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w-agora - Web-based forum and publishing software
w3cam - A Web camera CGI for video4linux.
w3juke - MP3 Streaming (via http) jukebox
w3m - A pager/text-based WWW browser.
w3mir - HTTP copying and mirroring program
W3Perl - A server logfile statistic analysis program.
w3reg - Automatic Web page registrar.
wagon - Simple pull-model job distribution framework.
WAILI.xl: Wavelets with Integer Lifting (XL) - C++ wavelet transform library targeted at large scale image processing
WAILI: Wavelets with Integer Lifting - C++ wavelet transform library targeted at image processing
wakeonlan - Remote powerup script for a PC with a Wake-on-Lan ethernet adapter.
Wallpaper Control - A graphical wallpaper manager.
WAPreview - A browser for viewing WAP pages from Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer.
wapsh/htsh - Login to Unix via a WAP phone (telnet on your telephone).
wApua - A WAP WML browser written in Perl/Tk.
Warlock Front End - A graphical frontend for Simutronics games.
Warship Battle - A battleship game with many extensions.
watchdog - A software watchdog
Watchfile - A program that displays a list of files and their stats on a terminal.
waterfall spectrum analyzer - XMMS visualization plugin
WAV-PRG - A tool to convert Commodore 64 tapes to PC and back.
Wave Database Interface - A C RDBMS API.
WaveTools - Commandline tools for manipulating mono wavefiles
wavnorm - Maximize the volume of 16 bit stereo wav files
WavSplit - Splits large WAV files into tracks.
wayV - Draw shapes on your desktop to start programs and emulate keypresses.
wb0 - A quick SVGAlib-based Web browser
WBI (Web Intermediaries) Developer Kit for Java - A programmable proxy for developing and running intermediary web apps.
WBOSS - A Web-based spell checker for forms.
Wcal - Web based calendar/planner especially suitable for multi-user setups
wcd - Another Norton Change Directory (NCD) clone with more features.
wchat - Fully extensible TCP/IP-based Chat Server.
wdm - xdm replacement
weather - A PHP tool to display the weather of about 3000 cities in the world.
WEB - An HTML preprocessing tool.
Web CorbaScript - WCS is a CGI processor for CorbaScript.
Web diary - Web-based multi-user CGI diary applet
Web Pages - CGI script to merge several distributed webpages into one
Web Photo Album - Automatic web photo album.
Web Polygraph - A freely available benchmarking tool for Web caching proxies.
Web Projects - team working scheduler with a Web interface
Web Services Toolkit - A Web services toolkit with Linux support.
Web Templating - Easy-to-use templating system for web pages
Web Tree Scanner - A program to visualize the tree of a WWW server and check the links
Web User Interface - Builds a list of all available personal homepages.
Web-4M - An application for online conferencing and distance learning.
Web-bench - Simple web server benchark.
Web-FTP - A Perl/CGI FTP client.
web2ldap - A Web-based LDAP client written in Python.
web500gw - Connects WWW browsers to LDAP based Directories.
Webalizer - Web server log analysis program
WebAwk - Web scripting language.
webbase - Internet crawler C library and program
WebBBS - A Web-based bulletin board.
Webber - A Web content development framework.
Webboard MySQL - CGI Web posting board.
WebCal - A simple browser based calendar program.
WebCalendar - A multi-user Web-based calendar.
webCDwriter - A tool for network CD/DVD writing.
WebChat - A web chat without Java
WebCit - An AJAX and Web front end to the Citadel groupware system.
WebCleaner - A filtering HTTP proxy.
webcrawl - A program which downloads entire web sites.
WebDialer for Linux - A CGI frontend to wvdial or rp-pppoe with logging functions.
webEditor - Cocoon-based content management.
WebEvent Calendar - WebEvent is web calendar software for your web site.
WebExplorer - Browser-based file editor/manager.
WebFetch - Perl5 module infrastructure to export and retrieve news for web display
webfs - Lightweight HTTP server for static content
Webgallery - Creates a Web-based gallery of images with thumbnails.
WebGlimpse - A site search engine with advanced features for customizing search and indexing.
WebGuys Instant Message Service - Instant Messaging solution for small team environments
Webinterface for Unix Listproc - A Webinterface for Unix Listproc; user functions only; no admin stuff (yet?)
WebKNotes - Web-based knowledge notes database written in Perl.
Weblogmon - Web server users and usage monitoring program.
WebMagick - Generates HTML to put image collections on the Web
WebMail - Web frontend for Unix system mailboxes.
WebMailFolder - Convert emails to html and creates index and statistics
WebMake - A simple, offline Web site management system.
Webmin - A Web-based interface for Unix system administration.
Webmin module for LTSP - Webmin module for configuring the Linux Terminal Server Project's software
WebNap - A Web-based Napster client written entirely in PHP.
webnotebook - A Web application to keep track of pieces of information.
WebNow - Allows you to provide WebPages to your visitors in a safe environment.
webplay - Web-based MP3/Ogg Vorbis jukebox with variable bitrate and independent streams.
WebPlus - Web databae application development tool and middleware
WebPop - A Java servlets-based mail reader.
WebQcat - WebQcat Web-based CueCat barcode scanner.
Webresolve - A tool to quickly resolve IP addresses in Web server logs.
webrowse - Shell-Browser interfacing and Web browsing tools.
WebRun - Simple Java application distribution tool
webshout - Control shout playlists via CGI.
WebSite Director - A Web content workflow management system.
WebSite Director lite - Web Content Management System
Website META Language - An HTML generation toolkit.
Websphere Application Server - Websphere Java Application Server
Websqlbrowse - A configurable web-based MySQL DB interface (browse,search,add,edit, and delete
WebSubmit - A web-based utility providing secure access to remote applications
Websuite - Suite of CGI applications in C
webtail - A Web version of the Unix tail utility.
WebTheme - Web Theme Library
WebTodo - Web-based todo list with customer submission forms.
WebTTS - WWW-based Trouble Ticketing System for ISP's
WebWader - Automatically display all the pages of a Web site.
Webware for Python - Suite of Python software components for developing dynamic Web apps.
WebWarper Site Optimizer - A tool which saves traffic and accelerates access to your Web site by 2-10x.
WebWebX - A CGI-based multi-user whiteboard.
Wecker - A playlist wrapper for mpg123, to use as an alarm clock.
Weeder - Binary identification tool
WEEDS - Java application that converts XML files describing plants into an HTML flora
Weedy Bot - A Scheme IRC bot.
WeirdX - A pure Java X Window System server
WEKA - Data Mining Workbench in Java
Welcome2L - Linux ANSI boot logo
werkmail - webmail application written in php
wf - A simple word frequency counter.
Wget Download Webmin Module - A download manager with a Webmin-based interface.
wget_worker - A Perl script that uses wget to download from the Web in parallel.
wgrab - Recursive Web retrieval with date-based patterns and regular expressions.
whatpix - Duplicate file finder.
whatsnewfm - A filter for the Freshmeat newsletter.
whichcap - Allows Linux capabilities to be used via sudo
whichman - whichman, ftff and ftwhich are fault tolerant search utilities.
Whitespace - To detect and remove bogus whitespaces in source files.
whois - A modern whois client
Whois2 - Recursive whois client
whowatch - Console program which displays in real time list of logged users.
WideStudio - A C++ integrated development environment.
Wife's Network Controller - A GNOME panel applet to control diald.
WIMS - Interactive Mathematics Web Application Server.
Win4Lin - A program that allows Windows 9x and their apps to run on Linux.
Wind/U - Libraries for porting Win32/MFC applications to native UNIX.
Window Maker - An X11 window manager with a NEXTSTEP look and feel.
Window Manager Icons - Efficient standardized icon distribution
WinDriver - Device driver development tool. Same driver will run on Linux, Windows, Unix.
windsock - SOCKS4/5 server in Java
Wine - Emulator of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs.
WING - An arcade style space shooter
Wing IDE - An IDE for Python.
WingMan Adressbook - A WINGs-based interface to a MySQL-powered addressbook.
wingS - A servlet development framework featuring a Swing-like component model.
Winie - HTTP/1.1 Put Tool
Winux - Graphical configuration interface for LOADLIN
Wipe - A tool that offers secure deletion of files from magnetic media.
WiredX - pure Java X Window System server
Wireless Tools/Howto - Tools and documentation for setting up wireless LAN drivers.
WLA DX - A GB-Z80/Z80/6502/65c02/6510/65816/HuC6280/SPC-700 macro assembler.
wm2 - Minimal, elegant and unusual window manager
wmakerconf - GTK based configuration tool for WindowMaker window manager
wmamp - A media player designed for the Window Maker dock.
wmanager - X11 window manager selector
WMAnsiEd - An ANSI/ASCII editor.
wmappl - Window Maker Application Launcher
wmbatppc - A battery monitor for Apple Powerbooks & iBooks (G3 or G4).
wmbattery - APM status dock app
WMbg - A Tcl/Tk GUI to WindowMaker's wmsetbg and wmdwrite programs.
wmbored - Displays the time between a past date and a future date.
wmciv - A small dockapp to launch Freeciv games.
WMCpu - CPU/System stats monitor
wmdctrl - diald control application for windowmaker dock
wmDownload - A dockapp that monitors how much you've downloaded.
wmdropzone - A download manager for your WindowMaker Dock
wmfire - A fiery dockapp monitor.
wmfsm - Monitors your filesystem usage.
WMgMon - Window Maker (and AfterStep) generic monitor applet.
wmGrabImage - Displays a thumbnail version of an image from the www.
WMixer - Neat sound mixer for Window Maker with a digital on-screen display.
WMKeyboard - A keyboard map manager.
wmlan - 3Com LanModem (tm) Status Monitor for Window Maker
WMLmMon - Lm78/75 monitor applet for WindowMaker
WmlPOP - A POP mail reader for WAP/WML devices.
wmlpq - A print queue monitor dockapp.
WMM - A clock and filesystem mounter in a single Window Maker dockapp.
wmmenu - Icon menu dockapp for Windowmaker.
WMMixer - A WindowMaker mixer.
WMMon+SMP - WMMon modified to work on Dual-Processor systems
wmmp3 - mpg123 front end for Window Maker
wmMuezzin - Computes time and direction for a prayer to Mecca
wmnet - Provides network statistics for the Window Maker desktop
wmphoto - Put your favorites pictures on your desktop
WMpop - A Window Maker DockApp for monitoring a local or POP3 mailbox.
WMRack - WindowMaker CD-player and mixer dock applet
WMScript - A system monitoring dock app for Window Maker.
wmSMPmon - A CPU monitoring applet for SMP systems running Window Maker.
wmSpaceWeather - Shows environmental conditions in space.
wmstardate - A Window Maker applet that shows the current Star Trek stardate.
wmstradio - Radio-like dockapp for streaming audio connections.
wmtheme - A window manager theme utility.
WMTimer - An alarm/chronograph/countdown timer dockapp for Windowmaker or Blackbox.
wmtxcnt - A dockapp which counts PPP connection costs.
wmweather - Displays your current local weather conditions.
wmx - Rather less minimal derivative of wm2
wmxres - Dock applet for changing X modes
WolfGL - OpenGL port of "Castle Wolfenstein" and "Spear of Destiny".
WolX - A client for the Remote Translation Service.
Woodchuck - Logfile analyzer.
Woody - Tree editor, outliner, TODO list, and project management tool.
word dig - Perl-based word game.
Word list checker - A tool for checking and updating dictionaries/word lists.
WordNet - on-line lexical reference system
wordtrans - A multi-language word translator.
Worker - A highly configurable graphical file manager for X.
Workon - Setup the appropriate environment to work on a CVS module.
World Foundry - 3D level game engine and asset production pathway
WorldForge - Massively multiplayer online roleplaying game framework/system
WorldForge::Acorn - A pig farming game using the WorldForge engine.
worldpilot - A Web-based personal organizer system with email.
WorldPrint - A filter to print from Web browsers in many character sets using TrueType fonts.
WorldStation - A frontpanel controller for the Ten-Tec RX-320 PC Radio.
