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Fuzzball MUCK - An advanced MUD server originally based on tinyMuck.
Firedraw - Firedraw is a web application for administrating a network's firewalls via web
frshmail2html - A newsletter-to-Web page convertor for freshmeat's daily email.
FancyBell for X - A program which replaces the X keyboard bell with an audio playback.
FScript - A very simple embedded scripting language for Java.
fdr - A file descriptor redirector.
File Attribute Utility - Display file attributes.
FTP File System - A kernel module for mounting FTP volumes.
freescope - A free source code browser.
FreeSCADA toolbox - Libraries for a simple control/acquisition system.
FlipDCD - Reverses the endianism of binary DCD molecular dynamics trajectory files.
Freedups - Hardlinks identical files to save drive space.
filebase php tools - A DirectoryIndex for Apache written in PHP4.
foXcommander - The foXdesktop file manager.
Foomatic - A database for integrating printer drivers with every printer spooler.
Functional XML Parsing Framework - SAX/DOM/SXML parsers with support for XML namespaces and validation.
flog - A small STDIN-to-file logger with support for logrotation.
Flash 5 ioLib - Flash 5 rapid development kit.
Faroese Spell Checking Dictionary - A Faroese dictionary for aspell, ispell, etc.
fax4CUPS - fax4CUPS is a simple shell scripts that acts as a CUPS backend.
FAQ-Pool - Web based FAQ administration tool.
fwanalog - Firewall log analyzer with multiple reports.
Folkert's kernel patches - Folkert's kernel patches
FunkBoard - A funky Message Board
Freemoney - An Open Source financial application.
File Service Protocol - A UDP-based file transfer protocol which is excellent for bad lines.
fnews - fnews is a news-to-mail forwarding utility
fruMailer - An e-mail client (MUA) written in Perl/Tk.
Formulator - A framework for the creation and validation of web forms in Zope.
Freenet Grab - A replacement for the official Freenet freenet_request.
FreeSQL - An SQL layer for use over Freenet.
FreeCoins - A full-featured accounting program for the PalmOS® platform.
Fade Router Administrator - A PHP script to control the isdnctrl package.
fvwm-ewmh - Extended Window Manager Hints support for FVWM.
findutils - A set of utilities for searching a filesystem.
FreeRADIUS - A popular RADIUS server that supports SQL, LDAP, SNMP, EAP, and VMPS.
FLASH Code - Parallel adaptive-mesh reactive astrophysical hydrodynamics code.
Faerion IRC Server - An advanced, secure, multi-lingual IRC server for Unix/Win32.
Flawfinder - A program that scans source code looking for security weaknesses.
FreeJ - A vision mixer.
Firestorm NIDS - The Firestorm Network Intrusion Detection System.
Fowler/Noll/Vo Hash - A fast, low collision hash.
File System Saint - A lightweight host-based intrusion detection system.
Firehose - A library allowing data transfer over striped network devices.
Fortune World - A suite of programs based on fortune, the famous BSD game.
Find.pl - A powerful text grepper.
FTP Map - Find what software/version a FTP server is running according to its fingerprint.
Functionally Overloaded Linux Kernel - An assorted collection of patches for the Linux kernel.
FreakOut - A portable breakout game.
FDMS-3 Ripper - Rip tracks to Linux from a Fostex FDMS-3 filesystem.
F-Script - A scripting language for Cocoa.
fdm - Eye candy for the X Window System.
Forms for Metadot Web Portal - A useful forms package that runs within the metadot web environment.
Flinch - A web link checker for everyday use.
foXdesktop-mimetypes - foXdesktop components for editing MIME types.
Firewall Tester - A pair of Perl scripts useful for testing firewall filtering policies and IDS.
FaCiLe - A Constraint Programming OCaml library.
Flare: Foreign Language software - An environment for learning foreign languages
Fastresolve - A fast log file DNS resolver.
F1 Wap - Some PHP code for creating a wap site related to Formula 1
Flate library - HTML template library with C and Perl support
fonmon - A remote ISDN phone monitor.
Framebuffer suport for mingetty - A simple patch for mingetty to add framebuffer support.
FireBurner - IgD's legendary CD-recording software.
format floppy - Formats floppies, also with larger sizes than intended.
Functional PHP Extension - Lets you develop PHP code in a functional style.
FishWorld - A simple and amusing point and click Java applet game.
Funambol - An open source SyncML mobile application platform.
Fenix - Accounting software for warehouses and importers.
FLAN Network Simulator - A Java (IP) network simulator.
fly - A command line interface for creating PNG, JPEG, or GIF images on the fly.
FOX Calculator - A calculator written in FOX.
Free HL Iconlib - A Java library to extract icons and GIF images from hotline.dat files.
freeglut - An OpenSourced clone of the GLUT library.
Fractal Landscape Generator - A Fractal Landscape Generator for LEGO CAD systems.
ferite - A lighweight, portable, threadsafe scripting engine.
Ferite Apache Web Server Module - An Apache Web server module for executing server-side Ferite code.
FlyWay - A navigational flight planner for pilots.
Freddy - A programmer's text editor.
fdtools - Tools for working with file descriptors.
File cache class - A PHP class to cache data in files.
Freenet Key Manager - A Key Manager for storing Freenet SVK keys.
FlashTris - A Tetris-like game, with many options.
fortune-discworld - Quotes from the "Discworld" novels by Terry Pratchett.
fortune-hitchhiker - Quotes from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
FTP Index - An FTP indexer and search engine.
Fanout - Runs commands on remote machines via ssh.
FormProc - A form validation library.
Firewall Generator - A script to create a set of firewall configuration commands.
FISH - Simplifies the installation of Linux applications.
formapp - A PHP library for database forms.
FileTornado - A set of CGI scripts to run a file community with user uploading.
filtergen - A packet filter compiler.
flow-tools - A set of programs for processing and managing NetFlow exports from Cisco routers
Framework for User-Space Devices - A Linux framework for proxying device file callbacks.
FlagShip - A database system for moving xBase-based languages to Unix.
FreeVMS - An OpenVMS-like operating system.
FvwmPlacement - Place new windows at a given position in FVWM2.
FlashKard - A vocabulary training tool.
[email protected] - Simulates protein folding to help us understand how biological systems work.
fmclient - A GNOME frontend to freshmeat's XML project definitions.
Falcon's Eye - A mouse-driven interface for NetHack.
Funes - Mail archive search software.
Fluxbox - A lightweight and highly-configurable window manager with pwm-like tabs.
FmpegPlayer - Another MPEG player for Linux, with some new features.
Firewall-1 Response - A script for performing simple attack responses via Firewall-1.
Filesystem in Userspace - An interface for filesystems implemented in userspace.
fd2python - A Python interface for the Xforms library.
forthish - An interpreter for a minimalist Forth-like language.
Flexible Graphing Tool - A CGI for producing graphs of various statistics.
fnord httpd - A small HTTPD for Linux.
flscan - A new SANE frontend based on the FLTK GUI toolkit
FileExtender - A tool to evaluate SQL statements in text files.
FtpCube - A graphical (S)FTP client.
failsafewm - A minimalistic window manager.
FreeGuide TV Guide - A TV guide program.
Flea - A program that generates fractals and renders them in POVray.
File Roller - An archive manager for GNOME.
Fido Enterprise - A natural Language command processor.
Floppy Disk Database - A disk cataloguing system.
FCFS RWLock - A first-come first-served readers/writers lock.
fsbackup - A file system backup and synchronization utility.
File Menu Applet - A file manager for the GNOME panel.
FakeNES - A portable Open Source NES emulator.
FloppyGate - Create a firewall with a floppy.
FindIt NIX - A clone of a great find-the-difference game.
FreeBSD-boot-rescue - A FreeBSD boot-rescue CD disk.
FreeTTS - A Java speech synthesis system.
FUDforum - A templatable forum with i18n support based on PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL.
FooBillard - A Linux OpenGL billiard simulation.
Finance::Currency::Convert - A Perl module to convert arbitrary currencies.
FTimes - A system baselining and evidence collection tool.
Frozen Bubble - An arcade game.
Familiar Linux Distribution - A linux distribution for ARM based handhelds, such as iPAQs.
FUmanchu - A client-based weblogs editor.
ftplib - A set of routines that implement the FTP protocol.
fastdep - A fast C/C++ dependency generator.
FileMan - A Web-based file manager, with tar, htpasswd, search and replace, and more.
Floatator - An interactive fluid dynamics simulation.
File::Scan - A Perl extension for scanning files for viruses.
FG Guestbook - A fast, powerful, and easy to install guestbook.
Finance-QuoteHist - A set of Perl modules for retrieving historical stock quotes.
FAM - An API that can be used to find out when a file or directory has changed.
ft100 rig control - A rig control for the Yaesu FT100 Amateur Transceiver.
fwLOGview - A real-time colored log viewer for netfilter/iptables and other logs.
Fingerprint Verification System - A biometric library used for fingerprint verification.
FacturaLUX - An ERP/CRM system.
FramerD - A frame database and scripting language.
Funkyou - A fully-featured DJ program.
Fast console audio mixer - A console based audio mixer with a comfortable and fast control interface.
Firebird Relational Database - A relational database offering many ANSI SQL-99 features.
fbmodes - Generates display mode parameters for XFree86, Linux fbset, and SVGATextMode.
fnkdat - A platform-independent interface for determining common directory names.
FXScintilla - A FOX implementation of the Scintilla source code editing component.
FlexModule and BisonModule - Use Flex and Bison to create Python modules.
Fizmez Web Server - A simple Java Web server.
f/Calc - Calculate several different photographic formulae.
F2PY - Fortran to Python interface generator.
f2w helpdesk - Helpdesk and knowledge base using a Zope front-end and PostgreSQL back-end.
FACHODA Complex - Fast air combat simulator
FAI - Fully automatic installation for Debian systems.
fairsched - A fair CPU scheduler for Linux.
Fake - Utility to switch in backup servers on a LAN
fake identd - Robust non-forking standalone fake ident daemon
FakeBO - Fakes trojan server responses and logs incoming requests
Faked Telnet - A shell script that fakes a telnet server.
fakeroot - Gives a fake root environment.
Falcon Firewall Project - An open firewall project.
falmsg - A small utility to make things for the Falken BBS Sysop easier.
fam++ - A C++ wrapper for fam.
FAME - A real-time MPEG encoder.
FAMP - The Free Animation and Modeling Project.
Fancy Beeper - Tool to replace console beep with a sample or other action.
fancylogin - A powerful login program.
FAQ PLAIN - FAQ generator/preprocessor
Faq-O-Matic - Automatic maintenance of a FAQ
FAQ-U - A database driven online FAQ engine.
FaqBuilder - FAQ file builder.
farsh - Find and Run shell
Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator - A tool for generating text-scanning programs.
Fast Light File Manager - A small graphical X11 file manager.
Fast Rendering Toolkit - A fast rendering toolkit.
fastjar - Fast jar file creator written in C
FastTemplate.php3 - A PHP class for managing ASCII (HTML) templates.
FavNuts - Converts (and sorts) IE favorite files to a Netscape bookmark file.
Fax2Send - Fax Client Server for Linux.
FaxRouter - Efax utility to email incoming faxes as jpegs.
fb - Binary file viewer, editor, and manipulator.
fbgetty - An extended getty for Linux.
fbi - Image viewer for fbdev
fBuilder Lite - fBuilder is a Web-based utility for building and configuring a Linux firewall.
fBuilder Plus - A Web-based utility for building and configuring iptables firewall rulesets.
fbv - A graphic file viewer for the Linux framebuffer device.
FC-Server - x10 Control Server
FClock - A small digital clock for X-windows that counts online time.
fCluster - A multi-threaded client/server redundancy application.
fcmp - safer floating-point comparison
fcron - A command scheduler for non-permanently-running systems.
Fd Linux - A small, networkable mini Linux distribution.
FDScript - Lightweight multi-lingual Scheme interpreter
fdupes - Tool to list duplicate files.
fdutils - Floppy disk utilities. Put 1992 KB on a simple high density disk
feh - A fast image viewer, indexer, and montager that uses imlib2.
FemFind - SMB and FTP crawler/search engine.
ferm - Easy firewall rule-making software.
Festival - A general multi-lingual speech synthesis system.
Festvox - Tools, scripts, and documenation to build new synthetic voices in Festival.
fetchmail - A free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval utility.
FF4L - Increases the accuracy of the locate command under Linux.
ffingerd - A secure finger daemon for Unix.
FFTW - The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
fget - A minimal HTTP/FTP download utility for boot disks.
fgetty - A very small getty for Linux.
fhttpd - FTP/HTTP server with modules support
Fiasco microkernel - L4-compatible real-time microkernel capable of running Linux in usermode
ficl - Script interpreter for embedded applications
Fidelio - A GTK+ Hotline client for GNOME.
FIDOGATE - A Fido-Internet gateway and a Fido tosser.
Figaro's Password Manager - A GNOME app to securely store and encrypt passwords.
Figurine - A vector graphics editor.
Filaments - A parallel processing library package
file - File type identification utility
File Check Daemon - Checks for new files and moves them once they are stable.
File::Cache - A Perl module that enables the sharing of object data between processes.
Filepp - A generic file preprocessor.
FileScanner - A Perl script for scanning text files.
Filesystem Backup - A backup tape usage maximiser.
