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Ivy software bus - A protocol and a set of libraries to exchange messages.
Imlib2::Perl bindings - A set of Perl bindings for the Imlib2 image library.
ImageServer - A JPEG-XML-template Java servlet.
ipmenu - A curses GUI for iptables.
ipfmeta - A rule pre-processor for IPfilter.
IrssiProxy - A simple and powerful IRC proxy written in Java.
ImSafe - Host-based intrusion detection by detecting changes in process behavior.
Icu Krell - A gKrellm plugin which diplays the status of GnomeICU.
IIViewer - A thumbnail image viewer.
itaSMS - Sends SMS to Italian phones.
Installwatch - Keeps track of the files created and modified by a process.
iptoip - Helps maintain a coherent ipvsadm table.
incident.pl - A script for automatically responding to security incidents.
ircGraph - A tool to store stats generated by the IRC command /lusers.
IRMA Forms - An advanced HTML forms processor CGI.
ISDN Overview - a nicely foramtted HTML Page showing infos about telephon calls
ISDN Py/GTK Dialer - A simple ISDN dialer in Python/PyGTK.
Interoperable MPI Server - An IMPI rendez-vouz server, used during the startup and shutdown of IMPI jobs.
IRC BotNET - A multi-functional IRC bot that can interoperate with others of its kind.
iPhotoAlbum - A Dynamic PHP Photo Album.
ispell-fo - Faroese dictionary for ispell.
irccat - A 'cat' for IRC.
imp3sh - An interactive MP3 shell.
icdprog - A programmer for Microchip PIC microcontrollers.
Image Create for PHP - Renders text into an image on the fly.
IPTables Firewall Script - Example IPTables 1.2.1 firewall script for dual/multi homed firewall.
install-log - A utility to keep track of which packages own which files
iSCSI Linux Initiator Driver - Implements version 3 of the IETF draft for iSCSI
ILIAS - A platform for Web-based training.
Internet Task Management System - A task management system using PHP with support for MySQL, Oracle, LDAP, and SSL
InstallAnywhere Now! - A multi-platform software deployment solution.
iRogue - A Rogue-like game for PalmOS
Incyte Project Manager - PHP/MySQL based project tracking with task lists.
info_to_html - A program which converts GNU info files to HTML.
Image Colorizer - Adds color to greyscale JPEGs, PNGs, and XBMs
IPAC-NG - Traffic accounting
iLarn - A rogue-like game for PalmOS.
IRC Channel Relay Bot - Relays messages on IRC across different IRC networks.
iptqlog - A packet logger for the QUEUE target of iptables.
ifGraph - A tool to create graphs of network interface traffic via SNMP queries.
if_rate - An interface rate monitor for Linux like iptraf.
id3edit - A command line ID3 tag editor.
i810 Console Framebuffer - A VESA FB compatible Linux framebuffer driver for the i810 chipset.
icradius-ha - A patch to icradius for high avaibility and enhanced features.
ImLib3D - A 3D image processing and visualization framework.
Isotopic Pattern Calculator - Calculates isotopic distributions.
iCE Breakers Log Monitor - Yet another X-based log monitor.
IP Bandwidth Watchdog - A bandwidth monitor and reporting tool.
iSMS - A mobile messaging gateway to implement SMS-based Web services.
itrans - A package for printing texts in Indian languages.
Inline::Guile - Perl Inline module for the GNU Guile Scheme interpreter
Inter-Thread Communication - A complete threading library with a powerful and easy RTPC system.
IT/m libtool - A multi-purpose C++ library.
IT/m libnetcomm - A C++ network API for managing TCP, TCPSSL, and UDP connections.
IT/m libxml - A lightweight C++ XML parser.
InitScripts VPN Extensions - A package of VPN extensions for Linux initscripts.
IT/m libthreadedserver - A threaded server library.
IPTables-tutorial - A tutorial which explains how to install and set up iptables and netfilters.
IBAM - An Intelligent Battery Monitor.
IP Traffic Volume Logger - A tool to log and display IP traffic volume statistics.
IRC II support scripts for ircu networks - The official IRC II scripts for ircu based IRC networks.
inPhorm PHP Form Processing Class - An all-in-one HTML form handling class that is easy to extend.
Image Viewer - A tool for viewing, converting, grabbing, and printing images.
IMAPFilter - A mail filtering utility for IMAP mailboxes.
Indexed PDF Creator - Create indexed pdf documents from text, such as legacy system reports.
IBAccess Interbase administration tool - An Interbase administration tool for X-Windows.
ipcheck.py - A script to register your dynamic IP address using the NIC V2.0 protocol.
imgv - A cross-platform feature rich image viewer.
IMIRC - An Instant Messenger to Internet Relay Chat gateway.
isdnwatch - Monitors an ISDN line and invokes programs depending on source/target number.
IP-packetgenerator - An ICMP/UDP/TCP/IP packet generator written in Perl.
IBM Software Evaluation Kit for Linux - A software suite that allows developers to preview IBM's Linux middleware.
IP-Accounting Grapher - A PHP script that displays IP accounting information.
idtools - Tools for working with user and group IDs.
Issa WebRing - A simple WebRing CGI program.
IP Masquerade HOWTO - A document describing how to set up IP Masq (NAT) for Linux systems.
InfoCentral - Church congregation/group tracking.
IBM Cluster Starter Kit for Linux - An application that enables creation & monitoring of a cluster of up to 6 nodes.
ico2xpm - A utility to convert Windows icons into X pixmaps.
Initinf - A script which extracts modem init strings from driver.inf files.
Iria - A ship game generator and a ship game itself.
Image Viewer Applet - A Java applet that displays thumbnails and their original images.
Interchange - A comprehensive Web application development environment focused on e-commerce.
index - A very simple text-based database.
IBM 3270 Terminal Applications Suite - IBM 3270 Terminal Applications Suite: x3270, c3270, s3270, tcl3270 and pr3287.
IPtables Firewall Webmin Module - A Webmin module for configuring iptables firewalls.
I-Man - An information and contact database.
International Ispell - An interactive spellchecker.
Interverse - A 3D world for chat, voice, IM, mail, file transfer, etc.
ickle - An ICQ2000 client using the GTK-- graphical toolkit.
iam - iptables accounting monster - Linux iptables accounting for servers and routers.
IPFW grapher - Graphical stats for FreeBSD's ipfw.
IzPack - A cross-platform packaging solution.
IRC network map generator - Generates a tree representing the structure of an IRC network.
IDEload - An IDE and disk monitor for Linux.
Issue files Webmin Module - An issue files configuration Webmin module.
IDMS Firewall - A very powerful, easy, and feature-rich firewall configuration tool.
idlebeep - beeps if your system goes idle
IMAP::Admin - A Perl IMAP Administration module.
inpath2dot - Converts inpath data to a format usable with the Graphviz Toolkit.
ISDN FreeBSD Configuration - A Perl script to configure ISDN under FreeBSD.
ISISD - An implementation of the IS-IS link-state routing protocol.
i740fb-xfree - An improved X11 driver for i740 boards with XVideo and DGA support.
info2man - Converts GNU info files to pod or -man formats.
ijolt - An ISDN keepalive/autodialer.
IPFC - A generic framework for managing and monitoring multiple security modules.
ISDN Voice Box Answering Machine - An ISDN voice box answering machine.
IMAP4 AOLServer Module - An IMAP4 client implementation as a module for the AOLSever Web server.
ifstat - Interface statistics monitoring.
Install Kernel - An advanced script which installs the kernel and sets up LILO or GRUB.
im2avi - A program for making AVIs from sequences of images.
IR File Chooser - An infrared remote-controlled fileselection menu.
IR Control Client for Ogle DVD player - An IR Control Client for the Ogle DVD player.
Invisible IRC Project - Secure and Anonymous Instant Messaging
Iproxy - A TCP over UDP connection tunneler
iptotal - A FREESCO IP usage monitor.
Internet Gopher Client - A client for Gopher and Gopher+.
iniparser - A tiny C library to parse Windows-style ini files.
Intelligent Mail Grabber - A Web-based SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 mail client.
ImageInfo - A Java class to determine properties of image files.
IPCop Firewall - A Linux firewall distribution.
ida - An image viewer and editor for X11.
Itnas - Business management software for IT corporations.
Iris - Mail system configuration with virtual domains and web based administration.
ikeyd - A daemon for handling Apple laptop hotkeys.
iMaze - A multiplayer, realtime, 3D, labyrinth run and shoot game.
inetrd - A redirection super server.
IMAP Folder Manager - A commandline tool for managing IMAP folders and their contents.
Iter Vehemens ad Necem - A graphical roguelike game.
IRK Tcl IRC Client Library - A Tcl IRC client library.
IRV-Vote - A Web-based Instant Runoff Voting script.
ICMP-Chat - A chat program that uses ICMP packets to communicate.
Intercom - A flexible audio communication utility.
Imlug Remote Backup System - Makes a backup of a directory and sends it to a remote host.
Idel - A virtual machine for mobile code.
IP Tables State - A 'top'-like IP Tables state information formatting tool.
IP Accountant - A byte accounting script for multiple IP addresses aliased to one interface.
IPStat - An IP accounting package for Linux.
iproute2 - Professional tools to control networking in Linux kernels.
Impact - A finite element program for simulating dynamic and large deformation events.
Interface Wrapper Generator - A Java code generator for wrapper classes.
ipacutil - An I-PAC keyboard encoder programming tool.
IRC to MSN gateway - Chat with your MSN buddies using your IRC client.
ipap Audio Software Utility - A commandline utility for managing MP3 files on an Intel Personal Audio Player.
iftop - Real-time bandwidth usage information.
imprison - Imprisons processes to a jail.
Image Alchemy - A raster image format converter.
IlohaMail - A light weight multilingual webmail program.
inheritanCe - Browses the class inheritance tree for a project.
InfoKeep - A tool for managing and maintaining groups.
irssistats - A tool that generates HTML IRC stats based on irssi logs.
Ideogramic UML - A fast, powerful, and easy-to-use UML tool.
irofferTNG - A new, more active branch of iroffer.
Integratis Web Development Framework - An application server for interactive Web sites.
irclog-xml - Converts IRC logs into XML and HTML.
IPC WAFER 582x I/O and wdt drivers - Watchdog and I/O port drivers for IPC WAFER 582x boards.
ibWebAdmin - A Web-based admin tool for Interbase/Firebird.
Ingeni - A Web-based project control system.
itracker - An issue / bug tracking system (based on Java).
Imoria for linux - A rogue-like game based on Moria.
Ice Sound Manager - A manager for sound events and sound themes for IceWM.
Informium - A lightweight, fully-featured news script.
iOta - A photograph/image organization and management tool and archiver.
Inactive Subs - Scripts for clearing newsletter mailing lists of inactive subscribers.
Iperf - A tool to measure IP bandwidth using UDP or TCP.
IDMS Linux - A server distribution.
IceWM Control center - Allows you to run various tools for configuring IceWM.
IControl - A remote control daemon for Creative's RM-900 remote and Live!Drive Receiver.
ipv6calc - A small utility to manipulate IPv6 addresses.
image2wav.py - Uses an image to create a sound which will show that image on a spectrogram.
IRC NiCK Identify for GAIM - A GAIM plugin which handles identification with an IRC Nick bot.
Internet Relay Jabber - A Jabber client for IRC.
Interactive Learning Environment - An environment for building Web-based learning environments in Ruby.