WorldWide Web Performance Monitoring - Web performance monitoring tool.
WOTS - Logfile monitoring program, generates action reports based on patterns
WPP - Small perl5 script that allows preprocessing of HTML files
wquotes - Web tool to save and share your favorite quotes.
Wrabbit FTPServer - A Java-based FTP server.
wradio - A no-nonsense graphical radio.
wterm - A lightweight and featureful terminal emulator for the X Window System.
Wuzzle Jukebox - A CGI script to organise and play mp3's, with search and playlists.
wv - Microsoft Word 8 document format viewer and converter.
WvDial - Intelligent Internet Dialer
WWL - A maidenhead WWL calculator.
www-sql - Displays information from MySQL or PostgreSQL databases in web pages
WWWdb - Database-access over HTTP with consistency-check
WWWOFFLE - Simple proxy server with special features for use with dial-up internet links
www_proxy - HTTP proxy with the capability of modifying User-Agent value
wx2000 - Weather Data Logger - Data Retrieval Program
wx200d - A client/server weather data collector for WX200/WM918/WMR918/WMR968.
wxDesigner - RAD tool for wxWindows.
wxPython - A Python extension module for wxWidgets.
wxWidgets - A C++ cross-platform GUI library.
wxZoom - A screen magnification utility.
WhizzBee Web Server - A cluster-based Web server with cooperative caching support.
witme - An efm-like file manager.
WANPIPE - A WAN-routing component for the Linux router.
Web-tools - Various tools which assist in adminstering a server.
Web+Shop - A user-friendly e-commerce shopping cart application for the Web.
wmcliphist - Clipboard history dockapp for Window Maker.
wmapm-acpi - WMAPM with support for ACPI.
Web Mailform - Web Based Mail Form that provides multiple forms and is customizable.
WinSlack - A Linux distribution for older computers which is meant to resemble Windows.
Wat2ions - Places ions in a water bath.
webwasher CSM - A WWW-proxy with filtering capabilities.
WebQA - An easy-to-use relational Web database.
Web Searcher - A GNOME applet for searching the Web.
wmmclient - A Window Maker dock applet showing mserver stats.
WorldForge::Atlas-C++ - Atlas protocol standard implementation in C++.
wmpal - A Window Maker dockapp based on bbpal.
WhizzBee Site Accelerator - An accelerator for existing Web servers.
WhizzBee Proxy Server - A proxy server powered by Whizz's EC-Cache Engine.
WhizzBee Proxy-Accelerator - A functional integration of the WhizzBee Site Accelerator and Proxy Server.
WUMPUS - A set of scripts to mirror a multi-user Web site.
WMFishTime - A cute date/time dockapp.
Web Teacher Evaluations - Browser-based teacher evaluation scripts and HTML pages.
Websize - A fully-featured webpage sizer with pretty-progress and statistics.
whitenoise - A program which generates ambient random noise.
WilmaScope - An interactive 3D graph visualisation engine.
WRChat - A Web chat program using MySQL and PHP 4.
wctpXml Library (WCTP Toolkit) - A C++ library for working with WCTP requests and responses.
wmseti - A WindowMaker dockapp that displays [email protected] work unit statistics.
Web Resource Application Framework - RDF API in Perl with several simultaneous backends.
wgparse - A wget log file parser.
WebFileManager - A Web-Based File Manager for Linux and Unix Systems.
wmmge - A Window Maker dockapp for monitoring an MGE UPS.
Web Thermometer - A system for displaying temperature on the Web.
webFonts4Linux - A shell script that installs Microsoft's Web Core Fonts on Linux
WebDHCP - Administer DHCP entries from the web
WMBiff - Biff for WindowMaker's Dock or AfterStep's Wharf.
Web Organizer - Web-based groupware with a calendar, address book, task list, and more.
WebUMake Web - Creates personalized Web pages for users with a WYSIWYG browser-based editor.
WebUMake Mail - A Web-based e-mail solution.
Web Project - webproject is a project based anagement tool to be used through a web interface
wmquake - A window maker dock for playing quake at 64x64
Whatmask - A subnet info utility.
Web Document Management System - A web-based electronic document management system.
WeBBind - A Web GUI to admin BIND DNS servers.
WebReporter - A tool to periodically check Web pages of interest and report changes.
Witme-fileutils - A version of GNU fileutils that builds as a shared library.
WM PPTP daemon - A free Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol daemon.
Wars of Destiny - A real-time strategy game with network support.
WSU News Manager - A powerful CGI-powered news manager.
WMCPULoad - A dockapp to monitor CPU usage.
Whisper - Keeps your private communications private.
Websieve Scripting Tool - A Web-based Cyrus Sieve script creation GUI.
wctpxml-python - Uses Python to send paging msgs over HTTP in XML to WCTP.
wm2kde - Converts a Window Maker menu to KDE.
WeatherGraph - Local weather data accumulation for Web sites.
web-gallery - A builder of web galleries (jpg images) from digital cameras.
Who Is Doing It? - A research tool on Open Source Developers.
wmCoinCoin - A linuxfr.org troll applet for WindowMaker.
Whitebeam - A rapid, XML based development environment for structured, dynamic Web apps.
wavemon - An ncurses-based monitor for wireless network devices.
wmget - A background downloader dockapp.
WebPic - A tool for creating Web viewing of digital cam pictures.
web server administration platform in java - A set of client and server side programs used to administer web servers.
WWWcam - A Webcam with features like picdiff, auto brightness, and timestamp.
Whoson - WHO iS ONline.
WildWEB - A Web application development framework.
Who's Paying for This? - A Python app for payment share calculation.
WebNews news reader - A web-based NNTP newsreader written in Perl.
wadext2 - Dumps the lumps of a wad to files.
WebGUI - A fully featured mod_perl content management system.
Webcpp - Generates beautifully coloured Web pages from source code.
WinGL - A small OpenGL/C++ library.
WSIF - A tool providing a standard API for invoking services described in WSDL.
Wackamole - N-Way fail over for IP addresses in a cluster.
Webminstats - A graphing statistics module for Webmin.
WebBull - A Web application development environment.
WMALMS - A dockabe/swallowed applet for monitoring sensor data.
wepidia - A PHP image browser with MYSQL support for comments.
Web Log Trends Analyzer - A simple Perl script to consolidate Web server logs.
Web Application Server - A Web server which can be used to create a program interface in a Web browser.
Wylib - Open source ERP tools.
Worm Report - A Perl script to filter out worm hits into sub logs and generate a report.
washerDryer - Dockapp that monitors your washer and dryer.
Web Calendar - A group calendaring system on the Web.
wmcapshare - A Window Maker dockapp to manage the HP CapShare.
workbench - A powerful PHP/MySQL bug-tracking application.
Wellenreiter - An easy to use, GTK/Perl-based wireless sniffer/scanner with enhanced features.
wwtxt - A minimalistic C++ library for XML/CSS parsing.
WebEvent Publish - A Web-based event and calendar publishing solution.
WikkiTikkiTavi - A full featured PHP based Wiki engine.
WebLech - A URL spider similar to wget or WebSuck.
WebPDA - CGI script to view palmdesk databases
w4ais - CGI gatweway for swish
wget_img.pl - An image auto-downloader that calls GNU wget.
Web Gedcom Viewer - A Web based Gedcom/Family Tree viewer.
WAP Control - A method for controlling your *nix server from a wireless phone using PHP and WA
WordFlashReader - An RSVP application to help you read at multiple times your normal speed.
Wombat - A servlet engine for Perl.
wol - A Wake On LAN client.
WordPerfect 8 conversion fix - A fix for the broken file conversion in Corel WordPerfect 8.
wxBasic Programming Language - A cross-platform GUI Basic interpreter.
WREP - Web regular expression parser.
Waimea - X11 Window Manager
Wusage Web Server Log Analyzer - Measures the flow and popularity of your Web site.
WebSecure4Linux - A Linux client for Freedom WebSecure.
wxBase - A collection of portable C++ classes for cross-platform programming
WCCP Server Daemon - A Web Cache Coordination Protocol redirector daemon.
webmlist - Web mailing list archive with IMAP backend.
Wuff's MovieDB - A database written in PHP using MySQL to catalogue your DivX-releases and VCDs.
Web Package Surfer - A system to browse, search, and administrate files.
WMR918 Weather Station Tools - Reading, archiving, and plotting the data from a WMR918 weather station.
Winzig - A suite of PIM style apps written in Python/GTK suitable for PDAs.
WebKOM - A WWW-based client for the LysKOM conference system.
WebMySQL - A web interface to a MySQL database server.
wmlj - A LiveJournal.com monitor for X11/Window Maker.
white_dune - A graphical VRML97 editor, simple 3D modeller, and animation tool.
WWW-SMS - A Perl framework for sending SMS messages.
wmnetload - A dockapp for monitoring network interface traffic.
wmJupiter - A Window Maker applet which features Jupiter.
WMNUT - A dockapp to monitor a UPS through NUT (Network UPS Tools).
webreport - Generates Web reports for multiple sites.
wmSolar - A Window Maker solar system viewer applet.
Waimea Mini Pager - A pager for the Waimea window manager.
Webnailer - CGI that generates thumbnails with links to the full image
WebBot - An IRC bot with advanced Web search capabilities.
Wallal - Yet another LDAP to Web gateway.
Web Services Gateway - A framework between Internet and intranet environments & Web Services.
WebUMake Instant Helper - A tool to let visitors chat with a Web site's staff.
Webmin Themeconfigurator - A module for creating and editing Webmin themes.
WDialog - A framework to create dialog-centric Web applications.
Web10G - Helps get 100% of the available bandwith for common TCP applications.
Webmin OpenLDAP - A Webmin module for OpenLDAP.
Wmsensormon - A Window Maker dock app that displays readings using lm_sensors.
Webmin Usermonitor - A Webmin interface that provides an overview of all users on the system.
WebAbility - An integrated Web development platform.
Wonder Shaper - Helps maintain interactive latency on modem/ADSL/cable while up/downloading.
WMab - An ACPI monitor with multiple batteries support.
Wordlist Generator - A word and password generator.
Working Overloaded Linux Kernel - The latest kernels and patches.
Warewulf - A distributed Linux distribution.
Web Virus Count - A Perl CGI that counts the number of requests generated by viruses on a Web serv
Wolfpack - Server-side Ultima Online MMORPG software.
wmufo - A dockapp monitor for [email protected] clients.
Web-based Personal Information Manager - A calendar, to do list, and addressbook in a Web application.
wtail - Watch multiple files.
Wireshark - A network protocol analyzer.
WvStreams - A C++ network communications layer for rapid application development.
Weeble File Manager - A Web-based file manager and FTP client.
WAP11GUI - An SNMP management application for the Linksys WAP11 wireless AP.
web-cyradm - A Web-based tool to admin Cyrus and Postfix.
wmmemload - A Window Maker dockapp for memory/swap display.
wad2svg - A tool which draws a map of a Doom level as an SVG graphic.
Waiho - An FTP client for GNUstep.
Waffle - A file browser with an Explorer-like interface.
WTools - A Westwood games viewer.
wmbio - A dockapp to show your biorhythms.
WeatherMaker - A commandline program to generate weather reports for RPGs.
WebCall - A MySQL Linux ticket tracking system.
WDTSC520 - A driver for the AMD Elan SC520 hardware watchdog under Linux.
wmacpi+clecourt - A Window Maker dockapp for monitoring ACPI on laptops.
Web Components Toolit - A Swing-like programming library for Servlet development.
WMApp DockApp Library - A C++ library of dockapp widgets.
WMND - A Window Maker dockapp for monitoring multiple network interfaces.
WallFire wfconvert - A multi-platform firewalling ruleset compiler for the WallFire project.
webcam_server - A Webcam server enabling streaming video to a Web browser via Java.
WallFire wflogs - The firewall log analyzer of the Wallfire project.
Webtop - A Web-based email application with personal information management features.
WebJob - Download a program over HTTP/HTTPS and execute it in one operation.
Webmastercart - A CGI shopping cart and catalog manager.
