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HTTPMail - Documentation and implementation of the HTTPMail protocol.
hwsms.pl - Sends SMS via handywelt.at.
hbiff - A biff program for X11.
HawksleyClock - A configurable applet clock.
HTML Document Object - A Perl module for creating Dynamic HTML documents.
Harm - Client/server app to get behind a firewall.
Hounddog - A KDE instrument tuner.
Hebrew Editor - Word processor for Hebrew/English LaTeX.
Hero Wars - An implementation of Issaries Inc.'s Hero Wars RPG.
httplog - Apache log rollover program w/strftime(3) filename support
HawkNL - Cross platform network library for Unix and Windows.
hk_classes - A C++ library for rapid development of database applications.
hsqldb Database Engine - A Java SQL database.
Hammer - A simple tool to automate XML-Object mapping.
html2ps - A utility which converts HTML to Postscript.
hanterm - A version of xterm with Hangul support.
heh - Handy Extension Handler.
http_ping - measure HTTP latency
HtmlRipper - HTML structure extraction using pre-defined rules.
html2fo - A utility which converts HTML to XSL FO.
HITWEB - A PHP program that allows you to create and maintain Yahoo!-like directories.
hamfax - Qt/X11 application for sending and receiving amateur radio facsimiles
horizontal system monitor - A low space system monitor for tiny (e.g. notebook) desktops.
Homedns - A DNS system designed for home use.
H-Sphere - Web Hosting Control Panel.
HuC - A PC Engine C compiler.
Hot Date - One-screen view for appointments, alarms, and to-do items.
HTTPget - A program that makes it easy to retrieve files through HTTP.
Hogwash - A layer 2 packet scrubber based on the snort signature engine.
hk_kdeclasses - A C++ library for rapid development of databases under KDE 2.x.
HA-Tools - Some programs to improve shell scripting especially in a HA environment.
HTTP Fetcher - A library for downloading files via HTTP's GET method.
Half-Life Master Server - A Half-Life master server daemon.
Historical Event Markup and Linking Project - A Java Web app to display historical events marked up in XML.
http_filter - An HTTP tunnel with filtering and multiplexing.
HTML-to-Text Processor - Processes and counts text words from HTML files.
HTTP Client class - A PHP class that implements HTTP client methods.
Hierarchical Sitemapper - A script which creates a hierarchical sitemap for a Web site.
hp48cc - A compiler that translates a C-like language into HP48 RPN.
HTTP-WebTest - A test for remote URLs or local Web files.
HTML Cal - A Perl script to generate clear schedules/calendars from a simple source file.
Hawserwar - A game of skills with the keyboard for two players.
HotSheet - A cross-platform RSS news reader with a friendly GUI.
HTML Slide generator - An HTML slideshow generator for your photo albums.
Haskell Ports Library - Functional library for time-dependent variables
HTML::Template::Expr - An HTML::Template extension adding expression support.
hfloat - A library for calculations with extreme precision.
HTTP Grabber - Saves files transmitted via the HTTP protocol.
HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project - A Ghostscript addon for inkjet printers.
HotSaNIC - A Web-based stats tool.
HTML to WML transcoder - An on-the-fly HTML to WML transcoder.
HLib DHTML cross-browser API - A cross-browser DHTML API.
HyperSQL - A program that creates hypermaps of SQL source files.
Hugo - GPS-capable moving map software.
Humanity - The Movie - The bazaar way of writing a movie.
Header and Envelope rewrite mini-HOWTO - A HOWTO for separately rewriting the header and envelope of outgoing mails.
HTML::Template::JIT - A just-in-time compiler for HTML::Template.
Hierarchical Project Tree - A documentation/planning tool.
Hawk DNS Housekeeper / Host Monitor - A DNS housekeeper that compares DNS and active hosts.
Hephaestus - A computer role playing game construction kit.
Helma - A JavaScript Web application framework.
HTTP::TestEngine - Records an HTTP session.
HsClock - An accurate, multi-zone GTK clock.
Hotwayd - A POP3/SMTP to HTTPMail (WebDAV) gateway written in C.
High Resolution Profiler - Creates gmon.out based on the Pentium time stamp counter.
hoverbots - AI robot competition with 3D graphics.
halfscan6 - An IPv6 port scanner.
HostServ - Dynamic user- and hostname updates for IRC.
HotelDruid - A Web-based hotel and rental property management system.
Hyperactive Directory Administrator - A graphical LDAP user/group/host administration tool.
hc-ftpd - A Java FTP daemon.
Hexxagon - An Ataxx clone.
HAL UI - A remote user interface for Linux.
hddtemp - A program to display the temperature of your hard drive.
Hibernate - Relational persistence for idiomatic Java.
HTTP Proxy Client - Provides transparent access to Internet via HTTP proxy.
hmm - Hidden Markov Models in Python.
Hashish - A file and string hashing utility.
HTMLSpeak! - A simple-yet-powerful HTML-based chat script.
HTB.init - A setup script for simple HTB-based traffic control
HTTP Navigator - A set of PHP classes to simplify sending and receiving HTTP messages.
HTML::TableExtract - A Perl module for easy extraction of information from HTML tables.
HTTP Proxy - A simple HTTP proxy tunnel
Hypernon - A hypermedia authoring tool.
Hercules Emulator - A System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture emulator.
Haskell IDoc - Extracts interfaces from Haskell modules.
HXML - An XML parser for Haskell.
h5utils - Utilities for visualization and conversion of HDF5 data files.
HTML.Template - A package to let you use HTML Templates in your Java programs.
HTML::Merge - A Perl/HTML/SQL embedded scripting tool.
Hornet - A GUI frontend to MySQL databases.
Hird Of PHP Parts - A programmer-friendly PHP library.
Hayward's Fortunes - A Bierce-like collection of fortunes.
heatload - A CPU load and ACPI temperature monitor.
HotSAX - A small footprint SAX2 parser for HTML.
HouseSpider - A Java search applet for web site.
Horatio: Authenticated Network Access - A firewall authentication tool.
honeyd - A small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network.
Httperf server stressing and benchmark tool class - A class that interfaces with the httperf program to evaluate server performance.
hdup - A backup program with encryption and full network support.
Higher Level Architecture 3D Simulation Viewer - A basic 3D viewer (synthetic camera) able to join an HLA simulation.
Hackedbox - A stripped down version of Blackbox.
HTML::GenToc - Generates a Table of Contents for HTML files.
Hunt for Gold - A real-time strategy game in Java.
htmlcat - A tool for concatenating HTML files.
htmlrecode - Modifies and changes the character set of a HTML file.
Hermes - A CRM and business tools development environment.
Hierarchical Data Format - A library and file format for storing structured data.
HTML::Defaultify - A Perl module for filling in default HTML form field values.
hg_regexp - A regular expressions library with Hangul support.
HTML::Tagreader - A Perl module for reading HTML/XML tags.
Hep Message Server - Transfers messages between different sytems (RSS, email, weblogs, etc.)
HenPlus - A Java JDBC-SQL shell with commandline completion.
Highlight - A universal source code to formatted text converter.
Height Map Editor - A terrain generator and editor.
HTML::XSSLint - Audits XSS vulnerabilities in Web pages.
HTML_ToPDF - A tool to convert HTML pages to PDF documents on the fly.
Hopify - Tools and documentation on how to learn to speed read.
HTML Help Maker - A tool for creating ITS files.
