools - Dive tools for use with Suunto mosquito dive computers.
mnemo memorization tool - A memory accelerator.
MyDonkeyLinks - A way to share ed2k links with MySQL.
Mail::Mbox::MessageParser - A Perl module for fast parsing of mbox folders.
mozplayerxp - A scriptable Mozilla mplayer plugin.
mudsbuilder - Tools for creating areas for MUDs.
malavita - A simple LaTeX package for producing slides.
Martian Memory - A simple memory game.
Memoria - The traditional game of memory, developed using OnBoardC.
MP3tm - Helps you to tag all your MP3s and set unique names.
mod_cplusplus - The C++ Apache module framework.
Mindmeld - A self-improving knowledge sharing Web application.
MinDia - An application for creating, modifying, and presenting multimedia slide shows.
MTrack - A satellite tracking program.
mod_caml - A set of Objective CAML (OCaml) bindings for the Apache API.
Mod ZipRead - An Apache 2 module to browse Zip archives.
Monster Masher - A mash'em-up action game for GNOME.
MEPIS Linux - A Linux live CD.
Mp3dings - An ID3 tag editor for MP3 files.
mkxvcd.sh - A script to create a 2 hour VCD.
Mixxx - Digital DJ software.
Magic Charts - A tool to easily follow the stock market using Point and Figure charts.
Macker - An architectural rule-checking utility for Java.
Matrix Orbital Daemon - A daemon which controls a Matrix Orbital LCD screen.
MarsMap - A tool that shows surface features of Mars.
MacTerm - A powerful alternative terminal program for Mac OS X.
Menu2WM - A tool for making window manager menus from XML.
Megami - Blackjack game
mySongDB - A guitarist's song database with a Web frontend.
MUDMapper - A tool for mapping MUD locations.
Mage - A 3D molecule viewer.
Maildirtree - A utility that prints trees of Courier-style Maildirs.
Manageability Services for Linux - Grid services that provide manageability functions for system resources.
mServe - A network audio/MP3 player.
Mega Upload - A progress bar for PHP file uploads.
Multivalent PDF Tools - A suite of tools for manipulating PDF documents.
mpgfe - An ncurses front-end to mpg123 with mouse support via GPM.
My Address Book - A Web-based contact list program.
MP3Roaster - A tool for burning audio CDs from MP3/OGG files.
Mp3splt - A utility for splitting MP3, Ogg vorbis, and native FLAC files without decoding.
mplayerplug-in - A video plugin for Mozilla-based browsers.
Magelan Graphics Editor - A 2D CAD-style graphics editor.
Mantra - A centralized, Web-based newsreader.
MyCD - A simple console CD player.
Mail Notification - A status icon (aka tray icon) that informs you if you have new mail.
Musix - A mini Linux distribution for playing Ogg, MP3, and WAV audio files.
mplayerd - A simple C daemon designed to control movie playback via TCP/IP.
Mod_scrmable - An Apache module used for scrambling words.
modplugplay - A command line interface to the modplugxmms library.
Magick - IRC services software.
MD5Guard - A client-server application used for remote monitoring of file consistency.
mod_img - An Apache module for image processing.
MP3OCD - A program which uses freedb.org to categorize MP3 files.
mp3taglib - An id3v1/id3v2 library for Ruby.
MirBSD - An operating system that combines the best of OpenBSD and NetBSD.
mkdvd - A tool that converts video files to DVDs.
Maximum Entropy Modeling Toolkit - A set of tools and library for constructing maximum entropy models.
MoreBalance - A userspace networking and load balancing tool.
MixIt - A crypting program which uses shifting and coding methods.
Mcafee Automatic Updater - A Perl script to update the Mcafee Antivirus program.
MEEP - A disk to disk backup utility.
MPFC - A music player for the Linux console.
MyNetMonitor - A GTK 2 net monitor with system tray support.
mod_spin - A template engine with C API support, DB pooling, and data tracking.
Modama - 2D detector data analysis software.
Myer - A semantic highlighter for C source.
Music Manager - A Konqueror plugin for management of audio files (MP3, Ogg, etc.).
MegaLettering - A PHP engine to letter translations of webcomics with data from a MySQL DB.
mecca - A light, portable, and flexible implementation of a memory cache.
Mirror Connection Info - A tool to mirror your own IP address from the Internet.
MusaTagger - Soon-To-Be Most Complete Tagger for Linux
MAST - A set of audio streaming tools using RTP over IPv4/IPv6 multicast/unicast.
Media File System - An HTTP media streaming product.
MIDI Class - A class for manipulating MIDI files and data with PHP.
MassTrans - Finds the fastest path via a mass transportation system.
myXML for PHP - An implementation of DOM, XPath, and XSLT for PHP.
Mad Builder PDF Assembler - A utility that provides an easy way to merge PDF files.
Mneme - An email reminder system.
mod_log_reqh - An Apache 1.x module for logging all client request headers.
MyLink - A free Uplink clone.
MagiCBuild - A configuration and build system for software development.
MagiCServer++ - A framework for flexible TCP/UDP server development in C++.
mod_scheme - A Scheme module for Apache.
myMedia - A media organizer and tracker.
Mozquery - RDF writing and querying tools for Mozilla/Firebird.
MediaWiki - A Web-based collaborative editing environment.
MyDeeary - An encrypted Web-based diary.
MailBridge - An HTTP tunnel for POP and SMTP access via a proxy.
Multicast DNS Reflector - A reflector for multicast DNS, allowing services to be advertised via a router.
MP Module Player - A music module player for Linux.
Magnant-Dev - The developer version of "Magnant", an RTS/Trading Card game.
mp3tag - An OCaml library for manipulating ID3 tags.
mozCC - A browser extension which displays embedded CC license information.
metaconf - Generic software for maintenance of multiple configurations.
mimetic - A powerful, full featured, STL-based, standards compliant C++ MIME library.
MarsClock - A converter between time on planet Earth and time on planet Mars.
Menc - A GUI to encode with MEncoder and transcode.
MoosicApplet - A GNOME panel applet that displays the status of the Moosic server.
MStruts - A framework for building Web applications.
Magnolia - An easy-to-use enterprise CMS.
MultiMedia Keyboard (+Mouse) Controller - A project to enable mouse gestures and multimedia buttons.
mod_dnsbl - A tool for DNS-based black listing of proxy traffic.
MIME-Editor - A graphical editor for the freedesktop.org MIME database.
mpgedit SDK - A library enabling MP3 editing application development.
miniBB - A fast and powerful yet minimalistic bulletin board.
Metawriter - An editor for interlinked texts.
Mailbox Sweeper - A tool for deleting messages in a mailbox without downloading them.
Minis - A tiny, PHP-powered, text-file based weblogging system.
Mcube - A 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube solver.
mod_auth_pamacea - An Apache 2 authentication module using a login form and PAM.
marauroa - A multiplayer online game framework server.
Moji - A Mozilla Firebird extension that helps with reading Japanese Web pages.
Mini vMac - A miniature Macintosh Plus emulator.
MLpcap - A library that implements libpcap bindings for OCaml.
myLANsite - A CMS for LAN party management and organisation.
mkDoxy - A tool that generates HTML documentation from Makefiles.
mod_sphinx - An Apache module for word replacement in texts.
miniircd - A small and limited IRC server.
MBS NFS Manager - A small tool for easy access to the NFS features of Mac OS X.
Mother of all gravity games - A 2D gravity game.
MMS Downloader - A GUI to handle and save MMS streams to disk.
m2psd - A fast MPEG-2 Program Stream demultiplexer
Mach64 video4linux2 - A video4linux device driver for older Mach64 TV tuner cards.
Musical MIDI Accompaniment - A MIDI track accompaniment generator.
Mozilla New Mail Icon - A tool which displays an icon in the system tray when new mail arrives.
MyLang - A vocabulary trainer.
minised - A fast, small sed implementation for constrained environments.
MaNuX Office Suite - MaNuX is a LaTeX based office productivity suite
MicroLCD - An XMMS plugin for LCDproc.
mp3cleanup - A tool that tidies up MP3 filenames, ID3 tags, paths, playlists, and bitrates.
mixal - An implementation of Donald Knuth's MIXAL.
mod_cvs - An Apache module that serves files from a CVS repository.
moJab - A Jabber client for Java-enabled mobile phones.
mp3act - A Web-based MP3 streaming jukebox.
Morena - A Java framework for acquiring images directly from image-capturing devices.
MUTE File Sharing - Simple, anonymous file sharing.
MyPasswordSafe - A password keychain.
MultiBootCD - A creator of customized multi-boot CDs for booting floppy and other images.
My Pictures - A photo gallery that stores information as EXIF information.
mkcgi - A simple command line utility for generating a Perl form processing CGI script.
MMapDSP - A memory-mapped sound device emulator for Linux.
Mozilla Quickstarter - An small utility for providing quick launches of Mozilla.
mini-httpd - a simple high-performance Web server
My Handy Restaurant - Handheld-ready restaurant software to manage orders, bills, accounting, stock.
Marquée - A Java implementation of XML-RPC with support for serialization.
mpq-tools - A set of utilities for manipulating MPQ archives.
Mancala - An SDL implementation of the African strategy game.
Muine - Music player
myXTree - An interface to an SQL tree.
miau - A small but fully featured IRC bouncer/proxy.
médiArchiver - A Web-based media archiver.
mdyndns - A small dyndns.org client.
mproxy - A small non-caching HTTP/HTTPS proxy.
msysklogd - A small Linux-specific syslogd and klogd replacement.
MyShaper - A traffic shaper for use over an Internet interface.
mygosuMenu - A set of simple DHTML menus.
Multicasting Master-Slave Network Filesystem - A method of distributing an entire filesystem among several machines.
Moebius Library - A PHP Object Oriented Framework for building websites.
MP3 Splitter - A tool to split MP3s into manageable sizes.
Matew - A valid HTML/CSS generator for static image albums.
mass.pl - A program for remote administration of many machines.
Mars MOLA Viewer - A 3D real-time viewer of the Martian surface.
MLdonkey - A file-sharing client for eDonkey, Bittorrent, Overnet, FastTrack, etc.
MobileBG - A backgammon game for mobile devices.
msbackup - Backup readers for *.QIC and *.BKF files.
MCOV - Software to estimate the value of American-style financial options.
MatrixSSL - An embedded SSL/TLS implementation for small footprint devices.
MySQL Administrator - A visual administration console for MySQL.
Morovia Royal Mail RM4SCC Fontware - A tool for printing U.K. postal barcode symbols.
MailListStat - A tool that generates useful statistics for email messages in mbox format.
Matra - An XML DTD parser utility.
Marelle - A Marelle Triple game.
MySQL wrapped - Another C++ wrapper for the MySQL C API.
mod_ldapvhost - An Apache plugin to provide LDAP-based mass virtual hosting.
Maniwheel - A Buddhistic OpenGL screensaver.
Majix - An RTF to XML converter.
mysqlRadiusd - A MySQL driven RADIUS daemon.
MacBiff - A menu bar IMAP mail checker.
Mandala - A system that makes concurrent and distributed programming easier.
Magic Rescue - Scans a block device and extracts known file types by looking at magic bytes.
Mail Aliases ClarkConnect Module - A Mail Aliases module for ClarkConnect.
MPEGlue - An AppleScript front-end for mpgtx.
Mail Summary ClarkConnect Module - A mail summary module for ClarkConnect.
markup - A library to read and validate XML files from Ocaml.
midea - A string API with regex supporting runtime 8-64 fixed width character sets.
mod_ftpd - An FTP protocol module for Apache.
MIME-tool - A tool to construct email messages with attachments.
MuseSig - An email signature generator.
MySQL Activity Report - A daemon that collects MySQL performance data in a round robin database.
Mailf - A tool that fetches mails from a mail server and prevents mail loops, etc.
memtest86+ - An enhanced version of memtest86.
Mozilla Localization with PO Files - Tools for localizing Mozilla using the Gettext PO format.
MzVim - The Vim editor with an embedded MzScheme interpreter.
MessageViewer - A simple program that fetches and views one news message based on its message-id
Mylinks - A tool for counting and analyzing a visitor's clicks on a Web site links.
My Login Manager - A skin-enabled login manager for K Desktop Environment.
Mizio - A GUI proxy finder tool.
mjpeg-jpegs - A tool for converting Motion-JPEG to JPEG files and back.
mod_mime_xattr - An Apache module for using extended attributes for MIME types.
MySQL Designer - A Web-based MySQL database design tool.
mdthread API - A high-level deadlock-safe multithreading API for Java.
Mount ISO image - A KDE service menu for manipulating CD images (ISO, UDF, CloneCD, CUE/BIN etc)
MonkeyNet Punch - A command line time tracking system.
MXFLib - A simple C++ library for MXF file I/O.
MPEG-2 Video Tools - A library and set of tools for encoding, decoding, and analysis of MPEG-2 video.
MyComic - A tool to host your own Web comic.
mplay - A console-based MPlayer front-end.
My Query Report - A class for generating HTML reports from MySQL queries.
minisip - A secured SIP user agent.
MX Kart - A tool for creating e-commerce sites from Dreamweaver MX.
mp3ql - A tool for browsing, organizing, and tagging large collections of MP3 files.
mysqlstress - A program to stress a MySQL server.
mailman-pop3d - A POP3 interface to the GNU Mailman administrative requests queue.
MySQL Backup Pro - A Web-based application that creates and restores backup of MySQL databases.
Metasploit Framework - A platform for developing and using exploit code.
mknfonts - A tool to make fonts ready for use with GNUstep.
M3Tk - A tool that generates M3U files, edits ID3 tags, and rename MP3s files.
MaraDNS - A domain name server.
mod_chroot - A module that makes running Apache in a secure chroot environment easy.
MIDP Emulation Layer - A simple implementation of the J2ME API atop J2SE.
mysqmail - A tool for using MySQL accounting and authentication for qmail POP3 and SMTP.
MatPLC - A software-based PLC for industrial automation.
MailSafe light - A full featured mail server.
MP3 SPI - Adds MP3 support to J2SE.
morse-x - A morse practicing tool.
Macromedia Contribute - Allows an individual to update Web content while maintaining site integrity.
MX Widgets Suite - Powerful HTML controls for database binding.
MemoDisx - A Web-based CD catalogue.
MyGrid - A grid computing and grid middleware system.
Mimas Toolkit - A C++ computer vision toolkit.
Mind AI - An artificial mind based on some advanced concepts.
mksite.sh - An sh/sed-only static HTML formatter.
Minirighi - A didactic Linux-like kernel.
massrename - A general-purpose utility for batch-renaming file extensions and base filenames.
mod_sqlite - An Apache module for SQLite databases.
Macros for Designing by Contract in Objective-C - A few macros for using the Design by Contract methodology in Objective-C.
myGifts - Wish-list/gift registry handling software.
MixedCC - A mixed-template (multi-layer) parser generator and detachable stack-machine.
Medical workers check-ups - A management system for medical visits.
ModPrismiq - A project to provide a Linux GUI and documentation for the Prismiq Media Player.
mSTRIP - A small container for daily comic strips.
MetaClass - A runtime metadata toolkit for Java.
mod_replace - An Apache 2 module for replacing text within HTTP streams.
Millikin University ePortfolio System - An online ePortfolio system.
MedCosm Hangman - A hangman game.
Mercury :: FedEx - A PHP Web shipping system.
My Own Shopping Cart - Amazon Shopping Environment plugin for Eclipse.
MetaBoss - A tool suite for model driven software development.
Morf - An encoding tool.
MPlayer Setup - An installer for MPlayer, codecs, fonts and Matroska support.
mcl-edge - A command-line network analysis workbench.
mplayerTV - An MPlayer frontend for watching TV.
MZTalk - A Java Swing tool for talking to other users.
Midas - An advertising module for Web sites.
MIMP - A webmail client for mobiles and PDAs.
MusicDB - An MP3 database indexing system.
mrepo - A tool that builds a local RPM repository from ISO files and RPM packages.
Mapyrus - Software for map plots in PostScript, PDF, SVG, and Web image formats.
MuseScore - Music notation and composition software.
m2m - A script to generate a "master2master" advogato graph.
mupen64 - A Nintendo64 emulator.
McKoi SQL Evaluator - A simple SQL Query tool for McKoi RDBMSes.
Makemake - A Perl-based C/C++ Makefile generator.
Mule - Universal Message Objects - An integration platform and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
MultiGate - A multi-function security gateway (firewall).
Mail::SpamAssassin::SpamCopURI - A URL RBL plugin for SpamAssassin.
mntd - An automount daemon for hotplug devices.
Mounttero - A tool for automatically mounting drives using autofs.
mod_transform - An XSLT and XInclude filter module for Apache 2.0.
MailtoMutt - A mailto URL helper that invokes mutt.
MX Newsletter - A Web based newsletter template for Dreamweaver MX.
mysqlCart - An e-commerce solution.
mapacman - A multiplayer online Pacman game using the Arianne engine.
mod-xslt - An Apache filter to transform XML on the fly.
My Blog - A blog that aims to be simple to use, with many advanced and unique features.
Movie Librarian - A Web-based personal or shared movie collection database.
myPhpGal - A small, basic, modular image gallery.
Miredo - A Teredo client, relay, and server for IPv6 tunneling.
Mini Gtk+ File Manager - A lightweight GUI file manager.
MyKnowledgeQuest - A Web-based knowledge-base application.
MatchGame - A matching game.
mkat - A collection of tools for burning and cataloging data CDs/DVD/BDs and audio CDs.
midirgui - A simple MIDI router.
mbox.sh - A shell script to parse and generate MIME email.
MozLinker - A news feeder and dynamic menu for Mozilla using remote RSS/RDF as a source.
mp3play - A major mode for emacs to control mpg321.
mcontrol - A MIDI control message manager.
McIDAS-Lite - Satellite imagery visualization software.
MUNTL - A multi-precision unsigned number template library.
mod_auth_nufw - An Apache Module for SSO based on Nufw.
MySQLADMIN - An administration Web tool for MySQL.
metaprox - An HTTP proxy proxy.
Mondtag - A lunar calendar.
Maverix - An anti-spam/anti-virus SMTP proxy for AOLServer.
Middle School Homework Page - Software to deal with the electronic delivery of homework.
metisse - An experimental X desktop with OpenGL capacity.
MultiPing - A multi-protocol, multi-host, graphical ping utility.
MetaStock Data Conversion Command Line Utils - Converters between MetaStock Binary Data and MetaStock ASCII.
mwlib - A homepage framework with its own template engine.
moyoman - A Go playing program.
mprog - A tool for programming Atmel AVR 'mega' series microcontrollers.
MFilter - A replacement for maildrop/procmail and fetchmail/getmail.
MARIE - A mobile and autonomous robotics integration environment.
md5backup - A tool to back up files to their MD5 sum name.
MPCA - A statistical component analyzer of discrete data in ICA/PCA style.
MySQL Query Browser - A database querying tool for MySQL servers.
MakeMovingMenus - A DVD "living thumbnails" generator for menu backgrounds.
Mud Magic Mud Client - A GTK/GNOME multi-platform MUD client.
matrixss - Schreier-Sims algorithm for matrix groups in GAP.
mod_xmlrpc - A module for Apache2 that provides an XML-RPC server.
mp3stat - A simple MP3/Ogg bitrate analysis tool.
MySQL DHCP Generator - Generates dhcpd.conf files from a MySQL database.
