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Leibnitz - Electronic Paper for Calculations and Graphs
Linux SCSI Terminal Server Daemon - Linux driver for SCSI Terminal Servers
LinuX MultiMedia Project - A modular, highly-extendable multimedia framework.
Linux Kernel Module Wrapper - A quick way for modularizing Linux kernel functions.
Logitech Quickcam express driver - Driver for Logitech Quickcam express usb camera
lwIP - A lightweight TCP/IP stack for small clients.
Linux - The Linux Kernel.
libESMTP - A library for posting Electronic Mail.
libtui - A user interface toolkit built on curses.
LinkTree - Allows you to setup a searchable links directory.
logstats - Generates a condensed report for logfiles.
logtodo - A command-line time management system.
LogiMonitor - A tool that can playback LogiTest tests at specified intervals.
libcomm - A library that facilitates handling structured text messages.
lingerd - An Apache accelerator daemon for dynamic sites (eg. mod_perl, mod_php)
LDAP Users Administrator - A manager for Unix user accounts stored inside an LDAP directory.
Lexter - A real-time word puzzle for text terminals
Lars Freenet Monitor - Freenet monitor, launcher, and log watcher.
LPLANTS - A Lindenmayer plant image generator.
lesspipe.sh - A preprocessor (input filter) for less.
LiNap Linux Napigator - A script to automatically download the list of Napster servers.
libservices - An /etc/services-handling library and command line tool.
libogg - Ogg bitstream and framing library.
libvorbis - Vorbis codec library.
lookat - A program to view text files and man pages.
latex2slides - A tool to make an HTML/JPEG slide presentation from a LaTeX source.
librsync - A library for generating network deltas.
LikeTelevision Dynamic Ad Casting Software - Automated video insertion software.
libfreenet - A Freenet library written in C.
LPairs - Classic memory game using SDL.
loggrep - A tool for scanning kernel logfiles on firewall entries.
Lien Mp3 Player - An MP3/Audio CD player with high quality sound output.
Linguaphile - A free language translator currently supporting over 50 languages.
libXMLement - A XML library written in C++.
Lucid Fried Eggs - Collaborative Notetaking/Brainstorming Application
LGeneral - A turn-based strategy engine inspired by Panzer General.
Linux Ultimate Music Editor - A music composition program.
LifeWire - An attempt at a self-healing mechanism.
libgnurdf - A library for creating/modifying/searching RDF files.
Lava - A multipurpose class library for Java.
libgocr - A library to develop OCR engines.
libxode - An XML library.
ltag - List symbolic tags appearing anywhere within or below a CVS sandbox directory.
Lire - A pluggable log analyzer which supports over 30 log types.
LogJack - Generates live hit counts and statistics from Web server logs.
Lamp - An audio editor for Linux.
linphone - A SIP-compatible audio and video phone.
Listen/Status - Shoutcast director/pager utility - Shoutcast bandwidth limiter and director / server status pager
LDAP-Express - A Web-based LDAP client written in Perl.
libwebform-perl - A Web site/form development library.
LILO-Splash-Screen Script-Fu - A GIMP Script-Fu for creating LILO splash screens.
Large File HexEditor - A Qt hex editor for editing and comparing large files.
LAN Information Server LISa - TCP/IP network neighbourhood for browsing your lan
Loadable Security Module - Simple system protection module
Lockbox - Securely manage account information
LEAF - A Linux embedded appliance framework.
Lex & YACC Primer HOWTO - A short introduction document for using Lex and YACC.
Linux CD-ROM Game System - A tutorial creating Linux-based game CDs.
LinuxLord - A Web-based thin client computing application.
LinkBase - A Web app that helps to manage the Web bookmarks of an organization.
linux-ftpd-ssl - FTP server with SSL encryption support.
Levy - A script which generates iptables rulesets.
lcab - A program that can create Microsoft cabinet files.
LogMon - An ncurses-based split window log monitoring program.
LocalSQL - A local SQL database engine
Lloyd's Java Shell - Scripting tool and Shell in Java
libfssearch - A file system traversal library with callback functionality.
LsmLib - A library for archiving files and directories into XML.
ldapdiff - Updates LDAP directories based on ldif files.
libieee1284 - A parallel port library.
Led - A small text editor for Unix.
Linux Driver and API for Datel PC-462 - This is a Linux driver and associated API for a Datel PC-462.
libTagList - A library allowing C functions to have multiple optional arguments.
libferris - A C++ Virtual file system.
libservlet - A Perl implementation of the Java Servlet API.
Lune - A simple MUD server.
layout - A tcl/tk package to create layouts in a snap.
libapache-webform-perl - An Apache extension for WebForm documents.
LaTeX2HTML-gui - A GUI for LaTeX2HTML.
Linux Hotplug CPU Support - Linux Hotplug CPU Support
Linabx - Can be used to get information about audibility and to train your ears.
libdvdcss - A portable abstraction library for transparent DVD access with CSS decryption.
libvm68k - M68000 virtual machine library.
libhardware and scanmodule - A library and tools for hardware and kernel module detection.
LinkMaster - Link data between different apps.
LispMe - A Scheme (Lisp) interpreter for PalmOS.
l2mICQ - Converts contact lists between LICQ and mICQ (up to 0.4xx) format.
libgdome-ruby - A DOM API for Ruby.
libgdome-cpp - A DOM API wrapper for C++.
Linux Test Project - A test suite for Linux.
login-notifier - Notify of user login
libgringo and gringosh - binary and library replacement for dialog.
Licen - A Permission Backup Tool.
Lee's Metadot Gizmos - Gizmos for the Metadot Portal
ltrace - Tracks runtime library calls in dynamically-linked programs.
lunafin - Homebanking for GNU/Linux.
libAfterImage - A small, fast, and powerful library for high-quality image manipulation.
leakbug - A library to display memory leaks within a program.
logmover - A program that archives logfiles generated from logrotate.
Leon's Random Generators - A collection of random text generators.
Luna Script - A fantastic Spanish script for BitchX.
lundfxp - A GUI FXP app.
libthai - Thai language support routines.
libtrash - A shared library that implements a trash can under Linux.
LysCVS project server - A CVS server with administration of projects and users.
LibDBX - Library functions for accessing Outlook Express files, with working examples.
libffi - A high level programming interface to various calling conventions.
Lua FLTK - A binding of the FLTK widget set to the language Lua.
Libra FTP daemon - An anonymous FTP daemon for Linux.
lookuplet - A program for quickly launching Web queries or applications.
Loki C++ Library - A C++ library that demonstrates generic programming and design patterns.
link check - An active network link monitor.
Louis HTML Template Class - An easy-to-use HTML template class.
Lord of the Rings Map - An atlas of Middle Earth.
libcomprex - A GNUpdate compression/decompression library.
libpackman - A package management library.
Live Loops - Audio looping software for live music production.
liba52 - a free ATSC A/52 stream decoder
lbrate - Extract/decompress CP/M LBR archives.
libg++ - The C++ lib used by legacy applications.
Libmtrwe - Connects and manages synchronization of data producers, consumers, and encoders.
libdvdread - A library which provides functions for reading DVD video disks.
LinuxSSN - An undersea combat simulation.
LDAPDNS - An LDAP to DNS gateway.
Linux Administrator's Security Guide - A security guide for Linux administrators.
LooperNG - A simplified event / alert system.
LPTransfer - Laplink cable file transfer - Use a null - modem cable to transfer files at great speed.
LOSR - A C++ framework for light raytrace in optical systems.
libHtmlForm for PHP - A library for creating HTML form elements dynamically.
LaTeX - A high-quality typesetting system based on TeX.
linuxsms - A Perl script to send SMS to GSM phones.
lcdmod - An LCD driver for HD44780 compatible displays connected to the parallel port.
Linux Event Logging for the Enterprise - An event logging facility for enterprise-class systems.
LXRAD - Linux X11 Rapid Application Development tools.
Load Balancer Project - A fully-extensible load balancer with plugin support.
lookout97 - Translates Outlook97 addressbooks to Linux-supported formats.
lam - Laminate (join together line-by-line) files.
LibVNCServer - A library to make writing a VNC server easy.
Linux Compressed Cache - Compressed Caching support in Linux.
Linux MSN Messenger Engine - A Linux-based MSN messenger engine.
Lithp - A tiny LISP interpreter.
libmousetrap - A 2D cartesian manipulation system for integer identifiers.
LinFS - Database mapping into a filesystem tree.
liblookdb - An object oriented C++ interface to various DBMSs.
libdnet - A networking library.
Linux Persistent Memory - Persistent memory for Linux.
libgmonopd - A library for embedding a monopd server into a monopd client.
Linux monitor - A monitor for processes, disk space, load avarage, and remote services.
LibCGI - A powerful and easy to use library for writing CGI applications in C.
LANdialler - Controls your router's dial up links from any computer (modem sharing).
Loophole - A tunnel for bypassing firewalls from the inside.
libyahoo - The Yahoo! Messenger client library.
libformat1 - Libraries and utilities for syntax highlighting of source code in HTML.
Loxy - A logging HTTP proxy for examining browser/server exchanges.
libsimpleparser - A simple parsing library.
linux-identd - A user identification daemon for Linux.
LVCool - A utility to cool your Athlon/Duron processor.
libnova - A general purpose, double precision, astronomical calculation library.
Luola - A 2-4 player game where you fly a small V-shaped ship in caverns.
l4linux - A port of the Linux kernel to the L4/x86 and Fiasco microkernels.
Link Controller - Low maintenance link checking and repair software.
logtools - Tools for processing Web logs (etc.).
libmilter++ - A C++ wrapper library for the Sendmail Milter API.
Luxor - An open-source XML User Interface Language (XUL) toolkit in Java.
Lodju - A database for digital images and photographs.
Lin-setibuf Modules - Perl modules for [email protected]
LibOrb - A SpaceOrb 360 interface library.
liburl - A C++ library with classes for URL strings.
libSIMD - A mathematical library utilising SIMD features of common processors.
lmb (011219) - A line mode browser.
lx_lib structural memory library - A structural data library for handling memory buffers using C structures.
libchipcard - A framework for easy access of chip cards.
Linux NFS Utilities - NFS utilities for Linux NFS clients and servers.
LibPST - An Outlook PST file reader.
Lifebook B-Series Touchscreen Driver for XFree 4.x - A touchscreen driver for XFree 4.x for the Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook B-Series.
libBitvector - Implements arbitrary size vectors of zero and one flags that can be operated on.
libDBMS - A PHP library to connect to various DBMSs.
lcvs - Adds a global log file, unique tags, and informative commit email to CVS.
LazySync - A pure Java file sychronization application for the SavaJeXE handheld OS.
log4c - A library supporting logging in C.
LibTPT - A template scripting langage for C++.
Linux Cisco Discovery Protocol - A Linux kernel module for reporting CDP neighbors on a network.
LnxZip - A GNOME frontend to common archive utilities.
LogHog - A proactive Snort log processor.
LD-Tools - A collection of tools for the Unix loader (ldd).
Lyricue - Edit/display song lyrics for singing events.
L'ane - A point-of-sale (cash register) system.
LVSmon - A secure, reliable, scalable cluster monitoring daemon.
libpal - A packet assembly library.
LAoE - A graphical audio sample editor.
LostIRC - A simple IRC client.
libemf - A POSIX library for generating ECMA-234 enhanced metafiles.
libshbuf - A "shared buffer" IPC library.
LibDsk - A library to access floppy drives and disk image files.
libEtPan! - A mail library (IMAP, POP3, NNTP, mbox, MH, Maildir, SMTP, and MIME)
Little CMS - A little color management system.
libelf - An ELF object file access library.
libspopc - An easy-to-use POP3 client library.
lafontaine - A graphical logo interpreter.
lcdmodxmms - An XMMS visualisation plugin for LCDs.
libtrace - A trace library for C programmers.
Linux Easy Access Keyboard - Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards.
LongPlayer - A tool for randomly playing music.
LibHTTPD - A basic HTTP server for embedded devices and applications.
Linux Kernel Patches Collection - A collection of good kernel patches, with a focus on stability.
Linux ACL support - Support for Access Control Lists for the Linux kernel.
Light Lab - A GTK program for experimenting with the OpenGL lighting model.
Library Manager - A library automation program.
LineChartApplet - A line chart applet compatible with JDK 1.02.
ledblink - A utility for using the keyboard or parport LEDs to notify you of events.
lib3df - A C++ library for loading 3D world files.
LiveMath - A computer algebra and graphing system.
Lame UPS - An automatic shutdown and power failure logging program.
libmba - A library of generic C modules.
lt - A time logging and invoicing script for consultants in Perl/MySQL.
LDAP Navigator - A Web-based LDAP browser.
Linux Security Auditing Tool - A post-install security auditor.
Linux MIDI-HOWTO - Covers the playing and sequencing of MIDI under Linux.
libdvbpsi - A library designed for MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables decoding and generation.
Libtext - A growable text/string buffer object creation and manipulation library.
LDAP User Manager for the Web - Manage LDAP using PHP pages.
LoFiMo - A real-time log monitor that can monitor multiple files and render them as HTML.
libGenome - A C++ library for manipulating sequence and annotation data.
Last File Manager - A curses-based file manager for the Unix console.
libpubsub - A publish/subscribe (pubsub) server/library.
Linker - A category indexer and search engine.
lintad - A Web-based voicemail/fax system using the Lucent/Agere Linmodem.
libW11 - An Xlib compatible library for Win32/Cygwin.
linetd - A lightweight inetd replacement.
Log::Dispatch::Config - Log4j for Perl.
LaTeX to RTF Converter - A LaTeX to RTF (Rich Text Format) convertor.
libvarexp - A C++ library that expands "variables" in text buffers.
libicq2000 - The opensource ICQ2000 C++ library.
Libquicktime - A library for reading and writing Quicktime, MP4, and AVI files.
LibOFX - An API, a library, and utilities to easily support OFX files.
LineControlTime - Control User for Internet Connexion
Look at the stars - An extended image viewer for Linux.
Lazy8 Ledger - Accounting software for business or personal needs.
Linux-One-Stanza-Tips - Linux hints and tips with scripts for manipulation and integration with mailers
Linux ATA RAID HOWTO - How to setup RedHat on a system with Promise Fasttrack RAID.
Linux-VServer - A system for running general purpose virtual servers on one box at full speed.
Lazy-L - An interpreter for lambda calculus.
libUTL++ - A C++ class library covering a wide range of highly re-usable functionality.
LM-Solve - A solver for Logic Mazes
Linux Interface Traffic Monitor - Monitor network interface activity on the linux box from Windows workstations
LCDsensors - Reads CPU temperature from lm_sensors and prints to an LCD using lcdproc.
Lingua::PT::Nums2Words - A Perl module that converts numbers into Portuguese words.
libconnect - A library wrapper that offers transparent network access through Web proxies.
Linux hot-profile hack - A Linux kernel module that can enable the builtin profiling function.
libcfg+ - A command line and configuration file parsing library.
Looking Glass - A CGI script that executes commands in routers.
ldap2zaurus - A tool that exports addresses from an LDAP directory to the Zaurus address book.
lazyread - A program that auto-scrolls files and command output.
libqsearch - A C userspace and kernel library for searching buffers for a set of patterns.
linc is not cyberoam - A free multiplatform client for Cyberoam and 24online.
Livestat - A statistics management system for academic competition tournaments.
LinTar - A decompressing tool written in GTK+.
Logtalk - An object-oriented logic programming language.
Lurker - A full-featured email archiver and search engine.
liborphy - Orphy hardware's data acquisition library for GNU/Linux.
Loonix - A custom Linux distribution meant for server applications.
LFT - An alternative traceroute and whois toolkit for network (reverse) engineers.
lignumCAD - A computer-aided design (CAD) program for furniture.
libcisco - Tcl/Expect libraries for accessing Cisco network equipment.
LDAP Shell - An interactive LDAP shell written in Perl.
ldap2nis - A tool to create NIS maps from a DSA.
lt package manager - A light package management tool.
libcdaudio - A library to control audio CDs and access CCDB and CDIndex databases.
LUFS Userland Filesystem - LUFS is a hybrid userspace filesystem framework and more.
lieabed - A lightweight console inactivity detection program.
libL3D OpenGL 3D Library - An OpenGL 3D library.
libWPCG - A basic 2D/3D C++ computer graphics library.
Learn Words - A tool for teaching words in foreign languages.
LegaSynth - An audio chip/synthesizer emulator on top of a software synthesis framework.
lock-keys-applet - A GNOME 2 applet that shows the status of your Caps, Num, and Scroll Lock keys.
libyahoo2 - A C library that implements a Yahoo! messenger client.
Linux_Servo_FT639 - Linux and *UX FT639 servo control software.
log - A to-do list maintainer.
libss - A library to control a system's screensaver.
