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V - Portable C++ GUI Framework
v2strip - Removes ID3v2 tags from MP3 files.
VA Cluster Manager - A cluster management software toolkit.
VA Network Enhanced Scalable Server Architecture - The VA Network Enhanced Scalable Server Architecture.
Vacation - A mail auto-responder.
vacm-perl - Perl wrappers for the VACM programmers API
VAInstall - A multi-platform installer written in Java.
VAMP Webmail - Flexible PHP-based Web mail.
Vanilla - An extensible WikiClone written in REBOL.
var'aq - A Klingon programming language.
VariCAD - 3D/2D Mechanical CAD.
VARMon - A RAID management tool.
VAXbb - A text-based Web bulletin board.
vb2c - A converter from Visual Basic to C/GTK.
VCDGear - A tool to extract, repair and convert to and from MPEG streams.
VCDGrab - A VCD image/MPEG file convertor.
VCDKutter - Split VideoCD dat file.
VCF2alias - A tool to extract name and email address from VCF attachments.
VCHE - A hex editor which lets you see all 256 characters .
vcomment - A tool to extract comments from C/C++ source.
vcr - A text-console video recorder.
vcron - Graphical interface to cron and at
VDK - Easy-to-use C++ wrapper for Gtk++.
VDKBuilder - A RAD tool based on the VDK Library (a C++ wrapper of GTK+).
vec2web - A vector (DXF) to PNG/PS/WBMP/X11 converter.
VectorLinux - A fast yet full-featured Slackware-based Linux distribution.
VED - A screen-oriented visual text editor.
VeePee - GUI-enabled scripting for GNOME and KDE applications.
Venezia - C++/GTK++ based client for the c-mserver (masqdialing)
VeniVidiVoti Library - A collaborative writing web site as the basis of a democratic system
VeryNice - A dynamic process re-nicing tool.
VFS - Virtual File System in PHP.
vfsh - Virtual Fluxating SHell - a randomizing shell to other shells
VFU File Manager - A console (text mode) file manager.
VGB-GUI - A launcher for gnuboy and VGB.
vgrabbj - A framegrabber for cameras and other video devices.
vhclmaps - 2D/3D map viewers and vehicle simulation servers.
vhost - A one-step solution for all virtual hosting needs.
VIA High Speed Serial - Enables hi-speed serial port with VIA VT82C686* motherboards
VIC - An RTP video conferencing application.
VICE - Versatile Commodore Emulator.
Video4linux loopback - A video4linux driver providing video pipes.
VLC media player - A multi-platform multimedia player and server.
VideoLAN::MiniServer - A tiny MPEG and MPEG2 streaming server for the VideoLAN project.
ViennaSQL - A Java GUI SQL client.
view cgi binary - A cgi-binary for archive browsing and intelligent file viewing.
View3ds - 3DS real-time animation previewer.
ViewVC - A Web-based Subversion and CVS repository browser.
ViewML - Open source Web browser designed for embedded devices.
Viewmol - Molecule builder/editor and visualizer for molecular modeling programs
viewportfolio - A program to track the performance of a stock portfolio.
vigor - vi with a helpful assistant.
ViHP - A streaming webcam server written in perl
vii-ppp-scripts - Yet another set of PPP scripts.
vile - Extensible vi-like editor w/ optional X window and win32 support
Vim - A popular vi clone that features syntax highlighting, a GUI, and much more.
vines - Draw vines on your X or SunView screen
ViPEC - Network analyzer for high frequency electrical networks
Vipul's Razor - Spam detection and filtering network.
Virtfs - A utility to help create and configure virtual services and domains.
Virtual X68000 - X68000 emulator
virtualfs - Userland file system plugins/automounters/redirectors.
Vis5D - System for interactive visualization of large 5-D gridded data
Vis5d+ - Volumetric visualization of scientific data.
Vision-8 - A portable emulator for the old CHIP8 system.
VMD - An application for the visualization and analysis of biological systems.
Visual Oberon - GUI library written in Oberon2
Visual REGEXP - A Visual representation of regular expressions.
Visual Tcl - A visual application development environment.
Visualization Toolkit - Software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualization.
VisualOS - An educational visual simulator of an operating system
VisualPulse - Automated monitoring and reporting of network, HTTP and TCP performance.
ViZiGO - A client to play GO over Internet with the IGS server.
VK Tools - MPEG Stream Analyzer
VLAN - 802.1Q VLAN implementation for Linux
VM - Emacs-based mail reader
vmail-sql - Virtual domains email setup using tpop3d (or gnu-pop3d), MySQL, and Exim.
vmailadmin - A qmaili and vpopmail POP account Web management tool.
vmailmgr - Powerful qmail addon package for virtual domain email
vmanpg - svgalib man page viewer.
Vmjpeg - An MJPEG player.
VMS Empire - The grand-daddy of all Empire games.
VMware - A system that allows you to run multiple virtual x86 OSes at the same time.
vobTools - manipulation tools for MPEG2 VOB files
VOCP - Complete voice messaging system.
Volume Normalizer - Volume normalizing plugin for XMMS.
Volume.app - Dockable volume control.
Voodoo Tracker - GNOME based tracker
Vorpal Mail - An SMTP server.
Voyager Application Server - Build scalable, secure, distributed, transaction-oriented applications with VAS.
Voyager Edge - Java and .NET middleware, mobile agents, and distributed computing.
VP Toolkit - An Internet client/server C++ library.
Vpb-driver - Telephony device-driver for Voicetronix hardware
vphotoalb - A Web-based virtual photo album.
vpnd - Virtual Private Network Daemon - encrypted TCP/IP.
vpopmail - qmail addon package for virtual domain email
vrpic - A GTK+ viewer for the Radiance picture file format.
vrrpd - A userspace vrrp implementation
vsa - Visual Sound Analyzer
VSC Lite - Commands and Utilities test suite for 77 POSIX.2 utilities.
vsep - Asks simple questions on school subjects.
vshnu - A visual shell and CLI shell supplement.
VSTHlite - Verification suite for a subset of POSIX96 threads.
VSW - Test Suite for the X Window System
VSX-PCTS - A verification suite for assessing your system's conformance to ISO/IEC 9945-1.
VT6530 Terminal Emulator - A Tandem VT6530 terminal emulator.
vtgrab - A utility for monitoring another machine's console.