IPSquad Packages From Scratch - A program installation tracker.
Insight logger - A Web server log file analysis tool.
IPSquad Site Framework - A Web site framework that uses XML.
ioperm for Cygwin - ioperm()/iopl() support for Cygwin.
IMAPScrape - Scrapes messages from an IMAP server.
IDL Library - A library for creating trees of CORBA Interface Definition Language files.
internationalization tool collection - A collection of tools for internationalization.
ifinfo - An Ethernet interface information retrieval tool.
Ismo - A PHP Web application framework with the aim to be powerful and easy to use.
Installation Utility - A tool that keeps track of packages installed from sources.
Inventory - A GTK2 inventory program.
I/O Fender - A low impact I/O library.
Infernal Contractor II - Raise mayhem in this fast-paced 3D office simulation.
ifile - A Bayesian email filter.
iCam2 - A Webcam program for X11 or the console.
ipkungfu - An iptables-based Linux firewall.
IRCSocket - A C++ implementation of the IRC protocol.
IRC-Chess - A 2-player chess game for IRC which turns a computer into an IRC chess bot.
InspIRCd - A modular C++ IRC daemon.
ifplugd - An ethernet link beat detection daemon.
Image press - A noise reduction and image stacking program.
Io programming language - A small prototype-based programming language.
img2eps - A converter from raster images to Embedded PostScript.
i740 Linux framebuffer driver - A Linux framebuffer driver for the i740 video card.
i.Scribe - A cross platform email client.
ipaudit-web - A Web-accessible network traffic monitor.
IdeaBox - A Web based suggestion box system.
IMAPAssassin - SpamAssassin filtering for your IMAP account.
IEEE1394Diag - An IEEE1394 diagnostic application.
Inti-GConf - Inti binding for GConf.
iksemel - A simple XML-parsing library written in C, targeted for Jabber.
iHook - A frontend for Mac OS X command-line executables.
Image Sign - Digitally sign images while keeping them viewable.
iiimf-skk - A language engine module for IIIMF.
InterXim - An international X11 XIM server.
IP Sentinel - A tool for preventing unauthorized network usage.
i8kkmon - A KDE monitor for Dell notebook temperatures.
IT++ - A C++ library of mathematical, signal processing, and communication routines.
iCalendar - A PHP class for creating iCalendar files.
Indent Finder - Finds the indentation of your source files.
IMAP Proxy - A caching IMAP proxy server.
img_bbox.pl - A script to extract file format and size from image files
IP Security Validator for Linux - A tool that allows validation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) configurations.
IRCTree - Show a tree representing the structure of an IRC network in ASCII.
iRiver iFP driver - An open-source driver for iRiver's great iFP flash portable player.
imgSeek - A photo collection manager with content-based query.
IGSuite - A Web-based integrated groupware suite.
iConquer - An addictive game of world conquest.
IDMS Damn Best Mail Agent - A fast, efficient c10k compliant mail agent.
iiitAccessServer - A rule-based entrprise authorization system.
IceWM Menu Config - A GUI menu config for IceWM.
Infinite Planes of Reality - A text-only D20 MMORPG engine.
IRMix - A Lirc-controlled audio mixer app for Linux.
Interface WM - An interface window manager for GNUstep.
IMAP Spam Begone - An IMAP mailbox spam scanner.
isdn2dbox - A tool that sends notification of ISDN calls to dbox2.
IPplan - IP address management and tracking.
Instant Messaging Database Admin (ODBC) - A tool for managing a database over an IM network.
ImageBackup - Creates incremental backup CDs of digital pictures.
Ikaros Simulation Framework - An easy-to-use discrete-time simulation framework.
IDL2Matlab - An IDL-to-Matlab/Scilab code translator.
IDX-DocBook2LaTeX - A LaTeX stylesheet for DocBook XML.
IvyTV - A Linux driver for iTVC15 / CX23415 / CX23416 hardware MPEG-2 compression cards.
IcePref2 - A next-generation IceWM configuration utility.
IceWM Control Panel - A full-featured control panel for IceWM.
ImageJ Plugins - Plugins for ImageJ.
Intrusion Detection Exchange Architecture - A client/server architecture for the implementation of Distributed IDS.
im-stats - A tool that produces HTML statistics from Trillian logs.
install_latest_kernel - An automatic kernel installation script.
im-ja - A Japanese input module for GTK 2.
Internet Communications Engine - A modern object middleware solution.
IBM Grid Toolbox - A grid toolbox that includes Globus Toolkit 2.2 and special scripts for Linux.
Intelligent TETRIS - Enjoy the classic game, or let the computer do it for you.
img2pdf - Converts a list of images to a single, multi-page PDF document.
Issue-Tracker - A support issue management system.
ifoinfo - List DVD titles, tracks, and more.
Issue Dealer - An application for dealing with issues (information and tasks).
imapsync - An IMAP mailbox synchronization tool.
IceWM Theme Designer - A drag-and-drop theme designer for IceWM.
Iometer - An I/O performance analysis tool.
Interactive BDD Environment - A shell like utility for working with ROBDDs.
IABC - A graphical application for editing music.
Internet Chess ToolKit - A Java library for chess with PGN, FEN, SAN, and ICS (FICS, ICC) support.
icecream - An Internet radio-stream downloader.
Icon Peeper - An image discovery tool.
ImageAlbum - A Web application for picture collections written in PHP.
ipsvd - Internet protocol service daemons.
iCommune - An extension to Apple's iTunes to share music over the network.
IndLinux Milan - A Hindi interface to GNOME.
IsaViz - Browse and author RDF models represented as graphs.
instantRSS - A simple, dynamic RSS creation system.
Inhunmi - POS, Delivery, Contact, and Stock Control software.
In Memory Core Dump - Uses system memory to save the crash information for later analysis.
IMMS - An advanced adaptive playlist framework.
Intel C++ Compiler - A C/C++ compiler/debugger optimized for maximum performance on Intel processors.
IPoCAN - IP over CAN Linux support.
imediff2 - An interactive fullscreen two-way merge tool.
iRATE radio - A collaborative filtering client to download and play MP3s.
Interactive Bandwidth Monitor - An interactive Linux console application for bandwidth monitoring.
Interleave - A business process workflow framework.
iWare - A Web-based content management system.
inline_smtp - An inline SMTP redirector that filters the email body.
iLeech - Downloads music from iTunes 4.0 shares.
IP and Ethernet testing Tool - Testing software for Ethernet/IP applications and equipment.
Interceptor - A KDE4 plasmoid for syslog monitoring and notification management.
IBGS - An Internet board game server.
IdleKick - An XChat2 plugin which kicks users who idle too long.
iChatExporter - A chat file to text exporter for Apple iChat.
Intergif - A utility for creating and manipulating GIF files.
initscripts-generic - A generic version of Red Hat's initscripts package.
initscripts-vpn - A VPN solution using SSH and PPP.
Interactive Television Publishing System - A simple way to produce ATVEF-A ETV features.
IFSplot - An IFS fractal plotter.
iCAR - Adds auto-reply functionality to iChat.
Irmo - A generalized client-server multiplayer engine.
Interact - An online learning and collaboration platform.
install4j - A cross platform Java installer.
ImageArchive - A PHP class for browse directories of images and zooming or rotating them.
istrice - A distributed compilation environment.
ISAAC - Compressible Euler/Navier-Stokes computational fluid dynamics code.
Infotrope ACAP Server - An RFC2244-conformant ACAP server.
iReport Designer for JasperReports - A visual reporting tool based on JasperReports.
i3dglload - A simple Innovation3d file loader.
IMLogger - A utility which logs instant messenger screen names logging on and off.
IntyOS - A multitasking operating system for the Intellivision console.
iVideo - Multitrack video editing software.
iPodEject - A tool for easily ejecting your iPod.
INL Splitter - A C++ source and header splitter.
IDABench - A pluggable Web interface to intrusion analysis tools.
IrcMap C2 - An applet to show tree structures such as IRC networks.
iStumbler - A small utility for finding local wireless networks and services.
IBM Page Detailer - Enables Web site developers and editors to rapidly and accurately assess perform
IVS Milter - A virus, spam, and content filtering milter.
iCOM - An advanced component architecture.
ircproxy - An Internet Relay Chat proxy.
ID3 mass tagger - A tool for manipulating ID3 tags in multiple files.
IMAP Replicator - Software that synchronizes IMAP mailboxes.
iTree Pro-XQ Powertree - A Java tree menu with drag 'n' drop, tabs, and scalability.
IIPImage - A client/server for remote viewing of ultra high resolution images.
ion-cms - A framework-based Java Content Management System.
Image Leech - An image downloading program.
Imagero - A Java imaging and metadata library.
IOWarriorDriver - A driver for accessing the IOWarrior 40.
Irrlicht Engine - A high performance cross-platform 3D engine in C++.
INSERT - A credit card Linux rescue system with NTFS write support and virus scanning.
Imposter - A viewer for OpenOffice.org Impress presentation files.
InteliEditor - A browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editor.
ifmetric - Manipulates an IPv4 route's metrics.
Inti-SourceView - An Inti binding for the GTK+ source code editing widget GtkSourceView.
ink_level - A kernel module to check the ink level of a printer.
ImageSpace - A genetic image generator.
ivykis - An event handling library.
ibo - A library for Web-based interfaces to relational databases.
ink - A command line tool for displaying the ink level.
IRClib - A Java IRC client library.
ImTask - A tool to send an IM with Ant.
iTab Pro QuickNavBar - A hybrid drop-down menu/tab menu.
imgtops - Tools to translate images to and from PostScript.
iClip - A multiple clipboard/scrapbook application.
Izen - A framework for Web applications.
Inti-GL - An Inti binding for the GTK+ Open-GL extension, GtkGLExt.
IVJ Logger - An easy to use logger.
IzSite - A Web site content management system.
IzSound - A C++/STL sound processing library.
ibargraph - A tool which shows the throughput on an ISDN line as a bar graph.
iBackup - A tool which backs up configuration files and creates system reports.
IoBind - A highly flexible C++ library for serializing objects to and from strings.
INDI - A control protocol for various astronomical instruments (telescopes, CCDs, etc).
Ip6wall - A script for configuring an IPV6 firewall with ip6tables.
Informa - An RSS Library for Java.
icpld - A tool to log the uptime of your network connection.
IrcLeech - A tool to download files offered by XDCC bots on IRC servers.
IceGenerator - A direct stream generator for Icecast/Shoutcast servers.
iptables-p2p - A P2P match module for iptables.
Interval arithmetic for Ada - An implementation of interval arithmetic.
irclogger - A simple IRC bot providing daily Web logs.
isbnsearch - An ISBN search tool with a permanent cache.
iRipDB - A manager for the iRiver iHP-1XX series DB.
Integrity - A simple but robust file integrity checker.
Image_Toolbox - A PHP class that provides a library of the PHP GD-based image functions.
I-Spy - A remote FTP and Web site content monitoring agent.
IPQReader - A Netfilter queue packet reader.
Inkscape - An SVG-based vector drawing application.
Informant - A GNOME panel applet useful for notifying a user of events.
IBM JDK for Linux - Linux software development kit used to build and run Java applications
IBM OpenDX - An application for data visualization.
IdeaJad - A free decompiler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.
IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder - A WYSIWYG HTML editor for beginners and experts.
ibod - An ISDN MPPP bandwidth-on-demand daemon.
