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AdaCGI - Ada 95 interface to CGI for creating Web applications
Adaptive Server Enterprise - Adaptive Server Enterprise, (formerly Sybase SQL Server)
addbib - A script for adding bibliography entries to a BibTeX database.
addluser.py - An adduser script to create users in an LDAP Directory.
Addns.pl - A smart DynDNS.org update client.
addpsx - A Perl script which generates addition worksheets in PostScript.
adept - Webbased learning system
adevs - A C++/Java library for developing discrete event simulations.
ADFlib - a free, portable, open and documented implementation of the Amiga filesystem
adjtimex - Command line manipulation of the kernel time-keeping variables.
admuser for Squid - Admin Squid and Web users in CGI.
adns - An advanced alternative, asynchronous resolver
ADODB - A PHP database abstraction layer.
Adonthell - A free, graphical role playing game.
AFS Tool Suite - Sysadmin tools, classes, and library functions for AFS cells.
Awesome Christians User Page - Web-based user interface to IRC services.
Apogee Instruments CCD camera drivers - Driver for Apogee Instruments scientific CCD cameras.
as64 - A cross-assembler for the MOS 6510 CPU.
Auth DBAPI - A mod_snake plugin which allows for Apache authentication via DBAPI.
admedit - A config file editor wrapper (like vipw).
Arka - A graphical frontend for command-line programs.
Audacity - A cross-platform multitrack audio editor.
alarmwatch - A program to watch lm_sensors and beep on alarms.
apt-sources - A sources.list generator for apt-get.
Act Export - Export records from an Act database to a delimeted file.
Arb-Scan - A remote banner scanner, written in bash and perl.
adsl.sh - A bash script to easily start/stop an ADSL pptp connection.
Advanced game library - A library designed to ease game development.
aggregate - Optimizes a list of route prefixes to help make short filters.
AS Macroassembler - A macro assembler for a lot of target CPUs.
ADSM Client - ADSM backup client for linux boxes.
Aduva Manager - Linux package manager, kernel and hardware plug-and-play installer.
apron - An ASCII-based MPEG Layer 1 video player.
ADJE WebMail - Web-based email interface written in Perl for existing POP3 accounts.
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide - A comprehensive tutorial and reference on shell scripting using Bash.
Apache::ContentHandler - OO mod_perl and CGI application framework.
Advanced Foundation Classes - A growing suite of C/C++ classes for programmers.
Advanced TFTP - A client/server implementation of the TFTP Protocol.
Avoid The Roid - An Asteroids-like multiplayer game.
AutoNap - Console driven Napster/OpenNap client written in Perl.
Alive! Jigsaw for Linux - A virtual jigsaw puzzle game with animated images.
asqredir - A squid redirection program for blocking content based on URL patterns.
atool - A script for managing file archives of various types.
ARSC Really Simple Chat - A simple-to-use and easy-to-install Web chat that uses PHP and MySQL.
atsar - Creates a system activity report.
Apache Velocity - A Java-based template system.
autobench - A program to automate Webserver benchmarking using httperf.
aee - A capable but easy to use editor for console and X11
ABSync - A script that converts between different address book formats.
Aliens - A Space Invaders style game for PDAs.
aspell-fo - Faroese dictionary for aspell.
auth postgresql - An authorization backend for PostgreSQL.
All your base - Somebody set up us the bomb.
Apache Cocoon - A Web development framework.
Aegis - A transaction-based software configuration management system.
A practical lambda-calculator - A Lambda-calculator with convenient commands and shortcuts.
Arbi bot - Arbi is a bot written for the naken chat.
AudioGalaxy Browser - A KDE front-end to the Audiogalaxy Satellite program for Linux.
Apache Ant - A Java-based build tool.
An HTML Templating System - AHTS is An HTML Templating System written in Python.
ADSL4Linux - A tool which creates an ADSL connection under Linux via MXStream.
AES Encryption for Shell Scripts - Strong encryption/decryption using Rijndael.
Agatha - A simple PHP script for streaming music and playlists with Apache.
AXIS OpenBT Stack - A Bluetooth stack for Linux.
aewm - A minimalist X11 window manager.
AA-lib - An ASCII art gfx library.
aview - An high-quality ASCII art browser/animation player.
Andromeda Streaming Jukebox - A tool to turn collections of MP3s into streaming Web sites.
aa3d - Ascii art random dot stereogram generator
aavga - An AA-lib-based SVGAlib wrapper.
afbackup - Client-server backup system
AlgebraDB - An experimental relational database engine in Java.
attackwatch - Near realtime blocking of hosts hitting your firewall.
Arusha Project - Collaborative Unix system administration.
Actim - Provides the ability to transfer files and execute commands via e-mail.
Autodocbook - A program which converts formatted comments into docbook SGML.
AFD - A file distribution system.
Afghan Hound Quote of the Day Daemon - A TCP/UDP quote-of-the-day server.
ActiveTcl - A Tcl distribution available for many operating systems.
alterMIME - A program to modify MIME-encoded mailpacks.
Axel - A light and advanced downloader for the Unix console.
Ampache - An audio/video file manager and streaming Web application.
afio - A cpio-compatible archive/backup program.
Astro::FITS::Header Module - An OO Perl module to handle FITS HDUs.
autoslack - A Slackware Linux auto updater.
AFK - A utility to defeat idled and stay logged in.
Addendat - A weblog program with CGI and shell interfaces.
AI::GA Simple Generalized Genetic Algorithm - A small Perl Module that implements a genetic algorithm.
Apache Jakarta Turbine Developers Kit - A development kit for the Turbine servlet framework.
Another Pascal to HTML Converter - A program that converts a Pascal (.pas) source file into a colored HTML page.
AutoTGA - A Perl CGI script that automatically generates thumbnail galleries.
Agendaroids - An "Asteroids" clone for the Agenda VR3 PDA.
Apache SpamAssassin - An extensible email filter that is used to identify spam.
AFT - A simple documentation markup language for HTML/LaTeX/etc.
A Web Scanner - WebScanner
Austhex IRCD - The Austnet IRC daemon.
AfterStep - A Window manager for X based on the NeXT look and feel.
Automatic OSS License Extraction - A program that generates license and copyright information for a source tree.
Automated Finite State Machine - A template for constructing finite state machines automatically.
ACalc scientific calculator for PalmOS - A 15-digit scientific calculator with algebraic data entry.
Ayam - A free 3D modelling environment for the RenderMan interface.
adoC - A documenting system for programming languages.
AxisPHP - A PHP library that includes objects for creating PostScript and PDF documents.
Adaptive Website Framework - A content management system and development framework.
autoabuse - A script that automatically sends abuse mail to the ISP of unauthorized port-sca
Aspire - A Web development framework.
Aglaophone - A system for realtime audio processing and analysis.
Atheism - A flexible and configurable multi-purpose Perl script for X-Chat.
Ansel - A web-based picture gallery.
Atomic Photo Album - A PHP/MySQL photo album.
Accounting - Simple Web-based accounting software (Perl5, DBI).
aGNeS Remote News Forum BBS - Remote fully featured BBS allowing virtually any layout for each board.
APLM - An easy-to-use set of scripts for managing small libraries, with a Web interface
Agnostos - Web-based todo list manager.
Agenda Desktop Project - An FLTK-based application to sync, update, flash, and connect to the Agenda VR3.
autocutsel - Synchronizes two X copy/paste buffers.
aiSee - Software for automatic graph layout.
Alternate Password Library - Allows for changing the passwd file used by programs at compile/run time.
Agora - A Web based, threaded discussion forum.
AdaDoc - A tool for Ada 95 developers
asigna - Helps to arrange the schedule of a school.
AutoSwish - A Web front end for Swish-E.
AGT - An iptables firewall administration tool with an ipf-like configuration syntax.
AurigaDoc - Java-xml-xsl based documentation engine.
aewm++ - A rewrite of aewm in C++.
ADQ - Data acquisition and control for Meilhaus boards.
AdaSockets - A sockets binding for Ada 95.
Adeos Filesystem Security Scanner - Checks all local filesystems for common security problems.
aspectj - An aspect-oriented extension to Java.
ACID - PHP-based analysis engine to analyze Snort event data
Anti-Web httpd - A small, robust, and secure Web server.
Application Switch - A daemon that coordinates XML-RPC/SOAP clients and servers.
AnyConfig library - A generic program configuration library.
AI Mind - The primitive modules of a Robot AI Mind.
arprelease - A Linux tool to flush ARP cache entries from devices like Cisco routers.
aWebDap - A friendly, flexible Web client CGI interface to LDAP.
AIDE - An advanced intrusion detection system.
agrep - Similar to grep with the ability to do "fuzzy" searches.
Astro::Cosmology - Calculate cosmological distances, volumes, and times in Perl.
ACPI Event Daemon - A daemon for delivering ACPI events.
Alizarin Tetris - A tetris game with multiplayer, networking, and AI player support.
AIME - An Object Oriented (C++) MUD engine.
Artemis - A DNA sequence viewer and annotation tool.
Atari800 - An Atari 8-bit computer and 5200 game system emulator for multiple platforms.
Apache::Admin::Config - A module to read/write Apache-like configuration files.
ADSL with PPTP - An ADSL package that uses PPTP.
AirSnort - 802.11 WEP Encryption Cracking Tool.
Auto-Reconnection ADSL Wanadoo - Scripts to automatically reconnect an ADSL Internet connection.
ArbitroWeb - A Web anonymizer written in PHP.
AIPS - Process and display data from radio telescope arrays.
Argyll Color Management System (ArgyllCMS) - An ICC compatible color management system.
Alfandega Firewall - A netfilter-like modular firewall.
AirTraffic - An air traffic controller simulation.
Article Manager - Makes it easy for non-technical users to update Website articles.
Algorithm::Evolutionary - A module for doing evolutionary computation with Perl, integrated with XML.
ATG Dynamo integration for JBuilder - Assists deployment of J2EE applications from JBuilder to ATG Dynamo.
AIX JDK - Build Java applications on AIX
AWK address collection - A script collection for querying a semi-formatted address file.
Atropos - Injects a model into an active network to reduce faults.
adlook - A multi-threaded host name and technical contact lookup tool.
aptsamever - A Debian APT cache maintance tool.
athena-delete - File delete/undelete package from MIT Athena.
Anthill - A bug tracking system.
Aqsis Renderer - A 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan standard.
Apache Xindice - A native XML database server.
apt-cacher - A CGI script proxy for apt-get.
abcm2ps - A music typesetter, based on the ABC language.
abcpp - A preprocessor/converter for ABC music files.
Arabica - An XML toolkit with SAX2, DOM, XPath, and XSLT.
An MP3 LEnder - A server for streaming MP3s over a network.
ASPTemplate - A templating library for use with ASP and ASPX.
ASMIX Commands and Utilities - Unix commands and utilities in pure assembly language.
Aubit 4GL compiler - A Fourth Generation Language compiler compatible with Informix-4gl.
Airhook - Transmission control for networks that suck.
Apache::Gallery - An Apache module for creating an online gallery.
Audio Tag Tool - An MP3 and Vorbis tag manager.
acidlaunch - A light weight GTK based launch bar.
Alamin GSM SMS Gateway - An SMS-to-SMSQP/SMTP gateway and client to send SMS from an IP client.
Autopilot UAV - Command and control software for helicopter UAVs.
arfg meta-language - A short meta-language combining m4, divert, and eperl.
Aardvark Calculator - A simple GTK+ or curses-based RPN calculator.
Angua - A British parliamentary-style debate tabbing program.
Aamon - A multi-threaded typed communication library.
altoc - Generates a templated output from a CSV input.
alarm applet - Simple alarm for the GNOME panel
Apple DOS 3.3 filesystem driver - A Linux filesystem driver for old Apple ][ DOS 3.3 disk images.
Application Version Management - Provides a framework to manage multiple app versions.
Adie - A fast programming text editor.
album - An HTML photo album and thumbnail generator that supports themes/skins.
APD - A daemon that provides high-available redundant network interfaces.
Agata Report - A database reporting tool and graph and report generator like Crystal Reports.
Attachment Ripper and Displacement System - A filter that displaces email attachments.
aylet - A player for Spectrum .ay music files
Astro Battle - Build a ship and pilot it against others online.
Accelerated-X Summit Series - Downloadable drivers for 2D and 3D graphics support.
Apache::Wombat - An Apache/mod_perl connector for Wombat.
AvanTemplate - A multi-byte safe, fast, feature-rich, easy to use template class for PHP.
Aleph One/SDL - A 3D first-person action game, based on Bungie's Marathon series.
Aguia, lua module - A lua module for apache.
Anthill Build Manager - A build management server that promotes knowledge sharing within an organization
Annuaire (Directory) - Allows you to manage a private directory on Internet.
Access Road - A simulator of access controls.
APD (Advanced PHP Debugger) - A PHP strace/truss utility with profiling and stack backtrace abilities.
aub - A program to assemble Usenet binaries.
aRanger - A Perl MP3 organizer.
Audio Transcriber - Transfer audio tapes to CD tracks.
auto-autofs - A script that automatically generates an automounter map from /proc.
autorip/autotag - Scripts for disconnected operation (mp3 encoding and tagging).
Affix - An open source Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux.
Afternoon Stalker - A clone of the Intellivision game Night Stalker.
Astro::ADS Module - An interface to the NASA Astrophysics Data System.
Alfalinux - Slackware Linux on two floppy disks
atop - A monitor for system resources and process activity.
Adobe SVG Viewer - A Mozilla plug-in to view W3C's SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) content.
Astro::SIMBAD Module - An object orientated Perl interface to the SIMBAD database.
AlcoveBook DTD and stylesheets - A DocBook DTD customization, and stylesheet extentions and customizations.
Algorithm::Diff - A Perl module for computing differences of lists/files.
Advanced Strategic Command - A turn-based strategy game.
Astro::DSS Module - An interface to the Digital Sky Survey at ESO-ECF.
A Bit Cypher (ABC) for Linux - Takes any data file and transforms it to a cyphered unbreakable form.
aliases2cdbm - Convert mail aliases into input suitable for cdbmake
Account Services Manager - A secure, Web-based control panel for Web hosting clients.
AUCTeX - A much enhanced (La)TeX mode for Emacs
Active Spam Killer - An anti-spam system that confirms users before they can send you email.
Apache XMLRPC - An XMLRPC implementation written in Java.
Apache Byte Code Engineering Library - A library for Java classfile manipulation.
Audiere Audio System - A portable, high-level audio library.
axspawn-pam - A PAM version of axspawn.
avidemux - A graphical tool to edit video (filter/re-encode/split).
Alien - Converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, andslackware tgz file formats
AntiVir Update Announcer - A Perl script to announce updates to H+BEDV's free AntiVir software.
Autotabla - Web access to your database schema through an XML description file.
AdslShare - A powerful and modular sharing client.
aaquake2 - Text Mode Quake II - A text mode Quake II.
Arbomb - An archive bomb detection utility.
Alindis - A manual about creating a GNU/Linux distribution.
align - A text column alignment filter.
Argus - A Real Time Flow Monitor-based audit engine.
ASAPlate - An easy and fast way to separate code from look and feel files while programming
Aggregate Flim - A tool for aggregating CIDR networks
Alpy - Python bindings for Allegro.
AutoPub - Allows visitors to add banner links to your site.
AGDA - Andataco GigaStor Data Administrator.
archmbox - An email archiver.
AbulÉdu - A GNU/Linux distribution for primary schools.
Alkaline UNIX/NT Search Engine - Web site and intranet search engine and spider, ala Altavista or Excite.
ananas.org HC - Compiles a SAX ContentHandler from a list of XPaths.
Astro::Catalog Module - A generic, object-oriented astronomical catalogue.
AuthToken - A Java utility library for generating and validating authentication tokens.
AES for Ruby - AES encryption for Ruby.
AllCommerce - E-commerce Internet application based on Perl.
Allegro - A portable game programming library.
arrayfrombuffer - Software that exposes memory-mapped files as Numerical Python arrays.
AROS - A portable AmigaOS 3.1 clone.
Affiche - A place holder for your little notes.
asm6502 - A super-simple 6502 assembler.
ALSA-Nyser - An audio analysis program.
Aurion Music Manager - A music manager with TV out capabilities.
Active PHP Bookmarks - A web-based program that allows you to manage and display bookmarks.
Arara Web Organizer - An organizer with a Web interface.
AxPoint - An XML- and PDF-based presentation maker.
Alicq - A multiplatform ICQ client written in pure Tcl/Tk.
Alphabet Soup - Generate letter-like symbols based on a grammar.
Aldo - A Morse code tutor.
Amethyst - A generic infobot in POE
alma - A software workshop for modeling and analysing.
allbib - A Perl-GTK script for managing bibliographies.
Astro Info - Astronomical information/ephemeris for PalmOS.
Aware - A framework for system measurement, monitoring, and control.
autools - A collection of audio utilities.
avpmilter - A milter interface to the Kaspersky anitvirus daemon.
Access Point Utilities for Unix - Utilites to configure and monitor a Wireless Access Point under Unix.
ac3play - An AC3 stream forwarder using ALSA.
AlberT-EasySite - An easy site generation system.
aart - An image-to-colored-ASCII converter.
AHD - A small, fast, secure, single-tasking Web server.
AStA-CMS - A superset of a content managment system.
apt4rpm - Creates an apt, yum, or metadata repository from a random RPM directory.
AutoScrapbook - A script for generating and maintaining an online photo gallery.
Apache Cayenne - An object relational persistence framework.
ACloakIt - Cloaking software for Linux/Apache.
Arch Linux - A streamlined i686-optimized Linux distribution.
ALSA driver - An alternative implementation of Linux sound support.
authd - A software package for dealing with signed user credentials.
AqMoney - A home banking console tool using OpenHBCI and Libchipcard.
Adlib-S3M player for QuickBasic - QuickBasic subroutines for playing Adlib-S3M files in a QuickBasic program.
AlsaPlayer - A PCM (audio) player for Linux/ALSA.
Anti-censorship Tools (proxyTools) - Network analysis, proxy, and firewall censorship bypass tools.
Albatross - A small Python toolkit for developing highly stateful Web applications.
Alt+Connect - A program to manage dialup connections.
Advance - An open source PIM application designed to function like MS Outlook.
af-tetris - A simple tetris game for the X Window System.
A LaTeX CD cover class - A LaTeX CD cover class.
Arno's IPTABLES Firewall Script - An iptables firewall script with support for ADSL/DSL modems.
AlteredSaver - 3D screensaver
Althea - An IMAP email client for X.
Alzabo - Perl data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper.
am-utils - A filesystem automounter.
Amacdys - A single floppy operating system for playing MP3 CDs.
Amanda - A network backup and archiving system.
AMaViS - A scanner which looks for viruses in email attachments.
Amaya - The browser/authoring tool of the W3C.
amber - A granular synthesis tool for computer musicians.
AMC (ATOM Module Compiler) - A programmable compiler
AMC Mail Client - Gnome-Integrated Mail Client
amf - Another mpg123 front-end.
amiwm - An X11 window manager that resembles the Amiga Workbench.
AML - An implementation of a basic register machine with support for ASM.
AMMP - Molecular mechanics, dynamics, and modeling package
amount - Mount and unmount automatically to run a command.
amx - Automated Mail eXpiry.
anacron - Anac(h)ronistic cron.
analog - A WWW logfile analysis program.
AndyChat - A multi-protocol curses-based console chat program.
Anfy - A set of 40 Java applets for use in Web pages.
Angband - A rogue-like dungeon-exploration game.
