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qmailWebmin - Webmin module for qmail.
QSD - A game server administration daemon.
QuakeWorld Python - A Python-powered QuakeWorld server.
QuickHP - A Web-based homepage administrator that uses XML and XSLT.
QmailAdminWeb - QmailAdminWeb is an admin suite for Qmail+MySQL with a Web GUI.
Q3Master - A Quake3Arena master server.
quotation-tools - Tools to store and maintain collections of quotations in QEL format.
QUEF - QT Universal Emulator Frontend - QUEF - QT Universal Emulator Frontend
Quack Gnutella Server - A Gnutella server daemon.
qdj - A Qt-based application to control the GlobeCom Jukebox.
QTCheck - A program which checks for trash in sendmail's queue directory.
Quake CFG Maker - Quake CFG maker, written in C++ (with GTK--).
Qleuren - Qt-based MasterMind clone.
QtDMM - A simple DMM readout program including recorder.
QuIRC - Powerful Tcl/Tk based IRC Client
Qbib - A bibliography database based on Qddb.
Qddb Time Tracking System - Tracks and bills consultant time on projects
Quila - An interpreter for a Pascal-like programming language with Portuguese keywords.
QuickCam VC - QuickCam VC device driver
Quick Record - A GNOME panel applet for one-click recording.
Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework - Libraries for rapid, cross-platform game development.
quote.rb - Advanced string quoting and pre-backslashing in Ruby.
QuakeMUD - A Quake themed MUD
Quick Template - A simple but powerful template engine for Perl, PHP, C, and C++
Quarterstaff - Tcl/Tk based website manager.
qmailmrtg7 - mrtg graphs for qmail, ClamAV, spamassassin, and djbdns.
QuantLib - A C++ library for financial quantitative analysts and developers.
Quasar Accounting - A business accounting package for Linux and Windows.
queue_repair - A dynamic qmail queue checking and repair tool written in Python.
quizpool - AAdministers quizzes, and collects results and statistics over the Web.
Qt-XMMS - A plugin for XMMS that plays Qucktime movie files (excluding Sorenson).
qlogin - A getty/login replacement.
QUality Aware Middleware - Quality of Service enhanced object middleware.
QuizComposer - HTML/XML/CSS-based quiz software.
Qmail Single UID Howto - How to set up Qmail as a POP toaster.
Qtfw - A FreeBSD IP firewall frontend using Qt.
qsubst - Interactively search and replace in files.
Qtella - A Gnutella client for Linux.
qgallery - A quick static HTML gallery maker.
Quixote - A highly Pythonic Web application framework.
Quine-McCluskey Logic Simplifier - Performs logic simplification via the Quine-McCluskey method.
QGolf - Simulates the transmission of a signal on a rope.
QTOFileManager - A Web-based PHP file manager.
Quick C-- - A code generator for a portable intermediate assembler-like language.
QaMoose - An English/Arabic dictionary mechanism.
Qfsm - A graphical tool for designing finite state machines.
Qmail-Scanner Statistics - A statistics package for Qmail-Scanner written in PHP.
Quanta Gold - A Web development environment for Qt.
QCppUnit - A testing framework for Qt-based applications.
Qexo - an XQuery implementation - XML/HTML queries and generation compiled for JVMs.
QoS connection tuning HOWTO - A document which explains how to tune network connection performance.
QuarantineAttachment - Quarantines potentially malicious Outlook attachments.
Qt Multi Window Editor (qmwedit) - A C/C++ editor written in Qt.
QuickTime Utilities - A collection of programs for manipulating QuickTime videos.
qmail-masq-user - Program to change From: field of emails to any combinations of user/domain.
qGo - A Go board and SGF editor.
QtUnit - A software development testing framework.
QwikMail - A fast, secure, and efficient MTA solution.
Quarantine firewall - Yet another firewall.
quicktype - A Palm extension to help improve text input on Palm OS devices.
QuickHelp - Online help for Linux applications.
QuickUML - A UML design tool.
Quality Assurance Tester - A test harness for distributed testing.
QCom - Speech compression for real time streaming.
QSMP3 - An MP3 playback component for Delphi and Kylix.
Quota Report Assistant - A tool for generating quota reports.
qvcd - A Qt frontend to GNU vcdimager and cdrdao.
Qish - An environment and library with a copying garbage collector for C and C++.
qpopper-mysql - A MySQL auth., Maildir, and virtual domain patch to the qpopper POP3 daemon.
quotatool - A utility for setting filesystem disk quota from the command line.
QPlot - An advanced mathematical calculator for Qtopia.
QNews - A qmail/Usenet gateway.
QuickBugs for Linux - A tool for tracking bugs.
qmail Lazydog - An automated install script for qmail and associated programs.
QtX3 - Support for the Intel Play QX3 on Linux.
Quake II Open Source - The open source extended version of Quake II from Id.
Qixite - A tree-based Web site building application.
QFighter 3 - A single player RPG written in Java.
QtMyAdmin - A tool to manage MySQL.
qmail-monitor - An SMTP message monitoring system for qmail.
qmailfordummies - An automated installation tool for qmail.