Filesystems HOWTO - HOWTO about filesystems and accessing filesystems from several OSes.
FileTraq - A system file monitor.
FileWatch - Informs you of file changes based on ctime.
Filler in Java - A graphical game where you occupy coloured hexes by changing colours.
fillrio.sh - A script to load random MP3s to a Rio PMP300.
FilterProxy - A filtering proxy server.
Finance::Quote - Perl module to fetch stock quotes from a variety of world markets.
fgetopt - A getopt_long replacement.
FindHosts - A CGI-based dhcpd log parser.
FTP Rider - A Python FTP indexer/search engine.
findimagedupes - Finds visually similar or duplicate images.
find_duplicates - Find identical files
FFTscope for AlsaPlayer - A visualization plugin for AlsaPlayer.
finger daemon user configurable - User configurable finger daemon
fingerd - A safer and reasonably configurable replacement for any fingerd.
Fink - A source-retrieving package manager for Mac OS X.
Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE - A lightweight alternative for YaST OnlineUpdate.
Fire Gnome - A GNOME tool for an ipchains firewall configuration.
fireparse - ipchains and iptables log analysis with HTML e-mail reporting
Fusebox OpenForums - A Fusebox 3.0 Discussion Boards application.
firesoft - Tools for viewing ipchains firewall logs and snort logs.
Firestarter - Firewall creation/monitoring tool
Foxtrot - A small and powerful API for using threads with Swing.
Firewalk - traceroute like tool to determine gateway ACL filters and to map networks
Firewall Builder - Multi-platform firewall management software.
Firewall Log Daemon - A realtime firewall log parser/resolver.
Firewall Monitor - A realtime firewall monitor for Linux using ipchains or iptables.
FileArchiveSearch - A Web-based CD catalog search system.
Firewall Watchdog - A real-time firewall monitor for KDE.
ftp_lookup - An FTP server indexer.
fistgen - stackable file system templates and language
Five - Text game against the computer.
FixHTML - A carriage return-fixer for HTML files.
fixmp3 - MP3 Organization
fragroute - A network IDS evasion tool.
FK - An application proxy suite.
FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Coder.
Fruity Framework - An extensible Java framework for scalable rendering of 2D graphics.
filewatcher - A tool for archiving file changes and generating reports.
Flashcards Generator for GRE Prep - Flashcards Generator for GE Prep
FlashCount - A phone cost counter.
Fproc HTTP form processor - A modular HTTP form handler.
flc - Creates BBS-style file lists with FILE_ID.DIZ found in archives and files.
flex.rb - A regexp matching library for the Ruby language.
Flow Loader And Virtual Information Output - A Cisco netflow collector and graphing tool.
FlightGear - Flight simulator
Flight Path Analizer - A Flight Path analyzer with numerical methods using GTK+ and OpenGL.
flip - Page-flipper for previewing TIFF sequence animations.
Flipit - Unix command line support for the X10 Firecracker (the CM17A)
fli4l - A single floppy Linux-based ISDN/DSL/ethernet router.
floppyfw - A Linux firewall on a single floppy.
flounder - 4D data visualization package.
flow - Particle animation software with GL preview and Renderman output.
FreeImage - A library for supporting a wide variety of common image formats.
Freeoxyd - A free Oxyd clone.
FLOYD system monitor - Displays system load with pulsing of the keyboard LEDs.
FLS - A library catalog and circulation system.
FLTK - A C++ user interface toolkit for X11, Win32, and Mac OS X.
Fluid Streaming Server - An mp3 streaming audio server for Internet written in Java
Flux - An easy-to-use crypto, compression, I/O, and memory management library.
flwm - The Fast Light Window Manager
FlyStats - IRC statistics server.
Fl_Editor - Multiline text editor widget for FLTK, with extras.
Fm - Gtk+ lightweight file manager
fm2html - A newsletter-to-Web page convertor for freshmeat's daily email.
FMaps - A GIS/Remote Sensing application.
fmio - A small FM radio card manipulation utility.
Freedbtool - A commandline tool for accessing the freedb.org database.
fmscore - A freshmeat daily newsletter scorer.
fnsam - A Ghostscript font browser.
FoKS - KiSS paper doll viewer
Fische - Stand-alone sound visualisation.
Font Print - Allows you to use vga consolefonts when printing a file
Fle3 - A Web-based learning environment.
Freehand Formula Entry System - A pen-based equation editor.
fonteditor - Program for editing console fonts.
Fonter - A Linux Console Font Editor
foodock - A library for creating dockable WindowMaker applications with GTK.
FreeCell Java Applet - A Java applet of the popular FreeCell card game.
fookb - An Xkb keyboard state indicator.
fireflier - An interactive firewall administration tool.
for2html - A FORTRAN-to-HTML translator and cross-references generator.
for2latex - Script to translate Fortran code into syntax-highlighted LaTeX.
FORGE JCE Provider - A free JCE 1.2 crypto provider that gives RSA key services
Form to Email Messenger - A Perl form to email processor.
Format - A C++ format string library with printf-style format strings.
format_html.pl - A Perl script which formats HTML code.
Formication - Easy template driven form to email/file processor
FormMagick - Perl toolkit for building multi-page Web forms from XML descriptions.
Forte for Java, Community Edition - Integrated development environment (IDE) for the Java2 platform
Fortify - Provides full strength, 128-bit encryption facilities to Netscape browsers
fortune-fgump - Some quotes from the movie Forrest Gump.
Facade - An MVC Web application framework.
fortune-mod-calvin - A fortune cookie file with quotes from Calvin and Hobbes.
Falsoyd - A little shoot-em-up for your desktop.
fortune-mod-futurama - Fortune files with quotes from the TV show.
FXRuby - A Ruby interface to the FOX GUI toolkit.
fortune-simpsons-chalkboard - A quote collection of Bart Simpson's chalkboard-writings.
FleXML - Generate validating XML processor and applications from DTD.
fortune-starwars - A collection of mod-fortune quotes from Star Wars.
fortune-xfiles - Various quotes from the X-Files TV episodes for the fortune program.
Free&Alter Software Distribution - A Free Software distribution for Solaris, HPUX, and Irix.
fatundel - A Linux application for undeleting files from a FAT partition.
Foundation - A real-time multi-player space conquest game.
FOX - A C++-based library for graphical user interface development.
foXcontrol - Control center for foXdesktop.
Fitrix Software - Exact fit accounting and business software for Linux.
foXcontrol-desktop - A set of components (plugins) for foXcontrol.
Freevo - A standalone Linux digital VCR/PVR.
foXman - A foXdesktop man page viewer.
fphdb - Printing Business Job, Ordering, and Inventory Management Application
fping - A utility that pings multiple hosts at once.
FPL - Very C-like interpreted language
fplan - A flight planning tool for pilots
FPSE Clone - Microsoft Frontpage Server Extensions CLONE (non MS)
Fract-O-Rama - Qt-based, flexible fractal generation program
FramerD/FDScript - Distributed knowledge/object repository and scripting language
FrazierWall - A single-floppy distribution Linux firewall, based on LRP.
Free Pascal Compiler - A Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Delphi 7 compatible 32/64 bit Pascal compiler.
fastutil - Fast and compact type-specific collections for Java.
Free Reign - A fully-3D city simulator.
FreeBIOS - Open source firmware (BIOS)
Freebirth - Integrated bass synthesizer/step sequencer/sample player
FreeBSD - A stable, secure, Open Source operating system.
FreeBSD JDK - FreeBSD Java-Team's Sun JDK port
FIAIF is an Intelligent Firewall - An iptables firewall for Linux.
Freecell Solver - A library that solves Freecell games.
freeCGI++ - C++ hierarchy for developing object-oriented CGI applications
FreeCheck - A free check-printing application.
Freeciv - A multiuser Civilization game for Unix/X, Windows, and Amiga.
FM-Classic - A templating system for Java servlets.
Freedom VR - Java applet replacement for Quicktime VR for 3D objects and panoramas
FREEdraft - 2D mechanical CAD.
freefem - A language and a solver for the Finite Element Method.
freefile - File identification program
FreeFrameWork - Adds robustness and ADE enhancements to WebSpeed.
FreeMarker - A Java template engine (text generation system).
flexbackup - A flexible backup tool.
Freemed-YiRC - A PHP-based Youth in Residential Care package.
FreeMind - A powerful mind-mapping tool.
Freenet - A distributed decentralised information storage and retrieval system.
Freepository - A heavily-modified CVSWeb attached to a database.
freerdist - Free remote distribution application
FreeS/WAN Config Webmin Module - Webmin Module to configure the FreeS/WAN IPSec VPN.
Freeside - Billing and trouble ticketing for ISPs, VoIP, and other online businesses.
freesweep - Curses-based minesweeper
FastVox - An OpenGL-based API for realtime volume visualization.
FreeTDS - Open Source implementation of the TDS database protocol
Freetype - A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
FreeWRL - A VRML browser for Linux and Max OS X.
font2svg - A font to SVG-font converter.
FluxConf - A GTK configuration program for fluxbox.
Fire.app - A multi-protocol instant messenger client.
freshmeatGrinder - freshmeat digests, digested
freshupdate - Display freshmeat news in the root window
Fretscale - A musical instrument fret distance and spacing calculator.
frgpasswd - A utility to set both the Samba and shadow passwords.
FriBidi - A free implementation of the Unicode Bidi algorithm.
Frink - A tcl/tk formatter/minimiser/obfuscator
Frodo - A portable C64 emulator for many different platforms.
Frontdesk - Groupware application designed for customer support and bug tracking
Frood LDAP Browser - Gtk/Perl LDAP Client
Frost - Support for functions with virtual arguments in C++.
Frotz - A portable Z-Machine interpreter.
friends - A console tool that manages your contacts.
frox - A transparent FTP proxy.
Freefactor - A Java refactoring framework.
fscktris - A Tetris clone integrated into fsck.
fsh - Fast and secure remote command execution.
FSlint - Finds lint on a file system.
fspanel - A tiny windowlist panel.
fsql - An interface to Oracle modeled after the MySQL client program.
fsv - 3D file system visualizer.
FSViewer - File Viewer lookalike for Window Maker.
fsync - file synchronization program written in Perl
Funiter - Real and complex function iteration software.
ffproxy - A secure HTTP/HTTPS filtering proxy.
FTE - Text editor for X-Windows and console with I18N support.
Fastcm - A simple Web content management solution for Webmasters.
ftpcopy - FTP mirror software
ftpparse - A library for parsing FTP LIST responses.
ftpproxy - An application level proxy for FTP.
ftpUP - A quick-acting and reliable alternative to dyndns.
FTPWebLog - A freeware integrated WWW and FTP log reporting tool.
ftree - Linux GEDCOM based genealogy application
Ftwalk - General purpose high level script programming language
Fugu - GUI client for the Gale instant messaging system
Flyn Computing Template Kit - A series of templates to aid in software development.
funct - Program devoted to the study of real and complex numerical functions.
FunctionCheck - A profile generator for C/C++ programs.
fungrep - Grep -n functionality with result highlighting.
FreeMED - A Web-based medical record (EMR) and medical practice management system.
FunnelWeb - Literate programming tool
FunTimeDancer - An XMMS plugin to display animations synchronized to music.
FunwebChatterList - Fetch the list of current chatter from the Funweb server
FUTURe - A Java project/time management scheduling software with autolevelling.
FutureSQL Web Database Administration Tool - A web database administration tool.
fuzz - A black-box tester for applications.
FVWM - The classic highly-configurable virtual window manager.
FileLister - A Web-based frontend for searching an indexed filesystem.
FVWM Themes - The official FVWM Themes framework.
Fultron 2002 - A cross platform drum machine.
FvwmKb - Fvwm module for comfortable work with several keyboard layouts
FvwmPartition - A FVWM2 module for collectively manipulating multiple windows.
fwdl-yam4416s - Yamaha 4416S CDRW firmware upgrade utility
Ftool - A two-dimensional frame analysis tool.
FreeHA - Software for high availability clustering.
Fweb - Literate-programming tool for C, C++, fortran, ratfor
Format XML - A Java data format builder and parser.
fwipe - Securely overwrites and deletes files.
Fast File Search - An FTP/SMB crawler and search engine.
[email protected] Grapher - A program to graph and analyze [email protected] team statistics over time.
fwlogwatch - Firewall log analyzer and realtime response agent.
fwup - Linux-2.2 ipchains firewall/NAPT/NAT administration.
FX Designer - Real time effects-maker.
FxEngine - Fxengine is a 3d graphics library that uses the Glide API.
FXPy - Python interface to the FOX GUI library
FXT - A C++ library of algorithms.
fauxident.py - A "faux" ident daemon in Python
Fingerbob - A simple finger daemon for accessing a company LDAP directory.
Flooterbuck Infobot - An IRC bot that can fetch useful information.
Freud - A standalone C++ port of the Emacs Psychiatrist.
Flat Xml to Structured Xml converter - A tool for converting flat XML files into a structured format.
FXvt - A virtual terminal FOX widget.
Fljud - A Flexible LDAP Jabber User Directory.
fs10 - A control program for the FS10PC interface from ELV.
FireCast - A Linux-based OS for interactive kiosks and digital signage displays.
Flash-Ticker - A flash ticker add-on for PHP-Nuke sites.
Fenris - A multipurpose tracer, debugger, and code analysis tool.
fonty-rg - Fonts for the Linux console
Favorin Time - A Group calendar for Linux with KDE.
