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KFilter - A tool to design acoustic loudspeakers.
Keepalived for Linux - A robust keepalive framework for Linux Virtual Server and router HA.
keduca - Allows the creation and revision of form-based tests and exams.
Kolko i krzyzyk - A Polish implementation of the Tic-Tac-Toe game.
KLassie - A mail monitor for Kicker/KDE panel.
Knit - A component definition and linking language for C and assembly code.
Kernel Change-UID - A kernel module which lets you change the UID/GID/CAPS of a running process.
KSiemens - KDE2 application to manage Siemens' S25/S35 mobile phones.
Koog Epsilon - A KDE Napster client.
KhordPro - A ChordPro viewer.
KLettres - Helps very young children to learn the alphabet in French.
Koch-Suite - Recipe managment system.
KBMon - A KDE2 bandwidth monitor.
KuickShow - A very fast imageviewer/browser.
Keurochange - A European currencies converter.
Kopi Susu - A Java compiler based on KJC.
Korbis - A light KDE frontend to CDParanoia and OggEnc.
kmMail - kmMail is a PHP-based mail program, based on the functionality of Keftamail.
kbear - A graphical ftp client for KDE.
knoda - A database frontend for KDE.
kmail2kab - Converts a KMail address book to a KAB file.
Kisdndial - A KDE 2.x and 3.x applet for monitoring and establishing ISDN connections.
KStars - A graphical representation of the night sky for KDE.
kledapplet - A KDE Kicker applet for keyboard LEDs.
Karin - Automatic commercial deletion from video.
kpinger - KDE front-end for the ping command.
Kydpdict - A KDE frontend to Collins' English/German-Polish dictionaries.
KmusicdB - A music collection manager for KDE using PostgreSQL.
KorWeblog - A highly-customizable PHP & MySQL CMS/Weblog.
Kvanttisms - Java class library for GSM SMS communication
kmasqclient - an mserver client for kde 2
KLCC - A KDE LineControl client.
k6mult - Sets the CPU clock multiplier on AMD K6-III+/K6-2+ CPUs.
KMyMoney - A personal finance manager for KDE.
KTroute - KDE front end to the traceroute program.
ksmp3play - A console MP3 player.
KGesture - Gesture recognition software for KDE.
KDE public fileserver - An HTTP/1.1-compliant public fileserver for the KDE panel.
kSoundStream - An application to sample audio-tracks with prebuffering.
KNmapFE - A full featured frontend to Nmap.
Kodo JDO - An O/R mapping tool based on the JDO specification.
kludge3d - A simple 3D modeler which uses GTK+ and gtkglarea.
Keyring for PalmOS - Store secret information securely on PalmOS handhelds.
K3b - A CD/DVD burning application.
Karfi Web Mail - A Web-Based Email Application Similar to Hotmail.
KWebWatch - A URL monitoring tool for KDE.
Kalki Template - A PHP templete class to merge different data sources into one text block.
KDE URL Link Launcher - Launch Microsoft Windows URL shortcuts in KDE.
KCrypto - A KDE2 file encryptor/decryptor.
Kelly - A tool for JBuilder 4 & 5 Enterprise to develop and deploy EJB to JOnAS.
knewspost - Provides a graphical environment for autoposting binaries to newsgroups.
knocker - A simple, versatile, and easy-to-use TCP security port scanner.
keyanalyze - Analyze OpenPGP keyrings for several connectivity-related properties.
Kapital - A personal finance manager for KDE.
Kew - A simple, embeddable, container-based, object-oriented programming language.
KcmPureFTPd - A KDE application to configure the pure-ftpd server.
Kalich - A complete set of smart TCL scripts for an Eggdrop IRC bot.
KSetiSpy - A [email protected] utility for GNU/Linux.
k3 - Displays free memory as a bar-chart.
Katalog - A set of scripts to create and search an index of CDs.
Knights - A chess interface for KDE.
kmon - A KDE service monitor using the monitors provided with mon.
KDE on Cygwin - A port of KDE 1 for Windows, based on Cygwin.
Kraftwurfel - Linux-based appliance server software for small organisations.
Kontrol-Alt-Delete - A screensaver for KDE 2.2 that emulates Windows NT.
KKBSwitch - A keyboard layout indicator for KDE.
Kalculator for KDE - A KDE GUI calculator for evaluating math expressions.
K-DBX - A KDE2 interface for accessing Outlook Express files.
Katrina - A Web-based mail client.
Kwest - A Z-machine interpreter for KDE.
Kiri's bib2html - A utility for converting bibTeX files to HTML format.
Keso - A tracker-like user interface for the softsynth Csound.
Kexx 2 - A top down scrolling shoot 'em up.
kissme-classpath - A package of the GNU Classpath Java class libraries for the kissme JVM.
Kiwi - A framework for developing graphical applications in Python and PyGTK.
Kid Operating System - An IA32 educational operating system.
Krename - A batch renamer for KDE.
keychain - A manager for ssh-agent.
KAlarm - An alarm message, command, and email scheduler for KDE.
KCamedia - Access older Olympus Camedia cameras.
KWhois - A native KDE whois client.
karte_cgi - Interactively calculates maps via a Web interface.
Kernin - A menu-driven script to help with the installation of a Linux kernel.
Ka Clustering toolkit - A toolkit for the installation of a Linux cluster.
Kommuni-K - A full featured communication system.
KOssMixer - A sound card mixer using OSS-compatible drivers.
Kadu - A QT-based Gadu-Gadu messenger client.
kshSQL - A conversion of shql into Korn shell.
Kemulator - A KDE emulator frontend.
kChat - A moderated chat system written in Java.
KLCMonitorApplet - A LineControl monitoring applet for Kicker.
Kiwispam - Yet another spam filter.
kio_fish - A KDE ioslave for file access via SSH, a bit like SCP.
Kritter Kreator - An RTS game to play with kritters.
KBatt - A cute little notebook battery applet for your KDE panel.
kbox - Allows use of Blackbox/Fluxbox/Openbox styles within KDE.
KekeDB - A database server for embedded Linux systems.
Kvdr - A GUI for your Video Disc Recorder.
KZoom - A KDE tool for magnifying screen regions.
K.R.S.S - A news aggregator for the KDE desktop.
Kopete - A plugin-based multi-protocol instant messenger for KDE
kppp_logger - An app to log the amount of time you spend online.
Kickstart Administrator - Automates remote installation of kickstart from RedHat.
KaGez-Production - Makes developing games under Linux easier.
KISGB - A PHP guestbook program that does not require an RDBMS.
KBooks - An accounting package for small/medium businesses.
Kernel TCP Virtual Server - Application-level load balancing inside the Linux kernel.
KindFTP - The full FTP protocol in Java as a component.
KMusicChoice - A program that lets you see what is currently playing on MusicChoice.
KSendFile - A native SAFT client for KDE 2.
Kismet - An 802.11 wireless network sniffer.
KDE Directory Administrator - A LDAP directory administration tool for KDE.
KJSplit - A file joiner/splitter.
KNetScan - An all in one net analysis tool.
KWanda - A fish applet for the KDE panel (kicker).
KDirStat - Graphical disk usage display with cleanup facilities.
KKAG - An adventure game engine.
kio-mac - A kioslave for viewing MacOS HFS+ partitions with Konqueror.
KaiView GUI toolkit - A GUI toolkit for the TOM programming language.
kapcha - A toolkit to build IT operations management portals.
Kpacman - The Pacman game for KDE.
KTagebuch - A diary program for KDE.
KLuJe - A KDE LiveJournal client.
kbilliards - A funny pool game under KDE.
KInterbasDB - A Python DB-API 2.0 interface for Interbase and Firebird RDBMS.
Kritton - A fairly small Web server, coded mainly for fun.
KAudioCreator - A CD ripper and audio encoder frontend.
Kylie - A lightweight Web browser for X.
KWappen - A colorful KDE3.2 board game.
kPlaylist.php - A PHP system that makes your music collection available as a streaming Web site.
KAlcatel - A KDE application to manage Alcatel 50x and 70x phones.
KDE Popper - A KDE-based WinPopup-compatible network messager.
Kalculate - A simple calculator for KDE.
keystory - An OpenPGP email signature history reporter.
KSamStat - A Samba status monitor for KDE.
KRPMBuilder - A KDE2 application that makes the building of RPM packages easy.
KHeiseReg - A utility to search within the "Heise Register".
KPumpe - A diabetes diary app with glucometer support.
Kemerge - A graphical KDE Gentoo emerge tool.
kedge - A KDE edge-sensitive virtual-desktop switching tool.
Kebuild - An ebuild viewer for KDE.