Lindenmayer Systems in Python - A Lindenmayer system explorer.
LuMriX - An XML search engine.
libart - A library for high-performance 2D graphics.
LobTraceStream - An easy C++ log mechanism to generate debug traces.
libZI - A portable configuration file API that utilizes XML.
linda - A library implementation of the Linda parallel programming system.
libdvbsi - A library for controlling a DVB SI stream.
LJ::Simple - A simple Perl API to LiveJournal.
LinuxQuestions.org Linux kernel patchset - A collection of useful and stable Linux kernel patches.
libnodave - A library for communiction with Siemens S7 PLCs.
libpdf++ - A C++ library to generate PDF files.
Luminance Panel - A lightweight GTK 2.0 panel application.
lj-fc - Keep track of your LiveJournal "Friends Of" list.
libtour - A generic sports tournament processing library.
libFlatfile - An ASCII database library for C.
Logrep - A logfile extraction and reporting system.
libSigC++ Extras - Extensions to the libSigC++ library.
Log::Log4perl - A Log4j implementation in Perl.
Liberty Data Base Connectivity - A cross-database JDBC driver.
Localizer - A tool for building mutilingual Web sites.
Lunar-Linux - A source based Linux distribution.
launchtool - Run a command supervising its execution.
LuserNET - A GNUstep news reader.
libwebserver - A library for adding Web interfaces to your programs.
libmplot - A graphics rasterization API.
LlamaChat - A Web-based chat server and client.
Locked Area - A highly sophisticated password protection and membership management system.
Lame Node System - A personal, flexible, Web-based idea repository.
Localis - A Geographic Information System in PHP/MySQL.
LiVES - A high quality video editing system and VJ tool.
Lonix - A console-based live CD for sysadmins and students.
LON-CAPA - A learning content and course management system.
linc - A library that eases the task of writing networked servers & clients.
libbonobo - A set of language and system independant CORBA interfaces.
libRational - A C++ class library for rational arithmetic.
LFS-Build - An automated Linux From Scratch project builder
Liquid for Maya - A Maya to Renderman plug-in.
livestore - A transparent JDBC distributed data cache.
libquran - A base library for reading Holy Quran files.
Lush - The ultimate glue language for researchers and engineers.
Lightwave Object v2 Reader - A Lightwave file loader for OpenGL.
LJKit - An Objective-C framework for LiveJournal clients.
libdbi-drivers - Database drivers for libdbi.
Labyrinth of Worlds - An Ultima Underworld II rewrite.
ls2html - ls2html makes index.html files of a dir tree full of MP3/OGG files for web
ldapsync.pl - An LDAP server synchronisation script.
libcddb - A library (C API) for accessing a CDDB server.
libsgml - A fast, lightweight state-based SGML parser.
libparportled - Control an LED device plugged into your parallel port.
libConfuse - A configuration file parser library.
LibSDBI - Simple DataBase Interface.
libSieve - Implements the Sieve mail sorting language, per RFC 3028.
LutelWall - A secure, comprehensive, and easy-to-set-up firewall.
LMUSleuth - A networked, turn-based, logic game closely modeled on the board game Clue.
libexif - An EXIF tags parsing library.
libgphoto - A digital camera driver collection and interface library.
lvs-kiss - A dynamic loadbalancing and failover program. It is easy to use and powerful.
LargoRecipes - A recipe management program.
lcdemu - A character display emulator.
libpdb Suite - A procedural database scripting library.
Lepton's Crack - A generic password cracker.
LsAlarm - Alarm clock utility that plays sounds to remind you of tasks throughout the day.
LinPHA - A photo gallery, album, and archive.
Logorrhea - iChat log viewer/searcher
libreplacer - An easy-to-use string formatting library for Java.
lamprop - Calculates effective engineering properties of fiber-reinforced laminates.
Linux-kernel security patch - Linux-kernel security patch
libgnomeui - The main GNOME 2 UI library.
libgnome - The main GNOME 2 library.
libconfig - A portable and flexible C++ configure file parser.
LibUFO - A GUI For OpenGL.
Lopica - All Things Web Start.
Last One - A multi-player version of Crazy Eights.
LinkBrowser - A program for browsing the links in HTML documents and downloading referenced fi
libsvgtoswf - A tool to convert SVG to Flash (SWF).
libpfm - A helper library to use the Linux/ia64 performance monitoring interface.
lgsp - Little GNU Site Preparer
Lizard Cart CMS - A database driven content management system.
ln_local - Manage installation software in /usr/local.
Linux X10 Universal Device Driver - A device driver for X10 home automation for script access.
logintop10 - A script that creates several "Top 10" lists from wtmp statistics.
Linux Kernel Module Builder - A Perl module to create a kernel module package.
libFoundation - An Objective-C Foundation Library.
LiteWebServer - A small, easy-to-use Web server and Java web container.
latex4jed - A greatly enhanced LaTeX mode for the Jed editor.
Leafwa - A simple Web-based administration package for the Leafnode NNTP server.
libedio - A network and general I/O library.
Lightweight Java Game Library - A native binding to OpenGL and OpenAL.
libdvb - Libraries and example programs for DVB under Linux.
libdvdplay - A portable abstraction library for DVD navigation.
Login Anomaly Detection System - A tool for monitoring logins.
Lumenation - A portal framework and environment with a PHP-based SDK.
lithobiusforficatus - A menu-driven port forwarding tool.
libmswrite - A portable library for reading and writing Microsoft Write documents.
Lucane - A free and extensible groupware platform written in Java.
Liferay Enterprise Portal - A Java/J2EE portal.
libGMUVision - C++ and Qt Bindings for libdc1394.
libASSA - A C++ OO network communication library.
LooperDB - A secure, multithreaded alert database used for network/security management.
Linux Systems Management Interface - A Web-base Enterprise Management System.
labrea - A "sticky" honeypot and IDS.
libquantum - Simulation of a quantum computer.
LASANGE - An advanced LAN session management system.
Linux Bandwidth Arbitrator - A turn-key tool to distribute bandwidth on busy networks.
libmelf - An interface for manipulating ELF object files.
libutempter - A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates.
libLatin1 - A small character conversion library.
LAN Management System - A LAN management system, CRM, and network manager for ISPs.
LameBrain - A LAME-based MP3 encoder with batch processing and CD ripping.
lustre - A cluster storage filesystem.
libperceptronnetwork - A lightweight library to train and simulate neural networks.
Lmule - A Linux port of the eMule file sharing client.
LiON Library - A network, file, and pipe library for Unix, OS X, and Windows.
lacy - A conversion tool that changes Latin letters to Cyrillic.
Lupy - A full-text indexer (a port of Lucene) for Python.
Lophty Directory Indexer - A nicely-formatted directory index with sorting and file/dir exclusion.
licq-osd - An On Screen Display plugin for licq.
lptools - A literate programming suite with a programmable build tool.
Languenet - Class registration and administration.
Leif - A SonyEricsson T68/T68i/T610 management tool.
LookMath - Fast math functions using lookup tables.
LTI-Lib - A C++ Library for computer vision.
libQGLViewer - An OpenGL 3D viewer library based on Qt.
lfwmail - A webmail program.
Log Watcher - Log parser/analyzer.
LTOOLS - A set of tools for accessing Linux ext2 and ext3 filesystems.
LDAP Explorer Tool - An LDAP browser.
libparted++ - A C++ wrapper for GNU parted.
LSID Resolution Stacks - Client and server stacks for resolving Life Science Identifiers (LSIDs).
logan's multimedia console - A xine-lib and readline-based media player.
Log to Map - An access log geographic mapping tool.
Link Protect - A program to protect links to Web pages and images.
livarot - C++ classes to compute voronoi diagrams of polygons.
Levenshtein - A string distance, similarity, median, and averaging library.
LogStream - A simple C++ logging interface that uses objects similar to cerr.
Linux-BG Spell Checker Package - A Web front-end to the aspell program.
Liferay - An enterprise portal framework.
Linux graphical bootsplash - A themable bootsplash which uses JPEG pictures.
Linux Fault Injection - A library fault injection tool for software developers.
LabPlot - A data plotting and function analysis tool for the KDE desktop.
LaunchBar - A fast toolbar for indexed files, bookmarks, email addresses, and applications.
Linbox Rescue Server - A centralized PC hardware/software inventory, imaging, and backup tool.
Live2u - Provide LIVE customer sales support on your site
LKL - A keylogger for Linux on the x86 architecture.
Linux DiskTool - A small, fast file manager for the Linux console (or xterm).
Lazy - A console-based CD player with digital audio extraction and freedb support.
libcli - A Cisco-like telnet commandline library.
libwpd - A library for importing WordPerfect files.
LIBH - A handy library for C programmers.
LimeSurvey - A survey tool.
Linux User Management System - A user management system for Linux.
LDIF to VCard Conversion - An LDIF to VCard format conversion script.
libposition - A library for calculating motion and displacement.
libferrisloki - A Loki library adapted for Linux with extensions.
libferrisstreams - Standard C++ IOStreams extensions and base classes for custom streambufs.
libstldb4 - An STL and IOStream oriented wrapper for sleepycat db4.
Loro - An open system (language and IDE) intended to help beginners learn to program.
lowlife - A guide for creating a Linux boot-floppy equipped with svncviewer.
libstatgrab - A library which provides a useful interface to system statistics.
log4net - A programmer logging tool for the .NET framework.
loook - A search tool for OpenOffice.org files.
Libvc - A vCard library.
Layer-7 Packet Classifier for Linux - An application-layer packet classifier for Linux.
libTextCat - A library for efficient, lightweight text classification.
libdvdnav - A DVD menu navigation library.
Login Monitor - A tool that monitors a system for users that forget to log out.
Logcheck - A log file checking and reporting tool.
Linux Caixa Mágica - A desktop Linux distribution.
Libbt - A C library implementation of BitTorrent protocol.
libtc - A thread-safe data structure library.
LibModbus - A simple modbus toolbox for Linux.
Lancer - An HTTP server with Lua-based configuration.
LintPlus - A static source code analysis tool for ANSI C.
Libckpt - A portable checkpointing tool for Unix.
log4cxx - A logging framework for C++.
libmplite - A C++ library for multi-precision floating point arithmetic.
libnewmail - A generic mail checking library.
LDAP Account Manager - A web-based account manager for LDAP directories.
libcff - A C++ continued fractions toolkit.
Linux4Geeks - A source based Linux distribution.
libcfgparse - A small library designed to parse C-style configuration files.
Linux Port/Socket Pseudo ACLs - Network pseudo ACLs for Linux.
List of Mailing Lists Manager - A tool to create Web pages about mailing lists.
libflog - An event logging library.
LinXtris - A Tetris clone written in Ada 95 and GtkAda.
LUCAS - An LDAP monitoring framework.
libGExecutor - A small library for managing child processes, based on glib2.
linxvideos - Software for managing a film collection.
LibXDiff - A portable file differential and patching library.
Listserv2Mbox - A tool for converting Listserv digest archives to mail spool format.
Loudmouth - A Jabber client library.
Libcroco - A CSS parsing and manipulation toolkit
LinRAR - A Qt frontend for rar.
LiteSpeed Web Server - A secure, high-performance, user-friendly Apache interchangeable Web server.
Leverlåda - An X-Chat script that automates the retrieval of files from irc-fservers.
LoadBar - A simple CPU load graph.
LiquidIRCd - The LiquidIRC IRC daemon.
libdaemon - A C library for writing UNIX daemons.
Litestream - An MP3 streaming server.
lin-seti - A cache program for [email protected] compatible with Seti Driver.
libRASCH - A programming library for transparent access to physiological signals.
LeagueSite - Sports Website Content Management.
lescegra - A 3D graphics engine written in ANSI C.
listener - Security software that listens for and records sounds.
LiquidIRCd Services - Channel and nick registration services for IRC networks.
libmspack - A library for using Microsoft compression formats.
Link-n-Log - A log viewer for Linksys BEFSR series router/firewalls.
LAN Instant Messenger - A client-server chat designed for small LANs.
LAPACK - A library for handling linear algebra and matrices.
ldapmigrate - A script to migrate /etc files to LDAP.
LightSword File Counter - A tool that counts files and directories with great versatility.
Liferea - A desktop news aggregator for reading news feeds and Web logs.
Libgcrypt - A general-purpose cryptographic library based on GnuPG.
ll-url - A Python module for parsing RFC 2396-compliant URLs.
ll-make - An object oriented make replacement.
lOhmer - A resistor color code converter.
LightWeightPoll - A Web-based voting system.
Late - A game in which you must box in balls.
libintl-perl - A localization library for Perl.
Local Area Security Knoppix - A live CD distribution focused on security and small footprint.
libds - LibDS is a cross-platform library for networking, threads, and data structures.
Lachesis IRCRPG Combat Engine - An IRC bot/RPG engine in C and C++.
libfgz - A Fortran library for gzipped files.
Luxilla - A tool for running XUL files.
LaTeXDB - Brings together LaTeX and SQL databases.
lambda - A Lambda calculus interpreter.
LuaCheia - A full-featured, modular Lua distribution.
lala - A localization tool for Linux Arabic support.
LibIdent C library - A library for accessing RFC 1413 Ident servers.
lifstat - A utility for reporting network interface I/O statistics.
Leaguerunner - Web-based software for sports league management.
libinklevel - A library for retrieving the ink level.
LinSMS - A program for sending SMS to Spanish mobile phones.
led.pl - A general purpose LDAP editor.
Linux on the Linksys wrt54g - A Linux distribution for the Linksys wrt54g wireless access point.
Lore - An advanced PHP/MySQL knowledge base management system.
log4php - A PHP port of log4j, the most popular Java logging framework.
libstree - A generic suffix tree library.
logilab common python libraries - Helper tools shared among the logilab project.
LaptopConfig - A GUI for configuring laptop features like hotkeys and brightness.
libpcapnav - A pcap/tcpdump trace file navigation library.
LaTeX Service - A small service which converts LaTeX into an image.
libopennet - A library allowing developers to open URLs just like a regular file.
libprelude - The library used for Prelude sensor development.
LiveCMS - A Spanish Content Management System.
Lantern - An tool for testing XPath expressions and functions.
libchron - A date and time library with a C API.
Lightweight Neural Network - A lightweight implementation in C of a backpropagation neural network.
LVE - An MPEG video editor and other MPEG tools for Linux.
Lukkari - A course schedule application for Java-enabled mobile devices.
LinVDR - A distribution which turns a PC into a hard disk recorder.
Lover - A framework that uses its own network message protocol, called PASP.
lopster-tools - A set of tools with useful features to work with Lopster.
libCHMxx - A C++ library for accessing Microsoft Help files (.chm files).
Luau - A decentralized autoupdate framework that provides both software and messages.
LinkGrammar-WN - A lexicon expansion for the Link Grammar Parser.
LibIGen - A GUI generator based on XML streams.
leDDer - An XMMS plugin for controlling lights.
Logwatcher - A class that watches log files and sends changes to an email address.
Light Hawk - A Jabber client for KDE.
LibLOHS - A library to control the LOHS family of Optical Mark Reader devices.
libnetdude - A library for tcpdump trace file editing.
LogiLogi - A MultiLanguage, sectioned Wiki-like system.
LarryMessenger - An instant messenger client which can query ICQ and AIM.
LD-Easy-Archive - An archive script.
LASH Audio Session Handler - A session management system for JACK and ALSA applications.
Linux Video Project - A live system designed to play video files.
Linedit - A line editing library for Common Lisp.
Low-Level Virtual Machine - A novel compiler infrastructure for the optimization of programs.
ldcheck - A Linux dependancy checker.
LiteCommerce - A complete online store-builder package.
Linksys Syslog - Linksys SNMP traps to syslog.
LogToMysql - Log Apache access and errors to a MySQL database using piped logging.
Linux Mylex RAID Controller User Interface - A GUI and command line program that interface with the RAID Driver.
Linux-Wildo - A voice chat program similar to Roger Wilco.
Luma - A utility for accessing and managing LDAP data.
Linux ACPI client - A command line tool that provides useful ACPI information.
ltpanel - A lightweight window list application.
libsnmp - A Python SNMP library.
libcaca - A colour ASCII art library.
LogiCampus classroom management system - A classroom management system with lessons, a gradebook, calendars and more.
Lyrc - An XMMS plugin that displays lyrics.
LLiaPhon - A text-to-speech application.
LPD in Java - A line printer daemon protocol implementation.
lfgapp - A client/server tool which provides a "looking for group" service for MMORPGs.
libacarsd - An ACARS decoder library for Linux and Windows.
libRSVG - An SVG rendering library.
Linux Replicated High Availability Manager - A two-node high availability clustering solution for Linux.