MicroNova YUZU - An EL-based JSP (1.2/2.0) tag library designed to augment JSTL.
Mantaray - A platform-independent, serverless messaging layer.
MultiLingual Text Editor - A multilingual text Editor with support for English, Hindi, and Telugu.
Migma - A multiple-choice exam generator.
Mantissa - A collection of various mathematical algorithms in Java.
MedCosm PictureFrame - An electronic picture frame program.
Medit - A small and fast text editor.
MILLE-XTERM - Infrastructure for massive deployment of X-terminals.
Mobile i2e - A word translator for MIDP mobile devices.
Meta Window Manager - A modular code base for window manager development.
mod_vhs - A virtual hosting system for Apache 2.x.
MMTL - A transmission line simulation suite.
Max Media Manager - A high-performance ad server based on phpAdsNew.
Misfit Model 3D - An OpenGL-based 3D model editor.
MD5 Brute Force Tool - An md5 brute force application developed for use on Linux systems.
mod_gcj - An Apache module that runs Java inside the Web server using GCJ.
ManagerX - An extended version of tomcat manager servlets.
md5sha1sum - Compact versions of md5sum, sha1sum, and ripemd160sum.
MMS Decoder - A script for sending MMS messages to a Web page.
MicroPics - A GNOME applet that displays a thumbnail of your favorite photos.
Mongoose Package Manager - A package manager.
MMSlib - A PHP library/class for encoding, decoding, and sending MMS.
Musmap - A Web-based mapping application.
MySQpolL - A simple polling system.
Motorsport - A realistic wheeled vehicle simulator.
mBox - An audio file manager.
Model Transformation Tools - Bond graph modelling toolkit
microdc - A command-line based Direct Connect client.
m3uniq - A tool which removes duplicates from m3u (Winamp) playlists.
makerpm.pl - A tool to make RPMs and PPMs from Perl modules.
Mail Avenger - A highly-configurable, MTA-independent, anti-spam SMTP daemon.
mod_auth_plain - A module for Apache that provides plain-text authentication.
MaCy - A cybercafe administration system.
MB-Ruby - MusicBrainz bindings for Ruby.
MuVOn - A GUI interface for managing files on Creative MuVo MP3 players.
My Session - A class that stores session data in a database rather than files.
Myghty - A Python Web application framework derived from HTML::Mason.
MooseWrap - A GUI for handling wrapped music files.
MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins - A Perl script for automating silent MySQL backups.
mySkin - A T3, T5, LifeDrive, and TX skin loader/manager.
MegaTrack - An Atlantic/eastern Pacific tropical storm/hurricane tracker.
mail2rss - A tool that converts an mbox to a RSS syndication feed.
MIOLO - An object oriented framework for PHP.
Mike's Image Cataloguing Application - An online photo album.
MyObjects - An object persistence library for MySQL and PHP 5.
Miki - A super simple wiki that can also be used for generating static pages.
MySQL Dialog - A PHP class that executes MySQL queries and display results in HTML.
MoSSHe - A lightweight, secure server monitoring system.
murk - An rsync-friendly encryption tool.
minimap - A write-only IMAP server as a drag and drop target for spam training.
mod_tunnel - An Apache module to create TCP tunnels and make services reachable through proxi
Meanwhile - An implementation of the Sametime client protocol.
mtPaint - A simple GTK+1/2 painting program.
Mercury Client - A Lotus Sametime Messenger client.
Matrox G550 TV output - A tool to configure a Matrox G550 for TV output.
Muhasebeci - An accounting program.
Mon.cgi - A Web interface for Mon.
Mansect / Seealso - A section and subsection viewer for Unix manual pages.
Madison - An accessibility system for the severely disabled.
Mrxvt - A lightweight feature-rich multi-tab X terminal emulator based on rxvt.
mod_rsvg - An Apache module for handling server-side SVG-to-PNG rendering.
MonoUML - A CASE tool for the Mono framework.
MailFeeder - A scriptable single mailpack SMTP delivery tool.
Magic Mirror Backup - A peer-to-peer backup system.
msgsd - A light-weight discussion forum server.
Mobile Device Tools - Tools for J2ME MIDP.
MailRecon - An SMTP content control application.
My Contacts - A personal contact manager.
mp3cddb - A console MP3 renaming program that uses FreeDB.
MySecureShell - A secure FTP server that uses the SSH protocol.
mod_perlservice - A module for remoting Perl methods using XML and Apache.
MySQL Driver for REBOL - A scheme for /Core allowing developers to connect to a MySQL database.
myMoney-go-round - Money management software.
MonetDB - A main memory database management system.
m3ute2 - A program for copying and organizing lists of files and directories.
moosicWebGUI - A Web-based GUI for the moosic jukebox system.
Mono-Readline - A GNU ReadLine binding for Mono.
mstor - mstor is a JavaMail local store provider.
minicrc - A tool that calculates CRC checksums on multiple files.
MONTSUQI - A small transaction monitor for Unix-like systems.
MailScanner_MySQL_Logger - Ascript for logging MailScanner results in an SQL database.
MuSound - A tool which provides better audio capabilities to J2ME/MIDP2 apps.
MammoothLibrary - A threads and sockets C++ library.
MIDI Controller - MIDI Controller loads Glade UI files and connects widgets to MIDI parameters.
mediaIndexer - A Web application which creates an interface for browsing media files.
MQ4CPP - Message queuing for C++.
MoreAmp - An audio player, converter, and CD ripper.
msn-gateway - An MSN messenger gateway for mobile phones.
mysqlWisp - A wireless ISP hotspot manager.
m2vmp2cut - A frame-accurate M2V/MP2 file cutter.
Mozilla Afrikaans Language Pack - An Afrikaans translation of the Mozilla Web browser suite.
mangleme - An automated broken HTML generator and browser tester.
Maypole - An MVC framework designed for minimal coding.
MZL & Novatech TrafficStatistic Linux Server - A program which collects IP usage statistics.
Math Expression String Parser - A parser for mathematical expressions.
MS-Excel Stream Handler - A class for reading and writing MS Excel spreadsheets.
Mondrian IDE - A powerful project manager and editor for the Ruby language.
mlGrace - A high-level OCaml interface to the Grace plotting program.
MySQL WA - A library that allows you to use any client with your MySQL provider's server.
Majic - An Erc interprter and compiler.
Moab Workload Manager - A cluster scheduler with event, resource, and grid support.
Moab Cluster Manager - A cluster management GUI with graphs and reporting support.
MeVisLab - An IDE and graphical tool for testing and implementing complex image processing.
Moab Access Portal - Web-based cluster software.
Maitreya - Software for Western and Vedic astrology (Jyotish).
MetaAlbum - A photo album that uses embedded information.
MySQL Squid Access Report - A database-based Squid log monitor with a Web-based interface.
Mioga2::Portal - A Portal manager for Mioga2
Macaulay 2 - An algebra system for algebraic geometry.
Massiv - Middleware for massively multiplayer online games.
myBackware - A MySQL dump file disaster recovery system.
malint - An MPEG audio stream validator.
mdf2iso - A very simple utility to convert an Alcohol 120% bin image to ISO-9660 format.
my.yaca - A component assembler between PicoContainer, Spring, Avalon, and Digester.
medi8 - A non-linear movie editor written as an Eclipse plugin.
mbootpack - Packages Multiboot kernels and modules so Linux bootloaders can boot them.
Metal Mech - An online multiplayer turn-based war game.
Meta tags fetcher - A PHP class that fetches meta tag values from a given Web page.
Mail::Toaster - A secure, full-featured, high-performance mail server installer.
MissingH - A library which implements I/O, Printf, FTP, and other utilites for Haskell.
mod_account - An Apache module which computes accounting information.
Mutt Folder List - A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.
MCP2510 Bit Timing Calculator - A bit timing calculator for the MCP2510.
MyGeOs - A high performance GNU/Linux distribution.
MyNews script - A Web news grabber.
MyNews perl module - The MN Perl module used by the MyNews script.
MyNews www - A Web interface for MyNews.
mod_mysql_userdir - An Apache module for performing UserDir lookups using MySQL.
make utilities - A set of tools for use building C/C++ programs.
mod_highlight - An Apache 2 filter module that provides syntax highlighting.
My Personal Home Page - A Web-based personal infomation manager.
[email protected] - A wiki-based market place.
Mergemill - A tool that generate Web pages from databases for static publishing.
Meta Attribute Object Store - Search-engine based persistence for Java objects.
myfw - A firewall based on simples iptables snippets.
mdns-scan - A tool that scans for mDNS/DNS-SD published services on the local network.
Miladi To Hejri date converter - A class for converting Miladi dates to the Shamsi calendar.
moltiblock - A very fast way to block lots of networks on Linux.
MobileUserAgent - A PHP class to extract information from a mobile browser identifier.
Marauder-ah - A 2d space fighting game.
MpNT - A multi-precision number theory library.
My Address Book contacts manager - A simple Web-based address book.
md5i - Yet another MD5 file integrity checker.
MetaFS - An advanced filesystem metadata layer.
MegaTunix - Tuning software for the MegaSquirt Open Source EFI controllers.
MediaFrame - A streaming media platform.
MonteCarlito - An Excel tool for Monte Carlo simulations.
mod_auth_useragent2 - An authentication module for Apache that uses the User-Agent.
Modul "Versand-versicherung" - An OsCommerce module for shipping with insurance.
Multicast Dissemination Protocol Toolkit - Reliable Multicasting for wireless and wired networks.
MidiQuickFix - A MIDI file editor and player.
mozCellML - A Mozilla-based CellML editor.
Mockup desktop environment library - A library for the Mockup desktop environment.
Mapview - A Terraserver viewer.
Mariner Write - A word processor.
Mariner Calc - A lean spreadsheet application.
msort - A sophisticated and flexible sort utility.
mtee - A script to write stdin to multiple pipes, like tee for multiple processes.
MoonEdit - A portable, real-time collaborative (multi-user) text editor.
Mix2005 - A graphical volume control for ALSA.
maxtime - A tool that runs a command, but only for a certain number of seconds.
Matjito - A fast math expression evaluator plugin.
MPI plugin for KDevelop - A plugin to support MPI Programs (compile, execute, debug) in the KDevelop IDE.
MIBA Consulting General System Library - A full-featured C++ class library.
MPyRe - A frontend for cdparanoia, LAME, and Ogg encoders.
MindRaider - A personal notebook, outliner, and mind mapper.
mod_xmltime - A tool that produces an XML graph of 24 timezones including local and GMT.
Mobile Bookshelf - An e-text reader for Java mobile phones.
Memories of Mordor - A light multi-level game with its own OO gaming library.
Mailonator - A system that guarantees email attachment delivery by storing them on a server.
mSyslog UI - A Web interface for viewing msyslog logs.
MAMu_'s Icons for XMAME - XMAME Icons for the X Windows System.
Maude - An order-sorted equational algebra and rewriting logic programming language.
Morse Classic - A Morse code training program.
mod_suexec_helper - An Apache module for finer control of suexec
MailNotifier - A Firefox extension that notifies the user of new email.
mcelog - A daemon to process Linux x86 machine checks.
Mercator Grid - A real time strategy game using GIS data.
My Own Dialup Utils - A textual dialup toolkit.
MVC Management System - A Web authentication suite.
Muse Renderer - A RenderMan-compliant renderer.
Morph - A framework to let you convert data flexibly within an application.
Minesweep3D - A 3D minesweeper game.
Mortgage Calculator Plus - A Web-based graphical calculator for mortgage repayments.
mod_chm - An Apache module to explore CHM files.
myPdf3 - A console application to convert Adobe Acrobat files to XML.
mpop - A small, fast, and portable POP3 client.
MyPHPBib - A Web-based bibliographic database manager.
mod_xml_meta - Applies HTTP headers, which are embedded in XML files.
MiG Base64 Codec - A very fast and small Base64 codec.
minpair - A program that generates a list of minimal pairs from a word list.
monq.jfa - A finite automata class library for Java.
mod_access_rbl2 - An Apache module for denying/allowing access to a site via DNSbl queries.
MyCGISession - A session management library for C/C++ based CGI scripts.
Mini Site Manager - A CMS which enables affiliates to create Mini Sites.
MoinX - A MacOS X desktop Wiki.
mod_dirsize - An Apache module to calculate the space used for any virtual host.
MMS Ripper - A client for the proprietary protocol MMS://.
Mysql Locker - A class that encapsulates MySQL locks and ensures they are always released.
mod_sql_sdb - SQL authentication for Proftpd using libsdb.
Manitou-Mail - A database-driven email user agent and framework.
Mortgage calculators collection - A comprehensive set of mortgage calculators to perform real estate math.
mobileTV - A game in which the player manages a TV station.
makebootfat - A tool to create bootable USB disks.
Mobydik.it - A wrapper around wireless tools.
Mold Remover - A script that deletes old mail from a POP3 server.
Metis Project Management Module - A project management system.
Mauve - A global alignment of multiple rearranged genomes.
Mavscript - Software that lets you do calculations in a text document.
memtee - Software to buffer output until a read/write filesystem becomes available.
mpegparse - A small and fast C library for parsing MPEG2 files.
Moto4Lin - A file manager and seem editor for Motorola P2K phones.
minimal Gallery - An elegant picture gallery system.
Monitoring API - A monitoring API that simpifies the development of monitoring applications.
MyMP3Splitter - An application that reads and extracts parts of an MPEG audio file.
mod-apache-snmp - An SNMP module for Apache 2.0.x.
mysqmail-qmail-logger - A SQL traffic logger for qmail-send.
MiG Calendar - An advanced Java calendar component.
mysqmail-qmail-pop3d - An alternative POP3d for qmail with SQL traffic accounting and SQL auth.
mysqmail-courier-logger - A realtime syslog parser that does SQL traffic accounting for POP3 and IMAP4.
mysqmail-postfix-logger - A realtime syslog parser that does SQL traffic accounting for Postfix SMTPd.
MillScript - An easy to use language for batch producing templated Web sites.
Monsterz - A puzzle game.
Molevolve - A library for modeling peptide structures using genetic algorithms.
Midish - A command line MIDI sequencer/filter for BSD and Linux.
mtxe - A program that displays characters scrolling down the screen.
MRTG::Parse - A Perl module for parsing and utilizing the log files generated by the MRTG tool
Memphis tree builder and walker tool - A C/C++ precompiler for algebraic types and pattern matching.
Movable Type - A weblog publishing platform.
MAC vendor check - A script that gathers information about devices' vendors in a network.
mpeg2info - A tool to check the contents of an MPEG(2) file.
MyConnection Server - Tools to assess networks for VoIP, IPTV, video quality, and connection quality.
mirdir - A tool to synchronize two directory trees in a fast way.
MyCMS perl module - The MN::CMS Perl module used by the MyCMS.
MyCMS www - A Web interface for MyCMS.
Message Processing Platform Free Edition - A system for email security and virus and spam blocking.
MySQLConnectus - A graphical client for MySQL with data-mining tools.
morigin email classifier - A filter that classifies and tags email messages based on DNS information.
Metronomos - A programmable metronome.
mktestdata.pl - Creates quasi-real-world test data in CSV format.
mpftools - A collection of tools for manipulating MPF files.
Memcached patch for Postfix - Memcache map support for Postfix.
maildir - Writes a message from standard input into a maildir reliably.
mtftar - A filter to unpack proprietary MTF archives.
MikMod Utilities - A collection of tools for manipulating module sound files.
mpowerplayer - A Play an entire library of mobile games right on your desktop.
MailSteward - A way to archive and access your email with the power of a relational database.
multihomed high availability - Switches your default route to a backup link if the primary goes down.
mCube Music Manager - A digital music collection manager.
Mach-II - An object oriented, event-based, implicit invocation Web framework.
Magda - A graph drawing application.
mytui - A rapid TUI application development system.
magicvid - A tool that converts, creates ISO files, and burns VCD and DVD videos.
MonoCalendar - Calendar for linux in mono.
MP3db - A database for MP3s on removable media.
Membership Software - An application for tracking an organization's membership.
Murdoc - A system for documenting system management departments.
Myotis - A CMS based on Cocoon and PostgreSQL.
MapMemo - Software to drag your files onto any kind of map and organize them by location.
MyChat - A simple client/server chat application.
Mr UCC - A masterfully relevant universal communications center.
memthrash - A script to thrash memory and I/O.
MapGeneration Project - A GPS data-based map generator.
MuProg - An application for programming Atmel AVR microcontrollers.
maildq - A Perl wrapper script for postsuper (Postfix).
Maps - A topographal map and aerial photo generator and viewer.
mp3butler.pl - Renames, retags, and reorganizes MP3 and Ogg files.
MathStudio - An interactive equation editor and step-by-step solver.
MyPaint - A painting application with a focus on brushes.
miniWiki - A simple Wiki that uses MySQL for storage.
movTable - A PHP class for creating database-driven HTML tables.
MfGames CIL - A CIL library with a variety of useful things for development.
Maxemum TV-Guide - A TV guide for KDE.
Message Box Class - A class to generate Windows style message boxes in HTML.
Math Volcano - A Web application for memorizing multiplication tables.
ModernBill - An online billing application for the hosting industry.
mp3cut - A simple program to cut out parts of an MP3.
MfGames.Node - A filesystem, XML, and zip file abstraction library.
mwcollect - A program to collect malware in non-native environments.
mcvox - A Midnight Commander derivative for audio output or tiny displays.
Mariana - A program that performs HDL analysis and model translation.
minb - An XML-based content management system.
Mbuni - A multimedia messaging service gateway.
MySQA - A MySQL log analyzer.
Movida - A movie collection manager.
mod_auth_vas - SPNEGO support for Apache with VAS.
MTASC - An ActionScript2 cross-platform compiler.
Metallah - A CGI man page browser.
MAlbumScript - A Web album generator using Picasa XML output.
Mazesmith - A maze generator for the Web.
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit - A C++ toolkit for the development of interactive medical imaging applications.
My DB Randomizer - Randomizes sensitive info in a working database to share with others.
multiXPandMenu - A tool to generate dynamically expansible hierarchical menus.
Mortíforo - A Web forum system with LDAP authentication support.
mini-lpd - A small non-queueing LPD.
Micro Window-Gadgets - A lightweight windowing toolkit for C and X11.
mojoPortal - A cross-platform Web site framework.
maemo.org - A development platform for Linux-based handheld devices.
MasterShaper - A Web-based "Quality of Service" (QoS) management tool for Linux.
mod_sar - An Apache2 module that works as a search and replace output filter.
Minimalist Admin - Minimalist Admin
Mila NetWhistler - A network monitoring and mapping program.
mod_domaintree - A hostname to filesystem mapper for Apache2.
Mailman listadmin - A command line interface for Mailman administration.
MyPagina - A class to handle MySQL record sets and get page navigation links.
mcabber - A small Jabber console client.
mod_unzip - An Apache 2.0 module for transparent access to files in ZIP archives.
MyHTB - A set of Hierachical Token Bucket tools for Linux traffic management.
Mailvisa - A Bayesian spam filter.
Multipurpose Versatile Test Harness - A C language, plugin-centric testbed for data processing algorithm design.
mousetrap - An arcade style puzzle game.
MfGames.Plugin - A plugin framework for C# and .NET.
Morcego 3D network browser - A 3D graph browser for viewing and navigating graph-like structures.