KebuildPart - A KPart plugin that allows you to view ebuild script.
Kile - An integrated LaTeX authoring environment.
KSetiSaver - A KDE screensaver which monitors a running [email protected] client.
KDiveMaster - An electronic dive logbook for SCUBA-divers.
Kahuna - A KDE enhanced hub manager.
KSambaPlugin - A Samba configuration plugin for KDE 3.
Keyring - A personal password and account manager for the Zaurus.
KMagnifier - A screen magnifier for Linux/Unix.
kuvert - A tool to automagically sign/encrypt outbound mail.
KTemplate - A simple and powerful PHP template class.
kbarcode - A barcode and label printing application for KDE 3.
kpictorial - A logic game for KDE.
kio_sieve - Manage mail filtering Sieve scripts remotely in KDE.
KutttPech - A Java-based MPEG player specialized in live streams.
KCommander3 - A file manager similar to MC.
KOPS - A two-dimensional gravitational shoot'yer'friend game.
KMouseTool - Clicks the mouse for you, reducing RSI pain.
Knoppix - A bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software.
KFli4L - A control panel for the fli4l internet router.
Kernel Mode Linux - A factility for executing user processes in kernel mode safely.
knowde - A knowledge management tool.
Kyro Linux Tools - A configuration program for Kyro graphics cards.
Kronolith - The Horde calendar application.
Koalog Constraint Solver - A fast constraint solver in Java.
Koalog Configurator - A configurator in Java.
KPortage - A graphical frontend for the Gentoo Linux portage system.
Kcast - A Qt/KDE MPEG audio (MP3) streaming tool.
KnoGa - A dice game.
kdsing - search in words list (for translations)
kodisein - A tool to design, display, and animate 3D object scenes.
KMencoder - A frontend for Mplayer/Mencoder.
Kallers - A KDE system tray applet for displaying caller ID information.
Kanatest - A hiragana and katakana drill tool.
Klicklack - A plugin-based dictionary application for KDE.
KFish - An amusing KDE3 panel applet animated with a fish, bubbles, and extras.
koalaXML - An extremely simple Java XML data type.
KitClasses - A collection of add-on classes for KDE C++ development.
Keep It Simple Stock Quote - A tool to display stock quotes, charts, and price history neatly formatted.
kavi2svcd - A frontend for generating Video CDs from an AVI file.
Katoob - A light-weight, multilingual text editor.
kblog - A Weblog/Web diary tool.
KMyIRC - An IRC client for KDE which strives to be useful and easy without being bloated.
Kadmos OCR/ICR engine - A character recognition engine for machine print, handprint, OMR, and other font
Kooka - An application for raster image scanning.
kachelmann - A Swing application for drawing diagrams (especially genograms).
kanjidrill - An X11-based Kanji quiz and dictionary program.
Klat - A LaTeX editor for KDE.
K remote control - A graphical irexec for KDE.
kbirthday - An applet that gives birthday and anniversary reminders.
KMines - An adaptation of the classic Minesweeper game.
Kemistry - A collection of chemistry applications for the K Desktop Environment.
KGuitune - A program that lets you tune instruments with your computer's mic.
Kyra Sprite Engine - A C++ sprite engine built on SDL.
Khttrack - Allows you to download a WWW site to a local directory.
KlassModeler - A UML-ish tool for creating and documenting classes in C++.
Kerio MailServer with integrated McAfee Anti-Virus - A secure corporate Internet messaging server for SME.
KCdSpeed - A KDE panel applet for changing CD-ROM read speed.
KCachegrind - A visualization tool for profiling data.
konserve - A small backup application.
Karapan Sapi - A Struts framework file generator.
Kiwa - A Web-based, object-oriented development and run-time environment.
KDE DivX subtitles editor - DivX subtitles editor for Kde 3.x.
Kobo Deluxe - A fast-paced 2D shooter game with multidirectional scrolling.
KSimus - A KDE tool for simulation and visualization of technical processes.
Knob - A simple volume control applet for KDE.
Kolorizer - A KDE application which makes it easy to adjust colors in files.
KickPIM - A KDE Kicker address book and mail applet.
KTH Kerberos - A Kerberos 4 implementation.
Koalog Code Coverage - A code coverage application written in Java(tm).
KGIS - KDE Geographics Information System.
KXParse - A PHP-based XML parser.
k3p - Reports memory usage.
KnowIt - A KDE tool for managing notes.
KAKE PAD - A graphical text/file editor written entirely in Perl with the Perl/Tk module.
Krystal Drop - A free clone of NeoGeo's Magical Drop.
Kadet Server - A highly extensible, multi-purpose server.
KAddressBook - The KDE address book.
KPassCard - Store passwords on a chipcard.
kcurses - A simple widget set for ncurses.
KVocabulary - A vocabulary trainer for one or more foreign languages.
Kent Retargettable Occam Compiler - An Occam 2.1 compiler.
KSms - An application for sending and archiving of SMS messages.
kiki the nano bot - A 3D puzzle game.
Kmap - An HTML image map editor for KDE.
KDE 2D Workbench - An SVG authoring tool.
KGameOfLife - An application that simulates the classical Game of Life.
ktree.pl - A Perl/Tk interface to the Solaris kstat structure.
KWaveControl - A monitoring tool for WaveLAN devices.
KMediagrab - A DVD and TV grabber and a video translator.
Kamikaze - An action game for KDE.
K-Track - A satellite tracking program.
Kewl Session Manager - A session manager for X.
KricketScoreboard - Keeps scores of cricket matches.
KBillar - A 3D billiard game played over multiple surfaces.
Kaspaliste - A literature database for Linux and KDE.
Kylix Libs Packaging - Kylix libraries for applications written using Kylix.
Konstruct - A toolset for installing KDE with KOffice, KDevelop, and other applications.
KDE Kontact - An integrated personal information management application for KDE.
KnoppiXMAME - CD bootable GNU/Linux OS for playing MAME games.
K15 - The KDE version of the fifteen game.
Kacheck/J - An encapsulation checker for Java.
Kdenlive - A non-linear video editor for KDE.
KRio500 - A Konqueror plugin that interfaces with the Rio 500 tools.
KTris - A tris game for KDE.
Kalyp - A roguelike game written in Java.
KisMAC - A wireless stumbler for Mac OS X.
KNetworkConf - A tool to configure network settings under KDE.
kowey-generic - Templates for developers to make software that just works.
KMLDonkey - KDE integration for MLDonkey.
KMtraceViewer - A GUI for kmtrace, a memory leak checker.
kmc - A MUD client for KDE with Perl scripting.
Kartouche - A team-based translation mechanism.
KAVClient - A library to check files and memory for viruses using Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
KMess - An MSN Messenger-compatible chat program for KDE.
kio_z3950r - A KIOSlave for the z39.50 protocol.
KQ Lives! - An old school RPG.
KFTE - A KDE/Qt port of FTE.
Kernel Graphic Interface - A next generation console system for popular Unix clones.
Konversation - A user-friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client built on the KDE platform.
Kerio MailServer - A secure corporate Internet messaging server for SME.
Kurd - KDE Universal Remote Desktop.
Kpcomp - A picture comparison tool.
Kodos - Visually debug Python regular expressions.
Kpum - A KDE pureftpd user manager.
KMakeFaq - A frontend for the popular Web FAQ generator "makefaq".
krazhkoder - A portable GUI Ogg, Speex, and FLAC audio encoder and player.
Klokka - A simple graphical clock.
kregedit - A KDE clone of the Windows registry editor.
kpasswd.cgi - kpasswd implemented as a CGI.
Kolmogorov - Machine perception and machine learning tools.
KCluster - High availability (HA) software for mission critical apps.
Knab: is Not A Bot - A completely modular, source-indepedent bot.
KBVT - A tool for small libraries.
KLogo-Turtle - A LOGO language interpreter for KDE desktops.
KSqlAnalyzer - Aa tool for easily accessing the data of a MS SQL database.
Kiss FFT - An FFT library that keeps it simple.
KOpenHBCI - Homebanking for KDE using OpenHBCI.
KAVmailcheck - A sendmail filter for virus scanning using Kaspersky AVP.
Kraken - A knowledge management system.
kggs - An interface for playing on the GGS.
KGSueMe - A Kiseido Go Server (KGS) client.
Kalpa - An ERP/MRP/FRP/CRM system.
Ktctool - A graphical user interface to tc for network bandwidth management.
Kahakai - A fork of the Waimea window manager with scripting support.
Kava - An AIM/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN/Jabber client.
kses - An HTML/XHTML security filter.