Fake AP - A camouflage system for 802.11b wireless networks.
FireHOL - Stateful packet filtering configurator: an iptables firewall for humans.
Flat Assembler - An extremely fast and efficient x86 assembler.
FreePop - A Populous 2 clone.
Firegate Server - A self-managing Linux server.
FontForge - A font editor for TrueType and PostScript fonts.
FurthurNET - A next generation legal P2P network.
fileschanged - A command line utility for monitoring files for alterations.
ferriscreate - A libferris client used to create new objects in the filesystem.
Formmail-trap - A CGI that automatically reports attempts to probe a formmail open relay.
flphoto - A simple image management, viewing, and printing program.
Falling Block Game - An OpenGL Tetris clone.
Fox Hunt - A logic game written in Java.
forever - A utility that warps time(2) for child processes.
ffGuestBook - A PHP guestbook system with file storage.
Free Bangla Fonts - A project for creating Free Bengali Open Type Fonts.
Finance::CompanyNames - A module that locates company names in free text.
find_used_modules - Find which Perl modules are used, and generate a script to check.
fcrackzip - A zip file password cracker.
fti2svg.pl - Convert .fti to .svg.
Flexible SMS - A Qt frontend for smssend which sports an address book and provider list.
freshmeat Project Query Class - A PHP class that retrieves data from freshmeat.
Font Viewer - A Font Viewer for Linux
find_badblocks - A script for find bad blocks on Linux systems.
Fityk - A curve fitting program.
fbpanel - A lightweight GTK-2 desktop panel.
Fopps - A tool for help you to maintain your software product line(s).
FKN-Webmin-Theme - An theme with Modulsearch and more.
Fobbit - Tools for the Creative VOIP Blaster.
fbshot - A utility for grabbing the Linux framebuffer.
Formitable - A PHP class used to create an HTML form from a MySQL database table.
FX-Repton - A portable Repton 3 clone game.
FLP-i18n - A collection of PHP classes for internationalization.
File System Manager - A full Web-based file management solution.
ferris-fnews - An RSS news feed aggregator and archiver.
Fugu SSH - A Mac OS X SFTP, SCP, and SSH frontend.
Flock - An RSS news aggregator.
fixbb - Repair incorrect bounding boxes in Postscript files.
fk_html - A standard filter for incoming mail.
forumFR - A forum written in SQL/PHP/XML.
Fandango - An extensible CAD engine.
flowprobe - A NetFlow probe.
Fast MD5 Implementation in Java - A fast Java MD5 implementation.
Filesystem Charset Converter - A tool that converts file and directory names to another character set.
Fedut - A Java FTP client/server application.
Finance::YahooQuote - A Perl module that can retrieve one or more stock quotes.
formatjava for Eclipse - Format multiple Java source files in one go.
fracplanet - A fractal planet and terrain generator.
Flakarchiver - A cross-platform GUI archiving utility.
forceupgrade - Recursively installs or upgrades NetBSD packages.
Forest Web Application Builder - A Web-based IDE for creating Web applications.
fontilus - A set of extensions for Nautilus to help manage fonts on your system.
Fluxspace - Desktop enhancements for Fluxbox.
FieryFilter - An interactive personal firewall for Linux.
fddtrack:: - A Web-based application to help track progress when using the FDD SE model.
Finance management module for PHPRojekt - A finance management add-on for PHProjekt.
fsdb - A system for speeding the creation of slocate's database files.
FireStorm/DAO - Generates Java persistence tier based on a relational database schema.
ftpsync - A tool for synchronizing directories over FTP.
FMSync - A Filemaker to JFile synchronization tool for Mac OS X.
foo-tools - A collection of useful tools for users of glftpd.
FreeCol - An open version of Colonization.
Fast Intelligent Software RAID1 - Software RAID block device mirroring with intelligent (fast) resync.
FaxMail - A program to send faxes via email.
Free Realty - An Open Realty fork.
Forrest - An XML-based publishing framework.
FBZX - A Sinclair Spectrum emulator that works with FrameBuffer.
FLTK-UTF8 - An internationalized widget library.
FormKit - A Python library for creating, parsing, and validating HTML forms.
Fungimol - An extensible molecular design tool.
Fractal View - A fractal viewer.
File Upload Webmin Module - A small module to allow file uploads via Webmin.
ftpcluster - A system which integrates several FTP servers into one.
fbdump - A Linux framebuffer screenshot tool.
Fan Control for Dell Laptops - A fan control program for Dell laptops.
FileDB - A PHP class to store (binary) files in a database.
Fast IRC Stats Generator - An IRC statistics generator.
FlDictionary - A dictionary application for the Agenda Linux VR3 PDA.
frog3d - A simple 3DS file viewer that lets you edit in C++ with Qt and OpenGL.
formula and libepe - Software for mathematical expression parsing and evaluation.
FileType - A file type detection library and application.
Fireflies Screensaver - An OpenGL screensaver.
findmac - A utility for locating hosts or MAC addresses on a Cisco switch.
Flail - A command-line oriented mail reader for Perl hackers.
FCKeditor - The text editor for Internet.
FauBackup - A tool that stores incremental and full backups in a file system.
Furies - A Web site testing tool.
FlightGear Scenery Designer - A program to design custom sceneries for FlightGear.
FortuneLiddy - MySQL-driven PHP fortune script with added fleh.
Freesco - A replacement for commercial routers.
Font Configuration Library - A library for configuring and customizing font access.
FlightTrack - GPS 3D track viewing & device downloading.
focuseek searchbox - A full-text search engine.
FastParser - A Java XML parser for SAX 1/2 and DOM 1/2.
frowns - A chemoinformatics engine.
foocache - A simple PHP4 caching system with tidy support.
FreeMercator Java POS - A Point Of Sale terminal and back-office.
FET - Automatically schedules the timetable of school, high school, or university.
FileNabber - An upload/download servlet with a progress bar.
Freedoom - A project to create a complete, free Doom IWAD file.
FmPro Migrator - Migrates FileMaker to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, FrontBase, FileMaker7.
fwsnort - A tool that translates snort rules into an iptables ruleset.
FMPP - A text file preprocessor with macros and recursive directory processing.
FingerTips Personalizer - A framework for storing, maintaining, and accessing game configuration data.
framer - An X11 program which is capable of containing other X11 programs.
FWReport - A log parser and reporting tool for IPTables.
FreeWRLduneInputDevice - A 4DoF input device driver for the FreeWRL VRML97/X3D browser.
Forumtalk - A framework to create high performance Web forums.
Fast Track Systems Monitor - A monitoring engine that can be integrated with vendor solutions.
FindBugs - A program to find bugs in Java programs.
FW1-Loggrabber - A commandline LEA client for Checkpoint Firewall-1.
Fisterra - A GNOME development framework for implementing ad hoc ERPs.
Fusion Control Panel - A solution for Web hosting system administration.
FLAM3 - Algorithmically generated images and animations.
Frameworks - Stop-motion animation webcam frame capture.
freepia - A GNU/Linux distribution for VIA EPIA-M mainboards.
FnFX - A Toshiba laptop ACPI and Fn key/hotkey daemon for Linux.
Firepass - A TCP/UDP over HTTP tunneling tool.
F-Watch - A file monitoring Linux kernel module.
Fedora Digital Object Repository - A reference implementation of the FEDORA architecture, leveraging eb services.
Fung-Calc - An easy to use 2D and 3D graphing calculator.
Fontlinge - Font management and organisation for TrueType & PostScript.
Ft - A template engine that supports nested dynamic blocks.
FastScripts - A tool for executing scripts from the menu bar of any application.
FAUS - A user administration tool written for both Samba and UNIX files.
Font Editor - A Java font editor.
flP5 - The fast light Parallel Port Production PIC Programmer.
FollowMeIP - An IP address tracking utility.
Fano - An encoder and decoder for K=32, rate 1/2 convolutional codes.
Firewall Builder for PIX - An add-on module for Cisco PIX.
flashboot for OpenBSD - A toolkit for building OpenBSD flash boot images.
fetchtowebmail - A tool to fetch email messages using T-Online's Webmail interface.
Figtex2eps - A script for converting Xfig with LaTeX to EPS/PDF.
Feeding Frenzy! - A multiplayer platform game with dwarfs fighting with/for food.
FluidSynth - A software synthesizer based on SoundFont instrument banks.
Firebird .NET Data Provider - An ADO.NET Data provider for Firebird.
Free Finite Element Package - A finite element library in 2D.
Free Statistics - A tool that records and shows daily Web site page views for tracking.
FSMGenerator - A finite state machine source code generator.
FunProg - A Funcard programmer.
FileRepair - An application for network file comparison and repair.
FPDF Library - A PHP class for generating PDF files.
FlameCalc - An RPN calculator for Java.
Flightdeck-UI - A user interface and monitoring system inspired by aircraft instruments.
Feedbackd - A dynamic feedback system for the Linux Virtual Server project.
Fremtris - A Tetris midlet.
FastReport CLX - Reporting tool components.
Flyspray - An easy to use, Web-based bug tracking system.
fscaps - Filesystem capabilities for Linux.
File Integrity Command & Control - Software to monitor several Tripwire installations quickly and easily.
fix-mime-charset - A tool that fixes incorrect charset specifications in MIME messages.
FTOOLS - A collection of astrophysical utilities.
frottle - Wireless ethernet traffic control, token style over IP.
fluxus - A Scheme-scriptable 3D graphics environment.
Formsess - A Smarty-based forms toolkit.
FTP Applet - A Java 1.1 FTP client applet.
FedEx Direct Connect - A PHP interface to the FedEx Ship Manager Direct Connect.
ftplibpp - A library providing easy yet advanced FTP client functionality.
furious_tv - A PVR backend supporting multiple capture devices that does not need an RDBMS.
FinalSolution - A distrubuted, multithreaded, multiprotocol password cracker.
FontPack - A utility that packs TTF fonts into texture maps.
file2divx3pass - A frontend for mencoder for converting any media-file to Divx.
FVCool - CPU cooling software for AMD's Athlon/Duron.
ftv_web - A Web interface for the furious_tv personal video recorder.
Form and Table Manager - An HTML form and table manager for HTML::Mason.
FProfiler - A Java profiler for finding hotspots in Java libs/apps.
ftv_gnome - A GNOME front end for the furious_tv personal video recorder.
FastCST - An experimental revision control system.
Filelight - A compact and recursive graphical representation of your disk usage.
Finomaton - A utility to draw and typeset finite state machines.
Flava - A distributed approach to the task of recording, encoding, and storing programs.
FSP Client - An FSP client with an FTP-like user interface.
FlatFileSqlDatabase - An SQL-accessed database using flat files.
FetchmailMon - Tools to monitor fetchmail.
Free Java - A small Java development environment made for beginners.
FreeB - A medical billing engine.
Firebird viewer and exporter - A utility to register and browse multiple Firebird databases.
Foomatic-GUI - A GNOME-based interface to the Foomatic printing system.
flp-Thumbnail - A set of classes for generating a cached, watermarked thumbnail from a picture.
FreeLords - A Warlords clone.
FIFOs - A tool to buffer data read from one end of a pipe to the other.
freecolor - A tool that adds color and bargraphs to the "free" command.
Fontify Bundle for GNUMail - A GNUMail bundle for applying font styles to emails.
FakeTime Preload Library (libfaketime) - A program that changes the system time just for selected programs.
FastFrame - A PHP application framework structured around the MVC pattern.
Fedora Project - A community distribution sponsored by Red Hat.
FAQ-IT - A Web-based FAQ manager.
ffmpegX - A graphical frontend to many MPEG audio and video compression tools.
fftv - A viewer and recorder for TV and radio.
Fachwerk - Calculates strut-and-tie models used by structural engineers.
Fast Audio Playlist Generator - A tool to generate a list of audio files in a variety of formats.
Ferret CMS - A Zope-based Content Management System with built-in tools.
fetchrss - Software which polls Weblogs (RSS feeds) and emails the updates.
FTIDOE - A comprehensive tool for performing the process of dynamic energy analysis.
foo2zjs - A printer driver for the Minolta 2300 DL.
Fuse - An emulator of the 1980s home computer and various clones.
Fuzzy sets for Ada - Fuzzy sets, intuitionistic sets, numbers, logic, and linguistic variables.
FastScript - A cross-platform, multi-language (Pascal and C++) scripting engine.
FileHandle::Unget - An enhanced version of the standard FileHandle Perl module.
FLENS - An efficient, high-level C++ interface for BLAS and LAPACK.
FileCrypt - FileCrypt protect your e-Business processes with strong crytography
froi - Provides ROI tools for the analysis of fMRI data.
Fontabulator - A font preview application.
foo2oak - A printer driver for OAKT protocol printers.
FlexPlaylist - A XMMS/WinAmp-style playlist for Noatun.
fb2index.php - A Web script that provides fancy and filemanager-like directory listings.
File rename utils - Bash utilities for various file rename actions, and a trashcan.
Felix Programming Language - A high performance, statically typed scripting language.
fwlog - A Linux iptables packet logger.
FSGuide - A Web-based Norton Commander clone for advanced file management.
fush - A restricted Unix shell with logging and access control lists.
Flipsource - An easy to use weblog.
FormattedDataSet API - An easy way to generate dynamic text in Java.
Flamethrower - A multicast file transfer utility.