QuikDic - A user-friendly Java-based DICT client.
Quantum GIS - A desktop geographic information system application.
Qt# (C# Qt Bindings) - A set of cross-platform C# bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit.
QVV - A Qt-based image viewer.
QmailInstall - An email appliance based on Qmail.
QuickTranslate Online - A tool for translating text in 16 languages used by Altavista.
qconfirm - A delivery confirmation process for a mail address or mailing list.
Quickrun - A GTK-based command launcher with filename completion.
Q-Midi - A MIDI interface for the Q programming language.
QFaxReader - A multi-page monochrome and color TIFF/fax viewer.
Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler - An enterprise-class job scheduler for integration with J2SE and J2EE apps.
QScintilla - A port of Scintilla to Qt.
Qmail virus scanner - A virus scanning mail filter for Qmail.
QDox - A quick JavaDoc scanner.
QMoon - A tool for observers of the moon.
QtDSO - A simple frontend for the Velleman PCS64i digital oscilloscope.
qpsmtpd - A plugin driven, object-oriented SMTP daemon.
QuickFIX - An implementation of the FIX (Financial InterXchange) protocol.
q3parser.bash - A quake3 log parser, generating scores and stats
queue-admin - A shell script for managing the mail queue of the qmail MTA.
QuickASCII - A console-based movie player for Mac OS X.
Q-Graph - A graph library and editor for the Q programming language.
QT SOZLUK - An English to Turkish, Turkish to English dictionary.
Qt/GRASS GIS - A C++ library for using GRASS GIS with Qt.
QtQuran - A program that can navigate through the Holy Qur'an.
QuickDC - A Direct Connect filesharing client.
Quick Spam Filter - A fast statistical spam filter.
Qastrocam - A Webcam and telescope program for astronomy purposes.
QSpamDog - PHP-based QMail server-side spam filtering.
Quadromania - A board game written in C with SDL.
QTParted - A Partition Magic clone.
QPong - Another clone of the game "pong".
QuizShock - A quiz management system that uses PHP, MYSQL, and Flash.
QMail-patches - A project aimed at creating a useful qmail patch.
quicktables - An iptables firewall and NAT script generator.
QDBM: Quick DataBase Manager - A high performance embedded database library.
Quiz Manager - A Web-based contest management tool.
Qmail Auditor - An email auditing tool.
QuickRip DVD - A simple DVD ripper that focuses on ease of use.
Qparser - A queue statistics summarizer for Sendmail.
Quoter SGML - Fix quotation marks in HTML/SGML/XML files.
Qiomega - A frontend for iomegaware.
QDU - A graphical disk usage tool.
Quick Content Management System - The WikiWiki for the PHP purist
Quick Album - A wizard-based GUI for creating Web-based photo albums.
QueryForm - A form-based front-end for relational databases.
QTads - A multimedia interpreter for TADS games.
quill - A tool for designing gestures for pen-based applications.
Quax - A desktop zooming tool.
qwtplot3d - A Qt widget for 3D scientific data representation.
Qgfe - A Gnuplot frontend.
QDist - Efficient quartet distance calculation.
Quiche Music Player - An open source, cross-platform MP3 player.
Quadcap Embeddable Database - A Java relational database that implements SQL92.
QTide - A Qt text editor with syntax highlighting.
Quark - An anti-GUI music player.
QMBTagger - A Qt based front-end for tagging music with MusicBrainz.
Q-Audio - A digital audio interface for the Q programming language.
QtFprot - A frontend for the FPROT 4.x virus-scanner.
QuickDownloader - A download manager that accelerates downloads by between 200-300%.
QEMU - A fast processor emulator.
QuikKopy - A utility for copying, resizing, and renaming images in bulk.
Qingy Is Not Getty - A graphical getty replacement that uses the framebuffer.
quizz - An online quiz/test/survey application.
Qryptix - A PAM object and utilities for encrypted home directories.
QuickServer - A Java library to create multithreaded, multiclient TCP servers.
Quick-Join - A fast version of the neighbour joining method.
Q Engine - A cross-platform 3D game engine.
QjackCtl - A simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon.
QuoteEngine - An eggdrop TCL script to store IRC quotes in MySQL.
Qalculate! - A powerful and easy to use desktop calculator.
QuikWiki - A Perl CGI Wiki.
qdvbzap - A remote-control-like application for watching DVB.
QVIR - A tool that captures incoming email to qmail and scans them for viruses.
Qt MySQL Budget - A Qt/MySQL/C++ personal budget tracker.
QtTV - A TV guide written in QT.
QiPan - The reference implementation of the CXBoard communication protocol.
QMail Installation - A script for installing qmail.
Quick Order - An ordering system using Java Wireless HTTP Form.
QUICA - A Courier MTA account manager.
qmail-installer - A Bash script to download, patch, and install qmail and dependencies.
Qazoo - A Yahoo! instant messenger client for Qtopia.
Quad-Pres - A Perl and Web Meta Language based presentation tool.
quagga - A routing software suite.