Keylime for Zope - A set of generic objects for fast Zope and SQL application development.
konspire2b - A P2P content distribution system.
Krefty - A quick reference sheet application.
KnokiiSync - A KDE Address Book to Nokia phone transfer program.
Kickstart Tools - Tools used to customize and kickstart Linux.
KMerlin - A MSN chat client.
KAON - An ontology management infrastructure targeted at business applications.
Karrigell - A flexible Python Web framework.
Kroupware - A Free Software groupware solution.
Kandid - Kandid lets you evolve graphics using genetic algorithms.
KnowledgeTree - An enterprise-class Web-based document management system.
KMD - A graphical universal debugger.
kognition - Omnifont OCR software for KDE.
KDiff3 - A graphical text and directory diff and merge tool.
Krecipes - A tool for organizing your recipes.
ktools - A library of various text-mode user interface controls.
kdissert - A mindmapping tool.
kMPIO - A GUI for the MPIO project.
KameVoice - A GameVoice shell command mapping tool.
Ked Password Manager - A tool for organizing passwords.
KBBTray - A Big Brother monitor for KDE.
khtml2png - A command line program to create PNGs of Web pages.
Koncert - An arcade videogame clone for KDE/Qt.
Key Netplug - A Linux daemon that autoconfigures the network when cables are plugged in.
Kit - An AIM client for KDE.
Klicker - A KDE based metronome.
Kizome's ISA Piercing Tool - An MS Proxy (piercing) client for Unix or MacOS.
KernCob - A Linux 2.4 kernel patch for Sun Cobalt servers.
KTML - An online visual HTML editor.
koules - A 2D gravity game in which you try to bounce balls off the screen.
KD Executor - A platform-independent tool for automated GUI testing.
Kripper - A GUI front end in Qt/KDE for ripping and converting VCDs.
KESI - A tool to import CSV files into an SQL database.
Karmack - A CPU load monitor applet for the KDE kicker with Doom nostalgia.
KSubtile - An SRT subtitle editor.
Kelp - A set of IDE plugins for Enhydra development.
Komport - A serial communications and terminal emulator program for KDE.
KMapIME - A Java-based input method engine and keyboard mapper.
KLearnNotes2 - Software to help learn the names of music notes.
Kernel Symbol Manipulator - A tool which allows you to alias, rename, or hide exported kernel symbols.
KShutdown - A graphical shutdown utility.
KnoppMyth - Debian Sid with the Knoppix scripts and MythTV, optimized for an HTPC.
KPhotoAlbum - A tool for indexing/browsing/searching large numbers of images and/or videos.
Kaffeine Player - A full featured media player for KDE.
KDE Network Mapper - A network discovery and analysis tool for KDE.
Kaolak - A Web-based community system.
Kisdnmonitor - A KDE applet for isdnserver with voice box functionality.
Kernel Security Therapy Anti-Trolls - A tool to analyze the kernel through /dev/kmem to detect modified syscalls.
Kernel Security Checker - A useful tool to locate attackers inside a system.
Kalpa.Cloud - A SaaS applications development toolkit.
kiebitz - An easy-to-use command wrapper for the shell.
Kswaret - A GUI for Swaret.
KEuroCalc - A universal currency converter and calculator.
KDE Radio Station - An Internet radio streaming directory frontend.
Kexchange - A currency converter which gets the latest rates from the Internet.
Konverter - A KDE MEncoder frontend for easy video conversion
kio_gopher - A gopher kioslave.
keepalive - Quick and easy monitoring of vital applications.
kload - A kicker applet showing current info about your system.
kmp3play - A dock applet that plays MP3s.
KloseCircuit - A connect-the-dots-like game.
KPanta - An AntiChess game, where the objective is to lose your pieces.
Kazehakase - Yet another GTK+2 based Web browser.
kbde - Allows keyboard emulation on keyboardless x86 computers.
KMilo Thinkpad Plugin - A plugin which uses the special keys on IBM Thinkpads with KDE.
ksfv - A tiny wrapper for KDE which encapsulates cksfv (a crc32 checksum tool).
KaTeker - A graphical backup tool.
Klementine - A utility for remote mail retrieval, filtering, and forwarding.
Kurso de Esperanto - A multimedia program for learning Esperanto.
KAstrometry - An astrometry program for KDE.
KVortaro - A tool to translate words from one language into another.
kdetv - A KDE application for watching TV.
keyfuzz - A Linux input layer scancode table manipulation tool.
Kajaani Kombat - A fun multiplayer game.
KAKASI - A program that converts Kanji text to other scripts.
Kanji Nirvana - A learning tool for Japanese Kanji.
Kahemba - Italian accounting software.
kxmltvguide - A TV-Guide KDE applet.
KDE Disk archiver - A GUI backup and archiving utility for KDE.
kimono - An extensible and flexible network monitor.
Ktell - A tool that monitors Kerberos TGT and sends messages about pending expirations.
Kexi - A KDE/KOffice database creation app to compete with Microsoft Access.
KolourPaint - An easy-to-use paint program for KDE.
kernbench - A CPU throughput benchmark.
KNetworkLED - A KDE system tray network activity monitor.
Know Base - A knowledge, document, and project management tool.
KSalomon - A vocabulary trainer for KDE.
KDE BlogLines ticker - A tool that checks for updates on an online news aggregator.
Kwirc - An IRC client for KDE.
Kiswahili Spellchecker - A Kiswahili spellchecker for OpenOffice.org and Mozilla.
Kasablanca - A KDE FTP client with SSL/TLS encryption, bookmarks, and queues.
Kompass - A digital metronome simulator for musical studies.
Kaprekar Series Generator - A Kaprekar series generator.
Krang - A Web-publisher designed for large-scale Web sites.
Kupu - An in-browser WYSIWYG editor for Mozilla and IE.
KMameleon - A KDE XMame frontend.
KSubtitleRipper - A KDE GUI to rip DVD subtitles.
KDE Mass Mailer - A powerful Mass Mailer for KDE 3.x.
KXDocker - An innovative docker for KDE.
knock - A port-knocking implementation.
krdesktop - A KDE front-end for rdesktop.
KBioritmi - A biorythms generator for KDE.
KNoFault - A tool for encrypting files using XOR.
KVBA - A VisualBoy Advance frontend for KDE.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus SMTP-Gateway for Linux/Unix - A virus filtering mail relay server.
Kraptor - A classic shoot 'em up scroller game.
Kanaputs - A Java interpreter.
kopkop - A stealthy secure remote command trigger for IP networks.
Keep It Secret! Keep It Safe! - A Java-based password manager with OpenPGP encryption.
KGeography - A geography learning tool
KDE CIM browser - A CIM browser for KDE.
kamix - A mixer for KDE/ALSA.
Klutz - A comic strip viewer.
kvpnc - A KDE frontend for various VPN clients.
knopILS - An Italian Knoppix-based Linux distribution.
Keep - A program that keeps the files you specify and deletes everything else.
kf - A small Jabber client for GNU/Linux.
KPhoTools - A Web Image Album Generation tool for KDE.
Kinga's Colors - MIDL1 Color Lines Clone.
KSmoothDock - A desktop panel for KDE 3.2 with smooth icon zooming.
Kio-Sword - A lightweight easy-to-use Bible tool for KDE.
KQEmu - A graphical front-end for QEmu that allows you to configure Virtual PCs.
KFile-Cert - A KFile (KDE) plugin for X.509 certificate files.
Kokogut - A Kogut to C compiler.
klogview - A KDE application for viewing log files in real time.
KPhotoBook - An image managing tool.
knuckle cracker - A tool for those who need to share patches for binaries in a comprehensible way.
KFreeDB - An application for interacting with the FreeDB disc information database.
Khadira Chat Client - An IRC client with powerful file sharing features.
Krang BricLoader - A Krang add-on to load Bricolage data.
KlipOQuery - A panel applet to retrieve information about the current (text) selection.
Krang SiteMap - A Krang add-on for generating robot-friendly sitemaps for Search Engines.
KBeam - A KDE application that lets you beam files to devices.
KaBlam - A non-linear text editng tool for writing structured documents.
KDigest - A program to check and create MD5SUMs and SFVs.
k8055 - A sample program to use the Velleman K8055 interface Board on Linux.
Kallimachos - A digital book catalog.
kiss4lin - A Linux PC-Link server for the KiSS DVD/DivX/XviD/MP3/JPEG players.
Konqueror Burning Sidebar - A KDE sidebar and ioslave for CD burning.
Kexi KFormDesigner - A Qt Designer UI file editor.
kontent - A local content management system.
KPlaylistCreator - A jukebox for KDE.