Angel Network Monitor - A simple yet useful tool to monitor the services on your network
angif - LZW-free GIF code to output animation and/or true-color
angst - An active sniffer.
AniTMT - A flexible application to create films.
Anjuta IDE - An Integrated Development Environment for GNOME.
AMaViS "Next Generation" - A mail virus scanner.
Atoms for PalmOS - A Palm game.
Another Gallery - A PHP photo album with theme rollover buttons.
anonvelope - An anonymous remailing message preparer, especially for Pine.
archivemail - An archiver and compressor for old email messages.
AnonyNews - A news server that allows anonymous posting.
Acrobat Distiller Server - A PDF generator.
Atlassian JIRA - A J2EE-based issue tracking and project management application.
AQueryx - An interactive SQL query tool.
Abbot - A Java GUI testing framework, with record and playback.
anpa - ANPA newswire digester
antivisor - A Sophos antivirus graphical frontend.
ailib - Libraries and tools for AI techniques.
audio recording server - A tool that shares an audio device allowing programs to record simultaneously.
ansi2gif - A tool that converts BBS ANSI into GIF, PNG, or EPS files with animation.
amsynth - A real-time polyphonic analogue modelling synthesizer.
AstroCam System - A C-based stepmotor control system including Perl and PHP Web interfaces.
Automated Logging Framework for Java - A logging framework for Java which automatically generates method tracing.
ansiprint - A utility for printing files from remote terminals.
AGRanger - An open source client for AudioGalaxy written in Java.
Atari Running on Any Machine - A virtual machine running Atari Software.
Amygdala - A spiking neural network.
Autossh - A program to monitor and automatically reestablish SSH connections.
Anteater - A modular sendmail and postfix mail log analyzer.
ArrowHead ASP Server - A 100% Java Servlet supporting ASP and VBScript.
Archive Webserver - A Web redirector for finding cached versions of pages.
Aget - A multithreaded download accelerator.
Angkor Web Framework - A Web component model for J2EE.
Anteil - Open-Source customer relationship management software.
Agemail - A Tcl program to delete old messages.
ALT Linux - An original set of Linux distributions.
Anthem - A KDE MIDI sequencer.
Apache FOP - An implementation of XSL-FO 1.0/1.1
Alvaro's Messenger - A multilanguage MSN Messenger client with file transfer support.
AdvanceMAME - A game arcade emulator for arcade monitors and TVs.
AdvanceMENU - A frontend for MAME and other arcade emulators.
Autotools Bootstrapper - A maker of custom bootstrap scripts for autotools.
AlsaPlayer-Python - A set of python bindings for AlsaPlayer.
Airbus A340 Glass Cockpit - An Airbus A340 glass cockpit based on libGC.
Ausadmin - Tools for the maintenance of USENET newsgroup hierarchies.
Aurelius Bruzas CD Player - A CD player with a curses interface.
AdvanceSCAN - A commandline ROM manager for emulators.
Agent Farms - A system for modeling and simulation of complex, multi-agent based systems.
Advanced HTTP Client - A PHP class that implements an HTTP client.
AGControl - A script for monitoring AGSatellite.
Active-DVI - A DVI previewer and programmable presenter for slides written in LaTeX.
Abstract Large Files - Support for writing logical files larger than 2GB.
Allin1 - A FluxBox dock applet for CPU, memory, net, filesystems, power, and [email protected]
Automize - Automation software and task scheduler.
antiword - Converts MS-Word documents to ASCII and Postscript
AlberT-cache - A fast and portable full-page caching system for PHP.
Apache::SearchEngineLog - A Perl module for logging the terms used in search engines.
av_convert - Record, convert, and edit video files using a C++ interface.
ANTLR - An advanced, easy-to-use parser and translator generator
Advanced Form Framework with PHP - A tool that generates forms inside a table.
Ants Alarm - Reminds you of your appointments
Acer Hotkey Driver - A kernel driver for Acer Travelmate Launch Keys.
AxKit Wiki - A WikiWiki clone using AxKit XSP pages.
Asynchronous Socket Library - An event-driven asynchronous socket library.
amavis-notify-parser - Generates logfiles for exisiting antivirus statistics software.
AnyJ Java IDE - A Java IDE and browsing tool.
Apollo - A test skeleton toolkit for Java Web Start/JNLP.
Apache File Manager - An Apache mod_perl Web server filemanager.
Anna - A chatbot designed to pass the Turing Test at the 2002 Loebner Prize Competition
Axion - A relational database engine written in and for Java.
Alumni-OnLine - A PHP/DBMS-based program to make a connection between alumnis.
Anthill Bug Manager - A simple and fast Perl/MySQL-based bug manager.
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) - A binary client for the AIM service.
Adeos nanokernel for Linux - A resource-sharing nanokernel.
Ampoliros - A PHP 5 portal engine for IxAS.
ACPI Temperature Monitor - An ACPI temperature and battery monitoring dockapp.
AOLserver - A multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, dynamic Web server.
apt-build - An apt-get frontend for compiling software optimised.
amidimap - A MIDI mapper for ALSA.
Alceri Multimedia Player - A simple multimedia player which uses GTK+ 2.
AstWar - A 2D terminal space shooter.
Apache - A high performance Unix-based HTTP server.
Alarm Pinger - Network monitor using ICMP echo request/reply
Ad hoc Protocol Evaluation testbed - A suite of tools for evaluating mobile ad hoc routing protocols.
almclk - An alarm for your terminal.
aMember - A membership/subscription management script.
AppsLink Demo Apps and Libs - A Web application interoperability service.
AmazonLib - An object-oriented interface to the Amazon SOAP API.
AutoNOC - Integrated, interoperable network operations management.
array-info - A tool that retrieves information from RAID controllers.
Amazon PHP API - A PHP system for accessing Amazon's WebService API.
Ardour - A multitrack, multichannel audio recorder/non-linear editor.
Archive - A drag-and-drop archiver.
ascii-invaders - A clone of Space Invaders which uses the curses library.
Apache Jakarta Regexp - 100% Java Regular Expressions Package
Apartment Search Tool - A tool that helps organizes your apartment search.
Apache Jetspeed - An OpenSource Portal
AIND - Scripts which automatically set up DSL, masquerading, and networking in Slackwar
American Sign Language Learning Aid - A set of programs designed to help ASL students.
Apache JMeter - A client-server testing application.
Acidblood - An IRC bot.
Apache JServ - Java servlet engine
AppStats Framework - Capture, analyze, and pubiicize health and performance statistics for Java apps.
Apache SPFC - The Server Pages Foundation Classes
aEGiS t0xirc - A PHP class that enable applications to interact with Eggdrop bots.
Apache Toolbox - An Apache compilation toolbox.
AlternC Hosting Software - Software to administer email, Web, and mailing list hosting.
ADIC - A simple, 80s-style cooperative multiplayer networked game.
ALSA Patch Bay - A small GUI patchbay for ALSA and JACK.
a-Linux - An x86 assembly floppy-based mini-distribution.
Apache-OWA - Runs Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit applications.
Ant XInclude task - Adds XInclude support to Jakarta Ant.
AppWrap - A Web GUI frontend to a backend database.
Apache-SSL - Secure Webserver (using SSLeay)
ARIO - A C++ library for reading and producing archive files.
AI Talk - A MIDlet that allows a user to talk with an intelligent robot.
asterisk-oh323 - A package for adding H.323 support to the ASTERISK soft PBX.
AIM Sniff - A network sniffer for AIM and MSN messages.
Autodepend - A GNU make dependency generator.
Allegro Common Lisp - A complete Common Lisp implementation.
apache2dot - Graphs users' movement within your Website.
Archiv-G - An Internet-capable document archive and form center.
Antomic - A Free operating system.
Apache::Archive - Allow users to view/download component parts of archive files
Ace Operator - A Web-based customer click to chat application.
Allegro Sprite Editor - A tool to create animated sprites (with layers).
Apache::ASP - Active Server Pages port to Apache, using Perl.
aInvisiclue - An Infocom Invisiclue decoder.
ACCELA - A Mac OS toolbox C++ wrapper library.
autopackage - A framework for producing powerful, distribution-neutral packages.
AccWhizz - A multilingual business accounting application.
Agenda - A project tracking and team management system.
ANT is Not a Telephone - A telephone application for Linux, Gtk, and I4L.
Apache::PageKit - MVCC web framework using mod_perl, XML and HTML::Template.
Autospec - A program which creates RPM spec files from a tarball.
Apache-logViewSQL - A PHP frontend for Apache mod_log_sql and MySQL.
A Joint Monitoring System - Real-time syslog display, filtering, and alert.
AWBot - AWBot - Easy to use tool to test/load a web site.
Apache Axis - An implementation of a SOAP server and client.
adcfw-log - A firewall log analysis and summarization tool.
atalk - A little chat client and server.
Apache::Session - A session manager for Web applications.
ALSA Library Bindings for Pascal - Pascal Unit for the ALSA Library
AxisLinks - A bookmark manager for phpGroupware.
aim2irc - Control an IRC session from your AIM client.
annie - A C++ neural network library.
Autocheck - A distributed Unix-Perl system status checker with SMS and email warnings.
ASEM-51 - An 8051 macro assembler.
auditunlink - A library for logging file deletions.
Audio-Daemon - A UDP wrapper around various MP3/Ogg players (mpg123, xmms, libshout).
Archi´s Homepagehoster Admintool - An application that allows hosting customers to administer their accounts.
ALE - A tool for rendering high-fidelity images of real scenes.
Apache Compile HOWTO - A full-featured Apache compilation HOWTO.
Argus Monitoring System - Network and system monitoring software.
Annoyance Filter - A Bayesian junk mail filter.
Another File Integrity Checker - A fast and portable file integrity checker.
ApaLogFilter - Filtering tool for web server logs
A-A-P - Makes it easy to download, install, build, develop, and distribute software.
avrLab - An IDE for the AVR microcontroller.
Apache Jakarta Turbine Torque - A Java persistence layer.
AUTH_MD5 for PHP - A PHP and JavaScript authentication framework.
avelsieve - A user-friendly Sieve mail filter plugin for Squirrelmail.
ABISS_poster - A LaTeX class for creating A0 posters.
asq - A curses-based frontend for MAME/emulator cabinets.
APC Action Applications - Automated publishing for non-profit Web sites.
Apache::Motd - A message of the day module for Apache. functionality to the Apache web server
Axis Runner - A 3D game with a fast built-in graphics engine.
Archangel - A Mozilla-based RGTP client.
Apache Hello World Benchmarks - A tool that generates benchmarks of Apache Web frameworks.
ArX - A distributed revision control system.
Animenu - An on-screen animated menu controlled by Lirc.
Admin LDAP On The Command Line - A tool to admin an LDAP database.
APCComm - Amiga-PC file transfer program.
animmaker - A utility that produces an AVI file from image and audio pipes and files.
AIBash - An intelligent version of the Bash shell.
apcupsd - UPS power management under Linux, Unix, and Win32 for APC products.
atengine - A Web site engine with a journal, blogger, counter, photo album, and calendar.
AstroFlow Bandwidth Management - An easy to use bandwidth manager.
AVR Cross Development Kit - A cross development kit for the AVR RISC processor.
Aqua Data Studio - A database developer IDE.
AMI - A full P2P network.
Aphid - A script for quickly compiling and installing the Apache Web server with mod_ssl
Avoid The Roid 3D - A 3D asteroids-like multiplayer game.
Aapje Messenger - An MSN messenger clone.
Aphrodite - A Mozilla-based Web browser
AVRprog - AVR programming with X and network support.
Allegro FTPd - An FTP server written in Allegro Common Lisp
Apirc - A fully-featured Java IRC client.
Audioq queue system - A queue system to play songs.
Aranha - A Web application development platform.
A Simple TimeSheet - A simple Web-based time recording tool.
aplus - An APL interpreter.
Airfart - A wireless signal strength detector.
AirStrike - A 2D dogfight game.
ACME - Provides support for the multimedia and other feature keys found on laptops.
Apmiser - Automatically switches IBM Thinkpads from power-save mode to normal and back.
Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy - Implements whitelists, Bayesian, and virus filtering to help stop spam.
Adit - A lightweight database interface tool.
AlarmMon - An alarm monitoring system.
ayttm - Instant messaging software (a fork of Everybuddy)
Autocomp - An accompaniment generator for Perl and Csound.
AVInfo - A utility for examining AVI, MPEG, OGM, MKV, IFO files and generating filelists.
Adium X - Adium X is an instant messaging application for Mac OS X.
ActiveDeveloper - An incremental runtime Objective-C and C IDE, JIT compiler, and debugger.
Apple iSync - Synchronizes iCal and Address Book data between several digital devices
Apple iCal - Personal desktop calendar
Automated Topic Classifier - A program that classifies titles against topics from titles in a known database.
App - Algebraic Typing and Pattern Matching Preprocessor for C++
Apache Tooling Scripts - A set of scripts for administering Apache virtual hosts.
AcmosisFR - A PHP GUI for the IRPd shoutcast streamer.
Airport Control - A Unix commandline utility to control an Airport Base Station.
Apple iTunes - A full-featured digital music player.
Apple Safari - A browser based on Konqueror.
Apple Quicktime - A full-featured digital media player.
AdvanceCD - An arcade emulator bootable live CD/DVD and USB disk.
Anywhere Office - Integrated suite of desktop productivity tools.
audio_burn - A commandline audio CD burning application.
Applixware Perl API - A Perl implementation of the C API for Applixware 4.4. and 5.0.
AdaOpenGL - An Ada binding for OpenGL.
anyDB - A dabase class for MySQL, Postgres, ODBC, SQLite, and others.
asfpga - An assembler written for use in FPGA design.
Asymptopia Crossword Builder - A math and text crossword builder for education.
AstroMosaic - Helps in the construction of a big mosaic from small images.
Aorta - A load-balancing clustered P2P application.
Apache WSIF - A WSDL-based API for invoking WSDL-described services.
at76c503 linux driver - A Linux driver for at76c503-based wlan USB adapters.
APRIL - Agent Process Interaction Language
Axualize - An XML Java object modeling tool.
Apache::Centipaid - Centipaid Micropayment using an Apache mod_perl module.
Abe's Amazing Adventure!! - A scrolling, platform-jumping, key-collecting, ancient pyramid exploring game.
Advanced Scrolling Text - An applet for scrolling text.
Advanced Slide Show Software - A Java applet for product display, advertising, and presentation.
Advanced Treeview Explorer - A Java Treeview Menu.
apachelogrotate.pl - A log file rotate script for Apache.
Advanced Packet Sniffer - Text-based network analysis tool which displays many protocol details.
Alert Manager - A tool for running system commands and verifying their success.
arch revision control system - A modern CVS replacement.
Anthill Pro Build and Release Management Server - A software build management server for the enterprise.
APSR - An advanced network testing tool.
AddressScrambler - Yet another Javascript email address scrambler.
Advanced Graph and Chart Services - A server for easily creating powerful graphs and charts.
apsfilter - An intelligent line printer input filter.
AtariSIO - An Atari 8-bit SIO driver and tools for Linux.
Advanced Banner Rotation Software - Display all your adverts in just one page area.
Apache mod_suid - Apache 1.3 per vhost UID/GID
Article Manager PHP - A simple CMS to add news and articles into a Web site.
ARIA Business Management - Web-based business management software.
Advanced Fading Text Software - Display all your messages in just one page area.
apt-proxy - A simple apt-get proxy cache.
ADIOS boot CD - A live Linux boot CD with UML virtual machines.
ActiveLink PHP XML Package - Parse/read/modify/output XML without using any PHP XML libraries.
Access Modifier Eclipse Plug-in - A tool allowing the user to change the visibility of Java elements in Eclipse.
Advanced Typewriter Text Effects - Display all your messages in just one page area.
AlterWind LogAnalyzer - A powerful Web site traffic analysis software.
asciijump - An ASCII art game about ski jumping.
Ashes Suite Collection - Java test programs and benchmarks.
Arc Consistency Crossword Compiler - A crossword compiler using arc-consistency algorithms.
Aquarium Web Application Framework - A Web application framework written in Python.
AudiStat - A PHP application for showing Web statistics.
alived - A daemon/client to keep track of hostnames to IP addresses.
Arabeske - An arabesque-like pattern design tool, suitable for creating tileable images.
AquaLess - A GUI text pager for Mac OS X.
Arachne WWW Browser - Fullscreen graphical WWW browser.
Ark Linux - A desktop Linux distribution.
Arad-OneTable-Editor - Editor and dialog for a single-table SQL query
Adamantix - A highly secure Linux platform.
arc - arc produces Java classes from ASN.1 source code
Anteater testing framework - A testing framework designed around Ant.
Agar - A modern, integration-friendly GUI toolkit.
APT-RPM - The APT package tool for RPM based distributions.
arcem - An Acorn Archimedes Emulator.
acarsd - An ACARS decoder for Linux and Windows.
Audio* Music Synthesis Project - Music creation software.
Archive::Zip - A Perl module for manipulation of zip archive files.
Apollon - A P2P client for Linux which supports Kazaa, Gnutlella, and OpenFT.
Album Shaper - A graphical photo album organization software package.
Asymptopia BlackJack - Casino style BlackJack in Python for education.
asceticsmtp.py - A very minimal "ascetic" SMTP mail relay MTA.
AIOCP - An all-in-one Content Management System (CMS) and development framework.
ARB SRAM Linux driver - A Linux device driver for the AR-B1047 SRAM.
AWBMTools - Create full-screen BIOS boot logos.
Argante - A secure, distributed, and fast VS machine.
Arliweb XMP - An XML- and Web Services-based messaging platform.
absence - A tool for keeping track of people on a daily basis.
Acid Rain - A dynamic realtime 3D RPG based on Shadowrun.
Astro::Aladin - An object-oriented Perl interface to drive CDS Aladin.
atkins - A tool to examine a memory image of a running Linux system.
Autopoweroff - A script for powering down servers automatically (great for homes).
ArgoUML - An easy-to-use UML tool with cognitive support.
Advanced Data Grid Control - A control for enabling data display in Java and Web applications.
Advanced Assembler - A multi-platform and modular assembler.
aseqjoy - A joystick-to-ALSA-MIDI-sequencer converter.
Alleyoop - A GNOME frontend to the Valgrind memory checker.
AbiSpell - A spell checker for the AbiWord word processor.
argtable - An ANSI C library for parsing GNU style command line arguments.
Amrita VPN - An open source SSL-based Virtual Private Networking tool.
Azure - A Web log client for PDAs and phones.
ANTLR plugin for Eclipse - Eclipse plugins for ANTLR.
audioBox - An LCD-based MP3 and Ogg player frontend.
Anope IRC Services - The re-incarnation of Lara's Epona.
Ashpool XML Database - An XML Database with a JDBC driver.
a place to go - A Web-based IMAP4 client written in PHP.
aedGUI - A cross platform C++ GUI library.
Ari's Yahoo Client - A text-based Yahoo! Messenger client.
Atlantis - A native Web browser for the GNOME desktop.
Akeni LAN Messenger - An instant messenger for LANs (no Internet connection required).
Atlas Contact Manager - Manage contact information, preferences, and events.
Ariadne - A Web application framework and content management system.
Anduril Consulting Management System - A management system for consulting firms.
Akeni Jabber Client - A client for Jabber compliant servers.
arianne - A multiplayer online game engine project.
acctail - A tool for displaying resource information about exited processes.
apetag - A command line tagging tool for the APE 2.0 standard.
Asbru Web Content Management - A multi-platform Web content management system.
autopatch_psg - A patching program for Solaris and AIX that works via FTP.
Audiality - A highly scalable and portable audio engine and synthesizer.