VTQLserver - Videotext daemon for Linux.
VTun - Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks.
VTWM - The Virtual Tab Window Manager
VU Leds XMMS Plugin - VU Leds is an XMMS plugin which simulates a vu meter using the keyboard LEDs.
VuohiMatik - BBS software suited for heavy file operations.
Voice - Voice creates a device that when written to is spoken using Festival.
vqadmin - A Web CGI to manange virtual email domains and users.
vsftpd - A very secure and fast GPL'd FTP server.
VoiceChat - voicechat - Voice chat via TCP/IP
VNC Camera Server - Exports webcam images using the VNC (RFB) protocol.
Vega Strike - A 3D Linux action space simulator.
vcalsax - A python sax API for parsing vcal files.
visualTclCheck - A GUI interface to TclPro check.
vorbis-tools - The official Ogg Vorbis toolset.
Verse - A platform for networked 3D graphics applications.
Virtual Ring Buffer - An Optimized ring buffer using mirrored virtual memory.
videogen - A simple textmode XFree86 modeline generator.
Vtkqgl - A Qt widget for Vtk.
Vocoditor - An Ogg/Vorbis comment editor.
View Picture - An SDL-based image viewer.
vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor - Create applications with VTK and FLTK integration and interaction.
vqregister - An extremely admin-configurable email user signup CGI.
Viralator Proxy Virus Scanner - A script that works with a proxy and virus scanner to filter downloads.
VAGRANT - VA Graphing/Analysis Toolkit - Graphing classes for PHP
Very Simple Interface Monitoring Daemon - A daemon which provides infrastructure for ICMP-ECHO-based monitoring.
Vim Indention Detection - vim-python script to detect indentation style and set syntax error and tabstops
Vilistextum - A fast HTML to text converter.
vigen.py - Vigenere cipher/cryptology in Python.
vetetris - A 3D, Tetris-like game.
VideoDog - A program to grab a single frame from a video4linux device.
virtualmail-pop3d - A simple and fast POP3 server that provides support for virtual users.
Vaio JogMouse - Mouse wheel driver for Vaio laptops
Viewmasq - viewmasq displays the currently masqueraded connections in a web page
Voxpak - A GUI frontend to vgetty voice and fax messages.
vomit - Voice Over Misconfigured Internet Telephone.
Vim LaTeX Macros - Vim macros to simplify LaTeX usage.
V3D Library - A V3D format IO library.
Video Cutter - A Video Cutter with DivX Saver.
Video Disk Recorder - A digital satellite receiver program using Linux and DVB technologies.
vfp - Freepascal units which provide support for programming v4l devices in Pascal.
vttest - A compatibility test for so-called "VT100-compatible" terminals.
va - Mail, Web, and DNS virtual server in a console based script.
VMap/J - A dynamic video mapping system.
vdt52 VNC Viewer - A VNC viewer for serial terminal vdt52s.
Visopsys - An operating system for PC compatibles.
Virtusergen - Allows greater flexibility with Sendmail's virtusertable facility.
vgetty-servlet - A servlet allowing access and management of voice messages
v3 - A CGI Web proxy that circumvents restricted net access.
VMIPS - MIPS R3000 simulator
viztool - An extensible tool for visualizing Java classes
ViewKlass - A C++ framework for Motif.
Very Simple Network Monitor - A simple, easy-to-customize network monitor.
Video Middleware API - Video Middleware API.
Video 4 Linux Two API - An enhanced version of the V4L2 API.
Videograb - Capture images continuously from a video4linux device.
Vexed - A puzzle game for PalmOS.
Viper - A CMD/CRD/Viper RAID monitoring daemon.
Vandermonde Forward Error Correction - Block ECC for files
VirtuaLaw - A legal case management system.
VK Mail - Provides a safe mail proxy.
VideoLAN::Server - An MPEG, DVD, and DVB server for Unix/Linux.
Virtual CVS Filesystem - Access CVS repositories via an NFS-mounted filesystem.
VNC Reflector - A specialized VNC proxy server.
Virtual Environment Toolkit - A toolkit for building multi-user applications.
Visual Raptor - A network monitoring tool.
VDR Extensions - Showmode Beauty - Lets you see on the OSD what VDR is doing.
VDR MP3/MPlayer Plugin - Plugins that let you play MP3s, other sound files, and movies with VDR.
VDR Admin - A Web-based administration tool for VDR, including Auto Timer.
Vectoroids - A vector-based asteroid shooting game in SDL.
Vstr string library - A fast, easy to use, ISO C string library with printf() and split() functions.
vncrypt - A cryptographic disk driver for FreeBSD.
VxLib - A small C++ GUI framework for X Windows on Linux/UNIX.
Virtual Object System - A network object framework for multi-user 3d virtual reality games and apps.
Version - Ports changes between different versions of software code bases.
Vobcopy - Copies DVD .vob files to harddisk.
Vamos Automotive Simulator - An automotive simulation framework and application.
valiases - Evaluates configurable aliases for mail sent to virtual mail addresses.
V Mail Server - A small, simple SMTP server with virus and Spam checking support.
Very Quick Wiki - A JSP-based WikiWikiWeb clone.
Vorbis SPI - An Ogg Vorbis SPI for Java.
VIrus - A minimalistic VI editor.
Valgrind - A memory debugger.
Valknut/DCLib - A Direct Connect filesharing client.
VietPad - A cross-platform Vietnamese Unicode text editor.
Vesta - An advanced revision control, build, and configuration management system.
vTemplate - A fast PHP template system.
Vortex IRC - An Delphi/Kylix IRC component.
VISCA Camera Control Library - A control library for VISCA-compliant video cameras.
Voodoo chat - A streaming chat written in PHP.
Ventilation - A PHP/MySQL-based journal system.
VTeX - A TeX system which directly generates PDF.
Vendetta Online - A multiplatform, 3D space-combat MMORPG.
Vision Egg - A program that produces visual stimuli for vision research experiments.
Velosurf - A database mapping layer for Apache Velocity.
vestaweb - A web interface to the Vesta Configuration Management System.
Virtual ProFTPD Control - A Perl application to maintain users for a ProFTPD Virtual login system.
VietIME - A Java-based Vietnamese Unicode input method editor (IME).
Very Advanced Samba Configuration - A configuration fileset and associated scripts for Samba.