Kokua - A Trade Wars 2002 assistant with an emphasis on being fully customizable.
KCheckGmail - A KDE system tray app to display the number of new messages in a Gmail account.
Karoshi - A Linux server operating system for schools.
Keep Cool - A tool that puts processes taking too much CPU to sleep.
kahenbook - A guestbook with easy template customization
Krang RSS - A Krang addon for creating RSS files.
KFTPGrabber - A graphical FTP client for KDE.
karma mvc java framework - A lightweight MVC framework.
KBall - A game of skill and reflexes for all ages, where you move a ball in a maze.
Kalternatives - A KDE GUI to manage the Debian/Mandrake alternatives system.
k - A friendly wrapper script for kfmclient.
KAZIT - A bootable CD Hebrew Linux based on Knoppix.
K-3D - 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system
k118 - A Kitsrus Kit 118 analog sampler data logger.
k8ktest - A Velleman K8000 diagnostic program.
kaffe - A free runtime for code written in the Java programming language.
Kaveri - An Eclipse plug-in front-end for the Indus Java slicer.
Kalamaris - Advanced mathematics research framework.
Konsultant - A management application for consultants.
KAM2 - K Answering Machine for ISDN lines.
Kanji Lookup - X11-based Kanji lookup based on radicals.
KanjiPad - Look up Japanese characters through handwriting
Kannel WAP and SMS Gateway - An high performance WAP and SMS gateway.
Kafka - An image morphing application.
KAppTemplate - The KDE Application Generator.
Kaptain - A graphical frontend for command line programs.
Katie - A ClearCase look-alike revision control system.
Katy - Text editor inspired by UltraEdit
kmenc15 - An advanced Qt/KDE MEncoder frontend.
kaweth - Linux Driver for KL5KUSB101-based USB-Ethernet Bridges
KayBot - An IRC Bot written in C to act as a peaceful channel holder.
Kasai - A Java-based authentication and authorization framework.
KBabel - A powerful and comfortable PO file editor.
KBackup - A userfriendly yet powerful backup program.
kBag - Synchronizes your documents between one computer and another.
KProbe - An Asus notebook monitor for KDE.
kbd - Keytable files and keyboard utilities
KlamAV - ClamAV for the KDE desktop.
KBDlock - A patch that allows you to implement keyboard locking under Linux.
kbedic - A bidirectional English-Bulgarian dictionary.
KBiff - A new mail notification utility for KDE.
KDE Linux Binaries Downloader - A Usenet file grabber for KDE.
KBoxes! - A little mind game.
keyTouch - A tool to configure the extra function keys of a keyboard.
Kccc - A KDE frontend for the CD Cover Creator.
kcd - Directory change utility.
kcdfind - QT CD cataloger that uses CD titles.
KCDLabel - A CD label, cover, and booklet creator for KDE/QT
KCharMap - KDE Character Map (font browser with clipboard).
Kcheat - An automatic cheating system.
kcmbind - A KDE front-end to configure bind
kcmdhcpd - A configure program for the ISC DHCP-Server for the KDE-project.
kcmlaptop - Puts battery control in the KDE panel, starts command when low battery.
kmodemlights - A KDE panel applet for controlling a modem.
KCompiler - A KDE frontend to gcc, javac, and other compilers.
kconfigure - A program for compiling programs using a graphical interface.
Klingofox wapMail - A WAP-based IMAP email client.
KDat - Tar based tape archiver
kdb - Built-in Kernel Debugger
kdbg - A graphical KDE front end to the GDB debugger. Also used by kdevelop.
kdc2tiff - Convert from Kodak .kdc file to .tiff or .jpg
KDE Software Compilation - A powerful graphical desktop environment, applications, and development frameworks.
Kslackcheck - A utility to check Slackware changelog updates with a graphical popup in KDE.
KDE Simple Programming Tutorial - A tutorial for developing a KDE application.
kde2wm - Translate the KDE-style links into links in wmconfig-style
kdelnk2wmaker - Imports KDE menu entries into the Window Maker menu.
kdepopup - Send and receive messages via Samba
KDEStudio - IDE for Linux
KMobileTools - A KDE application to manage mobile phones.
KDevelop - An integrated development environment.
KDE LogViever - A logfile monitoring tool for KDE that docks into the panel.
kdf - KDE frontend to df (status of disks), gives you quick access to all drives.
KDiary - A diary/journal program for KDE.
KLMCL - A KDE MUD client.
KreetingKard - A tool for making greeting cards.
KDisk-At-Once - A program to create/edit table of contents files for CD-Audio.
Klear - A KDE-based DVB TV viewer and hard disk recorder for Linux.
KDMM - An application to display data from digital multimeters.
KDE KTurtle - An educational LOGO programming environment.
kdoc - C++ and IDL Class Documentation Tool
KDVD - A DVD player.
KDocker - A program that docks any application into the system tray.
KEasyISDN - Frontend to isdnctrl and onlinecounter.
KEBook - A KDE application for looking up words.
keeper - A configuration storage and retrieval library
KeepUP - A connection sharing tool.
Keg Tracker - GTK+-based MOD editor for linux.
KEGS - An Apple //gs emulator for Linux, Unix/X11, Mac OS X, and Windows.
Kernel Socks Bouncer - A Linux 2.6.x patch that redirects TCP connections through socks 4/5 chains.
Klira - An audio file converter for KDE.
kernel-alert - Perl script to send e-mail as new kernels become available.
kernelcookies - Fortune cookies from the Linux Kernel.
KernelDriver - Kernel driver development toolkit.
Kexis - A lossless WAV file compressor.
kphone - A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) user agent.
KDX - A cross-platform bulletin board system.
KeyKit - A MIDI language with GUI and customizable tools written in the language itself
keymgr - A cryptographic key administration engine.
Keystone2 - A Web-based trouble ticket and workgroup management tool.
kfan - A utility for Toshiba laptops.
Kuote - An applet for the KDE panel that displays quotes generated by fortune(6).
KFileReplace - Replace text strings inside all files of a directory.
KFLog - A program for generating maps of flight data taken with a GPS flight recorder.
KFontinst - KDE-based TrueType and Type1 font installer & previewer.
KFourier - An image filtering application which uses the Fourier transform
KGoodStuff - KDE button-bar like FvwmButtons or tkGoodStuff
kgrep - Find lines on either side of a matching pattern.
KGuitar - A guitar/drum music tabulature editor with classic notes and MIDI support.
Karra - A Web-based digital library system.
KHangMan - The Hangman game.
KHdRecord - An audio hard disk recorder.
KHeisePro - Lets you search the Heise Register
KHexEdit - Versatile binary file editor for KDE
KHTB - A GUI for the htb.init script with XML data storage.
khrono - A watch/timer/countdown utility for KDE.
kenosis - A reliable P2P network with RPC semantics.
kiboze.pl - A Usenet archive program.
kicemenu - A window manager menu editing tool.
KICKweb - A Web-based Red Hat Kickstart configuration tool.
KIconEdit - The KDE icon editor.
kicq - An ICQ clone for KDE that looks like Mirabilis' ICQ client.
Keyano - A GUI sampler to map images and sounds to key press events.
kidentify - KDE utility to show more file details, magic, used shared libraries, ...
KiGa 3000 - A tool to store, search, and print the data records of children in Kindergarten.
Kim - The Kim is interactive process manager for OS Linux.
KImap - An IMAP email client for KDE.
KPodder - A podcast program for KDE.
Kimon - An ISDN-monitor for the K Desktop Environment
KINg (KINg Is Not google!) - A smart search engine.
King of the Hill - Full client/server multiplayer artillery game in the scorched earth tradition
Kino - A nonlinear Digital Video editor.
KInsectizid - A KDE 2D shooter game.
kinst - An application installer for KDE.
Kiosk - A WWW Based MySQL database manager
KeyWatcher - A daemon for an Internet or multimedia keyboard.
KisoCD - KDE frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord
Kamaelia - A testbed for developing open streaming protocols.
kissme - Free Java Virtual Machine.
Keep in touch - A secure communication tool.
Kit Client - KDE-based client for the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service.
Kallery - An image gallery generator.
kittyCode - An in-line :cuecat barcode decoder in JavaScript.
Kivio - KDE flowcharting software.
KLopsterUtils - A Lopster tool to view file transfer statistics, browse users, and more.
KKinit - Kerberos ticket manager for KDE
kodepaster - A command line code paster for rafb.net.
KLACK - A small game with spheres
klavg - Small KDE applet showing load average graph on the panel.
kassiope - A framework for developing business applications.
KLeds - A KDE tool to show the keyboard lights and map special keys to commands.