WebAPP - An automated Perl portal with content management features.
What Bugs? - A simple bug tracking system.
WWW Forum - A fast and reliable forum for the Web.
wmifinfo - Network info Window Maker applet.
wt2db - A tool for converting WikiText to DocBook XML.
WISP-Dist - A modular embedded Linux distribution for wireless routers.
Wy60 Terminal Emulator - Curses based terminal emulator of the Wyse 60(tm) terminal.
WorDoG - Risk via a Web browser.
Web shell - A CGI-based remote UNIX shell.
WheresKal - A modular Jabber chatbot, written in Python.
webAlbum - A bash script that generates a Web-based photo and video album.
WebInvoice - A tool to manage clients, billing, and payments.
web panacea - A database-centered Web access log analysis package.
Webfish Linux - A small, PIII/AMD-optimised Linux distribution for servers and workstations.
WORM MP3 Encoder - An MP3 encoder, designed for the highest possible quality.
WOProject - Provides a set of Ant tools for WebObjects.
wmMultiPop3 - A WindowMaker dockapp that checks POP3 servers for new mail.
Website Login Tool - A script for protecting Web sites with a password.
WebSphere SDK for Web Services on Linux - The initial release of the IBM WebSphere SDK for Web Services on Linux
WeatherCheck - A Java weather retrieval program.
WaveToMidi - Audio, wave, and sound to MIDI conversion.
WebVCR+ - A TV Guide-like interface to record TV shows.
WCN:Talk - A Web-based discussion board written in Perl and MySQL.
web-chpass - A Web-based password changing utility.
WorldForge::skstream - A C++ iostream socket library.
wftk - An open-source workflow library and engine.
Writer's Café - A powerful fiction writer's toolkit.
wmmtr - A Window Maker dockable traceroute (mtr-like).
Web performance timer - Monitors the performance of your network servers.
wmfuzzy - A textual approximate dockapp clock.
Wide Area Link Emulator - A virtual WAN access link tester.
Wollabot - A modular service bot for IRC channels written in PHP.
wxSpellcast - A portable rewrite of the classic X11 multiplayer game.
Wget New Percentage - An alternative progress report for Wget.
wsbasic - A BASIC interpreter implemented in C++.
WebVal - A URL scanner, maintainer, and validator.
WeblogPlayer - An applet for viewing recently updated weblogs.
WebWork MVC Framework - A pull HMVC Web application framework.
WebUMake File Manager - A Web-based file manager.
WebComicsDB - A Web-based system for managing a comic book collection.
WSN Links - A template-based PHP/MySQL links directory.
wmpasman - A dock app for storing and pasting passwords.
wmweather+ - A dock app for displaying weather information.
WebClipboard - A tool to provide an Internet-accessible clipboard.
WebEdit Professional - A simple and powerful WYSIWYG Web editor.
World-Wide Exptools - A collection of open source tools with binaries.
WebgiFT - A Web frontend to giFT and the OpenFT file transfer system.
wmDrawer - A dockapp to launch applications.
Wakkabox - An amusing little block shuffling game.
wxEmbedded - wxWidgets for embedded GUI devices.
Worm Warner - A script to warn machines which are infected by Web server worms.
Workrave - A tool for recovery and prevention of repetitive strain injury (RSI).
WebPBC - A Web app that enables companies to do budget consolidation on their projects.
WavTools - A set of simple WAV processing tools.
WebImage - A system for portable photo albums.
WallFire wfnetobjs - A network object library used by other WallFire applications.
Wiresoft ANA - An AI-based software management service.
wmcdrom - A Window Maker dock app that handles CDROMs.
Webbler - A modular, flexible, and expandable content management system.
WiFi Statistics Daemon - A monitor for signal/noise/link levels.
wmspaceclock - An antialiased analog clock for the Window Maker dock.
WapDict - A WAP frontend for the dictd server.
WizardRMS - The Wizard Report Management System.
WWWTrack - A script for tracking statistics about visitors.
WySQL - A CLI-like Web console and tools for SQL database maintenance.
Wcalc - A very capable command-line and GUI calculator.
Whois Proxy - A CGI or command line whois proxy tool.
wbl - A whitelist/blacklist pre-filter for qmail users.
WifiScanner - Just another 802.11b passive scanner.
Whiteboard Courseware System - A complete courseware system for colleges and universities.
WIDZ - An 802.11 Intrusion Detection System.
Westhawk's SNMP stack in Java - An SNMP stack (v1, v2c, v3) in Java.
wireless tools - Configures Linux' Wireless Extension.
Webmatic - An easy-to-use CMS with a lot of features.
wmFrog - A weather dockapp for Window Maker/fluxbox.
wxPyColourChooser - An embeddable color chooser dialog.
webportfwd - An HTTP request redirection daemon.
Wget4web - A Web interface for wget.
webadmin.php - A simple Web-based file manager.
Wavelet Signal Analyser - Visualises the stages of the daub4 wavelet transformation.
wGui - A simple, platform independent dialog manager library.
WAPBlog - A Web log client for WAP-enabled phones.
WebDec - Extracts webshots files.
Webcore Fonts for Linux - RPM packages of Microsoft standard fonts.
WindowLab - A small and simple window manager of novel design.
Whamb Share Protocol Daemon - A Perl script that allows you to share MP3s/Oggs in conjunction with Whamb.
Web Site Robot - An easy to use site builder with a blog, shopping cart, and online photo album.
Whoisdomaincheckup - A Web-based domain name checker written in PHP.
WebWindow - A Web browser Java component and application.
wysihtml - An Emacs-based HTML previewing system.
WebPublisher for PHProjekt - A tool to generate public Web sites from a PHProjekt database.
Writemime - A C++ module to create and send MIME messages.
WebTools Pure Perl - A modular Web-based templating engine with extensive features.
Website for Content and Community - An NNTP-like data distribution system for Web sites.
WireFusion - An advanced, interactive presentation system for the Web.
WidgetWeb - A framework for creating community-shared Web sites.
webXadmin - A user friendly XML-based database table administrator.
When - A minimalistic personal calendar program.
WorldSpace 3D - A well-documented 3D space shooter.
WinConnect - An RDP client for Linux.
WebCharts3D - A server component that generates interactive charts for the Web.
wmalbum - A dockapp to display cover art for XMMS.
Webzap - A framework for the development of Web views and applications.
wtch - Watch output of some command and run another command if it changes.
wxDialer - Allows you to make and recieve phone calls on your modem.
Whale - A GNOME 2 application to manage your iPod.
WTP - A Web-based FTP client.
Waif - A console audio unfrontend: free your terminals!
windowmaker Binary Clock - A binary clock as window maker applet.
WeeWM - A fast and light window manager .
WinDriver Linux USB - A device driver development toolkit.
Webdata Pro - An easy and powerful relational Web database.
WOMP! - A micro Linux distribution for multimedia purposes.
winbackup.pl - A script for performing backups of Windows clients.
w3pw - A Web based password wallet manager written in PHP.
waimeaconfig - A Waimea and Kahakai configuration program based on fluxconf.
Web of Trust Statistics and Pathfinder - A tool for graphing the OpenPGP Web of Trust.
WowBB - An innovative bulletin board system.
Webplan - A Web resource and shift planning tool.
WebCollab - A PHP-based collaborative Web site for workgroups.
Wheel 'O Yum - A program designed to assist in deciding where to eat.
wlanmeter - A monitor for signal/noise/level on wireless network interfaces.
WMxmms - A dockable xmms frontend for Window Maker.
wmdf - A dockable app to monitor disk usage and IO.
Wodan Caching Proxy - A caching proxy server module for Apache.
wmblob - Blobs in a dockapp.
WorldForge::wfmath - The Worldforge math library.
wmCalendar - A calendar dockapp with a monthly view.
WordNet-Similarity - A collection of Perl modules for WordNet.
Webmatic applets - Some Java applets with various graphics effects.
WebMerge - A tool for generating static Web pages from databases and spreadsheets.
Wordlog - An all-ASCII PHP weblog.
Webdonkey - A Web interface for edonkey2000.
wmwork - Keep track of time worked on projects.
wmpuzzle - A Window Maker dock app 4x4 puzzle.
wsx2lop - A free wsx to lopster server.list tool.
WCG - A Web-based chess game that is easy to use and install.
webcalng - A Web-based calendaring solution.
WorldForge::Eris - A client library for the WorldForge project.
WD Arkeia Network Backup - Enterprise-class network backup for heterogeneous networks.
wot - Diagraph generation from an OpenPGP Web of trust.
Webplayer - A Borges-based, browser-controlled MP3 player.
WebEater - A program for Web site retrieval and offline viewing.
wx4j - A Java binding for wxWindows.
wavbreaker - A tool to split a wave file into multiple files.
wmUpMon - A system uptime dockapp.
Wings 3D - A polygon mesh modeler.
WaveSurfer - A really cool tool for sound visualization and manipulation.
webERP - An ERP Web-based integrated accounting system.
WebGraph - A framework for studying web graphs.
wxUpx - A cross-platform integrated GUI for UPX.
webtester - A program intended to automate Web site testing and validation.
Websphinx - A customizable Web crawler.
WebWindow Java Browser - A Web browser component for Java applications.
WyCSV - CSV-SQL table management with upload and dump capabilities.
WyForm - A Web/database interface for form editing/playing and data collection.
WyCode - A code analyzer which parses PHP code.
WorkRoll - A Web-based bug tracker and external-feedback manager.
Web Performance Tools - An application that allows stress-testing of Web-based services.
WeBSET - A special education management system.
WaMCom - A more stable version of Mozilla.
WeWiMo - A script for monitoring computers connected to a WiFi access point.
WebDesk - A utility that lets you embed a Web page in your desktop.
wmpower - A dock application to check (and set) the power status of laptops.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Statistics - A statistics generator for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory".
welofunc performer - A load tester for J2EE Web applications.
Workflow - A project management system.
WikiChump - A bot which listens for URLs in IRC and adds them to a Wiki page.
WaveGain - A program that applies ReplayGain to Wave files.
WMmp - A dock app for interfacing Music Player Daemon (MPD).
WWC - A tool which monitors changes in Web sites.
Weasel Reader - A featureful book reader for Palm OS.
wallstreet9 - A small home banking application that uses HBCI4Java.
Womcat Bookmarks - A Web bookmark manager that uses RSS to share bookmarks.
waproamd - A WLAN roaming daemon for IEEE 802.11b.
w3Chess - Web- and mail-based chess.
wutils - Wrappers for mv and rm to set Apache redirects.
weex - A non-interactive FTP client for updating Web pages.
wfb2sql - A tool that converts the CIA World Factbook into an SQL database.
WebForum - A Java servlet Web posting board.
Webesquema - A PHP script that helps students/teachers to design diagrams.
weatherspect - A virtual weather environment in ASCII.
Walter - An in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editor.
wbmtrustees - A Webmin module for Linux Trustees ACLs.
Web-2-Database - An XML dialect and Java package for putting database details into markup.
wmctrl - A command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager.
Webswell Connect - An e-business integration framework based on standard ebXML.
wput - The opposite of wget.
WebComp - A Web component scripting framework.
WebScarab - A tool that inspects and modifies traffic between a Web browser and server.
Warsaw Pakt - A tool for creating GStreamer pipelines and publishing their structure as XML.
WeeChat - A portable, fast, light, and extensible IRC client.
wyoGuide - Guidelines and sample code for building well-designed applications.
wmstatfs - A Window Maker applet for file system statistics.
wyoEditor - A cross-platform editor with a well-designed and consistent look and feel
WebSphere Studio Plug-in for DB2 Intelligent Miner - A WebSphere Studio plug-in that provides a GUI for DB2 Intelligent Miner.
wmxkb - A docked XKB groups indicator and switch.
WebCab ColorPicker - A red-green-blue color picker with very good precision.
WSProps - A water and steam properties calculator.
WebCab CaptionView - A system for customizing the way your visual items look.
WebCab RotatingBanner - A Web advertisement banner.
WBXML Library - A WBXML parser and encoder.