Quantum Star SE - An easy to install and manage space strategy browser-based game.
QicsTable - A high performance industrial strenght table widget for Qt.
QoS Enabled Distributed Objects - A CORBA Component Model (CCM) implementation for C++.
Quedo - A Web-based file manager.
Qsynth - A Qt GUI interface for Fluidsynth.
Quick.Forum - A simple, fast message board with category filtering and a flat file backend.
qmqtool - A tool for manipulating the contents of a qmail-1.03 queue.
qscanq - A virus-scanning wrapper for qmail.
quickSub - A Javascript function that adds a list of RSS feeds to a button.
Qolyester - A routing daemon for mobile ad hoc networks.
Qucs - A universal circuit simulator.
QuickView - A Finder image viewer.
Quick Base Converter - An ANSI C command line base convertor.
qtour - A graphical tournament processing application.
QuickPicker - A tool that saves the color picked to the clipboard in hexadecimal.
QuickIntranet - A Web-based help desk tool.
qpasswd - A collection of authentication programs that are compatible with checkpassword.
QJoyPad - A program that converts joystick events to keyboard input.
QStars - A Qt-based screen saver.
QT ID3 Tag Editor - A graphical ID3 tag editor for MP3 files.
Qt SOAP Manager - A GUI tool for debugging Web services.
Qinstall-Bash - A script that installs the Qmail MTA and other related packages.
Quantity/Formatter Library - A Java library made with the quantity/formatter pattern.
qmail-rblchk - An RBL filter for .qmail files.
QueryDOM - A library that implements an object model to parse and build SQL queries for eve
QuiT - A lightweight code generation plugin for the Eclipse IDE.
Quick Patch - An automated source based patch update system for FreeBSD security updates.
QuickFile - An extension for Thunderbird which enables keyboard-only message filing.
qset - An implementation of the card game "SET".
Qt SQL Browser - A generic GUI browser for relational databases.
QPPP - A PPP dialer for Red Hat Linux.
Quake2Forge - A portable, stable Quake II engine.
QSlimp3 - A GUI client for the SlimServer.
Quizmaster - A program designed to allow the creation of short, fun quizzes.
Qmail SStats - A qmail-spamassassin statistics generator.
Quickplot - A fast, interactive 2D plotter.
QuoteFilter - An email filter to retrieve stock quote information to feed into Xinvest.
quisp - A self-contained database-driven Web content system.
qtnjb - A program to transfer MP3 files to and from your Nomad jukebox.
Quirky21 - A cross-platform blackjack game.
QUnitTest - A unit testing GUI for Python.
qlife - An emulator for Conway's Game of Life in some finite universes.
quepasa - A program and method of generating unique passwords for Web sites.
quaneko - A file indexing and search application.
Q-Synth - An OSC interface for the Q programming language.
QJ-Pro - A Java code analyzer.
QSynaptics - A Qt-based configuration utility for the Synaptics touch pad driver.
Quizmo - A program that helps students study by asking them questions.
QRT - A track-based real time sound mixing application.
qico - A small, robust mailer (MTA) for FIDO and FIDO-like amateur networks.
qgamma - A program to customize gamma correction.
qmail-1.03.isp.patch - A combination of several useful but conflicting patches for qmail-1.03.
QTVR recorder - A tool which records QTVR movies directly into DV video.
QuadrOs - A Tetris clone with multiplayer capability.
Quantity Modeling Language - A "thing"-based language for scientific data models.
QtOIDUA - A graphical user interface for OIDUA.
qmrtg - A (qmail) log analyzer and activity grapher.
qmail-spp - A qmail patch that provides plug-in support for its SMTP daemon.
QConsole - A console server for Symbian devices.
quaqut - A query tool for Unreal Tournament 2004 (tm) game servers.
Qgonki - A converter for Polish letters.
Quarters Board Game - A strategy game for two players.
QTPov Editor - A Povray SDL editor and scene packager.
QA Assistant - A GNOME checklist program to aid in writing quality assurance reviews.
Quasi - A Python shell with pluggable contexts.
Quick3dApplet - A 3D renderer for Java applets.
Quarry - A GUI program for board games, at present Go, Amazons, and Othello.
QPaMaT - A password manager written in Qt.
Qpopper-mrtg - A script to generete qpopper stats with MRTG.
qmptombox - Converts CE Software's QuickMail Pro files to mbox.
QNetWalk - A Qt version of the popular NetWalk game for system administrators.
QBabbel - A very simple Qt-based VoIP application.
Q Light Controller - Controller software for DMX lighting systems.
QuakeForge - A 3D graphics game engine based on Quake.
qSheff - A wrapper for the qmail queue.
Quick.Cart - A simple, fast, and multilingual shopping cart based on flat files.
Quod Libet - A music player and tagging program.
Qtswaret - A Swaret GUI.
Qwt - Qt Widgets for technical applications.
QCADesigner - A QCA circuit layout and simulation tool.
quattor - A suite for automatic installation, configuration, and management of Linux netwo
QuestAgent - A search engine for online help.