Vorbix - A graphical Ogg Vorbis encoder and comment tagger.
Vimacs - Emacs emulation for Vim.
Veejay - A visual 'music' instrument and realtime video sampler.
vtticker - A Perl script that grabs and transforms pages from videotext/teletext.
VideoOrbits - Combines multiple pictures of the same subject matter.
Vexira Antivirus - A virus defense system.
VetTux - A veterinary clinic management system.
Vmware ESX Open Source - The Open Source parts of VMWare's ESX server.
Visuel Hexdiff - A tool which visually highlights the differences between binary files.
Visual Interactive Datapipe - An ncurses datapipe handler.
vgasnap - A tool to view Pencam images live with SVGAlib.
VXTop - A curses tool for monitoring Veritas vxstat output.
VSTRING - A C++ string manipulation library.
vifm - An ncurses file manager.
VTSurvey - A Web-based tool which allows users to create and run online surveys.
Venus Music Server - A compact PHP-based MP3 file server.
Voice Modem Library - A voice modem library for C++.
video-entropyd - A program to add entropy data from video4linux to the kernel random driver.
Virtual Mail ManaGer Interface - A Web-based interterface for VMailMgr.
vtwatch - A Linux VT surveillance monitor.
VDB Chinese Chess - A Chinese chess game.
Video4Linux Grab - Real-time capturing software for a Video4Linux device.
VServer Context Quota - A Linux vserver extension for per-context user and group quotas.
VisLib - A visual library browser.
Visage Information Organizer - An information organization and visualization program.
vnStat - A console-based network traffic monitor.
vCard - A PHP class for creating vCard files.
Virtual Network Address Translation - A system that allows transparent migration of live end-to-end connections.
vlogger - A virtual Web logfile parser and rotater.
VIPS - An image processing system.
VGATron - A clone of the well-known game "Tron".
VideoDB - A database to manage your personal video collection.
Videoconv - A script to convert videos to VCD, SVCD, or DivX.
Verlof - A Web application for managing leave information.
Virtual Sound - Audio synthesis tools and instrument simulation.
VK Tafe - An MPEG transport stream analyzer.
VDB Janus Chess - A chess game with a slight variation.
Visualization of Compiler Graphs - Visualization of large graphs automatically generated by programs.
VCDMeta - A Perl script which makes creating an easy-to-navigate VCD extremely simple.
Vanilla Object Oriented Templates - A simple PHP template class.
Velocity editor plugin for Eclipse - A Velocity editor plugin for Eclipse.
vvftp - A modular commandline FTP client written in C++.
Volley - A modular client/server application for chat, file sharing, etc.
Vpopmail Virtual Mass Hosting - An Apache module for mass virtual hosting with vpopmail as the backend.
Vapour Liquid Equilibrium - A vapour liquid equilibrium simulation.
vdr2dvd.pl - A script to burn video DVDs from VDR recordings.
views - A small and fast image viewer.
VTek System - A 3D action adventure engine with 'real-world' environments.
Virtual Memory Simulator - A virtual memory simulator with a script interpreter.
Vrcon - A Curses-based rcon utility.
VUXcast - A Web-based multi-user learning jukebox stream controller for ices2.
VirtuaDesk - A 3d file manager.
Virtual Qmail - A tool to create a virtual domains management system for Qmail.
vendue::auctions online - An online auction platform.
VitaleBay - Assists eBay sellers in managing their auctions.
Viper IDS - An intrusion detection system.
vlorb - A high quality Audio CD-to-Ogg Vorbis audio file ripper and encoder.
Verifica S.L.U. - A reinforced concrete section checker
Voruta - A data access framework for Java.
Vocabulary Trainer - A flashcard vocabulary training system.
VULCAN - Computational fluid dynamics analysis.
Verilator - A cycle-based Verilog to C++/SystemC converter.
VyQChat - A serverless chat program for LANs, compatible with Vypress Chat.
VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase - A database driver for Sybase that connects to Borland applications.
viPlugin - An Eclipse plugin that adds vi functionality.
vmime - An Internet mail library for C++.
Verbiste - A French conjugation system.
Voodoo Package Manager - A program that tracks packages downloaded from the Web or CVS.
Video Performance Evaluation Resource - Tools for evaluating video processing algorithms.
Vex - A visual XML editor.
VLevel - A dynamic audio compressor.
VisualBoyAdvance - A GameBoy Advance emulator.
vofce - A simple GUI-driven graph plotting tool mainly for math students.
vSACS - A hosting automation system.
VTE - Determine if data received from a pseudo-terminal is a control sequence.
VSDB - A database built on atomic updates supporting robust transactions.
Viking - A GPS data editor and topo viewer.
vrml-scm - A VRML 1.0 parser written in scheme.
Vertoo - A simple version support tool.
valtz - A tool to validate tinydns-data (djbdns) zonefiles.
Viewtier Devenv - Set and validate common development environments.
vb2py - A cross platform Visual Basic to Python converter.
VersaForward Email Forwarder - Forwards email to cell or email accounts, with filters and fitting more text.
VizSync Address Book - A conduit for synchronizing a Palm's address book with FileMaker Pro databases.
Vector Signal Imaging Processing Library - A reference implementation of the VSIPL specification.
Vyger - A graphical online roleplay game.
Virtual Interaction Configuration - General automation tools.
vwebedit - A Web editor for a version-controlled file system.
vinSMSIndia - Send SMS messages to Indian mobile users for free.
VACUM - A framework for video analysis and comparison.
Virtual Exim - A Web-based virtual domains manager for Exim and MySQL.
ViIndex - A Python indexer.
VPNmonitor - A tool for observing VPN and SSL wireline/wireless traffic.
Via Libre PyMO Server - An easy to install, preconfigured, office server
Vector Visuals - Object-based vector graphics using Java2D.
Vista Nova osCommerce - A German osCommerce edition adapted to the needs of German online shops.
vtkFLTK - A library for integrating VTK and FLTK.
Verbi - A Conjugator for verbs in Italian.
Visual Application Builder - A tool to target various devices with a set of WebSphere Studio plug-ins.
Visual Effects Engine - A particle system engine.
VerliHub - A Direct Connect hub for multiple OSes.
Viper IDE - A client-server based multi-developer IDE.
ViewIt - A fast, intuitive image viewer.
Video Management System - A stock/order management system for video rental shops.
vCard4J - A complete toolkit to manipulate vCards (RFC 2426) in Java and XML.