Alana - A Turing Machine simulator.
athenaCL - A music analysis and algorithmic composition program.
acpi4asus - A kernel module that adds extra ACPI features for Asus laptops.
Advanced Web Ranking - A tool that helps check your Web site position on all major search engines.
ATutor - An accessible, adaptive, Web-based learning environment.
auth_sqlite - SQLite authentication for Apache.
alogg - An Ogg/Vorbis addon library for Allegro.
avsomat - A variable star astronomy framework.
AthFS - A Linux kernel module for supporting the AtheOS filesystem.
Andromeda-X - A 2D shoot'em'up game with nice graphics.
arla - A free AFS client and server for Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Darwin and others.
Archetypes - A framework for the development of new content types in Zope/CMF/Plone.
Arachnophilia - A comprehensive and easy to use Web editor.
Access Control Designer - A universal modular tool for visually designing access control policies.
Armagetron Advanced - A Tron lightcycle game with focus on multiplayer mode.
Armed - An intrusion detection and real-life event logging tool suite.
Auto Directory Index PHP Script - A customizable PHP script that indexes directories.
Abeni - A Gentoo Linux ebuild GUI editor.
Alexandria Archives - Used to catalog files and folders.
Arbitrary Command Output Colourer - A tool that applies matching rules to display command output in colour.
Army Maker - A GTK/Perl based application to help maintain Warhammer armies.
AODV-UU - AODV ad-hoc routing protocol
Artima SuiteRunner - A testing toolkit for Java.
Ajaqs - A Web app that organizes FAQs on a per-project basis.
Arping - ARP level ping utility.
alcolix - A floppy-based flexible rescue mini-Linux distro.
Animal Shelter Manager - A complete management solution for animal shelters and clinics.
Akaroa - A stochastic simulation improvement.
ARPoison - ARP cache update utility
AnnotateIt! - An electronic response system targeted at composition instructors and students.
ADMLogger - A Perl-based log analyzing engine.
AnimalTracker - A program to track the position and behavior of animals.
Audiotap - Conversion between .TAP files and Commodore 64 tapes.
Anarch Revolt Deck Builder - A deck builder for the "Vampire: the Eternal Struggle" CCG.
APERA - A tool for application performance modeling and evaluation.
Arrow - An elegant, powerful, graphical interface to electronic mail
AspectC++ - An AOP language for C++.
AltioLive Studio - A platform for creating rich Internet applications.
amavisd-new - A high-performance interface between MTAs and content checkers.
Artefaktur Component Development Kit - A Java-like C++ framework with DB, GUI, scripting, and distributed components.
Apt-Mirror - A small tool that provides the ability to mirror apt-oriented packages.
amorMD2 - A fun program to display Quake2 characters on your desktop.
aww - A frontend for WML, the Website META Language.
Asymptopia Linux Process Tool - A simple Linux process management script.
Apes - A process production tool.
autovaca - A probabilities simulator for contract bridge.
AntiChess - An anti-chess game.
Alpaca - A multitasking operating system for Pac-Man/Pengo-based arcade machines.
arCHMage - A CHM file reader and decompiler.
Aegis Virus Scanner - A graphical virus scanner for Linux/Unix systems.
Artec As6e Scanner Driver - A driver for the Artec As6e parallel port scanner.
adodb-xmlschema - An XML database creation extension for ADODB.
adamoto - An application deployment and monitoring tool.
adanetcdf - An Ada-95 binding to the netcdf library.
Apache VelocityTools - Webapp (and more) development tools for Velocity.
aNTG - Another Network Traffic Grapher.
Artistic Style - Indentation and reformatting filters for C, C++, Java, and C#.
AstroFlowGuard Bandwidth & Security Management - Bandwidth management, firewall, intrusion detection, and VPN server.
acarsdclient - A client for the acarsd server.
AmphetaDesk - A news aggregator.
Apache::App::Mercury - Internal Web server messaging software for Apache mod_perl.
Amarok - The audio player for KDE.
abcMIDI - ABC MIDI conversion utilities.
Asset Tracker - An inventory management system.
APcrond - A portable Perl cron application.
Ask and Receive - Full-featured reciprocal link management in PHP.
amandalogp - A parser tool for Amanda logs and reports.
Antinat SOCKS Server - A multi-threaded, scalable SOCKS server with a client library.
Autogg - A sorting Ogg player.
aRts - An analog realtime synthesizer.
ATLAS - A low-level, optimized basic linear algebra system.
Atlas for FlightGear - The FlightGear world mapping project.
apricots - A 2D plane dogfighting game.
Asbru Web Content Editor - A cross-browser and cross-platform WYSIWYG editor HTML TEXTAREA replacement.
amiex - A text advertisement exchange.
Accessfs - A permission-managing filesystem.
arts++ - ARTS is a binary file format specification for storing network data.
AzDGDatingLite - A Web-based dating program.
AirSort - A PHP/MySQL Airport searching tool with graphical output.
Atomic Tanks - A multi-platform Scorched Earth clone similar to Worms.
Artstream - Vector illustration and page layout program with OpenGL acceleration.
Atmail - A Webmail client for POP3/IMAP and optionally an email server.
apt-iselect - An interactive wrapper for apt-cache search and apt-get install.
at89prog - A programmer for the Atmel AT89* series microcontrollers.
as-gps - Library / Utilities for using the AISIN-SEIKI GPS Module
AePro - A compilation manager for programs written in Progres4GL.
ActiveKB - Easy to use, powerful knowledge base software.
asapm - X11 application with AfterStep look for monitoring APM on laptops
Aardvark Topsites PHP - A PHP/SQL topsites script.
asbutton - A dockable application launcher for use in AfterStep.
Audio Input-Output Library - A portable sound architecture abstraction.
AirportStatus - A modem monitor and dialer for the Apple Airport base station.
Alcea Fast BugTrack - Software for bug and defect tracking and customer requests.
AScd - CD player for Afterstep and Window Maker
Arachne - A Perl-driven adventure and RPG game.
ale text editor - A full screen editor.
Asymptopia Flashcard System - A LaTeX flash card system for student and professional education.
ascii - Recognize and print ASCII character names and decimal/octal/hex codes.
aio-xmms - An XMMS plugin that produces output for libAIO.
aMule - A multi-platform eMule-like ed2k client.
Audio::Xmpcr - A Perl interface to the XM PCR Satellite radio.
ASCII art printer - Prints letters in underscores, slashes, backslashes, and pipe characters.
Alambic - Creates and distributes PDF documents via email or HTTP.
Angry Sheriff - Download and process NJ foreclosures from the Internet.
ascii2pdf - A simple text-to-PDF converter.
AndroMDA - A source code generation framework that follows the MDA paradigm.
AsciiArtWidget - TCL/TK Ascii Art Widget
A Helpful TTY - An automatic helper for command prompts and shells.
Application Tools for Extension Services - WebSphere Studio-based tools that support the development of Web applications.
Arabic Wordlist - An English to Arabic translated list of words.
Avi2VCD - A script for convertint AVI files to VCDs.
Amibanex - A banner exchange system.
AudioLink - AudioLink is an audio (MP3, Ogg) collection manager.
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans - A tool to translate instrument-specific FITS headers into generic headers.
arpdetect - A script for detecting and responding to network changes.
aerial chat - A Web-based chat system.
ApacheTop - A curses-based top-like display for Apache.
ascpu - A CPU load monitor.
Axiom - A general purpose computer algebra system.
AmigaShell - An Amiga lookalike shell.
asexec - AfterStep state machine
ATEProg - AT89XX and AT89X051 programmer software.
apple2fs - An Apple 2 file system driver for Linux.
Aethera - A tool to manage email, contacts, notes, tasks, todos, and journals.
Analyze ECGs - A multichannel analog data editing tool with cardiology features.
AmphetaRate - A ratings/recommendation news server.
Amazonas - A workflow management system.
Autopsy Forensic Browser - A graphical interface for The Sleuth Kit forensic tools.
Antipodes.Cubes - A BPM system for visual design and automation of processes.
asforza4 - A 4-in-line game with plugin and theme extensions.
aupcheck - A monitoring tool for NGI.it Flat Internet connections.
Atris Framework - An n-tier GUI framework.
AntiSpam Mail Filter - A Bayesian spam filter.
Annif - A minimalistic birthday (calendar) monitoring tool.
AITOC support ticketing system - A simple support ticketing sytem that can be integrated into a PHP application.
ActiveWidgets Grid - A cross-browser scrolling datagrid control.
Ankur - A group of projects related to Bangla (Bengali) l10n.
ASFrecorder - Save .ASF streams to your hard drive.
Anarchist - A tactics RPG.
Apache::MiniWiki - A miniature Wiki for Apache.
Advanced Graph and Chart Collection - Powerful reporting features for Web and intranet pages and applications.
axis-wsse - A WS-Security implementation for Axis.
avsap - A powerful, flexible, and complete financial accounting program.
aeswepd - An AES WEP rekeying daemon.
Askemos - An intrustion resistant and incorruptible operating system.
A Smart Sybase Editor - A GUI frontend to Sybase, written in Java.
Anamail - An email statistics collection and analysis system.
Addresses for GNUstep - A GNUstep replacement for Apple's Address Book.
asmail - Asmail is a "mail-checker" like xbiff, but with the Afterstep look & feel
asmem - Memory utilization monitor for X.
Akeni Instant Messaging Server Pro - A cross-platform (Windows and Linux) IM service
asmix - A volume control knob for X windows
Audiotag - A command line tool for ID3/Ogg tag editing of music files.
asmon - Afterstep or Window Maker CPU/Load/Mem/etc Meter
AssignmentTracker X - A student-oriented assignment and grade tracking application.
asmutils - A set of miscellaneous utilities written in assembly language.
A220 Mission 1 - An arcade flying game for cellphones.
AmavisNewSQL SquirrelMail Plugin - Amavis-New+SQL+SpamAssassin+Quarantine DB plugin for SquirrelMail.
Aftershock - A Gopher server.
AudioSetup - A simple CLI for configuring Solaris audio devices.
asNews - Simple news retrieving software which shows the news on your desktop
Archimede - An all-purpose programmable calculator.
ABC Music Project - A format designed to notate music using plain text.
ASPL Fact - An invoicing system for GNU/Linux based on AF Architecture.
AF Architecture - An N-Tier development framework.
Active port forwarder - Secure forwarding for people without an external IP address.
avalon-harvest - An Avalon-based integration package.
asp2php - Converts Active Server Pages (ASP) to PHP3 scripts
Asaph - A Christian worship song database.
Apwal - An application launcher that displays icons around mouse with transparency.
Avanor, the Land of Mystery - A Rogue-like game with an ADOM-like interface.
APAMOD - A command line tool for manipulation and extraction of Apache VirtualHosts.
aspell-da - A Danish aspell dictionary.
abill - A simple billing system for small ISPs.
ASFS filesystem driver - An Amiga Smart FileSystem driver for Linux.
ASPLinux - ASP oriented Linux distribution
atlc - A calculator which computes properties of transmission lines and couplers.
ASPseek - An Internet search engine.
Austinsmoke Currency Converter - A currency converter block/module for PHP-Nuke.
AutoProfile - A Gaim plugin that automatically updates dynamic away messages and profiles.
AmberPoint Express - A tool for Web services development and diagnostics.
Aardvark Shell Utils - Three pipeable shell utilities for dealing with paths and filenames.
AbsoluteMeeting - A dating/matching engine.
AST - ksh, nmake, and portable Unix libraries
ataripac2pbm - A converter from Atari ST STAD PAC packed bitmap files to the PBM format.
Akarmi - Flow - A C++ framework for event channel based solutions.
Andutteye - System monitoring and management software.
arrows - A game in which you find a path through a maze of arrows.
Astaro Portscan Detection - A netfilter target to detect TCP and UDP port scans.
A.L.I.C.E. and AIML - Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) server
ATOFont - A small library used to draw 2D raster fonts in OpenGL applications.
Automated Network DHCP Registration Application - An automated network DHCP registration application.
ATAidle - A utility to set power features of ATA drives in FreeBSD and Linux.
Astaro Security Gateway - A firewall that features packet filtering, proxies, content filtering, and VPN.
ARSCIF - A framework for asynchronous remote-script callback invocation.
AddTraction - An SDL 2-player board game with numbers.
Atlassian Confluence - A wiki that connects teams to the content and co-workers they need to get the job done faster.
autopano-sift - A helper utility for automated panorama image generation.
Aptilis - A BASIC-like scripting language, developed for the Web.
AClock - An analog clock dockapp for GNUstep.
Asterisk - An Open Source PBX for Linux.
allconsuming.py - A Python wrapper for the All Consuming REST API.
Asteroids3D - A 3D first-person game of blowing up asteroids.
Automated File Retrieval - A plugin for X-Chat to retrieve files.
apt-best - A program to find the most popular Debian packages.
An Gramadóir - A grammar checking engine for minority languages.
Aim Sleuth - An AIM user tracker and activity logger
astime - Analogue clock for X windows
Astroconst - Astrophysical constants header files.
applet2app - A tool to convert a Java applet to a standalone Java/Linux/Windows executable.
a2ping.pl - A tool to convert between PS, EPS, and PDF and other page description formats.
autopkg.pl - A tool that generates Slackware packages from source tarballs, RPMs, and debs.
Automatous Monk - An application that generates music from cellular automaton evolutions.
Adrian - An RPG using SDL and OpenGL.
Assembly Language Debugger - An assembly language debugger.
AIMSpy - A tool to parse and display chat content from AIM packets on a local network.
at51programmer - A programmer for Atmel's 8051 devices, parallel flash, and e2prom memories.
ASLib - An ActionScript 2.0-based library that implements common data structures.
AdPass - A password protector and member management system.
Alien Pool - An arcade-style mix of asteroids and pool.
AlPhoNS Web Gallery - An advanced Web-based photo gallery.
Autothrottle - A daemon that throttles your CPU according to the system load.
atarux - Software and hardware designs to connect an atari 8-bit to a Linux box.
A Small MUD - A minimal MUD implementation.
Animadead - A skeletal animation library designed to load and play skeletal animations.
aterm - xterm replacement with fast transparency, tinting and NeXT scrollbar
a-renet - A distributed gaming network.
AquaChat AV - Replaces iChat AV's brushed metal interface with an Aqua one.
Airline Irregular Ops - An airline irregular operations database.
ackerTodo - A Web-based todo list manager with support for multiple users and languages.
Aliados - A CP/M 80 emulator.
auCDtect - A program for checking the authenticity of musical records.
Anaphora - An anaphoric macro collection.
Athene Desktop Edition - A desktop system for Linux that doesn't require X11.
AntiVirus Scanner - A GUI front end to Clam Antivirus (ClamAV).
arraymanip - A PHP class for manipulating data in arrays.
Aether - A CGI script for managing Web pages and Weblogs.
ActiveStat by Softerra - Web statistics software.
Afrikaans Spellchecker - A spellchecker for Afrikaans.
Afick Webmin module - A Webmin module for Another File Integrity Checker.
Atlassian FishEye - A source code repository browser.
Accounts - A user manager for accounts.
Auto-octoz - An Octoz distribution installor.
Aewan - A multi-layered ASCII art/animation editor.
Alecto - A small and efficient template-based Content Management System.
APLAWS+ - A J2EE Content Management System for UK local authorities
AAF SDK - A cross-platform SDK for AAF.
Axiope Catalyzer - A flexible cataloging system with Web export and image thumbnailing.
AEditor - A programmer's editor entirely written in Ruby.
anti win popup batch war script for samba - A script that displays only new popup messages.
AtisWiki - A WikiClone.
a2ps - An any-to-PostScript filter.
Adcd - A text mode CD player for GNU/Linux.
AntiRSI - An application designed to help prevent RSI.
A.T.Edit - A Tcl/Tk-based text editor.
Akeni Secure Messaging Server - Expert Edition - A secured messaging server using a client/server platform for business.
Abeille Forms Designer for Java - A Java GUI builder.
AdvanceCOMP - A set of recompression utilities for .PNG, .MNG, .ZIP, and .GZ files
Atox - A fully customizable ASCII-to-XML converter.
Alexandria Book Collection Manager - A book collection manager for GNOME.
Autofiler - An automatic server-side mail filer application.
ADOXML - A class that generates an XML document from an SQL query and vice versa.
Aiakos - A distributed authentication system.
apt-got - A mirror engine that builds and supervises a partial (or full) Debian mirror.
ASCIIMathML - A very simple way to put math on HTML pages (easy "LaTeX").
Airline Operations and Maintenance Journal - A Web-based daily operations and maintenance journal for a scheduled airline.
ACal Project - An easy-to-use Web-based event calendar.
Awesum - A graphical checksum verification utility.
Afian - A webmail client designed for customer support communication.
atmelprog - An AT89Cx051 programmer.
Advanced Presentation Tools Collection - A collection of applets for Web pages.
aubng - A Usenet binary decoder.
allowdirectportio - A tool for giving non-root processes access to I/O ports.
AudioSlicer - A tool which splits MP3 files into smaller chunks.
AvantSlash - A utility for reading Slashdot on your mobile Internet-connected device.
AdRem sfConsole - A secure way access to NetWare server console remotely.
Audio File Library - A library for reading and writing audio files.
ADS Dexter - A utility for extracting data from scanned graphs.
APT Indicator - An applet for indicating when newer packages are available.
Apache Geronimo - Apache Geronimo is an implementation of the J2EE specification.
ArchZoom - A Web-based browser for the GNU Arch revision control system.
AdaptWeb - An adaptive learning system.
Automatic Firewall - An automatically configuring firewall.
adqt - A GUI database query frontend.
ariane - A CD-ROM bootable RAM disk Debian-based Linux system.
audio-entropyd - Feed /dev/random entropy from stereo soundcard
ATK Framework - A PHP business framework.
Absolut Engine content management system - A solid PHP framework built on a former WYSIWYG news publishing system (CMS).
arphound - An ethernet traffic monitoring and problem reporting tool.
Audio::DSP - Perl interface to *NIX digital audio device
Antworks - A set of tools to automatically download common ant build files.
asm2class - An assembly Java to class file compiler.
Apache Tomcat - A Java Servlet and JSP Container.
AudioCD Web Interface - An easy interface to burn audio CDs from multiple clients.
Amphibian - A framework for creating multiplatform game engines.
A3Com - SNMP managment tools for 3Com switches
AutoScan - A utility for network exploration (Samba and Nessus client).
audiokonverter - A small utility to easily convert audio data back and forth.
Audiolog - A small tool for analyzing traces and logfiles by playing sounds.
AudioCutter Cinema - Audio processing software with many effects and functions.
Akregator - A KDE RSS aggregator.
Audiogalaxy Satellite - real-time auto resume linux file transfer agent
ACFTools - A utility for manipulating X-Plane ACF and WPN files.
Apache Rivet - A system for the creation of dynamic web pages, similar to PHP.
AudioMixer - Xforms based audiomixer
Auditor security collection - A Swiss army knife for security tests.
audit - Check files in home directory for strange permission, ownership, etc.
Austria - A library of essential C++ tools.
aping - A program for monitoring network hosts using ping.
Annvix - A secure Linux server distribution.
Aspect# - A .NET AOP Framework.
Apt-Axel - An apt acceleration script.
Albumine - A music database documentation program.
arm0nia - A modular desktop environment.
Azureus - A BitTorrent protocol implementation.
AcpiTool - A versatile command line ACPI client for Linux.
AABrowse - A server browser for America's Army.
Auerswald ETS 4308i ISDN PBX Reverse Engineering P - Client tools for the Auerswald ETS 4308i ISDN PBX.