IBTK - Basic self-contained no-frills toolkit for Xlib.
icapd - ICAP protocol calendar daemon.
iFaces - Displays pictures of senders for unread email in Mail.app.
I18NEdit - Localisation management for Java/PHP programs
ICBM3D - Missile Command clone in 3D
IAMBACKUP - A set of PHP classes for backing up and restoring a MySQL database.
ICBM3D/2 - A 3D game where you defend cities from incoming missiles.
ICCLIB - An ICC color profile read/write/color-conversion library.
IceBreaker - An addictive action-puzzle game involving bouncing penguins.
icecast - A streaming media broadcasting system.
IceMe - A graphical menu editor for IceWM written in Python and GTK+.
Isdnserver - A server, decoder, and answering machine for ISDN.
IceS - Mp3 streamer for the icecast system
IceWM - A Window Manager designed for speed, usability, and consistency.
ICI - A dynamic, interpretive language with C-like syntax
Invicta - An open-source build management tool.
ICM - InterAgent Communications Model
icmpmonitor - Multiple host monitoring tool
Icon - A very high level language.
icontact - Image contact sheet maker
icoutils - A set of programs to convert and create MS Windows icons and cursors.
ICQ Auto-Responder Plugin for Licq - Automatically respond to ICQ messages with the output from a given program.
icq7com - package for cloning an IC-Q7 mini handheld transceiver
icqlib - The ICQ library.
icqmail - ICQ->Email gateway
IC-RADIUS - Powerful cross platform radius server
Icrop - Tcl/Tk GUI to ImageMagick's import program.
ics.el - Emacs mode for internet chess server interactions
id-utils - Very fast, very high capacity indexer for C/C++ source code.
IbPy - A Python API for the Interactive Brokers online trading system.
ID2 - User information lookup utility.
ID2 Daemon - Daemon for remote queries of the ID2 utility.
ID3.py - ID3 MP3 info tag manipulation in Python
Inline::Java - A tool to write Perl classes in Java.
id3ed - ID3 tag editor for mp3 files. Interactive and command line modes.
id3lib - An ID3v1/ID3v2 tagging library.
id3tool - Command line editor for ID3 tags.
id3v2 - An ID3v2 tagger.
IAM CSV Dump - A class form performing a query dump and sending it to the browser.
IDE Floppy Driver for Linux - A Linux driver for ATAPI floppy and removable media.
Ide.php - A web-based editor for PHP.
IDebug - An advanced debugging framework for Java.
ident2 - Multi-faceted identity/authentication server w/ ip masquerade support
IdooXoap - A Java package for communication over SOAP.
IDReplace - Replaces ID tags from a template file with the values taken from a data file.
IPMItool - A command-line utility to control IPMI-enabled devices.
Image Display System - CGI that produces image galleries on-the-fly.
IWantVCD - A VCD/SVCD transcoder script.
ifmail - Fidonet package for UN*X platform
igerman98 - A spell check dictionary for the German language.
Igloo Weblog - A PHP-based weblog.
IglooFTP - Graphical and User Friendly FTP CLient
IglooFTP-PRO - Powerfull and User Friendly FTP client
Injector Linux - A single-floppy Linux system, which supports many filesystems.
ILD - Throughput logging for the Traverse Technologies NetJet ISDN router
Ilib - Image manipulation library for reading and writing images
imgsizer - A generator for HTML IMG tags' width and height parameters.
ILU - open extensible portable generalized RPC for many OSes
im2html - Make HTML indices for image galleries
In-System-Programmer for ATMEL AT89S8252 - A tool to read and write the internal memory of the ATMEL AT89S8252.
Image::Size - Derive dimensions of images in various common formats
ImageMagick - A comprehensive package supporting automated and interative manipulation of imag
ImageViewer - A GNUstep based image viewer.
INTERCAL - A compiler for the INTERCAL programming language.
iMake - A platform independent make processor.
IMAP-PostAmt - PHP-based web mail frontend for IMAP servers.
imapbiff - New mail notifier for IMAP accounts
imaptool - Tool for creating clientside imagemaps
Icarus Verilog Test Suite - A test suite for Icarus Verilog.
imaverage - Dynamic preference-building image viewer database tool.
imc - The Image Compiler
I-AM-DOH - A tool to help an IDS reduce the number of false positives.
IMHO-DE - Module for activating the German language for IMHO v.0.97+.
imlib - Advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm
ImgSvr - A Web image server, which allows users to browse digital images.
Imlib2 - A graphic library for file loading, saving, rendering, and manipulation.
IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4 - A set of Java classes and APIs for use with MPEG-4.
IMP - A Webmail system based on IMAP.
impose+ - PostScript utilities including intelligent 2-up tiling.
ImPress - WYWIWYG publishing and presentation tool
imsptool - A command line program to communicate with an IMSP server.
iMuse - Automagically creates an online picture gallery with Javascript.
IMDispatch - A script that turns an AIM screen name into a virtual multi-line support number.
imwheel - Support for wheel and 4+ button mice in X11
inactive - A script which shuts down a machine if it is inactive for a time.
iNapster - A Web-based Napster client.
incant - Command Line and Tk dictionary client
IANA /etc Files - A tool that generates /etc/services and /etc/protocols from IANA data.
iNES - Portable emulator of the Nintendo Entertainment System
Inferno Operating System - A small OS with a virtual machine for embedded systems.
InfinyMail - An On-Demand Mail Relay (ODMR/RFC2645) implementation.
infobot - Pseudo-AI IRC bot written in Perl
Infoflex-4GL - A complete 4GL.
Information Manager - Web outlining software.
Informix-SE - Established and easy-to-manage database for small to medium range applications.
Infrared-HOWTO - How to use the software provided by the Linux/IrDA project.
Infusion - An integrated communications package similar to Microsoft Outlook.
InfView - TUI info files viewer, good replacement for info with nice user interface
ini.py - Python library for Windows INI files.
inilib - A C++ preferences file storage library.
INN - A complete and full-featured Usenet server.
Inner Peace - Self-help chatterbot to help you achieve more inner peace.
Innovation3D - A 3D modeling program.
inpowerd - UPS power event notification server.
ILFIVE - A C library of Lisp objects, with an Ada-95 binding.
inklog - An object oriented publishing framework.
inSap - An XMMS input plugin that plays Atari XL/XE tune files.
IBXM Integer Java MOD/XM Music Player. - A Protracker MOD and Fast Tracker 2 XM player library for Java.
Insight - tcl/tk based GUI for GDB
InSite - An ultra-fast Web site management tool.
Install Backup - Backup your files very easily.
Install Disks for Compaq Proliant - Disks to help with a Redhat install on a Compaq Proliant.
Install Toolkit for Java - A Java program for writing install programs for Java or non-Java programs
Install Webserver - Install Apache, PHP and MySQL by running one script.
Install-Sendmail - install-sendmail will configure sendmail and fetchmail for you.
IRCRelay - An IRC relay client based on Tkinter.
instmon - Monitors installations and detects the files that were added or modified
integrit - An intrusion detection system.
Intel IA32 Microcode Update Utility - A utility to upload new microcode to Intel P6 microprocessors.
intel2gas - A converter between the NASM and GAS asm format (Intel/AT&T)
Intelligent FRAC - An easy-to-play 3D packing game.
Intelligent Image Format - 32-bit animated, lossless image compression.
InJoy Firewall - An easy all-in-one multi-platform firewall and VPN.
Interactive Visualization Framework - A simple OpenGL/GLUT-based C++ visualisation framework.
ID3 Panel Framework - An ID3 Tag Cocoa panel framework.
interceptty - A TTY/serial port interceptor/logger.
International Components for Unicode (C/C++) - IBM Classes for Unicode (ICU) enable you to write fully cross-platform programs
Internet Document and Report Server - An Internet-based report server.
Internet Registry Routing Daemon - An Internet Routing Registry database server.
Internet Relay Chat Extensions - IRCD Server in C++.
interpcom - Command interpreter Library
Intershop - a complete line of products for e-commerce that scales!
ID3iconv - A tool to convert ID3 tags to Unicode.
Inti - A C++ GUI toolkit for GTK+.
intimed - A time server for synchronizing networked machines' clocks.
IntraLAN - Intranet System for LANparties.
intrepid - Simple Load Balancing system
Intro to Bash Programming HOWTO - Bash programming tutorial.
Ignition Test System - A tool for testing the performance of ignition systems.
iODBC Driver Manager and SDK - A new ODBC 3.5 driver manager/SDK for Linux/UNIX.
iOfficeV4 - A Web-based groupware application suite.
IOG - A byte-based network I/O Grapher.
IOLib - Universal multiplatform IO library.
IOLib-Filters - Filter package for IOLib
IRC Defender - A modular security service for IRC networks.
Ion - A tiling tabbed window manager designed with keyboard users in mind.
IOzone - Filesystem benchmark utility.
IPA - A pluggable accounting system.
IP Filter - A TCP/IP packet filter.
ip queue multiplex daemon - A multiplexer between netfilter's QUEUE target and user-space processes.
IMAP Migration Tool - A tool for migrating email from one IMAP server to another.
ip-masq-log - A patch that makes Linux 2.2 log all outgoing TCP masqueraded connections.
ipac - Linux IP accounting package
iPAQ Handheld Linux - A Linux distribution for the iPAQ handheld H3600-series PDA.
ipaudit - Summarizes ip traffic bytes/packets broken down by host/port pairs and protocol.
IPC::SharedCache - A Perl module to manage a cache in SysV IPC shared memory.
ipcalc - An IP subnet calculator.
ipchains - Linux packet filter control utility (replaces ipfwadm for kernels 2.1.102+).
IPchains Firewalling Module for Webmin - A Webmin module for configuring an IP Firewall based on IPchains.
IPFM - IP Flow Meter, a bandwidth analysis tool.
ipfwadm2ipchains - Converts ipfwadm rules into equivalent ipchains rules
iplog - A TCP/IP traffic logger capable of detecting scans and other attacks.
iplogled - An IP logger via keyboard LEDs.
ipmkchains - A Linux Firewall Chain Manipulation Tool.
Ingo - A mail filtering manager, supporting Sieve, procmail, maildrop and IMAP filters.
iPP - A platform independent pre-processor.
IBM Frequent Subgraph Miner - A tool for finding frequent substructure patterns from a set of labeled graphs.
Iprobe Tool Suite - Alpha/Linux performance tool
ivata groupware - A groupware/intranet portal system based on J2EE.
iTunes Playlist Export - Exports .m3u playlists from your iTunes playlists.
i-Pony - A lightweight pub/sub integration framework.
iptables - A Linux kernel packet filter control tool.
IFSgr - A 2D grayscale IFS renderer.
IPTraf - An ncurses-based IP LAN monitor
isoTope - A framework implementation of the AtomAPI in PHP.
IPWatch - Restores network connectivity when there is a loss or change of IP.
IP Tables network magic SysRq - Remote SysRq for Linux implemented as an iptables target.
IPSpace - A Web-based IP address space management tool.
ip_relay - A bandwidth shaper.
ir - Program to control Chris Dodge's IR device via command line, email, web, or cron
IR Remote Control driver for FlyVideo98 - driver for the IR remote control in the FlyVideo'98 TV card
IRCG - A high-performance IRC gateway for dispatching XML messages in real-time.