VE-EDIT - A Web based editor with syntax highlighting and debugging support.
Video 2 1394 Converter driver - A driver for The Imaging Source's video to 1394 converter.
VETH - A daemon that creates a virtual ethernet device attached to a real one.
VSOFont - A very simple OpenGL font library.
Virtual Administrator Daemon - Remote server management enabling multiple commands sent at once using XML.
Virtual Domain Email - A Webmin module to add, modify, and remove POP accounts and forwards.
Virtualmin - A Webmin module for virtual hosting.
vnc2swf - A tool that records a VNC session as an SWF Flash file.
Virtual Gateway Protocol Daemon - A virtual routing tool for a Linux router.
ViolinStrings - A Java library of static methods that manipulate strings.
Viergewinnt - The famous game "Connect 4" as a Java applet.
Version Tree Plugin - A version tree plugin for Eclipse.
VncSelector - A tool which manages a user's running VNC server sessions.
vorbisgain - A program to annotate Ogg Vorbis files with ReplayGain information.
vthrottle - An SMTP rate throttler, useful for slowing worm outbreaks.
VocableTrainerX - A simple foreign language learning program.
Vavoom - An advanced DOOM source port.
vmail.pl - A console-based script for managing Vonage voicemail messages.
VeJOTP - A midlet that generates RFC2289 one time passwords.
Vim Outliner - A full-featured outliner for Vim.
Vampire Testing Tool - A remote package testing tool.
Vim4J - A Vim fork with a Java AWT GUI.
ViboDev - A multiple-file editor with syntax highlighting.
Volleyball Manager - Management software to schedule and process volleyball tournaments and leagues.
vqcc-gtk - A chat client compatible with quickChat/VypressChat.
votmic - A Web voting system for small virtual societies.
ViewPDF - A PDF viewer for GNUstep.
VisualStruts - A tool for showing a StrutsWorklflow in a graph.
Vermin ExTerminator - A 2D Java shooter like liero.
Virus Killer - A shoot 'em up that uses your file system.
VortexGE - A software 3D renderer with audio support.
Vigyaan - A Linux live CD for computational biology and chemistry.
Vim URL Shortener - A tool to shorten URLs from within Vim.
Visual Paradigm for UML Community Edition - An easy-to-use visual UML modeling and CASE tool.
VNC Session Manager - A disconnected session manager for VNC.
Vexi - Visual, extensible, XML interfaces.
Varsha - GUI-based DVD authoring software.
Visitors Web Log Analyzer - A very fast Web log analyzer with no configuration required.
Varuna Converter - A Varuna Calendar database converter.
Versatile Maintenance Tracker - A tool which tracks the maintenance of multiple properties, including vehicles.
Visual Component Framework - A cross platform C++ application framework.
vSQLmail - Software which links MySQL and vpopmail.
Versioned Storage Layer - A versioned storage layer library for the Berkeley DB.
VladEd - An Italian Tcl/Tk text editor.
vobwalker - A tool for splitting a .VOB file into chapters.
ViewSVN - A Web interface for viewing subversion repositories via HTTP.
vpick - A tool to mark MH message sequences interactively.
vobps2fix - A tool that tweaks .VOB files created by dvdauthor for the Playstation 2.
vobstripper - A tool for stripping subtitles and extra audio channels from a .VOB file.
VBMcgi - A library in C++ for CGI development with a 3-tier architecture.
Virtual Tour - A CGI script that lets visitors move around in a virtual environment.
Virtual AGC - An Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) simulation.
VolumeControl - A volume control.
Vuurmuur - A firewall manager for Linux that supports traffic shaping.
Visual Menu - A cross-browser client-side DHTML menu builder.
Virtual Online Aquarium - A simulation of an aquarium on the Web.
vrbroadcast - A video on demand server.
Viewglob - An add-on to Bash and Zsh for windowing environments.
Vintela Management eXtensions - An extension for managing UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X from within Microsoft SMS.
vp-usb-lock - A Linux driver and PAM module for the USB wireless PC lock.
Volume Sharing Manager - A server-side volume sharing manager with a GTK interface.
Vertica Smile - A programming language reminiscent of Brainfuck crossed with assembler.
VisIt - Software for scientific visualization and analysis.
Very Simple Control Protocol & Friends - A collection of tools for (home) automation.
vtiger CRM - Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) software.
VfsBackup - A mobile backup solution for VFS-enabled PalmOS devices.
VSS Bridge - Commandline access to MS Visual Source Safe.
vsound - A virtual audio loopback tool.
Virtual Data Center - An OSS digital library "in a box" for numeric data.
vncsnapshot - A utility that takes JPEG snapshots from VNC servers.
VirtueMart - An e-commerce script for Joomla!
Vibora - A snake game with a multiplayer mode.
VU meter plugin - A visualization plugin for XMMS and Audacious.
vpop-xmlrpc - An XML-RPC program for vpopmail administration.
VRML 2 POV - A tool that converts VRML files (VRML97 specification) into POV-Ray files.
v9fs - A 9P2000 resource-sharing protocol implementation for Linux 2.6.
VX-Mode - An interface between XEmacs and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
VTAGS - A VHDL tags generator.
Vim Gentoo Syntax - Gentoo-specific syntax and filetype settings for the Vim text editor.
VTracer - A Verilog Testbench developer aid.
VideoGuide - A Web interface for video libraries.
Vpopmail Daemon - A tool for remote (or local) administration of vpopmail systems.
Validate_fields Class - An easy-to-use form field validation PHP class.
VCG Metro - A open tool to evaluate the Hausdorff distance between triangular meshes.
VCD-db - A DVD/VCD/Video Web-based catalog system.
Veterinary Calculator - A flexible calculator.
vxargs - A tool for running commands with parallelism, visualization, and redirection.
Version Control System - A tool that updates build numbers in source code.
VIDeo Interface for *niX - An interface to provide DGA everywhere possible.
vbetool - A tool to run real-mode video BIOS code to alter hardware state.
virtualDesktopTools - A set of tools for handling X Window virtual desktops.
verify - A script to verify a file transfer.
VegaDNS - A Web-based tinydns administration tool.
Vida Framework - A PHP5 MVC (Model View Controller) framework.
VersusChecker - A tool to compare things and get their importance using Google.