Wiz Solitaire - A collection of card games with the ability to use beautiful custom decks.
winblast2unix - A tool for fixing badly-formatted file trees from Windows systems.
Wifimap - An application for documenting the structure of a wireless network.
webX - An HTML component generation tool.
WebScanPhoto - A system for generating printable forms from scanned photos.
Waterken Server - A RESTful Web services development toolset.
wlandetect - A script for configuring a network card for various wireless environments.
WMI - Window Manager Improved - A lightweight, usability-focused window manager for X11.
wxHatch - An IDE for Linux, Solaris, and Windows.
WarpPipe - A tool for playing LAN-based GameCube games online.
webfwlog - Web-based firewall log analyzer for netfilter/ipfilter/ipfw/ipchains/ulog logs.
Working Directory - A tool for quickly accessing commonly used directories.
White Box Enterprise Linux - A rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0.
wmbatteries - An ACPI wmaker dockapp with support for 2 batteries, CPU temp, etc.
Web Form Flooder - A tool to flood a Web site with realistic data.
Witty CD Player - A CD player with software buffering for troublesome CD/DVD drives.
wmhdplop - A windowmaker dock applet that monitors hard drive activity.
Wistumbler 2 - A network stumbler for WaveLAN/IEEE wireless in GTK2 and console.
WMPing - A dockable application for checking the state of hosts.
WordPress - A standards-compliant Weblog/CMS.
wmacpi_temp - A dockapp which displays the temperature reported by ACPI.
wStats - A statistics service for the Undernet-ircu ircd.
WebTst - An extensible Web development test infrastructure
Widelands - An animated, 3D real-time economic and military simulation game.
WebNavigationFramework - A powerful navigation framework for structured Web sites.
War! Age of Imperialism - A fun turn-based strategy game.
wsdlpull - An efficient C++ Web services client library and invocation tool.
WebSpike Ruby - An XHTML template engine.
wavetomid - A WAVE to MIDI converter.
webgres - A Web interface to PostgreSQL.
Wumpus Classic - The classic wumpus maze game.
Web Domain Manager - A script to add and delete domains from one or many servers.
WebXMMS - An XMMS plugin to display the currently playing file's info on a Web site.
wmlaptop - A WindowMaker dockapp for monitoring various laptop aspects.
webcalngsync - A Palm Pilot synchronization client for webcalng.
webthumb - A utility that takes a snapshot of the first screen of any Web page.
WARTS - A database utility that can perform encoding-aware data synchronization.
Wammu - A mobile phone manager.
WREC - A program that reforms electrolytic capacitors.
Web Application Gateway - A tool that provides core functionality for Web application access.
wzdftpd - A portable, modular, small, and efficient FTP server.
Windstille - A classic jump and shoot action game.
wxPerl - A Perl wrapper for the wxWidgets C++ GUI toolkit.
Winstone - A light, fast, reliable Java servlet container.
WildMidi - A software wavetable synth.
WakkaHtmlArea - A version of WakkaWiki that is modified to allow WYSIWYG editing.
WebTabs - A DHTML tab widget.
WIPORT - A 2D graphics library.
WebKalk - A Web-based enterprise resource planning system.
Web Knowledge Base - Allows users to search and organize uploaded text and files.
wbmclamav - A Webmin module for Clam Antivirus.
wmsystray - A GNOME/KDE/fd.o System Tray-protocol-compatible system tray dock app.
WIKINDX - A multi-user bibliographic and quotations database and authoring system.
WizMySQLAdmin - A one-file-script MySQL database manager.
wxRecnik - A Serbian-English dictionary.
Wagtail - A client/server audio encoder.
wxMusik - A fast and lean music library and player.
WapReader - A WAP-based PHP email client that supports IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
wxChecksums - A tool that calculates and verifies checksums.
WMtemp - A dockapp that shows CPU and system temperature.
webmin fsacls - A Webmin module for managing filesystem ACLs.
WabbelLab - A camera controlled maze game for Symbian Series 60 phones.
Web-Analiser PRO - A script to gather and analyze statistics of Website traffic.
WebalizerXML - A patch for making Webalizer produce XML output.
Warsync - A server replication program based on rsync.
Widerstand - A program to convert the color code from resistors.
Web Secretary - Webpage change notification software.
WinSwitch - An enhanced replacement for Apple's Fast User Switching menu.
wbmtranslator - A translator assistant for webmin/usermin.
wiki2PDF - A tool to convert Wikipedia articles to PDF format.
WildMenus - A MacOS X-like menu system for GNUstep.
Wheatblog App - A PHP-driven blog system using MySQL or SQLite.
WebInvoicer - A "Point-Of-Sale" application.
wx12Ton - A program that helps organize music which uses twelve-note techniques.
WizSQLiteAdmin - A SQLite database manager.
wbumount - A tool that lists processes which are blocking the unmounting of a device.
Whups - A ticket and bug tracking system.
Wicked - A Wiki for the Horde framework.
WMpeople - A GUI (WindowMaker Dockapp) for peephole.
WorldForge::Mercator - A terrain generation library.
Wmconfig - A menu generation tool for various X window managers.
Web Reference Database - A Web interface for managing scientific literature and bibliographic references.
WikEd - A WikiWiki plugin for Vim.
wl - A whitelist/blacklist program for email.
WordFreak - A linguistic annotation tool.
WUI - A Java library for writing Web-based GUIs.
WineTools - A collection of tools to automatize WINE installation tasks.
Wormik - A simple worm game.
watch_dvb - A script that makes watching DVB channels easy.
WDFink? - A GUI for Fink.
WASTE - An encrypted communication tool that allows for safe chat and transfer.
WidgetServer - A multi-channel server-side RIA and application toolkit.
World of Voom - A turn-based artillery game.
web2mail - A tool for requesting Web pages via email.
wimon - A curses-based wireless connection monitor.
Webcomics Collector - A Python script for downloading webcomics.
wordcircle - A program for teachers to work with students online.
waveblend - An image-combining tool for focus enhancement.
wmforkplop - Monitor forking activity and display top CPU consuming processes.
Wormux - A Worms clone.
WorldForge::Sear - A 3D client for WorldForge.
WorldForge::Mason - A construction-based online RPG game from WorldForge.
WebPack - A script to automatically optimize images and HTML.
WackoWiki - A small, lightweight, handy, expandable Wiki clone.
WP-eXtended - A fork of the WordPress blogging software.
WebGen - A rapid application development suite for PHP.
WDMédia Flash IRC Client - A Flash IRC client.
Wdmédia IRC Gateway - A gateway that provides a link between a Flash client and IRC.
Webcockpit - A Web application generator for reporting and monitoring.
wmacpi - A Window Maker battery monitor dockapp for systems with ACPI.
Web-based Web-site Editor - A CGI text editor that uses FTP to load/save data.
WOPR - A message-passing distributed object development framework for Java.
WebConference LiveHelp! - A fully-featured online customer service solution
WMEyes - A dockapp with eyes that follow your mouse.
WizMail - Webmail with powerful features (e.g. filters and POP3/SMTP HTTP tunneling).
Warehouse - A shoving boxes game.
Weplab - A WEP key cracker.
Warp Rogue - A dark science fantasy roguelike game.
wnews - A console-centric RSS news reader.
WvTftp - An advanced TFTP server.
Wine Management - A winery management system.
WCCP2-Python - An implementation of cache-side wccpv2 in Python.
WebTribute - A Web-based alternative to Macromedia's Contribute.
wmQStat - A dockapp for monitoring various Internet game servers.
Wikalong - A wiki-margin for the Internet.
wfCart - A shopping cart component.
Wspp - An HTTP to WSP proxy.
Webmatic flashlets - A collection of flash graphic effects, menus and transition effects for the Web.
Weaver - An XML programmed MVC controller for developing Web applications.
Wörms of Prey - A multi-player, real-time Worms clone similar to Liero or NiL.
Wavb - A tone generator with voice announcement.
Web Filter - Webfilt provides a Web interface for Bayesian-style Unix filters to filter SPAM.
web-irssi - A Web front end for irssi.
WorldForge::varconf - A configuration handling library.
WeHelpBUS - A Web-based help browser for Unix-like systems.
WEBWEAVR-III - A toolkit for inference in Bayesian networks.
wsdebug - A debugger for the Whitespace programming language.
Wiclear - A simple and accessible wiki.
wmldonkey - A dockapp to monitor mldonkey downloading files.
WP2LaTeX - A tool to convert WordPerfect documents to LaTeX.
Wastebug - A minimalistic, yet usable bug tracking system.
Wav file compare - Compares wav files at bit level.
wMail - A fast, small Webmail application.
Wired - A professional music production and creation system.
wxSFTP - A simple, easy-to-use, portable graphical SFTP client.
Web Booster - An HTTP server accelerator and load balancer.
web-cp - A Web hosting control panel.
wlan-config - A wireless network configuration and connection utility.
wxyzv2 - A minimalist image viewer.
Wumi - A sendmail milter using the py-milter module.
Wapremote - A small server-side script to run batch files from a WAP-enabled cellular phone.
WeBWorK - An online homework delivery system.
WiFiAdmin - A hotspot management Web interface.
wyoFiler - A filer showing the directory hierarchy and the files in the same tree window.
webupdate - A script to register Web pages and monitor them for updates.
Wronskiano Image Manah Manah IndeXer - An image indexer.
Walkietalkie - A lightweight voice-over-IP communication application.
WebCab Bonds for J2EE - An EJB suite for interest derivatives pricing, FRAs, duration, yield, and more.
WPKG - A Samba add-on that will help distribute software and updates to many clients.
wmfscpos - A wmaker dockapp which displays sensor information from an FSC Poseidon chip.
WAVE Utilities - Utilities for analyzing, simplifying, and repairing WAVE audio files.
WikkaWiki - A flexible, easily customizable, and lightweight PHP/MySQL wiki engine.
webDiplomacy - A Web implementation of the popular multiplayer strategy game, Diplomacy.
Web Check - An offline Web consistency tester (dead link checking).
Web Services Intrusion Defense - wsid
WMHeadlines - A news site headline grabber.
Web.GET - A Web app for managing downloads.
webring - A full featured "web ring" application.
WorldForge::Ember - A 3d client for the WorldForge project.
WorldForge::Equator - A world builder client.
Wavemixer - A multitrack sound file editor.
WebKoffer - A modular CMS for Web sites.
Whisper Instant Messenger - A Jabber/XMPP client with end to end encryption.
WPD - A daemon for CPU frequency scaling and ACPI.
Winik - A Windows-based Linux distribution.
wmcdclock - A dockapp clock with a countdown timer.
WAG Applications - A collection of WAG-hosted Web applications.
Wad2PDF - Software that converts Doom levels to PDF files.
WMServices - A dockapp that checks services availability.
WoW Companion - A client/server for character data for World of Warcraft.
Wuhkag - A Web content accessibility policy writer.
Wilma - A program to index files and search for text using a browser interface.
Wget Queue - A wrapper script for queueing downloads to wget.
Wepdecrypt - Wep decrypter
weta-dfs - A distributed file system.
WebFusion Studio - A tool to build PHP Web applications collaboratively in real-time.
wmVolMan - A small volume manager for Window Maker.
WordSearch - A Perl script that generates word search puzzles.
Walrus - 3D visualization tool for large, hierarchical (tree-like) directed graphs
web-extract - A tool to convert Palm memos to a Web page.
Wyrd - A curses front-end for the Remind calendar application.
WengoPhone - A multi-platform VOIP client.
Wi-viz - Self-arranging DHTML wireless network environment visualization.
Wallpaper Tray - A wallpaper utility that sits in the GNOME panel notification area.
WP Clipart - A collection of clip art optimized for word processors.
Wikepage - A wiki/blog/personal site builder.
What's On Air - Programs for handling radio station metadata.
Wacom ExpressKeys - Support for ExpressKeys, Touch Strips, and the Scroll Wheel on Wacom tablets.