Fast Logging Project for Snort - Fast logging of alerts with a payload generated by Snort in a central database.
FG Kicker! - A GUI frontend for launching Flightgear.
Feather Linux - A small Live-CD/USB distro based on Knoppix that fits in under 64 MB.
First Choice to HTML - A tool that converts PFS:First Choice database files to HTML.
FreeVPS - Virtual private servers on Linux.
fcp - A tool which copies files to ftp sites via the commandline.
fupids - An IDS for OpenBSD in the form of a kernel code patch.
Flash for Linux - A SWF editor for Linux.
Fast Artificial Neural Network Library - A multi-layer artificial neural network library.
freecode-submit - A script to submit updates to freeecode.com.
Flock of Birds Library - An interface to the Flock of Birds position and orientation measurement system.
Freshmeat Submitter - A Perl script to submit updates to freshmeat.net.
FTPSearch/Agent - A fully functional FTP indexing and searching engine.
FrAid - An interface to Java for math processing and a complete Matlab-like system.
FSP Proxy - A proxy server for FSP to HTTP protocol translation.
FANCY - A personal CMS that uses a flat file database.
Flume - A Web Services component pipeline engine.
Firefly Media Server - An iTunes DAAP server.
File Lister - A Web interface for listing files and directories.
Forensic Hash Database - A hashsum meta database for forensic analysis.
Flight Navigation Planner - A tool for making flight plans based on known airports.
Fantulence - A temperature-based fan speed control daemon for Linux 2.4.x.
FormEntry - Generates forms based on a database table.
FKache Open Source - An implementation of the JSR-107 JCache API.
fig2pstricks - A tool that converts fig (xfig) files to pstricks files.
Filer - A small file manager.
[email protected] Applet for KDE - A [email protected] panel applet for KDE.
ffcall - A set of foreign function call libraries.
Falling Up - A tetris game with a twist.
fax2png - An efficient multipage B&W TIFF to PNG converter, with scaling and rotation.
fbgrab - A framebuffer screenshot program.
fnord - A mathematical visualization system.
FL-Inventor - A 3D/VR portable toolkit.
Fyre - A program for interactive exploration of chaotic maps.
fakepop - A fake POP3 server which never has any mail.
Fotoon - A tool to organize photos in an easy and fast way.
FetchYahoo - A script that downloads mail from Yahoo! Webmail.
fcatalog - A file indexing and recognition system.
freshmeat.net XML-RPC - A PHP interface to freshmeat.net's XML-RPC service.
free-cmms - A Web-based CMMS.
FTP Summary ClarkConnect Module - An FTP summary module for ClarkConnect.
FVNC - A scaling version of the Xt-based vncviewer.
FEIDIAN - A bitplane/bitmap graphic tool for multi-platform use.
For each File - A Bash script wrapper for repetitive file manipulation tasks.
Fcc - A program to store and view German Bundesliga results.
Forensic and Log Analysis GUI - An advanced forensic tool covering hard disk and network forensics.
fbnews - An RSS newsfeed fetcher for Fluxbox.
findfile - Tools for recovering files from corrupted filesystems.
ftdi_eeprom - An EEPROM generator/dumper for FT232BM/FT245BM chips.
Forwards - An e-mail forwarding manager.
fusedav - A WebDAV filesystem driver for Linux using FUSE.
Fileprune - Prunes a file set according to a given age distribution.
FSHeal - A tool for mending filesystems and reporting statistics.
Freerails - A multiplayer RTS game inspired by Sid Meier's classic Railroad Tycoon.
fIcy - A command line icecast/shoutcast stream grabber.
fdupe - A small Perl script for finding duplicate files.
FnattLabME - A Matlab-compatible calculator for PDAs and Smartphones.
File system investigator - A forensic filesystem viewer.
Freebooters - A "Pirates!" clone based on SDL.
FrogEye - A file manager with support for videos, images, file encryption, and much more.
findmp3 - A program to find MP3 files by their ID3(v2) tag information.
FretBoard - A PalmOS reference tool for virtually any stringed instrument.
FakeConnect - An application stress test program for TCP networks.
Floating License Enforcer - A Java license management system.
fs-check - A daemon for checking and reporting on filesystems.
fnumfilt - A tool for processing digital camera photos (filenames with numbers).
fa.ala - A tool that conjugates Arabic verbs.
Formulas Rendering Plug-In for the Gimp 2 - Allows you to use mathematical expressions in The GIMP.
Fortune Osho - Quotes from the spiritual guru Osho.
FreePOPs - An extensible POP3 server.
Fair NAT - A script for configuring NAT and Traffic Shaping on Linux routers.
FJtag - A jtag GUI management tool for Linux.
Free Conquest and Colonization of America - A remake of the old Microprose game Colonization.
FOBS - A C++/Java wrapper over the ffmpeg library.
FinchTV - A DNA sequencing chromatogram trace viewer.
FullRecall - A memorization tool.
Friki - A Java Wiki.
FDDA - A framework for the demonstration of distributed algorithms.
Floodcast - A Noatun streaming plugin.
flac2ogg - A .flac/.shn to Ogg Vorbis converter.
FLPD - A learning system based on fuzzy prototypes.
Famuko - Famuko is a little antivirus for fileservers based on clamav.
FreeSB - An Open Source Enterprise Service Bus.
Free STDF - Open source resources for manipulating the Standard Test Data Format (STDF).
Fetchgals - A Web spider for downloading thumbnail galleries.
furl - A utility for displaying the HTTP headers returned by Web servers.
Find Duplicate Music Files - Finds music files that are likely to contain the same music.
FFView - A fast OpenGL-powered picture viewer.
Frozen Bubble For S60 - A Frozen Bubble port for S60 devices.
File Activity Viewer - A graphical utility for watching file changes.
Flatworm - A framework to turn fixed length flat files into Java beans.
FtpSearch - Catalogs files on a list of FTP servers.
F-IRC - A console IRC client.
flpsed - A PostScript annotator.
file-butler - A ratio-based file server plugin for XChat.
fTip - A soccer sweep-stake manager.
Free Simulated Radar Client - A framework for radar clients for virtual air traffic control networks.
FixInst - An installer for software.
FreeMat - A MATLAB-like programming environment.
flowd - A small, fast, secure, and featureful NetFlow collector.
Fingerprint-POC - A fingerprint matching application using the Phase-Only Corelation method.
fwknop - A Single Packet Authorization and Port Knocking implementation.
FloboPuyo - A clone of the infamous Puyo Puyo.
fEncH - A fast and simple, yet hard to crack encryption program.
FAM-Ruby - FAM bindings for Ruby.
Freech - A mature, threaded discussion forum.
FOX Window Manager - A window manager.
fpwdman - A cross-platform password manager.
fsaper - A console version of mines with many features.
Factor - A stack-based programming language.
FileMaker Database Calendar - An easy to use FileMaker Pro database calendar.
FastGEO - A computational geometry library.
FP-Growth-Tiny - A memory-optimized frequent itemset mining algorithm.
fundamental - A sequence formula finder and mathematical constant relationships finder.
FunkyMD Suite - A MiniDisc titling and editing utility.
freemymusic - A program for easily downloading songs from an iPod.
FreyaSX - A simple, portable, and stand-alone full-text search engine.
FAAC - An MPEG-4 AAC encoder and decoder.
fakebust - A malicious exploit discriminator.
Floranta - A library for building a Rich Client Wiki.
fswebcam - A small and nifty Webcam program for Linux.
Framewerk - A PHP5-based Web development framework and site engine.
Fachwerk3D - A tool that calculates 3D strut-and-tie models used by structural engineers.
FileBunker - A tool which backs up files to one or more GMail accounts.
Fireworkx - A pyrotechnic fireworks blast simulation.
Fetal Growth - A tool for monitoring fetal ultrasound measurements.
Flamerobin - A database administration tool for Firebird.
File Explorer on the Web - A Web-based file management system.
FOX Desktop - A desktop environment based on the FOX toolkit.
Free Ass Portal - An easy-to-use webcam portal.
fbxkb - A keyboard indicator and switcher.
FlashCards - A cleanly designed, Leitner-based flashcard application.
FooRipper - An easy to use DVD to DivX ripper.
Flumotion - A streaming media server.
fortune-mod-powerpuff - Fortune cookies from the Power Puff Girls.
freeOpenML - An OpenML-compatible framework.
Firefly CRM - A Web-based customer relationship management system.
Framework for Application Data and Sources - A framework for building, prototyping, and documenting solutions.
font2bdf - A Linux console font to BDF converter.
freli - Free Repository of English Lexical Information.
FreeCast - A peer-to-peer streaming system.
FireFoot library - A library to develop Firebird client applications with the C language.
flrec - An audio hard disk recorder.
FreeMIS - A Web-based alternative to a closed source school MIS.
Frugalware Linux - A general-purpose Linux distribution designed for intermediate users.
FAQtor - A "Frequently Asked Questions" page generator.
Font Collector - An easy-to-use PalmOS font converter.
fixsrcip - Binds local outgoing UDP or TCP sockets to IP addresses.
ffmpeg-php extension - An ffmpeg extension for accessing movies and audio files within PHP.
Forma - A C++ framework for resource-management applications.
featherCache - A cache implementing a map interface and storing objects on disk.
FEdit - A tool that creates new fonts for the Palm platform.
FAUmachine - A virtual machine that emulates an i386 PC.
FastCalc - A mobile calculator, optimized to use only the 12 numeric keys of the phone.
Fuel Record - A tool to help keep track of fuel purchases.
FlashMyAdmin - A Flash-based MySQL admin GUI.
FairUCE - A spam filter that verifies the identity of the sender.
FreeCS - A Web chat server.
fe3d - A 3D visualization tool for nmap XML logs.
fig2ps - A tool that converts xfig files to PS or PDF using LaTeX.
Firmware Inspector - A utility that tries to find compressed files in firmware images.
fff and ffl - Simple tools for searching for files and directories from a shell prompt.
fortune-mod-ru - Fortune cookie files in Russian.
FullSync - A handy and powerful file synchronization and publishing tool.
FreeSMS - An application for managing an educational facility.
Fortune4All - A fortune teller with over 90000 witty sayings.
FlightGear Mac OS X - FlightGear for the average user.
fetchExc - A Java utility for fetching mail with WebDAV from MS Exchange.
FreeIPMI - IPMI libraries and tools.
Freshmeat XML-RPC for Java - A Java wrapper for the freshmeat XML-RPC API.
FSPLIB - An FSP (file service protocol) stack as a C library.
flactagger - A script for tagging FLAC files.
fkey - A finger daemon supporting file on demand requests such as GPG keys.
Felidae - A collection of modules for Fvwm.
FormFaces - An XForms implementation in JavaScript.
fallback-reboot - Reboot a mostly-crashed Linux/Solaris computer.
find-sym - FInds system files containing unresolved externals.
FoCs - A tool which translates the PSL/Sugar specs language into checkers.
FlatGallery - An image gallery solution that doesn't require a database.
FUX Linux - A tiny Indonesian floppy-based Linux distribution.
Firewall Admin - A Web interface that allows configuration and maintenance of iptables.
FCCU GNU/Linux Forensic Bootable CD - A forensic bootable CD.
Fast Messaging Peer to Peer - A simple P2P system for small networks.
FreeNX - A tool to serve remote X11/Unix, RFB/VNC & RDP/WTS applications.
FontSmoother - A tool that lets you use anti-aliased fonts on hi-res PalmOS 5 PDAs.
Fluxbox Tray Menu - A little tray menu for use with the Fluxbox window manager.
FeedPod - A text-to-speech syndication feed PodCaster.
FreshInvoice - A Web-based invoice system.
fldiff - A graphical diff program.
FASTCopy - A system for secure, guaranteed, enhanced file transfer.
FaqRing Frequently Ask Questions Manager - A FAQ system for Web sites.
FTB ConMan - A Web site content management system.
FceuLauncher - A frontend for the FceUltra NES emulator.
Fight Chaos IRC Game - A fighting and character training game on IRC.
fbrowse - A Web-based file browser.
freesteam - A steam properties calculator (using IAPWS-IF97).
Fragger - A graphical representation of files as they are located on a block device.
FCCU evtreader - A commandline tool to retrieve useful information from MS event log files.
fxri - A graphical interface to Ruby's RI documentation.
FFTExplorer - A graphic spectrum analysis program.
Flux Job Scheduler - An enterprise job scheduler that supports managed file transfer and data and business process workflows.
Free Secure Instant Messaging Protocol - A secure Instant Messaging protocol server and client.
fusemb - Software for easier Microsoft network connectivity.
Freeform Framework - A scalable and extensible PHP5 MVC framework for Web applications.
freebaser - A collection of Free database applications.
fortune-macintosh - A fortune file containing Mac related quotations.
Fract - A Web-based fractal zoomer for the Mandelbrot set.
frag-opt - A portable, re-entrant argument parsing library.
Flash Operator Panel - A real-time Asterisk visual operator panel.
Frenzy LiveCD - A FreeBSD-based LiveCD for system administrators.
Fv_Milter - A mail-forwarding/vacation auto-responder milter.
Forums - A Web application for building message boards.
Freecycle - A beat slicer.
FreeVikings - A clone of the famous Lost Vikings game.
Framework for Java Database Connectivity - Framework for Java Database Connectivity
FCKNuke - A WYSIWYG HTML editor for PHP-Nuke.
FreeQueryBuilder - A GUI SQL client.