HIFN 7951 Linux Driver - A Linux driver for cryptographic cards based on HIFN7951 chips.
helpme - Audio diagnostics for cluster nodes.
hostupd - A commandline tool for DNS updates.
Hydra - A high-performance Web server.
Helicon System Analyzer - A Java search engine for gathering all system information.
htmlex - A powerful HyperText Markup Language preprocessor.
html2jpg - A tool that converts HTML pages into a variety of image formats.
HylaFAXSender - A simple GUI frontend to send faxes using a HylaFAX server.
HIDAM - A "Hierarchical Data Manager" that edits data in XML format.
Hardware Simulator for Pesona 16 - A simulator for the Pesona-16 microprocessor.
Heimdal - A Kerberos 5 implementation.
histofile - A tool that shows histograms of used byte-values in files.
Helix DNA Client - A media playback engine SDK.
hmake - A compilation manager for Haskell programs.
HaXml - A suite of libraries for using XML in Haskell.
Hat - A tracing and debugging system for Haskell.
hasciicam-pwc - An ASCII-art imagegrabber.
Hardware Debugger - A program for debugging hardware through a graphical interface.
HotCache - A distributed caching system and SDK for C++/Java and Oracle.
Hessian - A binary Web services protocol implementation.
HtSearch - A PHP interface to htsearch, a frontend to ht://Dig.
hpanel - A small panel that lists your windows.
Haskell Toolkit - A toolkit for GUI programming and interfaces to databases.
Helix DNA Producer - A multi-format media-encoding engine for live streaming and A/V file creation.
HighPriest - A music jukebox system for Linux featuring high configurability of playback.
H2O Rotisserie - A collaborative course management and structured discussion system.
H2O Media Library - A node-based multimedia archive
Hydrogen - A drum machine/sequencer.
Houston - Houston
Hspell - A Hebrew spell-checker and morphology engine.
HelpViewer.app - An online help viewer for GNUstep applications.
HTML Code Convert - A tool which helps with the conversion of HTML code into different formats.
Hardware lister - A small Linux tool to provide detailed hardware configuration information.
HTML Sucks Completely - An (X)HTML preprocessor.
Htadmin - A Wweb GUI for .htaccess protection.
Hardware Monitor applet - A hardware monitoring applet for the GNOME panel.
Hacker's Coloring Book - A CSS color picker utility.
Hell World - A thrilling FPS adventure game.
Helix DNA Server - A media server that supports RTSP, RTP, RealAudio, and RealVideo.
html2hdml - An HTML to HDML converter.
Hash Database Manager - A program to provide an easy interface to hash DBs.
htmlArea - Turn any text area into a WYSIWYG editor.
HAproxy - A high performance Web load balancer.
HDL to HTML conversion script - converts VHDL or Verilog to HTML
Hourglass - A Java PSP time tracking utility.
HOL - A Higher Order Logic theorem prover.
HLife - An implementation of a cellular automata engine in Haskell.
Hrk's LAN Connection daemon & client - An architecture to avoid concurrency issues on a LAN-shared Internet connection.
Hatari - An Atari ST emulator.
Holtz - The abstract strategy games Zertz and Dvonn.
Handyboard C Library - A Handyboard library for use with the gcc m6811 port.
host - A complete and powerful command-line DNS query and testing tool.
Helix Python Player Extension - A Python interface for the Helix DNA Client.
hidefile - Hide files from directory listings.
Hog Bay Notebook - A compact, full-featured notebook.
HBCI4Java - A Java library for HBCI.
HelpmeICT - A full-featured helpdesk system.
Handy - A tool to synchronize Lotus Notes with your SIEMENS S35/S45 and KDE Organizer.
High Level Firewall Language - Translates rules into a given firewall language.
Hugues Image Viewer - An image viewing and analysis application.
HumAn Language GENerator - A very powerful general-purpose natural language generation system.
HRJobs - A simple human resource tool, which allows to manage job offers.
hashit - A generic hash library.
Horgand - A graphical real time organ.
HTML::PopupTreeSelect - A Perl module providing an HTML popup tree selector.
Haystack - An application for managing information in the most sensible way.
hotplug++ - A rewritten hotplug replacement.
HFFzip - A file compressor for Linux and FreeBSD based on Huffman coding.
h2incn - A converter from C headers to Nasm include files.
Hipercom Optimized Link State Routing - An implementation of a wireless ad-hoc routing protocol.
HardInfo - A system profiler for Linux.
HOZ - A Hacha clone written in pure C.
heatseeker - A visual Java hprof performance analyzer.
Hiveconf - A configuration framework.
Happy Drop-down menus - Drop-down Java menu applets.
HarvestMan - A full-featured, multi-threaded Web crawler and offline browser.
Home Media Librarian - An application to catalog records, CDs, DVDs, etc.
Host Grapher - Scripts that gather CPU, memory, and process information.
Happy Sliding Menus - A sliding site navigation menu.
Hastymail - An IMAP Webmail client.
Hircules - An IRC client written in Haskell.
Hilbert II - A collection of mathematical knowledge in a formal, correct form.
Hash Zip - Compression based on matching a hash (very CPU intensive).
hYPerSonic - A Python module for sound synthesis/manipulation.
hotconnect - A Hotwire authentication client.
HTML-TEMPLATE - A tool for using HTML templates from Common Lisp.
Haring - A Linux /proc/sys wrapper/documentation project.
halloc - A hierarchical extension of the standard C malloc/free interface.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet - A German-speaking introduction to the technical aspects of the Internet.
HTTPD::Bench::ApacheBench - A Perl API for Apache benchmark­ing and regression testing.
hacker's calculator - A calculator for programmers.
Half-life Admin MOD - A plugin mod to Half-Life.
Half-life Server for Linux - Half-life Dedicated Server for Linux
Ham Radio Control Libraries - Shared libraries for HAM radio equipment control.
HamLog - Amateur Radio Logging Program for X
Hammerhead - A Web stress testing tool.
Hamster Font Manager - Easy GUI to manage fonts for X11/GS/TeX.
Handy Calc - Simple command-line calculator with binary operations.
Hany's Char Convertor - A character filter used to convert from one character set to another.
Hanzi Quiz - A JavaScript multiple-choice Hanzi quiz generator.
Hanzim - A visual, interactive Chinese character and word dictionary.
HappyDoc - A Python source documentation extraction tool.
hardmon - An X11 hardware monitor.
HarnMaker - A character generator for the HarnMaster role playing game.
HaruspeX - Visual environment for image databases
harvest - A Web-based document search system.
harvest-ng - Perl Web spider and Internet resource discovery agent and libraries
HASAS - A passive sonar signal analysis system.
hasciicam - A webcam for live ASCII video.
hash127 - A library for fast, secure secret-key message authentication.
Hatman - a high-res pacman clone
hbb - Solution to #!/wrong/path/to/interpreter
hc-cron - A modified version of Paul Vixie's widely used cron daemon
hcemd5 - port of the Crypt::HCE_MD5 perl module to php3
hostable32v - An attempt to make Unix 32v into a 'guest' application.
Hovergen - A utility for automatically generating CD hovers from a disc database.
hd2u - Hany's DOS to UNIX convertor.
HDLmaker - A Verilog/VHDL code generator and FPGA development system.
hdparm - A shell utility for manipulating Linux IDE drive/driver parameters.