IRC2WEB - A gateway to use IRC clients with several WebChats.
ircbase - Advanced scriptable detachable GUI-controllable irc client
ircd-hybrid - An Internet Relay Chat daemon.
ircII - The original popular UNIX IRC client.
irclog2html.pl - IRC log file colouriser.
ircspeak - Text to speech module for the sirc and ksirc IRC clients
IMMS Magical Favorites Collector - A useful tool for filling CDs/DVDs or MP3 players with what IMMS knows you like.
ircu - Undernet's IRC daemon
Information Resource Manager - A hardware inventory and work request system
irmctl - Control daemon for non IRDA ir receivers
IRMP3 - Multimedia Audio (mp3) Jukebox; optional IR remote control, LCDisplay, keypad
IrNET for Linux-IrDA - Efficient and flexible TCP/IP over IrDA.
iroffer - Standalone, compiled fileserver for IRC
irqtune - A Linux IRQ priority optimizer.
Issue Management Tool - Internet-based issue management software.
irspider - An IRC search engine smartbot.
IPCAD - An IP accounting daemon.
irssi - A modular, terminal-based IRC client with Perl scripting.
IrssiBot the IRC bot - A platform-independent IRC bot.
IntraSchool - A school intranet management system.
irXxD - A library for sending/receiving infrared remote control codes.
inAccess Networks JTAG tools - JTAG flash programming and testing tools.
Isabelle - A generic theorem-proving environment.
isapnptools - ISA plug and play configuration utility
ICE Bug Reporter - A bug reporting tool.
isbn.pl - Returns extensive book metadata from LoC based on ISBN.
ISC DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client and Server implementation
iScript - A platform independent scripting language.
ISDK - Information System Development Kit
ISDN Router - A masquerading ISDN router on one disk.
IMDbPY - An interface to retrieve and manage IMDb's movie information with Python.
isdn-config - An ISDN configuration tool.
isdn4net - Scripts for operating and configuring isdn4linux
isdnadmin - Linuxconf module for administration and operation of isdn4linux
isdngw - An H.323-ISDN gateway.
Isearch - Indexes and searches text documents.
isectd - middleware daemon for client/server, dist. processing, & multi-tier programming
IServerd - An ICQ server for Unix.
Ishmail - Very powerful GUI e-mail tool
IsinGlass - Firewall setup script designed to protect dial-up users.
isinglass-hzd - Firewall script designed to protect dial-up users
ISO8211Lib - ISO/IEC 8211 library
Isoqlog - A log analyzer for qmail, Sendmail, Exim, and Postfix.
isp-connect - Generic PPP connect scripts.
ISPAcct - An accounting program for Bintec router log files and mail logs for ISPs.
ispell-da - A Danish ispell dictionary.
ISPMan - An ISP manager.
interface preprocessor for PHP - Methods to create user interfaces in PHP.
isptools - A collection of utilities to make life easier for system administrators.
iSQL-Viewer - A JDBC 2.x database front-end.
iSSL - A cryptographical library for SSL-like network communications.
isync - Synchronizes an IMAP4 mailbox with a local maildir mailbox.
IT-MAME - Tcl/tk Front End for xMAME
ithought - An internet-aware personal thought manager
iTMS-4-ALL - A Perl CGI script that can search Apple's iTunes Music Store.
ITISSL - A Java 2 implementation of Sun' SSL Reference API based on SSLeay/OpenSSL
ITS4 - C/C++ software security scanner
ivcall - An ISDN voice caller.
iVote - A Web-based visual poll/image voting system.
ivt2html - Convert Microsoft Infoviewer format (.ivt) to HTML.
i.Task - A small and fast process viewer.
ivtools - Application frameworks for drawing editors and spatial data servers
iRiver IHP toolkit - A utility for the iRiver IHP series.
iXalance - The iXalance Linux demo loader.
ixbiff - Blinks keyboard LEDs when new mail arrives.
ixlib - C++ tools library
ISP Billing System - A prepaid billing system for ISPs.
Io major mode - An Emacs major mode for Io.
intraPerson - A GUI interface for LDAP databases.
iTerm - A terminal application with a multi-tab interface.
i855crt - A driver to manage CRT output on the i855gm graphics chip.
IEncy - An application for browsing Wikipedia and alltheweb images.
Infinity Plugin - A visualization plugin for audio players.
Ipe - An extensible drawing editor.
icel.tcl - A database-based learning engine for eggdrop bots.
IPsec-Tools - A Linux port of the KAME IPsec utilities.
InterWorx Control Panel - A dedicated server control panel
Infoglue - A Java content management system.
image2mpeg - A tool to convert photos into MPEG video streams and DVD slideshows.
Intel Fortran Compiler For Linux - Intel's fully optimized Fortran compiler.
inplace - A command line utility to transform files in place.
ipfm2psql - Load network traffic data into PostgreSQL.
INN ACL - A patch of the INN News server to support ACLs.
infoscherm - An information display system.
IP*Works! - A comprehensive suite of Internet communications libraries.
IP*Works! SSL - An SSL-enabled suite of secure Internet communications class libraries.
ical2rss - A tool which shows 10 upcoming events of a given iCalendar feed as RSS.
Integcheck - A system integrity checker.
Invisionix Roaming System Remote - A portable PC system built by integrating existing Open Source components.
inetlib - A small IRC library.
iTmsBackup - A tool to backup purchases from iTunes Music Store.
IPAcco - An IP-accounting data analysis system for Cisco routers.
Independent Coffeeshop Access Manager - A user manager for the NoCat wireless/wired authentication manager.
IBank - An image message board.
Impostor.pl - IRC services for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
Iconara DOM - A Cocoa-framework for working with XML.
iFactory - OpenGL/Qt-based image manipulation.
IDM Portal OS Edition - A development platform for Web Portals and Dynamic Content Management.
IberAgents - Component framework for Web services.
Intelligent Process Status - A program for displaying process status.
IsaMorph - A Linux live CD featuring the Isabelle interactive theorem prover.
I10 - A PHP class for controlling the I10.
iList - An intelligent playlist for KDE's media player, Noatun.
IsoTool - An isometric artwork toolkit.
IBM Semantics Toolkit - A toolkit for storage, manipulation, query, and inference of ontologies, etc.
IrcMarkers - A program to place markers on maps at given coordinates.
Intelligent Network Management Framework - A framework to manage network tools distributed on the network using rules.
Internode Nodemap - An interactive network visualization tool.
IBM Reflexive User Interface Builder - A user interface building tool for Swing and Eclipse GUIs.
InGenApps - Web portal software.
InfoNode Docking Windows - A Java Swing-based docking windows framework.
ieee1284java - A Java library for accessing the parallel port.
Impost - A network security auditing tool designed to analyze exploitation forensics.
Ingres - A mature, high-performance relational database solution.
iTramp - A small personal accounting application.
intclock - An international clock.
Imlib2-Ruby - Imlib2 bindings for Ruby.
ImaginView Photo Gallery Class - A class for creating photo galleries.
i18nHTML - A collection of scripts that enable collaborative Web page translation.
iconvircproxy - An IRC proxy with transparent character set conversion.
Indus - A toolkit for customizing and adapting Java programs.
Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb - A classic adventure game.
iCal4j - A Java library for manipulating iCalendar (RFC2445) data.
IP Traffic Meter - A traffic counter for IPv4 addresses.
iniparse - A Python module for accessing and modifying INI files.
iPod BiblePlayer - Read and hear the Bible on your iPod
InformationSpace - A causal set exploration and visualization tool.
Intel Vtune Performance Analyzer - A powerful profiler.
Indeview - A tool that converts Impress and KPresenter to a platform independent format.
ipsec_tunnel - An IPsec tunnel implementation for Linux 2.4.
icxf - A conversion library and utilities for the Italian Cadastral Exchange Format.
IBM Object Rexx - An object-oriented programming language suited for beginners.
iCompile - A system to compile C++ programs without Makefiles.
Inyo - A raytracer written in Java.
IPChat - A peer to peer chat program.
imapspamfilter - An IMAP client that filters spam without downloading it.
IMAPEngine - An IMAP server which retrieves via POP3 and organizes mail in a database.
itax - A reimplementation and extension of the Australian Tax Office's e-tax software.
IBM HeapAnalyzer - A tool to understand how Java applications use heaps and to easily find leaks.
infojection - A Linux distributed multimedia playback system.
iPod->Folder - Copies your iPod music to a folder on your computer.
iFAQMaker - A PHP class for easy maintenance of FAQs.
IPA Zounds - A sound change applier that understands the IPA.
Ionflux Tools Class Library - A C++ class library for rapid development of client/server applications.
Inputpipe - Network transparency for Linux input devices.
IPtables ROPE - An iptables match-module scripting language.
Ibis - An efficient platform for Grid computing.
Indexator.NET - A file indexer.
IDE for Laszlo - An Eclipse-based development environment for applications based on the LZX mark-
Information Currency Web Services - Tools for the issuance and maintenance of information currency.
IvySync - A synchronized video starter.
IENJINIA - A virtual console using retro gaming to teach computer programming.
InFormal - A tool that provides formal verification of digital hardware.
IridiumFlares - An Iridium flares prediction application.
im_narrator - Provides text-to-speech services for instant messaging clients.
Ivman - A flexible userspace HAL front-end for Linux.
imap-purge - An automatic IMAP purging tool that keeps folder sizes small.
IDEALX Management Console - A platform for developing Web administration consoles.
InkTank - An online library system tailored for fan fiction.
ISCII Utilities - Utilities for analyzing ISCII-encoded text files.
iPodBackup - A tool to back up your home folder to an iPod.
Inline::SLang - A Perl Inline module for the S-Lang interpreter.
IDesk - A program that provides icons on an X11 desktop.
IssueBridge - A Web-based issue and defect tracking system.
Ivy - A simple but powerful dependency manager.
ICARUS VMPSd - An SQL-querying VMPS daemon.
IPC_SharedMem for PHP5 - Classes sharing same interface for access to different types of shared memory.
Irtza's Operating Environment - A collection of shell scripts and GTK programs for XML processing, graphics, and
Ice Hockey Manager - A hockey franchise management and simulation game.
inputcntrl - A utility for controlling Linux 'input' devices.
image_album - An on-the-fly Web site photo album generator.
Image_Isometric - A package for rendering isometric 3D images in PHP.
Inventory Management Software - A Web-based inventory management system.
Ixmati - A business project management and workflow tool.
imap2rss.php - A program for translating an IMAP mailbox into an RSS feed in real-time.
ImageIM - A plugin for Gaim that lets buddies send screenshots via HTTP.
Invasores - A very simple multiplataform shoot'em up game.
Initial Redirect - A plugin for Squid that redirects first-time users of a proxy.
inicrond - A network of interactive courses.
IssueTrackerProduct - A user-friendly issue/bug tracker Web application for Zope.
iBookshelf - An application for cataloging a book collection and designing bookshelves.
IMAP Calendar Proxy - An HTTP proxy to store Mozilla calendars on an IMAP server.
iPod shuffle Database Builder - A tool to use the iPod shuffle without iTunes or similar programs.
Information Currency CVS - An information currency generation system.
Iron Bars SHell - A restricted shell for Linux/Unix.
IPFreely - A simple and secure TCP proxy.
IP Accounting - Per-address accounting for networks.
Insipid - An online bookmark repository.
indearcalc - A mobile phone unlocking code calculator.
Internet DJ Console - An Internet DJ program.
ipfallback - A script for IP fallback routing.
Itzam - A deliberately portable embedded database engine.
itun - A simple ICMP tunnel.
InterApplet - A GNOME applet for network configuration on Debian-based systems.
ind - Software to indent output from a sub-process.