KLILO - GUI to configure the lilo bootmanager
KLines - A simple logical game.
KLinuxScsiManager - Allows you to add or remove SCSI devices on the fly.
KPowersave - A KDE frontend for power management.
klos - Shows two verses from Bible, changing every day (the 'Watchwords').
Klotski - A Brick Game.
KMAGO - A KDE download manager.
KMail - A powerful email client for KDE.
KnowledgeRoot - A knowledge base system.
KONSEC Groupware - A groupware solution for Linux servers and Windows/Linux clients.
KMameRun - KDE frontend for M.A.M.E.
KMandel - A powerful fractal generator.
Kilongalonga - A shoutbox Web application.
kmc_utils - Control and grab images from a Kodak Motion Corder high speed camera.
kmemmon - A KDE panel memory monitor
Kmerge - A KDE utility to diff and merge files.
KMid - Midi/Karaoke player with many features
kmp_search - A binary exact string search utility.
KMol - Chemical calculator for the KDE
KMovisto - A molecule viewer.
Kmp3te - MP3 tag editor
kmp_psql - KMySQL plugin providing access to PostGres databases
kmy-regex - A regular expression library for Java with compilation to bytecode.
kmysql-php - PHP library providing ultra-easy access to kmysql forms via HTML.
knapster - KDE napster client.
Knetdump - Network sniffing/analyzing tool
knetfilter - A KDE frontend to iptables.
Kanren - A declarative logic programming system.
knfsd - An improved NFS server for Linux 2.6.
KToon - A 2D animation toolkit.
KNmap - A KDE frontend for nmap.
KNode - A newsreader for KDE
knowledgebase - Knowledgebase tool based on PHP
KoalaMud Game Engine - A multithreaded MUD server.
Kimdaba2Mysql - Makes your kimdaba-tagged image gallery available on a Web site.
Kobaz Eggdrop Scripts - A collection of Eggdrop TCL scripts.
Koch - A Koch curve generator.
kodicefiscale - KDE utility for calculating "codicefiscale" for Italians.
KOF91 2D Fighting Engine for Linux - 2D fighting game engine.
KOffice - An integrated office suite for KDE.
keyd - A multimedia key daemon.
KOffle - wwwoffle cache-browser
Koha - An integrated library system (ILS).
KOJAC - Java libraries and applications for optical raytracing.
Kerrighed - A Single System Image for clusters
Komba - Samba share browser
Kwotes - A chat quote database system that is publicly moderated.
konnekt4 - A C implementation of the famous game with a TCL/Tk GUI.
Kiosk - Palm - A program which locks a Palm to a single application with a password.
konspire - Searchable, distributed file-sharing system.
Konverse - A KDE Jabber client.
KsirK - A strategy game inspired by Risk.
KOrganizer - Personal Information Manager for the KDE Desktop Environment
Korseby Icons - A rich set of icons.
KOSd - Ascend RADIUS daemon that can use alternate password files
Kaizen - A framework for developing Linux distributions.
KStereoScope - A simple stereoscopic JPS/PNS image viewer.
Kover - An easy to use WYSIWYG cd cover printer for KDE
Konfox - A Firefox Web stats counter.
kpanel2 - A modified version of the Corel Kpanel
Kpasman - A small password manager for KDE
kPersianCalendar - A Persian (jalali) and Gregorian calendar for KDE.
KPGPCrypt - A PGP and GPG Shell
KPGsql - A simple KDE postgres-frontend
KPHPDev - An integrated Web development tool.
KPilot - Hot sync software for Unix
Kpl - Program for two- and three-dimensional graphical presentation.
ktexteditor-emacsextensions - A KTextEditor plugin that provides Emacs compatible features.
KPoker - Video Poker.
KaPooka - A logic game involving pushing blobbies around and finding your way to the exit.
KPopup - Sends and receives Winpopup messages.
Kppp - KDE dialer and front end for pppd
Kubuntu - An Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that uses KDE.
KPPPLoad - A PPP load monitor.
KProf - A visual tool to analyze gprof(1) execution profiling results.
KPSK - A PSK31 digital radio communications application for KDE.
KildClient - A powerful MUD client with a built-in Perl interpreter.
KPuzzle - A KDE jigsaw puzzle game.
KPVM - The K Desktop interface to PVM.
KQuick - A single-click translator.
KAOMP - A utility to download files from AllOfMP3.com.
KRad - KDE Phone Phreaking Utility
Kirux Kuadra Enterprise Server - A powerful server distribution for small to medium size businesses.
KreateCD - Frontend for CD writers using KDE
krecord - Sound recorder for KDE, recording and playback of WAV files
KRESLITKO - A simple graphics library.
Krilo - A colorful, fun puzzle/strategy game.
Krio - A graphical interface to your Diamond Rio
KRN - A newsreader for KDE with offline functionality.
KRouletteSim - Numerical Roulette simulation.
KRunning - A database manager for your private running events
krunseti - A program that starts [email protected] and displays its status.
Krusader - Twin-panel file manger for KDE 3.
KSalup - Network messaging tool.
KSEG - A geometry exploration program like Sketchpad, Cabri, and Cinderella.
KSendFax - KDE interface to FAX-packages
Ksetiwatch - [email protected] monitor and work unit manager
K Learning Aid - Pops up kvtml file items on the KDE desktop.
kshow - Very comfortable image viewer for KDE. Includes preview, DnD,...
kShowmail - Watch and delete mail on POP3 servers.
KSI Scheme - An implementation of the Scheme programming language
KMediaFactory - A template-based DVD authoring tool.
KSM-Scheme - A Scheme-interpreter with an easy interface to C.
KSnapshot - A simple applet for taking screenshots.
KSnes9x - KDE frontend for Snes9x
KSniff - KDE packet sniffer/analyzer
KchmViewer - A Qt-based CHM files viewer.
KSnuffle - A packet sniffer for KDE.
KSocrat - An English/Russian dictionary for KDE.
KMetronome - A MIDI metronome with a KDE interface based on the ALSA sequencer.
kspaceduel - KSpaceduel is a two player arcade space game for KDE
katmel - A Linux kernel driver for an Atmel AVR programmer on a parallel port.
KSpline - The Spline function library.
kSQL - An SQL database application for KDE.
KSrnd - Control panel for the miroMEDIA Surround Dolby Pro Logic decoder.
KSSH - A KDE Secure Shell frontend.
KStella - A KDE frontend to the Atari 2600 emulator, Stella.
Kreatura - A wrapper to programmatically generate HTML tables.
Kernel-Machine Library - A C++ library to implement kernel machines.
ksymoops - A utility to decode Linux kernel oopses.
ktail - KDE app to monitor log files
KTamaga - The KDE-Tamagotchi-emulator
kfsmd - A daemon to log and view kernel filesystem changes using inotify.
kTheme - Converts Windows themes to KDE themes.
Kticker - News ticker widget that downloads news headlines and displays them periodically
KTimeWarp - A small application to display time in different time zones.
KTnef - A TNEF file viewer/extractor for KDE.
KTouch - A touch-typing tutor program.
KIO-POV - A KIO-Slave for POV-Ray.
KySMS - A graphical frontend for smssend with a phone book.
Kugar - Business report generator, viewer, and printer for KDE.
Kugel - Board Game - moving objects on the board and putting them into rows
kUimlRenderer - A UIML Renderer for Qt.
Kumera - A Web-based HTML content management system.
KUnit - Unit converter
kupgrade.sh - Builds and manages kernels for a collection of non-homogeneous machines.
KUPS - A CUPS administrator for KDE.
kfilm - A non-linear video editor.
KSquirrel - An image viewer for KDE.
KVEC - A tool that can vectorize images using several graphic formats
KVIrc - Enhanced visual IRC client for X11/KDE
Kvirus - A board/puzzle game for the KDE Environment.
KSvn - A Konqueror-integrated Subversion frontend for KDE.
Kwatch - A KDE log file viewer.
Kat - A desktop search environment for KDE.
KWav2CD - A CDRDao frontend to create audio CDs from .wav files.
kwave - A simple digital sound signal editor for KDE
KWC - A key width calculator.
KWebGet - Download and Mirror-Utility for the KDE-Project
Knight's Mail - A Web mail application that uses XUL to render on the client.
kwintv - Watch TV in a window on your PC screen
KWoodhammer - Tool for traditional encryption and decryption
KWvDial - Graphical Re-Implementation of WvDial PPP Dialer Command Line Interface
KXicq2 - The KDE2 ICQ clone.
Kxmms - A KDE dock application for XMMS.
Ky - yes for KDE
kio-clucene - An indexed search engine for KDE.