Musty - A very basic molecular dynamics simulation package.
mapnik - A mapping toolkit.
m3u123 - A command line music player based on XMMS.
Mimicry - An extensible, flexible mail post-processor daemon.
mfGraph Library - A GraphViz rendering library for interactive C++/Python applications.
mudpit - A modular and reliable spool processor for Snort's unified format.
MoBlock - A lightweight daemon to block connections to or from hosts.
Mobicents - A VoIP middleware platform.
My cOLLection manager - A text-based manager for various collectibles.
Macao - A Web-based framework for graphic adventures.
metromap - A simple program for finding paths in metro (subway) maps.
MM3-WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser - A proxy that saves all visted Web pages to be used online and offline.
mii-tool - A tool for setting and detecting ethernet media types.
Mandelbrot_MMX - A Mandelbrot Set image generator using MMX.
mapdata.pl - A script to generate a geographic map from arbitrary values.
MailBlaster - An easy way to create and send email to groups of addresses.
Mamook - Web-based recruitment software.
mxterm - A Motif X11 terminal emulator.
mod_jsp - A JSP handling module for Apache 2.
Magic Collection Manager - A collection manager for Magic: The Gathering.
mfha - A simple high availability (HA) utility.
Mudbag - A multi-user database front-end for non-programmers.
MillScript-Alert - An extension to Java's RuntimeException with improved debugging information.
MillScript-VFS - A virtual filing system for Java.
MillScript-XML - An application friendly XML parsing library.
MyNewspaper - A personal RSS aggregator and feed reader with a Web UI.
Master Combat Control Program - An improved imitation of "Shadowrun-Assistent".
multiwalk2c - A multi-threaded SNMP scanner.
Mobile Buddy - A MIDLet application that provides content on demand.
Mailing List - A Web-based mailing list manager.
MoviFAX - A Web-based Hylafax frontend.
myPMS - A Web-based password management application.
MfGames.Template - A string and stream template library modeled after ASP.NET.
Mortgage Calculator Firefox Extension - A Firefox extension which calculates mortgages.
mod_myuserdir - An Apache module for dynamically configured mass ~user directories.
mod_log_sdb - An Apache logging module for any SQL database.
MSNCP - A console MSN client.
midge - Midge is a linux mini-distribution for ADM5120 based routers
Mail ConfiGuru - A tool and library for configuring email clients.
ManageEngine OpStor - A comprehensive network monitoring tool with inventory, performance management.
MiniJournal - A lightweight journal and diary tool.
mono bindings for g2 - A Mono CLR interface for the G2 library.
media4moin - A parser plugin for MoinMoin to parse the MediaWiki syntax.
MsnBot - An MSN Messenger bot that answers questions.
Makagiga - A combined to-do manager, notepad, and RSS reader.
MIB Views - An SNMP MIB browser and monitoring application.
moinupdate - Allows you to update a remote MoinMoin Wiki from files or local Wiki.
mydns_admin - A simple but functional Web interface for MyDNS.
mod-vhost-ldap - An Apache2 module for virtual hosting from LDAP.
MateEdit - An easy-to-use multiuser editor which allows real-time collaboration.
mrt_McAfeeFetchUpdates - A script to download and update virus definition data from McAfee.
Mercurial - A fast distributed SCM.
Moio's Content Management System - An Italian, WAI-compliant, and very easy to use CMS.
MoioSMS - A script to allow you to send free SMS through the Internet.
mkpkg - An automated builder for Slackware and OpenLab packages.
MacOSD - A visualization frontend for PBButtonsD.
Math::MatrixReal - A Perl module for manipulating NxM real matrices.
Modular toolkit for Data Processing - A Python library for data processing.
Maria - A reachability analyzer for Algebraic System Nets.
magpy - A Python wrapper for the mg full-text search engine.
Minesweeper 3D - A three-dimensional Minesweeper version.
migemo - An incremental search system for Japanese text.
Massive Enumeration Toolset - A collection of scripts for passive network information gathering.
Mueller-dict - Large English-Russian dictionary with phonetic transcription for DICT server.
multimidicast - Sends and receives MIDI from ALSA sequencers over the network.
Mailbox to Maildir converter - A mailbox to maildir converter.
metalink - A Metalinks XML mirror list generator.
Mobi Bluetooth RC - General-purpose Bluetooth remote control software for SonyEricsson phones.
mod_cband - An Apache 2 bandwidth quota and speed limiter module.
minimoz - A dmoz.org database import and browse/search access program.
miningco - An automatic data-miner.
midpsmtp - A MIDlet for sending email messages.
Monitorix - A Web-based lightweight system monitoring tool for Linux/Unix servers.
mmrun - A simple tool to distribute computing jobs over a cluster.
mapview for PalmOS - An application for viewing maps on Palm OS handhelds.
module init tools - Programs for handling kernel modules in Linux kernels >= 2.5.47.
mod_vhost_hash_alias - A digest based mod_vhost_alias for Apache HTTPD.
MochiKit - A suite of JavaScript libraries for AJAX programming.
maven-javanet-plugin - A Maven plugin for easier java.net project management.
mxml2man - An MXML to man page converter.
Multiplication Station - A memorization tool for addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
m3ufs - A FUSE-based filesystem designed to mount m3u playlists.
modifile - A search-and-replace utility for file names and contents.
Max (Macintosh Audio for OS X) - An application for generating high-quality audio files.
Myrinix - A portable live CD or DVD OS suite.
Mednafen - A multi-game-system emulator that uses OpenGL.
milter-spamblocker - A smart spam eliminator.
Mol's Easy PHP Framework - A framework for using XSLT as a template system for PHP 5 applications.
milter-clamav - A Sendmail plug-in for the ClamAV antivirus daemon.
milter-spamassassin - A Sendmail plug-in for the SpamAssassin daemon.
Meditation4All - An easy-to-use meditation and relaxation assistant.
Metafox - A flexible Content Management System.
Miller's Quest! - A fire-and-forget RPG simulator.
MailingList system - Newsletter software for sites with 3000 or fewer subscribers.
Multiple-Precision Floating-Point Library - A C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with exact roundi
ModelSecurity - Declarative security permissions for your Rails data model.
MailStore - A mail backup solution that works by proxying POP3 and SMTP.
MyProspects - A Web-based fundraising system that automates the fundraising process.
mod_antispam - An Apache2 module that can control spam access.
media hive - A streaming media server and Web-based playlist manager.
MeD's Movie Manager - An easy-to-use and customizable movie manager.
muhttpd - A simple yet versatile Web server.
Math Objects - A template based math library for C++.
makenew - A bash function library that provides "make" functionality to the shell.
Mobile Device Information - A Java Swing application providing access to WURFL information.
MKSearch - A Web metadata spider and search engine.
Multiplication Flash - A simple flash card program.
MachOS - A development kit for the CMU Mach kernel.
MyPurgeLogs - A shell script to rotate log files.
Messiggy - A database of Messier Objects.
manix - A MacOS 8/9-inspired desktop environment.
MapServer Console - An AXL 2 mapserver conversion program.
mod_libpq - An Apache module to serve content directly from PostgreSQL databases.
mrtg-select - Displays a selection of MRTG graphs, chosen by keyword and time span.
Moab Grid Suite - A grid management tool.
MyPixmania - An application that eases the use of the MyPixmania.com Web site.
Martini - A powerful file manager.
MacPorts - A system to deploy open source software on Mac OS X.
Menu-Bar - An easy-to-use horizontal navigation menu.
MediaWiki ScreenPlay Extension - A ScreenWriting extension for MediaWiki.
MirrorMed - An EHR and health practice management system.
Modular Audio Recognition Framework - A cross-platform framework for audio recognition and NLP.
METAGRAPH - A small set of macros that help in drawing (un)directed graphs with METAPOST.
mgo and mgo_x - A program to play Go on mobile devices or to write game protocols.
msgcab - An easy-to-use and extensible mailing list archive system.
MetaC Compiler metacc - A compiler for the MetaC meta-extension to C.
MadJACK - An MPEG audio deck with OSC support for JACK.
Microdrive - A set of scripts for creating live CDs.
mroovca stats - A Web site statistics generator with various functions and tables.
myfilm - A script that grabs IFILM or youtube movies for local viewing.
MfGames.OpenDocument - A C# library for manipulating OASIS OpenDocument files.
MonAMI - A friendly monitoring daemon.
mb2md - Converts Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format.
MultiAdmin Security Module - A Linux Kernel Module for unique-UID root accounts and limited superuser.
microcalls.org - A simple client/server protocol.
mlocate - A new locate implementation with a faster updatedb program.
MyDNSConfig - A control panel for the MyDNS name server.
mod_athena - An Apache-based application load balancer for large systems.
MeshLab - A system for processing, editing, converting, and cleaning 3D meshes.
myPhile - A Web-based MySQL table front end.
morla - An editor of RDF documents.
mrd6 - An IPv6 multicast routing daemon.
mod_dnssd - A Zeroconf module for Apache 2.2.
Magic Settings Wizard - A utility to back up and restore your favorite applications settings.
makepack - A makefile using checkinstall to create Slackware packages.
MacSlow's Cairo-Clock - An analog clock using Cairo for its rendering.
mved - A tool for carefully renaming multiple files.
MyXDM - A mapping tool between XML and data stored in a relational database.
MailArchiva - An email archiving server that archives messages from external mail systems.
maisOui - A French-Italian-French translator that uses an internal database or Babelfish.
Messaging-MIDP - An MMS Client that runs on a MIDP2.0/WMA1.1 capable devices.
mplex13818 - An ISO 13818 stream multiplexer for real-time usage.
MACTS - A traffic shaper which uses MAC addresses to classify and graph traffic.
Mudawin - A weblog client that support almost all blog services.
msr - A tool that displays and modifies model-specific registers (MSRs).
mhrw - A tool for rewriting mail headers.
MobiLog! - A mobile weblog tool for posting weblog entries via cell phone.
Magnification Composite Manager - A magnifying tool for the Linux Gnome desktop.
mxGraph - JGraph in a Web browser.
Music Box - A handy database for your music files.
MyHD/TL880 Linux Driver - A driver for the MyHD and TL880-based HDTV cards.
Multimedia Peer Delivery Project - A swarming peer to peer multimedia distribution project.
Media Tag Tools - A tool to add/edit/remove tags from files.
minihuff - Effective compression for small data.
My File Manager - A small and lightweight file manager.
MP3val - A tool for validating and fixing MPEG audio files.
Moab Utility/Hosting Suite - Software for organizations to host resources (storage, software, hardware, etc.)
Mandriva - A graphically-oriented popular Linux distribution.
MPEG Audio/Video Player - A simple MPEG and AC3 player for Linux, BSD, and Windows systems.
MyOODB - An object-oriented database and Web services.
MINIX 3 - A flexible, modular, and reliable operating system.
Mysql Assistant - A MySQL viewer.
MyMP3db - Display your MP3 collection as a searchable, streamable website.
MultiChat - A chat client for chat room environments.
mpt-status - A CLI query tool for LSI-based SCSI HBAs.
mediaCenter - A startup center for multimedia computers.
MATNEM - Econometric methods For MATLAB.
Micro CMS - An AJAX-based, lightweight CMS for easy Web site management.
m3ugen - An m3u and HTML playlist generator.
Multi-Cursor Window Manager - A window manager which lets people interact simultaneously on a shared desktop.
mbldr - A boot loader which fits into the first sector of an HDD (MBR).
MapGuide Open Source - A platform to develop and deploy Web mapping apps.
mkcdtoc - A utility to create a cdrdao TOC file from a list of audio files.
MiniCppUnit - A C++ JUnit port with a minimalistic approach.
mod_dav_fs_diskquota - An Apache WebDAV module that uses the OS disk qutoa.
Mirth Connect - A multi-protocol HL7 interface engine.
MP3 renamer 2006 - A script for mass renaming of MP3s according to ID3 tags.
moreutils - More Unix utilities.
Modularized Information Environment - An information management tool.
midget - A small SMB-share based backup script for environments without administrators.
Migration Toolkit for DB2 Intelligent Miner - migrate from DB2 intelligent miner for data to IBM DB2 data
MyJgui - A MySQL front end/GUI.
MagicBus - A Java event bus.
mesh2hmap - A tool for converting 3D meshes into heightmap images.
mywebcreator - A package for publishing online diaries.
mod_myvhost - An Apache module for dynamically configured name-based mass virtual hosting.
Macdoku - A Sudoku assistant and solver.
mod_xsendfile - An Apache2 module for sending files specified with X-SENDFILE headers.
MyActiveRecord - A hassle-free, lightweight PHP interpretation of the Active Record pattern.
Maemopad+ - A tree-based notes application with sketch support for the Maemo platform.
Memorize Words Flashcard System - A fully multimedia flashcard program.
Moodle Incidence Module - An add-on for Moodle for inserting incidents.
MfGames.Sprite - A Gtk# sprite management and rendering library.
MUCLM - A Web based LDAP manager.
MiniDV Assembler - Merges multiple MiniDV recordings into one using various transition effects.
Military Global Positioning System - A military survelliance GPS with filters like night vision, etc.
mapleman's Java Proxy - A simple utility for linking two TCP streams and redirecting them.
mbridge - A multicast DNS services bridge.
MapCal - A mapping event calendar.
MyChineseFlashCards - A program for learning the 1,400 common Chinese characters.
MySQL Quota Daemon - A lightweight tool for limiting database sizes.
Monkey Boards - A fully-featured message board system suitable for smaller Web sites.
mp3togo - A transcode program for portable MP3 players.
MP3 Web Player - A Web-based audio player.
Meta Matrix Library - Numerical linear algebra software for sparse and dense matrices.
MCastDiscovery - A library for ZeroConf/Bonjour-style service advertising/discovery.
merging-uids - A tool for merging password files and/or NIS domains.
mkinitramfs - A project to create the ultimate initramfs image.
MMap (a map viewer) - A GTK2 map viewer that supports multiple data formats.
MBW - A benchmark to determine the memory bandwidth available.
Manipulate - A network services control module.
MyBestBB - A full-featured forum based on punBB with mods and themes already added.
muchine - A small virtual machine that comes with its own assembler.
madwifi - A Linux kernel driver for Atheros-based Wireless LAN devices.
Mesk - A PyGtk+ music player application.
Minnow - A Web-based PDF discussion engine.
Merry Newton Mobile Utilities - Libraries for serialising objects and transforming 3D vectors on CLDC 1.0.
mod_jail - An Apache module that is a more secure alternative to mod_chroot on FreeBSD.
metaf2xml - A program that parses METAR, TAF, SYNOP, and BUOY messages and stores them as XML.
MozLab - A collection of tools and libraries for developers of Mozilla and Web applicatio
maildirproc - An alternative to procmail for sorting and processing mail in maildirs.
MYDBPanel - A powerful Web-based database admin application.
MCS MyVoIP - A program to assess networks for VoIP quality and to test VoIP connections.
MegaBlanker - A utility to blank CD-RW and DVD-RW/DVD+RW discs for Mac OS X.
My Network Catalog - A faster way to search through Windows shares or Samba servers.
mlmmjadmd - A networked server for administrating mlmmj.
Métamorphose - A GUI for batch renaming files and folders.
MKGI Chess Club - A chess playing server with a pure Web interface.
MySysop - A MySQL system optimizer.
Model Builder - A graphical ODE simulator.
ModSecurity Console - A real-time monitoring and log aggregation solution for ModSecurity.
MySQL to JSON - A PHP class to convert data from MySQL query results into JSON.
MyCGR - Software for using Chaos Game Representation on (DNA) sequences.
Mr. Persister - A relational persistence API for Java (POJO and non-POJO).
MRTGWebCfg - A Web tool for configuring MRTG.
myKbd - A virtual hex keyboard for the Palm T3, T5, TX, and LD.
Media Database - A media database.
Mapx - A map transformations library.
M2Crypto - OpenSSL tools for Python use.
m2o.pl - A MySQL to Oracle create syntax converter.
m3gtk - A Modula-3 binding to the GTK.
Mirage - A fast and simple GTK+ image viewer.
mnoGoSearch extension for PHP - An mnoGoSearch PHP binding.
MUMSAI - A Web application for user management on multiple sites.
Maccess - Helps to analyse data in databases.
MIND: Intelligent Webpage Monitor - Change monitoring and reporting for Web pages.
mozilla2ps - A program to render Web pages to PostScript using Mozilla's gecko engine.
macfork - Macintosh resource fork reader and extracter
Machine Translation - Translates text from one language into text for another.
MachineInfo - author
MiniUPnP Client and Daemon - A UPnP IGD client and daemon.
MacroSystem - A powerful C++ template system.
MediaSort - A tool that automatically renames pictures and MP3s with EXIF or ID3 tags.
MAD - A high-quality MPEG audio decoder.
Mad Bomber - An SDL-based clone of Activision's 2600 game,
mooseekd - A partial fork of Museek+, containing only the standalone daemon.
Markov's race - A game of guessing consecutive letters of a text.
Maelstrom - Excellent 'Asteroids' type game with sound, 3D objects, and more
MAES - A streaming MP3 application suite.
mylvmbackup - A utility for creating MySQL backups via LVM snapshots.
Mandriva Directory Server - A powerful management system for organizations.
Magic - Forms based RAD language
masaji-kamus - An English/Indonesian dictionary.
MySmartCI - A small and simple command interpreter.
MessAdmin - A notification and session administration system for J2EE Web Applications.
Magic Mounter - User-space auto-mounter.
magic VLSI layout - VLSI layout utility.
Mutator - A mutation code framework that allows the evaluation of the quality of unit test
MynahSA - A cross-platform toolkit for building SSL client/server applications.
mpc123 - A console player for the Musepack audio format.
mGstat - A geostatistical Matlab toolbox.
MagicLight - A platform independent 3D modeler and renderer.
mbank-cli - A command line interface to mBank.
MPlayer Resume Playback - A tool which saves a position and resumes playback with mplayer.
MindTouch DekiWiki - A wiki engine and framework for enterprise and social applications.
MUSOO - An online music environment kit.
MagicStats - A fast and customizable HTTP log analyzer.
mswatch - A utility for watching mail stores for changes and initiating mailbox syncs.
music_command - A tool that changes tracks or toggles the playing state in your media player.
MacLibre - An open source software distribution for Mac OS X.
Mahogany - A user-friendly, standards-compliant GUI mail/news client.
MX AJAX Toolbox - A tool for building Ajax Websites in Dreamweaver.
MaCollec Collections Manager - An AJAX-powered collections manager for your Web browser.
multican - A Canon EOS class camera remote control utility.
Mail User's Shell - Powerful command-line based mail reader
Modell - An object-oriented, embeddable, and modular variant of the Lisp language.
MidnightBSD - A GNUstep based desktop operating system.
mp3fs transcoding FUSE filesystem - A FLAC to MP3 transcoding FUSE filesystem.
midillo - A library and tools for MIDI file manipulation.
mail2news-easy - A utility that converts mail to news and news to mail.
murgaLua - A multi-platform Lua GUI and networking environment.
mail2sms - Convert a mail to a short message
Mail::Ezmlm Perl Module - A Perl module providing object methods for ezmlm-idx mailing lists
Mailcrypt - Provides a simple interface to public key cryptography with PGP.
MiniPauker - A flash card based learning application for mobile devices.
MSNgrep - A script to capture MSN Messenger conversations.
maildir-bulletin - A bulletin delivery/undelivery for Maildir format message store.