IBM Analysis Tool for Java Garbage Collector - A modeling and analysis tool for Java Garbage Collector.
IptablesWeb - A program to inspect iptables logs with a Web browser.
IP::Country - A tool for fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses.
IDRA - A GUI for system configuration and device monitoring.
InitNG - A featureful init replacement.
iValidator - A test automation framework for Java.
Insurrection - An advanced Web interface for Subversion.
Ist Shaper - A shaper which uses HTB classes and the iptables CLASSIFY extension.
irrXML - A simple and fast XML parser.
imsniff - IM Sniffer
IBM Availability Monitoring Toolkit - An availability monitoring toolkit.
ICMP Hostname Tools for Linux - Programs that provide ICMP hostname functionality for Linux.
IPA-CXS/X-Sampa Converter - A converter between IPA and CXS/X-Sampa
imapcopy - A script for copying from one IMAP account to another.
i2py - A tool to convert IDL programs and scripts to Python.
IComplete - A C++ code completion system for Vim.
ICGuard - A monitoring program for IpCop firewalls.
ICM Looking Glass - A looking glass for Cisco, Juniper, and Extreme routers.
IBM Intelligent Test Case Handler - An Eclipse plugin for the generation/manipulation of testing input data/configs.
Ibid's Editor - An editor for xanalogical text.
Instant OGo - An OGo-based Linux groupware server.
Intelligent Filesystem Guard - A filesystem monitoring tool.
info.xhead - A password manager and personal database for Mac OS X.
issPolicy - Converts ISS RealSecure Network Sensor/Proventia policies into HTML policy files
I(2) Drive - An online file storage system and WebDAV server.
inewsd - Automatically fetches Reuters news stories and places them on your iPod.
Image Crammer - A keyboard-driven image viewer/slide show program.
IBM Workplace Managed Client Developer Toolkit - A set of Eclipse plugins for developing, testing, and deploying applications.
Interbench - An interactivity benchmark.
IBiz E-Payment Integrator - Libraries for credit card and electronic check (ACH) processing.
IBiz QuickBooks Integrator - Libraries for Internet-enabled QuickBooks (QBXML) integration.
ISPConfig - A hosting control panel for Linux.
IP2More - A class which translates IP addresses to useful information.
Infotrope Polymer - A fully roaming online IMAP/ACAP client.
IFT - A simple flight simulator
iPeer - An application to develop and deliver peer evaluations online.
Imbalance - A lightweight LAMP-based HTTP redirector.
iDVR Video Surveillance System - A 16 camera surveillance system.
ianout - A next generation 2D Fallout-like engine.
Image rotator - automatic outdoor-photo orientation detection and rotation.
IntegraTUM WebDisk - A Web application which gives you direct access to a CIFS file server.
IceBearSoft Perl Package with LinkChecker - Perl modules for verification of links on Web pages.
intval - An integer evaluation tool for shell scripting.
ipguard - A tool designed to protect a LAN IP address space from ARP spoofing.
Ishtar - A network toolbox for C++ programs.
IKEv2 - An implementation of the Internet Key Exchange protocol version 2.
iGetter - A full-featured download manager and accelerator.
I18N - A class that gets translation texts from flat files or from an SQL database.
IBM ViaVoice Toolkit for Animation - A toolkit for automating lip sync in animation.
InfoBox - An implementation of Galago's "Desktop Notifications".
Itlabs - Web-based resource booking software.
IP-Array - A Linux iptables firewall script written in bash.
IronPython - A Python implementation for Microsoft .NET and Mono.
InteLib - A C++ library for multiparadigm programming that supports inline Lisp code.
imap_tools - Offline tools to search and filter IMAP mail and rename folders.
IBM Single System View Monitor for DB2 - A single system view monitor for DB2.
IBM Servlet-Based Content Creation Framework - A compact, servlet-based, content creation framework.
intel-wings Driver - A Linux driver for the Intel Wireless Series input devices.
I Hear U - A VoIP application that uses Speex.
IPlib - A Python module to manage IPv4 addresses and CIDR notations.
ivata masks - A library of routines for creating lists and input masks from Java objects.
InterLOGIC - A logic/puzzle game with 30 levels.
IOSEMU - A Cisco 7200 emulator.
ivata cms - A J2EE-based content management system.
IP accounter - An IP accounter and traffic grapher for IPv4 and IPv6 netfilter-based routers.
Internet traffic billing system - An Internet billing system.
iGet - A file transfer tool that is encrypted and resumable.
imCMS - imCMS is a Content Management System written in Java.
Independent FTP Daemon - An FTP server.
IconsPlus - A preference panel to set the icon for an application.
IBM Object Storage Device Simulator for Linux - A Linux storage device compliant with T10-OSD.
Interna - Billing software with customer, product, and order management.
INVSTR - Inverted string functions.
ID3v2 Chapter Tool - A tool that allows you to signal chapter information in audio files.
Ipo4ta - A new Internet post technology.
IBM Cell Broadband Engine Software and Library - Programming techniques for the Cell Broadband Engine architecture.
IBM Full-System Simulator for Cell BE processor - A full-system simulation infrastructure and tools for the Cell BE processor.
iStream - A GNOME applet for playing Internet radio streams.
InstallJammer - A multi-platform GUI installer.
ITVal - An iptables configuration testing tool.
idioskopos - A C++ library that simplifies the addition of object reflection.
IMG-Bar - An easy-to-use horizontal navigation menu.
IBM XL UPC Alpha Edition for AIX - A implementation of Unified Parallel C.
Indepedent computation of Oracle password hashes - An implementation of the Oracle password hash algorithm.
iPodRaze - A program to copy songs from an iPod back to a computer.
Instant - A Python module for instant inlining of C and C++ code in Python.
ImageJ - An image processing program for science.
IN Alarm Box - An alarm box to monitor Alcatel IN status.
isobel - A framework for crawling and analysis of textual data.
iswitchwin - A fast window switcher for EWMH window managers.
Intelligent Wardialer - A Unix "war dialer" for PSTN/phone network auditing.
iPod Slave - An iPod IO slave for KDE.
IkeWiki - A collaborative tool for knowledge engineering.
Itzam/C++ - A C++ wrapper for the Itzam database engine.
iogen - A stress tool to produce heavily fragmented I/O operations.
Instil - An installer creation system for Web projects.
Itzam/Java - A concise embedded database engine in pure Java.
IBM Autonomic IDE - An Eclipse tool for creating WSDM-compliant interfaces.
itools - A Python library that provides a very wide range of capabilities.
IKET - A musical hearing testing/training application based on ALSA/MIDI technology.
Iris Video Conversion Utility - A graphical and command-line video conversion utility.
IaxDissect - A dissector for the Inter-Asterisk Exchange protocol.
iso2mkv - A versatile command line video convertor based on MPlayer/MEncoder and mkvmerge.
IPv4/IPv6 DNS and DHCP config generator - A tool that generates DNS and DHCP configurations.
iriverfs patches to post-2.6.9 kernels - A kernel patch for Iriver iFP-series players.
IP2Location - An API for looking up location information by IP address.
Instant-Grid - A grid demonstration toolkit on a live-CD.
Information Currency Subversion Client - A tool that generates information currency from committed source code.
ifstatus - An ncurses interface status monitor for the console.
iPod Video Encoder - A command line tool for encoding of video files for the iPod.
IMathAS - A Web-based math testing and homework system.
ISQ - A JSP taglib form generator.
Installkernel script - A kernel installation script for Gentoo.
ImageBurn - An image processor that draws the overburned areas and the histogram.
iceB - A financial system for simple business accounting.
Image Cluster - A tool which clusters and renames image files based on Exif tags.
ImgWorks - A graphical batch image converter/editor using ImageMagick.
i-net Clear Reports - A reporting application.
inotify-tools - A simple library and commandline utilities for inotify.
Incredible Hosting System - A Web-based tool for hosting system's administrators.
Image Resize Wizard - A Web-based image resizing program.
Instant Links - A directory and link manager to automate your link partners.
IVuPy - A set of Python bindings for Coin3D and PyQt.
ImgGeoRef.app - An image georeferencing tool.
Imager - A Perl extension for generating 24-bit images.
iTorrent - Software to download BitTorrent podcasts from iTunes.
IdeaSpring - A Spring framework plugin for Intellij Idea.
IEs for Linux - A script to install Internet Explorer 6, 5.5, and 5 in Wine.
Informagence Web Organizer Personal Edition - A personal Internet assistant.
ipcam - A motion detection and recoding program for IP cameras.
Inlab-Scheme - A Scheme implementation with image processing capabilities.
ibrouteur - A Web-based server-side image gallery software.
IBM User Interface Help System Built on Eclipse - A system for developing and delivering online help.
ikiwiki - A wiki compiler.
IBM Web Ontology Manager - A lightweight, J2EE Web-based system for managing Web Ontology Language (OWL).
iridium - A Flash photo gallery with a PHP updater that resizes images on the fly.
imgSeekWeb - A content-based image search engine.
Insight Server - A Linux-based email server for Outlook users.
It's Blackjack - A lightweight Blackjack MIDlet for mobile devices such as cell phones and Palms.
Internet Discussion Boards - A Web-based message board system that is easy to set up.
InciTrack - Incident tracking and reporting software.
IBM Generic Web Services Client Tool - A lightweight, multi-platform tool for testing Web services.
iceWing - A graphical plugin shell optimized for vision system development.
iShowU - Capture and record video from your screen into a Quicktime movie.
iSAK - A shield for your network's Web traffic.
Injection - A simple dependency injection plugin for Rails.
ike-scan - A program to discover, fingerprint, and test IPsec VPNs.
IBM Rational Team API - A client-side Java API for ClearCase, ClearQuest, and Requisite Pro.
irc-proxy - A transparent IRC content filtering application.
Incubation - A clone of "Incubation, Battle isle phase four".
i-doit - An IT documentation system (CMDB) based on ITIL guidelines.
Irving - A simple-to-use MySQL table editor.
Internet Access Managment - An application for managing a gateway Linux server through a Web-based interface
iodine - IPv4 tunnel through DNS.
Implicit Queuing System - A system that implicitly adds CPU-hogging processes to an ultra-batch queue.
Internote - Persistent sticky notes for Firefox.
ibistools - A small set of tools that aid a PCB designer working with IBIS models.
ignis - A special backup program for the SOHO sector.
Image Nudity Filter - A PHP class which determines whether an image may contain nudity.
iCalcreator - A PHP implementation of RFC 2445.
ISPWare - A system for administrating clients for an ISP.
ir-root-controller - A daemon for handling LIRC events.
ISO Master - A graphical editor for ISO images.
IBM Pmcount for Linux on Power - A hardware performance counter for Linux on Power processors.
IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage - MICR E13B fonts for printing bank checks.
Input Filter extension for PHP - An extension for safely dealing with input parameters.
inidoc - An INI file documentor.
iWatch - A real-time filesystem monitoring program.
inotify-cxx - A C++ interface for Linux inotify
Image Tree - A photo publishing system in less than 200 lines of code.
IBM Real-Time Class Analysis Tool for Java - A real-time Java deployment system.
IBM TuningFork: Visualization of Real-Time Systems - An Eclipse-based real-time JVM analysis tool for Linux.
IGoogle Sidebar - A Google Personalized Home page Firefox sidebar extension.
incron - An inotify cron system.
IoChatto - A JXTA P2P chat system.