Vblade - A virtual EtherDrive Blade network storage device.
viewurpmi - A set of scripts that generates a Web page of updates for Mandrake Linux.
vpoppasswd - A server for changing vpopmail passwords remotely.
Visitors - A tool to process a Web log file for visitor statistics.
Vin - A personal wine cellar management application.
Veusz - A scientific plotting package.
Veldfire - An email facility and C library.
Vsftpd Webmin module - A Webmin module to configure your vsftpd.conf file.
vok - A vocabulary trainer written with OpenOffice macros.
validator.php - A script to automatically validate HTML code generated by a PHP script.
Villakino - A Web-based seating management solution.
ViewMTN - A Web interface to the Monotone distributed version control system.
Vice Stats - An advanced Web site statistics gathering package.
Verbum - A program to punch human-readable text on paper tape.
Visual Dependency Walker - A tool to display a graphical tree of all the shared libraries of an ELF binary.
VitalFile for Real-Time Workstation Protection - A real-time file-level protection system.
Vocabulary - A Web-based vocabulary trainer.
vtkContainers - A library of sequence, associative, and adaptor containers for VTK.
Visual Turing Machine - A program to visually design and simulate Turing machines.
Valert - A shell based network checking tool for tree-like networks.
VRR - An extensible vector image editor.
VHCS Software Installer - An application vault for VHCS.
VacCon - A vacation configuration tool operated through the Web.
Viperin-Z - A VPN connection manager GUI.
Vortex Library - A "BEEP Core" protocol implementation.
Variations on Rockdodger - A game where you must dodge the rocks until you die.
VIGOS Website Accelerator - An HTTP reverse proxy for HTTP compression.
VeloAce - A bike computer system for Palm OS.
VBA Express - A VisualBoyAdvance frontend (to configure the emulator and play games easily).
Virtual Observatory Quantity Data Model - A data model for the International Virtual Observatory.
VinoBase - A documentation and management tool for hobby winegrowers.
VHCS - A Unix Web hosting frontend.
vesautils - Utilities and a library for handling the VESA BIOS Extension.
VIF - A Web-based structured discussion forum.
Videotrans - Scripts to create DVD movies from non-DVD sources and to create DVD menus.
VirgoFtp - A multi-platform, graphical FTP client.
vzctl - An OpenVZ VE control utility.
vzquota - An OpenVZ VE quota tool.
vzpkg - The OpenVZ VPS software packaging tools.
vimconfig - Vim 6.x configuration files.
Vistag - A full-featured massive audio ripping tool.
Vertigo - A software suite for managing virtual hosts on one or more servers.
VCalOne - A tool that converts iCalendar (vCal 2) to a subset of vCal 1 for Nokia phones.
Virtual Terrain Project - GUI apps and C++ libs for 3D visualization of geodata.
VDOWall - A program that combines separate video sources into a single stream.
vISDN - An open, modular, flexible, and versatile ISDN architecture for Linux.
VDrift - A drift racing simulation game.
ViewsFlash - An enterprise ready system for managing surveys and polls on a Web site.
VCG ShadeVis - A tool for computing the ambient occlusion term over 3D models.
vdbmaster - A program to burn movies from VideoDB to DVD.
Vulture - An SSO reverse proxy.
Vertical Newsticker Java Applet - A ticker applet that shows live RSS news.
VTD-XML - XML processing that goes beyond DOM and SAX.
vidprofile - A toolset for finding the best way to create MPEG video with mjpegtools.
VoiceOne - An IP PBX distribution based on Asterisk.
VCG TriMeshInfo - A tool to inspect 3D meshes and retrieve geo-topological data.
Valentina Database - An object-relational database system.
Va Temps - A time-tracking tool for concurrent activities.
Volume Control - An audio mixer for Linux.
VIIM - A simple image browser with metadata support.
Verticrawl Seek Site Search - A powerful, fast, and customizable search engine.
VisiScript - An editor for programmers and a simple graphical frontend for scripting language
VStar PhotoAlbum - A photo album with automatically generated thumbnails and server image resizing.
vobject - A Python-based iCalendar and vCard parsing library.
VideoLinux - A Linux distribution that focuses on video encoding and conversion.
VCalendar - A Web calendar application.
viewyuv - A player for YUV video files.
Visaurin Geometric Library - A 2D/3D geometric library.
Vatata - A grid/P2P live streaming system.
Visual Paradigm for UML Modeler Edition - An easy-to-use visual UML modeling and CASE tool.
VRaptor - A Java Web MVC and IOC framework based on programmer-friendly ideas.
VNCTracker - A tracker of dynamic IP addresses for HTTP VNC connections.
Virtual Appliances - Nano-sized virtual appliances.
vinetto - A forensics tool to examine Thumbs.db files.
Verona - A portable VOIP toolkit.
Visual XForms Designer - Graphical tools and interfaces for documents with XForms-based content.
Virtual Collaboratory - An online collaboration Web application.
Visual Firewall Monitor - A Linux kernel module that monitor new connections.
vibtoolbox - A vibration analysis toolbox.
Versatile Cursors for GNUemacs - Easy access to many forms of movement and editing in GNUemacs.
vMovieDB - A movie collection manager for the Gnome desktop.
V_Sim - A crystal and molecule viewer.
VPMOpen - An open circuit scuba decompression program.
Versatile Encoder - A user-friendly video encoder.
Vulcan Chess - A chess variant inspired by a certain well-known sci-fi TV series.
Vala - A compiler for the GObject type system.
Vidigi - A QT4-based image viewer.
VitalSigns - An easy-to-use application for logging and reporting metrics.
vkeyd - A volume key hotkey daemon.
VNCcrack - A fast VNC password cracker.
Vaucanson - A C++ generic library for weighted finite state machines (automata).
vPostMaster - A highly customizable email server solution for Linux with malware filtering.
Varnish - A high-performance HTTP accelerator.
Valhalla Chat - Chat and IM for bluetooth devices.
VokabelTrainer - A simple vocabulary trainer.
VectorSpace Database - A term vectorspace engine for search and data analysis.
view3dscene - A VRML/X3D browser and a viewer/converter for other 3D model formats.
Voody Blue Subtitler - Allows manual synchronization of text subtitles with a video stream.
Visual Performance Analyzer - An Eclipse-based performance visualization toolkit.
Vallheru - A Web interface turn-based Polish MMORPG.