Freedaisy - A free DAISY implementation.
fatresize - A non-destructive resizer for FAT16/FAT32 filesystems.
FCKosc - A WYSIWYG HTML editor that add-on for OsCommerce.
Form Mail Script - A template driven formmailer script.
File Juicer - A tool for extracting images, video, audio, and text from files and folders.
Full Screen Stopwatch - A countdown timer and stopwatch.
FiForms Framework - A framework for rapid Web application development.
FPC Qt binding for Zaurus - A Free Pascal (FPC) binding for Qt/Embedded on the Zaurus.
fotoalbum - A digital image management tool and viewer.
FastPHPChat - A fast and secure chat system.
FCKNuke Platinum - A WYSIWYG HTML editor for PHP-Nuke Platinum.
FreeDOS - A DOS-compatible operating system.
Fraqtive - An interactive program generating Mandelbrot and Julia fractals.
Frocor - A sound-graphics installation.
Free Disk Space Applet - A KDE free disk space panel applet.
F Modular Synthesizer - A modular full-featured sound synthesizer.
Free Electron - A C++ extensible architecture.
FS.WordFinder - A program that takes a word list and makes them into a word search puzzle.
Five Line Skink - An abc music editor/player.
Frogs Of War - A network multiplayer combat arcade game.
FLAM Player - A Macromedia flash-based MP3 player.
fintan - Speed-reader software.
FreeQuest IRCD - An ircd based on Bahamut.
FreeEngl - A spell checker.
FmPro Worksheet - A tool to send SQL commands to FileMaker 7.
freePBX - A turn-key SMB phone system based on The Asterisk PBX, complete with Web GUI.
ftncheck - A static analyzer for Fortran 77 programs.
Freshmeat-Ruby - Ruby bindings for the freshmeat XML-RPC API.
ffGallery - A snazzy photo gallery.
fdmess - A utility to redirect file descriptors and tweak running processes.
FlashBack - A minimalist Leitner flashcards scheduler.
fcbanner - A fontconfig-based banner variant.
Final Fantasy VI Save State Editor - An editor for Final Fantasy VI characters.
fakechroot - A library wrapper which provides a fake chroot environment.
Frankenwall - A bash shell script focused on creating highly secure IPTables rulesets.
FunGL - A Web-based polling application.
FerrisSambaModule - A VFS module for Samba to use libferris as a data source.
fs2svn - A tool that creates a Subversion repository from a sequence of folders.
frequent-task-reminder - A tool to remind you of daily tasks.
Formasolid - Software to support organizations supplying training in finance management.
Fundanemt CMS - A CMS that aims at small and medium-sized Web sites.
Fuzzy Clock - A Python class and command-line utility to generate "fuzzy clock" output.
FreeSpeak - A free frontend to online translator engines.
Flash Audio Kit for Dreamweaver - A tool to create universally-compatible audio players in Dreamweaver.
faces - Project management software.
FRET - A tool for understanding file formats.
Fasta2SVG - A script that creates SVG graphics from a fasta file.
FLTK burncd GUI frontend - A frontend for CD burning.
flmkisofs - A very simple program for creating ISO images with mkisofs.
File Content Recoverer - Recovers your recently deleted files from memory via the Linux virtual FS.
Fruity Banking! - A double-entry accounting package with a Web UI.
Facets - An MVC-based Web application framework.
Fruity Nagios Configuration Tool - A Web-based Nagios configuration tool.
Faces for Laszlo - A system for developing rich Internet applications.
Free focused scroll - An advanced Apple trackpad driver. (Not for 2005 laptop models.)
Fid Core Library - The core library for Fid.
FlexiReport - A class for generating HTML reports with nested levels, subreports, and totals.
fid-graphics - A simple toolkit for the Frigand Imperial Desktop.
fid-listbuffer - A simple buffer implementation for the Frigand Imperial Desktop.
Firmwareagent - A module that provides an API for other drivers to load firmware.
Fid Emacs - A text editor for the Frigand Imperial Desktop.
FloodDam - A class that provides Web site flood avoidance.
FVWM-Crystal - A powerful and pretty desktop environment for GNU/Linux and Unix-like systems.
FileManager - A file manager with administration for users, user-groups, and categories.
FreeBASIC - A 32-bit BASIC compiler.
Fractal Generator - A 3D base-motif fractal generator.
FeResPost - A .NET assembly, COM component, and Ruby extension for finite element results post-processing.
French Verb Conjugation Rules - A project to codify a computer-readable set of French verb conjugation rules.
Full-System Simulator for IBM PowerPC 970 - A full-system simulation infrastructure and tools for the PowerPC 970.
fccu-docprop - A tool to extract the properties of OLE files.
filesearch webinterface - Another interface to the filesearch database.
FONTpage - FONTpage is a Python font viewing/image-generating utility.
FishCMS - A CMS developed to fill the needs of Christian Web sites.
flac2mp3 - A script to convert FLAC files to MP3.
fPic - A replacement Picture class for command-line applications in REALBasic.
FileTrack - A Web-enabled communication log.
Fgr - A command for finding files and piping the result to grep to refine the search.
fastcgi-gallery - A Web gallery written in Perl.
Fast Sync - A utility that syncs a Palm device as soon as it connects to the desktop.
FlashUnity - A flash communications server.
FusionSite Content Manager - A Web content management application.
FIFE - A modern 2.5D game creation framework.
Freerock GNOME and GNOME.SlackBuild - A complete GNOME distribution for Slackware Linux.
fusecram - A FUSE module for mounting cramfs image files.
FireAnt - Eclipse plugin for modeling and executing complex remote J2EE deployment plans.
FSVS - A backup/archival/versioning system using a Subversion backend.
Free Help Desk - A Web-based help desk system.
Fluid Sync - A tool for the development of collaborative, mitigation, and multi-device apps.
fakedbfs - A file metadata indexing, cataloguing, and querying application.
Frinika - Cross-platform music production software.
FunkLoad - A functional and load tester for Web applications.
Freeway - An e-commerce platform for services, events, subscriptions, and products.
Finnix - A small, full-featured Debian-based LiveCD for system administrators.
Flatback - A filesystem archiver.
flagedit - A CLI USE flags and package keywords editor for Gentoo Linux.
FlowTuner - Software to manage employees' Internet activities.
fastcpp - An Apache module that implements a C++ Web development environment.
FileSort - A tool to organize folders by moving files according to rules.
FDD Tools - A developer tool supporting the Feature Driven Development methodology.
Firedrop2 - A client-side blog tool with archives, RSS, categories, plugins, and lots more.
FL-COW - A library that implements copy-on-write for hard links to files.
FBReader - An e-book reader for Linux PDAs and desktop computers.
file drawers - A Web-based file manager.
Field Designer - A program for designing sub-air paintball fields.
Feed'n Read - A newsfeed reader.
Free Tennis - A tennis simulation.
FFpocket - A tool for using ffmpeg's features.
Freetalk - A console-based Jabber client.
FastNZB - A client for the popular nzbget server.
Firefox Quickstarter - A utility that run a hidden instance of Firefox.
FreeNAS - A network attached storage server.
FuseIso - A FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images.
File::MetaInfo - A file meta-data indexer and tagger with search capabilities.
FF RADIUS Library - A C RADIUS library.
femail - A secure mini-sendmail.
Fast Secure File System - A secure, distributed, scalable, user-space file system.
fuseftp - A userspace FTP filesystem for FUSE.
Feed Me Links - An application for social bookmarking using LAMP.
Frame-It - An easy-to-use photo slideshow.
Finance::Bank::HDFC - An interface to the HDFC netbanking service.
Facter - A cross-platform detail resolution library.
Foopanel - A desktop panel that is themable and extensible through plugins.
Fuzzy Userprofile IDS v2 - A human-oriented IDS.
furl-save - A script for backing up a furl.net account.
FinScribe - A weblog and wiki application.
File Selection Language - A specification language for selecting files from a directory tree.
fio - A flexible I/O tester/benchmarker.
FakeIKEd - A fake IKE PSK+XAUTH daemon based on vpnc.
FLTK Sudoku - An implementation of the popular Sudoku game.
futil - A set of utility scripts that complements Linux systems.
FloodServ - A tool to protect your IRC network from floodbot attacks.
Full Text for SQLite3 - Full text searching for the sqlite3 database.
Forth Foundation Library - A general-purpose library for (ANS) Forth.
FooGoo & FooBlog - An MVC framework for PHP and a blog based that framework.
FreeOrion - A turn based strategy game set in space.
Fiwix - A 32-bit x86 Unix-like operating system kernel mainly for educational purposes.
Fv - An interactive FITS editor.
FreeNIBS - A plugin for the FreeRADIUS server.
FunionFS - A FUSE union filesystem.
File2XLIFF4j - A tool for converting files to and from XLIFF format.
FaceRSS - A JavaServer Faces component for displaying news from an RSS feed.
filofant - A mail archiving and document indexing server software.
froofyJIT - A C++ front end for GNU lightning.
FUR filesystem - A FUSE filesystem for Windows CE devices.
foo2hp - A printer driver for the HP Color LaserJet 2600n.
FlowPlayer - A video player for the Web.
FARnodes - A simulation and remote protocol execution framework.
FenestrOs Edu - A terminal server for schools.
firecat - A server-side Javascript Web server.
Failtence - A text-based password management tool for Linux.
Foxtrot full text - A full text indexing program for various office file formats.
FreeSWITCH - A modular media switching software library and soft-switch application.
F-ab - browser for Flash movies - A simple browser for Flash movies.
FTP SyncAgent - A program to keep a local folder and a remote FTP folder in sync.
FedEx real-time shipping rates module for X-Cart - X-Cart Fedex real-time shipping rates
FedEx real-time shipping rates for LiteCommerce - A LiteCommerce add-on for calculating FedEx real-time shipping rates.
footprint - A tool that simplifies kickstart creation and management.
fetchlogs - A program to transfer text logs remotely via TCP.
Feta Asset Tracking - A Web application for tracking a company's inventory.
Fact Or Fiction - A deck editor for the popular trading card game "Magic: The Gathering".
FedEx Ship add-on for LiteCommerce - A FedEx Ship and printable shipping labels add-on for LiteCommerce.
FUSEPod - A virtual userspace filesystem for your iPod.
FUPlayer - A music manager/player/ripper/burner.
FastFlex - A cryptographic function which performs well with different word lengths.
FXP.One - An FTP/FXP API with clients, SSL, and more.
Flat File Extractor - Flat File Extractor
FileBrowser-NG - A Web application to navigate and see your Web directories and files.
Follow Me - An ear training application for OS X.
formVista - An entrepreneur's CMS and business platform.
Frysk - A system monitor / debugger.
FCE Ultra - An NES and Famicom emulator.
Firefly Casino - A casino client and server framework.
fpcbol - A desktop UI that is simple to use, and as fast and beautiful as possible.
Formularios - A tool that simplifies the creation of CRUD methods using Java Server Pages.
firmware-tools - System BIOS and firmware update tools.
firescope - A utility for reading kernel logs over FireWire.
FirePhish - An anti-phishing toolbar for Firefox.
Fruit Show - A minimalist forum package based on the JoelonSoftware.com forums.
FedEx Ship add-on for X-Cart - A FedEx Ship and printable shipping labels add-on for X-Cart.
fontimage - A tool that generates images with text strings from outline fonts.
filesystemscanner - Scans directories and moves, copies, or links files to descriptive names.
Fearann Muin - An online role-playing game in a medieval fantasy world.
Focus/SIS - A Web-based student information system.
ftp4che - FTP classes for Java.
Flying Saucer - A pure Java XML/CSS2.1 renderer.
Foundational Physics - A Java physics engine.
ferrisfuse - A FUSE module for mounting libferris filesystems through the Linux kernel.
FormatCheck - An tool that screens flat files for violations in the format of the data.
Formido - A simple shoot'em'up survival game.
Free Open FTP Face - A graphical FTP client.
FifoEmbed - A thread-safe basic queue, packet queue, and FIFO allocator.
Fake Xinerama - A replacement Xinerama library to provide a fake Xinerama setup.
Fix broken links - An application for fixing broken symbolic links.
Fair DJ - An Mserv-compatible music server.
fetchconfig - A script for retrieving configurations for multiple devices.
fb_mhash - A Firebird/Interbase UDF interface to the mhash library.
FlickrFrame - Software for making a digital picture frame connected to Flickr.
fsc2 - A program for versatile control of spectrometers.
Flagpoll - A tool used by developers to store/retrieve package meta-data.
FFT Spectra - A tool for the visualization of audio frequency spectra.
FeedStater - An RSS/Atom feed statistics tool.
failmalloc - A library to force failure in allocating memory.
ff javascript library - A minimal cross-browser AJAX/DOM Javascript library.
Fisherman - A system for managing the exploitation of natural resources.
fileq - A simple queued file transfer utility.
FormView - A taglib that manages the rendering of your JSPs.
Frunk - A program that detects and reports interface status changes using SNMP.
Flede - A flexible content management system.
FoxRabbitCarrot - A multiplayer networked board game and MUSCLE demo.
File Ripper - A tool for extracting files from disk images.
Fast File Validator - A program that creates and validates CRC32 or MD5 checksum files.
FreeBSD ports monitoring - Monitors what has changed in installed ports on FreeBSD.
fetch and deliver mail - A mail fetching, filtering, and delivery program.