KenyDraw - A simple ASCII art editor and drawing program.
ksunrise - A SuperKaramba theme that shows sunrise and sunset times.
KZenExplorer - A KDE application for MP3 player devices supported by libnjb.
Karibou - A PHP5 MVC-like framework for developers.
Klavaro - A program that assists with learning touch typing.
kasound - A configuration frontend for the .asoundrc file.
KBoincSpy - A KDE monitor and control utility for the BOINC distributed client.
Kmessaging - An internal message system for Web sites.
Kernel Analyzer - A tool that displays information on IRQ, kernel task, and user task preemption.
kbd-mangler - A tool for low-level keyboard behaviour modification.
Kanji Crammer - A Kanji flashcards program.
Kiwi Backup - An online backup system.
KBoggle - A Boggle game for KDE.
Kojoney - A honeypot that emulates an SSH server.
Kat's Sudoku - A helper to solve Soduko puzzles.
KMidimon - An ALSA sequencer MIDI monitor.
KBibTeX - A BibTeX editor for KDE.
Kitikat - A powerful Datastore processing framework.
Konjugator - A conjugator for Welsh inflected verbs.
KABC Client - A command line client for the KDE address book.
kisql - A MySQL enabled icecast streamer that can interact with a Web site.
Kernelconfig - configures, builds and installs the Linux kernel.
Kalva - A lightweight video recording application.
kradview - A viewer for DICOM images.
Kolab - A groupware solution.
kfxmpp - An XMPP/Jabber library.
KTranslator - A dictionary application for KDE.
K3DSurf - A program for visualizing and manipulating multidimensional surfaces.
Koinpurse - A Web-based shared bill tracker.
KDing - A KDE frontend for Ding, a dictionary lookup program.
KlearCase - A set of tools to use Clearcase from within KDE.
KleanSweep - A utility for finding unneeded files.
Kumulate - A browser-based visualiser for translation trees.
KeyJnote - A fancy PDF presentation tool.
ksudoku - A Sudoku puzzle generator and solver for KDE which supports 3D puzzles.
Klep - A feature-rich virtual flashcard program.
KernelKit - A Live GNU/Linux CD for developers of Linux device drivers and embedded systems.
kFlickr - A standalone Flickr uploader for KDE.
K8055Mac - A control panel for the Velleman K8055 USB I/O card.
klik - An easy way to download and run software.
Kernel Configuration Comparison - A Linux kernel ".config" file comparison GUI.
kfile_chemical - A set of kfile plugins for KDE that extract metadata from chemistry documents.
KIside - A message digest (hash) computing tool.
Kid3 - An efficient tagger for MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, and FLAC files.
KickStarter - A small program to relaunch a command indefinitely.
Kamailio - A robust and flexible SIP server.
Kryptor - A graphical tool to encrypt and safely erase files.
KeyIntegrity ServiceHub - A manager for a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
Knitting Pattern Generator - Converts a picture into a knitting pattern.
Kaboot - A Gentoo-based, live CD/USB Linux distribution.
Kviso - A graphical interface for dvdauthor and mkisofs.
kiscsiadmin - An intuitive user-interface for ISCSI.
KnowledgebasePublisher - A knowledge base and FAQ solution.
Kettle - An ETL data warehousing tool.
Klorofil - A PHP platform with a desktop GUI and Web application framework.
kunzip - An unzip library.
Kana no quiz - A kana memorization tool.
Keep a cool head! - A board game for 2, 3 or 4 players based on "Ludo" or "Mensch ärgere dich nicht"
KThinkBat - A laptop battery monitor for the KDE Kicker.
KDE HAL Device Manager - An application that shows the hardware installed in your computer.
keysid - A tiny Linux daemon for laptop/multimedia keyboard keystroke binding.
KLone - An embeddable Web server and SDK to write dynamic HTML pages using C/C++.
KForge - A collaborative development environment for software or knowledge.
KOJAK - A tool that provides performance analyses of parallel software.
KDEVisualBoyAdvance - A VisualBoyAdvance front-end.
KLcdDimmer - A KDE Applet to adjust LCD brightness.
kdesvn-build - A script that downloads, builds, and installs KDE from its source repository.
kivitendo - A Web-based accounting system customized for German needs.
KFreeFlight - A GUI frontend for FlightGear.
kio-ftps - An FTPS (SSL secured FTP) KIO slave for KDE.
kdbus - A D-BUS service browser for KDE.
Kosmos - JSR-168 portlets to monitor project builds, issues, source, etc.
Keyword Market Value Analyzer - A tool to estimate the market value of advertising for given keywords.
Ksvn Client - A KDE SVN client.
Keyword Marketing Buddy - A keyword marketing popularity comparison tool.
KLiveJournal - A KDE LiveJournal client.
KTabEdit - A tablature editor for KDE.
Kandau - An object persistency framework for KDE.
kds - A distributed storage system that can be used as a PHP session handler extension
Kuartet Desktop - A visually appealing, easy to use desktop built upon KDE.
Ketchup - A tool for updating or switching between versions of the Linux kernel source.
Koppermine - A KDE client for Coppermine Photo Gallery.
KJam Build Tool - A build tool like make or jam.
KDoodle - A doodle frontend.
KickstartWeb - A Web interface for provisioning Linux machines with Kickstart and PXE.
KDE DVDAuthor Wizard - A KDE frontend to DVDAuthor
Konqueror Anti-Phishing Toolbar - An anti-phishing toolbar for the Konqueror browser.
kredentials - An authentication token manager for Kerberos and AFS.
KmPg2 - A wizard for creating DVD-compatible MPEG2 streams.
Kwort - A Slackware based Linux distribution.
KingpixelsAd - A pixel ad module and component for Joomla.
K-Yamo - A CD ripper and tagger for MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files.
Kernux - A fully kernel mode Web server for Linux.
KatchTV - A KDE-based Internet TV subscription/downloading/watching program.
Kagiru Sudoku - Yet another sudoku.
KrabbitWorld Labyrinth - A 3D action adventure RPG.
Konsole Start - An Eclipse plugin to open konsole windows.
Karmen - An easy-to-use window manager for X.
kexec-chooser - A tool to make warm-rebooting into new kernels with kexec easier.
krd remote desktop connection manager - A remote desktop connection manager for KDE.
KCAPTCHA - A visual human validation tool.
Kom - Stores old email messags in a database with browsing and statistics facilities.
KartoMNT - Height model digitalization software.
KLinInfo - A KDE application for collecting Linux information.
Kamyran's Eye - A graphical fantasy-themed roguelike RPG.
Karto - Software to calibrate a scanned map with some known geo-points (Lambert, UTM).
KMush - A simple MU* client.
KardsGT - A card game suite.
Kwine - A set of tools for Wine and KDE interoperability.
KK - A simple PHP frontend for ASK (Active SPAM Killer).
kvblade - An in-kernel virtual EtherDrive blade AoE target.
Knoppix_remoteconf - Patches for the Knoppix distribution to allow remote configuration.
Kara Kapli Defter - Simple tool to keep track of your customers & orders (in Turkish)
KWifiSelector - A wireless connection manager for KDE.
KScannerButtons - A monitor which responds to scanner button presses.
kinemeplugins - A set of patches for Quartz Composer.
KGraphViewer - A GraphViz dot graph viewer for KDE.
Klaverjas Score - A program to keep track of the scores during a game of klaverjas.
KDE KBackup - A KDE-based backup program.
Kommander - A universal GUI scripting tool for KDE.
kanola - An MPD client for KDE.
KFuseIso - KDE integration for fuseiso.
killppp - A script to kill the PPP process after a certain time period of no traffic.
kraskarta - A city map engine based on Flash and PostgreSQL.
Keymaps for ABNT2 keyboards - A set of keymaps for ABNT2 keyboards, including notebook layouts.
KeywordXS - A small tool to get keywords for specified search terms.
KanaSensei - A Java applet to learn Japanese kanas.
Keystroke - A tool to aid in the transcription, subtitling, and logging of video and audio.
KungFu DVD Ripper - A GStreamer based DVD ripper.
ksar - A sar graphing tool.
Kabeja - A Java based parsing and converting library for CAD (DXF) drafts.
Kelbt - A tool that generates backtracking LR parsers.
Kwok Information Server - An IT management system.
kDataGrid - A PHP component ideal for generating data-bound HTML grids.
Keyboard Cleaner - An application which disables your keyboard so you can clean it safely.
Kuliax - A GNU/Linux live distribution for higher education.
Kite - A fast, easy-to-use programming language.
Kahua - A continuation-based application server and framework.