Vi Input Manager - A Cocoa text system plugin that extends text fields with Vi-like functions.
Virtual Machine Manager - A desktop application for managing virtual machines.
VoxForge - A speech corpus/acoustic model repository for speech recognition engines.
Very Strange Tunneling Tool - A multi-protocol tunneling tool for Linux and BSD.
VRaptor Eclipse Plugin - An Eclipse plugin which makes it easier to develop Web applications.
Valpyk - A Valgrind log parser.
VSQLite++ - A portable SQLite wrapper library for C++.
VNC Spy - Monitors network traffic to find keystrokes entered into a VNC viewer.
vdr_remote - A graphical remote control for the video disk recorder vdr.
visprint - A visual fingerprint generator.
Vipaka - An Oracle database monitoring tool.
VersyPDF - A library for PDF file creation and manipulation.
Visual WebGui - An ASP.NET extension for supporting WinForms over the Web.
VIF Lightweight Framework - An object-relational bridge.
Vintage Radio Shows Widget - An old time radio widget.
vtmalloc - A fast memory allocator for multi-threaded applications and Tcl.
vsdump - Tools to reverse engineer the Visio VSD/VSS file format.
Virgil - A system to build software for embedded hardware platforms.
Virtual server monitor - Provides live search through vserver inventory and monitors hosts with Nagios.
vegUI - A JavaScript based window manager and AJAX framework.
Virt Install - A virtual machine provisioning tool.
VNCj - A Java class library that allows remoting of Swing widgets via VNC.
VirtMus - A modern music stand.
Verbum Wordbook - A wordbook application.
Vamos - A software streaming platform that eliminates installations.
vlvgriffin - An application level driver for the GRIFFIN PowerMate.
vcs-load-dirs - A tool that imports unversioned directories into VCS.
vpn-shaper - A dynamic traffic shaper for vpn, poptop, and similar programs, using iproute2.
vnStat PHP frontend - A Web frontend for the vnStat network traffic monitor.
Vespasian Server - Vespasian is a web-based frontend for controlling iTunes on your Mac.
vnstatGUI - An IPCop addon that provides a Web interface for vnStat.
vimplugin - A plugin to integrate Vim into Eclipse.
Vertris - A simple Tetris clone.
VCL for PHP - A class library of PHP components that replicate VCL for Win32.
virtual800 - A filesystem that provides a big filesystem with big files.
virt-factory - Software for virtual appliance management.
Video Contact Sheet *NIX - A script that creates a preview image from a video.
Virtual Cron - A PHP class to check whether it is time to run a periodical task.
Vanguard - Enterprise class anti virus and anti spam protection.
virtbench - A set of benchmarks for virtualization environments / hypervisors.
velocity2js - A program that generates JavaScript out of Apache Velocity templates.
VoiceBuntu - An Ubuntu-based live CD that uses Asterisk and VoiceOne to provide VoIP service.
VirtualBox - Virtual machine software.
vop - A small fast vector math library for Python.
VVV - An application for cataloging CD/DVD disks using a virtual file system.
V86-64 - A Linux kernel patch that allows the running of legacy 8086 programs on x86-64.
Vayala - An Eclipse chat plugin.
viAllOver - A component that provides vi-like text editing in most Cocoa applications.
Vodovod - A pipe connecting action puzzle game.
VFGEN - A vector field file generator.
VWM - A window manager for the text console.
videocheck - A simple program for checking and analyzing video AVI file structure.
VForm - A script to check forms.
vAVRdisasm - An Atmel AVR firmware disassembler with several handy features.
vPICdisasm - A mid-range PIC dissassembler with several handy features.
VShell Server - A SSH2 server that provides fine-tune control over access.
Ventana3d - A 3D desktop environment.
videos broadcast yourself - A video upload script like YouTube, to share videos online.
V language - A concatenative programming language.
Vaniglia - A set of lightweight, specific-purpose, reusable Java components.
Vocatra - A console-based vocabulary trainer.
vlock - A virtual console locking program.
Vyatta - Advanced routing, firewall, VPN, QoS, IPS, WAN load balancing, and more.
Virtual Machine Viewer - A viewer for virtualized OS graphical consoles.
VisionProject - A Web-based tool for issue tracking and project collaboration.
VDR Premiere EPG Plugin - A VDR plugin to parse extended EPG data transmitted by Premiere.
Virtual World - A Java 3D project for real life simulation.
Votorola - E-democracy software in support of primary elections and rule making.
V.A.P.E.S. - A Web interface for Postfix virtual domains.
Vee - A very small, easy, and simple command-line blog tool.
Volo Milestone - A Web-based workgroup management system.
vsdviewer - A viewer for MS Visio Drawing (VSD) and Stencil (VSS) files.
Vodafone Mobile Connect Card Driver for Linux - A GPRS/3G data card manager.
vian - A vi clone written completely in Javascript.
Varkon - A parametric 2D/3D CAD, modeling, and application development system.
Videoporama - An application to make a video images slideshow.
Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework - An SMPC framework.
vt-ng - A program for malware detection and throttling.
Vulpive - A lightweight but powerful webcomic archive software.
VRML 1.0c Parser - A C++ parser for VRML 1.0c.
Vhybridize - Tools to generate gene order data sets.
voiptext - A utility to send SMS over IP.
VeriTAR - A tool to verify of the MD5 sums of files within a tar archive in-place.
vtstats - A module that periodically reports ServerKit statistics on a virtual terminal.
VFront - A Web-based front-end for MySQL or PostgreSQL.
vmstat-monitor - A collection of scripts that monitors the output of vmstat.
vitetris - A text-based Tetris with network 2-player mode.
vDEC - A discrete exterior calculus and geometry processing library.
vbackup - A modular backup utility.
vdpop3d - A secure and reliable virtual POP 3 server.
VBAtaxx - A cross-platform Ataxx game clone.
vuBB - A Web-based forum and bulletin board software.
VFSJFileChooser - A Java file browser with filesystem abstraction.
vsstocvs - A Perl script to migrate SourceSafe to CVS.
VSS2Subversion - A script that migrates files from SourceSafe to Subversion.
vss2svn - A tool for migrating from SourceSafe to Subversion.
VSSExtractor - A tool to migrate SourceSafe to CVS.
VoiceXML::Client - A VoiceXML client library.