Icecream/icecc - For Distributed Compile in the Network
i-Pyme - A program to help develop automatic online shops on the Internet.
iKog - A to-do list program with GTD support and encryption.
Incollector - An information collector.
IDAutomation UPC/EAN Font Advantage - Fonts for printing EAN and UPC bar codes.
IBM Client Application Tool for JMS - An installation-free J2EE client application.
IBM Web Service Streaming Engine - An MPEG4/MP3 streaming engine for Apache.
Irc-Scroller - A dynamically updating, simple, Web-based IRC log viewer.
Istanbul - A tool that records desktop session as Ogg Theora video.
iDropper - An FTP file transfer system that turns FTP into workflow.
IRC Z - A modular IRC security service.
isbf - A way to insert into a stream by using a FIFO file.
import_checker - Checks Python programs for circular imports.
imbaluri - A spam and virus check proxy for email servers.
IMSpector - A transparent IM proxy with monitoring and blocking abilities.
Infon Battle Arena - A networked multiplayer programming game.
Inertia - A puzzle game for Java phones.
Image File Browser - Browse and choose images without page reloading
Instant Picture Creator - A wrapper to produce/filter images on demand for Web sites.
inotail - An inotify-enhanced tail.
IDAutomation PDF417 Font and Encoder - A PDF417 barcode font package with several encoders.
IFF Format Library - A utility library for working with IFF files.
iMacros for Firefox - A Firefox add-on to automatically fill Web forms and perform Web testing.
Injection Framework - A security tool designed to detect and research SQL injections.
iPilot - A Palm/Mac synchronization tool.
ifpgui - A Linux GUI for the iRiver iFP flash portable player.
i2c-tiny-usb - A cheap yet modern i2c printer port adapter replacement.
imieniny - Displays information on Polish name-days.
innotop - An advanced MySQL and InnoDB monitor.
Illustrated - A Web picture gallery.
Infernal Icecube - A command-line driven blogging CMS.
Iso9660 Analyzer Tool - A tool for detecting the structure of a CD-ROM image.
ipt_ACCOUNT - Network accounting for netfilter/iptables.
Instant Update - A CMS that is not based on templates.
Itadaki - A Japanese language toolset integrated with OpenOffice.org.
irrKlang - A high level 2D and 3D cross platform sound engine.
ipoque PRX Traffic Manager - Community Edition - A network traffic manager that can shape or block P2P and other traffic.
IPShutter - A program that controls access to TCP/IP ports via one-time passwords.
iqr - A large-scale neural systems simulator.
ITK - An image analysis toolkit for medical data.
IDAutomation Java Barcode Package - A JavaBean, applet, and servlet for using barcodes in Java.
IDAutomation TrueType Barcode Font - An easy-to-use package of TrueType barcode, MICR, and OCR fonts.
ispCP Omega - A powerful Web hosting control panel.
ies2iv - An IESNA to Open Inventor translator.
Implementing Mobile Calculi - A Java framework for distributed applications and code mobility.
Inmersa - A Web-based ERP suite for small businesses.
IEP-IPP - Software for individualized education programs and individual program plans.
Interleaved 2 of 5 Barcode Fonts - TrueType and PostScript fonts for 2 of 5 Interleaved barcodes.
Internalize - A program that displays sentences about which the user wants to be reminded.
Invenio - An integrated digital library system.
Image::Density Perl Module - Computes a "density" quality metric on scanned images.
Inverse Lightning enhancer plugin - A general functionality enhancer plugin for Lightning (Thunderbird).
IMAP utils - A set of simple utilities for managing IMAP email messages.
IDAutomation Interleaved 2 of 5 Font - Print interleaved 2 of 5 bar codes as TrueType, PostScript, and PCL fonts.
isdnMonitor - A package to log incoming calls to a MySQL database.
Itaka - An on-demand screen capture server.
Inserit - A codeless content management system for Web designers.
ingimp - An instrumented version of GIMP that collects usability data.
IdealMySQL - A MySQL wrapper class for PHP.
iFreeBudget - A personal finance manager.
irrlamb - A 3D physics game.
ioXChat - An IRC (chat) program for Infodomestic Objects Linux.
ItSucks - A powerful Java Web spider.
iLabs mobile toolbox - A set of libraries and sample applications for J2ME.
ISO 17799 RAT - A toolkit for risk analysis.
IWL - A widget library for the Web.
Ipod MovieMaker - A script that encodes any video to iPod movie format.
IAM Calendar - A class to display the calendar of a given month in an HTML page.
IAM_XLS - A PHP class for generating an XLS file.
IRC Collective - Tools to archive and query IRC log files.
Integral FTP - A JavaScript FTP library and Web application.
iDMC - User-friendly software for the simulation and analysis of nonlinear models
IAM OPML Parser Class - A PHP class that parses an OPML file (provided its URL).
Init Manager - An init.d manager.
icsiboost - An implementation of BoosTexter.
IDAutomation MICR CMC-7 Fonts - A MICR CMC7 font that is used on bank checks in most Spanish speaking countries.
Isszy - A simple image sorting program.
IDAutomation Codabar Font Advantage - TrueType, OpenType, PCL, and PostScript fonts for creating Codabar barcodes.
IM-Filter - A daemon for filtering and analyzing ICQ protocol packets.
IconMgr - A program that provides icons on an X11 desktop.
Interactive Decompiler - An interactive decompiler from assembly to C code.
iPhoneNES - A native NES emulator for the iPhone.
IPy - A Python class and tools for handling of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and networks.
irssi-xmpp - An irssi plugin to connect to the Jabber network.
isotty - A TTY character encoding translator.
isk-daemon - An image database server with content-based visual image searching.
ioSwiftFox - A browser based on Firefox 2.
ioCalendar - A calendar for Infodomestic Objects.
iFountain RapidInsight - An integration, automation, and presentation suite for IT operations management.
ips-qos - A flexible firewall and traffic shaping tool for Linux.
ipw2200-ap - Tools to use the Intel ipw2200 and ipw2915 in access point/master mode.
ioAmarok - A music player for Infodomestic Objects.
IO::AIO - Asynchronous input/output for Perl.
Intlize - A new approach to internationalization.
iptables blocklist importer - A utility to easily use IP block lists with iptables.
I2C Tools for Linux - A heterogeneous set of I2C tools for Linux.
ipmap - An IP address grapher, inspired by an xkcd comic and glTail.
ipt_pkd - An extension for port knocking in iptables.
Instantbird - An instant messenger based on libpurple and Mozilla technologies.
Inverse SOGo Connector for Thunderbird - An extension which transforms Thunderbird into a full DAV client.
iPhone Asterisk - Asterisk PBX ported to the Apple iPhone.
iloog - A Gentoo-based live CD targeted mainly at students and scientists.
inoclam - An inotify triggered virus scanner.
Immix - A program to align and merge a set of images in order to decrease their noise.
imagelink - A small collection of command line image processing utilities.
IGOSSImpel - A school information system
IP Reg - A tool to keep track of IP addresses in a LAN.
Interface Kit Daemon - A daemon that gathers data for monitoring software with libphidgets.
IT Mill Toolkit - A library for creating Rich Internet Applications in pure Java.
iArchiver - An archive tool.
ircd-ratbox - An advanced, stable, and fast ircd.
IDAutomation Code39 Barcode Font - Code 3 of 9 barcode font package for printing bar code 39 on Macintosh OSX.
Infonomix - A project management system and time tracker.
Indywiki - An application for visually browsing Wikipedia.
IntarS - German ERP and CRM for SMB.
Irssi Quotes System - A quotes script for the Irssi IRC client.
Impulse-Based Dynamic Simulation - A library for dynamic simulation of multi-body systems in C++.
ikaaro - A content management system built on Python.
iPlaylist Copier - A program to copy your iTunes playlist items to a folder or drive you choose.
ItunesUtilities - A cross-platform Java library of iTunes-related utility classes.
Inverse SOGo Integrator for Thunderbird - An extension to provide "vertical" integration between SOGo and Thunderbird.
IDAutomation Aztec Font and Encoder - A collection of fonts and components to generate Aztec barcodes.
InstallPKG - A wrapper for the installer command for quick installation of multiple packages.
Ignuit - A memorization aid based on the Leitner flash card system.
ioAmuleAdunanza - A port of the eMule P2P client to the Infodomestic Objects (Linux/BSD).
iFountain RapidInformer - Enterprise notification system with a bidirectional instant messaging interface.
InnoInfo - A tool to analyze and dump data from MySQL/InnoDB files.
iplist - A list based packet handler.
Interkonekto - A robot which draws electrical interconnection diagrams.
IMAP4 authenticator for Squid - A Squid IMAP4 basic authentication helper.
Inquisitor - Hardware testing, diagnostics, and certification system on a live CD or server.
ISBN check - A PHP class that checks validity of ISBN-10, ISBN-13, and GTIN-14 numbers.
iDok - A document management system.
iDiet - A diet management tool.
InfoCrawler - A program that allows you to crawl and index various types of documents.
Imageprot - Splits an image into sub-images and creates an assembling HTML page.
Invocation Programming Language - A development environment for IPL, a concurrent programming language.
ImpressCMS - A content management system.
IP Flood Detector - A tool that monitors and reports on TCP, UDP, and ICMP packet floods.
iDate - An application for dating via Bluetooth.
IPv4 number randomizer - Replaces every IP in a file with another of the same length/class.
Interleaved-Or-Random Filesystem Benchmarking - Software for parallel filesystem benchmarking.
Ignoramus - A configuration tool for Nagios.
Image Resizing Class - A PHP class for resizing images while preserving aspect ratio.
IMDBPHP - A set of PHP classes to access information from the IMDB sites.
iPhoneTools - iPhone development/hacking tools.
IDSS - A statistical application for email surveys.
I'm Cross! - A Windows/Mac OS X targeted cross-compiler installer for Linux boxes.
Image matting tool - A tool for cutting out objects in photos using an alpha-matting technique.
IEM Hotel Management Software - Software for management of complete hotel systems.
Interactive Spectral Interpretation System - An X-ray spectra interpretation and analysis system.
im-chooser - A desktop input method configuration tool.
impr - A small and fast image processing library with a simple API.
IMSettings - A delivery framework for general input method configuration.
Iotop - A simple top-like I/O monitor.
InvisCMS - An XML-based, modular content management system.
InetCheck - A script that checks one or more Internet connections.
Indiana University GeneIndex - Finds frequencies and positions of words of a given length in a DNA sequence.
imsense - Instant messaging management.
IU Parallel FastDNAML - Parallelized fastDNAml.
Indiana University PubsOnline - A tool for the management and presentation of citations on the Web.
Indiana University CLSD Parser Scripts - Data ingest parsers for the Centralized Life Science Data service.
Id3 Tag Correction and Downloading - A PHP class that corrects ID3 tags of music stored in a database.
ISOmorphin - Software to mount/unmount ISOs and more.
Induction - A request-based Java Web application framework.
iRODS - A data grid system.
ICSILog - A fast, hardware-independent logarithm implementation with adjustable accuracy.
ioFlock - A SpatialBundle powered social Web browser.
ioFirefox - A SpatialBundle of Mozilla Firefox.
ISOAPUI8583 - A ISO8583 communication graphical testing tool.
Internet Media Manager - A Web-based video and image server.
ImgBrowz0r - A PHP class for creating a simple Web-based image gallery.
I2P - An anonymizing network.
iTool iPhone Video Converter For MAC - A program that can convert AVI, MPEG, and WMV to the iPhone video format.