MailDirMDA - A program to copy stdin to a qmail-style Maildir.
MetaForum - AJAX forum with real time threads, user-based moderation, and a fast SQL backend
Madagascar - A geophysical data processing package.
maildrop - A mail filter/mail delivery agent.
Mailfilter - A flexible utility to get rid of spam in POP mailboxes.
MESSyFront - A frontend for the MESS emulator targeting Tandy's Color Computer.
Micro Window-Gadgets Builder - An application development environment for UWG.
MailNow - Web-based Email Product
mailqmon - Monitors the Sendmail mqueue file in CGI (socket).
Matrex - A vectorial spreadsheet.
mboxpurge - A Perl script for purging old messages in mbox-style mailboxes.
mailq_applet - A GNOME panel applet to display the outgoing mail queue.
Mailreader - Web-based POP-compatible email client.
MailSpammer - A procmail and Perl-based mailing list manager for smaller e-mail lists.
Magni - A GTK-based Midgard object browser.
MySpace Feed - An RSS feed to image converter.
Mailwatch - A statistics reporter for email traffic.
mail_log - Logs email statistics in a common/combined log file format.
MODELbuilder - A scientific application for regression analysis.
myidllib - A collection of miscellaneous IDL routines.
mcj - A Midnight Commander clone.
mainChat - An HTML-based chat service which doesn't require Java or JavaScript.
Monetra - A credit card processing engine for Linux/UNIX.
Majordomo - An Internet mailing list manager.
MIDI Data Miner - A MIDI data mining and augmentation tool.
Make CD-ROM Recovery - A disaster recovery CD-ROM maker.
MakeCD FrontEND - Frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord.
makefaq - A program to generate an HTML FAQ page from a text file.
makeheaders - Automatically generates headers from C/C++ source
makeHTML - Script for generating HTML code
Minion - A fast constraint solver.
MPlayer Tools - A tool to save and resume movies or record and timeshift using MPlayer.
makepp - A GNU make-compatible, but reliable and simpler build tool.
Memoras - A Web based adminitration tool for membership organizations.
makeself - A script to create self-extractable compressed tar archives.
makesig.pl - A flexible random signature generator.
Mumble - Voice chat for gamers.
make_faq - Converts multiple questions/sections into an HTML FAQ.
Marshall - An xdr serialization library for C++.
MAT Template Library - A C++ Math template library.
Mac Filelight - A visual display of what's taking up all your disk space.
microTetris - Simple and compact Tetris to play when you shouldn't.
MUNGE Uid 'N' Gid Emporium - A scalable authentication service for forwarding Unix credentials.
man - The man page suite used to read most of the documentation for Linux.
man-db - Manual page browser.
Modify Headers - A tool to add, modify, and filter HTTP request headers.
man-pages - The Linux manpages collection
MailCleaner - An anti-spam/anti-virus SMTP gateway.
man-pages-ja - Japanese man-page collection.
man2html - A Unix manpage-to-HTML converter
Molle - An effective and easy-to-use modal logic prover.
ManEdit - A UNIX Manual (man, manpage) page editor, viewer, and browser.
Medical Office Management - A medical office management and patient scheduling application.
manpages-ru - Russian translations of Linux manpages.
manServer - Converts manual pages to HTML for viewing with a Web browser.
ManStyle - A tool for creating HTML manuals.
Mantis Bug Tracker - A simple and highly customizable Web-based issus tracking system.
mini-at - A small replacement (or supplement) for the system's "at" daemon.
MAPis - A script that will install MySQL, Apache, and PHP.
MvpdMake - A GNOME GUI for converting videos to .mvpd (MoviePod for iPod Linux).
MapIt! - A simple raster Web-mapping server implemented in Python.
mysqldump.php - A script for dumping a MySQL database.
MaklerPlus - A Web-based application for real estate business.
MapServer - Web-enabled mapping application development
Marbles - An Atomix-like puzzle game.
Monolith mSuite - Enterprise infrastructure management software.
Mario_Dammann - An AppleScript for a Web browser that copies selected text with an URL.
MeTA1 - A message transfer agent.
Market Analysis System - market data analysis software
marketplus - A virtual ecommerce shop.
markoff - Random text generator mirroring style of another document
mocks - My Own SOcks Server - A small socks proxy server.
MyJSQLView - A Java GUI database frontend for HSQL, MSAccess, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.
marks - A set of ksh/bash utilities for bookmarking directories.
Mars - Java-based network services status monitor
mubench - An in-depth, low-level benchmark for x86 processors.
My Guestbook - Intuitive, customizable guestbook script with comprehensive anti-spam features.
Martyr - An IRC protocol framework for Java.
mod_cache for lighttpd - A squid-like cache plugin for lighttpd.
mary - native code optimizing Forth compiler for PIC microcontrollers
MasarLabs System Monitor - A system monitor with module support.
Mason - An automated firewall builder for ipfwadm or ipchains firewalls.
Mapasuta openArchitectureWare WorkFlow Runner - A Maven plugin that runs an openArchitectureWare workflow file.
masqidentd - Ident daemon for Linux systems that use IP Masquerade
Mass Rename - A tool for easy and automatic renaming of many files.
mediastreamer - A media streaming toolkit for VoIP applications.
MAT - An easy-to-use network-configuration tool.
matgen - A matrix generator using the MatrixMarket format.
Math3d - The 3D Computer Graphics Math Library.
mop(e)snake - A classic snake game, with a one-finger play mode.
MathASM - An assembler-like language interpreter.
Mathfun.py - A Python math library.
MathMap - A commandline tool and GIMP plugin for image and animation manipulation.
Mood Stats - Software that keeps track of your daily mood.
make3d - A program to make 3D-anaglyph pictures from two photographs.
mecatutor - A curses typing tutor.
mathplot - interactive function grapher
Mr. LDIF - A script that builds a seed LDAP authentication database.
MathWar - A flashcard math game for kids.
MatLisp - A set of CLOS classes for handling matrices.
mmp - A minimalistic music and media player.
matritsa - A board game for kids
Memcache Engine for MySQL - MySQL Storage Engine based on Memcache
MikeOS - An x86 operating system.
Matrix Template Library - Generic Library for Linear Algebra in C++
Multitalk - An interactive presentation program.
matrixclock - Show normal or internet time for matrix-orbitals displays.
Mr. Random - A utility to fill your portable MP3 player with random selections from your PC.
matrix_saver - FreeBSD screen saver, based on The Matrix
myintcl - A pure Tcl implementation of a MySQL interface.
Matt's FormMail - A platform-independant, customizable formmail script.
Matt's MySQL Control Panel - A MySQL control panel written in PHP.
Matt's Weather - A PHP script for retrieving current weather conditions.
Matt's Whois - A highly configurable and feature-laden whois lookup script.
matterial - Non-linear production system
Matwrap - A tool for interfacing C++ code into matrix-oriented scripting languages
MyAtom Writer - A tool for creating Atom 1.0 documents.
Mavric - A python module for interactively manipulating phylogenetic trees
mpiomon - A DM (device mapper) MPIO monitoring tool for Linux.
metaas - A Java library for ActionScript 3 code manipulation.
mssqldump - A PHP script that dumps a MS SQL database into an SQL script or a CSV file.
Maxima - An implementation of MIT's Macsyma system for computer-based algebra.
MaxiWeb - C++ ASP compiler and embedded web server for Linux and Win32
Maxwell - Word processor application for Linux Computers
Microba Controls - A set of JFC (Swing) components.
MaybeUpload - A Java language package to handle file upload for servlets.
mbackup - A modular backup client/server.
mx5000tools - Tools to control the LCD on the Logitech MX 5000 keyboard.
Math Pattern Hunter - A program that finds a formula for 1-dimensional sequences.
mboxgrep - A mailbox searching utility.
MBSE Bulletin Board System (BBS) - Fidonet-capable ANSI BBS.
mbx2mbox - Converts Outlook Express .mbx files into standard RFC822 mail files.
MyBashBurn - A tool for burning data to CDs and ripping/encoding songs.
MCA - Nonlinear cellular automaton with fractal properties
Mcal - libmcal powered unix cal replacement
mcal-drivers - Calendar drivers for libmcal
MOAP - A Swiss army knife for project maintainers and developers.
MiniKidsGames - A collection of small games for kids and a game development environment.
mcfeely - fault-tolerant, asynchronous, ordered remote job execution
MCgi - A C++ CGI class.
Mckoi SQL Database - Java relational database management system.
mcl - MUD client for Linux
Mconv BBS - Internet BBS working as an overlay on top of the UNIX file system
mcountd - A text-based countdown clock.
mcrypt - A replacement for the old Unix crypt program which uses several block algorithms
Mac Mass Mailer - A fully-featured mass mailer to work with mailing lists.
MD5 message digest library - Independent implementation of RFC 1321
md5mon - File checksum monitor with md5sum/shasum.
Morabaraba - An ancient African board game similar to Nine Men's Morris.
Modular Google Talk Bot - A modular bot system for Google Talk and other Jabber IM networks.
metazip - An Apache 2.x module that serves dynamically-constructed zip files.
My Freshmeat Subscriptions - A script that stores your freshmeat subscriptions in an XML file.
mdate - A freely-available mayan date program
MDB Tools - Tools for reading Microsoft Access MDB files
mowyw writes your websites - An offline content management system.
MFbyAS - A financial monitoring system.
movemetafs - A searchable file metadata store.
MoneyJar - A precise financial calculations library in Java.
Measuring Buffer - An enhanced version of buffer.
Moss - A collection of useful Java classes.
MicroAlbum - A small, fast, and simple PHP photo gallery script.
MeBay - A client for eBay.
multisend - A program that efficiently transfers files with multicast.
Medicine-HOWTO - Pointers to Linux software (mostly GPLed) for medical science.
mod_auth_openid - An Apache 2 OpenID authentication module.
MyVirtualDirectory - An LDAP virtual directory.
Medusa DS9 - A security improvement package.
MOHA Chat - A chat system with an intuitive Web client.
Maintainer - A collection of scripts to make backups easy.
Meeting Room Booking System - Multiple site meeting room bookings.
MegaHAL for Eggdrop - Gives an Eggdrop bot artificial intelligence, using a port of MegaHAL
MicroAkismet - A compact set of Akismet access functions.
MegaZeux - A game creation system with ascii graphics and a scripting language
Melati - A tool for building Java-programmed websites backed by a database.
mod_defensible - An Apache 2.x module intended to block spammers using DNSBL servers.
Melys - A MIDI sequencer for ALSA.
Memchan - In-Memory channels for Tcl
MemMXtest - A memory testing environment for MMX PCs.
MemProf - Tool for memory profiling and leak detection
memtest - A set of programs to test the memory management subsystem of the linux kernel
memtest86 - Find bad RAM chips
Milliphone - A minimalistic multi-platform softphone using the Verona VOIP toolkit.
memtester - A userspace memory-testing application for Unix-like systems.
memtime - A resource measurement tool.
memwatch - Memory leak/corruption detection, ANSI-C source code with test program.
Mercat - Lightweight cross-platform programming language
mdmpoold-ng - Builds up a modem server to provide and share remote access on serial devices.
Merchant Empires - A Web-based game of combat, strategy, and role-playing.
Merchant-Store - Shopping cart script with product manager and realtime credit card processing.
My Chronicles - An easy way to type short to long notes about anything.
Mercury - A new logic/functional programming language
mergelog - A fast tool to merge HTTP log files by date.
MersenneTwister - A C++ random number generator class.
Mesa - 3-D graphics library which uses the OpenGL API
MT-write - A binary patch to make a program's calls to write() multi-threaded.
mess822 - A library for parsing Internet mail messages.
MARGO - A Multiattribute ARGumentation framework for Opinion explanation.
MiniWebsvr - A small Web server that aims to be embeddable.
Message of the Day - A new quote everytime you reload a page.
Metabase - A PHP/SQL database-independent abstraction layer.
mcvert - A BinHex 4.0 to MacBinary file conversion utility.
mscompress - A Microsoft "compress.exe/expand.exe" compatible (de)compressor.
metachk - analyse the safety of your Solaris RAID
METAGRAF-3D - A graphical editor for MetaPost.
Micro-Manager - Software for microscope image acquisition.
MohoNet - An application for providing a Web site adminstered completely by the readers.
Metagroup - A utility which adds hierarchical structure to Linux groups.
Multi Switch Looking Glass for PHP - Allows network admins to open/close ports on Cisco CatOS/IOS switches.
Mother ORM - A Python ORM with strong introspection.
my Knowledge Explorer - An application to create, update, and search your own knowledge base.
memlockd - A daemon to lock files in memory to help in DOS recovery.
Modem.pl - A tool for showing the status of a Motorola SURFboard cable modem.
Metapixel - A photomosaic generator.
meter - Interprets data from a Radioshack multimeter with PC interface.
mysqlrowcopy - A tool that generates insert statements from result sets.
Metronome - A midi-based metronome in GTK+.
Mew - A MIME mail reader for Emacs/XEmacs
Mechanize - A library for automating interactions with Web sites.
MyMahj - A relaxing solitaire Mahjong game in 2D and 3D.
Mindquarry Collaboration Server - Collaborative software that combines file sharing, wiki, and task management.
mfind - A pseudo-dynamic machine configuration database utility.
most4linux - A MOST driver implementation for Linux.
MicroTiger - A graphical microcode simulator with a reconfigurable datapath.
Minimal OpenGL Utility Library - A minimal OpenGL utility library that provides window system independence.
MFMail - A command-line multiple file mail in Python.
MarcoPolo - Automatic location switching for Mac OS X.
myinit - Yet another init scheme.
MG - A suite of programs for compressing and indexing text and images.
MusicWatcher - An application for real-time and non-real-time analysis and visualization.
MirBSD Korn Shell - An enhanced version of the Korn shell.
mgadvd - A Matrox G200/Zoran DVD hardware MPEG driver for Linux.
Mozilla Seamonkey Calendar - A calendar extension for Seamonkey.
mgetty+sendfax - An intelligent getty with fax and voice modem support.
Mr. Wall - A Linux-based live CD with firewall and VPN capabilities.
mgetty-rawdata patch - raw data plugin patch for mgetty
MAD Project - An implementation of a protocol for file delivery over unidirectional transport.
MySQL Global User Variables UDF - A shared library that adds user functions to MySQL to keep persistent variables.
More Predicate for Gnu Prolog - Provides some extensions to gprolog.
MH-sync - Tools for reading MH mail offline, or syncing MH mail, using ssh.
mlapd - An LDAP-enabled mailing list access policy daemon for Postfix.
MHonArc - A Web-based email archiver.
mibfm - A utility for transferring files to/from iButtons.
MillScript-Util - An alternative to Java's Collections framework.
mico/E - A CORBA implementation in Eiffel.
MillScript-Excel - A Java library for working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
myOS - A miniature OpenGL development system.
Microemacs Clone - An Emacs/Microemacs clone.
micro_httpd - A 150-line HTTP server.
MediaTomb - A UPnP media server.
MAC Universal Barcode Font - A single barcode font for multiple barcodes.
Mylingual - A community-based translation service for Web apps.
micro_proxy - really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy
MiG Layout Manager for Java Swing and SWT GUIs - A manager that makes complex layouts easy and normal layouts one-liners.
Mini FTP Daemon - An FTP server for PalmOS.
magicErmine - A tool for creating portable applications for Linux.
malkriz - A solver for the Griddlers puzzle.
Midgard - A multilingual replicated persistent storage framework.
mig33 - An application for chatting and instant messaging on mobile phones.
Muxi - A TV application for DVB.
MidiMountain Sequencer - A MIDI sequencer to edit standard MIDI files.
MidiShare - A MIDI operating system.
MySQL Pack for QNAP TS-101/TS-201 - A package for installing MySQL on the QNAP NAS server, TS-101/TS-201.
Midnight Commander - Unix file manager and shell
MidWay - A service request broker.
mifluz - Full text indexing C++ library
mod_openpgp - Apache companion for Firefox's extension "Enigform", providing OpenPGP for HTTP.
My Image Gallery - A photo album/image gallery manager.
MigrationTools - Perl scripts for populating LDAP directories
mailtest - A Nagios plugin that checks health of a mailing system.
My Classifieds - A simple Perl CGI implementation of online classifieds.
My Voting Script - A simple Perl script for taking surveys on Web pages.
MikMod for Java - The MikMod MOD Player rewritten in Java.
MazeRunner - A puzzle game/Mario clone.
MoioChart - A Java library to draw plots, graphs, etc. on PCs and handhelds.
MIM - A viewer for mpeg multicast streams on Linux/UNIX.
MIMEDefang - Anti-virus mail filter.
mod_methods - Basic PUT, DELETE, GET, UPDATE, and HEAD methods for Apache 2.X servers.
Madrigal - A VJing program.
Mimer SQL - The Mimer RDBMS for Linux.
MezzengerKlient - A simple PHP class for making MSN Messenger bots.
Mindless Automaton - Play collectable card games (e.g., Magic the Gathering) over the Net.
MindMap & Knowledgemanager - An application for knowledge management.
midi pong - The game of pong as a MIDI instrument.
MindsEye - A 3D modeling program for Linux
MindTerm - SSH-client in pure Java, includes stand-alone ssh- and terminal(vt100)-packages
Ming - SWF (flash) output library / PHP module
Mobile Biorhythm for J2ME - Software to generate and share biorhythm graphs through MMS.
mical - A minimal iCalendar toolset.
minicom - Serial communication program
Markdownify - A class that converts HTML to Markdown text.
MiniGUI - A compact GUI support system for real-time embedded systems based on Linux.
Minimalist - An easy-but-powerful mailing list manager.
MathGuard - PHP class that requires a user to solve a math problem before submitting a form.
Ministry of Truth - Web-based job tracking system
Mamblog Parser - A program that parses the records of a mamblog blog into portable XML.
minit - Minimal init-like process supervisor tool.
mod_log_dbd - A module to send Apache logs to a database using DBD.
MINIX - A small, simple UNIX OS ideal for teaching OS internals.
mini_httpd - A small HTTP server.
Mac's CMS - A PHP 5+ AJAX CMS solution.
MinML - A small XML parser.
MinML-RPC - A pure Java XML-RPC implementation for embedded systems.
MyProfi - A MySQL log analyzer and profiler.
mkolors - Software that colors make output.
Minotaur - Embedding Perl, Python, Tcl scripts in each other
Mioga - An extranet groupware application.
Myref - A PHP class library to manage "select", "checkbox", and "radio" lists.
MetaX - A metadata tagger for MP4 files.
mp3plot - A program that prints out a plot of the bitrate distribution of an MP3 file.
MoMEUnit - An instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing of J2ME applications.
Missile Command - Save your city from nuclear doom.
Mister Proper - GNOME time scheduler for cyclic tasks
MisterHouse - Home automation with Perl.
MIT Photonic-Bands - Software for computing optical modes and band structures.
MIT/GNU Scheme - A programming environment for Scheme.
make-photo-pages - Generates static Web albums based on Picasa's XML export or from a directory.
multitask - Cooperative multitasking and asynchronous I/O using Python generators.
Moonfree - A framework to develop RIAs with Flex2 Java integration.
migratedata - A tool to copy data from one database to another using a simple XML spec file.
Mithral CS-SDK - A toolkit for developing distributed applications.