Header Browser - A tool for documentation creation from C/C++ header's comments.
Headless Horse-MP3 - A Web-based tool to play MP3s on the Web server.
Hearts - A hearts cardgame for KDE.
Hayes - A filesystem-based playlist for Noatun.
help2man - A program to generate simple manual pages
Helpdesk::Mail - Perl application helping Support Centers in organizing their email communication
Heroes - Nibbles-like game, just better.
Hershey Fonts for Java - Hershey Fonts for Java.
Hex - Puzzle Bobble clone in GTK.
Hex Color Generator - A GTK+-based hex color generator.
hex2rgb and rgb2hex - Tool to convert between the RGB values of a color and their hex representation
hexedit - A tool for viewing and editing files in hexadecimal or ASCII.
HEYU - X10 automation tools.
hlg - A fast Apache log analysis tool for Web applications.
hfsutils - Tools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes.
hhgg2xml - Fetch and convert articles from H2G2.com.
HickUP - System User Profiler
hierarchy tools - Tools for manipulating a hierarchical text outline.
hilite - Utility which highlights anything printed to stderr.
HiSecure SurfProtector - A powerful SSL surf protection tool.
Hamilcar - An XML application server.
Hissim - A history generator for WorldForge.
HL7lib - Health Level 7 Library
HLDS monitor - Monitors Half-Life servers running CounterStrike, providing bot-like features.
HLmaps - A Perl/CGI script for Half-Life servers to present a list of loaded maps
hodie - Classic latin replacement of date(1).
Hollywood Plus/DXR3 Linux Drivers - Linux drivers for em8300 based MPEG/DVD decoders (Hollywood Plus and DXR3).
HoMaC - A tool to manage hundred of hosting sites with a Web browser.
Home Library Information Manager - Perl database front-end for tracking a home library (books, CDs, magazines, etc.
Homebrew Decompiler - Decompiles Java .class files to .java files.
Hood - A threads library for multiprogrammed multiprocessors
Hopkins FBI for Linux - Adventure game
Horde Application Framework - A PHP application framework.
hostinfo - Utility for looking up hostnames and IP addresses.
Hotkeys - A hotkeys daemon for your Internet/multimedia keyboard in X.
Hotlist - A very simple URL manager.
HP OfficeJet Linux driver - Linux support for most HP multi-function peripherals.
HP Web JetAdmin - Network peripheral management software.
hp2xx - HP-GL converter and viewer.
HPC ClusterTools - A cluster supercomputing environment.
HeroScribe - HeroScribe makes producing typographic quality HeroQuest maps an easy task.
HPE - A PHP news portal engine.
HPFind - A script to search user directories for webpages.
hpgs - HP 6xx Series Driver for economic printing.
HPP - Simple including and conditionalities for HTML like cpp.
HelpGUI - A Java help viewer.
hppsmtools - Command line tools to talk with HP PhotoSmart cameras.
HPTalx - An HP 48/49 Calculator to PC communication program.
HpTrans - A program to transfer and edit HP49 files.
hsftp - A lightweight FTP emulator for ssh1.
ht://Check - A link checker that gets information through HTTP/1.1 and stores in a MySQL db.
ht://Dig - Complete world wide web indexing and searching system
htag - Tagline adder, signature generator, and general plaything for mail and news.
HAL - A hardware abstraction layer.
HTMelt - A script to combine multiple html files into one.
Heirloom Toolchest - A collection of standard Unix utilities.
HTML Forms generation and validation - A PHP class to dynamically generate and validate HTML forms.
httping - A "ping"-like tool for HTTP requests.
HTML PLAIN - A revolutionary HTML precompiler
HGL - A graphics library for Haskell.
HTML Tidy - Cleans up HTML source and formats it nicely.
HTML-Tree - Generates HTML Tree Diagram of Web Site HTML Web Pages
HTML-XML-utils - A number of simple utilties for manipulating HTML and XML files.
html2c - HTML - CGI-BIN C development tool
html2latex - Convert HTML to LaTeX.
html2perl - Converts ASCII text files into a series of Perl print statements.
Html2Wml - A program that converts HTML to WML.
HTML::EP - PHP-like system based on Perl
HTML::EP::Explorer - Web interface for selecting and printing files on your web server
HTML::EP::Glimpse - Simple search engine based on Glimpse
HTML::Mason - A component-based Perl Web development environment.
HTML::Pager - Perl module to handle CGI HTML paging of arbitary data
HTML::Template - A simple and fast HTML Template module for Perl
HTMLArchive - An HTML preprocessor for archiving Web pages.
htmlcrunch - a simple HTML-compressor
HTMLDOC - A tool to convert HTML to indexed HTML, PostScript, and PDF.
HTMLjar - Java HTML construction Package
HtmlLayout - A Java LayoutManager, uses an HTML-like syntax
HTMLPerlSETI - Display [email protected] client statistics in an HTML table.
htmlPX - Cross-platform HTML pre-processor
htmlshell - Offline HTM preprocessor to include shell-commands in your html
htmsysinfo - Writes information about your system to an HTML document.
HuffZip - A Huffman compression program.
htp - An HTML pre-processor.
htsserver - Server application of the multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders
Helix Player Project - A streaming audio and video player.
http-tiny - Tiny portable http C library and raw client
Hogmem - A memory allocation tool.
httpdstats - An Apache access log analyzer for small sites.
httperf - httperf is a popular web server benchmark
httpf - A WWW security proxy.
HTTPGate - A Filtering HTTP Gateway
httpmanage - PHP3 tool that provides functions to manage two versions of HTML files
httpMonitor - An HTTP monitor.
HTML Parser for PHP 4 - An object-oriented PHP-based HTML parser.
HTTP Server type - Identifies which HTTP server is running on a given host.
http_load - multiprocessing HTTP test client
HTTrack/WebHTTrack - An offline browser which copies Web sites to your computer.
Hu-Go! - A PC engine emulator.
Hue - Hotline User Editor.
Hugs 98 - Haskell 98 is a powerful Haskell interpreter.
hview - Curses-based hex editor.
hirudo - A Java Swing application for leeching Web content.
hwclock - Read and set the Hardware Clock
hybridcon - Console utility for Hybrid cable modems
hidentd - A small and simple ident server.
Hybserv2 - Services for the Hybrid IRC server.
HyGene - An HTML hyperlink generator.
HylaFAX - A fax and paging system for Unix.
Hyper-Text Cross-Referencing Article Database - A PHP/MySQL article database with automatic cross-referencing.
HyperHelp - Context-sensitive, on-line help system for UNIX
Hypermail - Mail(box) to HTML converter with threads and MIME support.
hpbiff - Blinks the 'new mail' LED on HP keyboards when new email arrives.
Hyperplay - Multimedia authoring engine
Hyperschema - SQL database schema hypermapper
Hypersonic SQL - A general purpose database.
hypersrc - A GTK+/GNOME program for browsing source code.
Hearse - A Unix client for sharing Nethack bones files.
HelpSetMaker - Help authoring for JavaHelp HelpSets, HTML 4, and LaTeX.
hiemine - A MineSweeper game for the hiebook.
Howie The Chatterbot - A conversational AI virtual assistant.
Hotclient - An authentication client for users of Hotwire Internet connections.
htmlobserver - A tool to notify the user when specific content on a Web page changes.
H-Sphere VPS - Virtual private hosting automation.
honeyPot - A PHP class that generates random syntax-correct email addresses.