WordNet SQL Builder - A WordNet SQL builder.
winestart - Wine logging tool with the ability to deal with multiple Wine versions installed
WordNet Web Application - An application for browsing and querying the WordNet lexical database.
wp_flickr_sidebar - A WordPress plugin that shows Flickr images in the sidebar.
WendzelNNTPd - A small, secure, and easy to configure NNTP server with role based access control (RBAC).
webalizer-asn - An autonomous system number extension for Webalizer.
winfo - A wireless AP information reporter.
WORLDview Widget - An interactive world map Dashboard widget.
WebCBQ - A Web GUI that let you manage CBQ.init configuration files remotely.
Wap-GuestBook - A WAP/WML based guestbook for a WAP site.
wap54g-log - A log monitor utility for Linksys WAP54G access points.
wgrab http file fetcher - A small, fast, and cross platform wget alternative.
Winefish - A LaTeX editor for experienced users.
wcswizard - A wizard for creating components for IBM Workplace Collaboration Services.
Whois domain - A PHP class to check domain names for different TLDs.
WFYD - A minimalistic time tracking program for GNOME with nag capabilities.
WebCert - An application to generate and manage digital certificates.
window manager improved 2 - A dynamic window manager.
wild_match - A wildcard pattern matching function.
wmbday - A dockapp that reminds you of birthdays.
WeDiC - A bash script with plugins for easy searching in online dictionaries.
WMDsweeper - A 3D minesweeper clone.
WallpaperZapper - A GNOME background changer.
Waveform - A function graph drawing/rendering application for audio applications.
Web Data Access Developer - A tool for generating Web-based data access clients.
Webilder - Software that downloads wallpapers from Flickr and Webshots.
wview - A server class solution for supported weather stations.
wbs - A webshots.com client for Xfce, icewm, and windowmaker.
whohas - A tool to query many Linux, BSD, and Fink/MacPorts repositories.
webreset - A remote reset system for server farms.
webcheck - A Web site checker.
WIGS - A Java GPS device API and a GPS application.
Weblog Preview - A preview of a weblog component for Workplace.
Wechselspieler - A tool for the creation of sound events based on visual motion data.
Weight Calculator - A program that calculates WeightWatchers points.
Webalizer Xtended - A Web server log analysis program, forked from Webalizer.
WebNavigator - Software to retrieve dynamic data from the Web.
wxFontView - A system font viewer.
WebPython - A Python Web application development toolkit.
WebDirectory - A Web-based filesystem frontend.
wxCL - A GUI library for Common Lisp.
wCMS - A CMS which includes some features of a Wiki.
waitfordevice - A tool that waits for a device to become available.
whaw - A window manager independent window layout tool.
WiKID Strong Authentication System - A two-factor authentication system.
Webavis - A Web frontend to amavisd-new.
WEBK - A filesystem-oriented CMS.
Watchdog Service Monitor - A tool to monitor IT services.
Wyjec - A simple expression language with prefix notation.
wxOptParse - A program to pass Python command line options from a dialog box.
Web Directory - A Web directory manager with XML sitemap automation.
WorldVistA - A medical EMR/practice management package.
web mailing list - A Web-based PHP newsletter application.
WASP-PHP - A multi-tier Web application framework built on object oriented PHP5.
WAchecker - A Python library for Web accessibility tests.
WAassistant - A Web application for Web accessibility testing.
wCMF - A PHP Web application framework.
Wsynth-DSSI - A wavetable synthesizer plugin for DSSI.
winpdb - A platform-independent Python debugger.
whatsup - A cluster node up/down detection utility.
WebStorage - A Web application for storing files in a PostgreSQL database.
WorldForge::Sage - An OpenGL extensions library written to make use of SDL.
Wendzel Distributed Computing System Library - An easy to use library for distributed computing.
Wordplay - An anagram game.
WebScarab for Eclipse - WebScarab for Eclipse is an HTTP monitor that contains a proxy and is extensible
WWW::NanoRef - A Perl module for shortening URLs via nanoref.com.
Wah!Cade - A GUI front-end to the xmame emulator for arcade games.
WMA support for the mpowerplayer SDK - A wireless messaging API for OS X.
Warsow - An eSports-oriented first person shooter with a strong focus on movement.
WordGenerator - Generates words from a specification of syllable structure.
WSRF Plug-ins for OSGi - A Web framework providing SOA resources.
Wombat Linux Server - A port of Linux to run on top of L4/Iguana.
WyattERP - A toolset enabling the rapid creation of custom ERP tools for businesses.
WebDhcpDns - A Web interface for DHCP/DNS/VLAN administration.
Wavdumper - A command that prints information on the structure of a WAV file.
wrapmin - A wrapper for accessing Webmin through Apache.
Wayback Machine - An Internet Archive Wayback Machine implementation.
Wt - A C++ library for developing Web applications.
Webmaster's Tools - A collection of tools that help Web masters and site designers.
WebKnock - An "URL-knocker" application.
wakearp - A utility to force 'arp -a' to populate.
Web Statistics Montage - A tool that compiles statistics from multiple Web sites.
WMS Javascript Library - A JavaScript API for creating dynamic maps from WMS.
Webtools 4 larbin - A set scripts to handle the output of Larbin.
WebCID - A Web-based caller ID logging application.
Whatson - A series of scripts for managing and viewing TV listings.
Wifree - A wireless/wired captive portal with decentralized authentication.
WAusers - A manager of public sites offering WAassistant services
webalizer-usercolor - A patch that provides personalized colors for the Webalizer.
WorkOrder TS - A Web-based, operating system independent work order management system.
Webmin OpenVpn Admin Module - A module that allows you to create static or CA-based VPNs.
WeOCR - A platform for building Web-enabled OCRs.
WWW L-System Explorer - A tool for exploring L-S based fractals in a browser.
WizCrypt - A file encryption tool.
WorkPapers - Cross-platform electronic working papers.
Wanewsletter - A powerful mailing list manager.
wapircgw - A multi-user WAPIRC gateway daemon.
wsdl2js - A JavaScript code generating tool.
World Domination - A real-time strategy game inspired by Axis and Allies.
WebSwf Slide Show Creator - A program for creating slide shows through a Web interface.
web.template - A template framework for PHP 5.
WebVocab - A tool to study vocabulary while you surf the Web.
Worminator - A sidescrolling shootem up / platform mix game.
WebMe - A simple CMS with blog and podcasting support.
wifiroamd - A configurable daemon to stay connected to WiFi, automatically.
Wefis - A Web-based file-manager based on AJAX technology, and based on Prasi security.
Word HTML Cleaner - A script to sterilize Word HTML of junk tags and characters.
WhileInterpreter - An interpreter for the WHILE programming language.
Weight Loss Tracker - An easy-to-use daily calorie counter.
Web Interface for SIP Trace - A PHP Web interface for SIP Trace
Windowgrouper - A GNOME 2 applet for grouping windows.
Web Form Factory - A simple application that binds HTML forms to a database.
WWWPhoto - A cute Web photo gallery.
windRose - A GPS navigator for PDAs.
WOAS (Wiki on a Stick) - A self-modifying single-file personal wiki with encryption/embedding features.
Web Submission and Review Software - A Web submission and review system.
Web Search Aggregator - A tool to perform multiple Web searches from one place.
Wyrm Tools - A suite of tools for any RPG system.
Willowgarden - A rapid development platform for Web applications.
wxRemind - A wxPython-based GUI for Remind.
wmMand - A dockapp for browsing the Mandelbrot fractal.
WolfpackSys - A cross-platform file conversion system.
WebTide - An HTML editor.
Weight Loss Recipe Book - An online collaborative recipe book.
Wiggly-Log - A small C++ logging library.
WWW::PkgFind - Spider sites for new software packages/patches.
WWW::phpBB - A phpBB forum scraper.
WebDyne - A Perl-based dynamic content engine for Apache/mod_perl, IIS, lighttpd/FastCGI.
wavextract - A program for extracting embedded audio data from JPEG images.
wm - A WM planner.
WikyBlog - A Bliki CMS (blog + wiki) written in PHP/MySQL.
w2otk - A graphical WAV to Ogg Vorbis batch-encoder.
wtime - Simple command line utility for tracking time spent working on arbitrary tasks.
Web Work Remote - A maintenance management software system with full remote access via the Web.
WmConsole - A console server for Windows CE/Mobile.
Wicket - A component-based development for Web applications.
wwtk - A wizard-style Web interface for structured information trails.
Webframe - An easy to use framework for developing Web-based applications.
Wykobi - An efficient, robust, and simple to use C++ 2D/3D computational geometry library
w3server - A small, multi-threaded HTTP server.
Warzone 2100 - A 3D postnuclear RTS game with full campaign and multiplayer.
WebSH - A script that executes commands on a remote machine through Web requests.
Weeblog - An XML/XSL/Perl based tiny blog engine.
waf - A general-purpose Python build system.
WEP Key Changer - A client/server application to protect ad-hoc wireless networks using WEP keys.
wmHexaClock - A dockapp which displays the time in hexadecimal notation.
W2g - A framework for building Web-based applications.
wmThemeCh - A Window Maker theme changer dockapp.
Whimsy - A highly hackable and dynamic window manager.
Wirble - Enhancements and colorized results for Irb.
Wheretero - A tool to detect country from network information.
wuja - A Gnome desktop applet for integration with Google Calendar.
ws2500 - Weather station software.
w3bfukk0r - An HTTP forced browsing tool.
Wiseman - An implementation of the WS-Management specification.
WebIssues - An issue tracking and team collaboration system.
wmsupermon - A universal monitoring dockapp for Window Maker.
WebService::ISBNDB - A Perl OO interface to access book data at isbndb.com.
WMSServer - A class that can be used to retrieve usage statistics of a Windows Media server.
WML Editor - A WML editor applet.
Way Of The Warrior: Sons of twilight - A fantasy battle online board game.
Waffle Web framework - A simple Java-based Web framework.
wbar - An eye candy quick launch bar.
WMSBrowser - A J2ME WMS map browser with GPS tracking features.
WebDNS - A Web application for PowerDNS management.
Wireless Rope - A program to track and visualize surrounding Bluetooth activity.
wixi - A personal multi-platform wiki application for the desktop.
Watchpost - A file monitor program for the GNOME desktop.
WebTTY - An implementation of bash on a Web page using AJAX.
WebServerInfo PHP class - A consistent interface for accessing a Web server's variables.
Web-Warrior - A simple Web page generater written in PHP.
Web-Based Adult Content Server - A tool for building adult Web sites for personal or commerical use.
WBB IRC Postbot - A utility that announces threads/posts from WBB in IRC.
webcam snaps - A Webcam utility.
Wyneken - A typesetting language with emphasis on digital notebooks.
WebFM - A Web file manager.
Webical - A Web application to view and edit multiple iCalendars.
wanha - An URL-guardian for IRC.
Web-GMUI - A PHP MLDonkey multi-user Web frontend.
WildCAT - A Java toolkit for context-aware applications.
wsdl2php - A Web service proxy generator for PHP 5.
WebMonX - A tool that monitors Web sites for updates and changes.
wpa-buddy - A WPA-PSK traffic decrypter.
W-Packager - A package management tool.
WebGuru Publisher CMS - A fully modular, self-installing, templating CMS.
Wocvim - A vim WoC browser. It enables hyperlinks for sources and ASCII texts.
WebAPP NE - A content management system.
WinFF - A cross platform batch GUI for FFmpeg.
WisdomForce FastReader - A tool for high speed data export from very large Oracle databases.
wzfusker - A small program that allows selective interactive downloading of Web pages.
WinShares - A program that mounts all Windows and Samba shares available in the network.
Wiaflos Accounting - A multi-platform server-client based accounting package.
WebGrab - A CGI proxy that allows the replacement of content.
WebCloud - Dynamical, automatic statistic content.
WIDE-DHCPv6 - An IPv6 DHCPv6 implementaion.
Whole Platform - A technology for engineering the production of software.
Woobs - A way to embed any Web application into a pure HTML page with one line of code.
Webconverger - A Web kiosk Linux distribution.
Websphere HATS - Tools to extend legacy applications.