Autodir - A tool for transparently creating home directories for LDAP, SQL, and NIS users
Anaquiz - An anagram game for entertainment and study.
apoo - An environment for a first course in assembly language programming.
anti_offline_browser.php - A script to protect your site against offline browsers.
Anti-Spam Agent for Novell NetMail - An Anti-Spam agent for Novell NetMail.
August - A free html editor for Linux/Unix.
aConCorde - A multi-lingual concordance tool for language researchers.
Alternatives system - An implementation of a Debian alternatives system.
AnomicFTPD - An FTP server.
aumix - A mixer for the terminal or X11, with mouse support.
actiWATE - A Java-based environment for automation of Web application testing.
Amberfish - A general purpose text/XML retrieval utility.
Avenir - A writer's workshop.
Alb - A simple, standard-compliant Web photo gallery maker.
Abhishek's GLIMPSE - A multi-platform image manipulation package.
Agenda.app - A calendar manager with multi-user support for GNUstep.
A7Xpg - A small arcade game in which the objective is to collect the gold.
Autobuild - A tool to process software build logs and generate HTML.
Andy's PHP Knowledgebase - A Web-based knowledge base application.
Austin PM - Project Management in XML.
Accept 360° - Product requirements management software for product management.
Authen::Smb - Perl module to authenticate against NT domain servers from UNIX
AntMeat - An Ant task for submitting releases to freshmeat.net.
autotools-idl - A patch for automake to support CORBA IDL.
apt-method-https - An HTTPS fetch method for Debian's APT.
Authenticated User Community - A CGI-based intranet system for K-12 settings.
ascii'o'matic - A tool to convert an image into ASCII art.
Argh! - An esoteric programming language.
authforce - An HTTP Authentication brute forcer.
Active Record - Ruby-based object-relational mapping (ORM) software.
autoblock.so - A Gaim plugin that filters Yahoo! chat and instant messages.
Ant JMX Tasks - Provides JMX tasks for Ant.
aescrypt2 - A portable file encryption program based on AES.
authlocal - Automatic authentication of connections from localhost
Alliance CAD System - EDA tools for VLSI design.
activeQuant - A financial Java library for trade systems and automated trading.
Asteroid Storm - An Asteroids-like 2D shooter game.
Asterisk AppleScripts - AppleScript applications for basic control of Asterisk on OS X.
Asterisk Assistants - GUI-based Setup Assistants for basic configuration of Asterisk.
Ascent - A Web-based asset management tool.
auth_ldap - LDAP authentication for Apache
ANA-MP - A player for MOD, XM, and S3M modules.
alienblaster - An action-loaded 2D arcade shooter game for up to two players.
Asparagino's Comic Viewer - A minimal comic archive (.cbz) viewer.
Anthracite - A visual spidering and scraping toolkit.
AqBanking - A generic online banking interface.
Auto Manager - A one-step posting management system for managing automotive listings.
AAFID2 - Framework for distributed system and network monitoring
AsmEdit - An editor and IDE.
AutoSSCEP - An automatic x509 certificate enroller.
Apache Lucene - A high-performance text search engine library.
AQtime - An integrated performance and memory/resource optimization toolset.
aMule remote statistic application - A tool to create an online signature image.
apctl - A command line sound player based on guile-alsaplayer.
auto nice daemon - Tool to renice jobs according to CPU usage and priority database.
AlteruPhono - A tool for testing phonetic sound changes.
Antidote - An ARP poisoning detector.
alph - An educational cryptology tool for transparent encryption and decryption.
AdminPro - MySQL/Session-based user authentication/management.
Amedes - A member list manager for organizations.
Agnix - An embedded real-time network operating system kernel.
amber-list - A greylist and more for qmail.
AudioConf - Audio conferencing in Linux.
Autoclose - This utility automatically closes one app when another is finished
Attal: Lords of Doom - A turn-based strategy game.
ASPA - An ASP to PHP translator.
Apache Portable Runtime - Runtime portability libraries for Unix, Mac OS X, Win32, OS/2, BeOS, and Netware
Autoconf - A package of M4 macros to produce scripts to automatically configure sourcecode.
Active Calendar - An XHTML calendar generator PHP class.
AROUNDMe collaboration server - A social networking and group collaboration platform.
Atlantida - A multilingual dictionary.
AA Helper Library - A library of helper functions for aalib users.
Adams State College Authenticator - A PHP Web session library with single-sign-on capability.
AutoConvert - Chinese GB/HZ/BIG5 encoding auto convert
Amanda CDRW-Taper - A "taper" implementation for backup to CD-RW media.
Antsp2p - A P2P networking application.
Argument Helper - A simple C++ argument parser.
asRep - A Perl/PHP script for tracking Google AdSense activity in real-time.
Anandtech Frame-Getter - A GPU benchmarking program.
Axiomatic Multi-Platform C - A C compiler that generates Java class files (bytecode).
AutoDNS - An easy way to enable configuration of secondary DNS via email.
AZStats - A JSP that parses and displays the contents of an Azureus stats file.
Aviascene - A virtual environment for exploring distant locales.
avisplice - A free command line tool for splicing together multiple AVI files.
Avrora - A flexible and fast AVR simulator with many capabilities.
Autofs - Kernel based automounter for linux
AKIRA - A C++ artificial intelligence cognitive framework for multi-agent systems.
aWireframeML - XML Schema for Application Wireframes
Aiee! - A text adventure engine.
Akeni Web Chat - An IM system designed for universal accessibility.
Asynchronous DNS Resolver for Haskell - Haskell FFI bindings and I/O driver for GNU adns
Access_user Class - An easy to use class to protect pages and register users.
Autotoolset - A set of utilities for use with the GNU build system.
Autofs CD Changer - CD Changer patch for autofs.
authfail - A tool for adding IPs to ACLs of those attempting to log into a system.
ASCIIweb - ASCII art Web pages on the fly.
Asbru Website Manager - A browser-based Web site management tool.
AudioMove - A GUI-based portable multithreaded audio file format converter.
ArchWay - A full-featured GUI for the GNU Arch revision control system.
Active Block I/O Scheduling System - Real-time and prioritized best-effort services for disk I/O.
Adventures on Planet Zephulor - An original side scrolling action game.
AutoGen - Templatized program/text generation system.
AXP - An extension command line tool for GNU Arch.
ara - A utility for doing boolean regexp queries on the Debian package database.
Abstract User Interface Markup Language Toolkit - A rapid-development tool for developers.
AutoUI - Automatic UI construction based on JDK 1.5 annotations.
AntFlow - A system based on Ant that provides hot folder-driven workflow and automation.
argstream - A command line parsing class for C++.
Another Modeline Calculator - A tool for generating monitor configurations.
autocrypt - Automatic crypted disk mapping creation with rootplug.
arpalert - An ARP address monitor.
Asymptote - A vector graphics language for technical drawing and LaTeX.
Armangil's podcatcher - A podcast client for the command line.
AutoSquidGuard - A squidGuard and Squid proxy redirector config generator.
Autojot - Makes a searchable index of everything you browse.
Ali - A simple-to-use C API to parse XML data.
AirProbe - A program to monitor AirPort base stations via SNMP.
AKFQuiz - A collection of programs for quiz games, teaching exercises, and psychotests.
ANDREW - A script to create AVI, Matroska, MP4, or OGM files from DVDs.
autolame - Automatic encoding of .wav files.
AssetMan - An Intranet material management application.
arpwatch2html - A script that converts arpwatch data to HTML.
amypkg - A minimalistic Slackware package management system.
ArticleLive - A news and article publishing system.
AntInstaller - A GUI/text front end for Ant build scripts.
Autofs NG - An autofs automounter for Linux that strives to be interoperable.
Apolos - A lightweight CD player, ripper, and encoder.
AMLET - Software to estimate multinomial and mixed logit discrete choices models.
Apache::Logmonster - Collects logs from apache servers and feed them through AWstats, Webalizer, etc.
AXIS - A user interface for the EMC2 CNC system.
ATVGuide - A TV guide program that uses XMLTV files.
annotate_gschem - A tool to renumber REFDES on gschem schematics.
as2api - A tool for API documentation for ActionScript 2, a la JavaDoc.
AnotherScrapBook - A static Website generator for pictures, films, and more.
Add N Edit Cookies - A "session" and "saved" Cookie Editor for Firefox/Mozilla browser.
Arsenal - A real-time collaboration (RTC) client-server platform.
amyedit - A LaTeX editor.
AverMedia USBRadio - A control application and kernel patches for the AverMedia USBRadio.
Abura Tan - A Rogue-like adventure game.
Auto-Responder - An email auto-responder class.
Aggrevator - A scalable RSS/Atom aggregator with a MySQL 4.1 backend.
AVR Downloader/UploaDEr - Software for programming Atmel AVR microcontrollers.
AgileBill - A Web-based billing system.
Apache Log Colorizing Tool - A script for colorizing Apache common or combined logs.
aubio - A library for audio labelling.
adesklets - An interactive Imlib2 console for the X Window System.
Abandoned Bricks - A Tetris clone with duel and Bastet modes.
Apache UIMA - An architecture and SDK to analyze large volumes of unstructured information.
AllTray - Software for docking any program.
autovol - A tool that automatically reduces sound volume when a call is received.
ATMission - A live CD distribution that lets you change any file on the CD.
Aranha server monitor - An application using rrdtool and XML-RPC to monitor servers with a XUL GUI.
Autenticador Linux - An X11 program that logs in a Velox user under the VeloxZone website.
ACL2 - A Lisp-based theorem proving system.
AeroMail - A Web-based email client.
Ascii2Binary - Tools for converting numbers between binary and text.
antixls - An Excel spreadsheet reader.
Automated Password Generator - Set of tools for password generation.
A Supporter PC Job Management System. - A job card management system for workshops.
Accountability Pal - Software that monitors who is using the Internet and sends reports in PDF.
Arch-Perl - A Perl interface to GNU Arch.
AllInOneRuby - A compressed executable including the Ruby interpreter and the runtime libraries
Automated support for compound RPC calls - Augments RPCGEN to support NFSv4-style compound procedures.
Amberle - A convention organizer (event- and person- based).
ATA over Ethernet driver - ATA over Ethernet support for Linux.
Automatos Server Agent - Performance, capacity, server consolidation, and real-time monitoring tools.
AKKAR - A Web-based LARP management tool.
Anca - An H.323 client that allows communication (voice/video) over the Internet.
AutoOpts - Automatic config file, environment variable, and command line processing.
acikisletme - A console application for markets and small firms.
ApacheDS - An enterprise directory server platform.
Avango - A framework for building distributed virtual reality applications.
akaDAV - A lightweight WebDAV server and Python module.
alcatel_readserial - A script that reads serial port data (CDR) from an Alcatel OmniPCX PBX.
Apcon - A tool for managing different network connection profiles.
Asunder - A graphical CD ripper and encoder.
anno - An ncurses based calendar with the ability to move to the future and past.
Axamol SQL Library - A library that executes SQL statements stored in external files.
ADM - A program to integrate your desktop with an Asterisk PBX.
astfax - An email to asterisk fax gateway.
arpwatch NG - A network monitoring tool for tracking IP/MAC addresses on a network.
Agent Building and Learning Environment - An agent building and learning environment.
Apache httpd tools - A collection of security tools for the Apache Web server.
ASLinux Desktop - A desktop-oriented distribution based on Debian.
autoformBQ - A class to generate edit/input forms for MySQL databases.
appscript - High-level application scripting support for Python on OS X.
AVChat - Flash Player video and audio chat for Dating/user-based sites.
Akill On Entry (Anope Module) - Allows operators to create AOE (Akill On Entry) channels.
ActiveDBLib - A database abstraction library-independent PHP wrapper class.
Address Book Converter - A tool that converts between different address book formats.
Approver - An approval preprocessor for Majordomo-moderated lists.
ActiveMailLib - A PHP class that validates addresses and sends email with attachments.
AMX Mod X - A Half-Life Metamod plugin.
AutoRip - A non-interactive mp3 ripping-and-encoding front end.
antiauto - An Ant build template to simplify the use of automake.
Aptsh - An APT pseudo-shell.
asio - A cross-platform C++ library for asynchronous network programming.
AutoRPM - An RPM auto-installer and/or FTP mirrorer.
AN JEstion LIbre de CArnicas - An ERP application for meat companies.
AbstractDB - A database abstraction package.
anymeal - A cookbook database for storing recipes.
Amua - A Last.fm controller.
autorun - CDROM mounter for beginners and lazy users
Anyterm - A terminal emulator in Javascript using XMLHTTP.
Accent compiler compiler - A compiler compiler even for ambiguous grammars.
ALAC - A decoder for the Apple Lossless Audio Codec.
AutoSig - A Signature/Plan file generator.
Alphaworks JUnitX - An assertion extension for JUnit.
Archiveopteryx - A mail archive server that stores mail in PostgreSQL.
ATA over Ethernet Tools - Companion tools for the ATA over Ethernet driver.
Anatomic P2P - A decentralised BitTorrent network.
autostatus - A fast, hierarchical network monitoring system
Alice ML - A functional, concurrent, distributed programming language based on Standard ML.
Airtime - Open source radio automation software for scheduling and playout.
apt-offline - An offline package manager for people with dial-up connections.
AlbumExtractor X - An AlbumWrap MP3 extractor.
AutoTrace - Converts bitmap to vector graphics
AsmMgr - An integrated development tool for assembler.
AsmLib - A general purpose library for terminals.
AsmPlan - A todo program and event log.
AsmPub - A tool that generates documents for assembly comments.
authz-tools - A set of tools to manipulate authz files.
AVaRICE - A tool that interfaces GDB with the AVR JTAG ICE.
Annotatio - An Annotea-compatible annotation system for Web pages and XML files.
autotunnel - A daemon for automatic IPIP tunnel setup.
Asterisk-Java - A Java library for Asterisk PBX integration.
Avi2Mpeg - A Perl script that tries to encode AVI to various formats of MPEG.
AutoUpdate - Automatically upgrades RPM-based systems via (S)FTP or HTTP(S).
Artichow - A library for displaying graphs, plots.
AccessForm - PEAR QuickForm ITDynamic modification for accesskey disabled access compliance.
AGR - An Amiga Guide file viewer.
AutoZen - A tool to alter your state of consciousness.
AXX - An automated and secure download system.
Autodist - A source distribution management system.
Adobe Source Libraries - A collection of C++ libraries for declarative user interfaces.
asm21 - A cross-assembler for HP 21xx/HP 1000 minicomputers.
Akeni Enterprise Messenger - An instant messaging server for enterprise environments.
asus-mailcheck - A simple LED email checker.
Authentic - A Liberty-enabled identity server.
algorithms - A package for typesetting pseudo-code and algorithms in LaTeX.
AdvoKit - A Web application for managing decentralized get out the vote campaigns
animplot - A simple visualization tool.
Arachno Ruby IDE - An integrated development environment for Ruby.
AFNIX programming language - A multi-threaded scripting language.
AWStats MultiSite Summary - A summarizing extension to AWStats' user interface.
ant2dot.xsl - ANT script visualization.
Auxio Finger - Configurable finger client.
APSR-Routingtools - A set of routing daemons and route generators.
amaroK Web - A Web jukebox frontend to amaroK.
ABACUS4 - A real time process control system.
Amnesia - A CPU/Memory monitoring dockapp.
AdSanity - An ad pacifier for Web browsers.
ALIAS - A text-to-speech project based on phonemes prosody.
AVAcl - An access control list facility for Inflex and AMaViS.
aPapi - A class for retrieving PayPal account balance and recent transactions.
Avalon - The Apache Java Server Framework.
AutoQ3D - An OpenGL API/QT quick 3D model editor program.
Advanced Array Sort - PHP class that sorts two- or multidimensional arrays by one or multiple columns.
Avenger's News System - PERL-based online news posting system
Ammentos - A lightweight persistence framework for JDK 5.
ANSI-CIO - A replacement for ANSI C file functions that allows shared/concurrent access.
Anxiety Diary - A user-friendly electronic mental health diary system.
AVFS - C library add-on, which enables all programs to look insidecompressed files
aardmail - A collection of mail-related tools.
Amber for Parrot - A scripting language for the Parrot virtual machine.
Apache MINA - A multipurpose infrastructure for network applications.
AjaxAC - A PHP framework for easily developing AJAX applications.
Agavi - An MVC Framework.
AVI Player for XMMS - An AVI player plug-in for XMMS to play Windows AVI, DivX ;-), and ASF files.
Alan - A Turing machine implementation.
avi2divx and mpeg2divx - A tool to convert AVIs/MPEGs to DivX AVIs.
andatool - Displays in realtime how frequent regexps match in a logfile.
Avifile - Compressed AVI file support library for x86 Linux.
Asterisk PHP - PHP integration into the Asterisk PBX.
a2b - An abstract train game.
Asteroid - A modern version of the arcade classic Asteroids.
Avifile Glue Patch for mpeg2_movie - A patch to directly convert libavifile-compatible videos to MPEG1/2 video
ASTPP - A VoIP billing and calling card system.
Atheme IRC Services - A capable set of modular IRC services.
Auto-eject-cdrom - Auto-mounts or ejects CD-ROMs
AK Web Dyn Designer - A tool to create and deploy dynamic Web pages with PHP, XML, and JDBC.
AJASON - A PHP 5 library and JavaScript client for AJAX technology.
Alligator - An RSS aggregator.
AVL C Library - ANSI C Library for maintenance of AVL Balanced Trees.
abcde - A better CD encoder.
Anemon Dhcp Server - A DHCP server with configuration info in an SQL database.
A-Gen - A static Web photo album generator.
Apache2GDL - Web site visitor movement visualization.
audio convert - A script for converting between various audio formats.
avlmap - An AVL tree-based key:data mapping (associative array) library for C.
acdctl - A VESA/Apple Cinema Display controller.
AsianLinux - A multimedia Linux distribution.
AXIGEN - An (E)SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, and Webmail server with free support.
AuctionGallery - A script that automatically generates auction templates and picture galleries.
ant4eclipse - Makes Eclipse configurations available to Apache Ant build files.
ACASUserFolder - A Zope User Folder that implements Yale CAS authentication.
Antmod - A modular build, versioning, and release system.
ADF MAGE-ML Tool - An application for microarray layout data file checking and conversion.
avrmon-stk200 - A debug monitor system for Atmel AVR microcontrollers and STK200.
apt-history - A tool that logs changes when manipulating packages with apt-get.
Anarchy Window Manager - A window manager implemented in Scheme.
AirWave Management Platform - A multi-vendor WiFi network management and monitoring application.
AVS - Data visualization
avtv - An Accuview TV/Video viewer.
AIOTrade - A stock technical analysis platform.
AutoFollowup - Follow up with customers, sending them unlimited autoresponders with a personal
AWAG - A simple dial and voice-put program.
AVR-Ada - An Ada compiler for AVR microcontrollers.
AssetsSoSimple - A Web-based asset and purchasing management system.
ADMP - A program that computes the results of combat according to AD&D v3.5 rules.
AntiCMS Content Management System - A database-less CMS for small and simple Web pages.
Arnie - A simple system for incremental backups.
asyncj - A Java framework for long-running, high-performance network servers.
aStatSpam - A PHP script to get rid of referer spammers.
AWE32ControlPanel - SBAWE32 Control Panel
actkbd - A keyboard daemon for Unix.
Avahi - A Zeroconf mDNS/DNS-SD responder.
AweMUD - A flexible C++ MUD server for fantasy settings.
Aquamacs Emacs - A Mac-integrated GNU Emacs with a better user interface.