HV WDDX Metadata - A class using the WDDX format to describe data for generating user interfaces.
Host4NET - A control panel system for Web hosting companies and ISPs.
h3270 - A program that provides access IBM 3270 hosts from within a web browser.
hipergate - Web-based CRM and GroupWare written in Java.
hariCow - A content management system that uses XML and XSLT.
Howl - A cross-platform implementation of Zeroconf.
hprofile - Easily manage hardware, network, power and other profiles in Linux.
hexdump - A hex dumper that can handle EBCDIC.
Helios qmail - An advanced qmail distribution based on qmail-sql.
Heap Layers - A template-based infrastructure for building high-quality memory allocators.
Heritrix - An extensible, Web-scale, archival-quality Web crawler.
HistView - Creation of HTML revision history from ASCII history files.
HCS Open Source Project - A do-it-yourself home automation hardware and software system.
HindiDict - A tool that creates a sorted Hindi dictionary from text files.
High-level Automated System Test Environment - An approach to system testing that is consistent with XP unit testing.
hp netserver lcdw - An HP NetServer LS2 LCD writer.
Horde Luxor - A source code indexer and cross-referencer.
Hyades - A multiplayer space strategy game.
Help Desk Reloaded - A Web-based helpdesk program.
httpmail plugin - A plugin for the Mac OS X Mail program to allow access to your Hotmail mail.
Hunny MIME++ - A C++ class library for parsing, generating, and modifying MIME messages.
Hinversi - Yet another implementation of Othello/Reversi.
Hashed Text Utilities - A set of text utilities that do not require sorted files.
HTTP Replicator - A replicating HTTP proxy server.
Helene - A Web-based text editor with syntax highlighting.
Horde Ansel - A Horde photo gallery application.
Horde Agora - A Horde forum application.
Horde Hermes - A time-tracking application.
Hydra3D XML Viewer/Editor - A 3D visualization and editing tool for XML data.
Halizo - A site similar to freshmeat.net for specialized groups.
HTTP Time Protocol - A tool for time synchronization with Web servers.
hugin - A flexible panorama toolkit.
HttpUpload - A Java multipart file parser.
Horde Vacation - An auto-responder manager.
htmlcxx - A simple non-validating HTML and CSS1 parser for C++.
hymn - A tool for decoding iTMS-protected AAC files.
Hoarescope - Helps to prove partial correctness assertions of AL programs.
Happy parser generator - A parser generator for Haskell.
Hampton Bay RF Fan Control Software - Software for controlling Hampton Bay RF Fans.
html_scrub - A tool which filters HTML for unwanted tags.
HamCannon - An email marketing manager for Zope/Plone.
HN CAPTCHA - A PHP class for generating forms with CAPTCHA test pictures.
happydigger - A program for cataloging archeological finds.
Hosting Backup - A set of scripts for backing up your hosted Web sites.
Hermes JMS Browser - An application for interacting with and monitoring queues and topics.
hatatap - XML-based HTTP scripting tools.
HttpFileServer - Directory indexing with secure upload, delete etc.
HaskellDB - A declarative database interface for Haskell.
Hibtags - A JSP 1.2 tag library for Hibernate 2.1.
HTML::FormRemove - A Perl module to remove form tags from HTML.
HuaRongDao - An ancient Chinese puzzle game.
Horde Sam - A SpamAssassin and amavisd frontend.
Horde Scry - A polling application.
htop - An interactive text mode process viewer for Linux. A 'better top'.
HA/FST - A high availability clustering tool for Solaris.
Harminv - harmonic inversion of time-signals
Hondero SE - A Web-front for a MySQL table with search capabilities.
HTML Parser - A Java HTML parser library.
hiercat - A hierarchical automatic text classifier.
HLA Adventure - An adventure game.
HTML2XHTML - A tool that generates well-formed XHTML from an HTML DOM object.
HTML2PHP API - PHP classes for developing HTML.
HV HTTP Multipart - A tool to push multiple pages to browser in one HTTP request.
HTMLTools - A set of tools to manipulate HTML.
h3knix - A small, fast i686 Linux distribution.
HAC4Linux - An application for bicycle computers of different manufacturers.
Hesperides - A Sindarin dictionary.
Hebcal - A command-line perpetual Jewish calendar.
Help Desk Revolutions - Free Help Desk Software
html2db - An XHTML to Docbook converter.
Hermes Imaging - An ITK/VTK image processing application.
HighLnk - A tool to save disk space on hard disks and CDs/DVDs by using hardlinks.
HereNow - A utility that combines commands and file types.
Hunnypot - A SMTP server-like program that harvests information about spammers.
HA-JDBC - A high-availability JDBC driver implementation.
Higher Order CVS - A version control system on top of MetaCVS.
Hardened Debian - Improving high security for Debian.
Hobix - A tool for blogging from the shell.
HN URL Rewrite - A class to emulate request URL rewriting and redirection.
histbackup - A script that make backups in directories named by date.
HashCash - An anti-spam and denial of service counter-measure tool.
haserl - A tiny CGI interpreter using PHP-like syntax for shell scripts.
HA-JavaMail - High-availability JavaMail.
HandyWap - A WML torrent manager.
Haskell Parser Library for Internet Messages - Parsers for the grammar defined in RFC2821 and RFC2822.
Haskell FFI bindings to syslog(3) - Haskell FFI bindings to syslog(3)
Hermes Computational Linguistics - A Computational Linguistics library written in Python.
HPC Toolkit - A tool for profile-based performance analysis of applications.
Harness - A framework that facilitates functional testing of software written in Java.
HttpUnit - A tool which emulates browser behavior.
High Performance Linpack - A highly parallel, high performance benchmarking tool.
HPC Challenge - A high performance benchmark suite.
HighVIP - A tool for chatting and exchanging anonymous email and files securely.
HiQ Form Mail - A form handler.
HL7 Browser - A tool for working with HL7 records.
Hawron - A GUI tool for the Apache XML Web Development Framework Cocoon.
HTMLProc - An HTML preprocessor.
htdoogle - A Web interface for the HTDIG search engine.
hanjadic - A Hanja character dictionary.
Haxial Calculator - An high precision mathematical expression evaluator.
hexagraph - A Java library for developing graphic applications.
HermesPost - A network Postscript to PDF converter.
Hypre - A library of high-performance preconditioners.
HessianPHP - A Hessian protocol implementation for PHP.
Heart of The Alien Redux - A complete rewrite of game Heart of The Alien.
HelpCORE - An enterprise class help desk and service desk system.
HTMLTemplate - A fast, powerful, easy-to-use HTML templating system.
HaTx - Adds diacritic marks to (Czech) text.
HighMoon - An Artillery/Worms-like game in open space.
HTML Include - Include other files in HTML documents, update "last modification" lines
HTML-Widgets-NavMenu - A Perl module to generate navigation menus and control site flow.
Housekeeper - A household management program.
hdate - A tool that prints the Hijri date in a system console.
HTTunnel - A universal HTTP tunnel using Apache, mod_perl and Perl.
HacBurn - A burning/ripping application.
Hanggame - A hangman game written using the Allegro game library.
HPGS - HPGl Script - An HPGL/2 interpreter.
Hiawatha - A secure and advanced Web server.
Hecl - A simple, flexible scripting language for J2ME and J2SE.