Web Service Engine for MySQL - Software that turns SELECT, INSERT, and DELETE, into HTTP PUT, DELETE, and GET.
WxExtLib - Extensions for the wxWidgets cross-platform UI library.
wiki2xhtml - Creates complete Web pages with CSS and converts from wiki syntax to XHTML.
Whois Ruby - A Ruby class to handle whois requests.
WeiLiYu - A pinyin learning game.
Web Of Web - A secure platform for realtime sharing of Mind Maps.
WebLOAD Open Source - A load, stress, and performance testing tool for Internet applications.
w3btorrent - A PHP interface torrent Web client.
Watch_Web - A script that notifies you about Web site changes via email.
wiki2beamer - A presentation tool based on latex-beamer.
Wikidbase - A powerful combination of a wiki and a database.
Web Auction - A simple auction application for organizations holding online auctions.
WT Toolkit - An AJAX toolkit that is not a hack.
Wtcl - A Tcl module for Apache.
WnDO - Behavioral window manager extensions.
WikklyText - A TiddlyWiki-compatible wiki and Python library.
wmmsg - A notification dockapp.
wmluabutton - A general purpose dockapp that is scriptable with lua.
WBox - A command line HTTP testing tool.
wkpdf - A command-line tool for converting HTML documents to PDF.
WriteTarget - A universal text and code generator using the Bash substitution mechanism.
Web 2.0 News Portal - A categorized article/story/news/blog publishing Web 2.0 application.
WoPeD - A software tool for modeling, simulating and analyzing workflow petri nets.
WeedIt - A file duplicate scanner with database support.
Whitetrash - Dynamic whitelisting of HTTP and SSL for Squid.
WiCoPro - A client/server suite for remotely controlling computers.
wascii - A Web frontend for the AsciiDoc documentation repository.
Websitary - A script to provide Web page and RSS feed change notification.
wiiFrame - A 3D application framework for Nintendo Wii remotes.
WebChat2aim - A simple API to connect Web visitors to AIM.
wxCam - A webcam application for Linux with audio/video recording capability.
WANem - A Wide Area Network emulator.
WiMp: The Wireless Mapper - A wireless coverage map generator.
wxHarbour - A set of Harbour language bindings for wxWidgets.
wcalc-applet - A calculator applet for the GNOME2 panel
Web SMS - A PHP and MySQL frontend for Kannel.
wpicker-applet - A color picker applet for the GNOME panel.
webnotify - A Web site update notifier.
Where Am I - A software traveling companion.
WSO2 Web Services Application Server - A lightweight, high performing platform for SOA.
Webshare - A user-friendly Web-based FTP explorer.
WebReboot Nagios Plugin - A set of plugins integrating the WebReboot line of products with Nagios.
Weasel GNU/Linux - A KDE-based GNU/Linux distribution.
Whid - A time management application.
WebRedirector - A URL redirector that stores statistics in a database.
Wicket Web Beans - An Apache Wicket toolkit to generate forms from JavaBeans.
WEKA Classification Algorithms - A neural network and immune system plugin for WEKA.
WHM XML API - A PHP class to manipulate Cpanel/WHM accounts using its XML API.
Woclema - A weblogging software meant to be managed and edited from the command line.
WordGrinder - A simple text-mode word processor.
WebSQL - A Web-based database administrator tool.
Watchmaker - A Java framework for implementing evolutionary and genetic algorithms.
web heijunka-kanban - A Web-based Heijunka (leveling) Kanban (sign card) board.
wwlisp - A LISP-like language interpreter.
WebSite Guard - A program for password protecting Web areas and managing Website users.
Wifiroute - A wireless/wired authentication system.
WaterMark - An image watermark tool.
wcp - An archive and restore application.
Wine-Doors - A WINE management tool.
WSO2 Web Services Framework for C - A C library for providing and consuming Web services.
WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP - A PHP extension for providing and consuming Web services.
WSO2-ESB - An Enterprise Service Bus implemented on top of Apache Synapse.
Website Protector - Password protection for Web pages and directories from unauthorized access.
web-archive-creator - A script that creates Web archives in .war format.
WebForm Processor - A dynamic secure email form processor.
WIAK - A specialized IPC shell for building wiakapps.
Wendy Site Engine - A Perl framework for Web sites and services development.
WrapLinux - A utility to wrap Linux into an ELF or NBI file.
WfXML XPDL Workflow for JBoss - A flexible and extensible WfMC XPDL Java workflow engine.
wtmpclean - A tool for dumping wtmp files and removing or patching wtmp records.
Weblog - A blog publisher.
Webtap - A small command line tool inspired by Firefox's "Keyword Shortcuts".
Watchee - A live Web tracking system for mobile phones and PDAs.
WDB - A weather data storage system.
Web Spider - A Web spider application.
WSO2 Mashup Server - A platform for creating, deploying, and consuming Web services Mashups.
WSO2 WSF/Spring - A simple "Code First" approach to create Web services for the Spring user.
Web-NoteTaker - A tool for official note taking in meetings.
WebtopProject - Software to plan small and large projects between overlapping departments.
wordpress-java - A Java client library to interact with the xmlrpc interface of Wordpress.
WhoIs Analyzer Pro - A smart whois client for Mac OS X and Windows.
Webified Virtual Desktop - A browser-based remote desktop using MyOODB/VNC.
wimpiggy - A library for writing window managers in Python/GTK+
Webified Remote Desktop - A browser-based remote desktop using MyOODB/rdesktop.
WWW::RapidShare - A Perl module for downloading files from rapidshare.com.
Word War vi - A side-scrolling shoot 'em up '80s style arcade game.
Whitix - A desktop operating system based on Unix.
waitmax - Allows a program to run for at most a specified amount of time.
Web Console - A system to execute shell commands on a server directly from a Web browser.
WaveMaker - An easy-to-use visual Web and cloud development platform.
WebFace - Abstractions for the control and visual aspects of a Web page.
Webface WARP - Allows multiple Web pages to share the same space and control mechanism.
WorkTime - A tool to track time spent using a computer and to generate detailed reports.
WP_Multilingual - An extension that brings multilingual support to WordPress.
WebLETS - A Web-enabled Local Exchange and Trade System (LETS).
Web Help Desk - Web-based help desk software, featuring an iPhone web-app and asset discovery integration.
weborf - A lightweight Web server.
werc - A minimalistic Web content management system implemented in rc.
What's Wrong With My NLP? - A visualizer and graphical diff for natural language processing problems.
wshare - A lightweight system for sharing a mobile network connection via WiFi.
Wixer - An Ajax wiki compiler that uses a formal grammar and a git repoistory.
Wandora - A Topic Map editor application.
WordSearcher - A word search creation program.
WuGeo - A geographical tool.
Web2IRC - An AJAX PHP IRC client.
WebExplore - A Windows Explorer like display of files and folders.
Writer's World Maker - Software for fiction novel writers, written by a fiction writer.
w3af - A framework for finding and exploiting Web application vulnerabilities.
WiGit - A simple and light Git-based Wiki.
Web2 Delight - A tool to transfer videos and photos from the Internet to iPods and iPhones.
Window Object Library - An IDE and library for Free Pascal.
WebSite Auditor Enterprise - An SEO application for on-page optimization.
WiFiconfig - A script to set up WiFi on Slackware Linux.
Wordfinder - A simple application to help you find a word you need.
WP-Post-Banners - A standalone script/Wordpress plugin to generate a "featured" image section.
winetricks - A simple front end to install missing libraries, fonts, and tools on Wine.
Wally - A Qt4 wallpaper / background changer.
WSO2 Identity Solution - An identity management solution with CardSpace and OpenID authentication.
Wordtip - A text classification service.
Wallpaper Action - An X11 wallpaper changer.
WYMeditor - A Web-based WYSIWYM XHTML editor.
WidgetFX - The JavaFX desktop widget platform.
wiipdf - A tiny tool to present a PDF using your Wiimote.
WSO2 Web Services Framework for Ruby - A complete REST/SOAP framework for Ruby.
Who? - A graphical interface for the Unix command "who".
wmjump - Keyboard navigation for the Linux desktop.
WebOSX - A WebOS powered by the Pennypacker dock and the Prototype Window Class library.
Wirbel - A fast compiler language, similar to Python.
wumwum - A window manager manager.
Walkie-Talkie for DS Lite - Software that changes the Nintendo DS Lite into a walkie-talkie.
WireframeSketcher - A wireframes, mockup, and prototype tool for desktop, Web, and mobile applications.
Werkzeug - A Web development framework.
Window Manager From Scratch - A basic window manager.
Weblocks - An advanced Web framework written in Common Lisp.
wmgoban - A dock applet interface for GNU Go.
Wolf Software Backtrace Library - A function tracing C library.
Wolf Software Bitvector Library - A C library that lets you use strings instead of ints for internal flags.
Wolf Software Dates Library - A C library that provides a selection of date based functions.
Wolf Software Dynablock Library - A C library that allows you to create dynamic blocks of memory.
Wolf Software Filefunc Library - A C library for reading and writing ints and strings to a file.
Wolf Software Generic Linked Lists Library - A C library that implements generic linked lists.
Wolf Software Hash Library - A C library that provides functions related to hashes.
Wolf Software History Library - A C library for retaining histories.
Wolf Software Logfile Library - A C library that provides a basic logging function.
Wolf Software Random Number Library - A C library that provides a selection of random number generation functions.
Wolf Software Scheduler Library - A C library that provides function execution based on time.
Wolf Software Socklib - A C library that provides a selection of socket functions.
Wolf Software Stackbuf Library - A C library that a buffer implemented by a stack.
Wolf Software Strfunc Library - A C library that contains a collection of string based functions.
Wolf Software Utils Library - A C library that provides basic utilities.
Wolf Software TCP Proxy - A simple TCP port/socket proxy/rediction application.
WavePacket - A program to solve the time-dependent Schroedinger equation.
WebcamStudio - An application for video broadcasting with webcams.
WineX - A Wordpress Plugin used to display the contents of your CellarTracker cellar o
WebSite Auditor Professional - An SEO tool for fast and effective on-page SEO.
Wolf Software LogDB - A database logging library.
Wolf Software TCP Banner - A simple TCP banner message application.
wv2ogg - A tool that encodes wavpack files to Ogg Vorbis files.
Whiskers - A PocketPC application used for general Bluetooth and wireless radio recon.
Wolf Software Secure Portal - A skeleton for a secure user portal.
WWW SQL Designer - A Web-based SQL modelling tool.
Web-KeePass - A Web based port of the KeePass project.
Web Time Entry - Web Time Entry is a web based project time entry and client billing system.
Wolf Software Change Management - A secure change management system
Webtunnel - A Web server based HTTP tunnel.
Wiipresent - A Nintendo Wiimote presentation controller.
Wolf Software Change Log Manager - A tool to centrally manage change logs.
Wolf Software Open Portal - A simple portal.
WANsim - A tool that allows you to emulate a WAN connection.
Wolf Software WolfChat - A telnet-based chat server.
wscltest - An easy-to-use tool to test Web services.
wmlenovo - A small dock application (mostly for Windowmaker) for monitoring hardware on Lenovo (IBM) laptops.
WiggleMouse - A program that wiggles your mouse.
WBSAgnitio - A complete directory system.
Wiremaps - A layer 2 network discovery application.
Webacula - A Web interface for the Bacula backup system.
w2do - A simple text-based todo manager
web2py - A Python enterprise Web framework.
wxFreeChart - A flexible cross-platform charting library based on wxWidgets.
Whyteboard - A whiteboard / PDF annotator.
webdavfs - A WebDAV file system.
WebKBD - An in-browser keyboard layout switcher for the Web.
Wolf Software Mempool Library - A simply memory pooling implementation.
Wolf Software Logfile Multiplexer - A logfile multiplexer.
WebDraw - A demonstration of server-side mouse tracking using AJAX over HTTP.
Wired-php - An XML-RPC client for booking online.
Wicker - An Ubuntu-based digital sign client OS.
Wifidog - A captive portal implementation/
WAVIQ - Software that combines microphone and Webcam input to form dynamic visualization.
wireshark-osc - An OSC dissector for Wireshark.