LevelTen Formmail - A formmail processor featuring visitor session reporting.
Loading Linux - A client/server distribution.
LibsX (formerly LibSpeedX) - A C++ set of basic libraries optimized for speed.
libshout-java - A set of Java bindings for libshout.
Logo++ - A simple Logo-like interpreter.
libxklavier - An XKB foundation library.
LaTeX support for NetBeans - A LaTeX support for NetBeans
Lint4j - A static Java source code analyzer that detects locking and performance problems
Luau-X - The X frontend to Luau.
letterize - A tool which generates pronounceable mnemonics for phone numbers.
Linchat - A simple chat program for local Unix users.
Listings Manager - A CMS for listings sites (cars, real estate, antiques, etc.).
ldapvi - A tool to perform an LDAP search and update results using a text editor.
LGI - A cross-platform widget library and application framework.
Linux Live - A set of scripts for creating a live Linux distribution.
LamaProg - A utility for programming microcontrollers and memory.
LCDTicker - A news ticker for LCDproc.
lethackles - A GUI frontend for hackles.org comics.
libframe - A C++ multi-threaded toolkit.
Lasso - An implementation of SAML and the Liberty Alliance specifications.
LogServ - A logging Service for NeoStats and IRC.
libpeak - A library for parallel events and asynchronous tasking.
libID3 - A library for parsing ID3 tags.
linux swapd - A dynamic swap creation daemon for Linux.
libplis - A library for Perl-like string manipulation for C++.
Liar Liar - A voice stress analysis tool.
Litrix Linux - A live CD based on Slax/Slackware for Brazil's public.
lighttpd - A light httpd.
libASE - A library for parsing 3ds max ASE files.
libcontain - A container library with fast thread-safe generic containers.
libproclist - A process listing library.
Lisppaste - A pastebot application with many useful collaborative development features.
libtclsmf - A library for the manipulation of standard MIDI files.
login_keepalived - A daemon to keep remote terminal sessions alive.
LinuxConsole - A live and modular Linux distribution.
libpdtp - A client library for the Peer Distributed Transfer Protocol.
Ledger - A command-line accounting program.
Live Penguin - A LivePerson-like instant messaging client.
LapEnv - A Slackware network environment selector.
Lakai - Tools for data transfer between a Linux PC and AKAI samplers.
Linux Duracell CPU load monitor - A CPU load monitor that uses an AA-battery disposable tester as its display.
Lost Labyrinth - A rogue-like role-playing game.
libbubblemon - A library for making bubbling meters like the original bubbling load monitor.
layer7-firewall - An easily configured layer seven firewall.
Level Reporting Tool for the WebSphere Platform - Utility that lists installed WebSphere platform products and maintenance levels.
libmultival - A library for C++ multi-precision interval arithmetic.
libjio - A library for journaled transaction-oriented I/O.
Lemick - A programming language similar to Basic but with modern programming attributes.
LivingNet - A tool to check the health of a network.
Locale files for South Africa - Locale files for all official South African languages.
libopendaap - An iTunes shares access library.
LinkStatus - A fast, multiplatform link checker.
Locale file highlighter for Vim - Highlights ISO TR 14652-style locale input files.
libbsb - A library and tools to read, write, and convert BSB images.
lzBNCStatus - A script which displays data from a psyBNC process.
linkloop - Tests link-layer (layer 2) connectivity between hosts.
LDMud - An object-oriented MUD engine.
lals cue2toc - A tool that converts CUE files to cdrdao's TOC format.
Leafpad - A GTK+ based simple text editor.
lzCounter - A simple and easy-to-install Website counter.
Lodel - A Web publishing system using text-processed DOC, RTF, and SXW formatted files.
LinCAN - A CAN driver for many cards, supporting concurrent use of objects.
Little Black Book - An interactive contact manager.
Lintouch - An HMI (Human Machine Interface) system.
libftdi - A library for FT232/245BM, FT2232C/D, and FT232/245R chips.
LibGKSu - A library that provides simple su and sudo functionality.
LibGKSuUI - A Gtk+ convenience widget for authorization dialogs.
libsd - A library for securely deleting files.
logGen - A tool for repackaging installers.
Libiqxmlrpc - An object-oriented XML-RPC C++ library.
Log Writer Library - A log writer library for C programmers.
LDAPview - A flexible HTTP-to-LDAP gateway framework.
lzMovieDB - A Web-based database for movies and series.
libmsn - A library for connecting to Microsoft's MSN Messenger service.
Linux Inventory Aggregator - A Perl script to gather Linux system stats.
lssbus - A tool for probing the sbus on Linux/SPARC.
Linoopz - A remake of the game loopz, now in 3D space.
Libfilth - A digital and analog filter design library.
LS-DJ - An FM synthesizer and tracker for console Unix systems.
libexecstream - A C++ library to run a child process and have in, out, and err as C++ streams.
LFMat - A C++ SIMD templated linear algebra library.
LinCS - A Linux configuration system to replace configuration files.
LavaPE - A programming environment for the language "Lava".
Laughing Man - A Web page monitoring tool.
libdoomwad - A library for manipulating Doom data files.
libbraille - A portable library for Braille displays.
LiteCommerce ASPE - An e-commerce store builder package for application service providers.
Lexi - A dict client and vocabulary builder.
libjdkmidi - A C++ MIDI Library.
lxdvdrip - A command line tool to rip and burn a video DVD.
Lost Cities - An implementation of Reiner Knizia's card game of risk management.
libsift - A scale-invariant feature transformation library.
Local Tcp Control Center - A tool for limiting TCP access of LAN users to remote machines.
LDAPXML - A set of Java classes for accessing LDAP entries as custom XML.
libmemory - Implementation of the SMR algorithm in C.
LaTeX Indexbuild - A tool for building indexes in LaTeX.
Lightweight Neural Network ++ - A feed forward neural network C++ library.
LinuxStok - Software for managing the life of a commercial store.
lisp-cgi-utils - A CGI library for Common Lisp.
LibSysCTr - A Linux system call interception library.
LDPC/LDGM - An LDPC/LDGM large block forward error correction codec.
Log Toolkit - A set of webserver logfile processing tools.
Laffer - A Web-based ICQ/MSN/AOL/Yahoo/Jabber messenger.
ll-toxic - A tool for generating Oracle functions from PL/SQL embedded in XML.
libsgc - A small shared library that helps to manage an sg Linux driver.
libkdtree++ - A C++ template container implementation of kd-tree k-dimensional space sorting.
libfactory++ - A C++ template framework for run-time dynamic type instantiation
libmatheval - A GNU library for evaluating symbolic mathematical expressions.
Linux from scratch Package Manager - A program to manage software installations from source code.
Less Networks Hotspot Server - A free WiFi gateway running on a dedicated PC.
LFS-Bootscripts - A set of boot scripts for an LFS system.
LDAPfs - A pseudo filesystem that provides access to LDAP directories.
libglfps - A library that adds an FPS display to any OpenGL application.
libvisual - A middle layer library between audio visualisation plugins and applications.
libvisual-xmms - An XMMS plugin for the libvisual audio visualisation framework.
LogBot - An IRC bot that creates XHTML logs.
libTorrent - A BitTorrent library
LCDFun - A program for displaying all kinds of things on a CW1602 LCD panel.
libsrs2 - An SRS email address rewriting engine.
Linux ABI - An API for running alien Unix binaries on Linux/x86.
Linice - An x86 source-level kernel debugger.
libsrtp - An implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol.
libgdamm - C++ bindings for libgda, using glibmm.
Lin4Astro - A live-CD distribution for astronomy.
libmls - A library for measuring the frequency response of a system.
logictree - A program that solves logic formulas.
Lutz - A fast and small port scanner with stealth scanning and OS detection.
L2J - An alternate Lineage 2 game server.
libspf2 - A library implementing SPF spam protection.
lisodsp - A multi-open device driver for Linux.
LanguageTool - A style and grammar checker for English, Polish, German, and other languages
luntbuild - A build automation and management tool.
Logical Desktop - A desktop environment for GNU/Linux that is different.
libreponcal - A library with functions to make RPN calculators.
libxmldiff / xmldiff - Provides efficient diffs on XML files.
linSmith - An educational Smith charting utility.
LatteKOM - A LysKOM client library.
Lease Parser - A tool for querying ISC DHCP lease databases.
Lemuria - An OpenGL visualization for xmms and gmerlin-visualizer.
LaTeX Word Counter - A word counter for LaTeX files.
libbsl - A C++ template class library
Link Monitor Applet - A GNOME applet displaying the round-trip time to a set of hosts.
lftpsearch - A set of Perl scripts for searching on FTP servers.
LCDNetstat - Displays TCP/IP connections on an LCD display.
LibGtkMdi - A GTK+ library to create and manage MDI windows.
libao - A cross-platform audio library.
libpqxx - The official C++ client API for PostgreSQL.
Lockout - A tool that improves productivity by disciplining its user.
lunit - A unit testing framework for Lua.
LOAF - A way to share your address book without abandoning your privacy.
libao-pulse - A libao driver for PulseAudio.
lalaCVSMail - A CVS commit notification tool accessing CVS raw files.
libitl - The shared library component of the Islamic Tools and Libraries project (ITL).
libpropc++ - A template library with synchronization for properties in C++.
Lluzhionne - A command-line Webcam program that can filter images and upload them using SCP.
Linux QoS Library - A C API for the network QoS features of the Linux kernel.
LibCVS Perl - A library that provides access to CVS repositories.
Lynkeos - An astronomical Webcam image processing application.
libGlass - A library for distributed computing.
lget - A utility for non-interactive downloading of lyrics from the Web.
libircclient - A small but powerful IRC library.
lpy - A printing tool.
libhid - A user-space USB HID access library.
libphidgets - A user-space access library for the Phidget devices.
libmsound - A library for sound programming using the Open Sound System.
libmnet - A network programming library.
Lua-Sqlite3 - An SQLite 3 binding for Lua.
libvisual-nebulus - A libvisual port of the XMMS nebulus visualisation plugin.
Listat - A tool to discover information about mailing list demographics.
L2P - A utility for creating PNG images from LaTeX math expressions.
Leonardo - A personal Web site system with wiki and blog.
libvisual-gforce - A libvisual port of the well-known G-Force visualization plugin.
Load Monitor - A system resource monitor.
lpr-bash - A shell script serverless LPR replacement.
libbasiccard - An implementation of the BasicCard APIs.
LogiLogi.org Make - A Make replacement using a C++ file as a make file.
links2world Firewall - A tool for generating stateful iptables rulesets.
libRTCTimer - A C++ class for scheduling tasks with RTC accuracy.
Leah HTTP Daemon - A fast and portable HTTP server.
libwab - A tool for reading Windows Address Book files and generating ldif output.
libtagedit - A simple C++ and Python interface for music tag editing.
Laszlo Presentation Server - An XML-based rich client platform for the Web.
Los Alamos Message Passing Interface - A fault-tolerant MPI implementation
Linux LiveCD VoIP Server - A VoIP live CD based on SER and Asterisk.
Linux LiveCD Hotspot Server - A live CD with a splash login and captive portal for WiFi hotspots.
Log2RSS - A simple script/daemon which converts log files to RSS feeds.
Light-Weight Visual Components Library - A flexible, small, fast, efficient visual components framework.
LAMMPS - A parallel classical molecular dynamics package.
libvisual Beep Media Player visualisation plugin - A visualisation plugin for Beep Media Player that interfaces with libvisual.
LabyCube - A labyrinth generator that creates foldable labyrinths.
Local Data Manager - A networked data distribution system.
libdbgstream - A debug stream output library for C++.
Linux LiveCD Samba Server - A Samba file and printer server CD.
LeahGet - A simple, non-interactive console HTTP file retriever.
librawgrib - A library for accessing GRIB data from C++.
linkd - A tool that provides monitoring of Ethernet link status.
lhs2tex - A preprocessor to generate LaTeX from literate Haskell sources.
Led Ticker Swing Component - A Java component to show scrolling stock quotes in a stock market.
LaTeX á føroyskum/in Faroese - Files needed to write LaTeX documents in Faroese.
LCDraptor - An LCD display for XMMS.
ltraf - A utility to list a system's network traffic based on speed.
Legal Case Management System - A legal case management system for not-for-profit legal advice centers.
Lilina - A simple but powerful RSS and Atom news aggregator.
Linux Test For X - An X11 GUI automation tool.
livepatch - A small program to allow binary patching of a running process.
Linux hotplug - A facility for dynamic device (re)configuration in GNU/Linux.
London Law - A networked multi-player manhunting board game.
libral - An addressbook engine.
libConfig++ - A portable and flexible C++ library for reading configuration files.
libssh - A C library to access SSH services.
libircservice - An event-driven C library to develop IRC services.
libRTCEvents - An event framework for libRTCTimer.
liboil - A library of simple functions that are optimized for various CPUs.
labomanager - A program for managing an educational laboratory.
libcurl.mono - A mono binding for libcurl.
Log file monitor - A tool which monitors a set of log files and acts on messages based on regexps.
libTiMidity - A MIDI to WAVE converter library.
libmemcache - A high performance C API for memcached(8).
Learning Management System - An online classroom management system.
LDView - A 3D Lego viewer.
libtftp - A tftp server and client library.
libexo - An application development library for Xfce.
LCD-Linux - A Linux kernel level abstraction layer to drive alphanumeric LCDs.
LapisPuzzle - A near clone of Street Puzzle Fighter.
libtholoura - A text-image distortion library.
Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse USB Linux driver - A Linux USB driver for Logitech MediaPlay mice which enables multimedia keys.
libencio - A stdio-like symmetric key encryption library.
LanguageSys - A class for developing multi-lingual applications.
libkarma - A C library for managing the Rio Karma.
Linux Multimedia Box - A GUI application for home multimedia devices.
libscl - A small container library for C.
LibFakeTime - A shared library that provides flters for the time() call.
listps - A program that lists hidden processes.
Logic's Gate - A simple logic computer aided design tool.
log4sh - A shell script logging framework similar to log4j.
lancms - A LAN party Web portal system.
Lazy Evaluation for Python - Lazy evaluation for Python functions and classes.
LMon - A tool for near-realtime log monitoring, sending alerts on hits and misses.
log4shell - A logging program for shell scripts.
Lioubliou - A library needed for The Birds Lake platform servers.
Linux Explorer - A utility used to collect data about a Linux server for support purposes.
Linbox Converter - A tool that converts MS Office documents to PDF, PS, text, HTML, or TIFF.
LFyre - A high-performance, flexible programming language.
libasyncns - A library that executes name service queries asynchronously.
linkValidator - A PHP class that can validate a URL.
LINGOT Is Not a Guitar-Only Tuner - A musical instrument tuner.
lister - A simple mailing list manager.
ListPatron - An application for maintaining lists of information.
libksnmp - A KDE library to access SNMP statistics.
linbar launcher - A launchbar with definable shortcuts.
libmsntp - A full-featured, compact, portable SNTP library.
librascal - A library for asynchronous networking.
Love Invaders - A fun chunky retro game.
libundo - A C library for multi-level undo/redo.
LOSSA - A home automation system.
Linux Desktop Testing Project - A desktop testing framework for Unix/Linux platforms.
libtranslate - A natural language translation library.
LiBRary Archiver - A program to manipulate CP/M library (.LBR) archives.
Linksys Monitor - A Linksys logging and dynamic DNS IP update utility.
Linux QoS Library Sharp - Provides Mono (C#) bindings to the Linux QoS Library.
LPR via HTTP - LPR monitoring and management via a Web interface.
Lazslo Documentation Generator - An automatic documentation engine for Lazslo.
libiriverdb - A library for maintaining the database on iRiver jukeboxes.
Linux Heart Monitor - A collection of utilities for ECG and EKGs.
Luban programming language - A component-oriented scripting language.
LectroTest - Easy, automatic, specification-based testing for Perl.
LDAP Administration Tool - A tool to manage LDAP-based directories.
libssh2 - A C library that implements the SSH2 protocol.
Lasso Service Provider Kit - A kit for quick implementation of Liberty Alliance in service providers.
Lucy - A Term::Cap newsreader written in Perl.
L4ip - An L4 and health check daemon for IPFilter.
Lektora - An RSS feed aggregator that integrates with Firefox.
libiptcdata - An IPTC metadata library.
ldapvacation - An LDAP-enabled vacation program.
libflv - A tool to create FLV streams for use with Flash/SWF movies.
libconfigduo - A C/C++ configuration file manipulation library.
lard - A generic syslog and log file rotation daemon.
lithron - A CSS2 compatible PHP5 PDF-renderer for XML-Templates.
Liquid Weather ++ - A superkaramba weather forecast applet.