QTuneroid - An instrument tuner based on ALSA.
Quilt - Scripts to manage a series of patches by keeping track of the changes.
Queer IRC Interface - A Gay.com chat client.
QComicBook - A viewer for comic book archives.
Qmail Remove - A tool which cleans a Qmail queue of unwanted mail.
QLime - A Python data access library.
QUNETIX SD - Software Deployment for Linux, Unix, and Windows.
Qmail RCPTchecks - A Qmail antispam module.
qmailtap - qmail tap patch for qmail
qfan.rb - Software for a quieter CPU fan when the CPU is idle.
Qps-h - A GUI version of "ps" and "top"; a process monitoring tool.
Qlickr - A Qt-based Flickr uploader.
QBankManager - A home banking program.
QuackNews - An RSS aggregator.
QuadKonsole - A terminal that embeds Konsole kparts in a grid layout.
QFE - An FTN message editor with a graphical interface.
QSvn - A cross-platform GUI Subversion client.
QuesoGLC - A free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC).
qooxdoo - A universal JavaScript framework.
Quest OpenSSH - Vintela Authentication Service-enabled OpenSSH.
Quick And Little Personal Database - A little database for storing expenses and other things.
QtiPlot - A clone of Origin for data analysis and scientific plotting.
QTSfv - A tool to create and verify filesets in CRC32, MD5, and SHA1.
quickmail.php - A PHP script that lets any RSS aggregrator or WML browser read your email.
QE Personal Editor - An editor program similar to PE2, but for Unix.
qextra2mdir - A tool to extract email messages from a qmail queue log.
Qanava - A graph drawing library for Qt.
Quality Objects Framework - QoS networking for CORBA and RMI applications.
Quality Assurance Agent - A Firefox extension for Web application quality assurance testing.
QKtemp - A program that records temperature data for RRDtool from the serial port.
Query Object Framework - Utilities for complex queries on C/C++ objects.
QOF Generator - Generates C object source code from HTML/PHP or Perl/XML.
Quon DVD Database - A Web-based DVD and movie management application.
QCreateVOB - A VOB (DVD) movie creator that uses transcode, ffmpeg, sox, and multimux.
qplay - A console-based audio player with a queue and vim-like key bindings.
QueryXMMS - A small command that queries XMMS about what it is currently doing.
Quadnut - An addictive Asteroids-like game.
QEMU-Puppy - A personal portable computer.
Q Desktop Services - A library to provide cross-platform access to desktop API features in Qt.
quickml - A simple mailing list system.
QBounce - A multi-user IRC bouncer with SSL, IPv6, and Ident support.
Qt Based Point Of Sale - Point of Sale (POS) and inventory management software.
QueueMetrics - A log analyzer for Asterisk.
QTruco - A Truco and Casita Robada games implementation.
Quake 3 Movie Maker's Edition - A Quake 3 engine mod to simplify movie making.
Qore Programming Language - A multi-threaded scripting language targeting logic embedding and interface development.
QuickyPix - Thumbnail Web photo gallery software.
Qilan - A tool for creating intelligent, dyanmic JSP Web pages.
Quotactl - Simple tools to control the Linux kernel disk quota system.
qSheff Manager - A qSheff control interface.
QGPS - A GPS information application.
Quicksilver Forums - A bulletin board system.
QuickBuild - A continuous integration and release management server.
Quick Health Calculator - A BMI calculator for embedding in a Web site.
QTodo - A todo-list manager.
QT AGI Studio - An Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI) editor.
QA Tools - Software to automatically generate regular releases or snapshots.
QPolymer - A Qt-based polymer-flow dynamics animation software.
Qubit - A fully Web-based qmail server configuration and administration suite.
QuickFIX/J - An implementation of the FIX (Financial InterXchange) protocol.
Quinti.net Secure Contact Form Antispam CAPTCHA - A contact form protected against spam with CAPTCHA.
QProg - An interface for kitsrus.com's family of PIC programmers.
Query-Oriented Model for XML - A lightweight Java XML processing framework.
Quh - Software that aims to play everything that makes noise.
QmailLdapAdmin - A tool designed to handle qmail-schema of LDAP.
QConsole Class - A Qt Console widget for embedded scripting languages.
qtcpufreq - An administrative graphical inferface for cpufreq.
Quick Rates add-on for LiteCommerce - An add-on which allows customers to estimate shipping charges.
Qxmp - A Qt4 media player based on MPlayer.
Quest Kerberized Apps - A collection of VAS-enhanced traditional Unix networking tools.
Quick Rates module for X-Cart - An X-Cart add-on that allows your customers to estimate shipping costs.
Qt plugin for Eclipse - A plugin for Qt development with Eclipse.
Quick.Cms.Lite - A simple multilingual content management system based on flat files.
QuickStep - A fast image viewer.
qdacco - An offline Catalan to English dictionary.
QTTY - A QTTY console client for QConsole/WmConsole.
Quake III Arena Cell Shading - A cell shading modification for Quake III Arena.
QDWizard - A simple Java Swing wizard API.