Heterogeneous Parallel Virtual Machine - A PVM for a heterogeneous network.
Hobbit Monitor - A Web-based system monitor.
Hackystat - Automated collection and analysis of software engineering metrics.
HORRORss - A set of Java classes that implement a simple RSS parser.
Hedgehog - A tiny Lisp-like language for embedded development.
Hygrosens Python Library - A Python library for Hygrosens sensors.
HTTP Anti Virus Proxy - A security HTTP proxy with an anti-virus scanner.
hyperjournal - A publishing system for online journals.
Hot Potato Online - A multiplayer arena sport game with explosive potatoes.
HTML Form Genie - A CGI form handler, which supports both mailing data and storing in MySQL.
ht://Miner - A complete Web usage mining system.
HL7 Comm - A stand-alone HL7 integration tool.
HandBrake - A multi-threaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter.
History Flow Visualization Application - A tool for visualizing dynamic documents and collaborative works.
homephp - A script to produce Web pages with a minimum of work.
HardWall Firewall - A workstation/router/bridging iptables firewall script.
HOL-TestGen - A test case generator for specification based units.
Horror Squad - A game that pits modern and high tech weaponry against the supernatural.
Hommingberger Gepardenforelle - A game to catch as many search engines as you can.
HP Linux Imaging and Printing - A printer driver that provides support for more than 1000 HP printer mode
html2pot-po2html - Tools for translating Web sites.
Hyper Estraier - A full-text search system for communities.
hashgen - A utility to compute MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, and ed2k hashes.
Hydranode Project - A modular P2P client.
Hackerstorm Vulnerability Database GUI - A Web-based offline vulnerability database GUI.
HelpDeco - A Windows Help file (.hlp) decompiler.
HighLine - A high level line-oriented interface library for Ruby.
Humano2 - A business application platform.
hellanzb - A NZB downloader and post-processor.
HPConnect - Software to transfer files between a Mac and an HP calculator.
hardscan - A brute-force local netstat replacement.
h-inventory - A Web-based inventory and incident application.
Hanihani Operation Sanctuary - An English adaptation of a Japanese visual novel game.
huEXEC - A CGI wrapper that sets execution privileges.
Heirloom Bourne Shell - The Bourne shell, as found on traditional Unix systems.
HooDaHek - A caller ID database and notification service for Asterisk.
Haskell FFI Binding Modules Generator - A tool that auto-generates FFI declarations.
HTML Entity Based Codepage Inference - A way to infer the encoding with which an HTML form was submitted.
Homemade Dictionary - A customizable dictionary with many advanced features.
HP-41 Ultimate Alarm Clock - An alarm clock for the HP-41CX (or 41C/CV with a time module).
Html To Xhtml Convertor - A Perl script to convert HTML pages into XHTML.
HeadCold - A tool to change the sound output destination on Treo phones.
HoMaP - A content management system.
HTTP File Upload Applet - A Java applet for uploading files using RFC 1867.
holodeck10 - A Java-based application on Linux to layout images for printing.
HuffmanView - A QT4 application to visualize the Huffman tree algorithm.
HyperLinked Text - A Wiki-esque text file format and accompanying viewer.
Heirloom Documentation Tools - troff, nroff, and related utilities derived from original Unix sources.
hierarchical multi-cursor editor - Software to edit hierarchies collaboratively using multicasting.
HTMLpage - A text-based HTML editor.
Head-Tracking Pointer - An inexpensive and easily-used mouse replacement.
hyperion - freenode's IRC daemon.
hhhntop - A console mode bandwidth graph.
HTTPTunnel - A program to tunnel arbitrary TCP connections over HTTP.
heuristics - An adaptive heuristic algorithms library written in C++.
HTTP extension for PHP - Extended HTTP functionality for PHP.
hyst2excel.pl - A script that converts TFA ASCII to Excel format.
hask2e - A program that translates Haskell types to English sentences.
HorsePower - A J2ME RPN calculator.
Habotat - An instant messenger bot server.
Hattrick Broadcasting Bot - An eggdrop module for displaying matches of the online game Hattrick.
HTB-tools - A suite with several tools for bandwidth management.
History links - Keeps track and links to pages browsed by the user.
Hotelbuster - A multiplayer turn-based strategy game.
Hydrate - A program to transform data between relational databases, Java objects, and XML.
HP 2550 Toner Status - A tool which shows the toner status of an HP2550 printer.
Heirloom Development Tools - yacc, lex, m4, make, and SCCS utilities.
Hi-Liter - An easy-to-use vertical navigation menu.
haXe - A programming language for the Web.
hdimage - A tool for imaging or copying hard disk partitions or entire disks.
Hogwash Light BR - An IPS that can filter packets in layer 2 of the OSI. It is a firewall element.
H2 Database Engine - A Java SQL database engine.
Hashell - A shell written in Haskell.
Home Finance - A Web-based personal banking management application.
Howto: PPPOE with Bandwidth Management for OpenBSD - Router with Bandwidth Management for PPPOE connections.
Helitorrent Bittorrent Manager - A fast, featureful, and lightweight BitTorrent download manager.
Hotstuff - A GHNS server-side processing framework.
Home Insurance Inventory Wizard - A home inventory wizard for your Web site.
Hierarchical Grid Site Managment - Used to manage, update, and display information about a hierarchical structure.
homeLANsecurity - A series of shell scripts for loading iptables firewall rules.
hiraganatokatakana - Software to learn hiragana and katakana.
HylaFAX Protocol for Java - A pure Java implementation of the HylaFAX client protocol.
Hamachi - A zero-configuration virtual networking system.
HP ScanJet 3900 series backend - A backend to manage HP Scanjet 3900 series scanners.
htb-gen - An easy and automated multiple host bandwidth managment tool (htb backend).
HeavenOS - An alternative 32-bit operating system for Intel 80386 compatible processors.
Hatim Manager - A Web-based application for the management of Koran readings.
HyperType - A graphical typing tutor for Linux.
Hachoir core - A binary file parser framework with fault tolerance, bit granularity, and more.
HelenOS - A general-purpose and portable multiserver operating system.
httpFileManager - A Web-based file management script.
HTML Objects - A Perl library which represents HTML tags as Perl objects.
htb-stats - A fast yet useful bash script that summarizes htb class stats.
HyperMammut - An experimental sound/image processing program using large FFT windows.
Hearts for GNOME - An implementation of the classic card game for the GNOME desktop.
Health Tip Buddy - A health tip email program for Web sites.
Hybridized Orbital Preview - A program to render electron orbitals by tracking selected wave functions.
htmlSQL - A PHP class which allows you to access HTML by an SQL like syntax.
Hold 'em Evaluator - A program to calculate poker odds on your mobile phone.
HappyHTTP - A simple HTTP library.
HttpAuth - A daemon and framework that provides Basic, Digest, and NTLM authentication.
HTTPManifold - A reverse proxy for HTTP with logging and raw packet analysis.
HampusDB - A hybrid database.
Hop - A programming environment for the Web 2.0.
Host Identity Protocol on Linux - A secure mobility and multihoming protocol.
HJB - A library that provides a REST JMS API.
Hv3 Web Browser - A Web browser using Tkhtml 3.
Hippojump - An agent-based monitoring alert system for RSS, XML, and HTML data.
HSE - A base application for Hibernate, Spring, and Echo2.