Komodo IDE - A multi-platform, multi-language IDE for dynamic language development.
KonaKart - An eCommerce and shopping cart application.
Kukkaisvoima - A lightweight blog system.
Kannasaver - A KDE screensaver to learn Japanese kana in a flashcard style.
konqil.icio.us - A KDE service menu for del.icio.us.
Kimai - Software that tracks work time and classifies it.
Kimboot - A sick and addictive arcade game.
Komodo Edit - A multi-platform, multi-language editor for dynamic languages and AJAX.
kdiff-ext - An extension for the Konqueror file manager.
kparalleleport - A command line and Qt-based program for controlling parallel ports.
Kirocker Music Display - Displays cover and information about the currently played music.
KwikWiki - A wiki Web application with page versioning and fast searching.
k5expire - A program that checks for expiring kerberos principals and sends them an email.
Key Cluster - A high availability cluster system.
konsoledcopschema - A script that automates changing of the Konsole schema based on context.
Keyfrog - A keyboard usage statistics monitor and visualizer.
Kraft - Kraft helps you to handle your daily offers and invoices in your small business.
Keyplex - A keyboard multiplexer for X11 terminals.
Kima - This applet monitors various temperature, frequency, and fan sources.
krickscore - A simple cricket score ticker for KDE.
KpassDNS - A DNS hosts file editor.
kaptcha - A modern version of the SimpleCaptcha project.
kerjodando - An anonymous P2P file sharing client.
KBib - A BibTex manager for KDE.
Krumo - A debugging tool for PHP.
k5njournal - An iCalendar-based journal application.
Konstrukt - A framework of controllers for PHP5.
kalsamix - A KDE mixer for the ALSA sound system.
Kletterwizard - An application that makes writing letters easy.
Keywatch - A flexible, general-purpose monitoring system.
kdtree - A simple C library for working with kd-trees.
kuftp - A graphical FTP client for KDE.
k5n Desktop Calendar - An iCalendar-based cross-platform desktop calendar application.
Karora Cooee - An AJAX Web UI framework for Java.
Kmail Power Tools - A Kmail plugin which can remove or detach attachments.
KeyTool IUI - A cryptography application.
k8055fs - A FUSE filesystem for the Velleman K8055 USB interface board.
klick - An advanced metronome for JACK.
KBPack - A package for installing software on and extending QNAP TS-101/TS-201.
knotview - A concept mapper and small disordered visual database.
kiba-dock - A GNOME dock with a fun Physics Engine.
kfb - A GUI administration tool for the Firebird RDBMS.
KScope - A KDE front-end to Cscope.
KCall - A KDE telephony application.
Karora Moomba - An implementation of Eclipse RCP for the Web.
Kit's JavaScript Brainfuck Interpreter - A rather fast Brainfuck language interpreter.
Keystone Framework - A cross platform application framework.
Karmasphere Parallel Data Processing Language - A high-performance parallel programming language.
Kiwi Manager - An online project management application.
Kamyran's Eye 2 - A graphical fantasy-themed Rogue-like role-playing game.
Kochizz - A graphical editor for facilitating configuration of the Apache Web server.
kml2length - A script which computes the path length in a KML or KMZ file.
Kneemail - A prayer journal application.
KOA - A remote voting system developed using formal methods.
kReiSSy - An integrated RSS feed reader and Web browser with tagging support.
Karaoke con SMIL - A project to synchronize audio, text, and images and export to SMIL.
k8temp - An Athlon 64 and Opteron thermal sensor tool for *BSD.
KiCad EDA - Software for creating electronic schematic diagrams and PCB artwork.
Kiwi Markup - An embeddable user-friendly text to HTML markup language.
Kablink Teaming - An enterpise tool that includes everything needed for team collaboration.
KMuddy - A feature-rich, powerful, and easy to use MUD client.
kangaroo-egg web server - A Web server with a built-in scripting language.
KDelicious - A del.icio.us plugin for Konqueror.
kexec-loader - A Linux-based bootloader.
KAtoms - A multiplayer turn-based strategy game for KDE.
KLightsOut - A clone of the Lights Out handheld electronic puzzle game.
Kinonk - A Pentominoes player.
ktiny - A Qt/KDE based client for TinyERP.
krecspk - An MP3, Ogg, and wav sound recorder for the visually impaired.
KSplasher - A KDE Moodin Engine splash screen editor and creator.
Key Scripter - A tool that listens to key events and sends fake events to an X server.
Kudus - A KDE Sudoku game.
Krypt - A KDE GUI for managing volumes encrypted with LUKS.
kPooladm - A GUI for managing resource pools.
Kit108 PHP Library - A PHP library for the Ocean Controls Kit108.
Kysrun - A simple application launcher.
KontrolPack - A remote shell command executor.
Kevux - A Linux based distribution with an emphasis on security and size.
Knitter - Software that produces a 3-dimensional model of a knitting pattern.
Kete - A project to enable communities to build their own online libraries.
KML Creator - A PHP class for creating KML files for Google Earth.
Kazi - A tiny CMS (no databases) with module and theme support.
Klondike - A graphical frontend for Yukon.
K-Robots - A programming game of tanks driven by user-supplied programs.
KDE3TO4 - A wizard to migrate application settings from KDE3 to KDE4.
kazimir - A log analyzer.
Krai Framework - A lightweight PHP5 application framework.
Korallenriff - A program that fetches NNTP and POP3 messages and stores them in a database.
Keyczar - A toolkit for safe and simple cryptography.
KComic - A cross platform comic and image file viewer.
KaufKauf Shoppingmanager - A system to manage your foods and to create mobile shopping lists.
Kuklomenos - An abstract shoot-em-up
KDE Partition Manager - An application to create, resize, delete, copy, backup, and restore partitions.
Ksplice - Provides rebootless Linux kernel updates.
kbtrap - Monitors one or more keyboards and takes action based on events.
KaDoSu - A document indexer and searcher.
Kaazing Gateway - An HTML 5 WebSocket and server-sent event server.
Kompimi C Data Structure Library - A C data structure library.
Kaputt - A testing tool for the Objective Caml language.
K-tree - An efficient tree structured clustering algorithm.
kameleon - A puzzle game in which you arrange the letters of the word "KAMELEON".
kernel486 - A generic IA-32 kernel for IBM compatible machines.
kerblue - A sustainable development architecture for Web applications.
KBasic - A BASIC programming language and tool.
Kheops - A PHP source repository for small to medium sized projects.
Kirodict - A lightweight mobile dictionary application.
Kundo - An Ant build system with an extensible, pluggable architecture.
Kisa - Software that provides spell check as you type.
Kwiki Billing - Billing software.
Knowledge in a Wiki - A platform for building semantic social media applications.
kbdevents - A Linux kernel module that allows you to set events on pressed keys.
KeePassX - A cross-platform password manager.
kOOL - Church administration software.
Kykachat - A group Web chat system based on Ajax .
Karamelo - An e-Learning platform.
Kyuba - An init daemon replacement.
katjaschuurman - An IRC chatter bot.
Kongoni - A desktop Linux distribution inspired by BSD Unix.
kpw - A kerberos tool to change (expired) passwords.
KRadioRipper - A program for recording audio streams.
Kohana - A PHP 5 framework that uses the Model View Controller architectural pattern.
Kaltura Community Edition - A media asset management platform (video platform).
Karesansui - A Web-based virtualization management console for Linux.
Kryptographisis - A powerful and easy-to-use encryption program.
kittens - An application that provides grid-based window management features similar to ION or awesome to any window manager.
KpGen - A password generator program.
Kusaba X - A quick, easy way to set up and manage your own image board.
Kludget Engine - A widget engine.
Kouprey - A parsing expression grammar library for JavaScript.
Kiwix - Kiwix enables you to have the whole Wikipedia at hand wherever you go! You don't need Internet, everything is stored on your computer, USB flash drive or DVD!
Knights Remake - A two player dungeon combat game.
katso - An eclectic data scoring tool.
k10ctl - An AMD Family 10h (aka K10) P-State, frequency, and voltage modification utility.
KumbiaPHP - A Web application MVC PHP framework.
kometka - A JavaScript and PHP library for making AJAX programs whose instances communicate with each other.
KrcStat - A Gentoo runlevel management tool.
kvmsh - A kernel-based virtual machine manager.
katimon - An (unofficial) ATI GPU monitor.
Kodama - An easy-to-use, directory-based gallery.
kipmp - An IPMP daemon.
Kordil EDMS - A powerful and user friendly electronic document management software.
KATO - A project for the development of software agents.
Karma - A Web service provider for tracking "karma" points of users who are distributed across several separate Web applications.
k5nBookReader - An ebook reader.
kmotion - A video surveillance application.