ABClock - A clock that's clear even in very small bitmaps.
Armangil's vodcatcher - A vodcast client for the command line.
Asciiquarium - An aquarium in ASCII art.
Awka - An AWK to C translator and library.
alphaWorks ezweb - A system for creating dynamic Web sites with J2EE.
airfinder - A program that helps to locate a specific wireless MAC address.
AutoDL2 - An automated file transfer system with plugins.
AVRsimu - A small and portable command line simulator for Atmel AVR microcontrollers.
Advance Stock Tracker - A stock watching and technical analysis tool.
AWStats - Analyzes logfiles and produces advanced graphical Web statistics.
AsciiDoc - A program that converts an AsciiDoc text file to DocBook or HTML.
Advanced Graphs and Charts Collection for PHP - A tool to easily add dynamic graphs and charts to Web and PHP applications.
And-httpd - A secure, simple, and fast Web server.
AlefMentor - An online training manager.
Adime - A library for constructing Allegro GUI dialogs using a format string.
AWFFull - Web server log analysis program, forked from Webalizer.
ax25-apps - User applications for AX.25
ALSA MIDI Kommander - A DCOP interface for the ALSA MIDI sequencer.
Automated Argument Helper - Generates C or C++ code for parsing a command line.
apropos2 - An apropos replacement that only prints entries containing all search words.
Agenda Displayer - A PHP class to display a user friendly agenda.
ax25-tools - Network Tools for AX.25 protocol
AstBill Billing, Routing Management Asterisk VOIP - Billing, routing, and management software for Asterisk and MySQL.
audio_conv.py - A batch audio format conversion script.
Abitare - A real estate agency manager.
apachegrep - grep for Apache logs.
AdCensor - A proxy which filters annoying ads from Web sites.
AgileVoice - Asterisk billing and provisioning for VoIP providers.
Appleseed - A social networking software, similar to Friendster.
ABT - A project construction and packaging tool.
AberSim - A simulation and development environment for the 68HC11 processor.
AppLaunch - A graphical command line for Mac OS X.
antispyd - An HTTP/HTTPS threat filtering proxy server.
apparix - A utility that augments "cd" with bookmarks and can supplant it entirely.
AstBill Live CD - A live CD that allows you to run a Web-based PBX.
AxKit - An XML application server.
aiParts - C++ classes and sample programs for artificial intelligence.
Avadan - A rogue-like role-playing game situated in space.
Australia Post - A Widget that provides Suburb and PostCode lookup for the Australia Post.
Adtrackz Platinum - A full-featured click/conversion/ROI tracker.
antioch - A highly-customizable, scalable game server for creating virtual worlds.
Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) Library for PHP - An aspect-oriented programming (AOP) library for PHP.
AfterLive - A Live linux CD with AfterStep for its window manager.
appctl - A generic application control framework.
AxY FTP - FTP client for X with nice and intuitive GTK+ and Motif GUI
Asteriko - A Web-based front-end for the Asterisk PBX.
APG - A password generator.
autousb - A script which automatically mounts USB drives.
Altse Internet Search Engine - A fast Internet search engine.
Atlantis Game - A bubble-popping adventure game.
Accha - A program for teaching Devanagari, the Hindi alphabet.
ASCO - A circuit optimizer that works with existing SPICE simulators.
a_dbc - A database connection lib for Linux, UNIX, BeOS and Windows.
AbiWord - A fully-featured word processor.
Atocha - A Python library for Web form handling and rendering.
atli - A script interpreter designed for developing application scripting.
asftavm - A fan, temperature, and voltage monitor.
ABacoD - A backup daemon script.
Arudius - A Slackware-based live CD with a large collection of information security tools.
AutoCfgBackup - A platform-independent tool to automatically collect and archive configurations.
ADOdb Lite - A small, fast replacement for ADODB.
Accelerando - An accelerating musical metronome.
Acovea/GTK - A GUI frontend for Acovea.
Avramtar - A script for dynamic avatars for forums.
arxtools - A tool collection for ARX archives.
astGUIclient - Software which extends the functions of Asterisk with end-user Web clients.
ASCEND - An advanced non-linear system modelling package for chemical engineering.
Athana - A Python Web server.
avr-libc - A C library for Atmel AVR microcontrollers.
Arrow-Bar - An easy-to-use vertical navigation menu.
Axmjpeg - A program to retrieve JPEG images from Axis MJPEG HTTP streams.
atropine - A screen-scraping library built on top of BeautifulSoup.
Anthias - A QT/KDE-based graphical shell.
AutoLock - An automatic key lock application for Series 60 phones.
apacheLogSplit - A program to import Apache log files into a MySQL database.
Activity Manager - A project activity management tool.
appx BANG! - Financial accounting and distribution software.
Apache::AuthSympa - Apache auth modules using mailing lists as group definitions.
Amortization Schedule Calculator - A Web program that lets site visitors calculate their loan repayments.
Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml - An Apache2/mod_perl2 module replacement for mod_proxy_html.c.
aptframework - A Java/Swing framework for database frontend applications.
AnyEvent - A framework for multiple event loops in Perl.
auto-recompile - A small emacs add-on to continuously compile the program you're editing.
Ant SVK Task - Ant tasks for SVK.
AustinSmoke GasTracker - A fuel efficiency and gas price tracking software.
amigadepacker - A tool that uncompresses various compression formats used on AmigaOS.
Apache Jetspeed-2 - A JSR-168 compliant enterprise portal.
Asterisk Configuration and Management Interface - Configuration and management for Asterisk PBX boxes.
Admelix - A Linux live CD for business administration.
apex - A Perl-based Web server that is very easy to use.
Asterisk::LDAP - A Perl module for managing Asterisk configuration files in LDAP.
AsmSrc - An assembler source code generator (disassembler).
Atom.NET - A C# library which handles Atom feeds.
Apache Graffito - A framework used to build content-based applications.
Advanced Explorer - A file and ZIP manager.
Arri - An API that abstracts the handling of arrays and prevents buffer overflows.
arrayprobe - A command-line status monitor for arraycontrollers.
AsmFile - A small, fast file manager written in assembler.
ABLE - Develop hybrid intelligent software agents and agent applications in Java.
A Jack's Game - A real-time multi-player game that runs in a Web browser.
Anuko Time Tracker - A Web-based time tracking system.
Atom Publishing Protocol framework for Ruby - A framework for implementing Atom Publishing Protocol in Web applications.
AgileTrack - An agile development planning and iteration tracking tool.
AppArmor - A tool that ensures that programs can do only what they are supposed to do.
Almara - A photo album with fast editing that preserves originals.
Angry, Drunken Dwarves - A competitive block-dropping puzzle game.
Axis2 - A next generation Web Services stack.
A Simple Version Control System - An easy to install and easy to to use version control system.
Alpha Shooter - A 3D first-person shooter game with a sci-fi setting.
Anonym.OS - An OpenBSD live CD that provides strong anonymity and encryption.
Aradial RADIUS server - A RADIUS server and hotspot system.
Ansilove/PHP - A set of tools for converting ANSi/PCBOARD/BiN/ADF/iDF/TUNDRA/XBiN files into PNG images.
AsItHappens - A real-time network statistics collector and grapher.
Apache Synapse - An ESB engine and XML router.
Arduino - A microcontroller development platform.
Arcus - A Rubik's Cube simulator.
Autojar - Automatic jar file generation.
AJAX Book Reader - A Web application for displaying large texts one page at a time.
Artie - A Java program for fetching cover artwork.
Adaptive Quality of Service Architecture - An architechture that aims at adding multi-resource QoS guarantees to Linux.
American Express Expense Report to QIF Converter - A tool that converts AMEX CSV reports to QIF.
Attendance sheet - A script for keeping track of people able or willing to attend a sporting event.
AMIDI-Plug - A MIDI subsystem for XMMS/BMP/Audacious, with runtime-loadable backends.
AMP - A Java API for processing AJAX requests in an MVC pattern.
AjaxFTP - A browser-based FTP widget.
AudConvert - An application to convert between audio formats.
AEdating - A customizable, full featured dating Web site software.
Amateur Programmer's Pre-processor - A macro processor that can process free-form macros.
Alex's Firewall ByPasser - Another TCP tunnel for HTTP proxies.
A.M.I.C.U.S. - An automatic installer for MythTV.
AntiDialer - A Sify GUI Broadband Dialer for Unix.
Acquire Board Game - A game where players buy and trade stock to make money.
apercu - An Apache log file summarizer.
Arguvision - A video surveillance system.
Active DHTML Drop Down JavaScript Menu - Cross browser JavaScript Menu System
AspectJS - An AOP framework in JavaScript.
anyfs-tools - A Unix-style toolset for recovering and converting filesystems.
Acrony - An online multiplayer word game.
AJAX Toolkit Framework - A framework that provides DHTML and JavaScript features for Eclipse.
aria2 - A multi-protocol, multi-source, cross-platform download utility.
antennavis - An OpenGL antenna visualisation toolkit for NEC2.
ASpiReNN - A C library with Python bindings to simulate spiking neural networks.
Aircrack-ng - The next generation of aircrack.
abook - An addressbook program.
AspectES - An Aspect-Oriented Programming framework for EcmaScript/JavaScript.
ARP Tools - A collection of libnet and libpcap based ARP utilities.
A Sudoku Solver in C - A console-based program that solves Su Doku puzzles using deductive logic.
Auth MemCookie - An Apache v2 authentication and authorization module.
Appia - A group communication and protocol composition framework.
abaco - A Web browser for Plan 9 from Bell Labs.
Angelion: The Demon Conflict - An isometric MMORPG with map stacking, tile stretching, and online map editing.
Annotate - A tool which makes DocBook documents annotatable.
audit daemon - A package of user-space audit utilities.
Advanced Sliding Text Applet - An efficient sliding text news scroller with a very easy setup process.
Arg_parser - A POSIX/GNU command line argument parser.
ADISS - An Active Directory interface for Subversion security.
Alba-Experiment - Portage for Solaris.
ad-tolk - A fast way to set up wireless interfaces to exchange messages with neighbors.
arcfax - An archiving script for HylaFAX's faxes.
Alinda - A customer management application and reporting facility.
Affilit Network Program - An affiliate network program that promotes Web sites.
AqMail - Software that fetches, filters, and distributes email.
Aranea framework - A hierarchical MVC Web framework.
Amaltheia - A cross-platform game programming API.
Apophenia - A library of functions for statistical analysis.
abi2xml - A bioinformatics utility to convert an ABI trace file to an XML file.
Acceleo - An Eclipse and EMF template-based system for MDA generation.
Ark Linux Live - A Live CD version of Ark Linux.
AgileGallery - A program to export picasa photo galleries as Flash or AJAX Web pages.
Anthill3 - A build and ALM server with distributed capabilities.
Arithmetic Operations Simulation Library - Functions to simulate arithmetic operations on low cost DSP systems.
Activism Network - A Web-based networking platform for activists or others.
allocPSA - An online professional services automation solution.
Agora BASIC - a BASIC compiler.
AlphaMail - A middleware-accelerated Web mail client.
Arena Scripting Language - A light-weight scripting language.
Astaro Command Center - An application for centralized management of Astaro gateway products.
ABCWebClient - A Web frontend for ABC (Yet Another Bittorrent Client).
A game - An addictive Tetris-like game.
AppFuse - An application for creating Web applications in Java quickly.
Authen::OTP - A One Time Password Perl module.
ACPI Module Tester - A small tool that can perform tests on the ACPI Extras Driver.
Alvicom LoadManager - A performance test tool.
ABX Comparator - A GStreamer-based ABX blind audio comparison tool for GNOME.
[email protected] - A network monitoring system (for faults and performance).
ambergris - A simple tool to sync Evolution and Kolab2.
arp-scan - A program to discover and fingerprint systems using the ARP protocol.
APIlity Agua - An AJAX GUI for AdWords.
Amaroc - An ncurses "frontend" for Amarok.
axTLS - A TLSv1 SSL library designed specifically for embedded devices.
Aqualung - A music player.
apgWeb - An AJAX front end to apg.
a3b - A browser for ASCII art and ANSI art.
Asterisk Manager Suite - Asterisk admin and monitoring software, including a GTK GUI and proxy server.
arcangel - A Jack effect and LADSPA plugin for saturation/distortion.
Auogg - A simple and straightforward Ogg/Vorbis player for NAS.
Archive sort - A tool to sort directories into 4.4GB directories for archiving onto DVDs.
Automanic - A vehicular deathmatch game.
Atomic OS - A responsive Web 2.0 operating environment and development platform.
AScopy - A site maintenance utility.
activeCollab - An easy to use project management and collaboration tool.
avidentify - Software to extract and print meta-information about media files
Apache Nutch - Web searching software.
Ascal - A Gnome version of the board game Lasca (or Laska).
Appomattox - A program to create maps and analyze spatial data.
aPAz - A PHP anonymizer.
Areca Backup - A backup software system.
Amateur - An QuickTime media player requiring no registration.
AT-Project - An Eclipse plugin for bug/task/change tracking on a client-server architecture.
audio-checker - Software for visualizing music.
Ant-Eclipse - Generates Eclipse projects based on sources and libraries in Ant build scripts.
Autodia - Generates UML / schema diagrams from source code.
ajaxMyTop - A Web-based tool featuring an AJAX user interface for monitoring a MySQL server.
Aften - A simple A/52 (AC-3) audio encoder.
Adanaxis - A space first person shooter in four spatial dimensions.
Active Scrolling Text & News Scroller - A JavaScript function for scrolling HTML content within a page.
AIS Parser SDK - A parser for AIS ship position AIVDM messages.
ACPI wakeup tool - An ACPI wakeup tool.
AgileWiki - A composable platform for advanced Web services.
Aplicatiu Exàmens Web - An application for educative tests through the Web.
Aplicatiu Usuaris - An application for managing users on a server computer.
ACT-RBOT + MRS - A cognitive agent-based social simulation toolkit.
Aerarium - A financial application for Symbian OS S60.
Apso - A framework for adding secrecy to version control systems.
apache-top - Shows in real-time the active processes from a remote apache server.
Atlantis Installer - Installer devlopers can use to install PHP-GTK2 apps as an alternative to PEAR
AWBS - A complete Web hosting billing package to automate a hosting business.
Advanced Website Creator - A Web development environment.
Active Image Viewer - An image viewer that provides a very efficient way to display multiple images.
AlmostVPNPRO - A SSH tunnel manager with a twist.
Apache .NET Ant Library - Tasks for .NET development with Ant.
Aigaion Bibliography System - A PHP/MySQL based shared, annotated bibliography system based on BibTeX.
a2png - A small program that converts ASCII text to PNG bitmap images.
Antiprism - Polyhedron modelling software.
autoplay - A tool which lets two chess engines play automatically against each other.
Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Elements - A tool for structural engineers, civil engineers, and architects.
auto-nng - An automatic neuronal network generator.
AntiCutAndPaste - A tool that detects copied and pasted source code.
AntTweakBar - An easy-to-use GUI library to tweak graphic programs interactively.
APL - A C++ template based general purpose application library.
Apache AntUnit - A testing framework based on Ant buildfiles.
AjaxDo - An easy database persistency framework for JavaScript objects.
ADIEU - A Web-hosted tool for rapid Web development.
AJAX driven simple chat - A Web based chat using AJAX to update the dialog.
AddressBook X LDAP - A shared network-enabled Addressbook with customizable schema support.
Are You Human? - A graphical test to ensure user is a human, not a script.
Adun - A biomolecular simulator.
AjaxVTT - A Web-based virtual table top.
ASPLinux ConfPoint - An ontology-driven Linux configuration and administration tool.
AjaxChat - An Ajax-based chat system.
Asgard Free Software RPG - An epic RPG.
Absolute OS - A modified Slackware distro configured for ease of use.
AVL Array - A C++ STL-like container for random access and insertion/removal, all O(log n).
Asterisk CDR Inspector - A program to display Asterisk CDRs in real time.
APLoader - A front end to the PostgreSQL COPY command.
Apps Unit - A toolkit for testing Oracle application code.
APFP - An Ruby class for performing arbitrary precision floating point calculations.
ASN RADIUS Admin - A FreeRADIUS Web interface.
ACL Policy Daemon for Postfix - A program that implements ACL support for Postfix.
aTunes - An audio player and organizer.
ArtistX - A live DVD with audio, graphics, and video applications.
AgileRss - A cross platform RSS/ATOM reader.
AtoMail - A script that converts mail into an RSS feed.
andLinux - A Linux distribution that runs in Windows.
Avis - A content-based publish/subscribe event router.
amforth - Forth for the AVR Atmega microcontroller.
aproc - Displays information from the ALSA proc tree.
argox-pt - A module to support Argox Portable Terminals (PT-10 and PT-12) under Linux.
Apache Solr - Solr is the enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project.
ArgusEye - A GUI for the Argus network auditing suite.
Attachment Mailer class - A PHP class that handles multiple attachment emails using HTML.
ASDF - ASDF provides a simple Qt-based frontend for playing DVDs with MPlayer.
Atomsphere - A Java implementation of the Atom 1.0 specification.
ADempiere - An ERP system.
Amock - A mocking library for PHP 5.
AcetoneISO2 - A CD/DVD image manipulator.
AML Cartography - AML and C code and documentation for cartography within the ARC/INFO GIS.
AIMLBot (Program#) - A small, fast, standards-compliant yet customizable AIML library.
Agilian - An environment for agile modeling.
AdaControl - A static analysis/rule checking tool for Ada.
AnyDBM - A generic DBM-type interface for Haskell.
ATSlog - A system for collecting and displaying information from different PBXes.
Axis2 List Update - An Ant task to update Axis2 services.list and modules.list.
Anon Proxy Server - An anonymous proxy server.
AutoAbacus - A Java equation solving library.
Afloat - A tool that adds eye candy and window management options to OS X apps.
Apache XML Graphics Commons - A component library for PDF, RTF, Graphics2D, etc. used by Apache XML Graphics.
apt-zeroconf - A distributed apt-cacher for LANs using avahi.
ANUGA - A hydrodynamic modelling system.
Azureus Speed Control - An Azureus plugin that automatically adjusts the upload speed limit.
AsmTools - A collection of assembler development tools.
Akelos - A PHP framework similar to Ruby on Rails.
APbyAS - Process re-engineering support software.
aSVERD - A small application to generate scalable vector entity relationship diagrams.
AuthSight - A tool to to photograph intruders using your Mac's built-in iSight camera.
AstroBuffer - A CCD astrophotography image manipulation application.
ALICE - An automatic installation and configuration framework.
AjaxTop - An AJAX framework that maps XML to JavaScript objects.
Ajax Extensible Page - A small JavaScript library to build extensible Web pages.
Ahoy - An efficient, decentralized service discovery protocol for MANETs.
Application Monitor for GlowWorm FW - A per-application socket connection monitor.
Acogc - An accurate cooperative garbage collector.
AsmXml - A fast XML parser written in pure x86 assembler.
Address Book Continued - A multi-user AJAX address book Web application.
AtomEye - An atomistic configuration viewer.
adtool - Active directory administration.
Apache Jackrabbit - A content repository for Java.
AlchemySOAP - A fast, portable SOAP 1.1/1.2 stack for C++ programs.
Auto Project Planner - Automatically calculates project plans based on effort estimations and deadlines
Artwork.pl - A script to extract album art images from MP3 ID3v2 tags.
Atlassian Bamboo - A continuous integration (CI) server.
AKVIS Sketch - A program to convert a photo to a pencil sketch.
Adder - An Internet-based cryptographic voting system.
APBS - A software package for solving equations related to biomolecular electrostatics.