Webkit2pdf - A batch HTML to PDF converter based on Webkit.
Watermarker - Adds watermarks and otherwise processes photos ready for publication.
WMIface - A tool for user command line scripting of a window manager.
W-Meter - A conformance testing and performance evaluation suite for 802.11.
WeIRCd - A simple and easy IRC daemon with built-in services.
WIRN - Software for a programmable controller optimized for heat control.
Wolf Software Sysinfo.pl - A script that provides basic system information.
Wolf Software WolfChat (Perl) - A simple implementation of WolfChat.
Wolf Software LibStopwatch - A simple timing library.
Wolf Software Obscure - A library for obscuring text.
Wolf Software Patmat - A simple text pattern matching library.
wxAdvTable - A table GUI component for wxWidgets.
Wolf Software Astrological Library - A simple library providing a set of astrological functions.
WildFire DSI - Automatically install almost any pre-configured site structure.
words - Software for improving your English vocabulary.
Web Man - A Website management, link checking, and formatting system.
waitcond - A script to wait for combinations of events like file creation, process termination, or disk idle.
Whiteshoe - A text-based shooter game.
W-script - A script for creating wallpaper Web sites.
WS Charts - A PHP class that can be used to render charts of several types.
Whole Brain Catalog - A multi-scale virtual catalog of the mouse brain.
WebMCP - A Web application framework.
wsrep patch for MySQL - A patch that enables MySQL to use wsrep replication plugins.
WAJAF - A JavaScript application framework.
WEUP - Software supporting end-user programming on the Web.
wmsystemtray - A freedesktop.org system tray implemented a Window Maker dock app.
WOSH Framework - A multi-platform middleware designed for home automation.
wavpack - An open audio compression format providing lossless, high-quality lossy, and hybrid compression modes.
WizTools.org RegularExpression Tester - A tool to test regular expression patterns.
Wiki Web Help - An AJAX-based wiki designed to operate like a CHM viewer.
WebApi - A set of abstraction classes to make advanced Web site creation easier and more organized.
Webswell Business Hub - A B2B business integration platform.
WeShare Mobile - An iPhone component for sharing content.
Waffles - A C++ library of algorithms for machine learning.
webon - A Web content management system.
WNPOJO - A library to provide SQL transparency to the WordNet SQL database.
WNTRANS - Software to provide portability to the WordNet SQL database.
WNEJB - Software to provide scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed access to the WordNet database in a Java Enterprise context.
WebsiteBaker - A flexible and extensible content management system.
Wolf Software describe.pl - A script that describes all tables from a MySQL database into a file.
WriteOnly - A text editor for fiction writers.
Wolf Software text2man - A script to convert a text file to a man page.
wmudmount - A Window Maker dockapp for mounting filesystems using udisks.
Wolf Software Secure Gateway - A small PHP login gateway.
Wolf Software Personal Calendar - A lightweight calendar/event manager.
wikipedia4epub - Create EPUB books from Wikipedia.org articles
WavPlayer in Flash - A Flash-based player for telephony generated sounds.
Wolf Software Secure Group Portal - An extension to the 'Secure Portal' project that offers multi-department/group handling.
WhatWeb - A Web scanner.
Wolf Software Personal Gateway - A lightweight secure gateway system.
wxServDisc - A Zeroconf service discovery module for wxWidgets.
WMS Inspector - A Firefox add-on with tools for working with Web Map Services.
Web Gradients - A tool for creating PNG linear gradients with HTTP requests.
Wolf Software Software Release Manager - A simple tool for managing software releases
Wolf Software Resource Manager - A tool to manage human resources.
Wolf Software Todo List Mananger - Todo List Manager
Wolf Software MicroBlog - MicroBlog
wężykiem-wężykiem - A pen and paper game generator.
Wolf Software Secure Blog - A blog that can be published only for a specific group.
wwine - A simple Wine wrapper.
Wolf Software Note Safe - A very secure storage tool.
WebDAV CGI - A CGI script that implements the WebDAV server protocol.
WebJaxe - A CMS based on editing XML documents.
wp-popeye - A JavaScript inline gallery plugin for Wordpress.
Window Switch - Start, suspend, resume, and send seamless applications from machine to machine.
WordSeeker - A casual word finding game.
Wieldy - A todo list manager, based on the principles of GTD (Getting Things Done).
wallpaperd - A wallpaper setting daemon.
Wolf Software IP PHP Class - A PHP class that provides functions for handling and manipulating IPv4 addresses.
Wolf Software Mcrypt PHP Class - A PHP class that provides functions for handling mcrypt encryption and decryption.
Wolf Software Mysqli PHP Class - A class that extends MySQLi.
Waterstone Web OS - A Web-based portal that provides music, photos, videos, a blog, and other digital content.
WikiHelp - A wiki for help and process documentation.
wakodi - A property management system.
Wolf Software Vault Class - A PHP class for implementing security and encryption.
Wind - A window manager for X.
WikiPBX - A Web front-end for FreeSWITCH.
Wendland TD - A Tower Defense like single player strategy game.
wiggle - A utility that applies conflicted patches intelligently.
Web Lite TV - An application that streams movies and TV shows from iTunes to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.
watnu - A command-line task list organizer for "getting things done".
watcher - A script that watches files, pipes, or Unix domain sockets.
WeatherBoardSNMP - A tool for integrating the USB Weather Board with SNMP.
weboob - Several applications to interact with a lot of Web sites.
WSF Staff - A Web Services framework for C++, AJAX, and J2ME that is based on Axis2/C.
Wolf CMS - A simple PHP-based CMS.
Web GPS Tracker - An application to listen and track GPS TK103 device on the Web.
Wolf Software Web Fingerprint Class - A class for fingerprinting Web browsers.
Wolf Software QrCode Class - A PHP class that provides functions for creating a variety of QrCode images.
Wolf Software URI Class - A PHP class for manipulating query strings in URLs.
Wolf Software Cookie PHP Class - A simple lightweight cookie class.
Wolf Software Twitter Class - A PHP interface for posting Twitter status.
Wolf Software Facebook (Perl) - A simple script for posting updates to Facebook.
Wolf Software Twitter Perl - A very simple script for updating Twitter status.
Wolf Software Twitter & Facebook Perl - A simple script for updating Twitter and Facebook status.
Web Font Repository - A program to create a "repository" of Web fonts that is accessed through a CSS file.
Wiz Solitaire for iPad - A collection of many solitaire games.
Wise - An experimental Web-based notebook and simple computer algebra system.
WACS - A Comet and Web server.
Wolf Software Image PHP Class - A image manipulation PHP class.
Web Page Replay - Software to record and play back Web pages with simulated network conditions.
Window Shopper for Firefox - Instantly compare prices, find deals, and see similar items as you shop.
WWW::Quvi - A Perl extension interface for libquvi.
Wolf Software Forms PHP Class - A form processing and validation PHP class.
WP-GoogleTranslate-Box - A WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly translate any text from and to different languages.
WiRouter KeyRec - Software to recover the default WPA passphrases of supported router models.
Wize - A light but powerful development environment based on an enhanced version of Tcl/Tk.
WireShare - A fork of LimeWire.
WWW-Analytics-MultiTouch - A tool and Perl library for Web analytics, using Google Analytics.
Winnow - A very high performance Naive Bayes text classifier.
Watch My Network - A script that detects network devices connected to your network and saves details of these devices to a MySQL database.
Waverous LambdaMOO - A fork of the LambdaMOO server ported to C++.
WebGL Earth - A 3D digital globe for Web browsers and mobile devices.
wgms3d - A full-vectorial electromagnetic waveguide mode solver.
Wolf Software jQuery Webpage Previewer - A plugin to produce a scaled view of any given URL.
Wildlife Stock Monitor - Inventory software for biotopes.
Wolf Software LDAP Auth PHP Class - A PHP class for authenticating users against LDAP.
Wolf Software LDAP Auth Group PHP Class - A PHP class to authenticate users and verify their membership in a group.
Wolf Software LDAP Password PHP Class - A PHP class to allow users to change their passwords via LDAP.
Wolf Software Page Security PHP Class - A PHP class to improve security.
Wolf Software jQuery Simple Tooltips - A plugin to create tooltips from multiple sources.
wfrog - A Web-based weather station software with nice charts and many ways to publish them on the Web.
Wolf Software PHP Profiler Class - A PHP class that helps with profiling PHP code.
Wolf Software PHP Messages Class - A PHP class for handling user based messages.
Wolf Software EPD Cookie Class - A PHP class that tracks cookies according to relevant privacy laws.
WDB-GRIBLoad - A loadnig program for the WDB weather/water database system.
Wolf Software MicroBB PHP Class - A PHP class that implements BBCode.
Wolf Software ShortUrl PHP Class - A simple class to create shortened URLs.
WDB-libwdbLoad - Loading libraries for WDB.
[email protected] - A CMS for education, manageable by blind and visually impaired people.
Window Listener - Simple window and task tracking software.
wspurify - A whitespace cleanup utility.
WikiPL - A free programming environment that anyone can edit.
Weighted Slideshow - A script to create an image slideshow playlist favoring newer files.
WebFloor - A Web application framework built on OfficeFloor.
wnframework - A Web application and AJAX framework for easily creating Web applications.
wtf - A program to lookup definitions of acronyms and other terms.
Wolf Software jpecrga - A jQuery plug-in that asks the user for consent before applying Google Analytics.
Wigbi - A minimalistic PHP and JavaScript framework.
Wedana - An HTML-based set of tools to deal with schematics produced by the gEDA suite.
WINK Player 1.5 - An Action Script video player.
WebMotion - A Web application development framework based on a REST architecture and Java EE 6.
WarTactical - A wargame simulation.
w3v - A video player interface on the Web.
wadWiki - A simple, light, and long-term supported scratchpad Wiki.
Watchman - A monitoring, alerting, and triage application.
WiFiDB - Scripts to manage wireless access points.
WallShuffle - Software to change your wallpaper regularly.
WinAdminPassword - A tool for deploying unique passwords on Windows and Unix systems.
wavelet2d - A set of C++ wavelet libraries.
WilsonTechnology Flash Applications - A collection of Flash applications for Web sites.
wro4j - A Web resource optimizer for Java.
Wordpress for SOTESHOP - A Wordpress extension for the SOTESHOP e-commerce software.
Wintermute - An intelligent personal agent.
Web PDF Renderer - A method to embed PDFs in webpages.
Water drop - Software to apply the water drop effect to Web page elements.
wysiwygit - Browser-based text editing for your Web site.
Wolf Software MySQL Class - A PHP class for accessing MySQL databases.
Wolf Software BotSpotter Class - A class for spotting Web bots and spiders.
Wildebeest - A text editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
WormTrack - Detection of scanning worms and machine scans.
WizTools.org oEmbed Java API - A Java implementation of the oEmbed API.
Web FD Log - A PHP/SQLite based logger for Amateur Radio Field Day.
Wolf Software Anti Scrape - A jQuery plugin for creating email addresses on Web pages.
Wolf Software Image Captions - An image caption plugin for jQuery.
Wolf Software Slide Out Container - A slide out container plugin for jQuery.
Wolf Software Twitter Syndication - A Twitter syndication plugin for jQuery.
Wolf Software Page Statistics Class - A page statistics class.
wnbrowser - A graphical browser for WordNet.
Wolf Software Dates Class - A class to allow the manipulation and calculation of dates.
Wolf Software Latitude and Longitude Class - A simple class for determining the latitude and longitude for a given address.
Wolf Software Mersenne Twister Class - A high-quality pseudo-random number generator.
Wolf Software Sessions Class - A replacement for standard PHP session handling.
Wolf Software Tag Cloud Class - A dynamic tag cloud creator.
Wolf Software Weather Class - A simple class for determining the weather for a given location.
Wolf Software Browser Detection Class - A stripped-down browser detection class.
Wolf Software Whois Class - A lightweight, but complete whois lookup class.
Wolf Software OS Detect Class - A simple class for detecting the OS a Web browser is running on.