Ipt-netflow - A netflow exporting module for the Linux kernel.
Instrument Element - A way to integrate instruments into the Cloud.
Imperfect World Of Robos - A programming game.
iChm - A CHM reader for Mac OS X.
Imaginary Microcomputers - An emulation-based software development approach.
IndiMail - A mail server.
iTool iPod Video Converter - Convert Video to iPod Video format.
imageTagger - An easy-to-use tool for tagging and searching images.
ipv6check - A script to check if you are in an IPv6 network.
imap2mbox - A simple script that saves remote IMAP4 folders to local mbox files.
Imail Password Retriever - A tool that finds forgotten Imail passwords from the Windows registry.
intStats - A program that displays Linux interface statistics.
Intel Software Development Emulator - A functional emulator for new IA-32 and Intel64 instructions.
Invision Power Board Website Integration - Allows you to create PHP applications that can interact with IP.Board.
inetdxtra - Lightweight inetd servers for DNS, DHCP, CTCS, SMTP, WWW, and XMPP/Jabber.
ironout - A C refactoring tool.
iotools - Command line tools for hardware debugging.
Ikulo - An audio file tagger daemon.
ipaddr.py - A Python IP address library (v4 and v6).
iWeb Valet - Software to enhance iWeb pages, add new interactive widgets, and upload only modified files to your server.
Ideco Gateway - A gateway that protects corporate networks from external and internal attacks.
Ivy C compiler - A compiler for a safe C dialect.
Inspector - A filter for Postfix that helps in the fight against NDR spam.
iTool DVD Ripper For MAC - rip dvd to all video or audio files in smaller sizes with quality
Incentives Plus Script - Incentives Plus Script
Isolated Execution - A software reference implementation of the "security through isolation" concept.
i-net MERLIA - A JDBC 3.0/4.0 driver for MS SQL Server.
i-net Oranxo - A JDBC 3.0 driver for Oracle Server.
i-net KONNEKTER - A JDBC 2.0 driver for remote JDBC access.
invertm3u - A command line utility that creates an inverted M3U playlist file.
IPv6 CARE - A tool easing IPv6 compliance migration of programs.
Iphone Web App Builder - A content management system for creating an iPhone-compatible Web site.
InDefero - A software forge.
inq1linux - Software for communicating with the INQ1 mobile phone.
Interp - A programming language for embedded computers.
Instant Boot Server - Run a Debian TFTP boot server inside a chrooted environment.
Isola Framework - A Java abstraction layer built upon Extjs and some enhancements.
InnerWorld - A terrain generator plug-in for Blender 3d.
ITWorks - An application for IT asset management on the iPhone.
iSCSI-SCST - An iSCSI target implementation for SCST.
ical2svg - Converts iCalendar files into a graphical block schedule.
ip2country - A PHP class to determine the country in which an IP address is located.
inosync - An inotify sync daemon.
iPodFS - A program to mount the iTunes DB from an iPod as a normal filesystem.
Ikonikos Image Manager - An image manager that works with tags.
IsForth - A 32-bit Linux Forth compiler.
iptux - An intranet communication tool for Linux.
Infector - A GTK+ Ataxx and Hexxagon game.
IXThemes - Modules and themes for PHP based content management systems.
Imagination - A lightweight DVD slide show maker.
injcode - Software to inject code into a running process.
iii - An Eye-Fi card manager daemon.
IRCicle - An IRC client applet.
IPFire - A high performance Linux firewall.
iteraplan - A Web-based Enterprise Architecture Management tool.
i3 - An improved dynamic tiling window manager.
icalendar.rb - A library that provides iCalendar support for Ruby.
IETView - A GUI that manages the iSCSI Enterprise Target software.
ITL itools - Islamic Hijri date and prayer time utilities.
Innomatic - A modular Web applications platform.
IFMon - A GUI to display network interface information.
Image Commander - A program for bulk picture processing.
id3j - A Java library that generates ID3 tags for MP3 files.
IDAutomation Universal Barcode Font - An advanced barcode font that can create several different barcode types.
iptables-timeoutd - An IPtables rule timeout daemon.
ioquake3 - A Quake 3 engine.
iTool HD Video Converter for MAC - An application that converts videos to HD MKV, HD MPEG-2, HD MOV, and AVCHD.
iTool AVI to iPod Converter for MAC - An application that convert AVI videos to iPod format.
iTool DVD to iPod Converter for MAC - An application that converts DVD to iPod MP4 video format.
iTool DVD to PSP Converter for MAC - An application that converts DVD to PSP MP4 and AVC video.
iTool Video Converter for MAC - An application that converts between video files.
iTool Video Cutter for MAC - An application for cutting and converting video and audio files.
iTool PSP Video Converter for MAC - An application that converts video for use on a PSP.
iTool WMA MP3 Converter for MAC - An application that converts between audio formats.
iTool - Applications for ripping DVDs and converting video formats.
ImageOptim - A GUI for optimizing PNG and JPEG images.
i-net HelpDesk - A service management solution for SMEs.
Imptalk - Real time communication software built to provide face-to-face advantages to remote gamers.
Inf - A browser-based calculator that can handle infinite and infinitesimal numbers.
ircfs - An IRC client as a filesystem, and a UI frontend.
ICS - An inter-process configuration system.
IRAF - A system for reduction and analysis of astronomical data.
ICEfaces - Software to develop JavaServer Faces (JSF) AJAX and AJAX Push applications.
Instavue - A tool for exporting Instaviz diagrams from an iPhone to various formats.
ITWorks Basic - An application for IT asset management on the iPhone.
Icinga - Open Source Monitoring
Itzam/Sharp - A concise embedded database engine for .NET.
IP-ID - Simple hostname resolution without DNS or DHCP via Samba.
Installation Automation - A class that automates multi-step application installations.
indices - A program that fetches indices of stock quotes for all countries around the world.
Image to PHP SO - A package that can be used to generate a class to serve a list of images.
Impulse - A PulseAudio visualizer widget.
ImageVis3D - A desktop volume rendering application for large data sets.
Image Tools - A screen capture and annotation application.
IPTEditor - A GUI front-end to iptables
Inject - A BGP route injector.
IPWEditor - An in-place WYSIWYG editor for Web pages.
iClassified - Software that allows you to configure and add classified ads on a Web site.
IDThemes - Themes and templates for the Drupal content management system.
i-net Doqua - An Eclipse plug-in to connect your source code and documentation development.
isymchoose - A C symbol finder/completer.
image_region_selector - A JavaScript for selecting general polygonal image regions.
interactiveStats - A tool to create browseable statistics from log files.
IWThemes - Themes and templates for the WordPress publishing platform.
iWiccle CMS Community Builder - A Web 2.0 CMS for community sites, Web site building, and hybrid framework.
Improvisor - A music notation program.
Impro-Visor - A notation and playback tool emphasizing musical improvisation.
ImagEmovie - A program to create a video from still pictures.
iMusic Valet - A iPod-like audio player for your desktop.
immv - A tool to rename many files at once using your favorite text editor.
isl - A library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints.
InfiView Framework - An enterprise graphical AJAX framework.
IPNetwork - Utility classes for .Net that compute your netmask, CIDR, subnet, and network.
image_captcha - A CAPTCHA based on actual images.
IGCC - A real-eval-print loop (REPL) simulator for C/C++ programmers.
Image Mender - An application for removing lines, blemishes, marks, and logos from images.
i810 TV-OUT Lenny - A live chroot Debian Lenny system configured for the Intel i810/i8xx/i9xx chipset.
Icemark - An application to identify your images by adding an invisible watermark to them.
Id3TagLib.Net - An ID3 tag library for .NET 3.5.
Isotrol MetricsAnalytics Sonar plugin - A Sonar plugin that calculates the Total Quality of a Java project.
Into - A cross-platform machine intelligence application framework.
ICARE - A configuration manager.
Isotrol DocGen BOUML plugout - A BOUML plugout that allows you to generate OpenUP documentation for a project automatically.
InfiniDB Community Edition - A column-oriented data warehouse database.
IDLE - A learning environment for academic use.
IMGCrush - An image compressor.
Infobright Community Edition - An analytic, columnar database built on MySQL.
Insectoid - A high-intensity Galaga-inspired shooter.
IDAutomation GS1 Databar Java Package - A barcode package contains JavaBeans, Class Libraries, Applets and Servlets for barcoding in Java. Supports all DataBar versions including stacked, expanded and omni-directional, PDF417, MicroPDF417, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN13, EAN8, GS1-128 and Code128.
iLAP - A workflow-driven Web application for experimental protocol development, data acquisition, and analysis.
iBeans - Simplified integration for Web applications.
inotify-java - A Java library for the Linux inotify API on x86 and x86_64 architectures.
iMan - A man page viewer for Mac OS X.
Indigo - A cheminformatics toolkit.
iso2repo - A script that mounts Debian ISO images and adds them as a repository.
Ileor MMORPG - A small MMORPG.
INPUTsys Exe Packer - A program that creates executables with a JRE and additional files embedded.
IP-Link - A program to analyze the relationships between different IP addresses.
irccgi - A very simple IRC client with CGI.
iceScrum - A Grails application for using Scrum.
iPFaces - A framework for simple creation of native, form-oriented network applications.
ittru - An electronic signature system for mobile phones.
iSfinx - A Web prototype of the personal knowledge management system.
i.NET - QoS and security scripts for Linux.
iPlanner - iPlanner is a powerful utility to bridge the gap between Apple's iCal software and popular paper based planning systems, like Franklin/Covey and Day-Timer.
imapfoo - Attach random or prepared messages to an IMAP folder.
InfoGrid - An Internet graph database.
IndexedMemcache - PHP classes for handling a searchable object structure in memcache.
ised - A command-line tool for generating number sequences and arithmetic evaluation.
I - A programming language that was designed to be efficient to write and run.
imagebmp + imagecreatefrombmp - A class to load and save images in the BMP format in PHP.
Image Uploader5 - A PHP class to upload, resize, and crop images.
iMacros for Chrome - A Chrome extension to relieve you from repetitive Web browsing tasks.
I-Metrics CMS - A dynamic Web site content management system.
Ibid - An easily extensible Python IM bot for IRC, Jabber, SILC, campfire, etc.
iexploder - A Web browser quality assurance tester.
Invisible CSS - A simple and modular CSS framework.
ICalendar Validator - A program to validate your ICalendar files and feeds.
ICalendar Aggregator - A program to aggregate multiple calendar sources into one site.
iSeer - A practical and easily understood I Ching divination app for the iPhone.
Image Etc. Rotator - A script that rotates images or advertisements on a Web page.
Ini file manager - An Ada package for parsing and modifying configuration files in the .ini format.
instmake - A tool for instrumenting builds using GNU Make.
ibocator - A program for keeping track of data on CDs, DVDs, and HDDs.
InkSyntax - A source code syntax highlighter for Inkscape.
ITDB - A Web-based asset management system.
Iniphile - A C++ library for parsing INI files.
Iniphile/PHP - A PHP binding for the Iniphile library.
Image.class - A class for easy image creation and manipulation.
infoScoop OpenSource - A flexible portal framework support for OpenSocialAPI.
iMorph - 3d imaging software
IP location PHP class - An IP location PHP class using IPInfoDB.
iptables country block - A script to block IP addresses by country with iptables.