AjaxStub - An Ajax RPC implementation providing a Python API.
Auto Complete - A package to auto-complete text typed in a form input without page reloading.
as_admintool - A site administrator tool set.
Attic Manager - Home inventory software.
AspeCt-oriented C - A compiler that translates AspeCt-oriented C to ANSI C.
assoGiate - A file types editor for GNOME.
as_propsheet - An engine for drawing property sheets.
Address Tangler - An email address protection system to thwart spam bots.
aoeui - A keyboard layout-optimized text editor for Dvorak and QWERTY.
AsmRef - A viewer for kernel information and other data useful for assembler programmers.
Anaa - An AJAX framework for text, XML, JSON, and HTML.
Atlassian Crowd - A Web-based single sign-on (SSO) tool.
Ad-hoc Wireless Distribution System - A layer 2 wireless mesh routing protocol.
Abyss Web Server - Small, fast, and portable HTTP/1.1 server written in ANSI C.
Accerciser Accessibility Browser - Lets you test all aspects of accessibility on the GNOME desktop.
Alerttail - A tool to execute actions when specific text has been written to a file.
Adam's Ripsuite - A collection of quick and dirty Perl and bash scripts to manage digital media.
Antiplate - Some templates for ant-script to provide what is common in most Java projects.
Adobe Color File Generator - A class to generate Adobe Color files used by Photoshop.
Article Publisher - A powerful tool for securely creating, editing, and managing content.
A MySQL Storage Engine for AWS S3 - A MySQL storage engine for AWS S3.
Andrisoft WANGUARD - Advanced DDoS protection and traffic monitoring software.
Application Standard Components Library - An Ada library and application framework.
Asido - An image processing solution for PHP programs.
advene - A format and tool to share annotations about digital video.
AJAX and JavaScript Barcode Generator - A barcode generator for JavaScript and AJAX applications.
Anki - A friendly and intelligent flashcards program.
AKVIS Frame Suite - A collection of framing and edging effects for digital photos.
Asterisell - A Web-based application for viewing, rating, and billing VoIP calls.
AldoContent - A content management system.
ArahPaint4 - A raster image paint program for textile.
AJAX Tree Control - An AJAX-enabled tree control for JavaScript and Rails.
ac3info - A tool that extracts some basic information from an AC3 file.
Audacious Announcer - A simple utility that neatly prints the current track playing in Audacious.
a2pdf - A tool to convert ASCII text to PDF, with optional Perl syntax highlighting.
AKVIS Enhancer - A detail-revealing plug-in for image editors.
AudiOrg - Scans and sorts audio files into an output directory tree
auth2db - An interface for examining logs.
AjaXplorer - A Web-based file explorer with a rich GUI.
AT Media Page - An addon for the Plone CMS which adds ATImage support.
AzDGDatingPlatinum - A powerful script for creating dating Web sites.
Avogadro - An advanced 3D molecular editor.
Avast-ng - A versatile AJAX syslog tailer for syslog-ng.
Avis client library for Java - A Java API for clients accessing Elvin event routers.
Address Book Server with Calendar Support - A shared address book and calendar events on your own server.
AJAX Image Dump System - A image upload service geared towards forums.
AKVIS Noise Buster - Software for noise suppression on digital and scanned images.
Automagical Sudoku Solver - Software that attempts to solve Sudoku puzzles for you.
Arkhon Web Application Framework - A lightweight and modular PHP groupware framework.
acpitail - A tail-like ACPI monitor.
ArchView - Software to view archive files online.
Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS - Talks to your 8-bit Apple computer over serial, ethernet, or audio links.
AutoLyrix - A program that downloads lyrics and album art.
AC3D - A 3D graphics design tool.
Asterisk Soap API - A SOAP API for the Asterisk VoIP server.
AKVIS Coloriage - A plug-in for colorizing B&W photos and replacing colors in color photos.
AprendeClick - LiveCD educational games.
archive2iso - Creates ISO images that randomly stripe a directory tree across multiple images.
Apache2::ASP - An ASP programming environment for mod_perl on Apache 2.
Apache LDAP vhost driver - A way to store virtual host information in LDAP.
Azuki Framework - A Java application framework.
Aejaks - A windowing toolkit for rapid development of AJAX-enabled Web apps.
Aquarium Text Filter - A PHP text filtering engine.
AppSamurai - A mod_perl based authenticating reverse proxy/Web application front end.
Actualiza - A KDE based apt-get frontend.
Ara Editor - An RSS generator and editor.
ARPSpoofDetector - A detector for active and passive ARP spoofing and IP collisions.
AGM Build - Molecular builder and structure editor
AFoC website framework - A flexible and modular Web site system.
Amoebax - A cute and addictive action-puzzle game.
apalogretrieve - SQL-like queries on Apache's common logfile.
Atlassian Crucible - A code review tool.
aurora framework - Slim modular MVC framework for rapid development of Web or console applications.
autogen.sh - A script that provides automatic build system preparation.
AFELO - A wizard for compressing images and sending them to a Web server.
Automated Testing Framework - A collection of libraries and utilities designed to ease application testing.
A-OK! The Wings of Mercury - A realistic simulation of the Mercury spacecraft.
ahcpd - An Ad-Hoc Configuration Protocol daemon.
Aglets Software Development Kit - A Java mobile agent framework and platform.
ActiveShipping - A unified Ruby API for shipping.
AutoLaTeX - A LaTeX project compilation helper.
ARPView - A GUI module for watching the network discovery of arpalert as it happens.
AsmBug - An assembly language debugger.
Agilefant - A backlog management system.
Archery - A script to intelligently extract archives.
awesome - A framework window manager for X.
Amora - Software to control your Linux desktop using your cellphone.
autoboot - A tool for automatically testing Linux kernels.
AsmLibx - A small X server library.
Abyss Web Server X1 - An easy-to-use and feature-rich Web server.
AsmFind - A tool to find files, text, or directories.
AsmTimer - An interactive timer for the console or terminal.
AdminCoPy - A wrapper for SSH/SCP to run one command on many hosts.
Arkanoid: Space Ball - A space-themed game similar to the classic Arkanoid.
Archivist - Standard archiving and compression utilities written in C#.
Amino Acids Reference - A PalmOS program to provide amino acid reference data.
A Simple Project Tracker - A simple project tracker.
autocrc - A program that performs automated CRC-checking.
Amazon S3 Stream Wrapper - A PHP stream wrapper to get and send files to Amazon S3.
Apt-Cacher-NG - A caching proxy for software package downloads.
awm - A custom window manager.
Arachne Image Resizer - A program for content-aware image resizing.
AceUnit - A comfortable C unit test framework.
Autoglade - A tool that automagically creates GUI applications.
ABL (Abstract Basic List) - A flexible abstract list library defined using the C preprocessor.
AKVIS Chameleon - An efficient and easy-to-handle tool for photo collage creation.
asmview - A small and fast file viewer.
AsmDis - A Linux ELF disassembler.
AsmLinks - A file viewer with the ability to link to other files.
Advertnet - A tool for managing networks of advertising boards, ready to work in Second Life
artiPACS - A digital photo archive.
acebook - A Facebook mashup that exports social networking search results.
Ansifilter - A utility that strips or converts ANSI code sequences.
Ahven - A unit test library for Ada.
Algorithmic Trading - Utilities for algorithmic trading production.
AWOS - An optimised operating system.
aa2map - A tool to parse ASCII art and heightmaps into a Quake III: Arena map file.
Advanced Electron Forum - A very fast and powerful Web forum software.
ajax.E.R. - A quick and dirty E.R. modeling tool.
Auto IVR Dialer - Automatically dials numbers from a comma-separated list.
Architecture Rules - A Java library for asserting code's architecture via unit tests or ant tasks.
Astres - A helpdesk application.
Aseba - An event-based framework for distributed robot control.
AJAXSLT - An implementation of XSLT and XPath in JavaScript.
Antares Project - A PHP 5 framework.
acs7_check - A package that checks the status of Accusys ACS-7 RAID devices.
AROUNDMe Personal identity - A Web site builder with OpenID server and consumer allowing you to manage your o
Aakretech TimeTrack - Software that keeps track of your hours while working on different projects.
Amahi Linux Home Server - A Fedora-based Linux Home Server targeting ease of use.
acalc - A console calculator.
AKVIS LightShop - A plugin that lets you create various light effects in digital images.
Apache SQL analyser - Software to query Apache common log files via SQL.
Apydia - An API reference documentation generator for Python.
Algernon: A Subsumption Architecture - A subsumption architecture built on top of Simbad.
Adventure-(PHP-)Framework - A PHP-based Web development framework.
ajaxWM - A themeable Web-based window manager, terminal emulator, and SSH proxy.
Acovel Media Player - A cross-platform music player with album management.
AutoBlogger - A system to create a photo blog from a POP3 account.
AKP - An automated key presser.
Apache Ramaprt/C - A security module for the Apache Axis2/C Web services engine.
Apache ActiveMQ - A popular and powerful message broker and JMS provider.
AudioSpace - A calculator for audio storage.
A PHP Simple error handler class. - A PHP class to intercept and log PHP execution errors.
Arachnida - An embeddable Web server.
Alpine - A simple text-based mail client.
audio_combine - Command line utilities to split/combine audio files from stereo to mono and back
Authorize.net CIM PHP Class - A PHP class for Authorize.net's Customer Information Manager.
Ajatus CRM - A distributed local AJAX CRM.
Archive Games - A game distribution utility.
Apache OpenMeetings - A multi-language customizable video-conferencing and collaboration system.
Avalon SQL Editor - A powerful database/SQL editor.
AROUNDMe identity server - A multiple identity account OpenID server.
Abstract Accounting - A lightweight accounting package.
Arity - An arithmetic engine for Java.
autoSyncPodder - A program that automatically downloads and syncs podcasts.
astahttpd web server - A modular Web server written in pure PHP.
AnyClient - A file transfer client for FTP/S, SFTP, and WebDAV.
Aloofix - A build kit for a minimalist Linux distribution for virtualized environments.
Auto Ajax - A PHP class to update page parts with AJAX when links are clicked.
AsmTrace - Software to trace and disassemble ELF programs.
AsciiDoc Website Builder - Software to build a Web site from AsciiDoc source.
Affiliates - An affiliate management system for clubs, communities, and associations.
Amiba - A Gene Expression Programming framework for Java.
Addjob - A program that lets you distribute jobs over a network.
Aeolus - A layer over Cairo for displaying and animating 2D graphics.
Abuse - A side-scrolling arcade platform game.
Ajaxbber - A Web Jabber client.
Avian - A lightweight alternative to Java.
Aspic - A program to generate line art graphics from a text description.
apt-imagen - A script to install .deb packages without an Internet connection.
ascii2abctab - A converter from "asciitab" guitar notation to abctab.
acts_as_catalog - A simple plugin for Ruby on Rails for representing catalogs.
AllianceP2P - A private, secure, and decentralized friend-to-friend file sharing network.
as_snipercaptcha - A pure DHTML/CSS CAPTCHA engine that does not use GD.
Abacus Formula Compiler - Compiles computations defined in spreadsheet files directly to Java byte code.
Agilo for Scrum - A tool to support the Scrum process.
AjaxToaster - An AJAX application server to create JSON and XML RESTful services for Web apps.
as3flvplayer - An AS3 FLV player for Adobe Flash.
Algraeph - A tool for manual alignment of linguistic graphs.
AMOP - An automatic mock object for C++.
Ape Base Compile System - A system for creating reproducable and migratable compiles.
Art Flash Gallery - An SWF object for displaying image galleries.
awfDialog Wizard - A class to generate a wizard-like Web user interface using AJAX.
Albumgrabber - Grabs album covers from Allmusic.com and Google Images for your MP3 collection.
Ascii85 Data Encodings for Python - Allows conversion of text buffers or files into Ascii85/base85.
ASCII Pacman - An ASCII Pacman clone.
ansistego - A tool that combines a script and text, cloaking the script with ANSI codes.
Applino - An environment to run multiple Java desktop applications within a single JVM.
aspsms-t - A Jabber-to-SMS transport.
AlgoScore - A graphical environment for algorithmic composition.
adelaide - An AIDE wrapper script that sends email on changes.
apoplexy - A level editor for Prince of Persia 1 and 2.
ApeSmit - A very simple Python module to create XML sitemaps.
AKFAvatar - A fancy graphical text-oriented user interface.
Airfoil Speakers for Linux - Software to send audio from Mac or Windows to Linux.
Aluminium Language - A visual data-flow-ish programming language for small Web applications.
awesome-status - A program to populate the awesome window manager's widgets.
Airs - A tool that can periodically check for new TV episodes online.
Augeas - A configuration API.
Anti Spam Bot Email - A PHP class for obfuscating email addresses on Web pages.
Antipasti - A Python CLI app that works as a multi-output tee.
AdaptCMS - A CMS that is to provide control of your Web site.
as-diagrams - A pure DHTML/CSS bar chart drawing class.
Apache Geo Map - A tool to plot your Apache Web server hits on Google Maps.
Asterisk on IPCop - Packages to provide Asterisk for IPCop.
Adaptive API - A Grid workflow engine and toolkit.
ACLbit - An ACL backup and inspection tool.
astitray - A tray icon to launch dialing to a PBX using an XMLRPC server.
astCDRview - A lightweight Asterisk SQLite CDR viewer.
Amuware AMUlab - A graphical user interface for dynamips and PEMU.
Artica for Postfix - A secure Web interface for Postfix administration.
Apertium - A machine translation platform.
Animath - A C++ FEM library
Alkitab Bible Study - A desktop bible study software.
ANSI32 - A complete telnet client for Linux and Win32.
AZR3-JACK - A Hammond organ simulator.
acts_as_kuler - A Web application for creating and sharing color themes.
Ananta - A CMS solution.
AtMail Open - A complete AJAX webmail interface.
alsaequal - An equalizer plugin for ALSA.
Aliwal Geocoder - A tool to put your data on a map.
AntiWM - A minimal, full-screen, keyboard driven X window manager.
AniMplayer - A video player that specializes in playing anime series en masse.
Archiving for Java - An archiving engine for Java.
AcchaNi - A program for learning Japanese.
AutoplayISO - A tool to create bootable CDs/DVDs which automatically play multimedia files.
Alice Jabber aliases daemon - A simple daemon for creating aliases of existing Jabber accounts.
Amigo - A Facebook notification client and launch pad.
additemtodock - A command line utility for adding items to the dock.
Alfresco - An enterprise content management application.
AKVIS SmartMask - An efficient selection tool.
ant-ikvmc - An Ant task for IKVMC.
AqBanking Command Line Interface Tool - A command line tool for AqBanking.
alienbuild - A highly flexible and scriptable build system.
Album Art Downloader - A class for retrieving music album images from Amazon.com.
APIviz - A JavaDoc doclet for API visualization.
Avis client library for C - A development library for Elvin clients.
Automatic Drawing Generation - A non-interactive Cairo canvas.
AfterLogic XMail Server - An email server.
Avid Stats - Modular Web statistics software.
afe - A PSF font editor.
AKVIS Magnifier - A tool to enlarge images to high resolution with sophisticated algorithms.
AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP - An AJAX Webmail script for an existing POP3/IMAP/SMTP server or cPanel.
AvantFAX - A Web application for managing faxes on HylaFAX fax servers.
apt-dater - A program to manage package updates on a large number of remote hosts.
Awstats Detail Plugin - A click-stream plugin for AWStats.
Autoresponse - An autoresponder for Postfix.
AudioSource Player - A portable media player with good third-party service support.
APRON numerical abstract domain library - A library for inference of invariants by static analysis.
Aspyct - A Python library providing AOP, unit testing, and other reusable components.
AdiumBook - Software to sync Adium and Address Book.
aTicket - A support ticket system for small or medium Web based operations.
Achoo - A fluent interface for unit testing Python objects.
Additional Packages for Enterprise Linux - Additional packages for Enterprise Linux 5.
autoresponder - An automatic mail responder.
apbcdb - A high performance read-only key-value database library.
AYUMiS - AYUMiS is an open-source, cross-platform 2D space-based MMOR{G.
AskoziaPBX - An embedded PBX solution based on Asterisk.
AccuRev - A software configuration management tool with integrated issue tracking.
ArgoEclipse - A UML editor plugin for Eclipse.
Axial Finance - A technical financial analysis software.
Advisory Check - A program that reads security advisories, so you don't have to.
Apache JSieve - An RFC 3028 sieve implementation for Java.
Alterator - A system configuration framework.
Avant Window Navigator - A shiny, GTK+-based dock.
Arcadia - A light IDE for Ruby.
Ambient Music Player - A handheld clone of Amarok.
amarok remote - A server to remotely control Amarok from a Web browser.
Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner - Medical Imaging and Data Analysis
Amazon SimpleDB/dev - A server that acts as a local instance of Amazon's SimpleDB.
ARPWatch Web-interface and SQL-storage - An SQL-converter and a Web-interface for arpwatch.
Affiliates for All - An affiliate management system.
AutoArchive - A simple backup utility.
Asus Display - An ASUS OLED display daemon.
ADV_NET - A PHP class that uses NMAP to provide features for scanning a LAN.
astSimpleConfig - A configuration tool for Asterisk’s SIP devices and carriers.
ASUS G50 OLED - A system monitor which outputs on the OLED display of the ASUS G1/G2/G50/G70.
AuthenticRoast - Allows you to build flexible authentication for the Java Web tier.
AzTSearch - A torrent search plugin for the Azureus/Vuze bittorrent platform.
AcouSTO - A linear acoustics solver based on BEM.
alterMIME Pro - An email disclaimer insertion system for Postfix, Sendmail, and Exim servers.
actiTIME - Time tracking software.
AceWiki - A natural and expressive semantic wiki.
aMember Integration for Trellis Desk - User integration for aMember and Trellis Desk.
aMember IP.Board Advanced Plugin - aMember integration for the Invision Power Board
access.see.be - A Web accessibility library based on WAI-ARIA.
AMI-4-SME - A platform for AmI-based applications.
appengine-utilities - Utilities for Google's Appengine.
Amhulio - A PHP 5 and MySQL Web framework that creates widgets.
Annchienta - An isometric fantasy RPG.
anyRemote - Remote control service over Bluetooth or infrared networking.
Argentum - Web-based time and invoice management software.
Approximate Dictionaries - Dictionaries that allow approximate lookup.
Apache Click - A page and component oriented Java Web framework.
ANTS - Advanced tools for brain and image mapping.
aMember Member Coupons - A plugin for aMember-based Web sites that provides member-targeted coupons.
Agenda XML - A simple project time tracker for Gnome and Kde.
AVR Eclipse Plugin - An Eclipse IDE plugin for AVR microcontroller development.
attenzoSMS - A tool for sending single or bulk SMS to any mobile number.
Armadillo C++ Library - A fast C++ matrix library with optional interfaces to LAPACK and ATLAS.
Asteroid Belt - An Asteroids clone for J2ME devices.
ajaxmixer - An ALSA mixer made with AJAX.
apub - A tool to simplify uploading documents of a site to remote servers.
Adito VPN - A Web-based SSL VPN server.
Absimpa - A Java recursive decent parser.
Atomic Cannon - An artillery duel with 100 weapons of mass destruction.
Asterisk Phonebook - A phone book for Asterisk users.
Artisan System PHP Framework - A PHP framework for building e-commerce software.
A6-CMS - A professional, fully working content menagement system.
APropOS - A system for organizing and storing application properties.
AI::MegaHAL - A Perl interface to the MegaHAL natural language conversation simulator.
Aqua - A highly flexible and extensible PHP MVC framework for modular applications and RESTful APIs.