LINeup4 - A "connect4" game that uses a terminal interface.
LogPot - A simple logging IRC bot that runs on a single server and on multiple channels.
liberror - A library for printing error messages.
Lucidium Application Platform - A platform for the rapid and agile delivery of custom data/process applications.
l33t - A l33t speak conversion tool.
Linux Bridge Utilities - Linux IEEE 802.1d ethernet bridging tools.
libJackMM - A C++ API library for JACK.
libmistat - A library of statistical functions.
LiteSQL - A C++ object-relational persistence framework for SQLite3, PostgreSQL, or MySQL.
libaiml - A C++ AIML intepreter in the form of a static library.
libOpenSRTP - A library to echange data with GE Fanuc PLCs.
lamefwd - An easy-to-use single process port forwarder.
litetrash - A light-weight, portable trash can for Unix systems.
Lost in Translation - A translation-based natural language steganography system.
Linux Multilayer Switch - Layer 2 ethernet switching with VLAN (802.1q) support.
Legworker Search - A basic search and link checking script.
libdcraw - A library and set of programs to process Canon RAW photo files.
liblProc - A library to allow you to get useful information from /proc.
lollipop - A POP3 server that can handle a huge number of stored messages.
LaRepubblicaDL - A downloader for the Italian "La Repubblica" newspaper.
logmine.pl - A CLF log file analysis script.
la2vcd - A logic analyzer capture to VCD waveform file converter.
Link Manager - A links and bookmark management system for Web sites.
Local Projects Database - A Web tool to manage funding project information.
LightSquid - A light log analyzer for squid.
Logalot - A Web-based system to centralize all of your Microsoft and hardware events.
Live Kernel Configuration Panel - An ncurses interface to Linux kernel configuration.
lcdtest - A monitor test pattern utility.
LXlogo - An interactive LOGO programming environment for K-12 educational use.
Linux Debug - A functional clone of the old DOS debug.com for x86 Linux.
LMS OpenOLAT - A learning management system.
LK Port Knockd - A daemon for controlling connections to a specific port.
Latemp - A Content Management System based on The Website Meta Language.
LK Bin Database - A small and quick database management system (DBMS).
ldb - An LDAP-like embedded database built on top of tdb.
LogicBill - A Web-based billing application for ISPs, Web hosts, and Internet companies.
libfilo - A library for file locking.
Lightweight Contact Manager - A Web-based LDAP backed contact manager.
libacuta4 - A C library for monitoring an AccuSys Acuta4 RAID array.
L2FProd.com Common Components - Common Swing components and utilities.
libdnsres - A non-blocking, thread-safe DNS resolver library.
Legends - A team-based multiplayer game featuring jetpacks.
launch4j - A cross-platform Java application wrapper for creating Windows native executable
libnaji - The library for generating, modifying, and filtering text.
libpreludedb - An abstraction layer for IDMEF alerts.
Leipzig - A Just Intonation library.
Lobo - A browser/platform for HTML and JavaFX.
LibOSDK - An operating systems development toolkit.
L Math Processor - Evaluates math expressions on the command line.
L-fire CTF mod for Quake2 - Server-side mod that adds many significant features to Id's official Quake2 CTF.
Lightweight scada - A simple Web-based data monitor.
L-fire DM mod for Quake 2 - Server-side Deathmatch mod for id software's Quake2
L-Forum - A universal Web-forum with threading support.
Log Filter - An arbitrary log file filter and viewer.
l3 - A noninteractive data plotter.
L4Ka microkernel - A portable microkernel and application suite.
Label Nation - A command-line label-printing program.
libzip - A C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives.
LabVIEW - Full Development System which offers full-featured graphical programming
LaDa - A darts player's helping tool.
LX/LuelinX - A community-driven Web site program.
ls4sweep - A tool that helps to remove outdated backups.
LinksChecker - A program that reports broken links on a Web site.
ldns - A DNS(SEC) library in C inspired by Net::DNS.
LAM/MPI - An implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) parallel standard.
LAME - An MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer.
lxml - A Python binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries.
libstrophe - A C-based XMPP library for clients and components.
LameSocks - Fake an open socks4/5 proxy.
LANdb - Your entire network in a Web-based database application.
lando - command execution server for UNIX
LibreSource - A versatile collaborative platform and development forge.
LANforge FIRE & ICE - Network traffic generator and WAN emulator software.
Langton's Ant - Langton's Ant-Cellular Automata
Lanlord - A dhcpd lease reporting program. Uses CSS to modifiy report
lanoche - generates a report about laptop hardware in HTML
laplace balancer - A script that uses a mixer to change balance into sinus-wave.
LoudHush - An IAX client for the Asterisk PBX.
LinCity-NG - A city simulation game.
Larbin - A fast Web-crawler.
Lars - Helps to burn many MP3s onto audio CDs.
Last modified files - A tool that displays files ordered by modification time.
larswm - A tiling window manager built on 9wm.
latd - A LAT terminal server daemon.
LSystems in PostScript - An LSystems implementation in the PostScript language.
latencytest - benchmarks scheduling latencies (of audio apps) during high system load
LnBlog - A file-based Weblog that is feature-rich and low on requirements.
LaTeX2HTML - Converts LaTeX documents to HTML.
libsmbios - A cross-platform library to access SMBIOS/DMI information.
Latte - Better web authoring language
Launch.app - A small program for executing applications, based on the WINGs library.
Linux Cluster Manager - A cluster management, monitoring, and imaging tool.
Launcher - One-stop filetype/application mapping solution
Log Mine - A Web log mining tool.
lavaps - A lava lamp of currently running processes
Lazarus - Lazarus Object Pascal IDE
logfilter - A tool for performing ad hoc analysis on Apache log files.
lazybm - A script to fill Netscape bookmark descriptions automatically.
LinkAssistant Professional - Link building SEO software for webmasters.
lbdb - Address database for the mutt mail reader.
LBPool - A statement pool for SQL databases.
LBreakout - A Breakout-style arcade game using SDL.
LBU - Linux Backup Utility with minor enhancements.
Lcalc - A console calculator.
Logicharge - A panel applet to check your mouse's battery.
lcc - A retargetable compiler for ISO Standard C.
lmbench - A portable suite of microbenchmarks for UNIX/POSIX.
Little Wizard - A development environment for children.
lcccd14 - Kernel module for astronomical CCD camera LcCCD14
LCD / LCD::MatrixOrbital - A Perl module for writing to Matrix Orbital LCDs.
lcd4linux - Shows system information on a liquid crystal display.
Live Poker - Cross-platform, 3D multiplayer online poker.
LCDproc - Controls LCD (or LCD-like) devices and displays data from multiple clients.
LinuxTimon - A Windows Terminal Server, XDMCP , telnet, and RS232 client on a bootable USB, sd, or PXE system.
Linux Video Maker - A program for generating DVD/(S)VCD structures that are ready to record.
LCDproc-Client for [email protected] - LCDproc client for displaying [email protected] status data.
Lunapaint - A paint program with layers and animation.
lcdstat - 2x10 LCD panel driver
Low Resolution Modeline Calculator - An X11 modeline calculator for arcade monitors and other legacy displays.
LCL - The LinuxClassLibrary
LHMail - An email library written to work with Qt.
lcra - Intelligently change DOS and Windows filenames to lowercase.
ld.so - ELF dynamic linkers, dynamic linker library and utilities
Lix - An iptables wrapper.
LDAP Class for PHP - PHP class for accessing an LDAP directory like a filesystem.
ldap-abook - An LDAP-based addressbook application.
ldap2dns - A tool to maintain DNS data in an LDAP directory.
libmrss - A C library for parsing, writing, and creating RSS feeds.
ldapconf - Linuxconf LDAP server configurator and client
libhash - A C interface for chained hashing.
libopkele - A C++ implementation of the OpenID decentralized identity system.
Louisiana Do-Not-Call Script - A Web script that searches the Louisiana Do-Not-Call list.
LDasm - An x86 disassembler and GUI.
LDE - A Linux disk editor with ext2 and other fs editing.
LURC - A cooperative and reactive threading library.
le editor - Text editor with powerful block operations, similar to NE.
Le Sursis - Common Lisp packages to facilitate CGI scripting and HTML generation.
Leafnode - An NNTP server for small leaf sites.
libk8000 - A Velleman K8000 C/C++ interface library for user-space programs.
Libcfu - A library of thread-safe data structures and utilities.
LesserWiki - A TiddlyWiki style Wiki engine using Ajax.
LeakTracer - Trace memory leaks in C++ programs
Leaky - a memory leak tracer
LeanWeb - HTTP proxy for removing user-defined parts from Web pages.
LEAP RDBMS - A free Relational Database Management System
learn - A vocable learning program with a memory model.
Learning Logic - System for learning algebra.
libnxml - A C library for parsing, writing, and creating XML 1.0 and 1.1 files.
logalert - A log file monitor that takes actions in response to triggers.
LED Counter - All purpose counter
LIRC Client Daemon - An attempt to solve certain problems in LIRC.
Ledcontrol - Shows info on your keyboard's LEDs.
ledmail - POP3 mail indicator that uses the keyboard LEDs for notification.
Ledsm - System monitor that displays CPU load and free memory using the keyboard leds
libgmail - A pure Python binding to provide access to Google's Gmail.
Leech - Recursive download automation tool
LibSudoku - A Java library for Sudoku number riddles.
Leetnux - A GNU/Linux distribution for more experienced users.
licqweb - A Web frontend for licq.
Legion of the Bouncy Castle Java Cryptography API - A light weight API, clean room JCE, JCE/JCA provider for Java cryptography.
LEGO::RCX.pm - A Perl module to communicate with a Lego MindStorms RCX.
leJOS NXJ - A Java-based replacement firmware (OS) for LEGO Mindstorms RCX and NXT.
LogAnalyzer - A Web front end for syslog and other network events.
LEKSBOT - An explanatory dictionary of botanic and biological terms.
last played - A script which shows which files your iPod shuffle played last.
Lemon - A modern parser generator.
LeoArg - A command line parser.
Learning Activity Management System - A Web application to design, manage, and deliver collaborative activities.
LeoCAD - CAD application that uses plastic bricks
LeoHTML - An HTML precompiler.
LeoIni - A class for easy ini file manipulation.
lmadl - A live music archive downloader.
Less - A terminal based program for viewing text files.
Lesstif - LGPL'd re-implementation of Motif
Lexi Word Processor - A Java 2-based MDI word processor.
lexica - A graphical interface to Unix/Linux dictionary resources.
lMaker - A text file-driven Web site generator.
LanSuite - A tournament system and LAN-party manager.
libbash - A tool that enables bash dynamic-like shared libraries.
Lexmark 2050 Color Linux Driver - A Lexmark 2050 Color Linux Driver.
Lexmark 3200 driver - Lexmark 3200 inkjet printer ghostscript driver for Linux.
lftp - A sophisticated command line based file transfer program.
LHa for UNIX - An LHa compression utility.
lhinv - Linux 2.2.x hardware inventory.
LiveJournal parser - A LiveJournal backup format parser.
Libtubo Interprocess Communication - A small library to run background processes with two way communication.
LogMiner - A powerful analysis package for Apache/IIS logs.
Lib3ds - A library for working with the 3D Studio file format.
libnaw - A modular, preloadable, network authentication library and API.
liblogging - An easy-to-use, cross-platform logging library.
libAstronomy - A library with a set of astronomical routines.
libax25 - Library for AX.25 using hamradio programs
libbadpenguin - A generic library for console tools development and TAR archive extraction.
libbeep - Play simple music on your PC's built-in speaker.
libbgrab & webcam - bttv framegrabber library + webcam application
libbtrace - Debug utility that provides printings of the backtrace of the current function.
libband - A simple library to limit the bandwidth used by a certain application.
libview - A collection of GTK+ widgets used within VMware products.
linHDD - A GUI hard drive setup and test utility.
libCIM - A basis for an implementation of CIM (Common Information Model).
libcsc - General Programming Library
libdatablk - A MOO-like flat type library for C
Lemonldap::Cluster::Status - A server status Perl module for Apache clusters.
libDSP - A C++ library of DSP routines.
libdv - A software decoder for DV format video.
Libero - Generates code in many languages from state diagrams.
Letterly - A Web form for writing a paper letter that generates a PDF.
libevent - An event notification library for event-driven network servers.
libease - An easing library.
LeadingProject - A project management application for managing single or multiple projects.
libfget - A command line FTP mirroring utility and FTP client library API.
Local Network Management System - A PHP-based LAN management system.
libfoXcontrol - libfoXcontrol is a library for writing foXcontrol components.
libfoXdesktop - foXdesktop's core library.
libgaudio - A game audio library.
libgcj - Runtime library for gcc's Java front end
libgeotiff - Library for accessing "Geo" tags in a GeoTIFF file.
libglade - XML-based runtime user interface loader for GNOME
Libchart - A simple PHP chart drawing library.
libnfnetlink - A low-level netlink communication library for netfilter.
libnetfilter_conntrack - A netfilter netlink library for connection tracking.
libserial - C++ classes to program serial ports on POSIX systems.
libGLOOP - An implicit surface rendering library for games and scientific visulization
libgplock - A UUCP-style port device locking library.
libqmsg - An implementation of send/receive/reply messaging.
ldapuseradd - An enhanced, LDAP-based user management toolset with modular features.
libiconv - Character set conversion library, portable iconv implementation
linux-libc-headers - Linux Kernel Headers for building libc.
Le Petit Poucet GPS Software - A GPS log viewer and 3D terrain generator.
libjpeg - Library of JPEG support functions.
libjsw - A UNIX joystick wrapper library and calibrator.
libjxml2sql - A Java library for converting XML documents into SQL and HTML.
Libapmath - An arbitrary precision mathematics library.
LibKMid - A C++ MIDI library.
libksd - A cross-plaform (C++) game framework.
liblcd - Library to control the functions of serial LCD displays
LibLZF - A small, fast, real-time data compression library.
linuxTheTools - Tools and scripts for a Linux system administrator.
libmaterial - A texture management library with OpenGL support.
lfsb - A Linux utility to change FSB speed.
libmcal - Modular Calendar Library
libmcrypt - A library to access various encryption algorithms
LogSplitter - An Apache log splitting and rotation handler.
LeadingReporter - An application for creating photo-based documents.
libmdate - Mayan date library
libmidixx - A C++ library to manipulate MIDI sequences.
LostNix - A Linux distribution with pre-audited packages.
libmikmod - Full-featured sound library
LibPHPBase - XHTML wrapper classes for PHP.
libmmoss - Provides Java sound in Linux version of Netscape Communicator
libmng - The reference library for the MNG image format.
LayManSys - A PHP library for creating a consistent look and feel for your pages.
LibMPEG3 - A library for MP3, MP2, AC3, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 video decoding.
libqgs - The Qt Ghostscript library wrapper.
libnids - IP defragmentation TCP segment reassembly library
Log2SQLite - A very simple Perl script to convert Apache Log files to SQLite3 entries.
libodbc++ - A class library for accessing databases from C++.
Limph - A monitor for pingable hosts.
lomoco - A tool to configure vendor-specific options on Logitech USB mice.
libole2 - A library to access OLE2 streams.
liboop - Low-level event loop dispatcher.
libow - An interface library to Dallas Semiconductor's 1-wire devices.
libowfat - A GPL reimplementation of libdjb.
libpcap - A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture.
Library Accounting System - A cataloging system for books, movies, magazines, and journals.
Lisp Blosxom - A Lisp port of the Blosxom blogging engine.
Lua Networking Extension Library - A networking extension library for the Lua programming language.
LibPETMAX - Library for manipulating CDs, MP3s, sound mixers, and ID3 tags.
libpng - A collection of routines used to create PNG format graphics files.
LEDLoad - A CPU load monitoring tool that uses computer case LEDs.
Libp11 - A library for easily using PKCS#11 modules.
libradio - A simple, easy to use C library to control FM Tuner cards
libredblack - RedBlack Balanced Tree Sorting and Searching Library
librep - A lightweight, embeddable Lisp system.
LibTBarCode - A barcode library.
Lumine - Database base XML mapping for PHP.
LibCMT - A composable memory transactions library.
libros.pl - Personal Book Database.
LifeType - A weblog platform.
librt - General Programming Library
Lua Filesystem Extension Library - An extension library to provide filesystem primitives to Lua scripts.
libSap - An emulation library of the 6502 CPU and Pokey chip used in the Atari XL/XE.
Limp - A multimedia-centered Linux live CD distribution.
libshout - A library for streaming to icecast.