Kobold's Quest 1 - An RPG wizard adventuring game.
Khövsgöl - A music player for the GNOME desktop.
Keyboard Upgrade - Generic firmware for homebrew computer keyboard controllers.
Kiriwrite - A Web-based page compiler.
KykaChat - A Web based chat script.
kramdown - A fast pure Ruby Markdown-superset converter.
Kippo - A medium interaction SSH honeypot.
KMid2 - A MIDI/karaoke player for KDE4.
Kotivox - A diary program that encrypts your text.
KMKey Makhno - A Web-based knowledge management platform.
Karaoke Lyrics Editor - An editor for karaoke lyrics.
kuhn_munkres - An implementation of an algorithm for assignment problem solving applications.
Katana - A portable multi-boot security suite.
krep - A regular expression parser application for KDE.
Kulic - A 2D shooter.
Klactoveedsedstene - A cross-platform graphical audio front-end to MPlayer.
KeePass - A light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
KeyAccess - A simple Java object relational mapping tool.
Kalisko - A modular application framework.
Keynesis Lockngo - Portable security software for USB flash drives and hard drives.
Kurabu - Multi-platform software to manage associations/clubs.
kp-atomix - A version of the Atomix game that runs in a Web browser.
Kunagi - A Web-based tool for integrated agile project management and collaboration based on Scrum.
key-mon - A keyboard and mouse monitor for screencasts and teaching.
Kleo - Software to create all-inclusive bare metal backups.
KeyValue - A cross-platform library for making C++ objects accessible through OpenOffice Calc, Excel, and other front-ends.
KernScope - A plotting tool for Linux /proc and /sys entries.
key-train - Keyboard training software (typing tutor) for Linux.
KXStitch - A cross stitch pattern creator.
kobldes - Software for finding your building design solution using POV-Ray.
KaOS SDK - A Linux KVM based hypervisor platform SDK.
KCFinder - A Web file manager.
Kwaga BirdsEye - A desktop widget that singles out important email messages.
kisEdit - A program for editing of Web site pages within your Web browser.
KShaper - A traffic shaper for the desktop.
ksh93 - An interactive command language that provides access to the Unix system.
Kattive - An Italian captive portal.
KVZone - A key-value store benchmarking tool.
Kohana Sitemap - A class that generates XML sitemaps.
Kolor With Kribsy - Educational coloring software and a mouse coordination exercise.
kcov - A code coverage tester.
kmldist - A script that calculates the path length of a Google-Earth kml file.
Kismon - A Kismet GUI.
KitCreator - A simple build system for creating a Tclkit.
Khayyam - A 3D posing and scene building tool.
kineticscrolling - Software that adds a kinetic scrolling feature to Google maps created using Google Maps Javascript API V3.
Kaiku - A Web-based borrowing system.
klish - A framework to implement custom command line interfaces (CLI).
KAP - A karaoke audio-video player designed with the needs of a KJ in mind.
Kroket - An interactive graph visualization tool.
Khronosphere - An audio recording tool with a retrospective buffer.
Kakurasu Solver - An automated solver for Kakurasu.
Kangas Sound Editor - A program to create sound effects and music.
Kangas Sound Editor QI - A program to create sound effects and music.
kpcli - A KeePass Command Line Interface (CLI).
Kloxo - A complete and scalable Web hosting manager.
KEDR Framework - A framework for dynamic analysis of Linux kernel modules.
Kangee - A personal on-demand fileserver.
Kowalski - A portable, data driven system for interactive audio in games and similar application.
KeiSpade - A wiki and content management system that uses HTML 5 technology.
K-Framework - A Java/Swing framework for complex business applications using domain driven design.
Komport2 - A GUI serial VT102 terminal emulator.
Kwooty - A friendly newsgroup binary downloader for KDE 4.
Koha Live CD - A live CD for Koha ILS.
Keyboard Navigation Plugin for Konqueror - A plugin for Konqueror to navigate the Web with your keyboard.
KasoVerb - A system that allows complete split-second conjugation of verbs in English, Spanish, and Italian.
Kwatee Agile Deployment - Lightweight and powerful automated software deployment.
Keldair - Keldair IRC Framework
KiokuDB - An object graph storage engine for Perl.
KTorrent - A full-featured BitTorrent client.
Kigo M4V Converter for Mac - Convert protected M4V files to MP4, MOV, iPod, iPhone, or Audio format.
KnProxy - A lightweight, PHP based Web proxy.
K9Copy - A program that help you make backups of your video DVDs.
Kardia - Charity management software.
Kolourmatica - A color space calculator.
kdiv - A constant division routine generator.
knUkagaka - A Web site navigation helper.
karaage - A cluster account management tool.
KnLiveCommentary - An extended video player to allow realtime commenting on video streams.
kbd-cheatsheet - An application that creates a summary of your Eclipse keyboard shortcuts.
Keyboard - An object to show an on-screen keyboard to type letters by clicking.
KnProxy Lambda - A branch of KnProxy that uses Java and PHP to create a fully functioning proxy.
Kitsh - A tasteless WebKit shell.
Keyboard Shortcut - A JavaScript object to invoke functions when multiple keys are pressed.
Kobold's Quest 2 - An RPG game.
KaiBB - PHP bulletin board software.
Kingsoft Office for Android - Kingsoft Office for Android is an office suite that makes it easy to create, view, edit, and share office files on the move. It is integrated with email and cloud storage, and includes a file manager. It supports 23 kinds of files, including DOC, DOCX, TX
Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac - Advanced Protection for Mac
Kingsoft Office Reader for Android Free - A document viewer for Android devices.
KMART - A shopping cart to boost online sales.
Knot DNS - An authoritative DNS server.
Kitsune - A simple blogging system written in Perl 5.
Kst - Real-time data visualisation and analysis.
Koala Framework - A framework for Web applications and websites.
kongcurrent - A concurrent access debugging helper for Java.
Kanopya Private Cloud - A solution for dynamically managing your IT infrastructure.
kenozooid - A dive planning and analysis toolbox.
KDE Plasma Active - A user interface for all types of tablets, smartphones, and touch computing devices.
KeyOS - An integrated IT management platform compliant with the principles behind ISO 20000.
kmod - Utilities for Linux kernel module loading/removal.
kvpm - A GUI front end for Linux LVM and GNU parted.
KDE-Services - Extensions providing additional features for Dolphin's right click menu in KDE.
Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac - A tool for converting and editing videos.
Kelpie - An XMPP <=> SIP/SIMPLE gateway.
KeyBoards - A utility for synchronizing short messages from one device to another.
Kylo - A Gecko-based browser for computers connected to TVs.
Knot - A 3D Celtic Knot generator.
Karate Score Board - A digital score board for karate matches (kumite).
Knotter - An interactive designer for Celtic knots.
KCPSM3 Assembler - An assembler of the KCPSM3 language for Xilinx PicoBlaze.
Kigo Video Converter - A utility that converts popular video formats to play on Zune or cell phones.
Kigo Video Converter Pro for Mac - A DVD ripping, DVD creation, Web video downloader, and video conversion tool.
Katello - A systems management engine.
KSduino - The Device Network for Arduino.
KRYSTAL DMS Community Edition - A document management system.
Klest-crossword - A program for creating crossword puzzles.
Klen-library - A program for creating electronic books.
KwaMoja - Tools to help you manage your business in a more efficient and profitable manner.
Kingsoft Clip - An app that shares the clipboard between a PC and Android wirelessly.
Kypeless - A fully decentralised secure P2P communication program.
Kigo Video Downloader for Mac - A Web site video downloader and video converter.
KeyRunner - A game in which Moschata races to bring the key to the lock.
kapitalbot - A semi-interactive Monopoly bot.
KeyBox - A Web-based multi-terminal and SSH management tool.
Kune - A collaborative federated social network.
koudevoeten - An MJPEG streaming webserver.
kvm-simple-init - A simple init script to manage KVM virtual machines.
Kelvin - A units converter.
Kiezellisp - A Lisp interpreter/compiler on .NET and DLR.
Key tools - Musical key analysis.
KMatplot - A plotting program similar to Origin or Gnuplot
KnightIssue - A program that simulates the Knight problem.
Krank - A game of dexterity, somewhere between breakout and billiards.
Kobold Kit - A Sprite Kit game engine.
Kaa - Kaa is a easy-to-use, yet powerful text editor for console user interfaces.
KaHIP - A family of graph partitioning programs.
Kawaii Emoji Messenger - A multiplatform Facebook client based on the idea of bringing emoji to the desktop.

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