Active Business Intelligence Portal - Software that creates Web reports and Web forms.
Augustus (PMML) - A scoring engine for statistical and data mining models.
AirSAM - A program that gives you real-time insight into your Snort activity.
Anwiki - A collaborative translation and automatic multilingual coordination Wiki.
ADIG Human Synchronizer - A realtime MIDI clock tempo controller.
AutoEmbed - A PHP class that recreates HTML embed code from remote video sites.
Artha - A handy English thesaurus with hot key lookup.
AKVIS ArtWork - A tool that converts your photos into oil or comic art paintings.
Augmented Syntax Diagrams - A Java tool kit to create and edit graphical networks to parse English noun phrases.
Anemon Dhcp Client - A DHCP client and a mass client request generator for testing DHCP servers.
Agile Information Radiator - An agile project tracking application.
AsDoclet - Software to generate Actionscript and C# files out of Java sources.
Asycle - An analysis tool for Actionscript class and package dependencies.
Asimulator - A simulator for intelligent agents.
At4J - Archive tools for Java.
as_nightjobs - A PHP class for performing periodic site maintenance.
Alc REST - Software to easily create REST style services in Java.
anyPaper - A front-end for wallpapersetter.
Aladobix ERP - ERP and Web store for supply chain management.
Apache Live Log - A tool for monitoring Apache log files in real-time.
Angel 2D - A 2D game prototyping engine.
aoemask - Manipulates the storage appliance MAC address mask over Ethernet.
AribaWeb - A Web framework requiring the absolute minimum of code.
AppGate Security Server - An access control gateway for secure access.
Amberdms Billing System - A Web-based accounting, invoicing, service billing, and time keeping system.
acolor - Easy ANSI colored text output from shell scripts.
Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDEA - Connect Atlassian dev tools (JIRA, Bamboo, Crucbile, FishEye) to IntelliJ IDEA.
Apache Mailet API - A Java API for mail processing agents.
Apache MailetDocs Maven Plugin - A Maven plugin that catalogs mailets.
abby - A front-end for the c/clive tool.
After the Deadline for WordPress - A writing style and spell checker plugin for WordPress.
adsuck - A DNS blacklisting daemon
Astro-Online - A Web-based astrology program.
Association Subscribers Manager - Software to manage small and medium sized associations.
AnchorPower - A non-uniform random number generator.
AKVIS Decorator - Allows you to change the surface of an object in a realistic manner.
AShop V - PHP eCommerce software.
Amarok Youtube Service - A Youtube Service for Amarok 2.x.
Audiopreview - A simple command-line audio and video file previewer.
amphetamines - A Nintendo NES emulator.
Ant Commander - A fully configurable file manager.
ASM - An all purpose Java bytecode manipulation and analysis framework.
Atlassian Connector for Eclipse - Access to JIRA, Crucible, and Bamboo from Eclipse using Mylyn.
ALPHA CMS - An API-free, MVC based content management system.
Ascii Design - An ASCII art editor based on FIGlet.
ANM_CI - A CodeIgniter integration library for PHP.
Assimp - A library for reading various well-known 3D file formats.
AbsTemplate - An extremely simple and lightweight template engine for PHP.
Algorithm Study - A collection of algorithm implementations and algorithm visualization tools.
AnyData 2 - A Web-based file manager.
abiCloud - A cloud computing platform.
Abs_Xml_Rss - A package of four classes for managing RSS and Atom feeds.
AggreGate - A device management system.
Asqare - A game for Android where you swap colored stones.
Arista - An easy-to-use multimedia transcoder for the GNOME desktop.
AutoWallpaper - An automatic desktop wallpaper changer utility.
AeroSQL - A Web based MySQL manager.
acscripts - A library of helper scripts for use within package configure scripts.
Admin-packages - A package manager for sources.
Axis2M - A utility project that simplfies Axis2 Web service development along with Maven.
autochroot - An automatic chroot wrapper.
AKVIS MultiBrush - A photo retouching tool that removes wrinkles, scars, and scratches.
Atlassian Clover - Java code coverage analysis and test optimization.
Alice Invoice - A Ruby interface to download digital invoices by the German ISP Alice.
adx - A minimalistic addressbook in a Web browser.
AmFast - A Flash remoting package for Python.
Appkonference - A high performance conference system for Asterisk.
Automa Bot - A Python IRC bot.
Arcmexer - A library for reading archive files from Java.
Alchitect - An easy way to build Web applications.
allspice - A tool for easily creating new languages on top the Java Virtual Machine.
Audtty - An ncurses frontend to Audacious.
Apertus - High-quality digital cinema using open hardware and Free Software.
Automate HDD formatter - A script to automate mass hard drive formatting.
ArahPaint 4.0r - paint program for drawing images in repeat, textile, jacquard
Arora - A cross-platform Web browser.
as_dbserver_check - A "database server's down" alarm.
Assimilate - A Maven2 plugin that allows developers to import dependencies from other projects.
Arcade4u - A PHP Script based on the Mochiads API.
Applicant Tracking System running on SugarCRM5 - A recruitment applicant tracking system.
AKVIS ArtSuite - A collection of versatile effects for decoration of photos.
AggreGate Network Manager for Linux - An enterprise-grade network management platform.
AutoSnippet - An automatic snippet generator for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
Ad Server Beans - Ad server software suitable for ad networks, advertising agencies, ad serving companies, and Web publishers.
Auto CMS - A small CMS with all necessary features in minimal space.
aeuio - A flexible early userspace system modeled after /etc/.
AntTask-GenerateXML - An Ant task that uses XMLbeans to create example XML instances from a W3C schema.
AntTask-XMLDiff - An Ant task for calculating the differences between XML files or directories of XML files at an XML (as opposed to file) level.
ACR - A Web content management system developed with the Turbogears framework.
AChecker - Evaluates Web content for compliance with international accessibility standards.
A2B - A universal file converter.
applog - A logging facility that uses a simple Web address.
Associative Indexing Service - A tool for storing (for fast retrieval in the future) of bookmarks and memos as well as automatic indexing of files.
amun - Software for building a more federated and programmable Web.
adslometer - A script to log data about your router to get statistics and track problems.
AudioBookBinder - An m4b audiobook converter
Alexei: Part IX - A graphical adventure game in the style of the Rob Blanc and Arthur Yahtzee trilogies.
AVS source control - An SCM with a bug tracking feature.
Agglomerated SSL - An OpenSSL wrapper to make SSL programming easier.
Atlassian GreenHopper - An agile project management plugin for JIRA.
Atrinik - A multiplayer online role playing game.
AzureGE - A multi-platform OpenGL and OpenAL-based game engine.
Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger - An invisible keylogger with email and FTP support.
aiCharts for Android - A program to visualize a wide range of financial, business, engineering, and mathematical charts.
Asterisk Flite - A module for the Asterisk PBX that allows you to use the Flite voice synthesis engine to render text to speech.
Asterisk eSpeak - A module for the Asterisk PBX that allows you to render text to speech.
AXE SVN Sync - An SVN mirroring tool.
AppDepot - A Web application and user management system.
atrack - A fast, lean and mean tracker designed for Google's App Engine.
Aeson - A simple POJO th JSON marshaller.
ApPHP Calendar - A powerful PHP calendar script that may be easily integrated and used with various PHP projects.
autoradio - Radio automation software.
autorip.sh - An automatic DVD ripping tool.
ASTRA project - Supporting software tools for mediated interpersonal awareness.
Android Scripting Environment - A system that brings scripting languages to Android.
Agender - A scheduling tool.
Android-x86 - A port of Android to the x86 platform.
agenda2pdf - A program to generate an agenda file in PDF format.
Avactis Shopping Cart - An e-commerce platform with easy design integration.
auth2x - A Perl module for performing 2-factor authentication.
Ardesia - A tool allowing you to make colored free-hand annotations on your screen and record them.
Asterisk Config PHP-Parser - A PHP function to parse Asterisk configuration files.
Authen-SASL - A SASL authentication framework for Perl.
allmon - A system for collecting and storing metrics used for performance and availability monitoring.
Asterisk web gate - A development tool for Asterisk.
Artimagen - A library designed to generate artificial scanning charged-particle microscopy images.
annoyme - A program that adds beautiful typewriter sounds to your desktop.
Auxrames - PHP human resources management.
Aeterean-a - A utility that automatically downloads thousands of images from Google.
astah* - A UML and mind map modelling tool for Agile software development.
airmix - A TV-like OSD display for ALSA sound cards with LIRC control support.
ApPHP MicroBlog - A personal weblog script.
ArchServer - A distribution of Arch Linux for servers.
After the Deadline - Contextual spell checking, grammar checking, and style checking technology.
ArchLinux Development Stack - A Java Development Stack for an ArchLinux server.
Aviation - An extensible flight simulator.
Ample SDK - A JavaScript UI framework.
Animals Coloring Book - A three-dimensional digital coloring book for children.
arbtt - An automatic rule-based time tracker.
Algorithm-Graphs-TransitiveClosure - A module to calculate the transitive closure in Perl.
Axiom 3D Rendering Engine - A 3D rendering engine for .NET and Mono.
Authen::Simple::WebForm - A Perl library for simple authentication against existing Web based forms using the Authen::Simple framework.
Android PackRat - Media collection management for Android.
AstroAviBrowser - A video file frame browser for astronomy.
Arkeia Network Backup Enterprise Edition for Ubuntu - A free version of Arkeia Network Backup specifically for Ubuntu users.
Ajax Login Module - An AJAX login system for authenticating users.
Ajax Login Plugin for CAKEPHP - A simple AJAX authentication page that plugs into your existing CakePHP application.
Accounting for Developers - Tools to track income and expenses with SQL support.
armadillo - An isometric room-based shooter.
Arkeia vmOneStep Virtual Appliance for VMware - Free Edition - A no-cost version of the Arkeia Virtual Appliance for use in VMWare environments.
adv-samba - Batch SAMBA network auditing for PHP.
Ailurus - An Ubuntu enhancement application.
ApPHP Tabs - A script that generates a multi-level tab menu control.
AgentWeb - A Web-based visual programming environment for end users.
Ametys - An easy-to-use Java-based CMS.
ASP4 - A Web development framework.
aephea - An adaptable exo-skeleton for practical HTML extension and abstraction.
Anti Inference Hub - A query processing engine that defends against inference problems.
Atomthreads - A portable, lightweight RTOS and scheduler for embedded systems.
AMD x86 Open64 Compiler Suite - C, C++, and Fortran compilers optimized for the x86, AMD64, and Intel64 architectures.
Advanced Copy - A modification to GNU cp to add a progress bar to the copying process.
AS2Secure - A PHP library for sending and receiving AS2 messages.
Art Photo Gallery - A simple and compact photo gallery.
Aegisub - A subtitle editor.
Alsa Modular Synthesizer - A modular synthesizer for Linux.
Adjector - A lightweight, fast, and flexible ad server.
AlbumE - Software to create a Web site with photo albums organized by categories.
Authenticator_ciacob - A PHP library to register and authenticate users.
AgileJ StructureViews - A plugin for creating reverse engineered Java UML class diagrams for Eclipse.
atomPub Manager - An offline content publishing client.
Alfanous - A Quranic search engine API.
aLinux - A GNU/Linux operating system.
AstroEasyCap - Modifies the Linux driver for the DC60 EasyCap grabber.
Acopost - A collection of part-of-speech taggers.
After the Deadline for Firefox - Provides After the Deadline support in Firefox.
autober - A compiler for an application-specific language that generates BER decoders.
acgtools - A driver and developer tools for the ACG HF MultiISO RFID reader.
amavisd-milter - A sendmail milter for amavisd-new which use AM.PDP protocol.
ABBYY FineReader Express Edition for Mac - An accurate and easy-to-use multilingual OCR application.
Ascalaph - A molecular modeling suite.
Apache Traffic Server - A modular, high-performance reverse proxy server.
ApPHP TreeMenu - A PHP script for generating multi-level tree menu controls.
Aspose.Report - A Java query builder and charting control.
auditive - A console music player based on GStreamer.
AnallogicA - A program that generates truth tables.
astateful - A unique approach to Web development.
Armadillo adventure toolkit - An adventure game toolkit set in a fantasy world.
Aspose.Tasks - A non-graphical .NET Project management component which enables .NET applications to read, write, and manage Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project.
Anonymous FTP Daemon - A fast anonymous FTP server.
Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET - A .NET component for editing, encrypting, and decrypting PDF files.
Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java - A Java component for manipulating PDF documents.
AqFinance - An AqBanking-based graphical accounting application.
Aspose.Slides for Java - A Java component for manipulating PowerPoint presentations.
activeinsight - A distributed event stream processing framework.
Ar4j - An ActiveRecord implementation for Java using Spring 3.0.
Aspose.Network for .NET - A suite of .NET components for network programming.
Aditool - An Apache2 digest file manager.
ApPHP Shopping Cart - A powerful e-commerce solution.
Aspose.Cells for .NET - A .NET component for spreadsheet reporting without using Microsoft Excel.
arg - A C++ command-line parser.
Andrew's Game - An offline Python RPG code base.
Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports - A component that allows developers to display high quality barcode labels on JasperReports.
aisconvert - A toolkit for processing genetic data in RAW (23andme) format.
AWeather - A weather monitoring program.
Aspose.Cells for Java - A Java component for spreadsheet reporting without using Microsoft Excel.
Aspose.Words for .NET - A word processing component for .NET applications.
abomination - A set of KDE4 plasmoids and data engines to show data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
AGENCY - Software that allows non-profit organizations to track data and manage operations.
Aspose.BarCode for Java - A Java based visual component for generation and recognition of 1D and 2D barcodes.
AccolorHelper - A utility to find color combinations that are easy to read for users with and without color vision deficincies.
AppDynamics Lite - An application for troubleshooting Java performance in production environments.
Acts 20:2 - Software that periodically pops up Bible verses.
Aspose.Cells for JasperReports - A tool for exporting Excel reports from JasperReports and JasperServer.
Agent Storm Wordpress IDX Plug-in - A Wordpress IDX plugin.
Aspose.Flash for .NET - A non-graphical .NET Flash management component allowing developers to dynamically generate and edit Flash content directly from .NET applications.
Aspose.Pdf for .NET - A .NET component to create PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat.
ASFTagApp - A tag editor for .asf and .wmv files.
Aspose.BarCode for .NET - A .NET component for the generation and recognition of Linear and 2D barcodes.
Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services - Software that lets you export native Excel reports in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.
Aspose.Pdf for Java - A Java component to create PDF documents.
Alpine Linux - A security-oriented Linux distribution.
admon - A system monitoring application.
AutOrg - An autonomous and distributed information system.
Avro Editor - An editor for Avro binary serialized files.
agentsmith - A daemon that monitors a log file for break-in attempts.
Antville - High performance weblog hosting software.
Aspose.Cells for SharePoint - A flexible solution for converting Excel documents into multiple document formats within MS SharePoint.
Aspose.Form for .NET - A GUI based InfoPath management component.
Atmoslide Slideshow - An image viewer with an atmospheric surrounding effect and with 3D animation like Cover Flow.
Aspose.Network for Java - A component which enables applications to read and write Outlook documents.
After the Deadline for OpenOffice.org - A smart English grammar, style, and contextual spelling checker for OpenOffice.org.
ADP - A programing language based on Prolog.
Aciqra - A night sky simulation system for displaying celestial bodies from many spatial and temporal perspectives.
Asterisk Presence Panel - An application to monitor the status of telephone extensions on Asterisk based PBX systems.
AsterClick - A system for developing with Asterisk AMI and HTML5 WebSockets.
Amatix Office - A communications server.
Aspose.Words for SharePoint - A program for converting documents within Microsoft SharePoint applications.
Aspose.Slides for .NET - A .NET component to read, write, and modify a PowerPoint document.
AppLogger - A message output processing library for software developers.
Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services - A .NET solution for rendering barcode images in SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008 Reporting Services.
ApPHP Hotel Site - A PHP script for creating a hotel management and reservation Web site.
amba-xmldocument - An extension of the PHP DOMDocument feature.
advent4 - The original Colossal Cave text adventure.
ACCORD - A C library for composition of SEM or scanning helium-ion microscope images.
Avoision - A simple arcade game where you attempt to reach a goal while avoiding moving obstacles.
APreL++ - An arbitrary precision library for C++.
ARIS - A location based engine to create games, tours, and stories for the iPhone.
Aspose.Report for .NET - A .NET query building and charting control.
Admin4J - A set of administration utilities for J2EE applications.
animbar - A program to create animations for paper and transparency.
Altimate Firewall - A GNU/Linux firewall with an intuitive Web interface.
Android Send to Dropbox - An way to send any document to the Dropbox.
Android Dropbox Folder Sync - Software to synchronize a folder on your phone with a folder in yor Dropbox automatically.
Aspose.Slides for JasperReports - A library for JasperReports that exports to PPT and PPS formats.
Adam.JSGenerator - A JavaScript and JSON code generator for C#.
Apache Compress Ant Library - Ant tasks for handling archives and compressed files.
Apache QPID - An AMQP-compliant messaging broker.
Aurigma Image Uploader Flash - A versatile Flash uploader for Web sites.
amms - An account management system for SQUID.
Apache PhotArk - A photo gallery application.
Antida - Data synchronization and backup software.
ashd - A sane HTTP daemon.
ACDK Tcl - Embedded Tcl in ACDK, a Java-oriented C++ framework.
apt-metalink - A program to download deb packages from multiple servers concurrently.
Aspose.Pdf for Reporting Services - A system to generate PDF reports from MS SQL Server 2000 & 2005 Reporting Services.
Arch Search Engine - A corporate search engine.
ARENACM - A content management system.
Autojump - A fast way to browse your filesystem from the command line.
Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool - A PostgreSQL database schema diff tool.
Animals Puzzle - A colorful game for young children.
AV Book Library - An online personal book collection manager and database.
Anchor - A pre-processor that adds missing braces and punctuation to code in various programming languages.
Accord.NET Framework - A framework for machine learning, artificial intelligence, mathematics, statistics, computer vision, and related topics.
ArtTk 2.1 - A graphic library for scientific and technical applications.
Aspose.Metafiles for Java - A Java WMF and EMF library for managing and displaying metafiles.
addboint - A script that generates and adds waypoints of found caches to a file.
AjaxFormSubmitter - A JavaScript class to collect the data in an HTML form and send it with AJAX.
AKVIS NatureArt - A tool that imitates natural phenomena on your digital photos.
Apache ODF Toolkit - A Java library for reading, editing, and creating ODF documents.
AudioScout - A distributed audio content indexing system.
AppInfo - A library that always displays the current version of your software, even when automatically deploying from a CI server.
ANts P2P - A third generation anonymous P2P network.
AGPF KeyRec - A program to recover passphrases from Telecom Italia's AGPF routers.
asuc - A simple UDP console.
allowHTML - Software to filter HTML and prevent XSS attacks (whitelist-based).
Armitage - A GUI for Metasploit.
avdata - Tools for extracting US aviation navigation data.
Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services - A rendering extension for MS SQL Server Reporting Services to generate reports.
Apple TV Groovy - An unofficial Grooveshark client for the Apple TV.
Automation - Software to automate office work.
anonip - Software to make your logs anonymous.
ActivDesk - A powerful and feature rich help desk system for your Web site.
AlchemyAPI Android SDK - A natural language processing system for Android app developers.
Airrace - An aircraft racing game.
Android Tools - A tool that creates, build, installs, and tests Android applications.
App-gh - An apt-like Github utility.
AtomMQ - An atompub server that supports the message queue/bus model.