HAVEGE - A high-throughput, unpredictable random number generator
HapCluster++ - An MCMC based statistical tool for association mapping.
Hyperic HQ - A cross-platform, enterprise management system.
Hyperic SIGAR - A cross-platform framework for accessing system information in Java, Perl, and C
Hivetools - Offline windows registry API and programs.
hylaPEx - A client for HylaFAX completely written in Python.
h300goodies - Scripts for managing a music collection on an iRiver H320 or H340.
Happy Camel - An application that combines GPS with digital photography.
htmloptim - An HTML optimization script.
HOL-OCL - An interactive proof environment for OCL.
halberd - An HTTP load balancer detector.
HTML Purifier - Standards-compliant HTML filtering for PHP.
Horde Groupware - A groupware suite.
Hasta La Vista - A patient recording system for use in small sized health care instutions.
hpaftpd - A high performance anonymous FTP server daemon.
HELIO World - A PHP library to generate world maps.
Herrie - A split-screen command line music player.
HyperWRT - WiFi router firmware for the Linksys WRT54G/GS.
HaRe - A Hebrew handwriting recognition engine.
hftp - An extended FTP client.
Hotplug2 - A tiny udev/hotplug replacement for early userspace and weak boxes.
hamsterdb Embedded Storage - A fast and portable database engine written in ANSI-C.
hoglet - Simple markup for easy generation of documentation.
High Availability Port Monitor - A local port monitor.
Hardened Linux - A hardened and minimalized distribution based on Slackware Linux.
honeytrap - A dynamic meta-honeypot daemon.
htpasstool - A Web-based management tool for Apache .htpasswd files.
HelPass - A program to aid users in choosing quality new passwords.
hed - A fast hexadecimal editor designed to handle large files.
Horde Groupware Webmail Edition - A communication and collaboration suite.
HLA Standard Library - A collection of library routines written in x86 assembly language.
Hybrid Fuzzer (fuzz) - A fuzz testing utility, used for QA testing and security auditing.
HTML Redemption Language - A powerful HTML preprocessing language.
Heilan - An X3D browser designed for audio work, with low latency audio and OSC support.
Htscanner - htaccess support for PHP.
hReview WordPress Plugin - A plugin that adds a button for hReviews to the WordPress editor.
hpodder - A command-line podcast downloader.
hslogger - A Haskell logging framework.
HelloUsers - A system for communicating between administrators and network users.
hobbitalarm - Provides notification on your desktop if your Hobbit server publishes an alert.
HPGL-Distiller - An HPGL distiller for vinyl cutters.
HTML4J - A library for HTML parsing and editing.
Hotspot Service - A tool which retrieves service billing information for hotspots.
Hachoir metadata - A tool to extract metadata from images, sound, video, and archives.
Hachoir parser - A collection of parsers for opening binary files.
HTTPSock - A PHP class that compiles and sends HTTP requests using pure sockets.
Hachoir urwid - A binary file explorer using the Hachoir and urwid libraries.
Hachoir wx - A user-friendly GUI to the hachoir binary parsing engine.
Hunny Mail++ - A C++ library for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, and NNTP clients.
HTMLManager - A tool to manage a complex Web site.
Hidden Markov Model Toolkit - A portable toolkit for hidden Markov models.
ht://Miner PHP Middleware - A PHP middleware framework for ht://Miner.
hmount - A tool for mounting and unmounting hot-plugged devices via the HAL interface.
HTMLSelectList - A PHP class to generate HTML form select inputs.
Hover - A WordPress plugin that replaces keywords with links.
Heirloom Packaging Tools - A Linux port of the SVR4 application packaging tools.
Hegons - A heterogeneous grooming optical network simulator.
HSH - A library to mix shell scripting with Haskell programs.
HTML_QuickForm_LiveText - A LiveText element for HTML_QuickForm.
HTML QuickForm Wizard - A QuickForm framework to build wizards.
httpcmdd - A browser UI for computer programs.
Highlighter - A PHP class to reformat highlighted PHP code.
Housemarque - Multi-channel digital sound and music system
hvac.pl - An add-on module for BlueLava x10 interface to control a TXB16 thermostat.
hermes Antispam Proxy - A generic, transparent anti-spam SMTP proxy.
Himerge - A Haskell GUI for Portage.
Haskell Database Connectivity - A database interface for Haskell.
high-resolution-timer - A high resolution timer library in C, with C++ and Java wrappers.
HSTemplate - A PHP template engine with caching support.
HTML to PDF Converter for .NET - A library that converts HTML pages and code to PDF files.
h264bitstream - A library for readng and writing H.264/AVC streams.
Hotwire - An object-oriented hypershell.
Hardware 4 Linux - Tools to report Linux-compatible hardware to hardware4linux.info.
Hex-a-hop - A puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles.
Haiku - An operating system inspired by BeOS.
homeTVstream - A simple solution for watching TV on your LAN computers.
hachoir-regex - Regex manipulation and optimization with Python objects.
HPGL-DXF - An HPGL to DXF file converter.
Help Center Live - A live help system.
HttpdBase4J - An embeddable Java Web server that supports zipped and templated content.
Hachoir subfile - A forensics program for recovering lost files.
Hundiyas - A game similar to "Battleship" totally written in DHTML.
Humanzip - This release compresses text files in a human-readable manner.
Hextris - A version of Tetris with hexagons.
Humax - A Web 2.0 framework.
Hard Token Management Framework - A management framework in Java for smartcards.
Hoc - An interpreted language for floating-point calculations.
help2info - A command which generates a simple info manual from other commands.
HamExam - An amateur radio license exam practice test generator.
hashlib++ - An easy-to-use library to create a checksum or hash like MD5 or SHA1.
Hibernate Spatial - A Hibernate extension for spatial data.
Human readable Glassfish Log - A utility that shows a human readable tail of the Glassfish server.log.
HtmlParser - An HTML parser for Qt4.
Hotscripts.com clone - A script which provides a clone of Hotscripts.com.
Hivurt - A content management system powered by a component architecture.
Houdini - A high-end 3D animation and visual effects package.
Hydro - An implementation of the ICE protocol for O'Caml.
HopSlide - An application for presenting slides on the Web.
hist4j - An adaptive histogram library for Java that accepts large datasets in any range.
homest - A library for robust, non-linear homography estimation.
HotRez - A room booking software for hotels.
Hammock - A J2ME mock object framework.
hamachi-gui - A GUI for the zero configuration VPN client Hamachi.
Henry - An educational astrometry utility using Hertzsprung-Russel diagrams.
Hapax - A templating system for Java based on ctemplate syntax.
Home Subscriber Server - A 3GPP IP multimedia subsystem home subscriber server.
hamsterdb-java - A Java wrapper for the hamsterdb embedded database library.
Hermes VFS browser - A common VFS browser for browsing SRB, GridFTP, and other file stores.
hiberlite - C++ object-relational mapping for SQLite 3.
HcCash - A point of sale (cash register) application for fast food restaurants.
httpry - An HTTP logging and information retrieval tool.
Hijra Islamic Calendar هجرة - An Islamic (Hijri) calendar application.
House of Mirrors - A logic game involving lasers and mirrors.
Hydrogen CMS - A very lightweight, modular blogging system.
Hocuspocus - A small and extensible Web server for controlling key Linux programs remotely.
Halyard - A scriptable multimedia engine.
hamsterdb-python - A Python wrapper for the hamsterdb embedded database library.
htmLawed - A PHP script to filter input text for standard, security, and policy compliance.