Wolf Software Encryption Class - A simple encryption class.
Wolf Software HexCrypt Class - A simple class for creating hexadecimal hashed strings.
Wolf Software KeyGrid Class - A complex and strong authentication grid.
Wolf Software OpenSSL Encryption Class - A set of SSL encryption functions.
Wolf Software StrongBox Class - A powerful security class built on top of the SSL encryption class.
Wolf Software Transposition Class - A simple text transposition class.
Wolf Software Banner Class - A PHP implementation of the Unix figlet program.
Wolf Software Body Mass Index Class - A small, simple PHP class for calculating a person's body mass index.
Wolf Software Compound Interest Class - A very small and simple class for calculating compound interest.
Wolf Software Lorem Ipsum Class - A simple development class which generates text for Web sites.
Wolf Software GeoIP Class - A simple class which attempts to get the geographical location for a given IP address.
Wolf Software Proxy Detection Class - A simple class for attempting to identify whether a user is visiting via a proxy.
Wolf Software Brute Force Class - A simple and lightweight brute force password cracker.
Wolf Software Firewall Class - A comprehensive firewall class, including allow, deny, and default rules.
Wolf Software Password Generator Class - A simple compact password generator class.
Wolf Software Port Scanner Class - A simple PHP class which does basic port scanning.
Wolf Software Gravatar Class - A basic class for handling gravatars from gravatar.com.
Wolf Software Email Validation Class - A class which allows you to validate a user-supplied email address.
Wolf Software String Utilities Class - A collection of useful string utilities.
Wolf Software MD5 Block Cipher Class - An MD5 block cipher class.
Wolf Software Colour Utilities Class - A lightweight class for manipulating HTML color codes.
Wolf Software Astrological Class - A simple astrological class which includes sunrise, sunset, moon phase, and Easter.
Wolf Software Holidays Class - A simple and lightweight class for calculating various holidays.
Wolf Software Mysql Size (Perl) - Wolf Software Mysql Size (Perl)
Wolf Software Mysql Size Class - A lightweight PHP class that outputs data about a MySQL database.
Wolf Software MySQL Backup for Bash - A database backup script which sorts by date and time.
Wolf Software Geomap Class - A class for generating world maps.
Wolf Software Piechart Class - A class for generating pie charts..
Wolf Software Games Core Class - The core class for Wolf Software Games.
Wolf software Prime Numbers Class - A class to calculate all prime numbers between two given numbers.
Wolf Software Sudoku Solver Class - A class that will attempt to solve a given Sudoku.
Wolf Software GeoIP Lite Class - A lightweight version of the GeoIP class.
Wolf Software Vigenere Class - A PHP implementation of the Vigenere Cipher.
Wolf Software Currency Conversion Class - A simple class which provides currency conversion using the Google API.
Wolf Software Password Strength Class - A complex class which calculates the strength of a password.
Wolf Software Brute Force Calculator Class - A complex class for calculating the time required to brute force a given password or password makeup.
Wolf Software Averages Class - A class which calculates various types of averages from a given data set.
Wolf Software Combination Class - A small class for working out permutations and combinations.
Wolf Software Complex Number Class - A comprehensive class for dealing with and doing math with complex numbers.
Wolf Software Roman Numerals Class - A class for converting between decimal numbers and roman numeral equivalents.
wu - A fast command-line weather app.
Wolf Software Sudoku Generator Class - A class for generating random solvable sudokus.
Wolf Software Freecode Update Class - A simple class for publishing a new release for a project on Freecode.
Wolf Software Obscure Text Class - A simple class for obscuring text.
Wolf Software Arbitrary Precision Class - A class which uses the BC PHP extension and other missing functions.
Wolf Software Tower of Hanoi Class - A class which prints the solution to the Tower of Hanoi puzzle.
Wolf Software Caesar Cipher Class - A simple implementation of the Caesar Cipher.
Wolf Software Factors Class - A class which calculates a number of different factors.
Wolf Software Perfect Numbers Class - A class which calculates perfect numbers.
Wolf Software Kenny Class - A silly translation class which translates normal text into Kenny text.
Wolf Software Catalan Number Class - A simple class for calculating a Catalan number series.
Wolf Software Fibonacci Class - A simple class for calculating the Fibonacci Sequence.
Wolf Software Morse Code Class - Wolf Software Morse Code Class
Wolf Software Number Series Class - A class that brings together all the other number series classes.
Wolf Software Linked List Class - pair of classes that implement single and double pointed linked lists.A
Wolf Software Stack Class - A complete implementation of a stack in PHP.
Wolf Software Queue Class - A classic queue implementation in PHP.
Wolf Software Server Status - The first part of "WolfTrack".
Wolf Software TorSpotter Class - Identification of connections coming from the "Tor" network.
Wolf Software File Info Class - Information about a given file.
Wolf Software Curse Filter Class - A class which filters out curse words.
Wolf Software HTTP Ping Class - A simple script for pinging Web sites.
Wolf Software Ini Parser Class - A simple class for manipulating ini files.
Wolf Software Evaluate Class - A class for evaluating mathematical expressions.
wwwflypaper - Web page poison for email harvesters.
wminfo - A Window Maker dockable application that displays different information.
Word Solver - A class which generates words or anagrams from specified rules.
Wolf Software Universal Cookie Law Solution - A solution to the cookie law.
Wolf Software Jpecr .NET Package - A universal cookie law solution for .NET applications.
wslay - A WebSocket library written in C.
Wifix (lite) - A utility to fix the most common WiFi problem of Froyo.
wikiup - Attachment uploading for Foswiki and TWiki sites.
Wolf Software Poppassd Class - A simple, lightweight class for talking to poppassd.
WWW-Get - A Web site downloader.
Wolf Software Web Browser Fingerprint - A plugin which creates a unique fingerprint for any given browser.
WAWAS - A PHP application server.
Wikitty - A key/value storage and search engine.
WiredTiger - An extensible platform for data management.
Wallpaper Wizard - A collection of more than 100,000 high resolution wallpapers.
What's My Heart Rate - Measurement of your heart rate from just looking at your screen.
Whitewash - A whitelist-based HTML filter for Ruby.
Wolf Software Assert Class - An assertion handler class.
Wolf Software Password Validator Class - Password complexity validation.
WebSpellChecker - A spell check system for Web applications.
Wp Auto Affiliate Links - A Wordpress plugin that automatically adds affiliate links to blog posts.
Wolf Software jArgon Plugin - A system for handling explanation of jargon terms.
WorkingWiki - A MediaWiki extension for collaborative coding and LaTeX authoring.
Web Socket Service - A PHP class for handling Web socket access using child processes.
WP Secure Plugin - Protection from malware and hidden code injection for WordPress sites.
War In Space - All Around The Moon - A shooting game.
Wolf Software jConsent - A jQuery plugin which deals with a cookie law.
Wnotes - Text note windows for X desktops.
Web Ping - An easy-to-use application for monitoring website performance.
Wolf Software jpecrpw - A jQuery plugin which asks the user for consent before applying Piwik Analytics.
WebVirtMgr - A Web interface for managing virtual machines.
Wolf Software jpecr.js - A jQuery plugin which deals with a cookie law.
WombatDialer - A highly scalable, multi-server, easy-to-use telecasting platform for the Asterisk PBX.
WhatsApp Forensic - A user-friendly DJango project to perform data interpretation and charting of message activity from WhatsApp records.
Wolf Software jNudge - Alerts visitors to your Web site to specific pages.
wmpower+ - A Window Maker laptop power management dockable application.
Windys - An action arcade game in a deliberately retro style.
Wolf Software jConsent for Wordpress - A version of the jConsent cookie consent solution built as a WordPress plugin.
Webimage website preview tool - An Web site preview generator tool that uses WebKit.
websqlclient - Web-based dynamic data entry Screens (JDBC).
WebSite-PHP - An object-oriented PHP Framework
WaddaFundraiser! - Android wallpapers for fundraisers.
WebMap - A Web interface for the nmap security audit tool.
Warthog - Scanner and parser generators for Java.
wavdir2sfz - Creation of sfz soundfonts from a directory containing wav audio files with notes in their filenames.
WCSLIB - A World Coordinate System library.
Word Icon Pack - A collection of icons for toolbars and menu bars.
WorkerTimer - A point-and-click task and project time recorder.
wwwswitcher - A script that makes it easy to change your Apache server folder.
Weblate - Web-based translation with git integration.
Web Based Inventory - User-friendly management of inventory and sales.
Web Based Restaurant POS - A user-friendly Point of Sale system for restaurants.
Web Based Contact Manager - An efficient way to manage your contacts and appointments.
Web Based Community Association - Community Association software to manage memberships.
wwwhisper - Sharing of Web resources which are not intended for everyone.
wmphoto+ - A Window Maker image display dockable application.
wmbackground - A Window Maker background changer.
webmanner - A man page-to-HTML converter.
Whiteboard - Freehand graphics on webpages.
WhoisUP - Monitoring of hosts via ICMP with displays of status in a webpage.
Webcamoid - A webcam plasmoid for the KDE desktop environment.
Web Print - Visitor/BYOD printing to your Active Directory print servers.
What Is My IP - Display of the public IP address of a visitor with a map of the visitor's estimated location.
wave-player - A Web-based music player.
windows fileinstaller - Installation of files from multiple OSes to Windows server or client farms.
wayland - A protocol and C library for a compositor to talk to its clients.
WAF-FLE - A console for ModSecurity.
Wisecracker - A high performance distributed cryptanalysis framework that leverages GPUs and multiple CPUs.
WebMon - A Java VM monitoring tool.
weatherman - A command line weather information tool.
White Elephant - Line testing software for animations.
WebStreamer - An application that lets you play videos stored at your home on many devices.
Wifi Remote Play - A remote control app for MPC and VLC for Symbian and Android.
Weed-FS - A simple and highly scalable distributed file system.
Wicked Charts - JavaScript Charts with Wicket and JSF.
wcfg - An easy and lightweight solution for managing LAMP-like virtual Web servers.
wirgul - Wireless account creation for GUests and others with an Ldap backend.
WTMParse - A script to parse Unix-like WTMP files.
WordPress products catalog plugin - WordPress products catalog plugin
WordPress FAQ - A WordPress plugin to create a FAQ section.
WordPress video plugin - WordPress video plugin
WordPress calendar widget - WordPress calendar widget
WildFox - A fast, versatile, compatible browser.
WaldScan - Recursive scanning for a list of selected file types.
Web Bot - A Web development toolset.
WebElements - Python building blocks for the Web.
Whonix - An anonymous operating system.
wye - A pipe multiplexer.
wger Workout Manager - A workout and diet manager.
wavsilence - A tool which splits a single WAV file into multiple wav files based on silence.
webtools.class - A simple PHP class of tools for a website.
whdd - A HDD diagnostic and data recovery tool for Linux.
WeatherLog - A weather logging application.
wwan-helper - A script that establishes a UMTS connection via the Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband Module.
Weather Forecast - An API wrapper for worldweatheronline.com.
Web Note Pad - A Web-based notepad script.
WSChat - A PHP Web chat system utilizing Websockets HTML5.
WebNomad - A static Web site and image gallery system.
Wemed - A multipart MIME editor.
Web Site Traffic and Pages Access - Register and display of visits of real users to website pages.
Web Search Script - Search of plain text documents stored on your Web server.
wsh - Executes commands on multiple machines quickly and securely.
WebAnno - A flexible, Web-based, and visually supported system for distributed annotations.
Why Can't I Connect? - A tool that makes it easier to resolve TCP/IP connection errors.
Web4thejob - A Java framework for rapid development of data-centric Web applications.
WhiteDB - A shared memory database library.
WMTime - A Window Maker dock app that displays the time and date.
WallCalendar - A set of LaTeX wall calendar templates and utilities for managing them.
Wenity - A multi-platform Zenity clone.
WapSNMP - An SNMP client library for Google's Golang.
wrapld - A wrapper for AIX, HP-UX, and Tru64 UNIX ld to allow multiple runtime path args.

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