Querylog - A console tool for performing SQL queries on lines of a (log) file.
qtpod - A program to control your Line6 POD 2.0 or POD Pro via MIDI.
qRFCView - A graphical RFC viewer.
qSong - A tool for worship musicians and other people working with lyrics and chords.
Qccrypt - A QT cross-platform frontend for ccrypt.
QAddress - A small and lightweight address book.
Quick Look - A package to collect system statistics and output pretty graphics.
qmeterslib - A highly customizable Qt widget for creating complex analog dials. widgets
QEngine Issue Manager - A Web-based bug tracking tool that can increase developers' productivity.
QGnokii - An alternative frontend for Gnokii.
QuteMol - An interactive, high-quality molecular visualization system.
QMC2 - A MAME emulator front-end.
QEMU Server Tools - A set of command-line scripts for managing multiple QEMUs.
QtSqlView - A simple SQL database browser using Qt4's components.
qBittorrent - A C++/Qt4.2 bittorrent client.
QSF Portal - A fast, secure, easily maintained Web community portal.
QLight - DMX-based control software for controlling lights.
qvsgraph - A graphical statistics generator for qmail-scanner.
qphotosort - A tool that renames the photos of several directories based on EXIF date.
QED - A batch manager.
Quick and Dirty Sync - A tool to synchronise two directories in a quick and dirty way.
Qtpfsgui - A graphical user interface that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging.
Qemudo - A Web interface for QEMU.
Qorus Integration Engine - A framework for fault-tolerant interfacing.
Quedo Surveys Script - A script for integrating the Quedo survey service into a Web site.
Qct - A portable GUI commit tool.
qmail-usermap-patch - User mapping for qmail-smtpd prior to routing to local delivery hosts.
qrpyto - Perl, PHP, and Python modules for Blowfish encryption.
Qemulator - A full featured emulation suite for the QEMU emulator.
QP - Event-driven, RTOS-like, active object frameworks for microcontrollers.
Quick Non DB MySQL Alternative - A PHP package to manage Web page content stored in files.
QmailToaster - An easy-to-deploy Qmail system with strong anti-spam systems.
Qore Eclipse IDE Plugin - An Eclipse plugin for developing in the Qore Programming Language.
Quamachi - A Hamachi GUI for Linux.
Qexec - A PHP class that acts as a MySQL database access wrapper with many functions.
Qtractor - An Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer.
QDrupal - A Qcodo and Drupal integration layer.
QcjData Classes - C++ class extensions for Qt from Trolltech.
Queplix QueWeb Customer Care - A solution to enable all aspects of customer care for SME.
Qt Network Monitor - A KISS network monitor application.
Qirat Quran Reciter - A program to read, search, and listen to the Quran being recited to you.
Qlap - A program to create and manage Qmail-Ldap accounts.
Quizdrill - A learning-by-testing to excess program.
QAParadigm - A question-answer paradigm experiment program.
QiQu - A generator framework to support MDSD and MDA approaches.
qPyProfiler - A graphical interface to the Python profiler.
Qtstalker - A program for commodity and stock market charting and technical analysis.
Quex - A mode-oriented lexical analyzer generator.
qscore - A tool to parse Quake 3: Arena server logs into high scores and statistics.
QTScrobbler - A tool for submitting .scrobbler.log from portable players to Last.fm.
Q3utX Master Browser - An Ajax Urban Terror game servers browser.
Qlix - A Qt GUI that communicates with MTP enabled devices using libmtp.
QuickFunctor - A C++ functor library featuring expressions and lots of other features.
Quest dnsupdate - A Dynamic DNS update tool.
qrq - A Morse telegraphy trainer.
Qt4Sozluk - A Turkish/English online/offline dictionary.
qaManager - A software QA project management tool.
QNX Realtime Operating System - A commercial microkernel RTOS.
QP2M - A Peer2Mail application.
Quack - A GNOME interface for jaiku.com.
QTGZManager - A frontend to the Slackware pkgtools.
QuoteBot - An IRC bot to manage a database of quotations.
QInk - An ink level monitor.
qlbar - A toolbar for X11 that allows you to launch applications quickly.
QtAda - An Ada2005 language binding to the Qt framework.
qombinatorics - A graphical user interface to combinatorics calculus.
Q4M - A message queue engine for MySQL.
queXF - A Web-based alternative to Cardiff Teleform or Remark OMR.
quixml - A PHP class for managing XML output and associating an XSL stylesheet.
QRadio - A Qt GUI for PVR FM radio receivers.
QtOctave - A front-end for Octave.
Qxt - Multi-platform utility classes for Qt.
QOT - A query analysis and optimization tool for MySQL.
QCAD Pro - A 2D CAD program.
qwebcam - A widget to display a webcam image in a Qt application.
Quackey - A somewhat simplified but mostly feature-complete version of Perquackey.
QuBit library - A library to support quantum superpositions in C++.
queXML - A simple XML schema for designing questionnaires.
qcon - A program that turns any terminal emulator for X into Quake-style console.
QTermWidget - A Qt4 widget that provides terminal emulation.