App-BCVI-AutoInstall - A Perl module that automatically installs bcvi on a new host.
Animation Chain - A JavaScript object that helps you to chain jQuery animations.
Argot - A custom HTML generator for the ocamldoc tool.
atomic research - A game that is a variant of Battleships.
animmerger - An automatic 2D animation stitching program.
Austrumi - A bootable live CD Linux distribution.
ABC Path Solver - An automated solver for the puzzle game ABC Path.
Android Binding - A declarative binding of models to layout in an XML file for Android.
AdlMIDI - A MIDI player that plays using built-in OPL3 emulation.
ARIA for MAC - A party app with three modes: Karaoke, DJ/VJ, and Scratch.
Ag Kontrolu - A network scanner.
Aspose.Pdf for JasperReports - A flexible Java component designed to export reports from JasperReports and JasperServer to PDF.
Audio::BunnyMusicFile - A Perl module for working with a music collection.
Asgardian's Network Mapper - Network discovery and mapper tools.
Anamnesis - A clipboard manager with full-text search.
awstats_update_all - A parallel processing script for AWStats.
Amir - Accounting software.
Autotest.mk - A software testing framework for automation.
Alkaline - A CMS Web application for creative pros and small businesses.
adminkit - A tool to manage configuration of systems easily.
aicwl - An Ada library of industrial control widgets.
Auto - A modern, minimalist, extensible chat bot.
Autoplot - An interactive browser for data on the Web.
AsipIDE - A GALS design and co-simulation framework.
autodl-irssi - An advanced and easy to use IRC torrent downloader for many private torrent trackers.
AlchemyAPI Java SDK - Natural language processing for Java.
Algebraic Modelling System - An algebraic model representation in a portable XML format.
AutoDiff.NET - A high-performance and high-accuracy automatic function-differentiation library suitable for optimization and numeric computing.
aura - A desktop background setter with an emphasis on image processing quality.
AnoForPHP - An experimental patch to PHP/ZendEngine to bring native annotations to PHP.
ApPHP DataGrid Wizard - A utility script for generating PHP DataGrid pages.
Agnos - A cross-language, cross-platform, lightweight RPC framework.
Ads And Content limiter - A tool that protects Web ads and content from unwanted views and hits.
Aurigma Image Uploader Dual - Allows your visitors to use an image uploader on your Website.
AI-Prolog - A Prolog interpreter in Perl.
Archipel - An XMPP-based orchestration solution for virtualization.
AS3WavSound - Native support for playing .wav files directly in Flash.
Athena Framework for Java - A metadata-based Java ORM framework for cloud SaaS applications.
Agile Toolkit - A full PHP UI framework with jQuery integration.
AKVIS HDRFactory - A tool for creating HDR images.
AffirmIt! - A supportive testing framework for Ruby
Actual Storage - A program that calculates the actual storage capacity of secondary storage mediums.
Aspose.Diagram for .NET - A class library for working with MS Visio files.
autofwd - An automated firewalling system.
AVRemote - A tool to send AVTransport commands to UPNP media services.
Abacia Event - An enterprise event registration and management stystem.
appengine-rest-server - A simple drop-in REST server for Google App Engine applications.
ajax-cross-browser-using-iframes - Allows you to create dynamic code using AJAX.
AnyMap - A flexible XML-driven way to display geographical data.
AnyStock - A solution for the creation of interactive financial and stock charts.
ACE - An object-oriented C++ class library and framework.
AnyChart Flash Gantt Component - A Flexible XML-Driven solution for Web Gantt charts.
AnyChart - A flexible Flash-based solution for the creation of animated charts.
ATRACO Project - An adaptive and trusted ambient ecology system.
AirReceiver - Allows streaming audio from iTunes and iOS devices to a Computer
Arkeia Free Version - A no-cost version of Arkeia Network Backup specifically for small networks.
Aobo Filter for Mac Standard - A filter that allows parental control over Internet use by blocking Web sites and programs.
Association Member Management - A Web application to manage members of an association.
Azzyzt JEE Tools - Code generation from Java JPA entities.
AcSys Accounting System - A Web-based, multiuser accounting system.
andag - A curses-based egg timer/stopwatch for the Unix console.
Apache::Deploy - A (R)?ex extension to deploy Web sites into Apache and Tomcat.
AdvGodOfMiniWars - A hex-and-chit war game.
autocomplete-server.pl - A Web server serving auto-completion strings.
asq (LINQ for Python iterables) - A Python implementation of LINQ to objects and Parallel LINQ to objects.
AppScale - A platform for hosting applications written for Google App Engine.
Arctor - An easy-to-use and powerful file backup solution.
aida - A markup language and compiler.
Atlassian Bonfire - A rapid agile testing add-on for JIRA.
asciidia - A program to create bitmaps from simple ASCII diagrams.
AJAX Calendar - A PHP class to display month calendars that can be browsed using AJAX.
Auto form - A PHP class to generate HTML forms to manipulate MySQL records.
ap - A program that helps regular users to organize and manage their Apache daemons independently.
AndroidUtils - A small collection of classes and methods for Android.
Anchor slider - A JavaScript object to scroll a Web page smoothly when the user clicks on links.
ABC Path Generator - A generator for layouts of the puzzle game "ABC Path".
Autorecord - A HAM radio recorder.
asyncfp - An asynchronous functional programming framework for Scala.
ARAS - A radio automation system.
ApPHP Business Directory - A classified script for business listings.
Ambit - A program for HostGroup management and enumeration and command expansion.
Aspose.OCR for .NET - A character recognition component that allows developers to add OCR functionality.
Assassin of the Underdark - An RPG hack and slash game.
ajaxpg - A Web photo viewer.
AlertMe - A script that sends notifications on console events.
arcadiaCharts - A Web charting library that produces attractive, interactive JavaScript and GWT charts.
Amac Keylogger Standard - A key logger.
Apache OpenNLP - A Java machine learning toolkit for natural language processing (NLP).
Algorithmic Autoregulation - A de-centralized software development methodology.
Acecad Flair Driver for Xfree4 - An Acecad Flair serial/USB and A-series serial tablet driver for Xfree4.
AKVIS MakeUp - A photo retouching utility that improves skin appearance and adds glamour to portraits.
alogd - An application logging suite.
aletheia - A Web application debugging and security auditing tool.
Ani-Shell - A simple PHP shell with some unique features.
AIIXtensions for Joomla! - A utility extension set for the Joomla! CMS.
Alv - An Oracle archive log verification command line tool.
Aspose.Email for .NET - A suite of .NET components for email programming.
Aurigma PHP File Upload - Upload functionality for Web sites.
Autoblog - A command line blog posting/maintenance app
Alore - An optionally-typed Python-like language.
ABPlayer - A Flex-based live comment streaming video player.
Aspose.Imaging for .NET - An image processing component.
Arctic Core - An implementation of the AUTOSAR automotive specification.
atem - A fast command line tool that converts MetaStock to CSV.
AgileSCM - An application lifecycle management solution for Subversion, Git, and Mercurial.
Antony - A tool for organizing and sharing photos.
apptools - Applix 1616/OS disk tools.
Active Graphs and Charts - Software to add reporting features to your Web / intranet pages and applications.
ApPHP AJAX File Uploader - An easy to use, high-performance AJAX multiple file upload control.
Aurigma Up - A Web-linked photo uploader for iOS devices.
ahtop - A Linux process manager.
Apache Libcloud - A standard Python library for managing different cloud services.
AMT REST API - A full implementation of the Amazon Mechanical Turk API in PHP.
Auralquiz - A simple music quiz game which uses your own music files.
argparse4j - A commandline argument parser library for Java.
AeonWave - A cross platform, hardware accelerated, versatile stereo and 4D audio mixing library.
Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint - A PDF conversion tool for SharePoint.
All Menu Icons - More than 13,000 royalty-free icons in a single menu icon set.
A2Billing - VoIP Billing, Calling Card, and Soft-Switch for Asterisk.
audioloader - A minimalist music library browser.
astroPluto - Modular Godunov-type code for computational astrophysics.
arouter - A line router which uses the libavoid library.
Alaya Webdav Server - A simple WebDAV 1.0 server.
All Video Downloader - A tool that downloads videos from 300 streaming sites.
AbulEdu Monsieur Patate - A Potato Guy application for children.
AWIT DBackup - A backup system using one archive per directory.
Analog PHP - A PHP 5.3+ micro logging package.
Asterisk speech recognition - A speech recognition script for Asterisk that uses the Google speech API.
Anywhere Board Games - Multi-player board and card games through HTML5.
Auth Class - An authentication class for PHP applications.
Aspose.OCR for Java - A character recognition component that allows developers to add OCR functionality in their Java Web, Windows application, and Web services. It allows extracting text from images easily.
Automatic Programming Framework - A generator that codes your software as you drag and drop code-abstracts on a canvas. Its can be 'trained' by the community to code almost anything.
AbulEdu Calcul Mental - A software tool that trains children in mental calculation.
Arcueid - A C interpreter for Arc, Paul Graham's dialect of Lisp.
Achievo - A Web-based project management and tracking system.
Anonplus - A decentralized application building framework and social network.
Assignment Collector/Grader - A Web app for collecting and automatically grading student lab work.
Al-Anvar - Software for studying the Quran ( koran ) and research.
Aria the Animation PySol Cardset - A cardset For PySol.
Ansible - Configuration management, deployment, and remote control.
ApPHP Medical Appointment - A medical clinic site for doctor and therapist appointments.
airbag_fd - Drop-in crash handlers for POSIX, particularly embedded Linux.
alpine-notify - Notifications for the Alpine MUA.
a2web - A lightweight webUI for aria2.
add-2-google-cal - Generation of links to add events to Google Calendar.
Ace snow - A snow falling effect for Titanium apps.
Acrylamid - Yet another static blog compiler.
Arx Libertatis - A port of Arx Fatalis, a first-person role-playing game.
Android Overflow - A board game for Android.
Ada for Slackware - Slackware package scripts for building an Ada development environment.
Automated Business Logic - A transaction logic engine for JPA/Hibernate.
Abmash - Web application automation based on the visible rendered output.
Ardpicprog - An Arduino-based PIC programmer.
AeonWave-OpenAL - An OpenAL layer that uses AeonWave for fast rendering.
amvtg - A program that generates NTSC composite video signals based on a text buffer.
Awake SQL - A framework for accessing remote SQL databases securely from desktop apps using JDBC.
AtomicParsley Shield Fork - A fork of Atomic Parsley which adds new features.
Arandomd - A random number generator daemon.
Aspose.Words for JasperReports - A program for exporting reports from Jasper Reports and JasperServer.
Awake File - A Java framework for implementing file uploads and downloads through HTTP.
AtHomeBills - Web-based bill management.
Arronax - A Nautilus plugin to create and modify application starters.
AbanteCart - An extensible shopping cart application.
Alfa - An experimental functional programming language.
Antivirus Live CD - A 4MLinux fork including the ClamAV scanner.
Atlassian Stash - Git repository management for enterprise teams.
adtruism - A browser plugin for charity preference identification.
Aivengo - An automated trading system.
Aspose.Email for Java - A Java componentomor reading and writing Outlook MSG files.
Aspose.Pdf for Cloud - A REST API to create, edit, and manipulate PDF files.
asyncoro - A Python framework for asynchronous, concurrent, distributed programming.
Alchemy OS - A mobile operating environment.
a2jmidid - A bridge from ALSA MIDI to JACK MIDI.
Achilles - Evolution simulation based on Larry Yaeger's PolyWorld
APServiceBox - IoC container / dependency injection for iOS and ObjC.
Archipel for Java - A multithreading framework for Java.
Android Yuriy's NodesUP - A ping tool.
Android Vitosha Poker Odds - A simple poker odds calculator.
Appy - A framework for developing applications in Python.
Agent IQ - An intelligent server-side resource for responsive website design.
ARS - A physically-accurate simulation suite for development of mobile manipulators or any multi-body system.
Asterisk monitoring - A script for monitoring Asterisk.
Adapro - An assistive word processor for everybody.
Aspose.Imaging for Java - An image processing and manipulation component.
android-store - An in-app billing and storage library for Android.
apache2top - A simple top-like curses GUI for monitoring Apache 2.
AmpJuke - A streaming music system.
Atratus - A system for running Linux binaries on Windows.
autorevision - Extraction of repository head info in forms useful for version files in various languages.
Adult Lens - Porn searching from Unity in Ubuntu.
Android Saripaar - A simple, yet powerful rule-based UI validation library for Android.
Archivist NDCA - A network device configuration archiving program.
Arcavias Core - High performance e-commerce.
Aobo Filter for Mac Professional - An Internet filtering tool that blocks inappropriate websites and applications automatically.
App-Countdown - A command line tool that displays a countdown.
Audible TTS - A tool that reads text aloud from other apps, the clipboard, or text files.
Andrisoft WANSIGHT - A fully featured network traffic analyzer and collector.
awlsim - A Step 7 AWL/STL/PLC simulator.
Ajax Star Rating Script - A script which adds a rating system to a website.
Ajax Voting Script - A voting script to vote up/down or to add and display points/votes for content in webpages.
ArduinoPulseGenerator - A program to generate pulse sequences using an Arduino.
Appointmind - A Web app for scheduling appointments.
AlphaLemon CMS - A content management system built on the Symfony2 framework.
AWS Dashboard - A simple Dashboard for Amazon Web Services.
Ajax .Net Free Grid - A data grid for .NET applications.
Adianti Framework - A PHP framework for creating Web and Desktop applications with the same code.
Adianti Studio - A multi-platform editor for PHP development.
arptables - An administrative utility for managing the Linux ARP filter table.
ARP Neighbor Cache Fingerprinter - A tool that fingerprints remote OS versions from the targets with all closed ports by using only ARP and extrapolating characteristics of the target system's ARP behavior.
ANNFiD - ANNFiD (Artificial Neural Networks File Detection) is an experimental forensic tool that identifies file types using neural networks.
ashttpd - A faster Web server.
any-dl - A generic video downloader.
AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac - A simple, effective way to scan and find lost partitions, boot sectors, and other filesystem components.
APEye - A tool to document and test APIs.
avt - A collection of command line tools for aviation.
AJAPH - An object that sends AJAX requests and processes the responses.
action4Java - A lightweight, modular, extendible, and recursive Java component framework.
Arcavias TYPO3 extension - High performance e-commerce for the TYPO3 content management system.
ApPHP MVC Framework - Modern and rapid development of websites, Web applications, and Web services.
ActoTracker - Bookmarking for desktop applications and documents.
appassembler-maven-plugin - A simplified app assembler plugin for Maven.
ApplPi - A stochastic noise machine.
AeonWave Audio-FX - Real-time, low-latency audio effects software for DJs, vocalists, and instrumentalists.
Angel's Destiny - A Final Fantasy 2-based game with Open Content graphics.
Almir - A Bacula Web administration tool.
AstroFocuser - A focus helper for astronomy imaging.
amrnb - A shared library wrapper for the AMR speech codec.
amrwb - A shared library wrapper for the AMR-WB speech codec.
Advance Testimonials - A module for displaying customer testimonials.
Artifact of Mazes - Navigate a three-dimensional maze and piece together a strange artifact.
ack - A grep-like search tool optimized for searching large heterogeneous trees of source code.
ackr - A very small subset of grep/ack/rak, for lazy developers.
Auto Multiple Choice - Software for creating and managing multiple choice questionnaires, with automated marking.
Adagios - A Web-based Nagios configuration interface.
After Dark Classic Set - A collection of three screen savers from the popular After Dark screen saver.
aFileDialog - An Android library that implements a simple and easy to use file chooser.
aerotools-ng - Linux support for the Aqua Computer Aquaero 5.
Assimilation Monitoring Project - A highly scalable discovery-driven monitoring system.
App-Sky - A convenient uploading interface.
axMail - A SMTP-based mail addon for LinuxNode and URONode.
AgileSites - An easy framework for Agile development with Oracle Fatwire/Sites.
ApPHP FormBuilder - An easy-to-use HTML form builder script.
APIcaller - A class that helps you to build API wrappers.
Aestimo - A 1-Dimensional self-consistent Schrödinger-Poisson solver.
Arduino Gopher - Software to run a gopher server off an Arduino + Ethernet shield.
Airy - A YouTube video downloader that can extract MP3.
Attic - A deduplicating backup program.
Android for x86 - An Android installer for x86.
AIT - An Artificial Intelligence Toolkit.
Android Overflow Summer - A game where two players try to conquer all of each other's stones.
Aspose.Email for Android - An API for managing and manipulating Outlook email file formats.
ABOUT Code - A simple way to document the provenance (origin and license) and other important or interesting information about third-party software components that you use in your project.
asteris - A Metroid Fusion engine.
Aspose.Words for Android - A component for generating, modifying, converting, and rendering Word documents.
AustenX - A Java PEG-based parser generator.
auformat - A Linux audit log formatter.
AstroStack - An easy-to-use astronomical imaging and processing tool geared towards the use of inexpensive webcam CCDs.
Aspose.Cells for Android - A MS Excel spreadsheet component for Android.
Attract-Mode - An emulator front-end for arcade cabinets.
AnsiGo - A simple ANSI-to-PNG converter written in pure Go.
Advance Blog - A blogging module for PrestaShop.
Ajenti - A server administration panel for Linux.
Apache uimaFIT - Factories, injection, and testing utilities for UIMA.
Aspose.Pdf for Android - A PDF component for creating and manipulating PDF inside Android apps.
Aura.Autoload - A PSR-0 compliant SPL autoloader implementation for PHP.
Aura.Cli - Command-line interface tools.
Aura.Di - A dependency injection system.
Aura.Filter - A package to validate/sanitize user data.
Aura.Http - HTTP request and response tools.
Aura.Input - Tools to describe HTML form fields and values.
Aura.Intl - Internationalization tools, particularly message translation.
Aura.Marshal - A data-marshaling toolset.
Aura.Router - A router system.
Aura.Session - Tools for managing sessions, including session segments and read-once messages.
Aura.Signal - A SignalSlots / EventHandler implementation.
Aura.Sql - Adapters for SQL database access.
Aura.Uri - Tools to build and modify URLs.
Aura.View - A TemplateView system.
Aura.Web - Web controllers and support classes.
ALogLib - A simple thread-safe C++11 logging library for Linux.
Annals of Rome retro remake - A turn-based strategy game.
Arakhne Foundation Classes - Useful Java libraries.
Aurora Blu-ray Player for Mac - A blu-ray player for Mac systems.
ApPHP Restaurant Site - A restaurant menu website and and site management system.
Advance FAQ Management - A FAQ module for Magento.
AudioScope - A text mode audio oscilloscope.
AuroraSim - The next generation of the OpenSimulator Project.
AcidIM - A Perl/CGI Instant Messenger client.
Argonaut - A system which allows FusionDirectory to manage systems/services and connect to deployment tools.
AlgART Libraries - Java libraries for processing arrays and matrices, including image processing.
Aspose.Tasks for Java - A non-graphical Java project management component.
ari4java - An Asterisk REST Interface (ARI) library for Java.
appserver.io - An application server for PHP.
acmemail - A multiuser POP3/IMAP to Web gateway with MIME and mod_perl support
ACP modem (Mwave) driver - A Linux driver for the ACP (Mwave) modem.
Adobe Reader - A PDF reader for Linux and other Unices.
acrotsr - An acronym creating game for IRC.
actionpoll - A simple PHP-based polling system with customizable output (HTML, WML, etc.).
ActivePerl - A complete, ready-to-install Perl distribution for multiple platforms.
ActivePython - A complete, ready-to-install Python distribution for many platforms.

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