Macfly - A tool to run programs with a shifted clock and/or faster/slower clock.
mkhindex - Software that generates HTML directory listings.
mixer - An X11/OSS audio mixer.
Mixer.app - Mixer.app is a mixer utility for Linux/FreeBSD systems. It is designed to be doc
Mychoonz - A Web-based MP3 player implemented in AJAX.
MyRPM - A script to create an RPM package from a list of files.
MixMagic - A hard drive sound mixer for GNOME.
manqod - A query oriented development tool for data management and administration.
MiXViews - An X windows sound and data editor/analyzer.
ManyEars - Microphone array processing software.
MemLeek - A memory profiler and leak detector that can visualize a program's memory usage.
mime4j - A parser for e-mail message streams.
Mindquarry Mac Client - A desktop client for working with Mindquarry Collaboration Server.
MoMELib - A library for development of J2ME applications.
mjpeg tools - Tools for MJPEG/MPEG capture/editing/compression.
mkautosmb - Makes the local SMB network transparent for applications.
mkcd - A no-brainer command line CD burning kit.
mkCDrec Utilities - Rescue and recovery utilities to use with mkCDrec.
mkdep.perl - makedepend that does not include system header files.
Mergence HL7 Integration Engine - A high-performance HL7 integration engine and application platform.
MySQL Parallel Dump - Software that uses multiple threads to dump MySQL databases.
MkGallery - Create your own gallery for the Internet with HTML 4.0 and CSS support.
Mkisofs - A premaster tool for iso9660 filesystems.
mkkernel - The lazy guy's kernel compiler.
mkpwd - A scalable password generator.
mkrdns - Program to automatically generate reverse DNS zone files (PTR records)
mktclapp - Mix C/C++ with Tcl/Tk to build a standalone program
McNucle - A remotely accessible metadata based file server.
MLton - An optimizing Standard ML compiler.
mlvwm - Window manager for X11 designed to look and feel like the
Minalyzer Lite - A command line site search tool that can be called from any scripting language.
microBalls - A simple technology demo for MIDP-1.0 devices.
MM.MySQL - JDBC Drivers for MySQL
mmake - mmake will generate a Makefile for your Java programs.
MyServerTalks - An interface between you server and messaging networks.
My Mail Client - A GNOME email client.
mmcalc - A console-based scientific calculator.
Mathomatic - A computer algebra system.
mminstance - Makes single-master PostScript fonts from multiple master fonts
MMIX assembler/simulator - MMIX Assembler and Simulator
mMosaic - Web browser for X11
MMR - Text-based mail reader
massXpert mass spectrometry package - Software for linear (bio-)polymer mass spectrometry.
MGRX - A 2D graphics library.
Mmucl - Mud client written in Tcl
MMX Emulator - Allows execution of MMX binaries on non-MMX machines
Memory Structures Library - A library of useful data structure routines for C/C++.
mnoGoSearch - Fast WWW search engine for your site
mnoGoSearch-cat_ed-perl - A categories editor for mnoGoSearch written in Perl.
mnoGoSearch-cat_ed-php - Categories editor for mnoGoSearch written in PHP.
MyBook World Edition Packages - Pre-compiled packages for hacking Western Digital MyBook World Edition.
mnogosearch-perl - A Perl frontend for the mnoGoSearch Web search engine.
mnoGoSearch-php - A PHP frontend for the mnoGoSearch Web search engine.
MobileMesh - Media independent mobile ad-hoc networking capabilities.
MultipliK12 - An educational game for learning and practicing the multiplication tables.
Mod Snake - Apache 1.3 and 2.0 module for Python modules, CGIs, and embedding.
mebot - A GTD style task management tool.
Modest Ordinary Differential Equation Library - A C++ library to model rate equations.
modemusage - Display modem or facility usage over time.
ModiWrap - A configurable and secure Web-script/CGI/PHP wrapper.
ModLogAn - A modular logfile analyzer.
modplug-xmms - A ModPlug player plugin for XMMS.
Myosotis - A proxy for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
MXE (M cross environment) - MXE (M cross environment)
ModSQL - Modular JDBC SQL Engine
MySqueaks - A MySQL statement generator and database interface.
Monster - A short NES/SNES style RPG.
Modular syslog - A modular-designed syslog, with log protection.
mobileUnit - A unit test framework for CF 2.
MP3 Management - Software to catalog MP3 files in a MySQL database.
Modulef - Modular finite element library
modutils - Linux module utilities.
msgparser - A parser for .msg files in Java.
mod_access_referer - An Apache module for access control.
mod_atrack - An advanced user tracking module for Apache.
Mobile Web Proxy - A tool to make more Web pages accessible from mobile devices.
mod_auth_kerb - kerberos v5/v4 authentication module for apache
MPLS-Linux - A Multi-Protocol Label Switching stack.
MITRE Honeyclient Project - A framework for detecting client-side attacks.
mod_auth_ldap - LDAP authentication module for Apache web server (http://www.apache.org/).
Momomoto - An object-relational mapper for Ruby and PostgreSQL.
mod_auth_radius.c - A RADIUS authentication module for the Apache web server.
Multi-thread Simulation - A PHP class that emulates threads using separate HTTP requests.
mod_auth_shadow - An Apache module for authenticating against a (root :root 0700) /etc/shadow file
mod_auth_tds - Authenticate users against TDS Databases (Like MS SQL and SYBASE).
mod_auth_unixODBC - Apache authentication module for use with unixODBC.
mp3infoconsole - A tool that shows the details of an MP3 file on the console.
mod_backhand - Local-area, heterogeneous web cluster load balancing module for Apache.
memcachefs - A memcache filesystem using FUSE.
medini QVT - An implementation of OMG's QVT Relations specification.
Mod_Corba - Exposes the Apache API via CORBA
mod_dav - DAV protocol extensions for Apache.
mxk - A programmable input rewriting system.
mxallowd - A netfilter/pf daemon to keep out spam by only accepting RFC-compliant senders.
mod_dtcl - Apache server-parsed Tcl module, inspired by PHP
MplayerBuddy - A media bookmarking application to keep one's place when watching videos.
mujMail - An email client for mobile devices with a lot of features.
Mahara - A digital e-portfolio builder and social networking application.
MediaWikiFTP - A program that integrates emacs with Wikipedia style MediaWiki sites.
MaintainJ - A Java reverse engineering tool like never before.
Mobile RSS Reader - A cell phone RSS reader that can read news/blogs online or offline.
mod_fastcgi - FastCGI support for the Apache web server.
mod_filter - Provides filtering between handlers in Apache.
mod_sesehe - An Apache module that disguises and removes the "Server: " HTTP header.
mod_gzip - A content acceleration module for Apache servers.
mod_hosts_access - causes Apache to respect the rules in hosts.allow and hosts.deny
Maptales Mobile - A tool for GPS logging, Geoblogging, and Mobile Storytelling.
mod_layout - Layout module for Apache.
make project - A command which makes project skeletons.
Method Support - A program for supporting procedures by defining online forms.
mod_litbook - Experimental design in referencing www documents.
mod_log_spread - Patch to mod_log_config to allow logging to multicast groups.
MODxFS FUSE module - A FUSE module for the MODx CMS.
mod_mocrify - An Apache module to remove unnecessary whitespace from HTML.
Moving Map - A moving GPS map and 3D GPS logger.
mod_ntlm - An NTLM authentication module for Apache 1.3.9 / Unix.
mod_pcgi2 - An obsolete Apache module for Zope/PCGI.
My Twitter - A class to set and retrieve Twitter user status.
mod_perl - An extension that brings together the power of Perl and the Apache HTTP server.
Mission Simulation ToolKit - Simulator and research tools for autonomous robots.
maven-har-plugin - A Maven plugin to generate Hibernate Archives.
MultiLoad - A load balancer that redirects HTTP requests to pre-defined servers.
MachForm - An AJAX-based HTML form builder program.
mod_proxy_add_forward.c - Adds an 'X-Forwarded-For' header to outgoing proxy requests like Squid.
mod_python - An Apache/Python integration module.
Minirok - A small music player inspired by Amarok.
mod_random - An Apache module for random URL display.
mod_relocate - An Apache module for logging click-through trails.
mod_repository - An Apache module that creates a file repository.
Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking System - A system for coordinating the scheduling of meetings.
mod_roaming - With mod_roaming you can use Apache as a Netscape Roaming Access server
mod_ruby - Embeds Ruby into the Apache Webserver.
mod_sequester - An Apache time-lock for Web documents.
mod_ssl - Apache Interface to OpenSSL
mod_top LAMP application monitor - A LAMP application monitor.
mod_suffix - Suffix-based access control for Apache.
mumbles - A plugin-based Growl-like desktop notification system for GNOME.
modeljunit - A model-based testing tool.
mod_video - mod_video is an Apache module for grabbing images from a frame-grabber card.
mod_virgule - Community site-building tool
Moe Music - Web Juke Box for mpg123 and mySQL
Model Railroad System - A software package that can help you run your railroad.
Mohawk - The next generation Apache GUI.
MoinMoin - A Python clone of WikiWiki.
MobiMoon - Software to display the moon phase and Hijri date on mobile phones.
Mojo Nation - A distributed filesystem with market-based resource allocation.
Mojotron - A Llamatron-style action game.
mol - A virtual machine which allows Mac OS (inluding OS X) to run under Linux/ppc.
model_tags - An extension to Radiant CMS that provides additional tags and a page behavior.
Molasses - Sticky notes app
Molden - Molden is a package for displaying Molecular Density from the Ab Initio packages
msn-proxy - A lightweight transparent proxy for MSN Messenger clients.
Mollie - Web-oriented, CGI-programmed little database for molecules.
Momoko - Multi-user development environment
mon - Highly configurable service monitoring daemon
Mondo Rescue - Generates disaster recovery/cloning media.
Moonlight application framework - A cross-platform application framework for applications based on Qt Jambi.
MediaRC - A home theater media device remote control program.
Menstral - A menstrual calendar for mobile phones.
Mondriaan - Mondriaan Art by Evolution
mySerialz - A Web application for storing serial keys.
Monit - A utility for monitoring Unix system services.
Movie Vote - A Web-based movie voting system.
Mono - A real-time monophonic synth with a GUI.
Monolith - An application framework for web applications.
Mwamko - A Web-based program for delegation of OpenVZ virtual environments.
moodss - A modular system, database, and network monitoring application.
MyTaskScheduler - A simple personal task scheduling application.
MyRent - Car rental software to track your cars and control your fleet.
moon-buggy - A game in which you drive a car across the moon.
my_pipe - A daemon for feeding MySQL through a Unix pipe.
mpmath - A Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic.
Mordor MUD - Multi-user text based Internet Game Server
MyAutoMarket - Software for managing a car dealership business.
Mork - A compiler tool for Java.
metastores Java framework - A Java framework based on rich metadata.
memcached - A high-performance distributed memory object caching system.
mod_w2ml - An Apache HTTPD module for processing W2ML.
morse2led - translate text to morse code displayed on keyboard leds
Morseall - A Morse code user interface.
milter-before - A small milter plugin to check email addresses' validity to avoid bounces.
Mosaic - Web browser for X11
Magma network filesystem - Network filesystem based on distributed hash table
MOSIX - A cluster operating system.
most - Browse or page through a text file
MyScribe - An eBook reader application.
motion - A motion detector for video4linux devices.
MotionView - A viewing/archiving program for the MOTION security camera package.
motor - A text mode IDE for Linux.
Mount User (muser) - List processes using a mount point.
mount.app - Window Maker dock app for managing storage devices
MouseFeed Eclipse Plugin - A program that helps you to remember keyboard shortcuts.
MyPatients - A medical records database in Greek.
MoxQuizz - An IRC quiz/trivia script for eggdrop.
Mozart - Browser-based contact and case/project manager
Middle Click Closes Tab Eclipse Plugin - Makes possible to close tabs with a middle mouse click
Mozart (Oz) - Development platform for constraint and distributed applications
MozGlade - Interface to Mozilla rendering engine using libglade
mkscreens.sh - A program to generate collated thumbnails (a.k.a. "screens") from video streams.
MfGames' CuteGod - A casual god game using cute graphics provided by Lost Garden.
MP3 File Renamer in Perl - An MP3 file renamer written in Perl.
MJPG-streamer - An application that takes JPEG images from an input plugin and streams them.
MP3 Jukebox-Tk - An MP3 jukebox/organizer.
MP3 Report Generator - Generates a templated HTML page with MP3s, playing times, and statistics.
MP3-Database - A tool to manage your MP3 files.
ModenaCam - A turnkey webcam videochat portal.
mp3album.pl - MP3 Album list generator in Perl
MockFtpServer - A mock FTP server to enable testing FTP client code.
mactorii - An image browser offering image sort and cluster features.
mp3ascd.pl - A script which treats MP3s as a CD and attempts to do a cddb lookup.
mp3blaster - An interactive program that plays audio files on a text console.
Milenia Grafter Server - A simple and powerful Flash media server.
mp3burn - Write MP3s, OGGs, and/or FLAGS to an audio CD without intermediate files.
MP3c - An Audio-CD to MP3/OGG-Converter, with use of CDDB.
mp3check - An MP3 filename/structure checker.
MP3html - Make configurable listings of MP3s based on their ID3v1 tags
Menu Editor - An editor for IceWM's menus and console.
MP3info - A simple utility to read and write MP3-TAG info.
mr (Multiple Repository) - A management tool for multiple repositories.
Make Run Script - A custom task for Ant that generates run scripts for Java applications.
Mp3Make - Automates ripping and encoding of mp3's, using cddb to name them.
METSlib - An object-oriented metaheuristics framework.
MediaMVP Media Center (mvpmc) - A media client to multple video/audio servers.
MP3Organizer - An MP3 collection manager.
mp32rtp - A simple C program that streams MPEG audio over RTP.
MagicSudoku - A Pocket PC Sudoku game.
mp3rename - A Perl script to rename and organize MP3 files and get rid of nasty characters.
MP3Shell - A simple, functional Tcl/Tk GUI for the mpg123 MP3 player.
MP3SQL - Indexes your MP3 with MP3tags into an SQL database
mp3stream - An MP3 streaming library.
Memcached Functions for MySQL - Functions for MySQL to set data in Memcached.
mp3tools - Utilities for managing MPEG audio files
MiniIM - An instant messanger for (J2ME enabled) mobile devices.
Mylene - A command line audio MPEG player.
MatrixView - A JavaScript library that enhances standard HTML unordered lists.
mp3_check - A utility which analyzes MP3 files for errors and standards conformance.
MPD - A netgraph-based PPP implementation for FreeBSD.
Much More Than Parsing - A parser generator for BNF-like grammars that supports several target languages.
mpage - Utility for printing many pages of text to one sheet of paper.
mspsim - A Java-based instruction level emulator of the MSP430.
mpatrol - A library for controlling and tracing dynamic memory allocations.
minfx - A Python library for numerical optimization.
mtuner - An audio stream finder and player.
mpcut - An MP3 frame-level file editor.
mybam - A basic asset manager.
MPEG Maaate - Toolkit for parsing and analysis of audio files in the frequency domain.
Membership Site Script - A membership-based Web site script.
Muldex sampler for Linux - A lightweight and efficient system data collection tool.
MPEG2-Movie - Tools to encode high quality MPEG movies with picture and sound.
MultiBody Dynamics - MultiBody Dynamics analysis system
mpegCam - Captures MPEG video with a B&W Quickcam
Magic Garden - An artificial plants laboratory.
MB-DiscID - Ruby bindings for libdiscid.
mpegrec - Direct-to-disk wav and mp3 sound recorder
mpg123 - A realtime player for MPEG audio layer 1, 2, and 3 files.
mpg123+eq - X11 Graphical Equalizer for mpg123-0.59r
MoMELog - A J2ME logging framework.
mpg123-mysql - MySQL support for mpg123
Magic Makefile - An alternative to autoconf/automake that uses only GNU make and bash.
mailprocd - A high-performance daemon for mail delivery, filtering, and classification.
Modulipse - An Eclipse-based Modula-2 IDE.
MvBlog - A simple and clean weblog tool designed with security in mind.
mod_perlite - A lightweight Apache module for running Perl scripts.
MPICH - An implementation of the MPI parallel computing standard.
MachDB - A machine database to catalog the changing state of your hosts.
MPlayer - A movie player program.
mpp - Software for Eiger Labs F10 & F20 MP3 players
Mnemosyne Project - A spaced repetition flash card program.
mpr - Memory allocation profiler for C/C++ programs
MoneyQuake - A Firefox extension which shows earning statistics from Pay Per Click systems.
mpserv - A LAN distributed MP3 architecture
mpstat - A tool for monitoring SMP machines.
moin2rst - A MoinMoin formatter plugin that renders a Wiki page in reStructuredText syntax.
mptc - A mobile phone bill tariff recalculator.
Mptn - Regexp-like pattern matching library
MonolithAndroid - A block game for the android platform.
mqcontrol - A small tool to give you some control over your mail queue.
mr - Console based mail reader
MetaCC - An annotation based lexer and parser generator.
mrouted - DVMRP multicast routing daemon
malibo - Blog software
Mobius Forensic Toolkit - A forensic toolkit written in Python/GTK.
Micropolis - A city simulator game.
MSSQL JDBC Driver Single Sign On Auth from Unix - Unix support for using integrated authentication with the SQL Server JDBC driver
Mrsh - Tool to issue the same command on many machines (quickly)
MRTA - Multi-router traffic accounting.
Mega Maryo - A 2D Run 'n Gun game.
mrtg - The Multi Router Traffic Grapher.
mrtg-mica-probe - A Telebit MicaBlazer modem usage probe.
mrtg-misc-probe - A miscellaneous system parameter monitor probe for mrtg.
mrtg-ntap-probe - A Probe for Network Appliance NetCache server and Network Appliance Filer
MS-TNEF degenerator - A Web interface to download and read MS-TNEF attachments.
msn-pecan - An alternative WLM protocol plug-in for libpurple.
Max's Whois - A flexible domain checker script.
mapmaudio - An MPEG audio stream mapper.
Mserv - A jukebox-style music server for MP3s, Ogg, etc.
Max's File Uploader - A professional file uploader script for Web pages.
m0n0wall-CMI - A central management interface for m0n0wall devices.
Mtp Target - A multi-player online action game.
MyPerlCrap - A craps game field bet simulator.
metashell - A lightweight, powerful, interactive, intelligent command shell.
msgboard - CGI message board that uses MySQL database to store messages.
Mailing - Software to manage events.
MuldexMon - A terminal based monitoring tool for use with the Muldex system.
MSNj - MSN Messenger library in Java
mSQL - The Mini SQL database system.
MinorFs - A filesystem that protects application data from malware.
msredird - A serial port redirector.
Midori - A lightweight Web browser based on GTK+2 and WebKit.
MPI Parallel Environment - A parallel program analyzer.
modbus master for ruby - A sample script for modbus TCP control.
Micro Whois - A Web-based script that gives you an attractive interface to check domains.
MString and MStringArray - A dynamic string library compatible with MFC CString.
mtf - A Microsoft Tape Format reader
Micro Image Pack - A Web-based script pack that provides three functions to change images.
mtools - A collection of utilities for accessing unmounted MS-DOS disks from Unix.
MySKL - A generic data types skip list library.
MToolsFM - A graphical frontend for mtools.
mtr - Network diagnostic tool
mtsms.pl - A Perl script that can send sms messages through the mtnsms.com web service.
mapmvideo - An MPEG video stream mapper.