Virt-P2V - A tool for physical to virtual machine migration.
Virt-top - A top-like utility for virtual machines.
vm-image-manage - A command line Xen manager that is simple to deploy and easy to use.
Vidrate - A multiuser video management interface.
VoiceChatter - A cross-platform voice chatting system.
VncThumbnailViewer - A viewer for observing multiple computers using VNC.
VSS Subverter - A SourceSafe to Subversion migration script.
vov - A tool that emulates the behavior of a von Neumann machine.
vtkgtk - An interface between VTK and GTK.
VirtualCd - A tool that mounts and unmounts ISO images.
Video Search Pop N Code - A Wordpress plugin to search for videos and paste them directly into the editor.
VMBackup - A VMWare virtual machine backup utility.
Virtual Print Engine Community Edition - A report generator, print engine, and PDF library.
vCard Creator Full - Generate user contact files in vCard format
Visualization Library - A C++ middleware for 2D/3D graphics.
Virt-df - A df command for virtualized guests.
Vatata Rm for VLC - A patch to allow VLC to play Real Media files.
Vatata Miniutil - A C++ class library that is lightweight and portable.
Vacuum Magic - A fast-paced action game involving vacuuming up food and monsters.
vmplot - A program to generate gnuplot(1) graphs from vmstat(1) output.
Vatata RTSP server - A modern, portable streaming server.
VBinDiff - A hex file viewer that can highlight the differences between two files.
Vendetta Manager - A Web-based tool for the browser game vendetta1923.
Visifire - A set of charts powered by Silverlight.
V6 Thompson Shell Port - Ports of the Sixth Edition (V6) UNIX Thompson shell.
viewgit - A git repository browser.
Voreen - A framework for interactive volume visualization and analysis.
vfplot - A program for plotting two-dimensional vector fields.
Video Conference Flash Plugins - Video conferencing plugins for Flash.
Vertex - A modeler for creating optimized OpenGL objects.
Video Games Spy - A dashboard for Firefox that shows information about video games.
VilloNanny - A robot that plays the game of Travian for you.
virt-mem - System administration tools for virtual machines.
Visual Spell Demo - Interactive, virtual comic book, designed to improve spelling skills of children
Vigilo - A supervision suite based on Nagios, RRDTool, SEC, and NagVis.
VS-Simulator - A simulator for distributed systems designed for learning at a university.
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - A MIDI piano keyboard emulator.
Voisin - Social networking and group collaboration.
VanDyke ClientPack - Command-line utilities for secure automation, file transfer, shell, public key
v4l-utils and libv4l - A collection of video4linux utilities and support libraries.
Venalsur Booking Centre - An online hotel reservation system for tourism portals and hotel groups.
View3D - A program that calculates 2D and 3D radiation view factors.
vplot - Tek storage tube graphics routines.
vzhaipd - A tool to make sure a HA IP is always present on one of two or more Containers.
vpntool - A GUI applet for managing VPNC connections.
V6Scripts Collection for V6Shell - A collection of osh(1) and sh6(1) shell scripts.
VX32 - A user-mode sandbox for running untrusted x86 code.
VLAM scalex - A scalable image processing system.
VStar Blog Engine - A lightweight multi-user single-blog engine.
virtualbox-icon - A system tray icon to launch and control your machines from VirtualBox.
v8cgi - A CGI wrapper around a V8 JavaScript engine.
vchkuser - A qmail-spp plugin which checks for recipient existence with vpopmail.
VideoCache - A Squid URL rewriter plugin for dynamic video caching.
vbDrupal - Drupal CMS integration with the vBulletin Forum.
Vrapper - An Eclipse plugin which provides a Vim-like input scheme for text editors.
vmktree - A data collector and Web frontend for ESX and other devices.
VuzitPHP - A PHP library for the Vuzit AJAX document viewer Web services API.
VLMC - The VideoLAN movie creator.
Vicomsoft FTP Client - A robust, powerful, and easy-to-use FTP client.
VCS - A visual d20 3.5 combat program.
Vocabularium - A Spanish vocabulary podcast creator.
Voip Development Kit (VDK) - A cross-platform framwork to create VoIP applications.
Vis/Space - A client-server system for 3D visual data exploration.
VuzitRuby - A library that allows Ruby developers to directly access the Vuzit Web Service API.
visual-db - A database visualization tool.
Virtual Planner - A trac project management application.
Visual Paradigm for UML - A visual UML modeling and CASE tool.
Voila - A powerful screen capture program with annotations and screen recording.
Viewnior - An elegant image viewer.
Vaadin - A Java framework for building modern Web applications.
Vici MVC - A MVC Web application framework for .NET.
vmodemd - A telnet server designed to run old DOS BBS systems and door games.
Validate Saudi ID - A PHP class to validate Saudi resident identifier numbers.
Vagalume - A Last.fm client for GNOME and Maemo.
ViDown - A video downloader for Bulgarian video sharing sites.
Videopian - A PHP class to get any kind of information about a video hosted on a video sharing service.
Vinace - A vintage Apple computer emulator.
VUNSY - A very easy content management system and a dynamic Web site designer.
Vuzit.Net - A code library for the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Viper suite - A fully automated Debian installation and configuration system.
Virtual Combat Cards - A Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition combat tracker.
vcd2txt - Converts VCD waveforms to plain text.
vmm - A virtual mail manager.
VideoMax Free Video Converter - A program to convert video files to another format.
vadm - A tool providing non-intrusive versioning of POSIX files and props.
Voca - A vocabulary trainer for foreign languages.
Virtue Affiliate For Joomla - An affiliate solution for Joomla!.
Vizi - An image viewer platform that makes navigating directories and archives simple.
Vote System - A bar graph system giving percentage values.
ViewNControl - A VNC to HTML/JavaScript bridge.
vncssld - A VNC SSL repeater for Unix.
vvvP - Software to catalog and view digital images.
VRaptor3 - A Java Web MVC framework for fast and maintainable development. It brings full integration with DI containers and is easily extensible.
VFX - Digital video manipulation and performance software.
vidma - A program for manipulating virtual disks.
VuzitJava - A Java code library for the Vuzit Document Web Services API.
Virtaal - A computer-aided translation (CAT) tool.
Vosao CMS - A CMS for Google App Engine.
vsftpd-deny - A denyhosts script for vsftpd.
VICTORIA - A support tool providing comprehensive physical and logical security.