Indentation statistics tool - A tool to collect indent information, e.g. for QA analysis needs.
infoScoop Calendar - A light and intuitive scheduler for groupware users.
ImageZen - A GUI frontend for ImageMagick.
ifs - A simple Web site skeleton for rapidly deploying small sites.
Image Cutout Component - A utility to cut out an area of an image to a specified size.
Icwri Script - A lightweight service-oriented Java built-in script.
iF.SVNAdmin - A Subversion administration tool with a Web GUI and LDAP integration.
IPQ BDB - An IP filter based on a Berkeley database.
It's All Good - A simple service monitoring framework.
IrisMVC - A very lightweight PHP framework that can be used to develop more secure and faster Web applications following the MVC pattern.
Imixs Workflow - A Java based BPM framework to build workflow management systems in a fast and easy way.
ip2clue - A daemon that resolves IPv4/6 addresses to countries.
id321 - A command line ID3 tag manipulation tool.
iCCsh - An interactive C compiler shell.
Ingatan - A clean, intuitive, and highly flexible memory quiz generator.
Icwri Monitor for IBM WebSphere MQ - A monitor and a group of script services that help with WMQ administration and development.
ImageDataURI - A middleware plug-in for Django that embeds images into HTML based upon an arbitrary filesize rule.
InfinityDB - An embeddable Java DBMS.
Ironclad: Steam Legions - A steampunk strategy game with an AI opponent.
icp - A script that copies files while maintaining Integrity and eliminating duplicates.
Infinity PFM - A personal finance manager.
IntraNow - Project and issue management software.
iMouseTrick - A program that clicks the mouse as many times and as fast as you want.
install_track - A small shell script that uses inotify to keep track of files installed by source packages.
IKNetworkActivityManager - The IKNetworkActivityManager class simplifies work with UIApplication network activity indicator. It turns your networkActivityIndicatorVisible = YES/NO code to add/removeNetworkUser:, so you don't need to remember about objects that can use network anymo
iSAM - An optimization library for sparse nonlinear problems.
IKConnectionDelegate - A Cocoa class that simplifies your NSURLConnection-related code by using GCD and blocks.
Inhouse-Web - A Web-based time recording and management application.
IMonAir - An instant messaging desktop application.
Imebra - A C++ Dicom library.
IMonAir for Android - An Android instant messaging client.
I2C4Java - A simple I2C-Java demonstration.
is_email() - A PHP function for email address validation.
Industria - Libraries for R6RS Scheme to do cryptography, decompression, disassembly, and more.
inadyn - A simple DDNS client
idleserver - An idle server finder.
IDAutomation Code 128 Barcode Fonts - A package of fonts for easily printing Code 128 barcodes.
iMelaG - A Web-based profile generator for iOS mobile configurations.
IDAutomation MaxiCode Font and Encoder - Collection of fonts and components to generate MaxiCode barcodes.
ipredirectd - TCP data redirection with simple data manipulation capabilities.
icli - A command line interface for Icinga.
i-MSCP - An Internet multi-server control panel.
iPXE - A network bootloader that replaces proprietary PXE ROMs, with many extra features.
InstaSearch - An Eclipse IDE plug-in for quick code searching.
ip2country PHP - A class that retrieves country info from a user's IP address.
ilc-ppp - pppoe server feature enhancements and documentation.
IgnoFlash - A patch that modifies the Adobe Flash Player plugin to keep it in fullscreen when focus is lost.
iMac Mailer - A mass mailer that sends personalized messages to mailing lists.
IceCast Add-On for XBMC - An add-on for XBMC media centre to listen to IceCast radio stations.
Ini File Parser - A PHP package to manipulate INI file configuration values.
ICE Explorer - An application for viewing Softimage ICE Cache files in 3D.
iGolaware Linux - An easy Linux for beginners.
ImgurUp - An uploader for the Imgur.com service.
IMDB movie fetcher - A script to search and get details about movies from IMDB.
IBM PS/2 Model 57 Linux - A small Linux distribution for the IBM PS/2 Model 57.
IFC Soft - Visualize and analyze multi-dimensional datasets intuitively, interactively, and with novel methods.
iNetMon Portable - A monitoring tool for network administrators.
I18n - Internationalization using JSP Expression Language.
iDeviceBrowser - An iDevice file viewer for GNOME desktops.
Illich Post - A Skill Exchange CGI.
Ivan Post - A simple peer-matching CGI.
Image-Guided Surgical Toolkit - A framework for surgical applications.
iOS Universal Framework - An XCode 4 project template to build universal (arm6, arm7, and simulator) frameworks for iOS.
ida-syslog - A Web-based viewer for syslog data.
iTuneUp - Optimize your Mac, fix slow performance, and fix app errors.
InterPhoto Gallery - A Web application to share photographs.
iDempiere - A combination of OSGi with ADempiere.
IPTV-Analyzer - A fast kernel-based MPEG2 TS quality analyzer.
ipclassify - A user space IP classifier program for use with nfnetlink queues.
Inguma - A penetration testing and vulnerability research toolkit.
iPDC - A Phasor data concentrator and PMU Simulator for Linux .
I Only Think - A brain-computer interface.
IfcOpenShell - A software library that helps users and software developers to work with the IFC file format.
IntraNet - An intranet portal information managment system.
ipt_blacklist - A tool for blocking IP addresses given in a blacklist.
ipt_fw - A firewall for Linux systems based on iptables.
iDem - An Internet democracy system.
iesd - An interactivity enhancing shell daemon.
iNamik Template Engine - A Java-based template engine.
iKeepActive - Fitness scheduling software.
itch41 - A simple NASDAQ TotalView-ITCH 4.1 parser / converter.
I, Librarian - A Web application for building annotated libraries of scientific PDF articles.
inlinks - A PHP class that finds links to a given URL using Yahoo!.
Inq - A dynamic client/server scripting language.
IDAutomation Universal 2D Barcode Font - A single font file for creating multiple 2D barcodes.
IceUtils - A suite of command line tools for role playing games.
Integrated Data Viewer - A framework for analyzing and displaying geoscience data.
ICEdit - A Web-based IDE.
Inkblot Auth - Software to authenticate users by showing them inkblot images.
IEFMIRASHOW - Software to display a selection of dust-type mira fractals
ipof - A hostname resolver tool.
iCaption - A simple-to-use soft subtitle editor, utilizing timeline based editing.
Image Selector - Preview of images defined in select input options.
Ip phone Scanning Made Easy (ISME) - An IP Phone scanner dedicated to enterprise environments and solutions.
iKode Helpdesk X - A Web-based service desk and customer support solution.
iKode Newsletter Server - A newsletter and email marketing system.
IDAutomation Barcode Image Generator - A barcode image generation application with time-saving memorization features.
ImpressCMS Deutschland - A powerful and secure content management system.
Image Font - Rendering of images with text, using graphics as fonts.
Isoworld - Rendering of 3D isometric cubes from three page elements.
IronBox Linux - A security-enhanced Linux distribution.
Inovasc - An independent, Web-based OpenVAS scan client.
imvirt - A script that detects several virtualizations.
image-deduplication-tool - A tool to detect (and get rid of) similar images using perceptual hashing algorithms.
Inspectime - A server side time tracking solution.
Isoline Retrieval - Software to retrieve isolines from nadir-looking satellites.
IronMeta - A PEG parser generator for C#.
innoextract - A tool to extract installers created by Inno Setup.
imread - Image reading in Python.
Image slider with Ajax and PHP - An easy-to-install script for making a fancy image slider.
IRC-API - A stateful, asynchronous IRC API written in Java.
iKeyMonitor - A keylogger for iOS that logs keystrokes, Web sites, and screenshots.
imjSlideshow - A program to create slideshows from images and text.
isempty - A library and a shell command that test if a directory is empty.
IIR - A library of IIR filters for real-time filtering.
iBodyFat - A body fat percentage tracker.
Imperialism Remake - A remake of the classic strategy game Imperialism.
iplock - A tool for blocking IP addresses with an iptables firewall.
itunes-remote-control-server - A TCP command server which can be used to control iTunes headlessly.
ImmediateCrypt - Easy encryption/decryption of plain text messages with AES-256.
ISP-fW - ISP tools for managing small and medium networks.
Inptools - A collection of tools to work with EPANET INP files.
infoburp - A visualizer/editor for linked data on the web.
INIshell - A graphical interface for generating INI files.
Ixonos MISP CIMD Simulator - A CIMD server for CIMD application functional and performance testing.
IWannaShare - A quick, easy, and private way to share photos and videos.
IsisIso2709 - A utility which extracts data from ISO2709 generated by CDS/ISIS.
image saver - A PHP class which can resize an image, keeping its proportions.
Icons for Windows Phone 8 - High-quality application bar icons designed for Windows Phone 8.
InjusTools for Battlefield + GameServers - Tools for installing and setting up dedicated Battlefield servers.
ION-DTN - An implementation of the Delay Tolerant Network protocol.
intrinsic Noise Analyzer - A computational tool for quantitative analysis of fluctuations in biochemical reaction networks.
ipset - Fast address matching for Netfilter/Xtables.
irker - An IRC submission proxy daemon.
iZip - A powerful archiving utility designed specifically for Mac systems.
iBoostUp - A system optimization tool.
IkraDB - Fast access to MySQL with PHP and MySQLi.
iterate - A simple commandline program to iterate a commandline with a single substitution from a list.
Inbucket - Simple disposable webmail.
iLib for JavaScript - An internationalization library for JavaScript.
ipdecap - Software to decapsulate traffic encapsulated within IPIP, GRE, and ESP protocols.
Instagram API integration with PHP - Access to a user's Instagram feed.
ipset_list - An ipset set listing wrapper script.
izBalancing - A bash script featuring an in/out multi-homed load-balanced Internet gateway traffic manager with a failover facility.
izPing - Multi-homed Internet link failover and recovery.
i18nspector - A checking tool for gettext POT, PO, and MO files.
ipset-bash-completion - Programmable completion code (bash) for ipset.
Image Embedder - A utility that finds images in HTML documents, encodes them, and embeds them into the document.
iptables-bash_completion - Bash completion rules for iptables and ip6tables.
ImgView - A simple image viewer.
IronGrip - A graphical frontend for audio CD ripping and encoding.
IckleBot for Android - A boilerplate code generator for Android providing runtime dependency injection along with simplified threading and event models.
iCan - An easy-to-use tool for automating everything in Linux.
ivepkg - Secure package management.
Inception - A Java framework for REST and Web clients.
init - A minimal init system.
isle of evermeet - A Zeliard-based game.
Infovore - A map/reduce framework for processing large RDF data sets.
isort - A tool that turns messy Python imports into clean structured ones.
instanceXL - A tool that displays ontologies as spreadsheets.
IFrameYou - A PHP class that generates iframes for various video services.
iRelief - A device-free breath pacer and heart rate calculator.
Indie Box Project - Administration tools for Web applications on plug computers.
iAuth - A control panel for licensing applications.
InfiniSQL - A NewSQL database system.
Immutable Collections for Java - Functional language style immutable collections for Java.
intricacy - A game of competitive puzzle design.
I-Nex - i-nex - System information tool like hardinfo, sysinfo.
ipchk - Checking of IP addresses to see if they're on any (important) RBLs.
io-util - A small, scalable Java library for slicing and dicing fixed width tables on disk.
IRRToolSet - The Internet Routing Registry toolset.
iText - Java classes to generate documents in the PDF format.
IRC Services - Software which provides nick/channel/memo services for IRC networks.

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