MTX - Programs for controlling SCSI media changers and tape drives.
MTXL - A media changer control program for SCSI tape changers, jukeboxes, etc.
Mandingo - A bot for the Urban Terror chat system.
MUDAid - Graphical MUD Client
Maven Dependency Overview - A Maven plugin (report) that creates a diagram of all dependencies.
Midi Music Flash Cards - A music sight reading trainer with MIDI.
Mrs - A lightweight MapReduce implementation in Python.
mod-gzip-disk - A module for Apache 2 that serves gzip compressed HTML.
mod-cidr - Adds server variables based on net block lookups from CDB.
Muffin - Filtering proxy server for the World Wide Web written entirely in Java
Maven Archetypes - Helps to generate an initial Java project layout with the help of Maven.
muh - Full-featured IRC bouncing tool
Mujaki - 2D Graphics Engine with sequencing capabilities.
myAmavis - A small but powerful Web frontend for amavisd-new to realize per-recipient settings.
melkjug - A Web application for collaborative feed mixing.
muLinux - A tiny implementation of Linux, which can reside on a single floppy
megawave - An image processing library and tools.
Mueller English-Russian Dictionary Kit - English-Russian Dictionary and Supporting Scripts for UNIX
MCU 8051 IDE - An IDE for MCS-51 based microcontrollers.
mail-wrapper - A wrapper for sendmail in a hosting environment.
multicd - Backup your data to CD-R/CD-RW or DVD.
Multidialnet - A shared dial-up connection control with billing and logging.
mapeaudio - A DVD audio linear PCM track mapper.
MyJDCMS - A very basic PHP-based CMS.
MultiMail - An offline mail reader (QWK, Blue Wave, SOUP).
Multimeter - read measurements from digital multimeters
mobileshopper - A shopping list for mobile phones.
Multipage forms generation and validation class - A multipage forms class.
Marvim - A persistent storage and quick recall system for Vim macros.
MultipartRequest File Upload parser - A multipart form parser for Java 2 Servlets.
Multiscan - A simple console portscanner.
MultiSeti - [email protected] Utility to manage multiple [email protected] packets
multisort - small, fast C program that merges httpd logs and orders by date
Multiuser Address Management System/Book - A Perl/SQL based address book and database.
makl - A lightweight framework for building cross-platform C/C++ projects.
Maarch - An archiving DMS.
multpsx - Generate long multiplication worksheets in PostScript.
mapaaudio - An A52a audio track mapper.
MUMail - A Java applet designed to let you read your mail from a website
Mumps Compiler - Compiler for a subset of the Mumps language.
mplayer.ext - A wrapper script for MPlayer that saves the playback position.
MPI-IO Test - Benchmarking and parallel I/O diagnostics.
mod_memcached - An Apache module for publishing data from memcached.
Mup - A tool that produces printed music or MIDI from a text input file.
MiniG - AJAX Webmail for OBM Groupware.
Minicomputer - An audio synthesizer for Linux
Micro File Creator - A script that writes plain text to a file on your Web server.
MuPAD - A system for doing computer algebra.
murasaki - Manages hot-pluggable hardware under Linux 2.4.
Micro File Browser - A simple file manager tool to browse files online.
MUSCLE - A multiplatform, multilanguage, N-way client/server protocol library and server.
MusE - A multitrack virtual studio for audio and MIDI sequencing.
MuSE Streamer - Multiple Streaming Engine
mnkPasswordKeeper - A simple password manager.
Mica PHP DataSystem - A hybrid file format database engine.
Muse, mp3 streamer - An all in one web based streaming system for icecast.
Mozilla "Modern" Webmin Theme - A simple color scheme for Webmin that resembles the Mozilla "Modern" theme.
Musicale - A music playlist player and builder.
Micro Login System - A simple PHP-based user login system.
Mausezahn - A versatile and fast packet generator.
MusicScript - Music scripting language.
MilaX - A small OpenSolaris live CD.
musplay - Allows you to play music on any Xterminal.
Mustajuuri - Real-time audio signal processing application.
Minerva - A home automation suite.
Micro Countdown - A small PHP script that counts down to any date you define.
Mutt - A small but very powerful text-based mail client.
Matte - A Web-based media management and sharing application.
Muttprint - Formats Mutt's printing of messages to be more attractive.
Mia - A Web-based Ajax chat application.
MuX2d - WYSIWYM editor for MusiXTeX.
mididings - A MIDI router/processor.
moseasymedia - A set of Mambo and Joomla extensions for media embedding.
MOStlyCE - A WYSIWYG editor for MiaCMS.
Mupen64Plus - An N64 console emulator.
mvComicsMaker - editor for combining bitmap and vector graphics
MySQL Savior - A MySQL backup script that can email or scp the backups to remote systems.
MUSoSu - A Sudoku generator/solver.
Magic Zoom - A JavaScript image zoom tool for Web sites.
myftpidx - An FTP indexer.
Metaclip - A distributed clipboard for the X Window system.
mklircrc - A program to automatically generate LIRC configuration files.
Mondrian Data Visualizer - A statistical data visualizer.
mxCrypto - Cryptographic package for Python
MathGL - A library for making high-quality scientific graphics.
mxDateTime - Date and Time types for Python
MXM - A sendmail replacement for dialup connections or small domains.
MIT Kerberos - An implementation of the Kerberos protocol.
mxODBC - A Python ODBC 3.5 database API.
Multi-Copy Device - A command-line utility to copy from one disk device to many.
Monjo - A Web application that provides a modest monitoring solution.
My Photo Gallery - An advanced Web-based photo gallery designed for ease of use.
my Onlineshop - Very simple, highly flexible, and extremely customizable online shop.
MSS Code Factory - A rule-based artificial intelligence for manufacturing source code.
mOOo Impress Controller - A set of tools used to control slides presentations on OpenOffice.org Impress.
MilkyTracker - A FastTracker 2 inspired music sequencer/tracker.
MPK - A utility to pack multiple attachments into a MIME message.
Mon Petit Site - A Web site made to be a simple family Web site.
Multi Remote Tools - A suite of tools for managing large, distributed environments.
MilcovLib - A PHP library for CLI scripting.
MyDynaWeb - A PHP program for quickly creating a dynamic Web site.
myFriends - Maintains an address list.
mysqldoc - A command-line tool for auto-documenting MySQL schemas.
Mifos - A management information system for the microfinance industry.
MyGuestbook - A simple Guestbook using PHP and MySQL; several languages supported.
Mychem - A chemoinformatics extension for MySQL.
MultiHDD [FUSE] file system - A driver that combines several mount points into one.
Mobile Suite - A set of J2ME midlets with a common UI.
myipsitestatus - X-based site status for dynamic DNS service provided by myip.org.
Mitter - A Twitter client.
MyMan - A text terminal game in the genre of Namco's Pac-Man.
mcmphpsimplecms - A WYSIWYG CMS with search-engine-friendly URLs and easy linking to other pages.
MyClipboard - A cross-platform network shared clipboard.
myNewsSite Configurator - Allows you to create configs for mynewssite.org
mod_auth_pubtkt - A pragmatic Web single sign-on solution for Apache.
MySQL Connector/ODBC - An ODBC driver for MySQL.
metamail - A MIME implementation.
MyOrgBook - An online PHP/MySQL organizer.
MyPhotoAlbum - Web Photo Album in PHP.
Mason Framework - A framework for Web development based on HTML::Mason.
MiaCMS - A content management system.
mimms - An MMS (e.g. mms://) stream downloader.
minibug - A simple two-window debugger for assembler.
myPHPCalendar - A Web-based PHP calendar.
Mylyn-Mantis Repository Connector - An Eclipse Mylyn-Mantis plugin.
ManagIP - A utility to manage TCP/IP addresses on a LAN.
myphpPagetool - A complete package to drive your Web site.
MyPhpTracker - A Web tracking system; shows every page/file a visitor requested.
Mac Mass Mailer for Tiger - A fully-featured mass mailer for Macintosh Tiger to work with mailing lists.
MyQuote II - Display real-time quotes in your tty window or console.
MySQL - A fast SQL database server.
Mac Mass Mailer for Leopard - A fully-featured mass mailer.
Medwars - A game where you make money in the medical profession.
MySQL PHP 2 Postgres - Convert PHP pages written for MySQL into Postgres PHP pages.
MAC M4P Converter - A utility for converting DRM protected iTunes M4P music to MP3 or AAC.
Meerkat - An easy to use SSH tunnel manager built specifically for the Mac.
mySiteMaker - A program to create a Web frontend to a database in no time flat.
Mortgage Loan Calculator - A powerful mortgage/loan calculator widget that you can add to your Web page.
Magic Thumb - A program to expand small images to a large screen using JavaScript.
mysql2pgsql - MySQL to PostgreSQL dump file converter
Mokoi Gaming - A portable game creation platform.
MX 1000 Laser Mouse Driver - A Linux driver for the Logitech MX 1000 Laser Mouse.
mysqldiff - Utility for comparing MySQL database structures.
Metaphone for Brazilian Portuguese - A text transformation algorithm.
Musiql - A SQL-based command-line front-end to MPlayer.
mysqler - A MySQL server performace monitor and report generator.
mescaline - A PHP database editing framework.
mylbhelper - Monitors MySQL and can notify a load balancer of an outage through scripting.
Magic Magnify - A script that magnifies an image upon mouseover.
minisfv - A file checksum manager for SFV files.
mailquotad - A program used in conjunction with exim to check quota at RCPT TO time.
Myth II: Soulblighter for Linux patch - Patch for the battle-strategy game from Loki
MyThreads-Links - A customizable Yahoo-like links manager .
MyTimePunch - A Web-based time punch/time tracker.
mytop - An application similar to top for monitoring a MySQL server.
microregex - A lightweight regular expression matcher.
MZFriends - A very simple, generic database program.
mzxlib - Utility library for MZX-related programs
Mobilemaps - A mobile phone program that manages and displays maps for Tube users.
Mercenary Build System - A software build tool.
Matopeli - A worm game.
Multiple Devices Proxy - An application proxy to communicate with many devices via TCP/IP sockets.
Mama Meera's Cookbook - An easy-to-use recipe management program.
mathnium - An interpreter for numerical computing, data analysis, and graphics.
Mediabird - Collaborative Web 2.0 note taking.
Magic Assistant - A "Magic: The Gathering" card organizer.
mod_imap - An IMAP authentication module for Apache 2.
MySQL Cluster Administration Tools - Tools to help manage clusters of *nix servers, particularly those running MySQL.
md5copy - A program to copy and compute md5 checksums on the fly.
Manent - A backup system.
Music Browser - A lightweight browser/streamer for your music collection.
Moose File System - A fault tolerant, network distributed file system.
MEXTemplate - An XCode template for creating Matlab MEX files.
maven benerator plugin - A plugin that integrates databene benerator with maven 2 builds.
mms2web - mms2web
mod-pop - Apache POP authentication.
microQuestMaker64 - A text adventure creator for the Commodore 64.
MDic - A multilingual dictionary.
mymeeting - MyMeeting is a PHP web application for managing meeting decisions
MQSLoad - A simple tool to load messages from a file into an MQSeries queue.
MQSSave - A simple tool to save messages from an MQSeries queue to a file.
MobileMpd.Net - A Windows Mobile remote control for Music Player Daemon (MPD).
MP3nema - An MP3 analysis, data capturing, and data hiding utility.
MyNmap - A LAMP frontend for managing large nmap scan results.
Mosait - Software for photo mosaic creation.
msx-emul - A simple MSX(-1) emulator.
MonoDecrypt - A program to decrypt messages encrypted with monoalphabetic substitution.
MonoOSC - An openSUSE Build Service (OBS) C# client.
mu - A collection of utilities for searching and indexing maildirs.
mod_cidr_lookup - An Apache module that detects client type by looking up the source IP address.
MyIpTrack - A PHP script that stores the IP addresses you use.
midori JavaScript framework - A JavaScript framework that supports CSS selectors, tabs, AJAX, and drag & drop.
muzikQ - A curses audio player.
My Admin Enterprise - A program to simplify some advanced and basic tasks when working with MySQL.
Mango - A utility to migrate user and application settings between various OSs.
myGtkMenu - A program to display a custom menu.
Merkaartor - A mapping program for OpenStreetMap.
MadButterfly - A GUI toolkit for handheld and embedded systems.
magent - A simple but useful proxy program for memcached servers.
MiniTicTacToe - A one-or-two-player Tic-Tac-Toe game.
movie_collage - Downloads movie posters and arranges them in a collage.
mod_auth_citadel - An Apache HTTPD authentication module for Citadel Groupware Server.
Moonbeam Bookmark Manager - A bookmark manager with metatags.
Mowie - GNOME based graphical netstat
Mobile Hulk - A single player Space Hulk board game for Java-enabled mobile phones.
Mini SNMP Daemon - A minimal, read-only SNMP daemon for embedded systems.
Moccatroller - A remote desktop application for mobile devices.
mordred - A mechanical enineering calculation tool.
mumpot - An OSM map viewing, routing, and limited editing application.
Michael4 - A language similar to Forth.
McDPF - A DPF (Digital Picture Frame Linux) distribution based on DSL.
Mandos - A system to allow unattended reboots with an encrypted root file system.
Mycantos online SMS messager - A script to send online SMS messages through Mycantos.
Math::GSL - A Perl API to the GNU Scientific Library.
Moonlight plugin - An open source Silverlight implementation.
mulopiro - A multiple log pipe rotator.
m0cxx0r - Compiler-generated mock objects for C++.
Maven Integration for Eclipse - Maven Integration for Eclipse
m9u - A 9p-based playlist manager.
MetaModel - A common domain model, query-engine, and optimizer for different datastores.
MQuiz - A simple quiz game.
MediaZoo - A cloud-based media library and player.
mod_icpquery - Extends Apache's mod_rewrite with internal RewriteMap functions.
Mocha - A utility which monitors your network and warns of suspicious activity.
Mirror DSL - A simple DSL layer to make Java Reflection easier.
Monkeysphere - A program that enables you to use OpenPGP to verify ssh connections.
Media Manager - A utility to fetch TV/movie metadata and rename files.
mod_overload - An Apache module to respond to the system load average.
MySpace for Mac - An easy to use MySpaceIM client.
Monster Scripting Language - A programming language for game developers.
MegaBlock - A Tetris clone.
Moonshiner - A graphical frontend for Ghostscript's PS-to-PDF converter.
myarray - A small library that implements arbitrarily-sized homogeneous arrays.
Mathnetics - Mathematical objects and 3D rendering for Javascript and SVG.
Mandarin Mobile Tools Suite - A modular mobile phone suite and software development library.
MOR - An advanced billing and routing solution for telecoms.
mpdscribble - last.fm for MPD.
Machines at War - A real time strategy game where you command hundreds of units.
mutest - A simple micro unit testing framework for C programs.
Me Too - A collection of social Facebook applications.
MyWords Firefox Extension - A handy extension to save you some typing.
MediaWiki::Bot - A MediaWiki bot framework written in Perl.
MASHUP::Keyword - A PHP wrapper for a number of popular Web services.
MCM Backup - PHP/MySQL Web site backup software.
Module::Build - A system for building, testing, and installing Perl modules.
Mobius Program Verification Environment - Development of specifications, programs, and security proofs for Eclipse.
mysqldump parser - A program for processing mysqldump files in the manner of ‘awk’.
myPmps - An information system linking the PMI project management standard to open source
MIN - A unit/integration test framework for C.
Money Manager Ex - Easy-to-use personal finance software
MpcReader - A program that retrieves comet and asteroid orbital data for KStars.
MojoMojo - A Perl/Catalyst-based hierarchical Web 2.0 wiki with AJAX preview, tags, etc.
mtscrape - A tool to save and convert mediathek.zdf.de streams.
METSlib QAP solver - A Tabu Search solver for the quadratic assignment problem.
Mount-gtk - A front end for udisks and mount.
Mime Type Detection Utility - A Java library for detecting file MIME types.
Mollify - A simple and clean Web file manager.
MSAR-W - Multiscale autoregressive modeling with wavelets.
MV3D - A virtual world simulation framework for use with Python.
m2secret - An encryption/decryption module for Python and CLI utility.
MySAC - A simple asynchronous driver for MySQL.
MXit - An instant text messaging program for mobile phones.
Monotone Browser - A graphical browser for examining Monotone VCS repositories.
Monotone::AutomateStdio - A Perl interface to Monotone via automate stdio.
MegaWare Data Encrypter - A very powerful and secure encryption application.
Mephisto Backup 1.2 - Software for simple backups and syncs over a network or locally.
md5chk - A tool for creating MD5 sums more easily from a command shell.
mod_gfx - A configurable Apache module that performs image operations on the fly.
MCM Website Monitor - A Web site monitoring script.
Minnow Programming Language - A concurrent programming language.
Multiplexing Console Manager - A network console manager.
MySQL Workbench - A graphical database design tool for MySQL.
Memo Enables Memory Optimisation - Enhances its user's ability to remember foreign words and phrases via e-mail.
MyCCM High Integrity - A predictable software component framework.
Montezuma - A full-text indexing/search engine library for Common Lisp.
Musca - A dynamic window manager for X11.
mod_timedout - An Apache module for stopping/logging slow HTTP requests.
moserial - A serial terminal.
MobileZX - A ZX Spectrum Emulator for mobile phones.
Marvin - An extensible image processing framework for Java.
Magic Lantern - A "slide show" creation/presentation tool.
MagicSpam - An anti-spam solution for Plesk servers that reduces backscatter and overhead.
MVCnPHP - A model-view-controller implementation in PHP.
moz-hocr-edit - A Firefox extension for editing hOCR documents.
Mudlet - A MUD client.
Mammoth PostgreSQL Replicator - Integrated replication for PostgreSQL.
mk-configure - A lightweight replacement for GNU autoconf.
Maarch LetterBox - A mail-management-oriented DMS application based on Maarch Framework.
Moyobase - A Web application for managing data.
managelogs - A log management program for Apache.
Moa - A Web-based image gallery.
mockinject - A library that supports accurate injection of your mock objects.
MySQL Split Read/Write for Drupal - A patch for Drupal that allows MySQL queries to be split between reads and writes.
mulk - A non-interactive multi-connection network downloader with image filtering.
Muxic - A minimal inteface to the XMMS2 music player.
Modoboa - A Web based application to create, administrate, and use virtual domain hosting platforms.
MakeMKV - A Blu-ray and DVD transcoder.
milter manager - A flexible and low administrative cost anti-spam system.
Mumudvb - A program that multicasts all channels of a DVB transponder on a network.
memventi - Venti with an in-memory index, storing data as plain files.
Mailpictures - A Nautilus extension for sending files as email attachments.
Mac Calls Home - Mac monitoring software that will inform you of its whereabouts if stolen.
MyList - A simple contact manager.
MeetmeAutoMute - A utility to automatically mute Meetme participants for a given conference.
Meep FDTD - Finite-difference time-domain electromagnetism simulation.
MrBOOT - A diskless desktop-streaming terminal server system.
Methanol - A Web crawling system.
mount_vdi - A script for accessing VirtualBox's VDI virtual hard disks.
Multilinux - A Django-based site engine.
Meta.Numerics - Scientific computing for the .NET framework.
minimac - A simple, minimalist, general purpose text macro processor.