Format on Save - An Eclipse plugin that automatically organizes imports and formats code on save.
FreeWERM - A Web-based application that can manage the HR side of any business.
flSynclient - A Synaptics touchpad front-end.
file2menu - A PHP class that automatically generates a menu of links or a sitemap.
Freeplot - An easy-to-use 2D mathematical function plotter.
Fast Genetic Algorithm - A simple yet powerful implementation of genetic algorithms.
fireflix - A Firefox extension to upload and manage photos on flickr.com.
Factory Nova - Project management software for businesses who wish to manage projects online.
Fuzz Engine - A 2D game engine powered by XML.
FreeADSP - Audio-oriented, real-time, cross-platform DSP software.
Firetero - A firewall for single workstations or servers.
flipflip's SlimServer On DiskStation - An add-on to the Synology DiskStation NAS devices to run SlimServer.
Floola - A multimedia manager for the iPod and Motorola phones.
FreeBoB - A free driver implementation for the BeBoB platform.
Free Digital Money - A digital money system.
FlexiCrypt - A universal cryptography toolkit.
Feudalistic Dynasties - A turn based strategy game with a feudalistic middle age theme.
Faster Java Serialization - A serialization method that uses run-time generation of tailor made code.
Firebox WM - Another window manager for Unix.
Foremost - A tool that recovers some files from drives or disk images.
Fusedaap - A read-only FUSE filesystem that allows for playing music from DAAP.
Free Image Manipulator - A multiplatform application to resize, convert, and add text to images in batch.
Firebolt - A network protocol validation library.
fb_shash - A UDF library for Firebird that implements hash and hmac algorithms.
Feedzeo - A RSS/RDF/Atom feed aggregator with reader.
FDMS3-FS - A FUSE filesystem for the FD4, FD8, VF160, D2424, and others.
Friend & Love - A dating script.
Fotoblog - A gallery for organizing pictures from your mobile phone.
Faith - A C++ graphical application toolkit.
Fido - A scheduled online media downloader/re-encoder.
flimsel - A minimalistic image browser.
Full Payment and Registration - A paid subscription user registration system.
Fortune - A daily dose of guidance and wisdom.
Find 'Em All - A graphical find-and-grep tool.
FizzBall - Bounce the FizzBall, make it grow, rescue animals, and solve a mystery!
Frepple - A toolkit for modeling and solving production planning problems.
FoxLingo - A Firefox extension which provides many language and translation services.
fl0p - A passive L7 flow fingerprinter.
FinanceToGo - An affordable and easy-to-use personal finance manager.
ftphs - An FTP client and server library for Haskell.
ffnet - A feed-forward neural network for Python.
Fosfat - A library and a tool for a read-only access on a Smaky disk.
Free RT - A real-time operating system.
FlickrBooth - A Flickr uploader plugin for Photo Booth.
Fire - A themable UI toolkit for J2ME, with XHTML/CSS support.
Felo - A program to estimate a fencer's strength.
Flickr: Add referrer into comments - greasemonkey script to leave bread crumbs on flickr comments.
Flickr Photo Compass - A greasemonkey script to display a photo compass on Flickr.
Flickr Follow Comment - A Greasemonkey script that improves Flickr's "Comments You've Made" page.
fuse.gunzip - A transparent decompression filesystem overlay for FUSE.
fuse1.pl - A demonstration of Fuse.pm.
FlightFeather Social Networking Platform - A social networking platform focusing on performance and minimal bandwidth use.
FORTRAN Sudoku - A command line Sudoku solver.
FreedroidRPG - An isometric RPG game with Tux, insane bots, and the end of the world.
FlexiRecord - A Ruby library for object-oriented access to databases.
freedomeditor - A Web-based development environment.
Fastilo - A shopping cart based on flat files.
FmPro Layout Diff - FmPro Layout Diff - Compares FileMaker Layouts
Frog CMS - A tool for publishing and maintaining contents on a Web site.
FlickrGettr - A tool to download automatically flickr.com picture sets.
fysh - A script to fill an iPod shuffle.
FreeWRT - An embedded GNU/Linux distribution.
Firenze - A commandline media aggregator which downloads podcasts.
fork - A simple Perl script to run a number of processes in parallel.
Fork JavaScript - A general purpose, namespaced JavaScript library
fntsample - A font sample generator.
FlickrViewer - A tool that displays a given Flickr photo set on your Web site.
Freeverb3 - A signal processing library and a VST effects plugins package.
fotofix - A simplistic image viewer.
FREP - A cluster file replication and synchronization application.
FreeBSDShield - A DShield.org reporting client for FreeBSD and ipfw.
Flickcurl - A C library API to the Flickr Web services.
fortune - Bushisms - A fortune file filled with quotes from George W. Bush.
foo2qpdl - A Linux printer driver for the Samsung CLP-300/310/315 and CLP-600/610/620.
foo2lava - A printer driver for the Konica Minolta magicolor 2530DL and 2490MF.
findview - A script to save a "find" search as a directory.
Fear Stats - Software that generate stats for F.E.A.R server log files.
Fuse Media Centre - A full featured multimedia application.
Fishkill - A minimalist functional programming language.
Firekeeper - An intrusion detection and prevention system for Firefox.
Firefox Session Editor - An editor for the Firefox session store.
Flectioned - Provides runtime reflection for D.
Firetable - A script to maintain an IPtables firewall.
fuselagefs - A C++ wrapper for FUSE and a Delegating subclass for decorator filesystems.
Free-SA - A processor (statistic analyzer) for daemons' log files, similar to SARG.
Fuzzled - A Perl fuzzing framework.
Fast Data Transfer - A Java application for high speed network transfers.
flapjack - A command line control utility for the Belkin Flip USB KVM.
FrontAccounting - A user-friendly, Web-based accounting system.
Fastdeploy - An automated operating system installation system.
FusionCharts Free - Animated Flash charts and graphs for ASP, ASP.NET, and PHP applications.
fakehermes - A small, lightweight fake SMTP server that supports SPF and RBL.
Finite State Machine C++ Template - A flexible C++ template for finite state machines.
FLASH-PLAICE - A flash programmer, emulator, and multi-channel logic analyzer.
Form Spam Bot Blocker - A PHP class to generate Web forms that prevent submission by robots.
Fawlty Language - An interactive programming language for data analysis.
flimp - A generic GUI for image manipulation.
Flash Decompiler Trillix - A SWF decompiler.
FluxBat - An ACPI based battery monitor for the fluxbox window manager.
Fripp - An extensible, spreadsheet-oriented music composition environment.
FryPHP - A PHP 5 template engine
FinkCommander - A GUI application for Fink.
fusenrg - Software that converts NRG to ISO on the fly.
Fischerscope-Parse - A scientific PHP script for parsing data from the Fischerscope nanoindenter.
flipflip's podcast downloader - A podcast downloader with several features.
FmPro Script Diff - A tool that compares, edits, searches, and stores FileMaker scripts.
Falt4 - A content management system with a clean UI.
fanntool - A GUI for artificial neural networks that uses the FANN library.
forms - A UI library and application framework.
Feng - An RTSP streaming server that supports recent codecs.
Freely Available Networked Gaming Engine - A networked 2D game engine for use in Java programs.
FastSig - A small signals/slots C++ library that features fast slot invocations.
Fitz - A window decoration for KDE that allows you to work (or play) faster.
FileRun - A Web-based file manager.
Funky Embeddable Interpreter - A tiny, easily embeddable functional programming language written in C++.
FerFT - A sound monitor, filter, and spectral analyzer.
FITpro for Eclipse - Software that makes FIT testing easier.
fbsql - Clean client libraries for Firebird and Interbase databases.
Family Connections - A social networking site for families and other small groups.
Fbi IMproved - Fbi IMproved is a framebuffer image viewer based on Fbi and inspired by Vim.
FreeDup - A tool to find, link, or remove duplicate, (substantially) identical files.
fmrii - A C++ library for fMRI modelling and analysis.
Funambol SOGo Connector - A connector that provides SyncML support for SOGo.
Fresh Memory - A tool for learning any material with Spaced Repetition.
frfs - A FUSE-based, in-RAM filesystem.
Fritz!WRT - An OpenWRT port for the Fritz!Box.
FrameAway - A transparent composition guide.
Fama Instant Messenger - An ncurses-based CLI telepathy IM client.
Fritz!Control - A tool that allows you to monitor your FRITZ!Box devices.
Fanurio - A time tracking and billing application for freelancers.
Fantasdic - A dictionary application (DICT client).
FOG - A solution for imaging Windows computers.
ftwin - A tool useful to find duplicate files or pictures according to their content.
Firewall Builder for Cisco IOS ACL - A Firewall Builder module that provides support for Cisco IOS access lists.
fbctrl - A utility to switch windows and desktops from a window manager.
fsrewrite - A utility to virtualize the filesystem layout.
Freecell - A console implementation of the solitaire game Freecell.
Foxrate mobile - A JavaME currency exchange application for mobile devices.
Func - A secure multi-system remote control.
fpgg - Yet another (X)HTML picture gallery generator.
Freshmeat GUI - A GUI for browsing the freshmeat newsletter.
Firefox Showcase - A Firefox plugin to show tabs as thumbnails to preview and manage them.
Fotoxx - A photo editing and collection management application.
FEST-Swing - Fixtures for easy software testing (in the form of a Swing module).
File exchange Protocol - Software to store and retrieve remote files using HTTP.
fldigi - A digital modem program for encoding/decoding amateur radio communication.
foo2slx - A Linux printer driver for the Lexmark C500n and the SLX protocol.
Food Combining Rules - A series of games to practise food combining rules.
FlippingBook Joomla Gallery - A Joomla 1.5 extension for creating galleries.
frei0r - A minimalistic plugin API for video effects.
freewvs - A Web vulnerability scanner.
FooTeX - Software for converting LaTeX math markup into MathML, HTML, or PNG.
Firefly Sure Book - A hotel booking system.
FSMDesigner - An EDA GUI application to design finite state machines (FSMs).
Fusil - A fuzzer framework for Linux command line programs.
fav2png - A CGI script that converts a favicon.ico image to the PNG format.
FreeSG - A modern 3D engine with an emphasis on generality.
faceCart - An AJAX powered shopping cart e-commerce platform.
Flot - Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery.
Flori - A Web front-end for Fedora Commons specializing in learning objects.
FTP Sync - A Web based script to synchronize files over FTP.
Fina - A simple, robust loader for Netfilter rules written in bash.
Font Industry - Converts a scanned in glyph grid sheet into a bitmap font with an index.
FreeOTFE4PDA - An "on-the-fly" transparent disk encryption program.
Financiamento CAIXA(2007) - A financial simulator for the CAIXA bank.
FreeDiag - A vehicle diagnostic tool that is mostly OBD 2 compatible.
FEST-Assert - Fixtures for easy software testing (an assertions module).
FlyingMoney Manager - A personal finance management application for UIQ.
Fontmatrix - An easy to use GUI font manager.
FeedRider - A multi-purpose application for reading feeds, browsing, and more.
Formulax - An AJAX formula editor.
Flow Language - 2D Brainfuck with threads.
foo2hiperc - A printer driver for the HIPERC protocol, e.g. the Oki C3400n.
FederatedX Pluggable Storage Engine - A network storage engine for MySQL.
Fakeroot Next Gen - Software that fools a program into thinking it is running as root.
FlexiCA - A certification authority tool based on Flexiprovider and ASN1Codec.
Faust AUdio STreams - A programming language for realtime audio signal processing.
FREEDOM ECM - A solution for making business applications.
Florence - A virtual keyboard for GNOME.
FileZ - A Web application intended to provide a way to share big files.
Furia-chan - An open source/libre software license violation detector.
Fracture - A Java multi-core utilization library.
FladsClassifieds - A classified advertisement publishing system.
finetd - An Internet superserver that supports IPv4, IPv6, and UNIX domain sockets.
FEST-Reflect - A Fluent interface for Java Reflection.
Fail2ban - A program that bans hosts that make too many password failures.
Funpidgin - A Pidgin fork with manual resizing.
Free Logic Form - A system that generates logic forms of English sentences.
FullTextSearch4NB - A Lucene-based full text search plugin for Netbeans.
FlipSlide - A flip and slide GUI interface for Windows Mobile.
frtplot - A real-time data plotter.
Facebook Newsroom CMS framework - A generic Facebook application that provides community and news features.
Flashcam - Support for V4L2 webcams in Adobe Flash for Linux.
Freecine - A do-it-yourself telecine system.
FrobTADS - A console version of TADS.
Four in a line - A Connect Four game.
FIGlet - A program for making large letters out of ordinary text.
Feature Data Objects - A GIS analysis framework.
finic - Small financial software.
FBReaderJ - An e-book reader for the Google Android platform.
Free YouTube Downloader - An application for downloading videos from YouTube.
Fieldtrip - A Web application to build online case studies with maps and multimedia.
Figaro's Password Manager 2 - A GTK2 application to securely store passwords.
Flash'In'App - A Cocoa framework for loading and managing Flash movies.
FOSS Factory Source - Source code for the FOSS Factory website.
Fura - Grid middleware for application distribution on heterogeneous resources.
fwdaemon - A Linux firewall runtime backend.
fsniper - A daemon to run scripts based on changes in files monitored by inotify.
FreeIPA - Identity, policy, and audit management.
FreeCC - A parser generator based on JavaCC.