Velocitoro - A site management maven plugin.
ViitorLinux - A Linux distribution build system based on Linux From Scratch.
Vehicle Fits (year make model) - An automotive e-commerce extension for Magento.
vpsAdmin - A Web-based admin panel for OpenVZ.
vCard module - A vCard validator, with a class and utility functions.
vimv - A utility to rename the files in a directory using a text editor.
VectoBar Pro - Barcode generating software.
VATStuff - A system for double entry bookkeeping and VAT calculations.
vitunes - A curses playlist manager and media player.
Votail - Irish PSRTV ballot counting software.
vhoststats - A virtual host statistics tool for Apache.
Visural Wicket - A useful set of light-weight, loosely coupled components and utilities for the Apache Wicket Web framework.
VocProc - An LV2 plugin for vocal pitch correction.
VaM Cart - A CakePHP-based shopping cart.
Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games - Jigsaw and tile puzzle games.
VisualBoyAdvance Link - A fork of VisualBoyAdvance with link support for Linux.
VBoxManage Lite - A wrapper script around VirtualBox's "VBoxManage" command, providing a more compact syntax for commonly used commands.
Voodoo Compiler - A compiler for the Voodoo programming language.
VPPPN - Virtual peer-to-peer private networking.
Vote-MM - Aims to improve current Mailman mailing lists with some Web 2.0 time-saving functionality.
VarPlan - A Web application to visualize and manage variants as a tree-like graph view.
Vespucci - An OpenStreetMap editor for Android.
VAG202 FiOS TV HD STB Network Control - Control a FiOS HD STB via your computer
Vastsky - A Linux-based cluster storage system.
VyperBlog - An all-in-one site template for the Google App Engine.
virttool - A high avaliability and Web management console for virtualization clusters.
VDE - An Ethernet compliant virtual network that can be spawned over a set of physical computers over the Internet.
Visual Disk Test - A program to test file and disk I/O with visual feedback.
Videokiosk - A cross-platform application for selecting and viewing video files.
VAT Checker for EU countries - A PHP class to check VAT for EU countries.
VoipStorm TeleMarketing - Desktop callcenter software.
Vermis - An issue tracking system.
vxlog - A C++ logging library.
VuzitWordPress - An AJAX/HTML 5 document viewer plugin for WordPress.
vxref - A tool that integrates xref into vim and makes it an IDE for C/C++ and Java.
VMware ESX VCB Backup - A script to be run on a VMware ESX to backup VMs.
VBoxAdm - A virtual mailbox administration tool.
VectorGraphics2D - A vector export library for Java.
VisualShell - A graphical front end to /bin/sh for visually minded people.
Vala Tutorials - Code-based tutorials for learning the Vala programming language.
Vimana - A Vim script port manager.
VisualGST - An IDE for GNU Smalltalk.
Vordos Rejasca - A modern and extensible RPC server for RIAs.
Vaadin SQLContainer - A Vaadin Container implementation that reads its contents from a JDBC data source.
V CAST Media Manager - An application to manage videos, pictures, and music on your phone and computer.
Voynex Email Guard - A script to protect email addresses on a Web site from email harvesting software.
Voynex Calculator - A Web browser application to evaluate mathematical and JavaScript expressions.
ViTables - A viewer for PyTables and HDF5 files.
vu8 - A project for wrapping C++ in v8 JavaScript.
Vocab Builder - Self-directed vocabulary building software.
Viable - A vi emulation plugin for Eclipse.
VB.NET mode for Emacs - A major mode for editing VB.NET in emacs.
vikuit - An advanced social networking engine optimized for Google App Engine.
Voynex Object Embedding - A JavaScript library for embedding objects into HTML documents.
validate.args - An argument validation module for Lua.
ViziSolve - A math visual solver.
Vanda Project - A Web development platform.
VirtualBox Web Management Interface - A Web interface for managing multiple VirtualBox servers.
VoltDB - A scalable, in-memory RDBMS with ACID.
Video Clip Music Assist - Software that finds music for your homemade videos.
VisualFox FX - An animation and visual effect library for Google Web Toolkit that leverages CSS3.
VisualFox Layout - A layout mechanism for GWT.
VisualFox Core - Core functions for VisualFox's GWT library.
VisualFox Parameter - Software to pass parameters to a GWT application.
VisualFox UI - UI widgets for GWT.
vert.x - The next generation polyglot asynchronous application framework.
VirtualX - An online examination system.
vBot - A visual programming game.
vrdp-ldap - An LDAP backend for VirtualBox RDP Auth.
v8class - A tiny C++ wrapper classes around the v8 JavaScript engine.
VCL - VirtualCL (VCL) Cluster Platform.
Visa Payment Gateway Integration - An application to integrate your Web application with Visa payment.
VDnsAdm - A virtual nameserver management GUI.
Video providers - A class that returns HTML for embedding and previewing videos.
Vintage Terminal - A vintage-style terminal emulator.
vsfplot - A vector and scalar field plotter.
VPLG - Computation and visualization of protein ligand graphs for protein structure analysis.
vded - Tracking of vector metrics with ganglia.
Variance - A library adding a Variant type and customizable automatic type conversion to Java.
Vocabulink - Language learning software for spaced repetition.
VGAVR - A 18x19 text mode for 16MHz AVRs.
vsd2svg - A tool to convert VSD files to SVG files.
VIM Pal - A separate application providing a file tree for VIM.
Vortexje - A source-doublet panel method library.
Vault - A Perl script to store away files, including metadata and integrity checks.
vectorz - A fast, no-nonsense vector math library for Java.
Verish - A logical reasoning checking and facilitation language.
Voting Poll System script - A voting poll script.
VyprVPN for Mac - A secure personal VPN application.
virtenv - A virtual desktop environment based on LXC.
Voidoria - Fractal Flame rendering and animation software.
vcprompt - Version control information in the shell prompt.
virtualbox-COM - A low level Ruby binding to VirtualBox.
Vedis - An embeddable implementation of Redis.
Vibur DBCP - A concurrent JDBC connection pool based on Java dynamic proxies.
vimpc - A curses mpd client with vi-like key combinations.
Videomanager - A Web-based video manager.
Valentina - A vector graphics editor for creation patterns of clothing.
VyOS - A Linux-based network operating system.
Vega - A Web application vulnerability scanner.

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