Huntor - A command line Bittorrent client.
HTCFlasher - A ROM update utility (RUU) for HTC devices.
Heinzelnisse - A Norwegian-German dictionary.
Htpasswd Editor - A text user interface for htpasswd(1) files.
Hasard - A pseudo-random number generator library with a simple API.
Heirloom mailx - An enhanced version of the mailx command.
HTTP Ripper - A generic ripper for the Web.
highest - A program that efficiently finds the n highest numbers in a list on stdin.
HIWI - A method of introducing images into HTML files without using separate files.
Hyperactive Resource - An extension for Ruby on Rails' ActiveResource REST client library.
HeapLIFO - A heap-based LIFO data storage library, stack style.
HP-HW-RAID - A Hobbit / XYmon extension to monitor hardware RAID on HP Proliant servers.
hasher - A secure RPM-package building tool.
HL7 Comm Multi - A simple health care integration engine.
HeliDB - A database for storing key-value pairs from a Java program.
HostMonitor - A program that monitors hosts and sends email notifications.
httpx - Httpx helps to simplify, secure, and manage name-based virtual Web hosting.
Happy = Hadoop + Python - A framework for writing map-reduce programs for Hadoop using Jython.
Hawkscope - A cross-platform, pluggable, menu-based launcher.
hex2passwd - A checksum-based password generator.
HTTP::DownloadLimit - A Perl module to set restrictions for files downloaded from your Web server.
htable - A lightweight implementation of hash tables in C.
HTMLButcher - An advanced HTML slicing tool.
HDL Tools Topcased - Tools for editing and checking HDL rules.
Hatta Wiki - A wiki engine living in a Mercurial repository.
HoudahSpot - A tool to find, manage, and clean up files.
HTML Extractor - A PHP class to extract HTML from a Web page according to Tag criteria.
httcld - A small HTTP server with embedded Tcl.
Hot Copy - A command line utility that takes snapshots of disks.
Hypy - A full-text search interface for Python applications.
Hook::LexWrap - Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers in Perl.
HicCalc - A portable graphing utility written in Java.
HTTP::Server::Simple - A lightweight HTTP server in Perl.
Horncalc - A simple full-range horn loudspeaker calculator.
HxMusicConverter - A tool that converts M4P files to MP3.
HAL/C++ - A reimplementation of libhal and libhal-storage in C++.
haveged - A hardware RNG source for the Linux random number pool.
Hankering Habitats - A game to teach students about the habitats (biomes) that exist on Earth.
Hardwar - A Hardwar remake.
Hyenae - An advanced network packet generator and clusterable remote daemon.
HoudahGeo - An application to see your photos in Google Earth.
halrv - A manager for removable volumes.
Herb - CAD programs and libraries for VLSI circuit design.
HQ - A simple curses based addressbook and note management software.
HTML Directory Lister - A program that creates an HTML treeview of a selected directory listing.
headup - A Firefox addon that finds information related to your interests and friends.
HLogoZ-WP - A WordPress plugin that automatically changes your logo based on the date.
HoDoKu - A Sudoku generator/solver/analyzer with many advanced features.
hamtools - Ham radio utilities.
HoldingNuts - A poker client and server.
hMUD - A Web browser MUD client.
hgfs - A Mercurial filesystem.
httpd - A simple, reasonably-featured httpd for Inferno.
HashCatalog - A program that finds duplicate files and creates XML catalogs of your files.
HeeksCAD - A 3D CAD application.
HeeksCNC - A computer aided manufacturing (CAM) module for HeeksCAD.
HDT - An OS-independent hardware detection tool.
HackerStorm Reporter - Reporting scripts for presenting Nessus and OpenVas scans.
Hippo Mocks - A mocking framework for C++.
HostsAllow - A client-server pair to register clients with dynamic IP addresses in hosts.allow.
https2socks5 - Allows transparent HTTPS through a SOCKS 5 proxy.
h2o - A template markup system for PHP in the style of Django.
HaveFnuBB - A bulletin board software with the goals of being fast, light, and fun.
halo_radio - A Web-based MP3 radio station library.
HantekDSO - USB oscilloscope software for Hantek/Voltcraft/Darkwire/Protek/Acetech/etc. DSO-2090/2150/2250/5200A/etc. oscilloscopes
htManager - A tool to manage .htaccess and .htpasswd files for Apache and lighttpd.
Harald Scan - A Bluetooth discovery scanner.
history selector - A command line for efficient shell history search.
Hadoop Studio - A development and debugging environment for map-reduce applications based on Hadoop.
hamsterdb Transactional Storage - A ACID compliant, concurrent ANSI-C key/value Database engine
Hekate - A massively-concurrent BitTorrent seeder.
Hosaka - Unix style text editing keybindings for Google's Chrome.
hssqlppp - A parser, pretty printer, and type checker for SQL.
HandiMalin - A tool for speech therapists.
hungrycat - Provides cat and rm in a single tool.
hgsftp - An SFTP backend for Mercurial.
HogTrans - An automatic word translation engine built on statistics of text translations used for free software.
HornetQ - A multi-protocol, embeddable, very high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging system.
HN htusers - A PHP class to manage users, groups, and extra information in an Apache Web server environment.
HybridJava - A minimalistic Java Web framework.
Hibersap - A framework to connect Java applications with SAP.
Hormiga Project - A calculation language designed to be easy for use by non-technical users.
Hardware Locality - Tools to display a hierarchical map of key computing elements.
htrosbif - An active HTTP server fingerprinting and recon tool.
HTMLEditor - A graphical WYSIWYG HTML editor.
Hot Property - A real estate extension for Joomla!.
HOTP Toolkit - A toolkit for deploying one-time password technology based on the HOTP standard.
Horde Groupware Virtual Appliance - A fully working virtual appliance for Horde Groupware.
Hellband - A Rogue-like game in which you descend into Hell to slay Lucifer.
htdocsplayer - A Web browser combined with a restricted HTTP server with CGI support.
hls-player - An HTTP live streaming player.
HeaderCleaner - An SMTP outgoing header cleaner and privacy and security enhancer.
HotSpotEngine - Web based software for the HotSpot Billing System and all-in-one hotspot management solutions.
HyperGraphDB - A graph database for storing generalized hypergraphs and arbitrary objects.
HLogoZ Lite - A script to change a logo or other image for holidays or other dates.
HTML_Template_Nest - A nestable server templating library for PHP.
HUPnP - A software library for building UPnP devices and control points using C++ and Qt.
HLBRW - An assistant to help make new rules for HLBR.
httpico - Yet another lightweight httpd.
Humm and Strumm - A modern, highly-concurrent, cross-platform 3D video game engine.
Huygens Remote Manager - A Web-based interface to the Huygens software for parallel batch deconvolutions.
hunt-ng - A fork of the venerable BSD game, hunt.
Hubbub - The reference implementation a distributed social network.
Histwi - A Linux desktop program for Twitter account management.
htmlc - A tool to compile HTML into C code.
hsh - A command-line driven user interface to your system with a full-screen curses interface instead of the scrolling terminal style output of traditional shells.
HabuL - A Thunderbird addon that reports spam to various organizations.
Hailo - A pluggable Markov engine analogous to MegaHAL.
Hybris - A scripting language.