Fluffy Linux Cluster - A network load balancer with failover requiring no separate load balancer server
fuse-zip - A FUSE filesystem for mounting ZIP archives.
Friend-to-Friend (F2F) Computing - An instant messaging based spontaneous desktop grid.
fixx bug tracker - A bug tracking and issue tracking product for software teams.
fookebox - A Web-based jukebox-style frontend to mpd.
FTGL - An OpenGL font rendering library.
Fountain 3D - An interactive water fountain in J2ME mobile.
Fimex - A library for geospatial data file manipulation.
Forlex Mount Manager - A mount manager for storage devices.
Freenukum - A clone of the original Duke Nukem game.
FEATFLOW - A CFD solver for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.
Fire.fm - A Firefox extension to access Last.fm.
FbTerm - A fast frame buffer-based terminal emulator for Linux.
Faxfrontend - A clean way to print to fax while using a desktop.
FXL Template - A high performance template engine.
Find4j - A Java-based desktop-enhancing toolbox.
fxmoviemanager - A file manager and playlist with movie thumbnails.
Fresco - A distributed windowing system.
F*EX - A Web based service for transferring huge files.
fpasteit - A CLI tool to submit program output to fpaste.org.
Flex Bison C++ Template - A code template to integrate a Flex scanner and Bison parser in a C++ program.
FFMQ - A fully Java, lightweight, fast JMS 1.1 implementation.
Flex Maven Reports - Maven reports for Flex applications.
FireflySEO HTTP Viewer - FireflySEO HTTP Viewer
FoxTray - A system tray icon for the FOX Toolkit.
fvs_transconv - A program that makes a certain color in an image transparent.
Fype - A scripting language created just for fun.
File Manager System - A PHP class to manipulate server side files and directories.
FastFormat - A fast, type-safe, extensible, I18N/L10N compliant C++ output/formatting library.
FoodBrowser - A tool to add calories found in foods.
fastcgi++ - A C++ library for using FastCGI.
Fully Automated Nagios - Linux distribution for Nagios, Centreon, NaReTo, Nagvis, Plugins, ...
FreeRapid - A program for downloading files from RapidShare and and other servers.
Freeciv.net - An online multi-player strategy game.
FastDup - A duplicate file scanner with a focus on extreme speed.
File-Picker - A program to display and choose files from your Web site.
F-Spot - A personal photo management tool.
Fast Code Eclipse Plugin - An Eclipse plugin for fast coding in Java.
Fractal Fripperies Fractal Explorer - A tool to easily explore Mandelbrot sets.
FreeMet - Displays several meteorological maps, etc. in one program.
flinks - A flashing-word Web browser.
firkin - A Python module to convert between different measurement units.
French AGGIR Calculator - French AGGIR Calculator, BSD-modified license
Fonomo Pidgin Plugin - A video chat plugin for Pidgin.
fourBar - A minimal application launching bar for POSIX systems.
FreeCAD - 3D CAx Rapid Application Development Platform
folder2blog - A minimalist blog engine based on plain text
finddbl - A duplicate file scanner.
FreeDBMobile - A program to search for singers' discographies on the freedb.org Web site.
Fosstrak - An EPC Network-compliant RFID software platform.
Free News Wire - A server-side RSS feed manager.
Fyrewall - A firewall system based on FreeBSD.
fliXXery - A movie and TV series database.
Fast Floating Fractal Fun - A fast SSE / SSE2 fractal generator.
fsmm - A file system monitor and mirror.
File-Dir-Dumper - A CPAN module that serialializes a directory structure to a JSON stream.
fuse-cache - A FUSE caching filesystem.
FAVS - A planet of blogs designed for teachers.
FreeStar Free 3GP Converter - A program that easily converts any video to the 3gp format.
ftp4j - A pure Java FTP client library.
FrostWire - FrostWire is a free and open source P2P file sharing application.
feed4j - A Java feed parsing library, supporting both RSS and Atom.
FleaIM - A Web-based MSN messenger clone.
faceservice.cgi - A CGI program for detecting faces on the Web.
Flowpaint - A next generation paint program with a focus on usability and power.
FriCAS - An advanced computer algebra system.
Folx - A download manager and BitTorrent client.
Foxtract - A simple Outlook Express e-mail message extractor.
FlickFleck - Copy, rename, and rotate jpeg photos using EXIF information.
Frog Escape - Frog Escape is a clone of the Konami classic Frogger.
fsarchiver - A filesystem archiver for Linux.
FreeRanger - An electronic field/wildlife guide.
FEST-Mocks - A library to fix the shortcomings of Mock Objects.
FlyCharts - Flash chart component for creating compact, interactive graphs and charts for Web applications.
Frams' Shell Tools - Shell tools to make Unix everyday life more comfortable.
Fast Move - A small, simple, and efficient file system viewer for the console.
Frescobaldi - A LilyPond sheet music editor.
Foswiki - A data wiki enabling users to colaborativly build applications.
Flush - A GTK+ BitTorrent client.
Free Bible Search PHP Script - A Web script for searching and reading the Bible.
File-Find-Object - An object-oriented Perl module to traverse a directory structure.
Foglyn - A FogBugz plugin for Eclipse.
ff_rename - A bulk renaming tool.
FECpp - A C++ library implementing forward error correction.
fineco2qif - Scirpt to convert FinecoBank statements to QIF (e.g. for GnuCash).
Fingerprint GUI - A GUI toolset for fingerprint identification and authentication.
Fey - Better SQL Generation Through Perl.
FusionMaps - A tool for creating animated, interactive, and data-driven Flash maps.
FX Player - A flash-based MP3 streaming server.
FreeStar YouTube MP3 Converter - A program to download YouTube videos and extract MP3 audio from them.
FreeRTOS - A miniature RTOS kernel.
FreeStar Free DVD Ripper - An application to rip DVDs to MP3, MPEG2, DivX, and XviD formats.
Femto - A very small bulletin board.
Flusspferd - A Javascript scripting platform with bindings for C++.
FusionCharts for Flex - Interactive, animated, and highly customizable charts for Adobe Flex solutions.
Flinger - A lightweight program launcher in GTK+.
fluks - A disk encryption utility.
FusionCharts - Interactive and data-driven Flash charts for dynamic Web applications.
Froggix - A clone of the classic arcade game Frogger.
feed2omb - A tool that posts from feeds to microblogs.
freshwall - A GNOME wallpaper changer
FYM :: FindYourMedia - A media organizer.
famflows - An alternative accounting program for families.
Flexc++ - A lexical scanner generator.
FindRepe - A duplicate file finder.
FRLA - A FreeRadius Log Analyser.
FatRat - A featureful download manager.
fsprotect - Scripts that make filesystems on Debian systems immutable.
Falcon - A programming language that is easily embedded and supports many paradigms.
FusionForge - A Web-based collaborative development environment.
firewall_e - A Web application to grant access to services after Web authentication.
ff3sudoku - A Firefox 3+ add-on for playing Sudoku.
fp.board - Community bulletin board software.
FlatTree - A Java CSV and FLR reading and writing library.
Fixjures - A data-driven dummy object creator for Java.
Functy - A 3D function drawing package..
fallback-gw - A script to activate backup routing on gateway failure.
flashrom - A utility for reading, writing, erasing, and verifying BIOS/ROM/flash chips.
Fing - A command line tool for network and service discovery.
Final Page - A document post production tool for the GNOME Environment.
fbcat - A framebuffer grabber.
fjbtndrv - A Linux driver for the tablet buttons of Fujitsu Tablet PCs.
FFDPERL - A SQL command-based flat file database for Perl.
Funky - An embeddable functional programming language.
FcronQ - An Fcron GUI.
Frama-C - A static analysis framework for C.
FLOW3 - A PHP application framework.
FirMaker - A graphical tool to create Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters.
FitNesse Maven Classpath Plugin - A Maven2 plugin to generate a FitNesse classpath from a Maven2 project.
Fressia - A framework for testing automation.
FreeNOS - An experimental microkernel operating system for learning purposes.
FreeNATS - An automatic network testing system (NMS).
fstrcmp - A library of fuzzy string comparison functions.
Freeplane - Mind mapping software.
Feedback Form and Script - A feedback form with image verification and email /field validation.
Flat File Reporting - Adds fixed width file support to IReport Designer / Jasper Reports.
ForeUI - A UI prototyping tool that creates static or interactive prototypes with various UI styles.
FTP Folder Copy or Delete - A PHP class to copy or delete directories in an FTP server.
fabric3 - An SCA runtime.
flex-fw - A flexible front-end for iptables.
File-Find-Object-Rule - A convenient Perl interface for tree traversal.
Free Islamic Toolbar - Islamic toolbar for watching Islamic TV channels, listen Islamic radio, Islamic Search engine and more..
FinvoiceLib - A Python library for reading Finvoice XML files.
FormReturn OMR - Optical mark recognition (OMR) software.
flashrd - An OpenBSD flash read-only installer.
Floggy - A J2ME persistence framework.
FlashQard - A learning and study assistant.
Furry Paws - A compiler for the FP programming language.
filterunit - A unit test facility for command line programs with file input and output.
FísicaLab - An educational application for solving physics problems.
FTL - A generic system-level application programming library written in C++.
Firewall/SOSDG - A simple Netfilter/IPTables firewall.
Font Manager - A font management application for the GNOME desktop.
Field3D - A C++ library for storing voxel data.
fastgps - A GPS software receiver.
fcprinter - A framework for printing flash cards for the Leitner system.
FreeForth - An interactive extendable compiler for i386.
find-root.sh - A bash library for finding the roots of continuous functions.
FastSSHer - Fast connections to Linux/Unix hosts over the SSH protocol.
Fluidity - GTD software for Linux.
FACTORITY - A manufacturing execution system.
Flynax General Classified script - An online classifieds script.
Fedora-Bugzilla - Interact with Fedora/RedHat's bugzilla instance
fonosip-siphon - An onoSIP siphon softphone configuration utility.
flashpolicyd - A server for Adobe Flash Policy XML files.
FlowDesigner - A visual scientific programming environment.
Form Data Processing - A PHP class to generate SQL queries from HTTP request values.
FIX Latency - A script that reads a FIX log and reports on latency.
fslurp - A program for reading Fronius inverter data from the Fronius Interface Easy Card via a serial port.
Forty-two - An aeroplane shoot-em-up game.
Form Builder PHP Class - This project promotes rapid development of HTML forms through an object-oriented PHP framework.
Fkmines - A Minesweeper clone for terminals.
fnf - A script for getting a list of a Twitter user's friends and followers.
Forms4j - A Java Spring form library.
FastFwD - An easy-to-configure and easy-to-use port forwarding daemon.
FastFlow - A multi-core programming framework.
FXiTE - An extensible text editor.
filter_evdev - Finely tuned per-axis sensitivity and key remapping for Linux input devices.
FeinCMS - A CMS framework on top of Django.
FWPTT - A Web load testing tool.
fbpad - A small Linux framebuffer virtual terminal.
fbff - Asmall FFmpeg-based framebuffer/ALSA media player.
fbvnc - A small Linux framebuffer VNC viewer.
fbpdf - A small framebuffer PDF viewer.
Final Config - An application preferences dialogue implemented as a DBus service
Floreant POS - A touch-based POS application for restaurants and bars.
FBAC-LSM - A way to restrict programs based on the features they provide.
FuzzyOcr - A plugin to combat image spam with SpamAssassin.
feeds2imap - A program that downloads feeds to an IMAP account.
FUBAR - Infinite zoom-in on images using Kriging.
Forban - A link-local (local area network) opportunistic P2P application.
FFMPEG Progressbar - A progress bar to show the status of a convertion with FFMPEG in a Web page.
File Commander - A file manager in the style of Norton Commander.
FileMyFiles - A tool to clean up your desktop, change file names, uninstall apps, and partially empty the trash.
FileExtractor - A file recovery tool.
FeelHome - Software that connect your computer to the Internet and let you access your files and folders from around the world.
FSter - A configurable virtual filesystem using Tracker as a backend.
FireBreath - A cross-platform, cross-browser plugin framework.
Fawkes - A robot software framework.
fausterize - A small encrypting text editor.
fog-framework - A high performance 2D vector graphics library for C++.
Fulworx - A Restlet to XWork bridge.
FFmpegPHP - A pure PHP wrapper for ffmpeg.
Froxlor - A server management panel.
FreePHPShoppingCartSoftware - PHP shopping cart software with a MySQL database back end.
FreePHPBlogSoftware - Blog software.
Fango - A one-file PHP MVC framework.
FusionInventory Agent - A generic inventory agent.
Filemonitor - Software to monitor for open files on your system in real time.
Filterous - A Delicious commandline filter.
Flexible Localization - A .NET/Mono library for string-based user interface localization.
FreePBX provisioning system - A utility to automatically provision your Sipura/Linksys and Polycom phones.
FlBurn - An optical disk burning software for Linux.
FidoCadJ - An easy to use multi-platform editor for electronics.
FortunesFlashrider - Prolinux Fortunes
Fairmat - Derivative contracts pricing and modeling software.
fcppt - A C++ library with various classes and functions to make C++ development easier.
Fontmonk - A simple batch font converting GUI.
Flac2All - A recursive, multithreaded script to convert from FLAC to Ogg Vorbis, MP3, or FLAC.
Funifs - A FUSE driver for read-only unions of read-only branches.