Libsigc++ - A callback framework for C++.
libtagz - A library to parse tagz, foobar's title formating language.
libslack - A UNIX/C library of general utilities for programmers with slack
libslaktool - A Slackware package library.
libut - A server development library.
libsmi - SMI Management Information library and tools.
lib smtp - A C library for direct sending of mail through SMTP with MIME support.
libsndfile - A library for reading and writing sound files.
libarxx - Advanced resource archives for C++.
libpcg - A small library for procedural content generation.
libsqlora8 - A simple C library to access Oracle databases.
libsrvtab - A library for manipulating Kerberos v4 srvtab files.
LibSound77 - A library for producing sound data in FORTRAN77 programs.
libstdc++ - The GNU Standard C++ Library.
libstocks - A library for fetching stock quotes.
libebt - Elegant C++ backtraces.
LibStroke - Stroke and gesture recognition library
libb64 - A C/C++ library implementation of Base64 encoding.
libsvm - An easy-to-use implementation of SVM.
libsx - Simple X library toolkit.
Linguistic Tree Constructor - A program for drawing linguistic syntax trees.
libtai - A library for storing and manipulating dates and times.
LED-Bar - An easy-to-use scrolling LED display.
Link-Box - An easy-to-use sidebar link container.
libtar - A C library API for manipulating tar archives.
libtcp++ - C++ class library to create TCP/IP clients/servers
libtecla - An interactive command-line input library.
libtiff - Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File Format) images.
Libtool - A generic library support script.
Linux for OMAP series of processors - A project to support Linux on Texas Instruments OMAP processors.
libtst - Ternary Search Trie library
Lux - A remake of the board game Risk with online play and lots of maps.
LuxAgentSDK - An AI developer kit for the strategy game Lux.
L4/Iguana - A small operating system.
L4 NICTA::Pistachio-embedded - A NICTA N1 version of the L4 microkernel.
libusb - Library for userspace access to USB devices
liblzw - A library for reading LZW compressed files.
libvrmldb - A VRML generator for databases.
LoggedFS - A logged filesystem.
libwayne - Abstract Data Types & Algorithms in C
LibWeb - A vanilla Web site back-end.
libwmf - A library to convert microsoft's wmf file format to something useful
libwww - General-purpose client side Web API written in C for Unix and Windows (Win32)
libxmi - 2-D rasterization library
libxml2 - A library for manipulating XML and HTML resources.
libxml++ - C++ interface to XML files.
libxml-perl - A collection of Perl modules and documents for working with XML.
libyama - A leak tracking memory allocator.
libzdt - A general purpose library written in C.
LayoutEditor - An IC/MEMS layout editor.
Licq - An advanced graphical ICQ clone.
LlamaXML compact XML parsing library - An XML parsing library for handhelds and smartphones.
libucd - A C library interface to the Unicode Character Database.
Labrova - An intrusion detection and prevention system for Web applications.
licq2micq - Converts LICQ's contact list to an mICQ contact list.
libmms - A library implementing the MMS streaming protocol.
LifeLines - Genealogy/Family history research tool
Lift Off Java Installer - An installer for Java applications.
libg3d - A 3D model loading library.
Light Speed! - An interactive relativistic simulator
Lightflow Rendering Tools - Advanced photorealistic 3d rendering tools.
LightningFax - Communication Fax Server
Like Sybase Central - A graphical Sybase DataServer manager.
libcommoncpp - Library of commonly used C++ classes.
Ladder - An arcade game similar to Donkey Kong built entirely with ASCII graphics.
libdejector - A library which helps prevent SQL injection attacks.
Likken - A user-friendly interface for managing a LDAP directory.
LILO - LInux boot LOader.
LLnextgen - An Extended-LL(1) parser generator.
Lilo-Colors - A patch for Lilo to enable colors in the bootup message.
LilyPond - The GNU Project music typesetter.
LimeWire - LimeWire is a powerful Gnutella file sharing client with great features.
Lightfeather - A 3D engine for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
LibLO - A lightweight OSC implementation.
LiMpOo - Linux Multimedia Player
lin-setibuf - A buffering utility for the [email protected] Project client.
LinAl - A simple, easy-to-use, and efficient linear algebra library.
linbar - A driver for serial barcode readers.
Linberto - A jump around arcade game.
Little chat - A lightweight live chat application.
Lincity - A city simulation game for SVGALib/X/Win32/etc.
LED Ticker Tool - A tool for programming LED ticker devices.
libPaje - A library used to generate Paje trace files.
LineControl Server - A remotecontrol for internet connections.
LineFeed - DOS to UNIX text files converter
linvpn - A secure socket layer for pppd.
LPMtool - A package management tool.
LingoTeach - A language-teaching program with sound and various translation sets.
Lingvisto - A program to help you learn words from foreign languages.
link-checker - Check the links of a Web site.
LinkCAD - CAD drawing conversion software for DXF, GDS-II, CIF, PostScript, Gerber, and mo
LinkCheck - Checks a Web site for broken links.
LinkChecker - An URL link checker.
Links - A text and graphics mode portable WWW browser.
Links Mananger - Web-based link directory management system
Links SQL - An SQL-based solution to maintain a large web-based directory of links
LinkScan - Checks links/HTML and produces site maps.
LinNeighborhood - Linux Port of Windows Network Neighborhood
libzdb - A thread-safe high level multi-database connection pool library.
LinPlanet - LinPlanet Tools for enabling Netscape roaming profiles and other data objects.
libshape - A user space download/upload limiter.
LinPopup - Linux port of Winpopup, running over Samba.
Limbas - A Web software factory.
LinuDent - A Dental Practice Management Software program
Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO - HOWTO concerning iproute2, traffic control (shaping), and more!
Linux Animation and Movie Player - Fullscreen Movie player for many video formats (avi,mpeg,vob,mov,qt)
libptytty - A library for OS-independent pseudo-TTY management.
LSM-PKCS11 - An HSM daemon to handle Secure Boxes.
Linux Commander - A file manager for X11 using GTK+.
LogHack - A logfile analyzer for NetHack.
Linux Driver for DMX512 Light Controller - A driver for the Soundlight DMX 512 PC-cards 1512B, 1512C, and 1512B-LC.
LdapTemplate - A Java framework to simplify LDAP programming.
Linux dshield.org Perl Client - A dshield.org kernel log entry submission client.
libRUIN - An Ncurses rendering library for XML- and CSS-based user interface languages.
Lokiwall - An easily manageable Linux firewall with some unique features.
Linux FreeS/WAN - An IPSEC and IKE implementation for secure VPNs.
libnetfilter_log - A library for userspace access to packets logged by the Linux kernel packet filt
Linux From Scratch - Instructions to create your own custom Linux system from scratch.
Linux General Ledger - Bookkeeping and accounting software for Linux.
Linux HamRadio AX.25 patches and tools - A patch to add better Linux AX.25 support.
Linux IEEE 1394 Subsystem - Kernel subsystem and applications providing IEEE1394 (FireWire, iLink) support
Linux Internet Messaging Program - Lightweight cross-plaform messaging.
LLgen - An Extended Context-Free parser generator for C.
Linux Intrusion Detection System - A Linux kernel security-enhanced system.
Lucene Image REtrieval - A content-based image retrieval system based on Lucene.
Linux joystick driver - Provides Linux support for joysticks
libavg - A library for media installations.
libpuz - A library implementing the .PUZ crossword file format.
Linux Kernel Spinlock Metering - A kernel patch to incorporate metering of spinlock-usage.
Linux Letters and Numbers - Educational Childrens Game for Linux
Linux Logical Volume Management HOWTO - A HOWTO describing Linux Logical Volume Management.
Linux Logo - Displays an ANSI or ASCII Linux penguin, along with some sytem information
Linux Memory Technology Device project - Support for Flash and RAM devices under Linux
ldifsearch - A script which allows you use standard LDAP filters on LDIF files.
Linux Napster Client - A console-based Napster client.
Linux Progress Patch - Kernel patch to provide a boot-up screen with a progress bar and text.
Linux Quake Howto - A howto for all things Quake.
Linux Review Headline Grabber - Linux Review headline grabber
LibMySequoia - A library on top of Carob implementing the MySQL C API.
Linux Serial Sniffer - Serial Sniffer for Linux with formatted direction and data snapshots
Linux SMBus BIOS driver - Linux device driver to call an SMBus BIOS.
Linux Snipes - Text-based maze game based on an old DOS game.
limit - A tool to run a process and kill it after a specified time.
Linux Trace Toolkit - Catalogs system events in minute detail.
LiliBoggie - A Boggle-like words game.
Linux trustees - An advanced file permission system for Linux
Linux Vacation - An automatic mail-answering program for Linux.
lotr-trivia - Yet another trivia application.
Linux Virtual Server - A load-balancing and server clustering system for Linux.
Linux VPN Masquerade - Masquerade support for IPSec and PPTP VPN traffic
libtbb - An implementation of the TeamSpeak 2 protocol.
Linux Wireless LAN Project - A driver and utility set for 802.11 standard wireless networking.
libarena - A memory allocator interface and implementations.
libmime - A streaming event MIME message parser.
Linux-HA - HA software for the High-Availability Linux project.
Linux-Kontor - Software for commodities, bookkeeping, accountancy, and inventory management.
LDAP Distributed shell-Profile - A program to merge the .profile read from an LDAP directory during login.
Linux ATI CPU HDD Control Daemon - Linux ATI, CPU and HDD scaling daemon
Linux-Mobile-Guide - How to make the best of Linux features with laptops, PDAs, and mobile phones.
Linux-PAM - Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules
Linuxconf - A sophisticated administrative tool.
lookbusy - A synthetic system load generator.
LinuxFacile - An Italian manual for learning GNU/Linux.
libQtPod - A library that provides access to the contents of an Apple iPod.
LinuxMagic VPN Firewall - A complete VPN and firewall for the home or office.
LinuxPorts - A Linux port of the FreeBSD Ports system.
Linux tart - Feature-rich email signature generator
LinuxThreads - An implementation of the Posix 1003.1c thread package for Linux
libdvbsi++ - A DVB SI parser library.
lazar - A predictive toxicology tool.
Live-F1 - A native Linux client for the official Formula-1 "live timing" stream.
Liquid War - An original multiplayer game; your goal is to eat the other player's fighters.
lirc - Linux Infra-red Remote Control
libgfeed - A library to manage (create, load, edit) feed files for RSS v2.0 and ATOM v1.0.
L2T - Extracts excerpts of Lisp (Scheme) or C or Perl code from files
loc - A multi-lingual lines of code counter.
lispreader - A library for reading and matching expressions in Lisp syntax.
LucED - A fast and responsive X11 text editor.
ListMate - A Zope based tabular data handler.
letrain - A letter train simulator.
Literate Perl - Literate Programming for Perl
Lithos - Evolutionary computation system.
LiveFrame Gallery - An elegant photo gallery and slideshow application.
LiveWebStats - Generates live Web statistics in html from Apache logs.
Linux Screen Reader - Cascading screen reader scripts for GNOME.
LJOS - Java and database integration.
LK - Implementation of the Lin-Kernighan heuristic
LZMA utils - A commandline LZMA compressor and other utilities.
LLA - An LDAP logfile statistics generator.
logtail - An Web-based logtail viewer that uses AJAX.
lma-init - Replacement init system (scripts) for linux
libnmd - A NetMD interface library.
LibAran - A 2D/3D Fast Multipole Method software library.
laptop-hotswap - A kernel module providing IDE drive bay hot-swapping support for laptops.
lmp3 - An MP3 list generator.
lcd-stuff - A client for lcdproc.
lm_sensors - Linux hardware monitoring tools.
LnxFire - LnxFire is a Linux firewall tool for both home and small business office.
Lohimedia - A wiki based on the open source model of development.
Load - Tests Web apps and SOAP Web Services for scalability and performance.
Loadmeter - System monitoring app for X11 that displays stats and info
LuBu OpenMagic - An enhancement for the Solaris OpenStep 1.1 desktop.
loadmon.epplet - A simple load monitor for Enlightenment.
loadsharing-failover - High level failover on a per service bases
Local Domain Search Engine - A distributed, local search engine, written completely in Java.
libphish - A cross-platform library to interact with the Open Phishing Database.
LibTMCG - A C++ library for creating secure card games.
loco - Perl script to add nice colors to your /var/log/messages file
Laptop Mode Tools - Tools to spin down the hard drive and control power management on Linux.
LG3D-LiveCD - A live CD showcasing Project Looking Glass 3D.
Log for C++ - A flexible logging library for C++.
libsirius - A C++ library that interfaces with Sirius.com's stream interface.
Log Tool - A syslog file parser, report generator, and monitoring utility.
Lazy Backup - A backup system that is so easy even lazy people will use it.
LipstikLF - A Java Swing counterpart of the KDE lipstik theme.
LibAxl - An XML development toolkit.
log2mail - Watches logfiles for a pattern and alerts a user via email.
log4j - A reliable, fast, and extensible logging library for Java.
Logcheck Consolidator - Takes the logcheck email's from multiple hosts and consolidates them into one.
Logdog - A daemon for monitoring syslogd messages and generating alerts.
lisp-network-server - A simple framework for Common Lisp network applications.
libDockApp - A standard library for making dockapps.
Logical Volume Manager - A logical volume manager for Linux.
Lanshield Watchdog Linux Kernel Patch - A patch for driving Lanshield Watchdog hardware.
loop - Software to run n commands, m at a time, in parallel.
lovi - A log file monitor for KDE.
LoginServer - A multi-client TCP server class with username/password access control.
LogiTest - A Web site testing application.
logsurfer - Log check/auditing tool with multiline capability
Logwatch - A script to summarize system logs.
log_analysis - An extensible log analyzer that breaks down log messages.
Loki Uninstall Tool - A tool to quickly uninstall software installed with Loki Setup.
liboping - A multiple host ping library that supports ICMPv4 and ICMPv6.
Loki Update Tool - A tool to quickly update programs installed with Loki Setup.
LOMAC - Low Water-Mark Mandatory Access Control for Linux
LibNode - A generic list/tree manager C library.
libevnet - A network programming interface for libevent.
[email protected] - A program to observe multiple running instances of [email protected]
log4javascript - A JavaScript logging framework based on log4j.
LoopLinux - Install and run Slackware Linux on an existing DOS/Win95/98 system.
libCoroutine - A small, portable coroutine library.
libGarbageCollector - A small, portable, incremental garbage collector.
Lopster - A Napster client.
LibJAD - Determines the number of available processors on multiple platforms.
LogJam - A GTK 2 LiveJournal client.
Linkpeeker - An easy-to-use tool-tip solution.
Link Show - An easy-to-use preview-type menu system.
Lotus Domino R5 Sneak Preview - Messaging, Groupware, Workflow, Intranet Server
LotusXSL - An XSL processor.
LinQ - A full featured, modern Jabber client.
Lout - Document formatting system
LowCal - A lightweight Web-based calendar of events.
libgeier - An Elster client library (for German tax declarations).
libspawner - A Sendmail-compatible implementation of the MTA side of the Milter protocol.
LiteMan - A graphical manager for SQLite files.
LPAdmin - A set of PHP scripts to administrate a LAN party.
Librfm - A basic file management library for Rodent applications.
lperfex - Hardware performance counter interface
lphdisk - A suspend-to-disk partition prep utility.
LPRng - The Next Generation of LPR.
Laurux - Accounting and invoicing software.
Lrp Network Monitor - A simple network monitor written in Java.
lrzsz - X/Y/Zmodem suite
ls -l - Graphical file-manager.
lsb-fhs - test suite for filesystem hierarchy aspects of the Linux Standard Base
Lawngnome - A PHP OO database model inspired by Django.
LSB-VSX - The LSB Core test suite for POSIX.1
LightWeight Time Tracker - A very simple time-tracking program.
LsdlDoom - A portable SDL-based version of Doom with network support.
lsfcc - Linux Socket Filter Command Compiler
lsh - A free implementation of SSH.
Lich - A scripting engine for online MUDs.
lsof - List open files
LinHerp - A herpetology records database.
libutf8 - A fast, robust UTF-8 encoder/decoder for C.
libutf8++ - A C++ library for encoding/decoding UTF-8.
libStreamedXML - A library for processing Streamed XML, a subset of XML.
LTris - A nice Tetris clone using SDL.
LTSP - The Linux Terminal Server Project.
Lua - An extensible extension language
LSE/OS - A nanokernel for the x86 architecture.
LUCI - universal configuration interface
lucid . calendar - A PHP/MySQL-based Web calendar.
Loquacity - A simplified blogging application.
littleutils - A collection of small but useful programs.
Lucifer - A burn-in program supporting Linux and dos.
Luca - A Web-based accounting (double-entry ledger) application.