Maestro Metronome - A metronome for Linux and Windows.
merlin - A module for endless redundancy and loadbalancing in Nagios.
modified eCommerce Shopsoftware - An online shopping system.
Mailatt - A script to send MIME email with attachments.
melinks - A PyBlosxom plugin that adds a $melinks template variable.
mintty - A lean and simple terminal emulator for Cygwin.
MBFL - A library of functions for the GNU Bash shell.
MP3 Diags - A tool for finding and fixing problems in MP3 files; includes a tagger.
mod_log_post - A module for the Apache Web server to log all HTTP POST messages.
Minbif - An IRC gateway to IM networks.
MoodTrack - Keeps track of medications administered, medication changes, user-defined observations, notes, and events that affect mood and behavior.
Minitube - A YouTube desktop application.
Monster 2 - A nostalgic SNES style RPG.
mpssh - A tool for executing multiple parallel SSH commands.
mmsdec - An application that can decode MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages.
myDBR - A Web-based reporting system for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
Migrations - A database refactoring and migration tool for safely changing databases and rolling back.
MirrorBrain - A download redirector and metalink generator.
myPatterns - A customizable pattern matching library.
Mutabor - A program to perform microtunings and interactive tuning logic in MIDI environments.
mkESA - An Enhanced Suffix Array construction tool.
marvin-chrome - A chrome extension for redditors.
Mythryl - SML/NJ with a POSIX face.
Maven Android Plugin - An easy-to-use Maven plugin for Android.
Micro Tetris - A very small Tetris clone for embedded systems.
macchanger - A bash script for changing MAC addresses in a few different ways.
Multi Threaded Daemon - enhanced - A PHP daemon that spawns multiple parallel threads.
MQ File Mover - Software designed to move files using WebSphere MQ (aka MQSeries).
MQ Port Scan - Scans a range of ports for a given server looking for a queue manager's MCA.
Message Multiplexer - Gets a message from a queue and outputs it to one or more queues.
Message Router - Moves a message from a central queue to a specific application queue.
MEO - An application to encrypt or decrypt files of any type.
Markdown Doclet - A Javadoc doclet which allows Markdown to be used in comments.
MAPDAV - A More Accurate Password Dictionary Attack Vector.
MQ Channel Monitor - A package designed to gather and to display the status of MQ channels of the queue manager.
Make It True - A Web application for algebra practice.
morituri - A CD ripper that aims for accuracy over speed.
MiniD - A fast embeddable extensible scripting language for the D programming language.
MySQLfs - A FUSE filesystem backed by MySQL.
myfiles - A Web application to control file uploads and downloads.
Mappa - A Topic Maps engine.
Membrane SOAP Router - An intermediary for SOAP messages based on a Java HTTP proxy.
MasterM - A Unix Master Mind game which evaluates your performance on every game.
MySQLBackup - A MySQL backup utility for sysadmins and users.
meow - A markup language.
Mazzuoro! - A strategy board game that is an exact remake of the classic mancala game.
MooseX::SingletonMethod - Singleton methods in Moose.
Molly - A standalone tool for literate programming that creates folding HTML docs on the fly.
MapZoom - Software for building dynamic Web interactive maps.
mysql-diff - A commandline database structure comparator.
Micro Snake - A very small Snake clone for embedded systems.
Miro - A non-profit video player and podcast client.
moxi - A memcached proxy and more.
mkgmap - A program to create maps for Garmin devices from OpenStreetMap data.
mod_asn - An Apache module to look up routing data.
MarkEmptyDirs - Manages placeholder files within empty directories; useful for version control systems without support for versioning empty directories.
minidom - A minimized, quick and dirty dom/path c++ library.
MerakoGPS - A flexible GPS RD platform in which FPGA acts as the correlator and NiosII or ARM acts as the CPU.
mussort - A simple commandline music sorting program.
mailit - A Unix command line mailer supporting attachments.
msfetch - A commandline email utility for Microsoft Exchange OWA 2000, 2003, and 2007.
MckoiDDB - A distributed database.
Mr Filter - An analog active filter design assistant.
Monte Carlo Simulations - MCS is a tool to estimate the project's time.
Mix2ool - An integrated PHP and JavaScript framework for developing Websites.
Mobbler - A Last.fm radio player and scrobbler for Symbian smartphones.
Movie Crammer - A video player with a keyboard interface.
MythRip - A GUI to export recordings from MythTV.
mqmonq - A performance monitor for the WebSphere MQ series.
MyUI - A JavaScript cross-browser library.
mailcp - A simple program to copy from one mailbox to another.
mumufs - A Linux virtual file system to support IPC of type many-to-many.
MData - A meta data manager.
MQ Visual Edit - A program to view, manipulate, and manage messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ (formally MQSeries) queue manager.
MQ Visual Browse - Software to view messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ (formally MQSeries) queue manager.
MQ Batch Toolkit - Software to manipulate, monitor, and manage messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ (formally MQSeries) queue manager from a command-line or shell scripting environment.
MQ Authenticate User Security Exit - A solution for authenticating users accessing a WebSphere MQ resource.
MQ Channel Encryption - A solution for encrypting MQ message data.
MQ Standard Security Exit - A solution to control and restrict who accesses a WebSphere MQ resource.
minili - An extremely minimal Linux distribution.
MIDI to MP3 Converter for Mac - An application that converts MIDI to MP3 with SoundFonts.
Mylene200 - A Mylene multiclient extension server.
M Pagination - A tool to split large result sets over multiple pages.
Moonlight HDR Viewer - A GPU-accelerated HDR image viewer.
MQWhat - A tool for documenting which MQ components are installed and active on a particular server.
Mestat - A program to gather and display memcache stats for Google App Engine.
Module-Crypt - Software to encrypt your Perl code and compile it into XS.
Mac-Carbon - Perl modules for accessing the Mac OS Carbon API.
mpflow - An album cover browser for MPD.
mpf - A program to manage password files.
Mireka - A mail server and SMTP proxy with detailed logging, statistics, and built-in, fail-fast filters.
Mysql Done Right - A class providing simple use of prepared queries with caching.
myTV - An RSS feed scraper for favorites lists from tvtorrents.com or showRSS.
Metta - An OS for mobile, multimedia, and social applications.
MnemonicFS - An information filing system.
MapSlipper Toolkit - Scripts for creating slippy maps from BSB or raster scans.
Mistletoe - A JUnit extension for integration testing.
Morris - An implementation of the Nine Men's Morris board game.
MacFreelance - An application for invoicing, billing and managing clients.
Maze - A game formerly known as Labyrinth.
MetriC++ - A Sonar plugin and a "MetricsAnalytics clone" that analyzes the total quality related to your C++ code.
MOStvd - Middleware for Brazilian digital television.
Mass Mailer for Mac - A high-performance bulk email sending program.
MySQL Connector/Python - A pure Python DB API interface to MySQL.
mkdoc - A C/C++ documentation tool.
MasterSoft Video Player - A Flash and Quicktime player component for Joomla 1.5.x.
Midi Converter for Mac - A program designed to convert MIDI music files into other popular mainstream formats.
metanomon - A desktop DokuWiki editor and browser.
megatux - An action platform shooter game starring Tux.
Mahatma68k - A Motorola 68000 emulation in pure Java.
Mindbender - A small and simple Mastermind-like game.
manumission - A simple utility for the creation of HTML Help (.chm) files.
Multibyte Keyword Generator - A PHP class to extract keywords from multi-byte text.
MileTrak - Software that makes tracking your mileage easy.
Mortgage Calculator - A mortgage calculator that can be embedded into Web sites.
milter archiver - A flexible milter archiver in Perl (mail archiving).
MIM:InfiniX - A multisite and multilanguage CMS.
MindMap - An application to create simplified mind map documents.
Meditate Web Content Editor - A PHP-based CMS.
MaxiCom - A serial port terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop.
minmad - A minimal libmad-based MP3 player.
mCommerce WebKit UI - A mobile commerce UI for WebKit-enabled mobile devices.
Mockmma - A program that uses wxMaxima to evaluate a small subset of commands in the syntax of Mathematica.
Movgrab - A command-line movie downloader for various video Web sites.
mempattern - A utility to generate bit patterns on address and data lines on memory buses.
MPD_sima - A script to automatically add a title to your MPD playlist.
Maarch Entreprise - An enterprise-class archival and document management system.
Mission X - A 2D arcade shooter.
mysqlviz - A program to render a graphical representation of a MySQL database from a mysqldump file.
mdz - A Mandelbrot set image generator which can use arbitrary precision maths to zoom into really deep corners.
Malheur - A tool that provides automatic analysis of malware behavior.
metatrace - A C++ compile-time ray tracer.
MiniINI - A fast and minimalistic INI/CFG file parser.
MySQL database manager - An admin interface to manage your MySQL database.
MySQL data into array - A PHP class to create and retrieve data from a MySQL table.
mmq - A minimalist music queue program.
mpath-tools - Failover and load balancing between multiple ISP made easy.
morsegif - A tool which converts text to a blinking animated GIF signalling the text in morse code.
M4V Converter Plus - A tool that converts purchased M4V files to unprotected MP4 or MOV files.
Mandelbrot 3D - A Mandelbrot set viewer and 3D renderer.
Metawidget - A "smart user interface widget" that populates itself, at runtime, with UI components to match the properties of your business objects.
MySql Slide Show Class - A class that creates slide show galleries from images in a MySQL database table.
MammothCopy - An easy way to directly transfer files over the Internet.
Monikop - Allows automated rsync between unconnected hosts.
MCM - A set of tools that ease the management of several connections to servers.
MASH - A modular, automated script harness.
mandoc - A Unix manual page compiler.
Midipoke - A way to use your laptop touchpad as a MIDI controller.
Moose - Simple, slick XML marshalling for Java.
MuDownManager - A program for managing downloads from Megaupload for premium members.
Moodle Reporting - A collection of tools for extracting reports and statistics from your Moodle installation.
modu - A pragmatic Web framework.
Marave - A full-screen distraction-free editor.
ModAssert - A portable C++ library with 144 variations of the ASSERT macro.
MBase - MBase is a programming language for .NET and Mono
MIDI Sight Reader - Scrolling notes with audio confirmation for piano and guitar
mod_authn_dovecot - A Dovecot authentication module for Apache.
MutekH - Exokernel based OS for embedded and System on Chip platforms
Moomis - Business tools for Moodle.
mailxel - A personal mail store and mail client with a focus on the management and organization of high volume mail boxes.
mi - A potential deadlocks analyzer.
Missus - A PHP class providing a simple API for connecting to an XMPP server.
MT4j - Java multi-touch framework
Minesweeper 3K - A minesweeper game.
mount_dd - A little tool for mounting a dd image.
Memonaut - A note making application.
Mr Bix - A sort of TCP proxy.
MiMViC - A micro MVC framework that embraces PHP 5.3.
MikroConf - An embedded Linux administration interface.
Microwebber - A Web browser.
Muesli - A multiple utility, evaluation, and scripting language Interface.
Mana - A 2D MMORPG platform.
MemoVerse - A Bible verse memorization tool.
mbox2imap - A tool to migrate mailbox formatted mail messages to an IMAP server.
Membrane SOAP/HTTP Monitor - A SOAP and HTTP monitoring proxy.
Menace of the Mines - A roguelike game in Common Lisp.
MultiVNC - A cross-platform, Multicast-enabled VNC viewer.
MADAL - A database access layer to quickly generate AJAX enabled Web-pages and manage MySQL tables using AJAX.
maildirs - A program that reports the existence of maildirs within a directory tree.
minipush - A RESTful Comet (HTTP Push) server that does not use any JavaScript libraries.
MorseLab - A Morse code training system.
Mediacore - A video platform.
Molinos CMS - A modular CMS built with PHP and XSLT.
Matreshka - A framework for developing information systems in Ada.
maven-license-plugin - A plugin to deal with license issues on a Maven project.
MS Project Viewer - A viewer that can open any MS Project file type.
Managed TFTP Server - A TFTP server.
MaheshaBSD - A FreeBSD Live CD/Live USB distribution.
Mahotas - An image processing library for Python.
mediAvatar iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac - A program to produce iPhone ringtones from nearly any video and audio.
MeteoIO - A meteorological I/O and data preprocessing library.
MumPI - A Mumble Web interface in PHP.
mod_sass - An Apache HTTPD module for automatic SASS compilation.
Multi-Dimensional Data Structure - A collection of multi-dimensional data structure and indexing algorithm.
machiNET autoresponder - An auto-responder for Postfix with LDAP users
masqmail - A mail transport agent for intermittently connected hosts.
mod_reserve - A resource reservation module for Apache 2.x.
MO Auto add terms - A Drupal 6.x module to automatically assign terms to your nodes based on their content.
Multicrush - A script that parallelizes pngcrush.
Milk - A Python machine learning toolkit.
Messager - A cross-platform home network messaging tool.
Miscellaneous Container Templates - A fast implementation of hash tables for C++.
mucomp - A browser-based local area music player.
MyJIT - A small library allowing you to compile an intermediate language into the machine code and subsequently execute it.
mod_okioki - An Apache HTTPD module that offers a RESTful data service with a PostgresQL server.
mika - A business mobility application framework.
mm2s5 - A FreeMind (.mm) to S5 HTML presentation converter.
MoCo - Monitoring and control system software.
mbrChunker - A multipurpose tool used for converting dd images to vmdk files, MBR partition analysis, and hex pattern searching.
mcwm - A minimalistic window manager for X11.
MyANT DNS - A Web frontend for BIND DLZ.
Mnemonics - A password generator for Mac OS X.
MSBLayout LayoutManager - A layout manager for Java AWT and Swing.
MyPages - A simple content management system.
mod_gnutls - Provides SSL/TLS encryption for Apache.
MicroSweeper - An optionally deterministic Minesweeper-like game.
Musique - Just another music player, only better.
MiFi Status - A system tray application to report on Mi-Fi status.
mailing-lists-sieve - A utility to generate and upload Sieve scripts for mailing lists.
Makeflow - A workflow engine for executing large complex applications on clusters, clouds, and grids.
myBill - A money flow management application.
mkconfig - A build configuration utility.
modelbook - A social network framework.
Minix editline - A readline() equivalent without dependencies on ncurses.
MTS2MP4 - A tool that converts MTS or AVCHD files to MP4.
Multi-OTP - A PHP class to authenticate and manage OTP user tokens for strong authentication.
Mitsuba renderer - A physically based renderer.
Massh - A tool for executing commands and transmitting file on remote systems in parallel.
Mockemail - A self-contained email server and Web viewer for helping to test mail-based applications.
MQL - A PHP class that wraps the use of the MySQL and MySQLi extensions.
massadmin - A program to send multiple system commands to a group of remote servers simultaneously using concurrent processes.
mrtoms - An IRC bot written in Scala.
mgmt - Manage your files and data, and manage the metadata.
maven-buildmetadata-plugin - A Maven 2 plugin that helps you easily add build metadata to generated archive artifacts.
Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu - A script for building a desktop environment from a command-line install.
MAF - A floating point number compressor.
myCrop - A crop/farm management and analysis tool.
MiniCalendar.class - A Java class that creates a small calendar that provides a user interface for choosing a date.
MyNotex - Note taking and note management software.
MDIFramework - A ready-to-use architecture to ease the creation of MDI-style applications in Java.
MDIUtilities - A set of utility classes that can be used for Desktop application development.
MakeKit - A build system for POSIX environments.
moneyGuru - A personal finance management application.
musicGuru - A music management utility.
MOLGENIS - A rapid Web application generator with UI, R, Java, SOAP, and REST interfaces.
Maxi80 - A Shoutcast player for listening to Maxi80, a French eighties Web radio station.
Metasploit Express - An easy-to-use penetration testing tool for security professionals.
MariaDB - A branch of MySQL that is community developed, feature enhanced, and backward compatible.
MyQoS Free Version - Bandwidth management software.
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus - Help desk and asset management software that is ITIL ready.
MyMediaLite - A lightweight, multi-purpose library of recommender system algorithms.
M3UtoXSPF - A utility that converts M3U playlists to XSPF.
mySSUS - A service to manage a set of short URLs.
myparse - A PHP/MySQL framework that works everywhere.
MarvinEditor - Simple image editing software that uses Marvin Framework plug-ins.
metagloss - An Android library aimed at reducing boilerplate code.
MPIBurn - An MPI unicast benchmark.
Muli - Construction accounting software.
Machette - An interactive regular expression tester.
MahewinSexyUrl - A URL shortener.
MongoVision - A rich Web frontend for MongoDB.
MyMobile SMS Transfer - A tool for backing up and restoring SMS on Windows Mobile.
ModuLiq - A modular liquid CSS Web CMS.
METAMOD - A portal solution providing discovery, access, and retrieve functionality for scientific datasets.
MSGViewer - A viewer for Outlook MSG files.
Module-Format - Convert and manipulate strings representing Perl modules and CPAN distributions.
Mail2Web - An email-to-Web gateway.
MyDLP - A data leak prevention solution.
mailwatch - A tool to show the subjects of new email messages in your Maildir hierarchy.
meinheld - A high performance asynchronous Python WSGI Web server.
Membase - A distributed key-value database management system, optimized for storing data behind interactive Web applications.
Maatkit - A toolkit for users, developers, and administrators of open-source databases.
Morpheus - A configuration engine that completely separates consumers from providers.
Myaterial - A Web application to keep track of your sewing collection.
Mojolicious - A modern complete Perl Web framework.
Math-Random-Xorshift - A random number generator using the Xorshift algorithm.
Multi-Anexos - A PHP class to compose and send email messages with attachments.
mru_manager - A PHP module to access the most recently used items in a Web application.
Mascot - A style checker for Objective Caml sources.
MQ Auditor - A solution to audit and track all MQ API calls performed by MQ applications that are connected to a queue manager.
Mcc HTML Mapper - A program to create image maps for the Web.
Mozart's Musical Dice Game Add-On for XBMC - An XBMC add-on to generate a random waltz theme following Mozart's Musical Dice Game.
musutil - Utilties to work with a music collection.
MySQLBix - A MySQL monitoring tool for Zabbix.
malmon - A realtime backdoor/exploit detecting tool.
MSR Tools - Tools for mining software repositories.
mutt themes - Extra themes for mutt targeted at 256-color xterms.
MythMiner - A recommendation system for MythTV using RapidMiner.
Maniac - A tool designed to automate the comparison and the validation of multiple variants of a same program.
My Bookkeeping Manager - A bookkeeping application aimed at contractors and freelancers.
Melon MailServer - A simple mail server emulator for developers.
MooTools FileManager - A file manager for the Web that allows you to view, upload, and modify files and folders via your browser.
Mirror C++ reflection library - A compile-time/run-time reflection utility for C++.
MakePAK - A tool for creating Quake .PAK files.
musl - A new implementation of the standard library for Linux-based systems.
MPF-player - A streaming MP3 player.
Moscrack - A cross platform multi-node parallel WPA cracker.
Mayan EDMS - A document manager Web application with custom metadata indexing, file serving integration, and OCR capabilities.
MinopsOS - A tiny PC operating system.
Moterako - A Semantic Web operating system.
Monitoringplug - A collection of monitoring plugins for Nagios.
MP3 Host - A media CGI server.
Magmi - A mass importer for the Magento e-commerce system.
MundoCore - A lightweight and easy-to-use communication middleware to integrate heterogeneous systems.
mtCellEdit - A lightweight spreadsheet program.