Funani - Software for management of large media collections.
Foresight Linux - A next-generation Linux distribution.
FEEDPROVIDER - A hubbub bot for Google Wave and Jabber.
FB-Mix - A simple mixer applet for the system tray.
Fang of Mongo - A Web based administration tool for MongoDB.
FluxBB - A fast, light-weight forum.
FFTW++ - C++ header class for the FFTW Fast Fourier Transform Library
Form Validation with PHP - An HTML form validation class.
File upload and validation class - A PHP class that performs file uploading and validating.
ferrisplasmoids - A set of KDE4 plasmoids to output and graph files from the libferris Plasma Data Engine.
Freeseer - A video screencaster.
frey - A high-level library.
FEST JavaFX Compiler Maven Plug-in - A Maven plug-in for compiling JavaFX sources and test sources.
FinMetrics - A MATLAB-based quantitative portfolio management environment.
FreeBSD Gnome Install Script - A script that installs the GNOME desktop environment and basic system tools and configures the FreeBSD operating system.
Feed4TestNG - Software that lets you improve your testing with parametrization for tasks as smoke testing, equivalence class testing, and analyst driven tests.
FreeSentral - An IP PBX based on Yate.
foldroid - A mail folder selection tool.
FileZilla - A versatile FTP program with a GUI.
FreeDiams - A program for making prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs and testing their interactions.
FSMGen - A finite state machine generator.
Feed4JUnit - Test method parametrization for methodologies like smoke testing, equivalence class testing, and analyst driven tests.
Frogatto - A 2D platformer game starring a certain quixotic frog.
Free Simple Blog - Blog software.
Free Simple Shop - Shopping cart software.
Free Simple CMS - Content management software.
Forge - Play the card game Magic: The Gathering against the computer.
FireShot - A simple 2D game engine.
FlickrUp - A Flickr image uploader for Symbian devices.
fretscpp - Frets on Fire rewritten in C++.
FusionInventory for GLPI - A GLPI plugin that communicates with a FusionInventory agent.
FESA - A JavaScript class to send and receive AJAX requests.
FusionInventory::Agent::Task::OcsDeploy - OCS Inventory Software deployment for FusionInventory.
FDRDF - A tool for gathering file metadata to RDF.
footware - A tiny program that lets you use a MIDI-input device as a PC-keyboard extension.
Formallin - A form generator tool.
FlueNC - A PHP library to help with writing fluent APIs.
Flock, The Social Web Browser - A social Web browser built for Facebook and Twitter.
Fast Page Content Loader - A JavaScript object that can load Web pages faster by delaying slow remote content.
Fork CMS - A very usable CMS that enables people to manage their Web sites in great detail.
Football News Aggregator - A PHP script to fetch feeds either through cron or manually.
force_bind - Enforce binding to a specific address/port using a preloaded library.
freeDiameter - A Diameter framework in C for authentication, authorization, and accounting purposes.
FileBot - A TV and movie renamer and subtitle downloader.
Flowgrind - A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.
fmconv - A script that converts all UUID strings in /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst to their device name equivalents, or vice-versa.
Fuzzy machine learning framework - A library and GUI front-end for machine learning.
fastfoo - A CMS in CakePHP.
FindDup - A tool to find duplicate files on your computer.
Fiji - An image processing package that includes ImageJ, Java, Java 3D, and many plugins.
flexmock - A mocking library for Python inspired by Ruby's Flexmock.
FlippingBook Photo Album Builder - A photo album builder.
FAPWS - A fast, asynchronous Python WSGI server.
First Friend for Jomsocial and Joomla - A Jomsocial plugin for sending welcome letters and friend requests.
fwsm-backup - An automatic backup tool for Cisco FWSM.
FindTBB - A CMake module for finding Intel's Threading Building Blocks library.
FM SiteSearch Pro - A quick and simple solution to adding professional search capability to a Web site.
FM EasyList - A quick and simple way to add a mailing list to your Web site.
FirefoxSync for DolphinHD - A plugin for DolphinHD on Android to sync with Firefox desktops.
Flixn Media Platform - A Web media swiss army knife.
Finance-Bank-ID-BCA - A module to check your BCA accounts from Perl.
Frieda - A simple music server that can be used with just a Web browser.
FidoReadPHP - A PHP class for parsing the FidoCad/FidoCadJ format to an image.
Furl (CPAN) - An HTTP library for Perl.
FreeSHIM - Medical device interface abstraction software.
FontMapper - A bitmap font generator.
Func Package - A package to register and call functions.
fabula - A Python game engine for adventure, role-playing, and strategy games and digital interactive storytelling.
feedparser - A Python library that parses Atom, RDF, RSS, and CDF feeds.
feindura - A flat file based content management system.
file utilities - A collection of file utilities.
FatPhone - An iPhone Web site template for FatWire ContentServer.
FiWeather - A script that fetches weather information for cities in Finland.
FFmpeg - A multimedia framework and tools.
flophase - A simple cash flow management application.
Feel++ - A finite element embedded language and library in C++.
feed2wmmenu - A tool to generate X11 window manager menus from RSS, ATOM, or other news feeds.
Flaka - A plugin for Ant.
flac-utils - A toolkit for managing FLAC files.
FTPSynizer - A file synchronizer that uses FTP.
fstransform - A file-system transformation tool.
FusionDirectory - An infrastructure manager.
fluentxml - A minimalist pythonic XML library.
fathom - A Python3 library and tools for database inspection.
FEHASHMAC - A hash and HMAC command line tool.
FlickrDownload - Allows downloading all of your photos and associated metadata from Flickr.
fSphinx - A program that easily builds faceted search systems using Sphinx.
freecoin - A versatile version of the bitcoin framework, supporting language bindings and multiple currencies.
FLOSSmole Data Collectors - Programs to collect data about open source software development.
flymake-cursor.el - An emacs enhancement to display a flymake message in the minibuffer.
FengOffice - A WebOffice, project management, and collaboration tool.
Fuseki - A SPARQL 1.1 server.
flickernoise - A user-friendly VJ application optimized for the Milkymist One and the Milkymist SoC.
FCEUX - A powerful, portable Famicom/NES emulator.
Feff - Front-end for FFmpeg.
Fluere - A graphical package for Particle Image Velocimetry.
flooBB - A flat file bulletin board and forum.
FreeDebks - Accounting software.
fdupdirs - A tool to find and delete duplicate files and directories.
Form styler - A class that styles HTML form inputs using images.
FCookie - A JavaScript object to store and retrieve values in Flash cookies.
ffDiaporama - A movie creator for creating slide shows.
Feedback Easy - A JavaScript object to collect user feedback using Google Analytics.
FMRD-Desktop - A database and data entry app for storing soccer match results.
Foobillard++ - A 3D billiard game.
flPlug - A library to provide a type-safe interface for the event callback system of the FLTK library.
Find What I Mean - An error-tolerant searching system.
Fossil - Simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management.
FormSpamCheck - A PHP class for centralized form spam protection.
fsperms - A filesystem security tool.
FreeTable - A cloud database system.
[email protected] indicator - A GNOME indicator application for [email protected]
Flash Formula Editor - A formula editor made with flash.
FEniCS - Automated solution of differential equations.
finddup.pl - A script that finds duplicate files.
Facebook for SOTESHOP - A Facebook extension for the SOTESHOP e-commerce software.
FDiamondEngine - An engine for 3D game development.
Flask - A micro Web development framework for Python.
Farspice - An action game with some strategic elements
Forxx - A programming language for text processing.
Fat Free CRM - A customer relationship management (CRM) platform.
FreeMedForms - An electronic medical records manager.
FileMaker Custom Functions for PayPal APIs - Easily integrate PayPal web service API's directly into your FileMaker Pro solution.
fifoirc - A tool to connect a FIFO to an IRC channel.
fjfs - A FUSE module for joining multple files as one.
Foafpress - A Semantic Web application for publishing RDF data, and a Linked Data aggregator.
For human eyes only - A Firefox plugin that lets you reclaim online privacy.
Flowr - A flatfile forum.
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac OS X - A tool which saves YouTube videos to MP3 files.
fake sshd - A fake SSH daemon that logs password attacks.
foma - A finite-state machine compiler and C library.
Freedom ERP - Business management software.
Five Hundred - A scriptable card game for four players.
Funcito - A functional wrapper for Java methods.
Fido File Monitor - A multi-threaded file watcher and response daemon.
FF Multi Converter - A GUI application which converts multiple file formats to different extensions.
Free Mobile App Icons - A collection of icons for mobile apps.
Free-gov - An e-government platform.
File2Radius - A script that generates real time RADIUS accounting records from CDR files.
FroZenLight - An application which interrelates line arts, math, and cryptography.
Form Validation - Form validation in JavaScipt.
FRBR-Redis Datastore - A NoSQL bibliographic record datastore for MARC, MODS, Dublin Core, and others using Redis.
Finesse - An Interferometer simulation.
flexi cart - A comprehensive shopping cart library for CodeIgniter.
FEDES - A finite element data exchange system.
F-Engrave - Engraving and v-carving of text and DXF files.
Fish Sync - Synchronization of multiple folders between several computers.
fix8 - A modern C++ FIX framework featuring complete schema customisation, high performance, and fast development.
fssh - A wrapper for ssh.
Full Metal Galaxy - A Web-based war game.
FreeFuzzyTime - A time reasoner which can be integrated into medical applications.
FortNotes - An online password manager.
FuzzyIndex - A utility database for performing fuzzy searches.
frant - A userspace ANT protocol stack for Linux (Forerunner 310XT and others).
FeatureC++ - A Feature-Oriented C++ compiler.
Fairmount - A DVD decrypting utility.
fundest - A library for robust, non-linear fundamental matrix estimation.
Form Saver - A PHP class which fills form inputs with submitted values.
FlexPHP News - News management scripts.
Fresh IDE - A flat assembler RAD IDE.
FingerPrint Sensor Driver + QT GUI - A fingerprint sensor that uses the SM 630 fingerprint sensor module.
forgething - A simple todo list application.
fexpect - An extension of fabric for handling prompts with pexpect.
fpgasm - Creation of bare-metal FPGA designs without Verilog or VHDL.
fpgatools - A toolchain for programming flexible programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).
Fqutils - A toolset for bioinformatics people working with files in the FASTQ format.
finit - A fast plugin-based /sbin/init with service monitoring.
feedMe - A jQuery RSS and ATOM/iTunes parser.
Fairy Books - A children's storybook creator.
FlatTraffic - A Netflow reporting Web GUI for small networks.
Foods and Moods - An application that tracks what you eat and how you feel.
French Word Searches - Topic-based French word searches for beginner to intermediate students.
Fetch Apple iTunes data - A PHP class which can search for a variety of content in the Apple iTunes store.
Fifteen Puzzle - A JavaScript implementation of the "Fifteen puzzle" game.
Form Maker - A WordPress form builder and contact form plugin.
fonts-tweak-tool - A font related configuration tool.
Firefly's Beetroot - A very easy to learn regression tester.
Fubsy - A universal build tool.
Fluxfont - A continual random font generator daemon for increased privacy.
Filesystem - A Java framework for working with paths and trees of files.
FitNesse Launcher Maven Plugin - A plugin which directly launches the FitNesse integration test server.
Ferret - A copy detection program.
Fvwm-Nightshade - A desktop environment based on Fvwm.
fswalker - An indexer and query tool for large filesystems.
Flawless - A Python framework to monitor exceptions and notify developers about about issues.
FFP - A FIX protocol parser.
Fortools_dd - Forensic tools.
foo2hbpl - A Linux printer driver for the HBPL protocol.
File Recovery Software for Mac - A file recovery program.
freedns-afraid - A dynamic DNS client or updater.
FreeSpeech - An application for speech recognition and dictation.
filegive - Easy sending of files point-to-point.
fritz-payment/jsonrpc - A PHP JSON RPC library.
flowsum - A SQL+CGI addon wrapper for flowtools-ng.
fuzzylite - A fuzzy logic control library and application.
fab - A Linux/Unix build utility featuring integrated dependency discovery.
Freedomotic - Software which can interact with well-known standard building automation protocols.
file2password - A utility that converts any file into a secure password.
Free Chart Geany - A software solution for market technical analysis and charting.
ftracer - A function tracer for gcc.
Fivebit - A Python 3 compression library for short text strings.
FuckTheNSA - A binary-to-text encoding and decoding tool.
FFSampledSP - A free implementation of the javax.sound.sampled.spi interfaces based on FFmpeg.
fcmm - A fast concurrent memoization map.
Fileevent - A rules-based utility that notices files and perform actions on them.
fgallery - A minimalist JavaScript gallery.
FileRunner - A two-pane file manager for Unix and Unix-like systems.
FEED - A commandline syndication feed reader.
Facebook Comments - A Facebook comments addon for PrestaShop.
Fish Fillets NG - A port of the puzzle game Fish Fillets from ALTAR interactive.
Flexviews - A Materialized View solution for MySQL.
Farly - Firewall policy management software.
facedetect - A simple face detector for batch processing.
Fileaxy - A file de-duplication, organization, and bulk previewing tool.
freedatamap.com - A Web UI for big data
Find Subtitles - A tool that finds movie and series subtitles in any language.
foodsoft - Online software for a non-profit food coop.
FLOM - A simple lock manager.
fortune-mod-southpark - A fortune file with quotes from South Park.

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