QXML - A PHP class that generates XML from arrays and vice versa.
QSynergy - A comprehensive graphical frontend for Synergy.
qtrayvolman - A HAL-based volume manager that lives in the systray.
QGMailNotifier - A portable GMail notifier.
qsgen - A static Web site generator with code highlighting.
Qote - A fake FTP server.
QuteCom - A multi-platform SoftPhone and IM client.
Quick and Dirty Apricot Emulator - An emulator for Apricot's non-IBM-compatible PCs.
QuartzCrystal - A program that renders Quartz compositions as QT movies and image sequences.
qx11grab - A high flexible screencast Application for X11 Window Systems.
queXS - A Web based computer assisted telephone interviewing system.
QExchange - A Qt4 currency exchange calculator.
QuickOrder - Point-of-sales software designed for use by restaurants.
QuickCapture - A program to capture still images and live video from Web cameras.
Qore Oracle Module - An Oracle DBI driver module for the Qore programming language.
Querydsl - Type-safe SQL-like queries for Java.
qAircrack-ng - A GUI frontend to Aircrack-ng.
QuickHandNote - An electronic whiteboard.
Qassir - A graphical frontend to manage encrypted folders.
Qore MySQL Module - A Qore DBI driver module for communication with MySQL DB servers.
Qore PostgreSQL Module - A PostgreSQL module for the Qore programming language.
QMotion - Motion detection software.
QuickJas - A multi-process (not multi-thread) Java application server.
QCodeEdit - A feature-complete source code editing framework.
Quad-Ren - A resolution-independent 2D graphics engine.
queXC - A Web-based data cleaning and coding system.
qpimd - A PIM daemon for Quagga.
qemu-diskp - A FUSE mounter to mount disk images created with qemu.
QPrinterEasy - A library to ease the print process of complex documents (headers/footers/left side bars/watermarks) under Qt 4.5.
QServ - Software to configure various servers on Linux.
Q4Wine - A GUI for Wine.
QtLua library - A library that aims to make Qt 4 applications scriptable using the Lua scripting language.
QEngine - A unified Quake engine.
qtwitter - A multiplatform client for Twitter and Identi.ca.
QTMTP - A small tool to manage your MTP-capable MP3 player on Linux.
QElectroTech - An electric schematics editor.
qb - A small, fast, database-less blogging tool.
QuitCount - A simple counter that shows what you've saved since you quit smoking.
QuHelp - A simple HTML help generator.
QuickTile - An in-progress X11 WinSplit clone.
qmail-relog - A script to rewrite qmail-send log files.
QTeXEngine - A library that enables Qt based applications to export graphics to TeX.
qwebirc - A Web based IRC client.
QArks JDiff - A diff and merge utility.
QSource-Highlight - A Qt interface for GNU Source-Highlight.
Qore Tibae Module - A TIBCO Active Enterprise Adapter module for Qore.
Qore Tibrv Module - A Qore TIBCO Rendezvous module.
Qore SQLite3 Module - A Qore module for accessing SQLite3 database files.
Qore OpenGL Module - An OpenGL module for the Qore programming language.
Qore Glut Module - Glut Module for the Qore programming language.
Qastrocam-g2 - Astronomy capture software.
Quellcode Bahn - A deployment manager for software.
Quasar Media Player - A light-weight, fast, and convenient media player for Qt-based mobile systems.
QtFindReplaceDialog - A Qt widget that implements a Find/Replace dialog.
Quassel IRC - A graphical, distributed IRC client.
Quake2Live - An FPS video game designed to be launched via a Web browser plugin.
QtPersistence - An object relational mapping and persistence framework for Qt.
quvi and libquvi - Video tools for Youtube and similar websites.
Quotero - A document management system.
Quake 2 Map Info - A utility that reports how many entities and textures are being used in a Quake 2 map.
Qataki - A command line Identi.ca/StatusNet/Twitter client.
Quota Check - A simple application that warns users when they are low on disk space, and potentially logs them out.
Qmail Suite - A Python/PHP tool for qmail LDAP accounting management.
QuiteSleep - An Android application that controls which people can interrupt your sleep.
QBinNews - A Usenet client for downloading binary files.
Qosmos NI_Dump - A Linux-based tool enabling you to read, print, or save packet data related to traffic traveling over your network.
QtitanDataGrid - QtitanDataGrid is a grid for business application in Qt.
Qore YAML module - A YAML module for the Qore programming language.
Qore Qt4 Module - A module for the Qore programming language that allows GUI programming with Qt4.
Qore SSH2 Module - An SSH v2 module for the Qore Programming Language.
Qore xmlsec Module - An xmlsec module for the Qore programming language.
Qore asn1 Module - A module that provides ASN.1 functionality to the Qore programming language.
Qore Sybase and FreeTDS Modules - Sybase and FreeTDS Modules for the Qore Programming Language
Qore uuid Module - A UUID module for the Qore programming language.
Quore - An atmospheric Quake engine.
Quoddy - Open source enterprise social networking.