MQRC2 - A program that displays MQ reason code information from the MQ manual
Minesweeper - A clone of the classic Minesweeper game.
Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner - A multi-threaded TCP port scanner.
mod-icon-geom - A command line utility that allows the user to set the KDE 4 desktop icons' height and width, individually or as a group.
MQ Message Encryption - A solution that provides encryption for MQ message data.
MovieFetch - A tool to get movie info from IMDb.
Milos RTOS - A real time operating system.
mochad - A TCP gateway daemon for the X10 CM15A, CM15Pro, and CM19A home automation controllers.
Macsome iTunes Converter - An application to convert music into different formats, preserving tags and removing DRM.
Macsome AudioBook Converter for Mac - A tool that converts audio books to MP3 and AAC.
mplayer2 - A video player.
MailChariot - A spam filter that integrates with your normal mail flow.
Moqui Framework - An all-in-one, enterprise-ready application framework based on Groovy and Java.
Mail-DeliveryStatus-BounceParser - A Perl extension to analyze bounce messages.
Mac Informer - A tool that notifies you about software updates.
MALODOS - Digital asset management software written with simplicity, portability, and open format in mind.
mod_sendmail - A restful HTTP to SMTP gateway for Apache httpd.
mod_processdsn - An Apache httpd module to expose delivery status notifications restfully
mailhttp - A JavaMail transport for the mod_sendmail HTTP to SMTP gateway.
MQRC2-GUI - Interprets an MQ reason code number, MQ reason code symbol, or AMQ message number and display the relevant information from the WebSphere MQ Messages manual.
mod_baik - An Apache HTTP server side implementation of the BAIK programming language.
MDArrayEngine - A multi-dimensional array class for JavaScript.
Marble - A virtual globe and world atlas.
Markdown taglib - A tag library to render Markdown text to HTML.
Moneychanger - A GUI for Open Transactions (untraceable digital cash.)
Magic Boot USB - Boot Linux from a pendrive on any computer.
modbus_get - A simple tool that retrieves information from Modbus devices over IP.
MuLaViTo - A multi-layer visual tool.
Maven License Verifier Plugin - A Maven plugin for checking the licenses of artifacts.
MilanUI - A user interface kit for interactive appliances.
MotorCycle BlackJack - A standalone blackjack game with configurable motorcycle imagery.
MeeGo - A Linux-based mobile and embedded operating system.
MineCrisis - A 3D action game in which the player controls a spaceship.
MN Viewer - A lightweight network monitoring framework for use on mobile phones.
MochiPHP - A lightweight framework for PHP (Component and Page Oriented design with simple Object Persistence).
mprfgen - A multi-port register file generator.
Meshtool - An Eclipse-based mesh network toolkit.
MVC.ApiExplorer - A component that can help you to explore all actions of a controller in an ASP.NET MVC project.
Mothership - An easy configuration and asset management system.
meshtool - A tool for manipulating mesh data.
Maximus - A module manager for BlitzMax.
mutalatex - A program for comparing LaTeX files.
Mother - WebApps framework
Media Server Control Panel - An Icecast2 + AutoDJ management interface.
MibianLib - An options pricing library
MySQLi Query - A class for executing queries from parameter lists using MySQLi.
MyDeb - A personal configuration manager for Debian GNU/Linux.
Music theory - A PHP class to generate music scales and chords.
Mole - A crowd-sourced WiFi geopositioning daemon.
Marquee - An object to display a marquee that scrolls automatically.
MyWebSQL - A Web based, WYSIWYG database client.
Murmur - A MurmurHash v.3 Linux shell binary and PHP extension.
Mod_dosblock - An apache module for DoS protection.
Media Embed - A PHP class to embed video and images from remote sites.
MPC - A C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision and correct rounding of the result.
mw-slidy - A Mediawiki extension for slide presentations through HTML Slidy.
Mee5 - See5 decision tree runtime bindings.
mpegend - A utility that fixes the end of MPEG files.
MinimalModbus - A Python module for the Modbus RTU protocol.
MakeHuman - Software for the modelling of 3D humanoid characters.
MCPlayerEdit - A command line player and inventory editor for Minecraft.
MySmartBB - A bulletin board system.
mixd.tv - An application for discovering video from online sources and viewing that content on the go.
Maveryx - A tool for automated functional testing, regression testing, GUI testing and data-driven testing.
mtgox_api - A Python implentation of the Mt Gox API.
mxHero - A platform for email enhancing plugins.
MeOr - A message editor for Java applications.
Mogwai ERDesignerNG - Java based 2D & 3D database design and modelling tool
McCaskill Weather Centre - A graphical desktop client that interfaces with USB weather devices.
mptsd - An MPEG SPTS to MPTS multiplexer.
Mobiscroll - A wheel scroller user control optimized for touch screens.
Multicast Tool - A command-line tool to test/debug multicast applications.
Markowik - A tool that converts Markdown to Google Code Wiki.
mDNS Responder with Unicast - A tool that responds to mDNS queries on the network by using a unicast DNS server.
MmodD - PDE modular modeling software.
Multipe Image Resizer Script - A PHP class which can resize images in several ways.
MoxesTemplate - A PHP template engine.
Mobile Lua - Lua with mobility and persistence.
MerchantTribe - A shopping cart for ASP.NET, MVC, and C#.
MinuteMan - A work time tracker.
musicd - A music indexing and streaming server.
MacroFusion - A tool for combining photos to get greater DOF/DR.
Murder - Finger for the Web.
Metacza - A language that compiles to C++ Meta Template Language.
mlmmj-archiver - A hypermail wrapper script for mlmmj.
mxml2abc - A converter for MusicXML to ABC music notation.
Medical iPad and iPhone Icons - A collection of 250 medical icons for the iOS developer.
MSAProbs - A protein multiple sequence alignment algorithm.
MOEA Framework - A Java framework for multiobjective optimization.
MuLaNEO - Design and provisioning of resilient multi-layer networks.
Media Tagger - An application that auto-tags audio files.
mungempo - A command line tool to create stereo pairs or anaglyphs from .MPO files.
Micro Signage - A digital signage platform.
MinionJS - Cross-platform and cross-browser classical inheritance in JavaScript.
mod_rangelimit - An Apache module to protect against DoS attacks using the Range header
mod_ipblock - A module which aims to provide protection from aggressive clients.
MrsWatson - A commandline audio plugin host.
MetaFTPD - An FTP server with unusual features.
mdepub - A tool to use Pandoc and Calibre to compile Markdown text to Epub, with source included in the Epub.
Megabolt - A cross-platform download manager.
myHWT - A homework management tool for teams.
mod_pLua - An Apache2 module for displaying preprocessed Lua with a PHP-like syntax.
Mutiara - An application for creating intricate motifs to adorn borders.
MyVDrive - A cross platform virtual file system.
Mundus - A tool that cleans your /home folder of old configuration files.
MSS - A music statistics server.
Marley - A framework for quickly building RESTful Web services and applications.
MMLi - A simplistic Music Macro Language interpreter.
MrWhite - A poor man's torch.
msnake - A simple console-based snake game.
MiniDLNA - A lightweight DLNA server.
mycelium - An information retrieval system.
Mouf PHP framework - A framework providing an easy way to download, install, use, and reuse components, with a graphical user interface.
mongo4ben - A plugin that adds mongoDB support to Benerator.
MAS::TIFF - Pure Perl TIFF image metadata and sample reading.
Magic 360 - A JavaScript tool for spinning images 360 degrees.
Mafia MAven FItnesse Adaptor - A Maven FitNesse plugin.
mod_entropy - An Apache module that creates random numbers using HTTP requests.
Muninwalk - A command line interface for Munin.
Microcal - A micro PHP calendar.
MapReduce-BitDew - MapReduce (a la Hadoop) for large-scale distributed systems.
Mt.Gox trader - An auto-trader for bitcoins at Mt.Gox.
Medusa - A simple music player.
mycloudportal - An enterprise cloud management solution.
Magento Blog - A blog extension for Magento.
METAXPON - An audio time-scaling library.
Mercurial HeadQuarter - A Web service for managing Mercurial repositories.
mhVTL - A Linux-based virtual tape library.
Mintboard - PHP forum software focused on usability.
Miramath - An Open Source project inspired by MathCad.
MightyString - Ruby string manipulation with filtering, substitution, deletion, indexing, and more.
Macsome Audio Recorder - A tool to record any audio on Mac OS X.
MeanWalker - Creation of samples from probability distributions.
MaheshaDragonBSD - A DragonFly Live USB distribution.
Mapito - Creation of map portals in a few steps.
Mr.Java - A Java IDE that's one step above a command line interface, but not quite as confusing as an IDE.
MiniMagAsm - A Mini CMS, written in assembly language.
myColors - A color generating tool for Web designers.
mdp - A minimalist password safe.
MOTDstat - A program to dynamically generate motd with current system information.
Madrona - A software framework for effective place-based decision making.
Mroonga - A fast full-text search engine for MySQL.
myCarousel - A jQuery plugin used to create a responsive, infinite image carousel.
MBSL - A set of Makefiles to create a Linux image for the Xilinx MicroBlaze (FPGA) soft processor.
Memoreek - A memory puzzle game.
mdShow - A Markdown presentations generator.
md2web - Another markdown-based website generator.
mechanize for java - A stateful HTTP/HTML client implemented in Java.
Mokka - A motion kinematics and kinetics analyzer.
MUSE filesystem - Merging of multiple filesystems into one.
MaheshaNetBSD - A NetBSD LiveUSB distribution.
mail_fetch - A system for retrieving and filtering mail from IMAP accounts.
Metakit - Hybrid relational / hierarchical data model w/ column-wise internal storage.
Mind Map Architect - A mind mapping and brainstorming tool.
MetaWareJ - A Java framework for creating Web-based business applications effectively and efficiently.
Moodle_Videoconference - A videoconference extension for Moodle.
MonoDevelop - A GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages.
Mobile Spy - A cell phone monitoring application.
muddog - A simple utility that monitors and manages processes for high availability.
Multiple Eyepairs Only - A project to encrypt data for a group of people.
Monsti - A simple and resource-efficient CMS for private and small business sites.
MailGuidance - A Web-based Procmail ruleset manager.
MBassador - A Java-based (message) event bus system.
Multiple upload files - An AJAX script (with PHP and JavaScript) that can be used to upload multiple files in the same time
Multiple Select Dropdown List with AJAX - An script which dynamically create multiple Select lists with data from a MySQL table.
Master Log - A centralized SSH authentication system with various capabilities.
Marsk Article Directory - Create your very own Article Directory with ease
Monitoring-Spooler - Queueing and delivery of notifications.
MTK-MySQLBackup - A MySQL backup application
MailSnail - A simple mail collecting arcade game for kids.
MuninLive - A way to turn munin into a realtime monitoring solution.
modern computer flatboat - A mobile PDF reader.
Mac Photo Recovery - Restoration of damaged digital images.
msitools - Windows Installer tools.
Mac Screen Recorder Studio - Advanced screencasting software.
MemoryGame.js - A memory game written in JavaScript.
Middleman.js - A library for hooking into third party libraries.
MassText - A tool for sending text messages to multiple phones simultaneously.
MASTIFF - A static analysis automation framework.
Meson - An experiment to determine optimal syntax and structure for a build system.
MMC Card Recovery Software - Software that retrieves missing files securely.
Me and My Shadow - A puzzle/platform game.
MAC Bulk SMS Software for Android Phones - A utility for broadcasting SMS messages.
Metrix++ - A platform that provides metrics to evaluate, control, and improve the maintainability aspect of your source code.
MongoMongo - An Object-Document-Mapper (ODM) for MongoDB.
MyRad4PHP - RAD for PHP with MySQL, to generate applications in seconds.
MaheshaBSD Server - An easy WordPress and file server that boots off a USB flash drive.
Mac Parental Control - Software that records chat conversations, keystrokes, emails, and Internet actions.
Mapa da Cultura - A Web tool for mapping cultural entities, equipment, and artists in Brazil.
MegaGlest - A 3D real-time strategy game in medieval/fantasy setting.
MaheshaOpenBSD Server - A turnkey WordPress/FTP/Apache server on a flash drive.
MetaPath - Metabolic pathway visualisation and analysis.
mf2t/t2mf for Unix - A port of Piet van Oostrum's MIDI file manipulation utilities.
Multi-Level Menu Creator - An AJAX Script to create multiple level menus.
Mnix - A GNU/Linux distribution.
Mtpkg - A package manager.
megatools - A Mega.co.nz client library and tools.
monkeysay - A monkey that gives random quotes.
Magento Extension For IP Restrictions - Magento restriction of access by an IP or group of IPs.
Multiple Drop-Down Select Lists Creator - An Ajax script for creating drop-down select lists
Magento News And Press Release Extension - An extension which creates a separate page for an admin to publish news related to product and services.
Magneato - A Java-based structured CMS.
malloc_count - Tools for runtime memory usage analysis and profiling.
Multi-Sandbox Lua Engine - Tight sandboxes for Lua.
Memview - A memory trace visualizer using valgrind.
meetmint - A meeting minutes tool for Web browser.
Maintenance BoonEx Dolphin Module - A module that sets your BoonEx Dolphin site into maintenance mode.
Midao JDBC - A library that simplifies development with JDBC.
Monibot - A graphical database monitoring application.
Magento Partial Payment - An installment facility and layaway solution for Magneto.
markov.sql - Higher Order Markov Chains in SQL(ite).
MAMEHub - A cross-platform networked game system with MAME.
MockMockWeb - A tool for mocking up a website in seconds.
MagicMin - A class that merges and minifies and JavaScript and CSS files.
MEVEO - A billing system for mediation, rating, invoicing, payment, dunning, and composition.
MediaFire Shell - Console access to your MediaFire account.
Magento Engagement Registry - A wishlist extension for Magento.
minify - A CSS and JavaScript minifier.
Magento Knowledge Base - A Magento extension which adds a knowledge base (FAQ) section to each product page.
Miniflux - A minimalist news reader.
MaPA Answers - A user friendly questions and answers script.
mazeman - A maze puzzle game.
Magento Social Login - A Magento extension that allows logins to your site using social media accounts.
Magento Refer a Friend - A Magneto extension that allows customers to refer your store to their friends.
Magento Custom Options - A Magento extension that allows admins to product templates with custom options.
Magento Image Cloud Zoom - A Magneto extension for displaying product images from different angles.
Magento More Views - A Magento extension that displays different images of a product.
Magento Recurring Payment - A Magneto extension that implements subscription payments.
Magento Product Video - A Magento extension for showing images and videos of your product.
Magento Call for Price - A Magento extension that displays custom text in place of “ADD TO CART”.
Magento Custom Price - A Magento extension that lets customers decide what price to pay according to their budget.
Magento Deposit Payment - A Manento extension that provides the flexibility to pay for a product in instalments.
Magento AJAX Cart - A Magento extension that replaces the “ADD TO CART” button with a popup AJAX window.
Magento ANZ - A Magneto module for the ANZ eGate payment system.
Magento Daily Deals - A Magneto extension that showcases products for a specified duration.
Magento Gift Certificate - A Magento extension that adds gift certificates.
Magento Speedup - A Magento extension that increases the speed of your store.
Magento Reward Points - A Magneto extension that adds loyalty reward points.
mobiki - A wiki for the mobile world.
M-Pin Strong Authentication System - An in-browser 2-factor authentication system.
MIRACL - An SDK for easily implementing big number cryptography into your real world applications.
MPDisco - A team-controlled music server based on mpd.
Magento Store Locator - A Magento extension that adds Google Maps for your stores.
Magento One Page Checkout - A Magento extension that reduces the default six step checkout process to one step.
make3_80-sh - A compatibility layer for GNU make 3.80.
Magento Search Extension - Advanced search features for Magento-based stores.
Magento Just Sold It - A Magento extension which diplays the last sold product in the sidebar.
MagentoWePay - A Magento extension which enables Magento stores to use the WePay payment gateway.
MandelQt - A Mandlebrot explorer.
MySQL Cluster import - A script that allows a large number of databases to be migrated from a MySQL server to a cluster.
MLPACK - A scalable C++ machine learning library.
Magento Length & Width-Based Price Calculator - Price calculations for Magento sites.
Magento Dynamic Pricing Extension - Dynamic prices based on dimensions provided by customers.
Magento Customer Specific Pricing - A Magento extension that allows customers to bargain for products.
MendelsLand - A program for experimenting with the Mendelian law.
Magento PayPal Adaptive And Split Payments - An extension which allows store owners to split payments and transfer parallel payments.
MixERP - An ERP solution.
Magento Rotating Banner - A rotating banner extension for Magento.
Magento 404 - A Magento extension for customizing 404 pages.
mathpump - A remote collaboration tool.
mod_statistics for Apache - An Apache SNMP interface for (v)hosts and aliases.
Magento Google Maps - An extension which allows visitors to find the location of multiple stores.
Maniac Downloader - A download accelerator.
MQ Channel Auto Creation Manager - A MQ CHAD exit.
Magento Events Manager - A Magento extension for managing events.
midifilter - A MIDI filter that uses the ALSA MIDI libraries to provide configurable filtering functionality.
Magento Ajax Add To Cart - A Magento extension that adds Ajax to functionality.
Magento Abandoned Cart Reminder Extension - A Magento extension that sends automatic emails to remind customers about abandoned carts.
Morse - A simple morse code translator for the command line interface.
Magento API Client - A Magento API client.
Mirage programming language - An esoteric programming language.
MorseCodr - A program for practising Morse code communication.
Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player - A universal Blu-ray player.
Muse Proxy - A customizable proxy server for rewriting and Web Access Management.
Magnifier.js - A JavaScript library that provides a magnifying glass effect for images.
Microweber - A drag-and-drop Web content management system.
Magento Order Attributes - A Magento order attribute extension that allows store owners to add custom fields to the checkout page.
Magento Advance Testimonials - A Magento extension that implements reviews.
Messenger++ - A multi-protocol instant messaging client for Android.
Music Stream Vote - A WordPress plugin and IRC bot which collect votes on what's playing now in your IceCast music station.
msg-rpc - Bidirectional RPC support over a simple message interface, e.g. WebSocket.
Magento One Page Checkout extension - A Magento extension that makes all checkout steps appear together in a single page.
Magento Store Locator Extension - A Magento extension that adds a page showing information for physical stores.
Magento Media Gallery Extension - Media file management on Magento.
Mapcrafter - A fast map renderer for Minecraft.
Magento Product Videos - A Magento extension for embedding product videos.
Magento POS - A Magento extension that adds point of sale functions to the admin panel.
Mantle Business Artifacts - Business artifacts including data model and service library for common business processes.
Magento Reward Points extension - A Magento extension that gives buyers points when they register, purchase products, and share links.
Magento Invoice Email Extension - A Magento extension to send multiple copies of an invoice to multiple email addresses.
Mac Blu-ray Player - A Blu-ray player for Macs.
MultiExperiment Viewer - A versatile microarray data analysis tool.
MW by Milan Kazarka - A low footprint embedded UI framework.
Magento Ajax Catalog Extension - A Magento extension that implements an Ajax 'more products' button.
Magento Custom Registration Form Extension - A plugin to get valuable information from your customers on registration pages.
Mobile Device SMS tool - A Nokia SmartMessaging sender and general text SMS send/receive.

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