LUGNET Streaming News Client - A pure Java streaming news client for LUGNET.
lupengo - Classic arcade game.
lvm-viewer - Graphical viewer for Linux Logical Volume Management
lwm - A window manager for X.
lwmenu - An application menu for X written in TCL/Tk.
lwpp - Lightweight `ifdef'-style text file preprocessor
lyntin - Python-based MUD client and development framework
Lynx - Fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser.
lynx2links - A utility that converts between Lynx, Links, and Netscape bookmarks.
lyskom-server - An online discussion system, sort of like a mix between Mail, News and IRC
LyX - An advanced document processor.
lyx2html - A simple LyX to HTML file converter.
Linx Kiss Server - A Linux server for Kiss players.
LZO - A data compression library with very fast (de)compression.
lzop - A very fast file compressor similar to gzip
libsoup - A HTTP client/server library.
LiveSaver - Software that saves text input from browser crashes.
LAMP Application Server - An application server using Linux, Apache, MySQL, and mod_perl.
Linux DC++ - A port of DC++ to Linux.
LuaCalc - A simple spreadsheet program.
Logback - A reliable, generic, fast, and flexible logging library for Java.
lm-monitor - A daemon which monitors lm-sensors and sends email if an alarm goes off.
Lybniz - An easy to use mathematical function graph plotter.
Libastat - A library of statistical functions for archaeologists.
LibYAML - An implementation of YAML 1.1.
libetc - An LD_PRELOAD-able shared library for maintaining a home without dot-files.
Lp4all - Literate programming embedded in source code as wiki comments.
La Ranisima - A "Space Invaders"-alike game written with DHTML.
Little polish - A program which plays Brazilian draughts.
La Carta Mas Alta - A card game written in PHP and HTML.
libsqlfs embedded file system library - A library that implements a file system on top of an SQLite database.
libany2uni - A library to extract raw Unicode text from any written documents.
luit - Locale support for Unicode terminals.
LaTeX::Table - A Perl extension for the automatic generation of LaTeX tables.
libss7 - An implementation of Signaling System No. 7 (or C7).
Lifetimer - A program to help time the things in life.
Liquidsoap - A very powerful audio stream generator for Internet radio stations.
LemonLdap for Sympa.org - A LemonLDAP plugin for the Sympa.org mailing list manager.
logindpostgres - A script to generate optimization indices for select statements.
LambdaRogue - A rogue-like RPG in a strange underworld.
Lucas_Dambergs - A program to link typed text to a specific time of a QT movie, DVD, or VIDEO_TS.
lxDVDshrink - An application to squeeze and backup original DVDs to cheap one-layer discs.
Libc-X - An advanced library and extensible toolbox for C.
LedgerSMB - An accounting/ERP application and framework.
Lattice point Enumeration - Counts lattice points in polytopes using Barvinok's short rational functions.
LogDistiller - A logfile merge and sort tool.
Lantica Sesame - A database manager.
libcdorganizer - A CD organizer device control library.
libvirt - A virtualization API.
librfid - An RFID reader-side protocol stack.
libmrtd - A library for reading and verifying electronic passports.
LightBlue - A cross-platform Python Bluetooth API for simple access to Bluetooth operations.
Lessphun - An implementation of the Mophun game API.
lftp-vi - A module for lftp which adds an "edit" command.
libtacplus - A client/server tacacs+ C library.
LinuxCrudo - An optimized GNU/Linux distribution.
LXPanel - A lightweight X11 desktop panel based on fbpanel.
LiberCRM - A Web-based eCRM application.
libopt++ - C++ library replacement for getopt.
lasermaniac - A logic board game for mobile phones.
Lintrack - An integrated GNU/Linux distribution for IP routers with many features.
Lefromoma - A front end for xmame.
Lua Bash - A bridge between bash and Lua.
La viborita - A Java applet game.
LinuxWorm - A simple game based on libncurses.
Letter Hunt - An arcade-style Rogue-like game with Scrabble elements.
LMF - A flexible log monitoring system.
La villa del seis - Mix of graphical point-and-click adventure and text adventure in PHP and DHTML
log-malloc - A tiny malloc/free logger with call stack tracing.
Laeqed - A Latex equation editor for producing math equations for use on Web pages.
Long Range ZIP - Very high ratio and speed compression designed for large files.
Lightweight Underlay Network Ad-hoc Routing - A wireless ad-hoc routing system.
libpoly - A cross platform C++ library for polynomial arithmetic.
libid3v1 - A C library for parsing ID3v1 and ID3v1.1 tags.
levmar - An implementation of the most popular algorithm for non-linear optimization.
LPlay - A player for displaying different media on display(s).
libtsmux - An MPEG TS muxing library.
Lanai Core - A mature OOP framework for building applications.
LastBASH - A console-based player for the Last.fm radio.
libiso8601 - Provides a C API for parsing and manipulating ISO8601 times/dates.
libloop - A library for manipulating looback devices.
libhal++ - A C++ wrapper library for libhal and libhal-storage.
labTimer - A set of timers suited to black and white film processing.
Lowarch - A Linux distribution based on Arch Linux and aimed at low-end systems.
LDAP-Auth - Enables user authentication and queries against an LDAP server.
Lightscribe System Software and SDK - Libraries and an SDK for Lightscribe Direct Disc Labeling.
libmng-py - A Python wrapper for the libmng C library.
libburnia - A set of libraries and tools for reading, mastering, and writing optical discs.
Lithium Network Monitoring Platform - An SNMP-based network monitoring platform.
libqrencode - A QR Code encoding library.
light-monitor - A beautiful transparent panel that depends only on X and Xft.
lns.http - A simple LISP Web application server.
libsieve-php - A PHP Sieve library for managing and modifying Sieve scripts.
La-Nai - A CMS that has basic modules and templates ready to make a Web site.
libeval - An arithmetic expression evaluator library.
libt2n - A C++ library for inter-process communication
libGx - A lightweight C++ widget library for X11 applications.
libuninum - A library for converting between strings and integers.
LifeSaver & MandelSaver - Mandelbrot and Game of Life screensavers for Mac OS X.
lightbird - An ICQ Groupware clone.
LDAP for Haskell - An LDAP interface for Haskell.
LaTeX Symbols Selector - A symbol browser to help create LaTeX documents with many math symbols.
Linguistico - A set of language tools.
libxnm - A parser of the XNM file format.
lcd2usb - A cheap interface to connect small text LCDs to USB.
LaserFOAM - A laser pulse propagation simulation using a Fourier Adaptive method.
Linx - A flexible link parser
LindeX Retriever - Perl scripts for retrieving and storing Lindex Market Data of Second Life.
Lanius CMS - A Mambo-style, lightweight, fast, secure, and highly host-compatible CMS.
libmd - A message digest library.
Linux on a Stick - A Linux server distribution that boots from a USB flash drive.
Loemu - A PyGTK frontend for game emulators.
LServe LDS License Manager - A license distribution server for secure software licensing.
libpwmd - An API for communicating with PWMD.
leet-generator - A plaintext to leettext converter.
Linux Bluetooth Remote Control - A Linux system remote control for J2ME devices with Bluetooth.
lock-keyboard-for-baby - Unobtrusively grabs keystrokes to protect your apps from baby keyboard mashing.
LamaDict - An English to Czech and Czech to English dictionary for mobile phones.
Lapsus - A tool to control the special features of laptops running Linux.
libft - An implementation of the fischertechnik ROBO interface library for Unix.
loggertools - Tools for flight recorders.
libmhash - Provides an easy to use C interface for several hash algorithms
Limb - A PHP Web application framework.
linoleum_linux32 - RTM to compile Linoleum source code for GNU/Linux.
libxcpc - A library for exception and resource handling in C.
libpoet - A library for creating objects that execute in parallel threads.
libctf - A C thread foundation library.
LingNUX - A French to Russian dictionary.
ligen - A dummy-text generator.
Lobotomy Project - An experiment in human-computer interaction.
libjit - A just-in-time compilation library.
libxspf - A library for reading and writing XSPF playlists.
laserTraq - A tool for using a laser pointer and video capture device as a mouse.
latexmath2png - A LaTeX math to PNG image converter.
LDAP User Management System - A PHP API for managing LDAP user entries with a strong configuration language.
Local IP Takeover - A local network link redundancy system with auto-failover.
logsend - A daemon for email notification of log file changes.
Libface - A face recognition library.
libmtag - A simple music tagging library.
local-remote-controll-gui - A remote command GUI.
Logapp - An output wrapper utility that helps supervise the execution of applications.
Location Based Reminder - A location-based reminder and cell tracker for Nokia 9300(i)/9500.
libstratanetsh - A simple point-to-point communication library.
Librarian DB - A database to manage and publish books for a library.
lib378 - An embeddable library for predictive text input.
Lipo Wrapper - A Python script that wraps the Apple lipo program.
LinWeight - An enterprise client-server system for operating truck/train scales.
LinCE - A pluggable programming environment.
LH-ABC - A BitTorrent client.
Locale::Memories - A search engine for indexing and retrieving .po messages.
locust - A full featured Internet search engine.
Lisp2D - An object-oriented dialect of the Lisp language with built-in parallelism.
log4spread - A Spread appender for the log4j and logback frameworks.
libacpi - A general purpose ACPI library.
libpseudo - Facilities for thread safe messaging and a thread-like callback queue.
libviper - An alternative to the panels library.
libgpod - A shared library to access the contents of an iPod.
Layeredpanel - A robust and scalable freehosting panel and platform.
LibTLC54x - A library to communicate with the A/D-converters TLC548/TLC549.
libdatamatrix - A library for reading and writing data matrices (ISO/IEC16022).
libgcroots - An architecture-dependent context handler for garbage collectors.
loggerfs - A virtual file system that allows you to store log files in a database.
LUX23 - X10 automation tools.
Liblicense - A library to assist in the integration of licenses into the desktop.
Library Finder - A utility for finding Java library files (.jar/.zip) for any class or file name.
libjhttpd - A simple, HTTP/1.0 compliant, threaded Web server library for Java.
LUX4 - A powerful and fast communication protocol for RPC.
Large Database Backup - A class to back up large MySQL databases into multiple files.
Loki Render - A render farm manager for Blender.
libgee - A GObject collection library.
libmysqltemplate - A C template library that uses MySQL data directly.
LinuxMCE - A media server to provide audio/video services to the whole house.
lnkMusic - A powerful MPD frontend.
libHX - A library for quick day-to-day C programming.
LynxFS - A filesystem driver for the LynxOS filesystem.
libdlna - A reference OSS implementation of DLNA standards.
libplayer - A multimedia A/V abstraction layer API.
Lolimot - A fast neural network learning tool.
LBackup - A command line backup tool for systems administrators.
LittleTux Networked Audio Player - A fast and easy-to-use MP3 and FLAC player.
libprngwrap - A library that replaces rand[om]() and *rand48().
Lanshark - A p2p file sharing tool for local area networks.
libirt - Functions to estimate items and abilities from a questionnaire.
Lizard Safeguard PDF Security - PDF document security software with DRM copy, print, and expiry controls.
LLRP Toolkit - LLRP RFID Reader communication and control toolkits.
linux_memstat - A Linux memory usage analyzer.
layman - The Gentoo overlay manager.
LAMPcheck - A pre-installation test script for PHP applications.
liblogger - A logging framework for C/C++.
ListLike - Generic support for list-like structures in Haskell.
LiquiBase - A Java-based tool to manage database changes and refactorings.
libpuzzle - A library for finding visually similar bitmap pictures.
libgfileio - A C++ wrapper library for read() and write().
libgvectors - A C++ library for visualizing mathematical vectors.
last.tag - A last.fm tag editor.
Lisaac - A prototype based object compiler.
Logger - A log queueing and optimization utility.
log4sendpp - A C++ log4j client library.
Lekuba - A small and simple text-based Jabber client.
libmemcached - A C protocol library for memcached and assorted command line tools.
libpsync - A library of portable C/C++ synchronization primitives.
Love predict with Logic - A program to decide which love action to take for a specific person.
leandoc - A small documentation generator.
Lan Core - A thin client solution based on a Windows server and Linux clients.
Logic Reasoner - A theorem prover for first-order logic with equality.
LGMTray - A lightweight GMail notifier.
LDAP CAS plugin - An LDAP authentication plugin for CAS.
listen2fritz - A program to notify you about calls on a FRITZ!Box via Dreambox or IM.
LVProg - A Vinculum (USB host controller) programmer.
libSmtpThread - A C++ library for threaded mail sending via SMTP.
lxdream - A Dreamcast emulator for Linux-based systems.
locale4j - A localization library supporting the TMX file format.
Linsanity - A Linux test suite.
libagf - Adaptive kernel estimation for rapid statistical classification.
LibRCPS - A project scheduling library.
Linux CLC driver - A Linux 2.4 driver for Indramat CLC-P motion control.
libxblf - An XBox Live query library.
LazyJ - A rapid development framework for Java-based Web applications.
Lynis - A security audit and hardening tool.
libixp - A C library that implements the 9P distributed file system protocol.
Lorem Ipsum Generator - A program and library that generate random lorem ipsum text.
libFirm - An intermediate representation of programs for compilers.
libev - A high performance and full-featured C event loop.
Lampp Panel - A GUI to manage all the functions of lampp in one place.
Light FMan PHP - A very fast and advanced file manager for embedding in Web sites.
libnemesi - An RTSP streaming client library.
linuxlogo - An X11 image viewer.
Lyricod - A program that displays lrc lyrics on-screen simultaneously with the song.
libdisasm - A disassembler for x86 opcodes.
Linear Algebra Performance Library - A linear algebra library combining an elegant OO interface and BLAS/LAPACK.
lsyncd - A daemon to continuously synchronize directory trees.
LinApple Emulator - An Apple2 emulator.
Luke-SDK - A source browser and software developers toolkit.
libmpeg2 - A free MPEG-2 video stream decoder.
libnatpmp - A natpmp client implementation.
LinuxCOE - A system that facilitates provisioning and lifecycle support of Linux systems.
libproxy - A library that provides automatic proxy configuration management.
lpc-ntpd - A driver for NTP for the "lindy precision clock" MSF radio.
Linguas OS - A Linux live CD for translators.
LandSim - A complex simulation.
libfsfc - A code generator to fill C++ structures from configuration files.
LinuxSoftware Persona - An address book application.
Local Media Browser - A program to access pictures and MP3s on any browser, also for Nintendo Wii.
LinuxSpeaks - A sight-free user interface to the Linux operating system.
Lside - A utility for displaying information about IDE devices in a system.
LOVE - A 2D game engine.
lazygal - A static Web gallery generator.
lshell - A shell that lets you restrict the user's environment to limited sets of commands.
lmfit - Levenberg-Marquardt minimization and curve fitting for C.
LambdaCan - A small Lambda Calculus reducer.
LogiLogi.org Gallery Generator - A script to generate AJAX galleries from a directory tree containing pictures.
Luke - A Lucene index toolbox.
Liquid PCB - A computer aided design tool for designing printed circuit boards.
Lorem Ipsum for Java - A Java class for generating lorem ipsum placeholder text.
LibPKI - An easy-to-use high-level PKI library.
LEONARDI - A Java based framework that provides a GUI on the fly based on the model.
lclamav-milter - A lightweight Sendmail ClamAV milter.
Lycanobot - An IRC Bot for playing Werewolves of Thiercelieux (Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux)
LightOrm - A small, fast, and powerful ORM library for PHP 5.
LibU - A multiplatform C utility library with a small footprint.
LA - C++ linear algebra classes with a BLAS and LAPACK interface.
libpcap++ - A C++ wrapper for libpcap.
librelp - A library for the RELP protocol.
libhyphenate - A hyphenation library for C++.
LoopDub - Audio looping software for live performance with a MIDI controller.
LS-ERROR - Minimal error handling for Lotus Script.
Ldap Synchronization Connector - An effective directory synchronization tool.
Link and Image Crawler - Software to extract links and images from remote Web pages.
linux-libre - A version of the Linux kernel with non-free software removed.
LilyKDE - A set of tools for LilyPond KDE integration.
LFS Get - An application to get LFS source and patches.
libmpq - A library for manipulating MPQ archives.
LuaRocks - A deployment system for Lua modules.
libjoy - A small development library to access joysticks under Linux.
libfixbuf - An IPFIX collector/exporter creation library.
Location Source - An implementation of the Java Location API (JSR-179).
lv2-c++-tools - Libraries and programs to support LV2 plugin hacking.
libsixdof - C and C++ interfaces to 6 degrees of freedom devices.
Linux Fast-STREAMS - An implementation of System V r4.2 STREAMS for Linux
LFWrap - Executable wrapper for creating DreamWeaver style lock files for other editors.
LibRaw - A library for reading raw photo images.
Libzen - A BitTorrent protocol implementation in C++.
libLAS - A C++ library for reading and writing the ASPRS LAS format of LiDAR data.