Question2Answer - A platform for social question and answer (Q&A) Web sites.
qtv4lcapture - A webcam recorder for Linux.
quIRC - A clean, lightweight terminal-based IRC client.
QMIDICurves - A program to control MIDI-keyboard velocity response.
Quest Identity Manager for Unix - A program that lets you manage local users and groups from one Web console across many machines.
qodem - A friendly ncurses-based Unicode-aware communications package.
QBall - A Breakout clone.
qtop - A monitoring tool for PBS-based cluster systems.
qxv - A modern version of the classic xv program.
QtWebApp - A C++ servlet engine for developing Web applications.
qomodoro - A cross-platform pomodoro timer.
Qt4Urbi - A binding of the Qt library in Urbi.
QtBoostIntegration - A small library to connect Boost.Lambda with Qt.
Quick Polls - A simple and easy way to add polls to your Web site.
QtitanMultimedia - An elegant way of delivering Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight content to Qt applications.
QDepo - A desktop application for retrieving and exporting data from relational database systems to spreadsheet files.
Qore XML Module - Am XML module for the Qore programming language.
Qore JSON Module - A JSON module for the Qore programming language.
qtstock - A fundamental stock analysis system.
QM - A graphical UML tool and code generator for embedded systems.
QMailCheck - A program that checks multiple IMAP folders for new mail.
QtitanRibbon - An implementation of Microsoft's Ribbon UI for Qt.
QPass - An easy-to-use password manager.
QualityControl - A program to manage data in the processes of quality control.
qoo framework - A lightweight and easy-to-customize PHP5 framework with a focus on simplicity and source code readability.
QIT - A powerful Documentum tool with innovative features.
QSimpleGuitar - A simple program to help novice guitarists tune a guitar more quickly (and better).
QuoLoco - A location finder.
QT Cloud Drive - A desktop application for connecting to Amazon Cloud Drive.
QueueMetrics Espresso - An automated tool to install QueueMetrics on common PBXs.
qcadoo MES - A manufacturing management software system.
qTunes - A music daemon with an iTunes/Apple Remote/Airport/Web interface.
qtnotifydaemon - A notification daemon based on Qt.
QR code generator - A PHP class to generate QR Code images using Google Chart API.
QR code - A JavaScript object to display QR code images using the Google Charts API.
QSapecNG - A program for symbolic analysis of linear analog circuits.
Qpfcalc - A Qt front-end for pfcalc, a pipe friction calculator.
QuickPDO - A class that extends PDO objects with shortcuts like those in Zend.
QJackRcd - A simple stereo recorder for JACK.
Quasi-Literate Programming - A tool for quasi-literate programming.
Quelea - Lyrics projection software for churches.
quakereport - An interactive earthquake report map using data from the USGS.
Qute - A beautiful editor for Markdown and TeX, built with Web technologies.
qmdc - A PyQt4 client for musicd.
QVision - A Qt computer vision library.
qPDF Notes - An Android PDF reader and markup tool that can annotate PDF documents and fill form fields.
qPDF Viewer - A fast, powerful PDF reader and document search app.
qPDF Toolkit - qPDF Toolkit is an Android Java SDK that allows app developers to quickly add PDF functionality to their Android apps.
QuickDic - An offline multilingual dictionary for Android.
Quenlig - An online interactive tutorial and free text assesments.
QoSDB - A QoS registry for adaptive realtime service-oriented applications.
Quabro - An arcade game inspired by Breakout and Arkanoid.
QX Journal - A journal, diary, or notebook.
qtfaxstate - An easy way to handle HylaFAX modem status.
QuickSummary - An automatic summarization plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird.
Q-Mail Max Rcpt Patch - Limitations on how many recipients can be specified for any one email message.
quadprox-mobile - An Android client for the Proxmox virtualization platform.
QtitanChart - Charts and diagrams for Qt.C++.
Quadrupleback - A video game in which intruders must be circled.
QRwave - Use of QR codes to streamline the B2B ordering process.
QSMM - A framework for development of intelligent systems with spur-driven behavior.
Qoppa PDF Studio - A PDF editor for reviewing, annotating, and manipulating PDF documents.
Quality-Check - A small Java library to support a fail-early approach in your code.
QP Active Object Frameworks - Event-driven, RTOS-like, active object frameworks for microcontrollers.
QueryFS - A FUSE filesystem where virtual folders correspond to queries.
QR Code Generator PHP Class - A QR code class which uses vCard.
QuantComponents - Java components for quantitative finance and algorithmic trading.
Qtnp - Software for graphics and coordinate planes, calculation, and presentations.
Qmmp - A Qt-based multimedia player.
Q-Tubes - A QEMU/KVM manager with VDE support.
qore-openldap-module - An OpenLDAP Module for the Qore Programming Language.
Quinico - An SEO and Web performance monitoring and analysis application.
QPwmc - A graphical pwmd client.
QMentat - A mental arithmetic practice program.
QuickFind - A cross-platform Java application for searching files in your computer.
qtmib - An SNMP MIB Browser.
Q - An equational programming language.
Q's Nicolatter for X - A Kana keyboard arrangement Japanese input method.