Heapkeeper - An editable mailing list.
hilbert-curve - hilbert-curve
HackIt! - A strategic game where your goal is to control as many websites as you can by hacking them.
httpsum - Software to analyze Apache log files.
Henry's Spaceship Shooter - A tiny retro-arcade game for one player with 8-bit graphics.
HDSync - A sync-starter for multi-channel HD video.
Hebe - A KDE 4 GUI wrapper for the Hercules z/Arch emulator.
Heceta - An enterprise and social search tool.
HailDB - A relational database in shared library form.
Hermes ORM - A Java ORM based on the ActiveRecord pattern.
HATop - An interactive ncurses client for HAProxy.
HexInject - A hexadecimal and raw packet injector and sniffer.
hws - A curses-based homework planner for students.
HordeZpush - ActiveSync synchronisation for Horde groupware.
htmTools - A simple front-end for offline tools.
Hayward's Free Intranet Employee Photo Directory - An employee intranet photo directory.
HexGlass - A Tetris-like game on a hexagonal grid.
Huxley - Classes to produce XML/JSON/txt results within REST APIs.
hotpotato - A high-performance Java HTTP client with pipelining support.
Host Status Monitor App - A program that monitors the status of multiple Internet hosts
haskell-augeas - A Haskell FFI wrapper for the Augeas API
Hydra Slayer - A roguelike game inspired by mathematical puzzles about slaying hydras.
HolyGrail - A high level library to manage the holy quests of your life (i.e. GTD next actions).
HECTIC - A HEC-RAS to ISIS converter
HTML Tooltip - A JavaScript object that shows custom HTML mouseover tooltips.
HyenaeFE - A Qt-based frontend for the Hyenae advanced network packet generator.
Hearse VS Zombies - An addictive physics puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad.
HTML Rotate - A simple solution for randomly rotating almost anything on your Web pages.
hex - A reimplementation of TeX.
htpicker - A simple home theater frontend.
HylaArchive - An archiving solution for HylaFAX.
Howl Network Exploitation Tool - A simple multi-purpose and multi-threaded network exploitation tool.
Herold - An HTML to DocBook converter.
Hybrid HTTP API Tester - A simple API test harness for Windows.
httpforge - Command line tools to manipulate HTTP requests and responses.
HAL-300 - A system that implements asynchronous communication between teacher and student for distance courses.
HP Vlan Simple Adminstration - A Web interface for administering VLANs on HP L3 managed Ethernet switches.
HTSQL - A database query language for the accidental programmer
husk-scheme - An R5RS-compatible Scheme implementation.
Html Scraper - A simple HTML scraper.
Hugh' Mud - A MUD framework in Perl, JavaScript, and SVG.
HOPSPACK - A Hybrid Optimization Parallel Search PACKage.
Helm - A customizable system monitor.
HTML-FormFu - A framework for HTML form creation, rendering, and validation.
HerculesPostman - A bulk mailer and mailing list manager.
Hoplax - A power user tool to store bookmarks in text files and use them efficiently.
Hatchpass - A Web application for secure password creation.
hashl - A partial file hash database.
Hot Death - A variant of the Uno card game for Android.
Horology - A date/time calculator.
HPCC Systems - A massive parallel-processing computing platform that solves big data problems.
HeldenViewer - Search, download and view Youtube videos
Hugor - A multimedia interpreter for Hugo adventure games.
Hydra.js - A module manager oriented system.
Hades - A high availability data source.
Hosts.prefpane - An OS X system preference pane that lets you toggle your /etc/hosts entries and manage them.
hwmultd - A daemon to multicast hardware information or respond to mutlicasted hardware information.
HTTPBrute - An HTTP digest calculator.
Hummus PDF Writer - A fast C++ library for PDF creation.
HyperList - A Vim plugin to handle HyperList, which can describe any state or transition.
Highlighter JS - An object that highlights words in HTML pages.
Hypertable - A high performance, scalable database modeled after Bigtable.
Hanvon Tablet Linux Driver - A USB tablet (Artmaster I, Rollick) driver for the Linux kernel.
HomeGed Scan - Scanning software that supports multi-page documents.
Hotpatch - A library to inject .so files into Linux applications.
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Arduino Library - An HC-SR04 ultrasonic library for use with Arduino embedded circuit boards.
Html Writr - Easy editing of the content html files for clients
hcxselect - A small CSS selector engine for htmlcxx.
HWSD - Hardware service discovery.
Hovitaga Report Generator - An ABAP add-on that accelerates SAP reporting by reducing development time.
hg-diff - A GUI program to compare mercurial revisions.
Hawk IDS/IPS - A lightweight log analyzer which was designed to be fast and efficient.
Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor - A powerful SQL editor tool for SAP consultants and ABAP developers.
Hiawatha Monitor - A monitoring tool for the Hiawatha Web server.
httpbench - An HTTP benchmarking tool.
HOYRESPIRO - Air quality and weather information for citizens of "smart cities".
httppp - An HTTP Passive Probe.
HERMESfax - A Web application to manage faxes and documents.
headstak - A stack-based task list.
histogram - A program to make and display a histogram on the command line.
Html to Pdf Converter - A graphical interface to wkhtmltopdf.
h5tools - Tools for working with HDF5 data sets.
hchatd - A simple HTTP chat server in ANSI C.
Horrors of Democracy - A game in which the player tries to head off a revolution.
h2H Messenger - A secure messenger client.
Histone - A template engine for Java, JavaScript, and PHP.
Houston Cloud Manager - A desktop cloud server manager.
HelpDEZK - A powerful system for managing requests and incidents.
Hypercube - A graph visualizing tool.
HybridCache - A PHP Cache manager with multiple storages types.
hpdf.js - A script to create PDFs in your browser.
HTMTEX - An HTML+TEX to HTML converter.
hexter - A Yamaha DX7 modeling DSSI software synthesizer.
Higgs.IO - A framework for Java Web sites and Web services (REST) with WebSockets support.
Hunmorph-foma - Hungarian morphology using foma.
HOMER SIP Capture - A distributed SIP capturing system and monitoring application.
hexdump.c - A templatized hex dump library.
HtmlCleaner - An HTML parser.
HTMLSplicer - A simple alternative to Web presentation layer frameworks.
halttimer - A simple single button lirc-aware shutdown timer.
Hang The DJ - A music system.
HGL Suite - A compiler/interpreter suite for developing images.
HotShots - An application to annotate screenshots.
HexChat - A Gtk IRC Client.
HIDSharp - A .NET library for USB HID devices.
happy_phone_number - A Rails plugin to happily format phone numbers.
Hnefatafl - A Norse board game.
Hypersocket - An easy-to-use, granular, cross-platform VPN.
Hados - High Availability Distributed Object Storage.
hulk - A usable in-browser HTML editor.
Hatteras - A business events subscription engine.
Histrix Calculator - A JavaScript calculator which emulates Windows XP's calculator.
hyphenType - A commandline interface for Java.
HEALPix - Scientific tools implementing the Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelation of the sphere.
Head-r - Recursing through the Web and issuing HEAD requests for URIs of interest.
Home Tabs - A PrestaShop module that adds extra tabs to your home page.
Huida - A lightweight help desk system.
HiveMind Project Manager - A project/task management system.
Harry - A tool for measuring string similarity.
Hierarchical Cluster Engine - A network infrastructure transport and distributed remote procedure call system.
Helix Universal Basic Server - Streaming media server

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