LockDown - A security script for Red Hat and its derivatives.
ll-plugins - A collection of LV2 plugins.
Linux Burning Machine - A Web interface for burning CDs.
LigandScout - Structure-focused pharmacophore generation.
Logsmith - An editor, filter, and processor for small logfiles with a GUI.
libHaru - A library for generating PDF files.
latrace - A glibc 2.4+ LD_AUDIT frontend.
Link Searcher - A PHP class that crawls Web pages to search for given text.
Link Launcher - A GUI tool that helps you choose the Web browser in which to open a link.
libx1f4i0 - A user interface library for C.
Lightweight IMage-browser for PHP - A lightweight image browser for PHP.
libfake437 - A library for drawing extended ASCII art.
Leonov - A Launchpad desktop client.
libnetfilter_queue - A userspace API for packet handling.
Logic File System - A filesystem offering advanced query and navigation capabilities.
list2pkg - A program to create Slackware packages from file lists.
libapache2-mod-scramble-ip - A module that encrypts IP addresses for privacy reasons.
LottaNZB - Simplifies downloads from Usenet using NZB files.
LyteRAD CE - A Rapid Application Development framework for lightweight database applications.
libvcvideo - An easy to use C++ wrapper for V4L video device access.
libevent-ark - A libevent application development framework.
libQTidy - A library to implement libtidy in Qt4 applications.
libfirm cparser - A recursive descent C99 compiler frontend.
lua-discount - A Lua binding to Discount, a fast Markdown implementation.
lua-imlib2 - A Lua binding to the Imlib2 image manipulation library.
lua-tinycdb - A binding to the tinycdb constant database implementation.
lua-xmlreader - An implementation of the XmlReader API for Lua using libxml2.
libcrtxy - A fast and scalable line drawing library for writing vector-based video games.
libogg++ - A thread-safe codec-agnostic implementation of the Ogg transport format.
Linux Kernel "make xconfig" Enhancement Patch - An enhancement of the search dialog of the Linux kernel "make xconfig".
Longstop - A DVD/CD backup system.
Luta Spam - A class to encode email addresses to make it more difficult to harvest them.
Lbzip2 - A parallel, SMP-based, bzip2-compatible compression utility.
Lince - A Bittorrent client.
Linball - A pinball simulation.
LaserCalc - A tool to calculate optical paths and laser resonators.
lighty-stats - A lighttpd log file analyzer.
Lzip - A LZMA lossless data compressor.
libogg++java - A Java native interface to libogg++.
libalinga - Implements the ALingA (Alligned Linguistic Annotation) format.
libalinga-java - A Java native interface to libalinga.
libgxim - A GObject-based X Input Method protocol library.
libneuro - A simple codec for 1+ dimensional PCM signals.
libneuro-java - The Java native interface to libneuro.
launch2net - A mobile wireless connection manager for Eee PCs running Linux.
LordsAWar! - A clone of Warlords II.
LoL - A Firefox extension to make Web surfing with a keyboard as usable as possible.
Lookup Tables C Code Generator - C source generators for int and string lookup tables.
libkate - A codec for timed text and images, suitable for overlaying on a video.
libtiger - A rendering library for Kate streams using Pango and Cairo.
Lamejb - A Java wrapper for the LAME MP3 encoding library.
LPAR2RRD - AIX/iSeries free performance monitoring and capacity planning.
libppm - A PPM pixmap manipulation library.
lal - A clock for the dock.
libsharedmem - Library for handling and allocation of shared memory, and messaging based on it.
LDAP Maven Plugin - A program to load records to or dump records from an LDAP directory server.
Liaison - Collaboration for developers.
libmsocket - A socket abstraction library in C.
LogicalDOC - A Web-based document management system with a Google-like search engine.
Loxodo - A password vault that is compatible with Password Safe V3.
libpwstor - A password storage format implementation library.
libexplain - A library of system-call-secific strerror replacements.
LinkIt - A simple validator of local links within HTML documents.
LatencyTOP - A tool to identify where in the system latency is happening.
lilypond-kde4 - Basic tools to make working with LilyPond in KDE 4 easier.
Lock Box Labs PGP Tools - PGP tools and Ant tasks in Java.
LuSql - A utility to index database records with Lucene.
LuckyTubes - A tool to find, download, and rip audio from YouTube videos.
LionWiki - A minimalist file-based wiki engine working from just one file.
LIMA-CALLAO - An enterprise accounting software.
libCVD - A computer vision, image, and video processing library.
libmpd - A high-level C library for accessing the Music Player Daemon (MPD).
liblouis - A Braille translation and back-translation library.
libdvbcsa - A library that implements the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm.
Libtermui - A lightweight, standalone, and re-entrant terminal driver library.
libmaglo/magtoppm - A C library for reading images in the MAG format.
lamos - Software for bookmark management.
Lineage One Private Server - Lineage one private server
lxt - A file manager similar to XTreeGold.
Libgann (Generic Artificial Neural Network) - An artificial neural network library implemented in C++.
libasn - A general purpose library for robust, everyday C.
libscgi - An SCGI library and simple daemon for persistent Web applications written in C.
libkinput - A small and lightweight command line editing library
Linux::Distribution - A Perl module to detect on which Linux distribution is running.
lxi-control - A utility for remote controlling LXI devices.
libpqstego - A perturbed quantization steganography library.
liblinebreak - A library to mark line-breaking points in a Unicode sequence.
LibIrcClient-Qt - A cross-platform IRC client library.
Lilith Logback event viewer - A logging and access event viewer for Logback.
libballistics - An efficient external ballistics library.
libsysconfcpus - A LD_PRELOAD library to override the number of CPUs reported by sysconf().
localcast - Allows iTunes podcast downloads to be resumed.
Linux video converter - A simple video transcoding interface for Linux.
LDR Tonemapping - A program that tone-maps low dynamic range images.
libexception - An exception handling library for C.
LevelTen iSite Essentials - A CMS designed to enable organizations to build Web 2.0 sites.
Lampiro - A messaging client for mobile devices based on XMPP.
libbls - A data manipulation library in the form of an editable buffer.
leanstick - Allows you to control Linux with a joystick/gamepad.
Lemon POS - A point of sale system.
libTISCH - A multitouch application development framework.
LEPL - A Parser Library for Python: Recursive Descent; Full Backtracking
libkohn_gif - A small library for compressing and decompressing GIF images.
Lumbricidae WORM - An SQLAlchemy binding for Webwidgets.
lysis - A feature-rich home automation system.
LibSMF - A BSD-licensed C library for handling SMF ("*.mid") files.
loadlin - A program to boot Linux from DOS.
Lunar Lander - A game to land a space ship on a planet while avoiding obstacles.
LinkExtend - A Firefox add-on that gets many kinds of information on the links in a Web page.
LuxPM - A Web-based project management tool.
libhw - A C++ widget set for Web-based applications.
LockRun - A tool for exclusively running something by placing a file lock.
LibUtillery - A generic, portable utility library for C programs.
lsnet - A system monitor that generates charts.
login controller - A PHP class to manage registration and authentication of site users.
libsbuf - A safe and easy to use string manipulation library for C.
Life - A library for solving PDEs in 1D, 2D, and 3D using h/p type Galerkin methods.
LURT - A regex builder.
Livrona Trax - A simple and lightweight JDBC transaction manager.
libmt - Multi-threaded functions for C.
LMDBG - A collection of small tools for analyzing memory allocation and freeing.
libnostd - A compatibility library for useful BSD, GNU, and Win32 APIs.
LongoMatch:The Digital Coach - Sports video analysis software
Lifebox - A fast, lightweight, and social photo and video gallery.
lldpd - An implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP).
libstego - A set of steganographic libraries.
Loomis' Nested Set - Manage a tree of information stored in a database
libfiu - A C library for fault injection.
LINUX-ISP-89SXX - A complete IC programming tool for the 89SXX series.
libtelnet - A telnet protocol library in C.
lixa - An XA transaction manager implementing the TX specification.
Linux NTFS - NTFS and LDM drivers, tools, and library.
libdrizzle - A Drizzle client and protocol library.
lilac - A powerful configuration tool for Nagios.
local-openid - A single-user, ephemeral OpenID provider.
LOUD_LISTENER - A light-weight, high-speed voice packet recorder.
libmagdev - A library and utility to compute magnetic deviation.
libNUI - A hardware accelerated GUI framework.
LibDWG - A library that provides read access to DWG files.
libguestfs - Tools for accessing and modifying VM disk images.
Linux Cluster Management Console - An application for managing Corosync/Heartbeat, Pacemaker, and DRBD-based clusters.
Lzlib - A compression library for lzip files
log4bash - LOG4J style logging for bash.
libpersist - A small C++ library for storing and loading objects across executions or threads.
libmodplug - A MOD playing library.
libXA - A library for communication with Sidena's Extralink (XA) hardware.
Lasem - An SVG and MathML renderer.
LATRIX - An HR support and attendance tracking system.
LastFmLib.net - Implements Last.fm's WebAPI plus their Audioscrobbler 1.2.1 into VB.Net 2005.
libcraigscrape - A Craigslist URL-scraping support library.
LayerD - A framework for extensive programming languages.
lib4d_sql - SQL driver library for 4D v11 & upper
Looper Advance - A loops-based composition program for the Gameboy Advance.
Lesauf CRUD - A CRUD skeleton for the Zend framework.
libnodelay - An LD_PRELOAD library for disabling Nagle's algorithm.
Locate Me! - A JavaScript class that uses various geolocation methods.
leihs - Software to book/rent your organization's equipment on the Web.
logdigest - Mails relevant portions of log files to the system administrator.
libposix - A cross platform POSIX 2008 library written from scratch
Leges Motus - A team-based, networked, 2D shooter set in a zero-gravity environment.
LiKee - Web monitoring with email and GSM alerting.
listparser - A Python library that parses subscription lists (also called reading lists) into a consistent format.
libfid - A full-text index data structure library.
libcap-ng - An alternate POSIX capabilities library.
Liquid Fonts - Unicode bitmap fonts for small displays.
libfreespace - A common interface to Freespace-enabled devices.
lib_MTA - A BASH email function library.
libcsv_parser++ - A C++ Library for parsing CSV files.
luckyBackup - A powerful, fast, reliable, and fully customizable backup and sync tool.
libpuppy - A library (with tools) for accessing a Topfield device via USB.
libcommon - An API for common implementation needs for C developers.
lb - A libevent-based benchmark tool for HTTP servers.
LiveCDServer.com - A Linux mail and Web server live CD.
Lucie - A scalable and efficient cluster installer and configurator.
LemonLDAP::NG - SSO, Web Single Sign On, and access management.
LyteCFG - A lighttpd configuration GUI.
libvt100 - A purely .NET/C# library for parsing a VT100/ANSI stream.
Loan Calculator - A Web-based loan calculator that offers Webmasters a mortgage calculator alternative for their sites.
Lucidor - An e-book reader.
libx1f4l2 - A data structures library.
LikeOrHate PHP Library - A PHP library to access the LikeOrHate REST API.
loopee - A simple interpreter for loop programs
LibForensics - A digital forensics framework for Python.
libantispam - An anti-spam library.
lessfs - An inline data deduplicating filesystem for Linux.
libdmapsharing - A library that implements the DMAP family of protocols.
LinkExchange - A universal link exchange service client library.
Listaller - A unified installer for Linux applications.
Lucis - A framework for building checkpoint-based index services on top of Lucene.
LD Port Report - A program to scan a switch for a MAC or IP and find its physical connection.
Leslie - A Lua implementation of the Django template language.
LinOTP - A flexible one time password authentication system with pluggable OTP algorithms and userstorages.
log2rotate - A program to rotate backups exponentially.
ld Network Device Manager - A tool to update your devices without deploying any software to your remote devices.
Lifesaver - A GNOME screensaver that displays recent posts about Ubuntu on Twitter, Identi.ca, and FriendFeed.
libmpdclient - An API library for interacting with the Music Player Daemon in C, C++, and Objective C.
libpff - A library and tools to access Outlook PST, PAB, and OST files (PFF/OFF file formats).
libvterm - A terminal emulator library.
La Distribution - One click Web application management.
Leeenux Linux - A Linux distribution for netbooks, mainly the Asus eee 701G.
loadcsv - A tool to load data from a CSV file to a database.
LERG2pgsql - A program to convert the LERG database files into an SQL-database import script.
Lwazi - A powerful Asterisk based telephony platform.
lambdaj - A Java library to manipulate collections in a pseudo-functional and statically typed way.
libsyslogp - A C library for parsing raw syslog messages.
libjson - A JSON parser and printer C library.
LiveUSB OpenBSD - An OpenBSD installation on a 1 GB memory stick.
linsmallc - A port of the Cain/Hendrix Smallc compiler to Linux.
libcaptcha - A CAPTCHA anti-bot image generator library.
LeanPM - Project management software.
libvfcgi - A FastCGI library for GObject/Vala.
liblouisxml - Braille transcription services for XML and text documents.
libqr - A library for creating and parsing QR codes.
libmagt - A magnetic and gravity tensor library
Lutris - An interface for playing a wide range of games on Linux.
LdapSaisie - A Web application to manage LDAP directories.
lpOD - A document processing system for ODF.
libsurl - A library for shortening URLs.
libnfo - A library for parsing and writing NFO files.
libvalhalla - A tiny media scanner API.
local-repo - A local APT repository solution.
librouteros - An abstraction library for the RouterOS API.
License3j - A license manager for Java programs.
Livespaces - An operating system for building advanced meeting spaces.
Live Avatar - A system for producing avatars based on the actions of users.
ldif2dot - An LDIF to DOT converter.
Lincom Linux - A community Linux distribution created by the work of volunteers.
libcfp - A library for chemical formula parsing.
lemontree - Code for the Walsh Hadamard transform (WHT) and O'Connor transform (OCT).
LLJVM - A Low Level Java Virtual Machine.
liblfds - A portable, license-free, lock-free data structure library written in C.
libUtils - Assorted Programming Utility Routines in C
LamsonProject - An SMTP server written in Python.
lxc-provider - A suite of scripts and configuration files that helps you make "ready to run" Linux containers.
libgoog_php - PHP classes to interact with the Google API.
libtap-testing - An implementation of the Test Anything Protocol for C.
Lollysite - A simple but powerful Web site creation and blogging platform for Google’s AppEngine.
LibHTP - A security-aware parser for the HTTP protocol and the related bits and pieces.
lnav - A log file navigator.
libcpu - A CPU emulation library.
Logger_ciacob - A class that logs variable values to files.
LinShare - A secure file sharing application.
LargeXMLSitemap - PHP classes for generation of huge XML sitemaps.
libjpeg-turbo - A high-speed version of libjpeg for x86 and x86-64 systems.
luabind - A library for C++ integration with Lua.
Luxand FaceCrop SDK - Face detection software.
LogicSim - A digital simulation program.
libhtml - A simple HTML parsing library.
libmutf8 - A minimal UTF-8 library and utility.
LargeFileViewer - Software that can display the contents of very large text files.
libmmail - A minimal email library and utility.
Lunchbox - A dynamic tiling window manager for X11.
libertasretis - A BitTorrent client.
LinID OpenLDAP Manager - OpenLDAP web configuration tool
LinID Directory Manager - An environment for building Web interfaces on top of LDAP.
LikeOrHate Python Library - A library for accessing LikeOrHate.com data.
LeechCraft - A modular live environment.
L++ - A multiplayer Lemmings remake.
Language Popularity Index - A transparent and automatic programming language popularity index.
Linux Process Explorer - A graphical process explorer for Linux.
LogicBoxes API Kit - A full-control set of programming interfaces that allow you and your resellers to develop your own Web site and control panels and integrate them into LogicBoxes OrderBox.
log4cplus - A C++ logging library.
libjc - A framework for event-driven development in C.
likwid - A lightweight tool collection for multi threaded high performance programming.
Linger - A task management application for KDE, based on GTD principles.
libgta - A library to access Generic Tagged Arrays (GTA) files.
Log4g - A GObject-based logging utility.
LogShark - A flexible utility to monitor many logs in muliple directories.
Lingua Server - A fast multi-protocol application service server in Java.
Lightweight C++ Interfaces - An implementation of lightweight interfaces in C++.
Leemba - A clustered network monitor.
libpsys - Psys Library
LiberORM - A class to store and retrieve objects from database records.
LocuLinux - A Ubuntu-based distribution for Internet cafes.
LibSylph - Cross platform C++ class library
LettersFall 2 - A word game that combines Tetris and Scrabble.
LDAPAuthManager - A Web-based LDAP database/directory authentication manager.
Level2 CLT - Customer relationship management tooling.
LiCe for EPIC - A script for the EPIC IRC client.
Linfo - An extremely fast and cross platform PHP script that gives very detailed system health reports.