Q-LAMP - PHP-Scripts for live Quakeworld-Statistics.
Q2Java - Allows Quake2 games to be written in Java
q3ctrl - Quake 3 Arena server management script
Q3Tool - Command-line Quake 3 (Arena/Test) Tools
Qbanner - A Perl banner rotator.
Quak - A Jabber component (framework).
QuartzDesk - A Java Quartz scheduler management and monitoring UI/tool.
QBrew - A homebrewer's recipe calculator
QCAD - A 2D CAD program.
qccat - Yet another CueCat parser.
QCL - The Quantum Computation Language.
Qstit - Surtitling software.
qcplink - A utility to read/write Qualcomm phone configurations/phonebooks.
Qddb -
QDMerge - A utility to generate documents from a template and data files.
qdologs - Archive and process qmail logs.
QGEO - A National Geographic Interactive CD viewer for Linux.
QGLViewer - Framework for UI integration of 3D OpenGL-based graphics.
qlipper - A cross-platform clipboard history applet.
QHacc - A personal finance application.
QWebSockets - A Websocket implementation in Qt.
QuickQWERTY - A touch typing tutor
QJukeboxMgr - A tool to manage an MP3 track database and download it to a PJB100.
qmail - A secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent.
qmail-ldap - A patch to add LDAP user database and server clustering to qmail.
QPhotoUpload - An application that uploads photos to social networks.
QtSocketIo - An mplementation of a Qt client for socket.io.
Qmail-Scanner - Qmail Perl email scanner
qmail-smtpd-auth - SMTP auth support for the qmail SMTP server.
QmailAdmin - A Web control panel for qmail/vpopmail administration.
qmail_regex - Permits usage of regular expressions in qmail's control/locals
qmfilt - Mail filter module for qmail
qmHandle - A tool to manage the qmail message queue
qndmp3 - A Perl-based MP3 player frontend.
QNmap - A KDE nmap frontend.
QNX4 Message emulation library for Linux - A library which provides emulation of the QNX4 message, timer, proxy functionali
qnxflash - BIOS flasher for i-opener network appliance
qpage - Alphanumeric paging software.
Qpopper - A POP3 server.
qps - Displays processes in an X11 window
qscan - Sendmail queue scanner
QScheme - Really fast, small and easy to interface Scheme interpreter
QStick - Send keyboard messages to X from Linux-supported joysticks.
QSuperList - A nearly codeless listbox for Qt.
Qt - A cross-platform development framework/toolkit.
Qt Architect - A GUI dialog designer for the Qt widget set.
QStode - A Web-based bookmark archive.
QtCD - Qt-based cd player with CDDB support
QTCUPS - A CUPS frontend and development library for Qt.
QtEZ - Qt based rapid application development environment
QMachine - A platform for World Wide Computing.
QtGPS - GPS moving-map software for Linux
QtHello - Othello game and toolkit.
QXmlEdit - A simple XML editor.
Qtk - Qt API for gtk widgets
QTmclient - Qt based masqserver client
Quick Quake Network Copy - A network file/directory transport.
Quick View PrestaShop Module - Instant views of products on home and category pages.
Qtsvc - Daemontools services monitor
QtVu - An image viewer heavily inspired by ACDSee
QtWvDialer - A GUI for wvdial.
Quadra - A shareware, TCP/IP multiplayer T*tris-like game.
Quake2 - A commercial 3D action game from the makers of Doom
Quake3: Arena and Demo - The test version of Quake3: Arena
QuakeWorld client/server - An Internet multi-player specific version of Quake
Quanta Plus - A web editor for KDE supporting HTML, PHP, and more.
Quantum Database Utility - A quick and easy way to access numerous databases.
Quat - Generation of 3d fractal images (Julia Sets using Quaternions)
QUB - A front-end for playing any boardgame on your computer.
Query result table display class - Query result table display class.
Queue - Innovative load-balancing/batch-processing system and rsh replacement
quftp - Command line FTP client with queueing
Qui-ne-faut - Optical Character Recognition
Quick and Dirty Packet Forwarder - A TCP packet forwarding proxy and protocol tracer.
Quick Image Viewer - A very small and pretty fast GDK/Imlib image viewer.
Quick Password - A pronounceable-password generator.
quickcalc - A simple and efficient console calculator.
QuickImage - A Java class and CGI script to enable drawings in Web applications.
QuickLink patch - The QuickLink patch adds a quick link list to the standard file dialog.
QuickSwitch - A utility for managing multiple network profiles on laptops.
Quicktime for Linux - Quicktime support for Unix.
QuickUploader - A fast PHP upload interface.
quiz - A little program to practice multiple choice questions.
Quiz Cards - A Java flash card application.
Quiz Me! - CGI/Perl application to give and grade fun-style quizzes.
quizzy - A simple multiple-choice quizzing program.
quote - A command-line stock quote display.
Quoter - A script to add a random quote to a Web page.
QVocab - A program to learn the vocabulary of a foreign language.
Qvwm - Windows 95 like window manager for the X Window System
QXi - Qt XInput extension

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