LocDemo - A demonstration of WLAN-based localization service.
lm - A script that lists movies in a directory.
liblistserv - A library for comminication with Listserv over TCP.
LinkAssistant Enterprise - A link building and management solution for SEO vendors.
LibIPTables - A C API for iptables.
libfc14audiodecoder - A C wrapper library for Future Composer audio decoding.
libgamepieces - A C++ game programming library.
libkanji - A C library for storage and retrieval of the KANJIDIC2 project's XML file.
LibrePlan - Open Web Planning
Lightning Fast CMS - A library for Web-based game development with JavaScript and HTML 5.
Lightning Fast Shop - An online shop based on Django.
Libhello - A library for handling friendly greetings.
larceny - A simple and efficient Scheme implementation.
liblist - A C library for managing doubly-linked lists.
linux_ics - An advanced Bash script for sharing an Internet connection.
labelgrid - Web-based label software.
likwid-topology - A tool to query the topology of compute nodes.
Language Detection Library for Java - A language detection library for Java.
LZHAM - A lossless data compression library with a compression ratio similar to LZMA but with much faster decompression.
libmsvg - A minimal and generic library to read and write SVG files.
libmodbus - A multiplatform Modbus library.
libonion - A lightweight library to add HTTP server functionality to your applications.
letalite - An easy to use SQL frontend.
libvs - A version sorting library for archives.
lworm - A lightweight oject rlational mpping tool for PHP.
Liberté Linux - A Linux live distribution intended as a communication aid in hostile environments.
Linie - A program that helps you install Internet Explorer on Linux with Wine.
LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2 - Additional demosaic methods for LibRaw (GPL2 licensed).
LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL3 - Additional demosaic methods for LibRaw (GPL3 licensed).
LibCarvPathRepository - A library for sparse CarvPath repositories.
Launchy - An advanced launchbar inspired by Quicksilver.
LAW library - A library of Java classes for studying large graphs and social networks.
libsysactivity - A library that retrieves statistics of the system's activity.
libcommand - A library for creating command line interfaces.
liblognorm - A tool to normalize log data.
libee - An event expression library.
libestr - A library for some string essentials.
libre - A generic library for real-time communications with asynchronous I/O support.
lasic - A language that facilitates creating and managing systems in a cloud environment.
Luminescence - An application for generating HTML presentations from Markdown sources.
Lunzip - A decompressor for lzip files.
lxz - A multi-threaded xz-like compressor utility.
lsdupes - A tool for finding identical files and doing things to them.
Lumiera - A professional video editor for Linux.
Lattice - A Java build system with strong multi-module support.
LillePOS - A "point of sales" application for small cafes, bars, and restaurants.
llpp - A PDF pager.
Loanr - A loan calculator.
Loadbars - A small Perl script to observe CPU loads of several remote servers at once.
LanLogger - A local area network logger.
libsonic - A low-distortion speech speed-up library.
libfairydust - A CUDA and OpenCL wrapper library that can be used in GPU clusters.
Land Air Sea Warfare - A game where you command gigantic mega units and dominate in battle.
leases2zone - A tool that converts dhcp.leases to A records.
Lyra - A Music Player Daemon (MPD) front-end.
Living Css Tools - CSS build tools for cross-browser support.
Litmus - An integrated testcase management and QA tool.
Libdroplet - A cloud storage library.
Linux MangOeS - An operating system based on Enlightenment (e17) and openSuse 11.3.
LightProfiler - A profiler and diagnosis tool for Oracle extended SQL trace files.
Libretta - A multi-purpose C++ library.
Livetube Player - Software to bulk search YouTube and Last.fm, share to Facebook/Twitter and access Youtube lists.
Launcher for Mac OS X - A fast and light utility that speeds up the way you work on your Mac.
LILA - A command line tool to monitor netfilter (iptables) logs in real time.
Launch - A menu for favorite applications and documents.
Libidn2 - An implementation of IDNA2008.
LetoDMS - A document management system based on PHP and MySQL.
Lite User Agents API - A PHP class to obtain information related to Web browser user agent data.
lpmd - A power management daemon for Linux.
Liquidizer - An online voting game application.
Luminous - A PHP syntax highlighter.
Live-USB FusionInventory - A live-USB image with the fusioninventory agent.
Le Biniou - Displays images that evolve with sound.
Lua CJSON - A Lua module providing JSON support.
Luach - A Hebrew calendar with zmanim.
LampCMS - A Q&A Web site with the best features of StackOverflow and Quora.
LMF - Linked Media Framework - The Linked Media Framework is a Linked Data Server extended by updates and semantic search.
LibAPCNIS - A PHP library for accessing the NIS port of the Apcupsd UPS Monitoring daemon.
Libravatar - Software to control how avatars are served to Web sites.
Lemma.pm - A Perl module that implements a lemmatizer for the English language.
Log Parser QL - An easy to install and extremely flexible data analysis tool.
Leevi - A user interface for the Lexicon MX300 reverberation device.
libeio - A full-featured asynchronous I/O library for C, modeled in a similar style and spirit as libev.
libfastcounters - Fast, persistent, atomic cross-process counters.
libpondyparser - Yet another multi-core C++ parser threaded propagation library using Markov Models.
LuninuX OS - A Linux distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu.
Laravel - A clean and classy PHP framework with RESTful routing and beautiful ORM.
lrc - A resource compiler and a decompiler library for Linux.
Large Business Icons - Bright business icons and professional financial symbols for your projects.
Liquid War 6 - A unique multiplayer wargame.
Lifeograph - An easy to use yet powerful digital diary.
Lua OS - A Lua-based operating system.
libpipeline - A pipeline manipulation library.
lzo-java - A pure Java implementation of LZO.
lpkfuse - A FUSE filesystem that lets you place SSH public keys in an LDAP database.
LabKey Server - Software that helps scientists organize, analyze, and share biomedical research data.
Lua for IntelliJ IDEA - A plugin that adds support for the Lua language in IntelliJ.
Lɜafpad - A simple text editor.
librem - An audio and video processing media library.
LolUnit - A lightweight C++ unit testing framework.
License Tracking with License Statistics - An efficient license monitoring tool.
LignUp Multi Collector MacOS - A universal tool for managing many collections with any collectibles.
Lilv - An LV2 plugin host library.
LibSord - A lightweight in-memory RDF storage library.
Linterna Mágica - A userscript which finds Flash video clips in Web pages and plays them with a browser video plugin.
Libnabo - libnabo
L-invoice - A web-based invoicing solution.
llrb.h - An iterative leaft-leaning red-black tree implementation.
libQtCassandra - A library for accessing Cassandra with C++.
libchop - Tools and a library for data backup and distributed and encrypted storage.
Luneta - A Web interface and engine to monitor resources and services over the Internet.
Loafre - A Lustre FS events system.
libamqp - An AMQP C client.
libamqp-py - An AMQP library for Python.
Lziprecover - A recovery tool for lzip files.
Light source - An object which applies a shadow to elements based on a light's position.
Lector - A pyQT4 GUI for tesseract-ocr.
libpet - A polyhedral extraction tool (PET).
libtld - A library to extract a TLD from a URI and check email validity.
libpetey - A small scientific/numerical computation library.
LXiMedia - A fully transcoding DLNA media server.
libstream - A fast I/O stream library in C.
ldapfuse - An LDAP tree browser.
libdwarf - A library and command line tool for manipulating DWARF Debugging Information Format data in ELF object files.
libsockmux-glib - A simple message protocol for sockets, based on glib.
libntoh - A C Library to perform reassembly and defragmentation of network/transport protocols.
libeasyfc - An easy configuration generator interface for fontconfig.
Large Weather Icons - Icons that depict a variety of weather conditions in all standard sizes.
log2command - A PHP script that tracks IPs in log files and executes shell commands per each IP.
libmnl - A minimalistic library for Netlink.
Lazy Mofo PHP MySQL Datagrid - A data grid for MySQL and PHP.
libhdate, hcal and hdate v1.6 - A Hebrew calendar library with dates, holidays, and times of day.
librxe - A library to enumerate sets specified by regular expressions.
liblangtag - An interface library to access tags for identifying languages.
Lista de Compras - An Android shopping list application.
lua_udunits2 - A Lua interface to the UCAR UDUNITS-2 library.
libtransliterate - A C++ library that converts “transliterated” representations of non-English languages (that use sequences as ANSI characters to represent characters) to Unicode.
lsmp3 - An 'ls' showing MP3 metadata.
libextractemail - An email extraction library.
Large Travel Icons - Attractive icons representing objects and concepts related to travel products.
log-malloc2 - A malloc logging library.
logback-android - An advanced logging library for Android applications.
Linux Programming Tools - A collection of programming tools that help with debugging and performance tuning.
Language Detector - A PHP class for detecting a user's preferred language.
LinuxBand - A GUI front-end for MMA (Musical MIDI Accompaniment).
lsfw - A tool to list and test firewall rules of network equipment.
LDPC-codes - A research implementation of LDPC.
License4J - A Java library and applications for software licensing.
Lhasa - An LHA tool.
ladish - A session management system for JACK applications.
Load Tester - Load testing software.
Larrys Form Generation - Creation of HTML forms using jQuery for validation.
libsigrok - A cross-platform logic analyzer hardware access library.
libsigrokdecode - A cross-platform protocol decoder library for logic analyzers.
LIME - A dynamic programming language derived from LISP.
libnetfilter_acct - An API for Netfilter's Accounting extension.
LZF - LZF compression/decompression for JavaScript .
libadapt - A generic adaptivity framework.
LORZE 2d cad - Drawing with an intuitive user interface.
libQtSerialization - A Qt extension for serializing your data in a backward and forward compatible manner.
libgooglerank - A tool and library to gather the Google Page Rank of Web pages.
Linux Huawei Unlocker - A tool for automatically unlocking Huawei modems.
libopencm3 - A firmware library for various ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers.
lsadl - An AMT/ATI GPU overclock and monitoring tool.
lsbench2 - A command line benchmark tool.
living realms - An evolution simulator.
libsaas - A Python abstraction library for SaaS APIs.
Lufft L2P Script Collection - A collection of bash scripts to communicate with L2P devices.
Lufft L2P Nagios Plugin - A plugin which enables Nagios to check L2P devices.
libnetfilter_cttimeout - An interface to Netfilter Connection Tracking timeouts.
Lightning effect JS - An object to draw a random lightning bolt on the page.
LetterMeister - A word puzzle game.
LogTimer - A logging stopwatch.
liwc - Tools for manipulating C source code.
liblacewing - A cross-platform, high-level networking library for C/C++.
libnetfilter_cthelper - A Netfilter netlink library for connection tracking helpers.
Local Data - Storage of multiple values in a single cookie.
libcvautomation - GUI automation tool using OpenCV and XTest
LogPipe - A custom error handler module for PHP.
LibXOR - An Objective C (iPhone/Mac OS X) library for encrypting NSStrings.
LibRCrypt - An Objective C library for complex data encryption based on Rubik's Cubes.
LoginIDS - Analyzes log files and detects changes in user login behavior.
LinRadiant - game level editor
libquickmail - A C library for sending email with attachments.
libunibreak - An implementation of Unicode line and word breaking algorithms.
libxmp - A mod player library.
libusbx - A cross-platform user library providing access to USB devices
Logarithm - Log monitoring software.
LogSup - A secure log file uploader for Amazon S3.
libKISSlog - A trivial but powerful C++ logging template library.
libLunchbox - A cross-platform C++ library for multi-threaded programming.
libftp - A fast C FTP library.
LilacServer - A Java Web server + template engine + framework.
LPVS - Linux Package Vulnerability Scanner.
Logistics Mobile Web - A platform that issues and tracks deliveries using email and the Web.
libktomgirl - A Tomboy file format reading and writing library.
Libgls - A library for stereoscopic rendering with OpenGL.
LDAP Authentication Plugin for MySQL - LDAP user authentication in MySQL.
Lucille MPC - A client for Music Player Daemon.
LuaUnit - A unit testing framework for Lua.
libtrading - An electronic trading library.
LocalTools - A suite of small tools for use on a 'localhost' Apache, MySQL, and PHP installation.
libdash - A C++ library for thread-safe Data Access and Sharing.
libklel - A simple embedded expression language.
LoopJam - Generate countless remixes of your music loops in one click.
libutil++ - A C++ utility library.
libjmmcg - A basic, low-level library with pretensions to implementing features above and beyond those in the Standard C++ Library and the Boost Library.
libibuddy - A library and command line tools to control the i-Buddy device.
librangetree - A 2D range tree.
Lá Tre - A phonebook app.
libnetfilter_xtables - A low-level library for the Xtables2 packet filter.
LifeV - A finite element (FE) library.
LightwaveRF - DIY home automation from the commandline and beyond.
Lazyweb tweets - A Web site which gathers lazyweb tweets.
LibGit2Sharp - A combination of Git and .Net/Mono.
libdwt - A cross-platform discrete wavelet transform library.
LaunchControl - A fully-featured launchd front-end for managing and debugging system and user services.
LifeQuest - A tool that keeps track of what you need to do, and tells you what to do next.
linuxptp - A PTP implementation for Linux.
Linux Automation Tool - Software for Linux GUI automation.
Lorem Ipsum Ajax Generator - A Lorem Ipsum generator in Ajax.
Libcolumbus - A small error tolerant matcher.
Luksus - A drive encryption script which makes encryption of storage media and virtual files quick and easy.
lihata - A compact textual language.
libFixPOSIX - A libc wannabe.
LoLCode 1337 - An implementation of LoLCode.
librsb - A shared memory parallel sparse matrix computations library.
LibCXX - A LibCXX class collection.
Lightning MDB - An ultra-fast, ultra-compact transactional database.
Lithium - An API to be used with jQuery.
libnode - A native implementation of Node.js.
LinCastor - A program to create custom URL handlers in OS X.
libcpr - A backport of the core C++11 standard library to C.
libporty - A minimalistic portability library based on scconfig.
libqt4report - A reporting tool library for Qt 4.
libqt4json - A JSON serializer and deserializer for Qt4 QVariant.
libmawk - An embedded AWK interpreter.
Liberty Eiffel - A compiler for the Eiffel programming language.
LavaFlow - Useful reports on the usage of high-performance computing clusters.
libXbgi - A BGI-compatible library for X11.
Lightweight MVC - A PHP implementation of the MVC design pattern.
libsodium - An easy-to-use crypto library based on NaCl.
libj - A native runtime library equipped with a Java/JavaScript-like API.
Limbo - An x86 Emulator for Android devices based on QEMU.
LibLogicalAccess - A RFID Library for Windows and Linux.
List processor - Listing of data from arrays in HTML tables.
Lilblue Linux - An XFCE4 desktop system built on uClibc.
LiteOpt - A lightweight yet extensible Java commandline options parser.
Linux File Renamer - A utility for renaming multiple files.
LibBi - Bayesian state-space modelling and inference on high-performance computer hardware.
libdeco-ostc - A dive decompression library.
la4j - Linear algebra for Java.
LiPPGen - A Literate Programming presentation generator.
LightAdmin - A pluggable data management solution for Java Web applications.
libbadger - Easy client-server identification in the blockchain.
lindyFrame - A desktop Java application framework.
libmx - A framework for dealing with lambda calculus expressions.
LoadAvg - A method of log file analysis.
loginx - A console login system.
Libpointmatcher - A modular ICP library.
Luxand FaceSDK - A multi-platform face recognition and identification SDK.
Less.php - A dynamic stylesheet language.
LibreOffice - A free office suite.
longops - A long PHP operations helper.
libcon - A simple interface for sending files and messages over TCP sockets on Linux.
LibCalloc - A library which helps to check memory allocation.
LibCycle - LibCycle
LibDebug - LibDebug
LibMCore - LibMCore
libfbm - A C++ library for simulation of Gaussian random fields.
Liliko Chat - A fast and customizable Web chat system.
libefgy - A C++ math template library.
Linspector - A network monitoring solution.
Langner - A programming language for expressing strategies.
Lernstick Personal Learning Environment - A Live Linux distribution with a focus on education.
LDAP Address Book - A Web-based LDAP address book browser.
libcsdbg - A C++ exception stack tracer.
Lightning - A calendar application for Mozilla-compatible mail clients.
Lernstick Exam Environment - A live Linux distribution for exams.
Locale en_RU - An English language locale for Russia.
libpfrng - A CPU jitter-based random number generator.
logunit - A small and simple framework to allow testing of logging output from within Java unit tests.
Live Helper Chat - Live Support chat for your Web site.
Lightweight Support Ticket System - A lightweight support ticket system.
LibreNMS - A community-based fork of the Observium network monitoring system.
Loki Setup - Graphical installer for Unix applications based on GTK and XML

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